New Atlantis Location Pictures

Latest images of the Atlantis City wall

Audio Press conference by Robert Sarmast - Audio
Fox 13 News reports on the Discovery of Atlantis - Video

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Assorted Early Data Images
Aquatec Team Picture Gallery

Additional images using data from a recent French survey and additional data of the expedition.

10_outfile1.jpg (21kb) 11_outfile1rivers.jpg (24kb) 1_plan1.jpg (24kb)
2_plan2.jpg (42kb) atlantis056.jpg (36kb) atlantis109.jpg (24kb)
atlantis110.jpg (41kb) atlantis111.jpg (35kb) atlantis126.jpg (44kb)
atlantis128.jpg (38kb) atlantis129.jpg (36kb) atlantis130.jpg (36kb)
atlantis160.jpg (7kb) atlantis306.jpg (5kb) atlantis309.jpg (6kb)
atlantis381.jpg (45kb) atlantisnewmap002.jpg (26kb) main3marked.jpg (28kb)
outfile11.jpg (23kb) outfile21.jpg (37kb) outfile3.jpg (28kb)