The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

The beginning,

Tablet 1

Riven I thought I would throw this one in. It might be related to the interview which led to writing of the Timeas and Critias 200 years later by Plato. Correct me if I am wrong Plato wrote this interview 363BC and the interview with the Egyptian priests was 200 years previous. So that would make the beginning of the record 563BC or around 600BC.

The interview could very well be another manifestation of the following knowing that this would serve for future events that could be related to mans future destiny spiritually. It could be all related to something i found in the The UB

more food for thought dj Michael

line 111: About six hundred years before the arrival of Michael, it seemed to Melchizedek, long since departed from the flesh, that the purity of his teaching on earth was being unduly jeopardized by general absorption into the older Urantia beliefs. It appeared for a time that his mission as a forerunner of Michael might be in danger of failing. And in the sixth century before Christ, through an unusual co-ordination of spiritual agencies, not all of which are understood even by the planetary supervisors, Urantia witnessed a most unusual presentation of manifold religious truth. Through the agency of several human teachers the Salem gospel was restated and revitalized, and as it was then presented, much has persisted to the times of this writing.

Hey Riven , thanks for the great pics I really appreciate it . Again they are fascinating

I must say the dates of 200,000 -500,000 is really hard for people to swallow, even for myself.

However I did some research in the UB being a Urantia buff which may bring some light to the subject that can close the gap about what we think.

According to the UB the first learning centre, when the "watchers arrived to this planet was around 500,000 years just about the time the 5 coloured races evolved from one family in around The highlands of Afghanistan today.

The first learning centre was called Dalamatia and was located in the Persian Gulf, I reckon around the Bahrain area near the ancient city of Dilmun, explains all the artefacts found there that go back thousand of years.

Here is some information about the city in the UB

This is the place where the Nephilim lived to instruct man on civilised practices which incorporates what we see today. About 150,00 years ago 2/3rds of them including the rebellious angels joined the Lucifer rebellion and began there own manifesto of how the planet should be run, through the enforcement of will, we can see much of that today and in the recent past.

People might think what Im saying is absolutely ridiculous. But consider the Sumerian kinglist that goes back 500,000 years ago. Mind you many archaeologists think its a mistake, no worries, but it still intriguing considering the UB information. Perhaps the image you just posted is a replication of Gods that according to the UB existed in that time?? 200,000 or so years ago?? No doubt there would of been some intelligence in Germany to create such a thing. They would have to of been familiar with the idea of the Gods.

Here is a link

About North Africa
Here is information about the Area which may bring light to Spain and North Africa including Morocco and the outlying areas. If you read it carefully it mentions Spain and North Africa which was a colony of the Andites before the waters of the Atlantic swallowed them up after the Gibraltar breach.

Timeline around 34,000 years ago

Also here is more information regarding Spain and outlying areas.
Timeline 15,000 years ago

Anyway I hope you find it interesting as I sure did. I truly find that after reading the gap of our opinions will close.

All the best



line 48: This was the situation when, during the sixth century before Christ, the Orient and the Levant experienced a revival of spiritual consciousness and a new awakening to the recognition of monotheism. But the West did not share in this new development; neither Europe nor northern Africa extensively participated in this religious renaissance. The Greeks, however, did engage in a magnificent intellectual advancement. They had begun to master fear and no longer sought religion as an antidote therefore, but they did not perceive that true religion is the cure for soul hunger, spiritual disquiet, and moral despair. They sought for the solace of the soul in deep thinking--philosophy and metaphysics. They turned from the contemplation of self-preservation--salvation--to self-realization and self-understanding.


line 113: 4. The sixth century before Christ. Many men arose to proclaim truth in this, one of the greatest centuries of religious awakening ever witnessed on Urantia. Among these should be recorded Gautama, Confucius, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, and the Jainist teachers. The teachings of Gautama have become widespread in Asia, and he is revered as the Buddha by millions. Confucius was to Chinese morality what Plato was to Greek philosophy, and while there were religious repercussions to the teachings of both, strictly speaking, neither was a religious teacher; Lao-tse envisioned more of God in Tao than did Confucius in humanity or Plato in idealism. Zoroaster, while much affected by the prevalent

I know its a bit long but it could be important to the timeline

line 157: No one in the local universe seems to know when the unsettled status of the planetary administration will terminate. The Nebadon Melchizedeks are inclined to the opinion that little change will occur in the planetary government and administration until Michael's second personal arrival on Urantia. Undoubtedly at this time, if not before, sweeping changes will be effected in planetary management. But as to the nature of such modifications of world administration, no one seems to be able even to conjecture. There is no precedent for such an episode in all the history of the inhabited worlds of the universe of Nebadon. Among the many things difficult to understand concerning the future government of Urantia, a prominent one is the location on the planet of a circuit and divisional headquarters of the archangels

Hi Riven

I was doing some more research I came across this site

Apparently its the only known record of a prophecy from an Aboriginal tribe in Gympie Australia. Its quite remarkable. Seems to paralell many of the prophecies I found in all the books.

