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The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

Omer Kokou Welcome!!!

October 29 at 9:30pm


Grant Nelson Hey There !

Thanks so much for adding me to your friends list !

October 29 at 6:06pm


Seven8 It looks like a ROD.

I was filming the night sky for a time lapse video & while looking through the footage i came across this interesting object. I have no idea what it was but thought it was worth uploading to see what most people think it is. I really can't explain what this was because i wasn't there when it was fil
    • Seven8 This was filmed in Australia
      October 29 at 7:10am
      Hilda Rac not real
      October 29 at 7:10am ·


      Seven8 Really, do you know what it could be? do you think its just time lapse effect? or is it CGI?
      October 29 at 7:11am ·


      Seven8 It sounds like he left his camera for a while only to come back and find this footage, apparently.
      October 29 at 7:12am


      Seven8 I suppose if its not real, its unreal. hahaha
      October 29 at 7:13am


      Hilda Rac it's just one more diversion point, so people wouldn't realise what this world is really about - I bet there's gonna be some "alien threat" arising in the next few years, so the sionistic governments could justify global "unification" with a one world army and a one world political leadership - unacceptable - focus on self, breathe, apply self-forgiveness - you are the key to rescuing this world
      October 29 at 7:17am ·


      Seven8 If man has produced any Angel technology it would be very infant.
      October 29 at 7:29am


      I reckon its quite possible that are deception is possible knowing man in order to protect his position. But simply whatever man produuced in reaction in perhaps deception cannot compete.

      Plus its all laid out what is to occur and actually man might abandon self vain gloriousness in light of the revealing of the Universal Government of this Universe.

      Whatever man attempts outside the Kingdom of Heaven in deception will fail. Man is becoming to smart for the deceivers in sophistry who have all the money and power.

      You know this isn't some small man made interpretation of Zion used for geopolitical pissy purposes, this is a major revealing. Man has no chance if he defies the Lord of all the Universe. The Kingdom of Heaven is a Sovereignty and its a Kingdom and its all to do with the personality of man and of God and the truth.

      There will be no Alien Invasion like that we perceive in the movies. The Universal administrators are more peaceful and harmonised than what man thinks. Unlike what we have here on this planet with all the BS of man in his barbaric ways on all levels, in his imposition over fellow man for his own purpose rather than the Fathers purpose
      October 29 at 7:32am ·


      The key to the saving of this planet is the coming of the Sovereign Jesus Paradise to adjudge the Age of Ignorance, this is the only chance man has.

      Alternatively, what is man going to do that is new that he hasn't tried before.

      If man tries a deception through technology one thing there will be a denial of the Father in Heaven and Jesus, the only Christ and Son of the Father in a very subtle way. Like the Benjamin Creme approach, its will be like that and it will be tied to Religion that is essentially in error, in the denial of God, the Father in Heaven. Shallow and they will not be able to demonstrate in the word like we can with 1stEden and Dalamatia City exposing the Rebellion and its source and the default and its source.
      October 29 at 7:37am


      Seven8 It will be tied to a religion that is outside the Harbour, it will have the light but not the the truth as if it was darkness.
      October 29 at 7:38am


      Seven8 It man attempts a deception like you suggest Hilda, it will emanate out of religion that is in error for sure. the remnants of the those still in rebellion in this planet are just finished mate! they are only remnants of what is finished essentially, the real push of the Father will come from the people individual remnants in truth and of the demonstrated, no Bullshit Truth. I read it and see it and no BS. Done!
      October 29 at 7:42am


      Seven8 And we have all the tools to do it and make it happen, in absolute truth in going back to the Beginning and the Cities of the Tree of Life. NO BULL! and NO DROSS mate!
      October 29 at 7:44am


      Seven8 And finally Kick some GOALS for Mankind for a change, in religion in an expanded revelatory way, in a way in faith with Universal Government Backing to the HILT! 100% all systems are go!.
      October 29 at 7:53am


      Seven8 Yea!
      October 29 at 7:53am


      Seven8 anyway, here is a link to some other views.

      Could be a meteorite but dont they have usually a downward trajectory?
      October 29 at 7:57am


      Rebecca Bencini
      Us believers and the UFO's are actually our friends from our Father in heaven. If UFO invasion happens they will come and take away all the believers and bring us to our beloved Father the new Jerusalem. Us believers have nothing to fear but the people of this world do. It has already been written we believers are not really of this world anymore! Lets praise God together and keep a positive outlook for the future for us as brothers and sisters together forever! :)

      Also I realize now what the beast is actually the Government and money as they are nothing but all the root to all kinds of evil if you haven't noticed it yet. Peace and love! :
      October 29 at 7:59am


      One thing I feel, is that all man has a thought adjuster and man is capable of change and Jesus had faith in that. I believe that even a Government of People in error can change and come into the light because people do have thought adjusters. With the right information in the right circumstance, in a individual way man can be persuaded in views and ideas.

      Like perhaps a 3rd to 1stEden in fuller verification of things can make an impression in truth where man might take an interest in the truth behind it and perhaps after his own research into the matter can change
      October 29 at 8:04am


      Seven8 I know I have changed over time in my personal experience with the Father and I feel better for it and I know a Government can change to and be modified for the better in truth.
      October 29 at 8:05am


      Seven8 Its great sharing ideas and thoughts like this.
      October 29 at 8:06am ·


      Seven8 Come what may, we have nothing to worry everything is assured no worries at all!
      October 29 at 8:06am


      About Money and the system, I reckon it is a disaster in some ways that will send countries broke in 50 years. Well according to the S&P.

      What sort of a terrible system is that and what's the motive behind this the system that sends countries broke, in the raping through contract and manipulation.

      No different to the effect on the tread mill of CC debt with no way out and who gains out of the treadmill, the BANKS in there record breaking profits for this year.

      The Monopolisation of Money by the Monopolisers and they are the banks who set the rate, the level of bondage on man in perpetual debt and destruction in many ways. When man does well the banks lift the rate to squander to rob man.

      "The Monopolisation" the Banks, the Crafty ones and all there absolute BULLSHIT you see on TV in the allurement and inticement of the Baalim Priests of the Baalim System in there quest to rule all man under contract and bondage in the material and spiritual!

      The System of Wall Street/Dilmun/Babel, its the Babylon as foreseen by John the Revelator our fellow brother and friend who thought of us 2000 years ago because he loved us, even way back then and desired to lend a hand to this distant generation in the future. Praise the Lord
      October 29 at 8:18am


      Another thing I want to say is that 666 thing in John Revelation has been maipulated and distored, everyone has the wrond gidea about the Man of 666 I reckon.

      The 666 has been changed to represent the opposite. Thats a Bullshit section manipulated by Man himself to make out something that is not and never was.

      I think what we are reading about he 666 guy is all wrong. I think we have the system of assholes already making the moves but the 666 guy is representative of the 4 Beasts, the Angels of 6 wings about the Throne of God and and the 666 guy brings in the truth and sets it up in the revealing, thats all and a worldwide planetary event (perhaps) occurs in relation to his witness and I think from the Beginnings where the Father comprehends.

      (378.6) 34:4.12 But it was of Salvington that John wrote: “And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices” — the universe broadcasts to the local systems. He also envisaged the directional control creatures of the local universe, the living compasses of the headquarters world. This directional control in Nebadon is maintained by the four control creatures of Salvington, >>who operate over the universe currents and are ably assisted by the first functioning mind-spirit, the adjutant of intuition, the spirit of “quick understanding.”<<

      >>>>But the description of these four creatures — >>>called beasts<<< — has been sadly marred; they are of unparalleled beauty and exquisite form.<<<<


      (1555.7) 139:4.14 When in temporary exile on Patmos, >>>>>John wrote the Book of Revelation, which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form.<<<>>> This Book of Revelation contains the >>>>surviving fragments of a great revelation,<<<>>> large portions of which were lost, other portions of which were removed, subsequent to John’s writing. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form.<<<

      In other words the Book of Revelation (surviving fragments of a great revelation,) has become a MANMADE Mess in many parts. Its a part Revelation and now we have to fill the pieces, the gaps in the journey.

      This is where we need help from the Angels of the 6 wings to understand this book through the spirit of “quick understanding".

      It could be that the 666 guy in his journey sparks of a Planetary Event that causes the System to CLOSE RANKS with the BANKS and thereby become the NWO system of Man but not of Good.

      The Journey causes this, through an event and I believe attached to the ancient places, the beginning
      October 29 at 8:36am


      You see the 666 agent guy of the Angels of 6 Wings is not a bad person but an enhanced person through Spirit of Truth in his journey in time, working with the Father in Heaven and Jesus the Sovereign in a joint project of Man and God working together using all Spiritual Systems and Universe Powers.

      His journey being of truth unlocks the Sevenfold Seventh Mystery, in the witness and causes a Kingdom of Heaven Event but he is not part of this NWO business in response to this first Event. NO way known mate!

