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Odes of Solomon ODE 4.

1 No man, O my God, changeth thy holy place;
2 And it is not (possible) that he should change it and put it in another place: because he hath no power over it:
For thy sanctuary thou hast designed before thou didst make (other) places:
That which is the elder shall not be altered by those that are younger than itself.

5 Thou has given thy heart, O Lord, to thy believers: never wilt thou fail, nor be without fruits:
6 For one hour of thy Faith is days and years.
7 For who is there put on thy grace, and be hurt?
8 For thy seal is known: and thy creatures know it: and thy (heavenly) hosts possess it: and the elect archangels are clad with it.
9 Thou hast given us thy fellowship: it was not that thou wast in need of us: but that we are in need of thee
10 Distill thy dews upon us and open thy rich fountains that pour forth to us milk and honey:
11 For there is no repentance with thee that thou shouldest repent of anything that thou hast promised: 12 And the end was revealed before thee: for what thou gavest, thou gavest freely:
13 So that thou mayest not draw them back and take them again:
14 For
all was revealed before thee as God, and ordered from the
beginning before thee: and thou, O God, hast made all things. Hallelujah,