Also I found this in Micah 1:3

3 For, behold, the Lord cometh forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread upon the high places of the earth. 4 And the mountains shall be molten under him, and the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire, and as the waters that are poured down a steep place. (reference to the Gibraltar break)

Has all the hallmarks of the Gilbraltor breach. Using words like...forth out of his water gushing out, similiar to Job 38.... come down and tread on the high places...water gushing from on top of a dam in a basin where there are mountains and valleys. The whole earth is shaken and ripped apart and there are eruptions. Seems to support Sarmasts hypothesis.

Also later in 1 Micah

6 Therefore I will make Samaria as an heap of the field, and as plantings of a vineyard: and I will pour down the stones thereof into the valley, [b]and I will discover the foundations thereof.[/b] (Another reference to a discovery of foundations like Eden another clue.)7

Then This.. its a bit spooky but it what it says ...Im not making this up.

3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them. Again speaks about the destruction of the land of Eden.

And then Nahum 3 sounds like a clear description of the the submerged head looking island of Eden.

8 Art thou better than populous No, that was situate among the rivers, that had the waters round about it, (describing Eden proper) whose rampart (who had a coast) was the sea, and her wall was from the sea?

The Latter verse sounds very close to description of an island. The Garden of Eden.

I also found this from 2 Peter 3 Peter himself speaking about this time and now that first Eden has been discovered kind of makes you think how relevant this becomes.

I was most interested in this section of the chapter.

2 Peter 3

5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: 6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

You should read the rest of the chapter. Makes you really think about it all. Perhaps this could be a pathway for the Catholics in this discovery since Peter is the founder of the Catholic church. Could be a big revelation for them.

All the best


Hi Riven

I found your post interesting

I just a did bit of research here is the rings of OG

I love those concentric circles, exactly like the Urantia logo and further North near Ugarit you have the entry to the sunken peninsula of the land of Eden/Atlantis. Exactly like Stonehenge. No one understands what these rings are but I know!!!!!

3rd millennium BCE, 5000 years ago, approximately 1000 years after the Melchizedek(4000BC), OG basically believed in the same truth and was stimulated by the Melchizedek teachings. The same truth has persisted down the ages and The Urantia Book is the same truth but for the future as mankind evolves further. Look at the floor of the church nativity or the floor of the St Peters basilica you'll see the same concentric circles. Remember that Abraham was around the time of Melchizedek and was blessed by him. Abraham promoted the truth (family truth) which spread amongst the Kenites.

The 3 concentric circle is the same symbol carried by the Melchizedek on his breastplate who invigorated and stimulated the truth for 95 years in Jerusalem, south of Bashan (the sage of Salem) and sent missionaries throughout the world which included Stonehenge and the area around Spain!!!! But the circles even persisted sometime before the restimulation as well. Some 15,000 years ago there was another stimulation which spread throughout the world. Concentric circles can be found all over the world from this time, even amongst the Maya. Also the pacific islands was much bigger in them days. I agree with you. The andonites spread all over the world and would of affected the religions of the local inhabitants.

The Refaim where the giants that originated around the Ugarit and Syria area. Are these the Giants that Greeks fought. I think so. Its true what the bible says about the Nephilim as being sons of Gods. The UB expands this and calls them the Nodites. 38000 years ago there were 3 main centers where they lived. East in Elam, Northern western Syria and near the Persian Gulf. OG were only later descendants who were called the Nodites. The Nodites and the Adamites never got on well. Funny , the Greeks were the descendants of the eldest son of Adam who married the last pure line descendant of the Nodites. The early Greeks were the fourth and last migration that came out of Kopet Daugh.

The Urantia Book also makes note of the gigantism that existed in this race, essentially there genes were altered and made for a tall people, the unintentional nine race of the planet. (hence the sons of Gods having sex with women. OG was of this same race but believed in the teachings of the Melchizedek. Hence the concentric circle a sign he left behind.

Another parallel with Greek mythology, The Urantia Book and The Bible.

The Urantia Book is only a perpetuation of it.

Anyway I thought that was interesting.

I went to your links, fascinating but still there is an element of speculation. I feel in many ways what your looking at is a much later record of the past. However I reckon there is a linkage in what you think and the The Urantia Book. With language the only knowledge I know is from the UB. However I am researching this to expand myself.

Hey Riven pretty amazing pictures. I wonder how far some of those artifacts go back. Isn't it amazing that the symbol of the circles seem to be popping up all over the place. You might think something is telling us something. Confirming here and confirming there as we recognise this circular symbol along our truth travels and discovery adventures.

Its certainly a worthwhile study, these concentric circles symbols. I know I have pictures for North America, Bolivia, Hawaii, Britain, Korea, India and I do have some from Iberia for sure as that place is significant. No doubt that the truth relating to the concentric circles was all over the world at one stage. No one can deny that. From what I know there was a revival of this truth some 15,000 years ago and just recently 4000 years ago as demonstrated with the OG circles until today.