      He could be very well taken away like with the Elect. But those of no faith have to go through the TRIBULATION of the Closing of the Ranks of the Banks and World Power
      October 29 at 8:46am


      Rebecca Bencini Your my favorite book to read Dennis! Thanks for this inspiration! :)
      October 29 at 8:49am


      I feel if this is right in the way I see things Jesus our friend and Sovereign will spare his friends the Tribulation.

      That's what I reckon because they believed without seeing, true adongentors! Those who believe without seeing. FAITH in our friend and Sovereign!
      October 29 at 8:49am


      Interesting thoughts, Dennis. I love the study you are doing on the book of Revelations and what you are finding in the UBI have such a hard time with the concepts of the Bible, especially Revelations, and this is a big confirmation for mekeep up the good work!

      Here's a though we should probably consider, but I certainly don't mind if it gets shot down. either. I'm not attached to it. In the past I have (lightly) entertained the 666, mark of the beast to be the Verichip. Have you read anything about that
      October 29 at 8:52am


      Seven8 Hey Rebecca. I'm glad you like what I'm writing from Heart and Soul within. thank you. I feel more inspired than ever to find more things for us to supp on., like supping of the Tree of Life within, with our Father in Heaven.
      October 29 at 8:52am


      Hi Cydney, No worries, its man current interpretation of the 666 beast where he associates the mark of the beast with the Money system and its over lord control through convenience. Probably part of the closing of the ranks thing in preparation for control and verichip is a viechle that could be quite useful in monitoring in future closed Money System, Closing of the Ranks.

      Its the view of the 666 guy that is in Error, the 666 guy walks with the Beasts from the throne room of God whose description is marred. That is where I see the error.

      He actually causes change through is journey connected to an EVENT. That's what I think where the World changes in the process of a correction which may be felt as a tribulation by many.

      Post Event might be a problem because someone will be blamed and will be hunted, this could mean persecutions to and jail in some places. No one will be found except the Targum from the Beginning that came out of a room, the only thing that is left behind of the Last Teacher of Righteousness in the reopened Office of the Messiah as foreseen by the Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls, praise the Lord!

      The Closed Ranks System will need a Spiritual Figurehead and perhaps the journey is usurped and manipulated some how where a false Spiritual Guy is set up for people to worship Maybe a false man! The Benjamin Creme set up would be right for there Job in the deception.

      Anyway, all speculation have to see what occurs, I do have a timeline out there that looks good. I don't know anything about dates and things, it depends on the Father in Paradise. I have no say in these things maybe some influence considering things and what its attached to I have no idea but I have felt in my heart that I would like to come to the Finishing Line as written by Paul but applied in this case
      October 29 at 9:13am ·


      Seven8 I would like see what Heaven is all about if there is an evacuation of the Friends of Jesus from tribulation. Im really interested in that experience being with Jesus about the fire, beside the lake eating fish and talking.
      October 29 at 9:15am ·


      Where we are all Gathered together. Praise the Lord! Where there is great Joy and Happiness and we are all together with our Sovereign and Friend.

      In the most Unique Event Ever to Occur in the Universes of Time Space arranged by our friend because he simply Loves us, each and everyone one of us.
      October 29 at 9:20am


      Seven8 We are all Diamonds in the Rough
      October 29 at 9:21am


      This link is a good quick download of all the things that may be going on behind the scenes within our government. I don't trust them for one minute, so if anyone does come at me and say get in line for the chip, I'll know what it is. It's a scary though that if they don't like what your doing, they can just turn your chip off and you have no access to your money and all the things you need to buy. THAT'S WAY TOO MUCH POWER AND CONTROL!!

      The video talks about the Verichip on the second half.

      As far as the evacuation (dematerialization), I think the UB says we are moving to another planet that has been prepared for us. But I like your thoughts, Dennis. I would rather be with Jesus by the fire in the moonlight having pan-fried fish, too. I'll bring the best vino! What a blessing that would be
      October 29 at 9:27am ·


      Its interesting the other planet that would prepared for us where evolution would continue, if there was a VERY BAD EVENT on this planet where it required evac. Interesting how the UB has that fragment all waiting there to be realised!!!!  A Major worldwide Nuclear Event would be Cause where all DNA would be affected.

      Gee its like in the Movies isn't it
      October 29 at 9:31am


      Would'nt that be nice Cydney as you say. beside the lake aound the fire with some wine and listening and speaking thoughts and ideas with Jesus as in his revealing to the Disciples.

      Its all possible with Jesus for an interlude like that, in the time we live in today.
      October 29 at 9:35am


      SunSista Yes, Dennis you certainly keep the visions coming and keep me entertained! Not bored over here with all these wheel turning. Good stuff, eh Rebecca?
      October 29 at 9:36am ·


      SunSista The other planet would be so pure and pristine. We would have to change our ways right quick so we wouldn't destroy that one too. maybe all the unconscious bonehead would be left on the planet they destroyed and the caring ones were evacuated. Nice
      October 29 at 9:42am


      Seven8 I can tell you that other planet prepared for us in case of an emergency evac would be like a Garden of Eden in Heaven but in Time/Space. Evolution is mentioned so I would assume Time/Space more so than Heaven. But it would closer to Heaven than Here because of the nature of the Event and what its attached to.
      October 29 at 9:42am


      Seven8 Get your Space Outfit on Cydney I reckon.
      October 29 at 9:43am ·


      Seven8 We might be doing a bit of Universal Travelling. Its probably the only way of escape, the one and only path, the Jesus Sovereign path of the End of this Age and could be a disaster to being FREE WILL. Even though Chris H says nothing will happen but you never know.
      October 29 at 9:45am


      SunSista Haha, very funny maybe I can use the one from Halloween several years ago! wonder if it is Scotty that is going to beam us up?
      October 29 at 9:47am


      Seven8 the Free will of Man guided by his spirit within. It could be a disaster knowing the Man of Today.
      October 29 at 9:47am


      SunSista I'm probably going to be long gone when this world get dematerialized. I wonder sometimes if our Magisterial Son has already arrivedI have my hunches on that subject.
      October 29 at 9:49am ·



      it could be like that Cydney beam me up Scotty for sure. Islam speaks of the End of the World literally but there is only one evacuation plan and that is through Jesus the Sovereign and I believe its linked to the Tree of Life and its journey in the end times.

      The Metaphor is right and appropriate. Like when Jesus points to himself he points to the Tree of Life. He is the Tree of Life and the 2nd Adam. Its a complete match as realised along the way, as always
      October 29 at 9:50am


      Seven8 The Planet is probably full of Seraphic transports ready to go for Universal Transport of a population right now as we speak and wonder with quick understanding of the Angels of 6 Wings of the Magnetar broadcast circuits of this Universe!
      October 29 at 9:53am


      Seven8 Off course the flashing of the Magnetar broadcast circuits are connected to a timeline of thought and realisation in the document, the vertical written pillar, the Djeri!
      October 29 at 9:55am


      SunSista You know, you bring up a good point about the seraphic transports. Sometimes I wonder if they are the lights we see sometimes and call them UFO's. Someone from Chicago said they saw them at one time, I think it was when the UB was being printed.
      October 29 at 9:56am ·


      Seven8 Off course the flashing of the Magnetar broadcast circuits are connected to a timeline of thought and realisation in the document, the vertical written pillar, the Djeri! from the man of the land of the Wurundjeri at the ends of the Earth, in the lands of Sinim.
      October 29 at 9:57am ·


      SunSista The Djeri are the big rocks in the outback, right? But I'm not clear on what the Magnetar is.
      October 29 at 9:58am ·


      Rebecca Bencini dang I go away to make dinner and eat and now I gotta catch up to what you 2 been talking about. This is very enlightening! I love it! :)
      October 29 at 10:00am


      SunSista Welcome back, Rebeccamissed you!
      October 29 at 10:01am


      Rebecca Bencini Thanks Cydney! I missed you guys too! :)
      October 29 at 10:03am


      Djeri is part of the name os Aboriginal tribe that lived around Melbourne and came to thills where this Targum is written. Djeri means in Egyptian, Vertical written Pillar.. Obelisk. I believe there is a connection to this Egyptian dynasty to these lands here of the Wurundjeri.

      Tomorrow, I going to take some mobile images of an outcrop near by, on the Coast that I believe has been sculptured long time ago to represent this connection. Its a Sphinx looking outcrop.

      I just wonder if some one foresaw all the events way back then and actually found the placer where it would all manifest from and laid a foundation for recognition by that person in the future as he pieces all things and events going back to his early life right through to the ancient places and the revealing.