What blew me away with the OG circles was that it is so close to Jerusalem and the submerged location. I wonder if you made a line between the locations of Jerusalem, OG circles and the location wether it would make triangle or something. Hey.... the triangle of the ages or The triangle of truth....sounds good hey!! he!

Some years ago I started this research into the symbol and found many interesting things. I might very well continue it and see what I come up with now. Actually its a good thing for us to research as its like a neutral zone since we have opposing ideas about the place and yet its the symbol that is common to our ideas agree or not.

Let me know what you think.

Riven are the initial images of the circular artifacts around 10,000 years old? or are they fairly recent...just curious.



You know Riven, the more I see the evidence from all over the place about this place the more unified I see this discovery. If Im right its a discovery of all proportions, unlike any that has happened before. It really has superphysical connection. Certainly in the way that the Atlantis Gods would want. A discovery that touches every aspect of mans knowledge about himself and his future destiny from a book that leads him to the discovery itself. Surely defies mans logic...surely this kind of revelation cant happen in this day and age!!!!! Look at all the pointers that have been revealed as we go into this journey Like I said this before this is like virtual prophecy revealing itself on the run. I am positive that there is great purpose in this unlike man has seen before.

It kind of like the end game of a mystery that has existed for thousands of years that is unfolding itself on all levels of our knowledge. Its like the last great mystery that leads us to the discovery of our origins but in harmony with all the knowledge, a unification, a conjunction.

By the way I read your last post. It was good and I did pick up things from it. But somehow I feel this goes back 34,000 years ago and the only mode of knowledge was through story telling. The knowledge we are taught is only the remnant of an epic that goes many thousands of years before that was handed down through words which eventually became the written word. In other words all our knowledge is basically recent history. However there are linkages in language but some how that is fairly recent and should be studied more an expanded since now we are talking about 34,000 years ago not 10,000 years.

About Lumeria. You know there was an earlier learning centre called Dalamatia that went down 150,000 years ago. It existed in the Persian Gulf. The location was thought to be around the Bahrain area. Apparently there still exists vestiges of the earlier place. The Sumerians well knew this place. It was known as the place where the Gods came to Earth. Zacharia Sitchen touches on this place. The Cyprus location and the Dalamatia location was always confused in our records. However in Sumerian tablets information can be identified. Although unfortunately for some, you have to know The Urantia Book to recognise the truth in the inscriptions and then apply to the evidence currently available.

Also Enoch refers to them as the Sons of God (the watchers) and there conversation really refers to an earlier timeline, like 150,000 years ago, much before the timeline that is being currently researched. Right at the time when they made the decision to multiply with the seed of man realising there own mortality without the gift of the tree of life, thus sprung the Nodite race. The progenitors of the Atlanteans, the Western Nodite civilisation not to mention the other Nodite groups in the south and the east. The Ads! Most likely the progenitors or admixed with the early Egyptians, hence the religion of the Egyptians and the concept of the Pyramids and the other huge structures, not to mention the Book of the dead.

here is an interesting link I found about the Ad. I like some of the linkages and parallels.

It could also be earlier reflections of the deluge way back in the past that have persisted in these writings. Springs and Garden could be be clue and a furious wind from the oncoming tsunami. Whilst referring to walled city Ubar in our past could also be a much earlier story in our past of the main centre that went down.. Food for thought.

Its another great revelation to find this. They are all pointers that lead to the same truth that is lead mankind to the watering hole but will he drink. Hard to swallow!! for many.

All the best


Threads of early thoughts that follows the tracks of the andites

I couldn't resist and put together my own pic.

It certainly adds mystery to the whole discovery. What a way to provide meaning to the concentric circles that baffles man. On the eve of the greatest discovery that will rewrite our history books. What a way to introduce yourself to the world through ruins of significance.

Here is a radio interview

you will need windows media player

Hey it looks like a cap stone of a pyramid.

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It goes way beyond language

Here is some Rockart from Lake Seven and Lake Van area. Apparently they are around 10,000 years old. From what I have read The people who came from this area 38,0000 years ago are the the builders of Atlantis/1st Eden. The Rockart is only a small reflection of this. Notice the similarity in the symbols as in Spain.

Also here is pictorial of The Atlantis Island as remembered in Nepal. Notice the shape of the Island and notice the peninsula connecting the island to the mainland. Similar, almost identical to the location.

Ok Riven

Here is what I have of what could be the lost land of Lumeria or related to it. In the Pacific where Lumeria existed.. right!!

This is The Urantia Book.

These Andites were the so-called Dravidian and later Aryan conquerors of India; and their presence in central Asia greatly upstepped the ancestors of the Turanians. Many of this race journeyed to China by way of both Sinkiang and Tibet and added desirable qualities to the later Chinese stocks. From time to time small groups made their way into Japan, Formosa, the East Indies, and southern China, though very few entered southern China by the coastal route.

line 104: One hundred and thirty-two of this race, embarking in a fleet of small boats from Japan, eventually reached South America and by intermarriage with the natives of the Andes established the ancestry of the later rulers of the Incas. They crossed the Pacific by easy stages, tarrying on the many islands they found along the way. The islands of the Polynesian group were both more numerous and larger then than now, and these Andite sailors, together with some who followed them, biologically modified the native groups in transit. Many flourishing centers of civilization grew up on these now submerged lands as a result of Andite penetration. Easter Island was long a religious and administrative center of one of these lost groups. But of the Andites who navigated the Pacific of long ago none but the one hundred and thirty-two ever reached the mainland of the Americas.

The migratory conquests of the Andites continued on down to their final dispersions, from 8000 to 6000 B.C. As they poured out of Mesopotamia, they continuously depleted the biologic reserves of their homelands while markedly strengthening the surrounding peoples. And to every nation to which they journeyed, they contributed humor, art, adventure, music, and manufacture. They were skillful domesticators of animals and expert agriculturists. For the time being, at least, their presence usually improved the religious beliefs and moral practices of the older races. And so the culture of Mesopotamia quietly spread out over Europe, India, China, northern Africa, and the Pacific Islands.

Can you show me ancient BC records that of speak of Lumeria.

Maybe we can discover something together.

Maybe Easter island is a clue to these submerged huge and maybe if they did a scan of Easter island we may find remnants of these huge temples. There is a clue I think on an island in the Solomon's I think were there is huge structures that are still above the waters and no one knows where they come from? The above Urantia information could be a great clue as where to look and to identify features on other islands that no one knows of how they originated.

I wouldn't be surprised that Hawaii and the extended Polynesian groups may have been the main centres of this new civilisation in the Pacific??

Here is a collection of the concentric circle that extends across the Pacific.

and here is one amongst many others found in Northern America

Here is a circle that originates from Bolivia which relates to the base pattern of temple building that was used in India and found in Bolivia.

Here is another from Bolivia, that relates to sunlight hitting a certain position at a certain time of year. Similar to other circle constructions.

Here are the same concentric circles found in Korea

As you can see there is a clear trail that leads all the way to Bolivia close to the home of the Incas.

Again we come back to the same concentric circles some 15,000 years ago. A little different to your timeline.

Anyway lets see your research since were talking about the Pacific (Lumeria) now and not Spain. Perhaps you should be looking in your back yard as the truth is right under nose and you cant see it.

I await your research on Lumeria

and remember this since one, just to remind you and the more recent circles around the 10,000 year mark

Becoming more obvious dont you think Riven!!!!

One thing that seem to be obvious to me. Is that it all began from 1st Eden (The discovery of Atlantis of Cyprus) and the symbol of Eden was the concentric circles which has persisted since those times throughout all of civilisation.

Hey Riven take out the "N" in Andites and you get Adites "The Adites" Adland, Atlan, Atlantis, Atlanteans... etc

The Andite races were the primary blends of the pure-line violet race and the Nodites plus the evolutionary peoples. In general, Andites should be thought of as having a far greater percentage of Adamic blood than the modern races. In the main, the term Andite is used to designate those peoples whose racial inheritance was from one-eighth to one-sixth violet. Modern Urantians, even the northern white races, contain much less than this percentage of the blood of Adam.

The earliest Andite peoples took origin in the regions adjacent to Mesopotamia more than twenty-five thousand years ago and consisted of a blend of the Adamites and Nodites. The second garden was surrounded by concentric circles of diminishing violet blood, and it was on the periphery of this racial melting pot that the Andite race was born. Later on, when the migrating Adamites and Nodites entered the then fertile regions of Turkestan, they soon blended with the superior inhabitants, and the resultant race mixture extended the Andite type northward.



You'll never find Atlantis, nor are you worthy to carry the Shield and Sword of Atlantis.

Hey Buddy "Let the judge, judge" Your not worthy to judge another in there endeavour for truth.

Interesting dont you think!



Hi Bluehue

Great to hear from you. Thanks for the post. I am Dutch but I live in Australia, first generation Australian, however my Genes are totally Dutch in many ways. That's probably where I get my boldness from.

Unfortunately my parents never taught me Dutch so I am disadvantaged by that. However I did go to translator to understand your message.
You know Blue I understand where you are at, not in experience but in spirit.

I would like to strike a online friendship and share with you the Atlantis experience as it happens, so as to inspire you with the all the truth that surrounds this place. Know that this truth is way beyond mans trivial thinking and the spiritual knowledge/revelation can really assist all man to aspire to the greatest relationship in truth with the Creator with ultimately makes man more loving towards his fellow brother rather than being guided by selfishness and self ego. This is the ultimate purpose of the project. It has nothing to do with fame, money, or mans ego. However its all to do wisdom, wisdom of the Gods. Believe they are trying to get the message through mans thick head. But man in his pride and fear of truth will continually defy the greatest spiritual and physical discovery.