      You know what I mean. I must say it makes an fantastic movie
      October 29 at 10:06am


      Rebecca Bencini I've always been drawn towards Egypt and always wondered why? If I had a few places in the world I'd like to visit it would be Ireland, Alaska, or Egypt for sure!
      October 29 at 10:06am


      Seven8 Go to go work
      October 29 at 10:07am


      Seven8 Its the Planetary Event event that would confirm the truth.
      October 29 at 10:10am


      SunSista You would make a really good detective, Dennis. Maybe you look into that. Your mind is always looking at all the angels and doesn't stop until a full verification has been determined. Truth seeker, becomes Truthfinder. Good movie material - still thinking about it too.
      October 29 at 10:10am


      Rebecca Bencini Well it was great talking to you both.. Peace be with you both! Love always! :)
      October 29 at 10:11am


      SunSista Have a good day at work, Dennis thanks for the fellowship in our little light and life facebook world.
      October 29 at 10:12am


      Seven8 I really enjoyed the talk and the thoughts. Its just great and refreshing.
      October 29 at 10:20am


      Seven8 III see you guys later on eh!
      October 29 at 10:21am



Seven8 Revelation 4:8
And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.


Isaiah 6:2
Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.


Bible search for "Six Wings" in King James Version (English)
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    • Seven8 Isaiah 3
      3 And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of hosts: the whole earth is full of his glory. 4 And the posts of the door [1] moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke.
      October 28 at 11:14pm


      Rebecca Bencini Interesting Dennis did you know I seen on television years ago that scientist heard a loud voice in outer space saying Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come. :)
      October 29 at 12:44am

      Seven8 Really! I remember reading a news report that they detected a roar from space but hearing things from space in those words is incredible.
      October 29 at 6:51am


      Seven8 Anyway, I sing the song myself for sure.
      October 29 at 7:50am


ninemsn news

Seven8 UFO Mt. Seorak of South KOREA. I think on the 27th October 2010

UFO WITNESS! It's real! and not operate. unbelivable!
    • Seven8
      The Timeline Calculation is

      14:48, the common number on both sides is the numeral 4.



      Sevenfold and 4 Angels of Six Wings of the Flashing Magnetar Broadcast Circuits of this Universe from the Throne of God and the Judgement Seat of Jerusem!


      14(77):48(48x4=32, 3+2=5(5) or 3x2=6(6))
      5 being a signature of the Midwayer world and participation with the Broadcast Circuits. The 6 signature of the 4 Angels of Six Wings seems to be common in all calculation results. The Sevenfold(77) is all common in all related results
      October 28 at 7:05pm


      I even see a, 666 in a triangle at each point or sides that surrounds the 5 and I also see a 456 pattern. Similar to this Jane Lead Symbol a regarded Christian in her time in the UK who wrote alot on the run herself looking forward. I see similarities.
      October 28 at 7:05pm


Seven8 An event that occurred in South Korea 27 oct 2010

I also note the Cross of Jesus, the Sovereign of this Universe, reflecting this Planet known throughout the Universes as the Planet of the Cross.

한성대입구 근처에서 확인
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    • Seven8 Best in full screen and note the commonality in the pattern with the other UFO video snap shots in the above next post.
      October 28 at 7:07pm

Seven8 This might be a different case to the last Freeway UFO report.

A New Hampshire witness driving north along Route 93 just north of Manchester watched a triangle-shaped UFO pass over the freeway at 7:50 p.m. on October 22, 20
    • Seven8
      A New Hampshire witness driving north along Route 93 just north of Manchester watched a triangle-shaped UFO pass over the freeway at >>7:50 p.m. on October 22, 2010,<<

      >>7:50 p.m. on October 22, 2010,<<
      7+5=12(66) and route 93, (9+3=12(66) a match.

      Angels of 6 wings operation on a 22 or 1111, Midwayer connected
      October 28 at 9:11am


      Louis Bartolomeo I've seen these before in New Hampshah and in two different sizes. One apparently miles across on one side and t'other quite small, about the size of an old 727. The large one was stationary and quite high. The smaller was moving low, slowly, and silently
      October 28 at 9:13am


      Seven8 That is amazing experience to witness Louis.
      October 28 at 9:14am

      Julie Ritchey these triangular ufo's might not be ufo's - seems we have some of our own..check it out:
      October 28 at 3:20pm


      Seven8 wouldnt surprise me at all.
      October 28 at 9:38pm


Seven8 Im hoping that the completion of Shabbes/Seventh Timeline will provide a positive result in the Sevenfold finishing line of the Seventh/Shabbes Timeline.

If I extend the incomplete Eighth Pyramid, it will complete on Janurary 28(777)th 2011, there is a 777 completion
signature of the Eighth, a Sevenfold completion of the Eighth Pyramid of the Seventh/Shabbes Timeline. Its Sevens(777) Date!Seven8, its a signature, Seven8 pyramid!


    • Seven8
      I was interested in these verse about the eighth.

      This verse is curious to me.

      >>Revelation 17:11
      And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.<<<

      Here a few other interesting ones.

      2 Peter 2:5
      And spared not the old world, but saved >>Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly;<<< (type and shadow of the eighth)

      Revelation 21:20
      The fifth, sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrysolite; >>>the eighth, beryl;(triangle Crystal)<<< the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an amethyst.

      Here is a link where the Eighth Pyramid is mentioned.
      October 28 at 7:43am


      ‎>>Revelation 17:11
      And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.<<<

      Is this like the Beast, the Representative of the Angels of 6 wings of the Broadcast Circuits who carries the Harlot in the revealing of the truth and the Cities of the Tree of Life for Judgement, remembering they are enemies. Can be read but not Heard nor really seen except for one image to his friends.

      >>even he is the eighth, and is of the seven<< A description of the Seventh Timeline describing the Seven and Eighth Pyramid in the Shabbes from "the beast that was, and is not" who is of the Sevenfold in physical representation, in the journey that delivers the Harlot for Judgement. the Truth.

      Perdition means loosing the Lot, the Beast of the Sevenfold representative of the angels of 6 wings of the Broadcast Circuits does loose the lot in Physical in the Journey but he could be like Job or Even like Jonah too in the Bible. He goes into perdition in physical life to get the mission completed for Mankind.

      However, Lucifer and the Whole rebellion including the Caligastia and all the rebels that are in perdition Now, at this moment, they have lost the lot completely. The are in Full Perdition.

      After the Verdict is Given by the Ancients of Days they will be thrown into the Black Hole(the Abyss) of Jerusem as if they where all never created.

      The Revealer is not in full perdition, just temporary he has a fine future in the Kingdom of Heaven like each and everyone one of us who loves the Father in Heaven and really love to do his will. Praise the Lord for that. Jesus is our Friend, for he is the Sovereign he can do whatever he likes and he makes it happen for us all for his children of Love and who love truth, beauty and goodness
      October 28 at 8:00am


      Seven8 The Kingdom of Heaven has cleared the way of all the rebels for us to realise the Truth of everything now! It should be straight sailing in truth, I don't know about other things but this is going fine and positive.
      October 28 at 8:06am


      Rebecca Bencini interesting point of view Dennis but I totally agree with ya!
      October 28 at 8:20am


      Edit: in the initial post its 28th(7777) not 28th(777).

      The Shabbes/Seventh timeline
      From Dec3rd 2008 beginning

      to the end

      January 28(7777)th 2011

      I see Angels of Six Wings signature and the Trinity Signature of Paradise.

      I also see the Sevenfold and the Sevens8 or Seven8 signature at the end. I see those behind the Construct in the Journey of the Cities of the Tree of Life reflected in the Shabbes/Seventh Timeline
      October 28 at 8:29am


      Seven8 thats great Rebecca thats encouraging for me. Only inspires me more, no worries thanks. I appreciate your thoughts and reflections.
      October 28 at 8:33am


      Rebecca Bencini likewise brother! :)
      October 28 at 8:34am


      Seven8 for sure! Well do it in the happening and make great accomplishments.
      October 28 at 8:35am


      ‎30 Likewise shalt thou do with thine oxen, and with thy sheep: >>>seven days it shall be with his dam; on >>the eighth day<< thou shalt give it me.<<<<

      31 >>And ye shall be holy men unto me:<< neither shall ye eat any flesh that is >>torn of beasts in the field;<< ye shall cast it to the dogs.

      Seven/Eight reflection and in relation to Holy men representative of the Father. "on >>the eighth day<< thou shalt give it me" could be reflective of the eighth Pyramid? in the Shabbes/Seventh timeline?
      October 28 at 8:46am


      The above verse is related to this.

      "25 If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury. 26 If thou at all take thy neighbour's raiment to pledge, thou shalt deliver it unto him by that the sun goeth down: 27 For that is his covering only, it is his raiment for his skin: wherein shall he sleep? and it shall come to pass, when he crieth unto me, that I will hear; for I am gracious."

      makes you think of our day as we live in the Day of Extreme Usury by the Priests of Wall street, the Baalim Priests of allurement and enticement come Federal Reserve in the life time debt compound of the planet Usury system connected to Debt/People Control living off the backs of people for grand designs of illusion of self and self wonder. Yeah a wonder for some but not so much for many!!! and who live make fortunes of the poor in many cases throughout the world in real human capitalisation for a purely a profit, thus the profit motivation system, at all costs even the planet.

      The Old Testament in Spirit still applies in today's modern times and is completely relevant in the world we live in
      October 28 at 8:55am


      ‎'shalt deliver it unto him by that the sun goeth down:"

      mmmm a I speak of the City of the Rising Sun BABEL/DILMUN, the beginning of the Wall Street Babel/Baalim Priest System in the timing as the Sun goes down on this planet in truth as we look to the West of all, like the Sign of Westall 66 UFO event for the Kids in Contact with future purpose in recognition.
      October 28 at 9:00am


      Linda Hodge Obviously the Fed doesn't know about these ethics, or the banks would not be foreclosing on the American public, evicting them from their family homes and leaving the neighbourhoods to turn derelict. It is indeed evil.
      October 28 at 12:14pm


      Diane Denison
      Linda, I agree with you 100%. It is sad and Evil the way the US Government is treating the very people that voted them in. Also the TAX payers helped the banks and the bank want more help now again
      I think this Country was a Great Country a melting pot from people all over the world living togather in Peace. This Government is wrecking something beautiful. That is if we let them.. I am hoping we the People of the US boot all their butts out of office and also prosecute them. They have become white collar thieves
      October 28 at 3:45pm


      Diane Denison Dennis, I liked the Jesus papers and what it said, A lot.
      October 28 at 3:47pm


      I believe the Fed is not for the people of the people, its for itself and its people, the priests of Baalim of today, The Baalim system of ancient Canaan, its remodified for today's purpose, that's all.

      Consider that the S&P calculate that 60% of countries in the world will go broke in 50 years time.

      What does that say about the Horrid financial system we have today? What an evil setup and indicates something is definitely wring with the financial system for this to occur.

      Obviously, the system is manipulated to make these countries go broke. What a horrible financial system man has where it only represents allurement and enticement in the deception of binding man to long term debt at rip off compound monopolised prices and for what? a profit and that's all. That is the Baalim of Today in the Babel/Dilmun/Wall Street of today. The people of Wall Street Baalim who don't give a shit about nothing or anyone except if there is profit or something to fulfil there physical needs. Just cold blooded people underneath all there BS, obsessed by the Nodite/Babel propensity of Greed and Selfishness for oneself only
      October 28 at 5:06pm



      Seven8 Just a Money/Commission Grab.
      October 28 at 5:07pm


      Seven8 Like Baalim of yesteryear, they would sacrifice anything to get what they want through some sort of weird idea of Sophistry providence and where they hire corporate Soothsayers to track the Future which will not be successful. There is only one God and one Path to the Father in Heaven Lord of All and that's is through Faith and personal relationship and abiding by the standards of the Universe consciously and as best you can.
      October 28 at 5:16pm

The mystery of the legendary chupacabra, a beast that is said to drain the blood of domestic animals at night, has been solved according to a scientist at the University of Michigan.

Grace Al-Isha Hi Dennis, I welcome the beauty of your heart into mine. ♥

October 28 at 5:44am

    • Seven8 Thank you Grace for your light, all the best blessings eh!
      October 28 at 6:36am


Seven8 It happened to me literally on MV Adriaitic Sea after I read the urantia Book and during the 400 tons Jag on a log that I Spotted from the air 20km away as a faint black spot on a Silvery Sea! It was during this event where I realised the Fisher of men thought from being a fisher of fish.

19 And he saith unto them, Fol
low me, and I will make you >>fishers of men.<<
>>20 And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.<<


Matthew 4 in King James Version (English Bible).
    • Seven8 It led me on to the Greatest Adventure Ever without comparison on this planet except Jesus the Sovereign. He is the Tree of Life and the Great sevenfold Mystery is tied to the ancient places of the Tree of Life.
      October 27 at 11:08pm


      SunSista and you do a good job too, Dennis!
      October 28 at 6:08am


      Seven8 Hey thanks Cydney.
      October 28 at 6:15am

Seven8 The Urantia Book search on "Shadow of Death" I'm sure there are clues there that can be linked.

 willing to walk courageously through the “valley of the shadow of death.” He was gladsome but at the same time humble. (1103.2)

Seven8 Matthew 4:16
The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.


Luke 1:79
To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.



Matthew 4 in King James Version (English Bible).
    • Seven8 ‎4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
      October 27 at 10:20pm


      and NOTE THIS: the Metaphor in this day, Praise the Lord!

      >>16 The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.<<<

      >>17 From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.<<<
      October 27 at 10:23pm


      ‎(1065.5) 97:4.2 >>>Amos was not merely a restorer or reformer; he was a discoverer of new concepts of Deity. He proclaimed much about God that had been announced by his predecessors and courageously attacked the belief in a Divine Being who would countenance sin among his so-called chosen people.

      >>>>>For the first time since the days of Melchizedek the ears of man heard the denunciation of the double standard of national justice and morality. For the first time in their history Hebrew ears heard that their own God, Yahweh, would no more tolerate crime and sin in their lives than he would among any other people.<<<

      >>>> Amos envisioned the stern and just God of Samuel and Elijah, but he also saw a God who thought no differently of the Hebrews than of any other nation when it came to the punishment of wrongdoing.<<

      >> This was a direct attack on >>>the egoistic doctrine of the “chosen people,<<” and many Hebrews of those days bitterly resented it.<<<

      (1065.6) 97:4.3 >>>>>Said Amos: “He who formed the mountains and created the wind, seek him who formed the seven stars and Orion, who turns >>>the shadow of death into the morning<<< and makes the day dark as night.”<<<<<

      And in denouncing his half-religious, timeserving, and sometimes immoral fellows, he sought to portray the inexorable justice of an unchanging Yahweh when he said of the evildoers: “Though they dig into hell, thence shall I take them; though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down.” “And though they go into captivity before their enemies, thence will I direct the sword of justice, and it shall slay them.” Amos further startled his hearers when, pointing a reproving and accusing finger at them, he declared in the name of Yahweh: “Surely I will never forget any of your works.” “And I will sift the house of Israel among all nations as wheat is sifted in a sieve.”

      I noted this mmm.

      >> This was a direct attack on >>>the egoistic doctrine of the “chosen people,<<” and many Hebrews of those days bitterly resented it.<<
      October 27 at 10:59pm



      (1353.20) 122:9.21 To shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death;

      (1353.21) 122:9.22 To guide our feet into ways of peace.
      October 27 at 11:00pm


      Like they would today

      >> This was a direct attack on >>>the egoistic doctrine of the “chosen people,<<” and many Hebrews of those days bitterly resented it.<<<

      But we are all the Father Children and God is no respecter of persons. In today's world its a level playing field in the spiritual for all people. The "Chosen People" concept I have seen in the witness in today's world and it looks very ugly.

      Its a false pride spirit in arrogance and is not from the Father in Heaven and people who think that, should wake up to themselves or else they will find themselves in deep in that pride spirit in untruth and extremely silly and immature thoughts
      October 28 at 5:59am


      What about the so called "Chosen People" that don't do the Will of the Father in Heaven. That is not Chosen or better still Choosing not to do the will of the Father in Heaven in self deception of thinking CHOSEN, that is not chosen! How can assume to be chosen when they go in the opposite way in pride arrogance in the spiritual manifesting in the physical thinking that hey are all Chosen.

      The End times Messages emanates out of the influence and pastures of enhanced Christianity tied with the UB not to the Chosen People. All I see connected to the So called Chosen is war with death and destruction with other people who are supposed to be brothers who are apparently genetically related!! Certainly not acts of Chosen People.

      The Father in Heaven will not respect that whilst walking in Pride and Arrogance in that thought of the "Chosen People" and plus if your are the Chosen you have to be in service of your fellow brother, all brothers of Mankind. Like Jesus the Sovereign did when he was on this planet.

      All I say at the end of the day on must be careful in the "Chosen People Notions" and walking in pride and arrogance with the most stupid ideas that are really arrogant and immature in religion
      October 28 at 6:12am


      Seven8 Abraham and his seed was Chosen to fulfil a role, not every people who claim Chosen, is not Chosen and is not genetically linked to Abraham and therefore is not Chosen technically. Chosen doesn't apply because it cannot be genetically proved through DNA, so how can one say Chosen married to the borders of a country.
      October 28 at 6:14am

      Seven8 Do you think Chosen is related to Providence and Wealth. Hardly!
      October 28 at 6:18am


      Seven8 Wealth can be a blinding curse and worse when you think you are Chosen in pride and arrogance. very Ugly.
      October 28 at 6:19am


Seven8 Amos 5:8 >>>>Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning,<<<>>> and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea,<<<<<

>>>> and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The Lord is his name:

Bible search for shadow of death in King James Version (English)

Seven8 This is great
Psalm 107:14 He brought them out of darkness and >>the shadow of death, and brake their bands in sunder.<<

He has broken our bands by the truth of everything, the cities of the tree of life. Revealed from the darkness in to the Light.