Another thing don't worry about those who give you a hard time it will pass but know that there is a revelation that can provide spiritual healing through enlightenment which develops a closer relationship with the larger universal scheme of things. Also know that this project is way beyond man but its all to do man as God is virtually leading man to God but through unadulterated truth which can be harmonised with science. A clear demonstration is the the 1st Eden/Atlantis project. A planetary project that is set on its own merits and has nothing to do with any manmade institution. You could say its the Jesus/God project in truth and that's why normal people who have the right in right place and who have a desire for truth was used rather than scientists who don't know anything on this on this level of truth.

Also this project is not a contrivance of man. Its is a completely honest and sincere project with the discovery of truth as the ultimate goal. That's all.

Brother you don't have to worry about anything. This this truth will one day set all man free from fear and will free up man in truth to rediscover himself and his true spiritual potential. So no matter the physical problems know that the spirit can strong through the understanding of your ultimate destiny which is all to do with the realm of eternity rather than time and space. This where we are all ultimately heading towards and know we have a clear and loving pathway towards this great goal as demonstrated by the great truth discovery in physical and in spirit.

You mentioned about being a hermit, don't worry about that either. I to, live alone with no partner, rejected by family and broke. How Dutch is that!! They just sit on the sidelines scoff, watch, judge and was a fellow kin fall physically. The end result of mans rubbish ideals only a small representation of the world at large. But then I say "let the judge, judge" All I do is try and survive so I can do this work which I feel is the will of God for me as I progress through this time and space realm. That's why I am completely transparent about the truth behind this because I know it is where the real action is on the planet.

While everyone builds there physical estate which will eventually be eaten up by the cankerworm, I am trying to build a spiritual truth legacy that will be known in a 1000 years and build a spiritual estate for when I pass on to the realm of eternity. We are really entering interesting times.

Anyway I have to go as the world demands attention.

All the best and great blessings for you.


The Urantia Book

Assistant Teachers. The assistant teachers are the helpers and associates of their fellow seraphim, the teaching counsellors. They are also individually connected with the extensive educational enterprises of the local universe, especially with the sevenfold scheme of training operative on the mansion worlds of the local systems. A marvelous corps of this order of seraphim functions on Urantia for the purpose of fostering and furthering the cause of truth and righteousness.



Here are some pictorials of the path that led the Andites from India across to Peru some 15,000 years ago . It is the Mesopotamian connection to the Inca race which spread throughout all of the Americas. The concentric circles is the common symbol which connects all these cultures. Another common feature that the Andites (Adites) left behind where large temple buildings and the knowledge of there construction mostly devoted to religion and the spread of it knowledge.

The Japan - Polynesia connection


The Polynesia, Easter Island and South America route





Here are some pictorials of the path that led the Andites from India across to Peru some 15,000 years ago . It is the Mesopotamian connection to the Inca race which spread throughout all of the Americas. The concentric circles is the common symbol which connects all these cultures. Another common feature that the Andites (Adites) left behind where large temple buildings and the knowledge of there construction mostly devoted to religion and the spread of it knowledge.

The Japan - Ploynesia connection


The Polynesia, Easter Island and South America route


Here is a circle that originates from Bolivia which relates to the base pattern of temple building that was used in India now found in Bolivia.

The concentric circles are embedded in our past and has perpetuated throughout our society today. The concentric circle symbol was restimulated in 38,000 years from the 1stGarden of Eden (Atlantis) and at various time periods throughout the time period.

Its through the Urantia Book that provides a clear understanding of what these circles mean. As we read through the timeline from 38,0000 years ago we can identify the concentric circles in every part of the world as we discover them in archaeology and in the right places.

The Andites or Adites in my view must of been real adventures of truth to travel to all parts of the world to perpetuate this truth leaving there mark behind as the concentric circles. I don't doubt that over time the real meaning of these circles would have been lost and confused with fear and a lack of faith therefore creating a variant meaning and different type of religion but essentially the symbol has survived and it is only now that its true meaning is about to be perpetuated.

This one is a spin out, probably knows what's happening and upstaging it.

Refers to the rings found in the Golan Hieghts.

Psalm 68 15 The hill of God is as the hill of Bashan; an high hill as the hill of Bashan. 16 Why leap ye, ye high hills? this is the hill which God desireth to dwell in; yea, the Lord will dwell in it for ever.



Hi everyone
Here are some Sumerian script found in Bolivia, you know where the Andites or Adites commingled with the forerunners of the Inca civilization.

Here is the website

Proves the Urantia account and the above dj post without a doubt




I thought this link was interesting.

The link is the Aztec deluge story compared with the Noah deluge story.  Kinda provides a time period link of the 132 landing in Bolivia.  So we have Sumerian text and virtually identical Noah story.  But with a difference as you'll see, there are similarities with the Plato deluge, a reflection of the the Med deluge.  Could be a connection.  Must from around 6000 - 8000 years ago around the time of Noah.

All the best



Im so fascinated by these pictures


I calcuate this around 7500-7000 years ago.  It probably remnants of the dispersion of the Andites.