Psalm 107 in King James Version (English Bible).
    • Seven8 with the assistance of the new revelation, the Urantia Book blended with the Bible and many other books in the journey that make up the final construct of the End Times of Ignorance.
      October 27 at 10:37pm


Seven8 However
"Psalm 23:4
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

For sure its does, it makes one strong within and is a faith building the experience. Jesus the Sovereign is guiding all things. The Lord Sovereign and the M
ost High is truly my Shepherd.


Psalm 23 in King James Version (English Bible).
    • Seven8
      Thank you Lord Sovereign of this Universe.

      "The LORD Is My Shepherd
      23The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
      2 He maketh me to lie down in green [1] pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
      3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
      4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
      5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest [2] my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
      6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. [3]"

      Praise the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven
      October 27 at 10:06pm
      Seven8 I remember that Chapter in Sunday School at the Reform Church of Holland in Dandenong, I always treasured that chapter, one of the first I ever learnt, always been with me through out my life! Praise the Lord!
      October 27 at 10:26pm


      Praise the Lord eh!

      "3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. "

      The Great Paths of Righteousness. No worries mate1 we have all the tools and the Whole Universe including Paradise backing us to the hilt!.
      October 27 at 10:28pm


      Seven8 No worries about this one either.

      "4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. "
      October 27 at 10:29pm


      Everlasting and Forever

      5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest [2] my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

      6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. [3]"
      October 27 at 10:29pm


      Seven8 All the Days of my Life and way beyond that as well unto Paradise.
      October 27 at 10:30pm


      Lala Zally Thanks for sharing and reminding us of what we should always have in mind: God's almighty protection ♥ Bless you!
      October 29 at 1:48am ·


      I must admit when I was reading this chapter i feel felt very moved within. I have to remind myself of that to but I do feel that around me, I feel friends about me in faith and trust.

      and bless you to 100% always.

      I really believe in this Chapter and I feel very reassured in the words and the spirit within. Its like that child like feeling I had in Sunday School when I was a kid and I still feel that today.
      October 29 at 7:18am ·

Seven8 ‎21 Before I go whence I shall not return, even to the land of darkness and the shadow of death;

Job 10 in King James Version (English Bible).

Seven8 To me this can point to Sophistry that is seen and not demonstrated everywhere on this planet and leads to much damage with man in alienation of God.

Job 10:22 A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and >>>of the shadow of death,<<>> without any order, and >>>where the light is as darkness.<<<

Thats right where Spohis
try is "where the light is as darkness"


Bible search for shadow of death in King James Version (English)
    • Seven8 This can apply in elements of religion as well, spreading false light and deception with false interpretation with premeditation in the quest of getting other people to the bidding of Death and Destruction caused by error in religion. I believe also this occurs in the denial of God to and yet is spreading false light with rubbish sophistry in denial of God.
      October 28 at 5:52am


      Seven8 ‎"where the light is as darkness"
      October 28 at 5:52am


Seven8 My calculation(,,)

Job 12(66):22 He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death

and furthermore

23 He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: >>he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth [7] them again.<< 24 He taketh away the heart of the chief of the people of the earth, and causeth them to wander in a wilderness where there is no way. >>25 They grope in the dark without light, and he maketh them to stagger [8] like a drunken man.<<


Job 12 in King James Version (English Bible).
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    • Seven8
      We are doing this now

      Job 12(66):22 He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death

      Bringing out "to light the shadow of death " where the Rebellion occurred in Dalamatia City, 1st Eden Default and the Babel/Dilmun the result of the rebellion but before 1stEden.

      and we are and have "discovereth deep things out of darkness"

      All fulfilling of the Journey to and from ancient times with more to do
      October 27 at 9:50pm


Seven8 And do you KNOW who the DAYSPRING is Job 38

Jesus the Sovereign

from the Urantia Book1353.19) 122:9.20
>>>Rejoice in the tender mercy of our God because the dayspring from on high has now visited us<<<

How cool is this connection, I reckon its a beauty!


[swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 122Birth and Infancy of Jesus (1344.1) 122:0.1 IT WILL hardly be possible fully to explain the many reasons which led to the selection of Palestine as the land for Michael’s bestowal, and especially as to just why th
    • Seven8 Job 38: >>12(66) Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused >>the dayspring<> to know his place;<<
      October 27 at 9:32pm


      and note the Shadow of Death is mentioned in the next Verse in the angels Son in the Birth of Jesus

      (1353.19) 122:9.20 Rejoice in the tender mercy of our God because >>>the dayspring from on high<<< has now visited us

      (1353.20) 122:9.21 To shine upon those who sit in darkness and >>the shadow of death;<<
      October 27 at 9:36pm


      ‎"16 Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth?'

      We have have entered the Springs of the Sea(the truth of the Sea) but there is more to go and we are in search of the depths with a purpose to reveal through verification.

      The Springs more than one place. several Springs in the Sea, cities of the Tree of Life
      October 27 at 9:38pm

      Seven8 The Seal is the Sevenfold Cities of the Tree of Life that we search the depths for.

      October 27 at 9:39pm


      The Ub extract was taken out of the Song of Anna and Simeon.

      (1353.3) 122:9.4 For this occasion Anna had written a poem which Simeon proceeded to sing, much to the astonishment of Joseph, Mary, and all who were assembled in the temple courts. And this was their hymn of the redemption of the first-born son:
      October 27 at 9:41pm


Seven8 In Job 38 its about the end times and the ancient places

12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place; 13 That it might take hold of the ends [4] of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it? 14 It is turned as clay to the seal; and they stand as a garment.

know this place and to preserve for the end times of the Age of Ignorance.

>>12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days; and caused the dayspring to know his place;<<

Because its the Seal, the Sevenfold Seal connected to the Seventh Mystery of the End. Where all the B.S. negative Evil is shaken of the planet and they will be not found in there places.

It is the Garment made of many things and tracks. The end construct!

>>14(77) It is turned as clay to the seal; and they stand as a garment.<<

The Seventh Seal is the Garment.

And it connected to the ancient cities of the the verses of last post.


Job 38 in King James Version (English Bible).

Seven8 Excerpts from Journey to the Underworld Pt. 2
I still think the Secret chambers in the Abyss is the Ancient Places, the revealing of the Ancient places is the revealing of the Secret Chambers from the Abyss connected to the Most High of the Abyss(Space)

Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministries, Manna Fest
    • Seven8
      You see this is a reflection of the ancient places and the Gates of Death came out of Fallen Dalamatia City in the Rebellion. Dalamatia in Rebellion was the beginning of the Gates of Death in rebellion. Dalamatia City and 1st Eden where the default occurred is also the "hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death" because they are both connected to Rebellion and default that deprived us essential things which in itself is a death for us as consequence of default and rebellion.

      We are revealing the truth which occurred in these places, they literally where "the Gates of Death" began (Dalamatia City) and is regarded as the "the doors of the shadow of death" Dalamatia City is where the first abomination occurred where the FALSE GOD OF LIGHT NOG was set up in the Temple of the Father we reveal this for better understanding.

      The Father is leading to the bounds of the ancient places, the first places, where we learn the truth of all the things that went on in the past in truth and no worries.

      >>>>>15 And from the wicked their light is withholden, and the high arm shall be broken. 16 Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth? 17 Have the gates of death been opened unto thee? or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?<<<<

      18 Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? declare if thou knowest it all. 19 Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof, 20 That thou shouldest take it to the bound [5] thereof, and that thou shouldest know the paths to the house thereof? 21 Knowest thou it, because thou wast then born? or because the number of thy days is great?
      October 27 at 9:20pm


Seven8 I reckon this very bad and shameful of mankind.

Warning: Gruesome Video Footage/Glass Walls Graphic video shows why everyone would be vegetarian if slaughterhouses had glass walls. R4YX_iVWIe0 Narrated by and starring Sir Paul
    • Seven8 Man is just selfish cruel barbaric bastard concerning the treatment of the Lower Kingdom. What an asshole he is. Cruel bastard! Look what he does when he power over things.
      October 27 at 8:03pm


      This video really get me going. Today I was digging some pay dirt clearing a driveway, digging all clay wet clay cakes weighing quite a bit. During the clearing I found heaps of worms, to ensure that I wouldnt hurt them I pick them out of the clay and transport them by hand to enahance survivalbility.

      Then you come home and you see these mongooses and there barbaric ways of a lowest levels in cruelty in the Lower Kingdom
      October 27 at 8:21pm


      Jesus the Sovereign had no regard at all, for all those cruel animal sacrifices performed in the temple by the priests. That was based on a lie from long time ago in the sin and sacrifice, the false notion were man is always guilty, remember it was the Gods that fell from Grace, not Mankind.

      Its was the rebels that tripped man out in false notions perpetuated falsely throughout the time that became incorrect doctrines today that is still connected to evolutionary religion through compromise with pagan religions.

      Some evolutionary religion are so different to its original revelation that the truth cannot be identified anymore as its layered with many false things and wrong thinking that equates to Rubbish
      October 27 at 8:35pm


      I must admit I was involved in the Tuna Fishing industry flying an helicopter looking for Tuna and then I read the Urantia Book and then left that industry in quest of the Ancient Places including 1st Eden. Im glad I did, rather than being a Fisher of Fish, the journey lead to being a Fisher of Mankind in truth. A far better way than all that Cruelty to the Lower Kingdom and for what Money and a Job speaking crap all day being a cruel Killer and hearing a loud mouth Captain who speaks crap all day, who only seeks blood on his hands so he can go home and speak more about his crappy self after his Barbaric rape of the Seas in his BS. Bah! I'm glad I left that world for a far better world of the TRUTH. Those Captains in all there BIG TALK but when it comes to honour and facing a person directly about an issue forget it, there as weak as piss and cowards truly and they get others to do there bidding.

      Nothing that different en masse around the world. What is the binding power of there BS influence over others? Money and Survival. They gain all in the world, walking over others in there speak to gain but loose there pitiful souls in there greed and self lust regardless of what they say in shallow thoughts of nothing
      October 28 at 7:01am


      Anyway, in more positive pastures of thought, the whole Tuna Boat flying experience was about learning to read the signs and following the signs in instinct and gut feeling.

      Reading things and following the tracks leading to the Path of a Great Catch.
      October 28 at 7:10am

      Seven8 In reflection, leaving that MV Adriatic Sea at the End of World Record Breaking year, was the POINT of NO RETURN for me. I had gone past my PNR in my life. I was in the Abyss of life and there was no coming back! It was truly a journey of Faith and it wasn't easy and is still hard in many ways. Its only lately where there is a little stability physically (Money blah blah blah) where I have a little work and can coast this along.
      October 28 at 7:14am


      Seven8 For many years now its been full blast ancient places like running a race. That's what it feels like. Running the Great Race as Paul spoke of, heading for the Finishing Line.
      October 28 at 7:20am

Seven8 Im not sure what this is but it looks interesting.

Watch 2020vision's video about aliens ufos exploding ufo brazil documentary on

Seven8 I thought this was a positive and fascinating story coming out of Gaza.

Watch Pindz's video about Ancient Gaza Tunnels Discovered documentary on

Seven8 This might sounds a little silly but In light of Wikileaks and what it reveals and the condition of Iraq. I think one idea that would be good for the for the Kids and family Ids that the government finances a whole bunch of blow up Attraction businesses to be be formed and to go around all the market places and create a small festival styled atmosphere and operate for the Kids and family in fun loving stuff. That country needs more fun loving stuff that is good and brings family together in an atmosphere of fun and love


Fantasy Island is ahead of the rest with its impressive design and unmatched size, making long queues a thing of the past. Fantasy Island was designed specifically for school fundraising events, Festivals and corporate functions.
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    • Seven8
      Just stuff like this

      A place like Iraq needs desperately fun for the Kids and families. All these things are civilisation builders. Its all adds to civilisation in fun loving stuff for kids.

      No religion, no politics, just fun!!! Just having fun! for the Kids and families. This is what the place more so, than all the stuff going on over there
      October 27 at 7:40am


      Seven8 This is what should be considered for the Village market places but ion a more large scale operation and multiple operators going out into the country to give the kids fun activities rather than exposure to all this war 24/7
      October 27 at 7:45am


      Seven8 Kids are Universal and are all the same throughout the world and they love good fun and they need it in troubled places like Iraq.
      October 27 at 7:45am


      Seven8 Just a whole lot of operators (Carnies) organised, going about the countryside with lets say 5 attractions, creating festivals at the market place for the Kids and families. Shock and Awe with fun and love in an effort to stabilise the country a little further. Less aggression, more love and forgiveness in family leading to functionality in truth.
      October 27 at 7:54am


      Seven8 Call it the travelling Family Festival. Everyone understands family and its gathering together for the fun with these kinds of things using inflatable quick and easy attractions that impress in fun loving stuff.
      October 27 at 7:55am


      Seven8 Eventually as the country stabilises in a new spirit of truth, the Family Festival operations become commercial operations in regional areas especially as the villages and townships becomes wealthier and more peaceful in time.
      October 27 at 7:55am


      Seven8 This could happen worldwide in troubled places where the action carnies of that country actually make a positive difference in civilisation by creating more Action fun for families and kids.
      October 27 at 7:58am


      Seven8 Families and Kids having fun and seeing it is a Spiritual Experience and for the participants.
      October 27 at 8:04am


      SunSista Good idea, Dennis. hopefully they can make them bullet proof!
      October 27 at 3:30pm


      Seven8 hahaha oh well with something like that you need immense faith and there is no guarantee of safety, you would have to rely on the angels and there strategies to avoid disaster.
      October 27 at 5:55pm

      Seven8 Cydney, Im thinking of all kinds of ideas to help out.
      October 27 at 5:57pm


      I'm delighted that your thinking along the lines of families because what manifests from that experience is really the substance that is going to hold it all together for social evolution to occur. But even the most so called evolved countries still are not adopting this concept in the public environment, especially in politics.

      It's very offensive and transparent what I witness everyday when I'm inundated with all the campaign ads for the upcoming election. You would think we had a bunch of angry animals protecting their territories, not humans seeking the highest office of public service
      October 28 at 12:10am

Seven8 I wonder if a site like mine would survive Internet censorship. What if there is a Synchronisation happening and man cuts it off? What would that mean in the Kingdom of Heaven and how would the Kingdom of Heaven respond? when a conduit is cut off. Aah Just a thought.

A group of powerful Senators -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- have signed onto a bill that would vastly expand the government's power to censor the Internet.
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    • Seven8
      Its the fear of man as you can see in reaction. No point censoring or else Government get voted out.

      Fundamental freedoms of expression and self correction in truth within is the key to a healthier Internet.

      All those guys in Government are paranoid, all enveloped in fear and yet most of them are double standard themselves when it comes to action and what they speak.  what are they like in there own thoughts and actions behind closed doors. I truly wonder with many of these of these people in power always putting on a face in their high moral ground and some of them are just as bad themselves.
      October 27 at 7:18am


      Seven8 They want to shut down wikileaks that's all and a few tother things.
      October 27 at 7:19am


    • Seven8 Anyway, the Truth is better than any of that other bullshit in the lower ground of the Internet. People see that and usually ignore it or don't bother with that level. Not even stimulating to the majority.
      October 27 at 7:21am


      Seven8 The truth can outshine alot that crap on the net where people find it boring and don't bother anyway because mans mind in the right information becomes uplifted with better information.
      October 27 at 7:23am

Seven8 He might be right about the image, no problem there are many fraudsters everywhere on this planet on all levels. But the Airport was closed down due to UFO event.

For starters lets substantiate the known facts about this photo. It was taken at night and it was taken of a so called UFO in
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    Linda Hodge The plates are pretty awesome, aren't they? Adds a whole new dimension to the crop circle phenomenon.

    October 27 at 12:30am


    Seven8 Reminds me of this connnection.
    October 27 at 12:34am


    Seven8 I noticed this as well.

    ">>22nd July,<< Grasdorf, near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony:

    22 and Seven
    October 27 at 12:42am
    • Seven8 I noticed this as well.

      ">>22nd July,<< Grasdorf, near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony:

      22 and Seven
      October 27 at 12:42am


      and this

      The largest and most complicated German pictogram was discovered by early-morning joggers on 23rd July 1991. The roughly >>110yds<< (100m) long and >>>>>55 yds (50m)<<<<< wide formation at Grasdorf near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony - it covered an area of 5,000m2 (6,000 sq yds)! ->>> consisted of seven symbols<< and >>thirteen circles<< - with a cross within the circle in the middle, suggesting the ancient sun symbol. In general it reminds us of a Scandinavian rock painting, >>>>>the object in the middle being the ‘sun chariot’, an ancient sacred symbol of the Scandinavians and North Teutons."<<<<<

      Many patterns in the number
      October 27 at 12:45am ·

Seven8 Hey UH! whats happening here??