This one looks like the Eastern Medititerranean and note some symbol near those rings of Bashan and the Neck.  It looks like a clue or key if you no what I mean.


This one looks like the island disrupting


Enjoy ,very intruiging




Hey Bro, been digging and thinking about it.


I think this is real big bro and Lake tititacha in Bolivia is a representation or model built upon the plans of the first Eden and the Aztecs gives us the location of the first eden in the tablet with a mix of the Plato story and the Noah story.  Must of happened arounf 6500BC round about.


I think this is a big find in meaning and revealment which relates to the location nicely and brings in the American connection.  Obviously this truth filled the Americas through myth and legend, the same story and symbol. 


The Nazca lines must have something to do with the legend.  I know there are many concentric circles there.


Just image the Melchizedek materialised 2000 years later after the disruption of the Andite culture when the truth became dim.  understandable.  Plus it  compliments the island hopping bridge over the Pacific.


All food for good contemplation.   Its unbelievable this mystery and what has been cracked so far.  Better still it is complimented by the Urantia Book.





The Delaclusion interesting paralells.

Hi Looks like interesting maps but whose to say that it was above water at any stage in our past. You have to form an expedition get some hard evidence including the discovery of man made structures. Anything less is just pictures and a hopefull imagination and not supported by scripts in addition to Plato.

I cant believe the Greeks travelled all that way to fight the Atlanteans. It would be ridiculous.

The Cyprus option is by far the best location for Atlantis as it sits right in the middle of where civilisation began and also has the benefit and support from many ancient scripts not just Plato alone pointing to Cyprus. I don't see any scripts supporting the location in that section of the Atlantic.

I got to say great pics, looks nice, but that about all it is pics and gifs with no evidence of a lost city. Just a mud bank that could of been submerged the whole time in our history. Man O man just because there is a bank of mud people jump to conclusion. Oh its Atlantis.

The difference with the Cyprus location is that the discoverers where led to the location by many scripts primarily the Urantia Book. They forenew that there was structures there, the whole time. Even wrote a book about it before there was any planned expedition and predicted the actual location of the structures by stating the long and lat of the structures in the book. At the end of the day there where MAN MADE structures discovered which have comfounded the scientists and still do.

Also there was real purpose in this project that was planned tens of thousands of years ago, the place was preserved for this time. This can be found in Job 38 and 22 and many other scripts.

The real purpose of the Atlantean Gods if you want to call them that was to introduce a new revelation to mankind for his future. What a way for an truth introduction, through a revelatory physical discovery that has connections and paralells in all our books of knowledge. Harmonisation! Atlantis and 1st Eden is of the coast of Cyprus.

Anyway it probably pointless going on. III just sit back and watch everything unfold itself as the research has been done about this location which makes one of the most fascinating mysteries ever and is continualy unfolding itself as we move closer and closer in investigating this location.

The location near iceland Needs an expedition but personaly the object (location) has been discovered and will be known in 1000 years time as all our truth points to this location which streches back 38,000 years and was submerged by the Gilbraltor break 34,000 years ago.

Here is a small sample of a unifying revelation connected to this location.

Here is a description of what happened, The Gilbraltor breach
Isaiah 30:13-14 Therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant. 14 And he shall break it as the breaking of the potters' vessel that is broken in pieces; he shall not spare: so that there shall not be found in the bursting of it a sherd to take fire from the hearth, or to take water withal out of the pit.

What it was like
Isaiah 30:27-28 Behold, the name of the Lord cometh from far, burning with his anger, and the burden thereof is heavy: his lips are full of indignation, and his tongue as a devouring fire: 28 And his breath, as an overflowing stream , shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity: and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.

Here is the purpose
Isaiah 30:26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold (The Urantia Book)as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound. (the ultimate effect)

Here is another description of the breach from Job
Job 38:8 Or who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb?

The Angels instructed to preserve ths place for a future purpose.
Job38:12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place; (Held in memory and preserved in our writings in different cultures by the collaboration of both man and angels for this purpose. The discovery of Atlantis/Eden of Cyprus.)

Upon the destruction of Eden/Atlantis it became a seal
Job 38:14 It is turned as clay to the seal.

Another mention of the seal.
Book of Jubilees 8:13 "there he was set as a sign"

Man being led to the location through The Urantia Book, the new revelation for man future destiny.
Job 38: 19-20 Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof, That thou shouldest take it to the bound thereof, and that thou shouldest know the paths to the house thereof?

The location discovered by a new revelation.
Job 22:30 He shall deliver the island of the innocent: and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hands. (the Urantia book)

Instructed to write a book that led us to the location (The Urantia Book)
Isaiah 30:8 Now go, write it before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever:

Reference made to the Sevenfold truth as prophesied by Enoch, The urantia Book, the Sevenfold instruction.
Isaiah 30:26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.

There is heaps and heaps of this in all our books. Not just the bible or The UB.