The US is building up naval, air force and marine strength around Iranian shores as Barack Obama's aide Dennis Ross reiterates his determination to keep the Islamic Republic from acquiring nuclear arms. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Iran, Hizballah and Hamas are also deep in military preparations, fe
  • Rebecca Bencini
  • Seven8 You know there could be another war soon!!
    October 27 at 12:07am


    Seven8 I think there is major stuff going down.
    October 27 at 12:11am


    Rebecca Bencini yep yep yep Dennis I believe your right. who is the target is my concern?
    October 27 at 2:21am


    Julie Ritchey
    Here are some of the top points from the Aug 15, 2010 Web Bot report:
    •Readers should keep in mind that the Web Bot technique biases towards the negative, so predictions are almost always more dire than eventual reality.
    •The big tipping point period of 8-11 November 2010 will likely include the "shock and awe" of war and/or terror attacks, as well as social and economic upheaval. The war is likely to feature Israel/Iran and the long-predicted "Israeli mistake"—possibly a false flag attack on American troops—and may broaden to planet-wide war.
    •Though the November 2010 tipping point period will be the peak of satisfaction for TPTB (with their plans working well), things thereafter will start going much less well for them. Their woes include trouble for the royals; a reduction in cash flow for the "hidden hand" (super-elite) of TPTB; more outing of hidden priest sex scandals (and other unsavory criminal activity); infighting between major factions of TPTB; and a general weakening of their insidious control structures.
    •"Sudden catastrophic climate change"—mostly driven by increased solar output—is predicted for Winter 2010/2011, with freakishly strong storms and weird weather, as well as displacement of populations and an impact on food production. Piling on in 2011 will be earth changes such as fires, earthquakes, mud slides, and epic, permanently inundating floods.
    •As TPTB shut off the money spigot, economic troubles deepen, even to the point where many homes and public buildings end up "going dark and dry" for failure to pay utility bills. Data suggests that a great crash of American financial empire will have occurred by mid-Dec 2010, with real estate falling much further, precious metals markets becoming unhinged, and physical silver in short supply.
    •The 2010 US elections will make obvious that the outcome is irrelevant because the Rothschild/Rockefeller control of the political system and media propaganda system is so thorough. During the Nov 2010 tipping period, the US president may invoke a state of emergency under the War Powers Act, thus creating a de facto martial law state without ever officially declaring it
    October 27 at 6:11am


    Seven8 wow
    October 27 at 7:11am


    Seven8 War is just Bloody Hell for Man. Its such a pity there could be a WAR flash point soon especially in light of the truth from the beginnings, in the revealing. I don't think it looks good.
    October 27 at 8:12am


    War is just Bloody Hell for Man. Its such a pity there could be a WAR flash point soon especially in light of the truth from the beginnings, in the revealing. I don't think it looks good.

    I think Iran is making a mistake if they are intent on a Nuclear weapon. If its true I cant believe that the Mullahs of Iran are leading the people down this track.

    I think they have wrong and doing the wrong thing, despite pride and prejudice and what they think is the truth. I think the regime is Caligastia infiltrated in wrong thoughts and deeds in the action, in the witness and is not on a high level, not of Universal Government Standard
    October 27 at 8:16am


    Seven8 Then again who is in the thought and action in Government??? Self reflection is required based on a line in the sand!! that is demonstrated as the truth of everything.
    October 27 at 8:17am


    Seven8 Religion must NOT be involved in Nuclear bombs. Never nor in arms and war. Religion should be the 3rd party like in the fall of Babel and must abandon war on his fellow mankind brother. But religion that is out of step has go through the devastation of war to understand it must not be there and Sue for peace and for civilisation and the family.
    October 27 at 8:23am


    Seven8 Religion in its right truth demonstrated in the witness should be used to stabilise and settle man down in more peaceful pastures of truth and then go from there in physical life.
    October 27 at 8:32am


    Rebecca Bencini Something isn't right aren't we suppose to respect life and love one another? Sigh!
    October 27 at 8:45am


    Part of that physical life of man is find a best friend partner with commonality in all sorts of things and especially to feel love grow in many ways for one another in a God filled within loving life and have a nice stabilised enhanced family in truth, in witness within.

    Some thing like that is good for man and man knowing the truth and reflected it in his witness in physical/spiritual life is a good path for him to be in being himself at the same time knowing the truth within, walking with the Universe powers of the Father in Heaven
    October 27 at 8:51am
      Seven8 Love is truly the key, it really is, in my mind there is no equal, its just beautiful and especially when people who find there partner feel totaly comfortable to be themselves truly and where they are enhanced within personaly and God is right there and lots of Angels all around.
      October 27 at 6:21pm

Seven8 We regret to inform you that Zecharia Sitchin passed away on the
morning of October 9th. A small, private family funeral was held the
next day.
For CollectorsZecharia has agreed to release from his personal archive 24 copies (8 left) of the limited SOUVENIR EDITION of his latest book The Earth Chronicles Handbook. The identification Souvenir Edition is embossed in gold lettering on the cover of these First Edition hardcover copies and e
    • Louis Bartolomeo Many years ago I wrote Zechariah a snail-mail letter wherein I had printed out the Urantia Book passage on The Sumerians - The Last of the Andites. He was kind enough to write me back and said that he was aware of TUB but that it didn't really explain the many, many things he had written about over the years.
      October 27 at 12:11am


      Somonai UrAnid
      Most of the clay tablets rest on museum shelves such as those in London and have not been deciphered. Because of the "tall poppy syndrome" the Adamites/Anunnaki have been generally maligned as dictators. It seems that the oldest records, if they exist, portraying the true nature of the Adamites are few, and that mostly what has been deciphered is the attitude of antipathy held by Nodite culture. An example of Nodite culture is the Madonna and child icon, lasted appropriated by Christianity, but originally a symbol of Eve and Cain. Cain remains the hero for today's Freemasons along with Lucifer.

      The stories told by Mr Sitchin are useful in understanding technology of Sumer and of latter day Sumerian mythology. It should be kept in mind that the Sumerians were originally penitent Nodites. They were the small minority of Nodites that favoured a return to the original purpose of the Caligastia 100. I feel that they were on friendly terms with the Adamites. Not so with the Syrian Nodites of course, and only meagrely so with the Nodites of Elam to whom Cain went. Why did Cain not go to his father's people? (But that is another story).

      In later days, Sumer was overrun by Elamites and Syrians, and much of the culture unearthed is not so much of the true Sumerian, but of the cultures that came later to the region. I also feel that unattached midwayers led by Abaddon posed as gods to the tribes, giving them advanced technology and causing havoc. So how many Anunnaki were a reference to those midwayers
      October 27 at 8:04am

      Seven8 That sounds right to me Somonai, especially about the rebel midwayers and there antics to get worship for themselves like there Father Caligastia who is on track for perdition.
      October 27 at 8:08am


      Seven8 That's interesting Louis about Zachariah being in touch with the UB but it made no difference in his research. I wished he could elaborated more on that to see his thoughts.
      October 27 at 8:10am


Seven8 I thought this was cool

    • Wayne Batterson
      ‎4.5 ANDAMAN quake Oct 21 20:07 UTC and Effect: DHAKA partial building collapse
      Recently, a 4.5 Andaman Island quake was reported at 20:07 UTC, on Thursday. When one modifies UTC, it means that it quaked at 2:00 AM FRIDAY Bangladesh time:

      Then is not uncommon to find that a building under construction had its 1st floor collapsing, and the collapse occurred the morning of Friday October 22. Plus minus what it takes to the energy released by the quake to move up and reach Bangladesh, and since the entire planet is involved, for the other PLATES to continue their work toward LEVEL 7 of 10. India sinking in the West.

      Part of under-construction building collapses

      Saturday, October 23, 2010 05:56 AM GMT+06:00

      A portion of the first floor of the under-construction Navana Zohura Square building that collapsed at
      Bangla Motor in the city yesterday morning. Photo: STAR

      A portion of the first floor of the under-construction Navana Zohura Square building collapsed at the
      city's Bangla Motor yesterday morning.

      Witnesses said they heard a big sound and saw a large portion of the floor, cast a few minutes ago,

      The building has four floors of which three are basements and the under-construction first floor.

      Ariful Islam Hanif, a witness, saw the incident while having tea at a roadside stall in Bangla Motor.

      “I heard a big sound continue for about a minute and saw a portion of that under-construction floor
      collapsing down. “I rushed to the foot-over bridge for a better view and saw
      construction labourers and officials quickly covering the building with jute
      sacks,” he said.

      The project's officials, who declined to comments, prevented this correspondent from visiting the

      Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Shahidul Islam of Shahbagh Police Station visited the spot.

      Quoting project officials of Navana Real Estate Company, he told The Daily Star that some supporting
      columns of the floor collapsed just as they (the officials) were leaving after
      completing the floor's construction
      October 26 at 8:49pm


      Seven8 Do you think Western India is Sinking?
      October 26 at 9:32pm


      Seven8 You showed a map of your thoughts of tectonic movements. Have you go that Link again?
      October 26 at 9:36pm




      Wayne Batterson thats this yr alone
      October 26 at 9:41pm


      Seven8 Here is an article on the Tsunami

      At least 160 missing after tsunami hits Indonesia
      October 26 at 10:41pm


      Wayne, its the Sink hole thing in China that worries me because the Eastern Coast overhangs a precipice that can slide into the sea rapidly.

      Thats a massive problem which believe is accelerated because of man and water table issues and extra weight and pressure of the giant Dam..
      October 26 at 10:50pm


      ‎"The 7.5 magnitude quake hit 78 km west of South Pagai in the Mentawai islands late Monday and destroyed most buildings in the coastal village of Betu Monga, said Hardimansyah, an official with the regional branch of the Department of Fisheries."

      I'm a bit somber in this calculation just seeing if there something recognisable but I don't like this kind of thing when families are devastated.