If you can show this kind of harmonisation to your location in around iceland, in addition to discovered manmade structures, then III believe you.

Anything less forget about it.

Future prophecy in connection to the Cyprus Eden/Atlantis location.
Isaiah 58:10 And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday: 11 And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not. 12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.


17 It came to pass also in the twelfth year, in the fifteenth day of the month, that the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, 18 Son of man, wail for the multitude of Egypt, and cast them down, even her, and the daughters of the famous nations, unto the nether parts of the earth, with them that go down into the pit.

evidence of famous nations before Egypt that went down in the pit (lower than sea level) (The deluge, the Gilbraltor break), The Mediterranean. not Iceland or in that general area.


Hi Riven

Thanks for the huge posts, I love your new dog. very cute.

About the king lists I must say its fascinating. I have to say I don't know much about it except through what I know from reading the list. You could be right in your interpretations in relation to your research but that would be something that I would have to take on with faith.

I was wandering did the UB links that I sent you. Did they have relevance to your research? Was there some unifying aspect about it in comparison to your personal research?

I felt there were some interesting parallels and connections about the existence of an advanced culture in the area of your interest. Hopefully one day an expedition will be launched in the most obvious area to prove or to disprove the location of Atlantis outside the Gilbraltar straits but there would have to be some artifacts founds to take out any speculation.

I was particularly drawn to the UB information that around 3000BC how there were circular open temples constructed in the Spain area that was for the glorification of Sun worship. This may explain the circular rock art found in the general area and may explain the remnants of the foundations of the circular temple found near the coast of Spain who claim its Atlantis. Also points to Stonehenge which seem to have a different belief system but related to circular temples.

Riven wether Atlantis of Spain the coast of Spain or Cyprus I wont argue that anymore. We have our views and that's alright but one thing I do agree with, is that an advanced culture was in existence in Spain and the outlying areas which was related to Atlantis, the Atlanteans/Andites/Adites goes back around 34,000 years forward. I was also interested in the land upthrust of of what became the Atlas mountains due the Mediterranean trough flooding many thousands of years prior and the shift of the water laden winds further to the north due to the retreat of the last ice age which made the Saharan area a desert. What about the the comment of the degradation of the Egyptian culture at around 15,000BC and the comment at about the time of Atlantis sinking 34000 years where the empire of the Andites/Adites extended all the from the Eastern Med to Spain along the coastal areas. Surely that lends support to your ideas where the only difference we have is the location of the city of the Gods and that's basically all the difference there is.

Anyway thinking in this line of thought and matching the hard evidence might make, in my mind, a real good study to persue.

Anyway all food for thought.

All the best Riven


Hi Julie.

I just want to say that Jesus did exist.

A demonstration of that is in what's happening of the coast of Cyprus.

Here is a couple of excerpts

1Book of Adam and Eve around 300BC
The Promise
"Indeed I say to you, this darkness will pass from you, every day I have determined for you, until the fulfillment of My covenant; when I will save you and bring you back again into the garden, into the house of light you long for, in which there is no darkness*. I will bring you to it -- in the kingdom of heaven." The Urantia Book, the prime info.

Another extract
But God said to Adam, "I have made you a promise; when that promise is fulfilled, I will bring you back into the garden, you and your righteous descendants."

The Urantia Book current timeline.
Have I not told you all these years that my kingdom is not of this world? The things which you now look down upon are coming to an end, but this will be a new beginning out of which the gospel of the kingdom will go to all the world and this salvation will spread to all peoples. (Which it has done.)

And when the kingdom shall have come to its full fruition be assured that the Father in heaven will not fail to visit you with an enlarged revelation of truth (The Urantia Book) and an enhanced demonstration of righteousness, (The Discovery) even as he has already bestowed upon this world him who became the prince of darkness, and then Adam, who was followed by Melchizedek, and in these days, the Son of Man. And so will my Father continue to manifest his mercy and show forth his love, even to this dark and evil world.

This is exactly what's going on at the moment of the coast of Cyprus, prophecy fulfilling itself which defies all mans limited logic. Whether you want to call it Atlantis or 1stEden. It doesn't matter because this is bigger than all of us.

All the best

Hey Riven

Im not sure if this relevant. Here is a little post in another subject.

I thought it could be interesting for the search fro Atlantis.

Also I know what you mean about not using the UB. I try that to but I fail each time. For me I to like to use ancient texts like the Bible and the hidden books of Eden and other scripts like Plato and Egyptian book of the dead or anything BC where I perceive that truth emantes from. However I find the UB in explaining things seems to add great value to much of the things I find in the ancient script. Since its the prime information that

explains the location and its there. I figure it has great reliability and credibility concerning its overall picture. I find the connections quite fascinating and unprecedented.

I find that combining all texts together including The UB, to me makes this project rather perfected and all encompassing regardless were we think the location is.

Its truly a fantastic journey for all of us and will be spoken about in 1000 years as probably the great revelation or something like that. maybe.

At the moment Im doing a study in following the Andites after the destruction and looking into the history of the Amorites as mentioned in the Bible. I believe they are remnants of the Adites or Andites/Atlanteans who were a blend of the Nodites and the Adamic race who admixed greatly around 25,000 years ago and expanded there empires which includes Spain, Nth Africa, Palestine, Southern Europe which eventually influenced the Inca race.

I found linkages or reflection to the Cyprus location quite interesting being next door to where the Amorites lived.

Here are some excerpts I found in there religions

Amurru and Martu are also names given in Akkadian and Sumerian texts to the god of the Amorite/Amurru people,

This god Amurru/Martu is sometimes described as a shepherd and as a son of the sky god Anu. He is sometimes called blu &353;ad&299; or bl &353;ad lord of the mountain dr-hur-sag-g sikil-a-ke4

He who dwells on the pure mountain,
and kur-za-gan ti-[la] who inhabits the shining mountain. In Cappadocian Zin&269;irli inscriptions he is called -li a-bi-a the god of my father.

Here are certain fragments that describe in my view the garden

This god Amurru/Martu (Martu sounds similar to the isle of Maati home of the Gods, Egyptian book of the dead.) is sometimes described as a shepherd and as a son of the sky god Anu. u &353;ad&299; or bl &353;ad lord of the mountain

Like Adad he bears the epithet ram&257;n thunderer and he is even called b&257;riqu hurler of the thunderbolt and Adad &353;a a-bu-be Adad of the deluge

Whilst there religion has aspects of the legend of 1st Eden no doubt over time the religion was hijacked by ignorance and barbaric practices which was far from the ultimate truth. I suppose what I wanted to point out is that even the later races of the later Adites had reflections of Eden that was very close by the location.

I feel the following races are remnants of the Adites/Andites

The Amorites, The Refaim, The Amalekites and the Arameans and others that I havent discovered. All there religions have fragments of the Cyprus locations embedded in there religions. Certainly a reflection of the past.

note the rings of Bashan 5000years ago from the homeland of the Amorites before Abram settled in the area.

and the location 60 miles to the North West

This was even before the Melchizedeks 2000BC. I must say its pretty good signage.

Plus the Amorite religion eventually evolved into Baal which was 2 fold, the worship of Fertility and private property. Sex and gross self cantered materialism which seems to be reflected today as a religion within itself considering the attitude construct of world these days. Basically that's what's having a negative effect on our planet coupled with Global warming, dimming and the hunger for control and power without responsibility of the larger consequence to the planet and our fellow brother.

What a deception so far from the truth. There is no way this planet is going to survive while the whole planet is going for Profit, profit and more profit without the temperance of wisdom. Gods wisdom, not mans, the effect of mans wisdom (imposed will) is disastrous especially for the planetary environment.


April 11th 2007 addition, the trail of lixus and Tipura, the white island that led me to the discovery of 1st Susa anb Babel/Dilmun.


Hi Riven.

In my studies I found references to and old ancient place near where the Romans built upon Carthage after defeating them. Apparently this earlier city is close by and was built by the Andites 5000 BC. 7000 years ago Would you know of any references of links to pictures to any archaeological digs to an area close by Carthage? I'm really interested in the huge stone blocks similar to the ones in Baalbek and Lixus? I reckon there is a big link there in my search for the Andites.

Here is a lead Im following, I must confess its the UB but it could be worthwhile.

Another great colony settled on the Mediterranean near the later site of Carthage. And from north Africa large numbers of Andites entered Spain and later mingled in Switzerland with their brethren who had earlier come to Italy from the Aegean Islands.

I found some megalithic info on Malta

I noticed there are megalith structures have that size similarity to the megaliths in Baalbek, Lake Tititacha, Majoro and Lixus. It was around the time where a host came out of Mesopotamia and settled in Cyprus as well.

I cant find too much

All the best

The only clue I could find was this

Carthage (from the Phoenician Qart-Hadasht "New City" (written without vowels as QRT HDT קרת חדשת)

That Phoenicians built a new city called Qart-Hadasht "New City" 814BC

So it must of been built upon an older city or close to a more ancient location that was on the Med coast close to the new city. Perhaps the earlier city or remnants of, built around 7000BC

I found this

Looks like Italian researchers found a Stone megalithic site comparable to Stonehenge in Tunisia Oct 5th. I wonder if this the place. It would have to have block similarities to that in Malta, Lixus, Baalbek Lake Tititacha and Easter Island. Could this be the city of Andites/Adites 7000 years ago predating Carthage by thousands of years?

See what develops.

Heres more
ca. 5000 B.C. The people of western North Africa are part of trade networks and the cultural community of the western Mediterranean. Locally made pottery displays the same type of ornamentation found in the regions of modern-day Spain and southern France. Examples are cardial ware, a ceramic decorated with impressed seashells, and impressed ware, decorated with designs made by pressing string into the wet clay. Among the materials that come to western North Africa from abroad are obsidian blades from the Lipari Islands near Sicily.

more info about the Sahara


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