      Anyway, I thought 78 (7+8=15(555)km was interesting and in the 7.5, 7+5 =12(66
      October 26 at 11:11pm


      Seven8 Here is another report

      All the Australian familes have been found but my condolences to those lost families and loved ones.
      October 26 at 11:56pm

      Seven8 Here is another report

      All the Australian families have been found but my condolences to the familes of lost loved ones.
      October 26 at 11:58pm


      Seven8 Apparently it was a 7.7 mag earthquake.

      "Southern Cross vessel 16 hours after the 7.7-magnitude quake hit the Mentawai Islands, west of Sumatra."
      October 26 at 11:59pm


Seven8 Here is a great link to 1st Eden
2nd Eden/Atlantis expedition, History Channel, 2006

October 26 at 6:49pm
  • Seven8 Good on ya mate. that was an excellent experience.
    October 26 at 6:49pm


    Seven8 Here is a Blog Radio interview with Ann Garner with Behzad Sarmast.
    October 26 at 7:05pm


    Seven8 Gee, I could see much commonality in many things in his earlier life. Restless and Rebelliousness.
    October 26 at 7:15pm


    Seven8 Right on Brother.
    October 26 at 7:25pm


    Seven8 Massive Deleware Sighting 10/23/10!!

    UFO Delaware UFO Pennsylvania October 23 2010 Dozens of people stop their car to watch a massive fleet of mystery lights flying across the sky. This event could be linked to the latest sightings around the world including Manhattan, El Paso, Washingtong, Moscow and Cincinnati. Important Note:
      • Seven8 ‎10/23/10
        October 26 at 1:22am


        Seven8 I don't think there are Chinese Lanterns either especially when they grouped up.
        October 26 at 1:25am ·


        Manuel Ernst Great Video! and the music underlines the pictures perfectly
        October 26 at 3:58am


        I must say the Delaware Buzz in my mind is Huge. That is a Major formation revealing. I noticed the editor made use of the 222 and 23 numbers in the beginning.

        In my mind, I wonder if he is being influenced by these numbers or even read some of these tracks. Writing since 2005 like this would be generational in time.
        October 26 at 8:00am


        Seven8 Im sure there are people who would be saying, is that guy still going on Blah Blah Blah hahaha
        October 26 at 8:06am


        Its very interesting that the stats in unique visitors reflect the 222 aspect where the 225 is 3 from 222 or a triangle out. I see the triangle as a Trinity symbol personally. Another form of a circle in my mind.

        hits and dates, Sevenfoldtruth

        22 Oct 2010, 225 unique hits,
        pages 333, add all = 9(333)(trinty signature)

        23 Oct 2010, 222 unique hits,
        pages 465, add all =15(555, signature of the United Midwayer world between physical and spiritual)

        24 Oct 2010, 222 unique hits,
        pages 461, add all = 11(signature of the 1111, United Midwayers)

        22 Oct 2010, 225
        23 Oct 2010, 222
        24 Oct 2010, 222

        It also reminds me of the 222 image at the end of the Road when I took a trip to Westall 66 UFO buzz with the Kids incident location.

        the image was taken in Springvale on the road I used to walk to school. on Balmoral rd walking 8 divisions (like in the divisions of the Shabbes/Seventh timeline) to the railway station where at the end of the road was 222 before being taken away on the Train to Dandenong, and then eventually Doveton to the Maranatha School. In the BEGINNING, in its very first year in the Maranatha school of the Bible. I was there and even walking the 8 divisions to get there, everyday! all metaphor for the Future in a role with the Father in Heaven. Praise the Lord!

        In this day, it is the Universal Train after walking the 8 divisions with Balmoral and awaiting at the Spiritual Train Station. In metaphor much of this Targum was written later down the track in the Dandenong Ranges about the DOVE of this Universe, the Sovereign Lord of all in this Universe Jesus Paradise Son.

        1.A brimless Scottish cap with a flat, round top.
        2.often Balmoral A heavy, laced walking shoe.

        Need some Balmoral on this journey that's for sure.
        October 26 at 9:04am


        Even Queen Victoria reflected upon Balmoral as "Paradise".

        Balmoral (Aberdeenshire). The Scottish holiday home of the royal family. The present house was built in 1853-6 for Queen Victoria by the architect William Smith of Aberdeen (1817-91) as a replacement for an earlier house in Jacobethan style erected in 1834-9.

        >>>>>‘This dear paradise’, as she called it,<<<<

        is a white granite mansion in Scots baronial style, and embodies modifications suggested by Prince Albert. Queen Victoria spent part of every spring and autumn at Balmoral, her love of Scotland finding public >>>expression in her books Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands published in 1869,<<< with a second part, More Leaves, appearing in 1883.

        A leaf out of the book of Life
        October 26 at 9:10am


        Seven8 How Majestic and full of Magisterial Splendour of the Sevenfold.
        October 26 at 9:12am


        Seven8 Praise the Mighty Father in the Kingdom of Heaven, that all I can do is just praise him.
        October 26 at 9:14am


        Diane Denison Dennis do you recall me telling you my Uncle saw a UFO here in Cincinnati. I bet you it is the same one they mention sighting being seen..
        October 26 at 6:23pm


        Seven8 Yes, I do Wow I have a feeling you're right.
        October 26 at 6:47pm


        Diane Denison It was weird because it hovered around for a long time for everyone to see it They seem to be making it a point to be seen everywhere!!!!
        October 27 at 4:08am


      • Seven8 thats what I think to, there making themselves obvious for a real reason!
        October 27 at 6:56am ·


        Seven8 I still think its a Midwayer operation.
        October 27 at 6:57am


    Seven8 In the Urantia Book it speaks of the Universes of Time/Space being the shape of a Maltese Cross that breathes. When you look at a Maltese cross and extend the out lines you eventually make a square.

    There are also borders to Time/Space.

    The Christian Science Monitor

    Seven8 I thought this was interesting and I liked the Chess analogy.

    Watch Isotrop's video about Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov UFO abduction interview 2010 documentary on
      • Seven8 That must be true in common truth, where the rules are the same in the Universe, all of the Super Universe.
        October 26 at 8:08am


        I thought this was so cool. He seemed to have really liked the experience and the alien friends during the abduction. He is also a high profile person, so that is impressive that he is speaking out about it without reservation.

        I didn't get the chess analogy though, I thought he said that chess was from space, like it originated from another planet/people, and that's why it was the same design and rules through out the world. Funny if that was so, because chess is a game of strategy and domination.
        October 26 at 3:29pm

    D James Spencer Thank you for adding!

    October 26 at 12:15am


    Rebecca Divine thanks for the friendship :) love and light ♥

    October 25 at 10:54pm


    Seven8 In that firing line you would have to expect anything. Then again if you cant face these kind of questions about personal life, makes you think is he in the right job considering he has launched himself into a serious battle of disclosure.

    Watch 99thdimension's video about WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange War Documents documentary on
    • Diane Denison likes this.
      • Julie Ritchey julian was there to talk about thousands of deaths. the reporter was only interested in personal tabloid fodder. he was right to walk out.
        October 25 at 7:04am


        Muhammad Tahseen Saleem If someone can not justify his blames and even can not face reality it can easily assume that he is liar!
        October 25 at 7:25pm


        Yeah, but eventually this kind of thing would come out as part of the Attack on him, it would have to be expected. Of course the Government don't want to speak about these revealed things either but they cant walk out, its all personal. Personal for him and personal for the Government where its open battlefield between the two.

        Part of the attack on him would be all personal why not rebut and bring out the truth so people see the other side. That's if he has nothing to worry about where he knows in his heart that he is clean within
        October 25 at 11:59pm


        I personally think there is a far better way and the way forward is to bring about positive results, like in a revealing of the truth, the truth of man., the truth of everything. The path open to us is through discovery, and recognition in verification this I believe is the way of the Father in Heaven in the end of the age ignorance.

        Where I can read and see and should be no excuses for poor behaviour to fellow man and to the Father in Heaven. The line would be drawn in the sand in a revealing emanating out of the Cities of the Tree of Life
        October 26 at 12:08am


        Seven8 I believe through 1st Eden there is a path that Government Friendly, off course Government is full of people with thought adjusters. They are the people too. Something like this could be inspiring for leadership and especially in truth where the enemy becomes your friend. In understanding and goodwill and more sincerity.
        October 26 at 12:22am

        Its better to be on this path with a few truth book in hand especially the Urantia Book and discover and find things than being in a battlefield with Government in the personal stuff.

        How about uplifting the Spiritual of mankind and especially people in Government, so over time with positive results we have more honourable people in government, in places where there are none or very few!
        October 26 at 12:27am


        Seven8 btw Im speaking about extreme people who are just bad under neath, within.
        October 26 at 7:56am



    Paul Kemp Hi Dennis, a reminder that we have set up a page on causes and that also a website has been developed to bring news of the project to those involved. The website address is There are many photos, videos and news items that will help keep you informed about the unfolding events in Pakistan and the reason why the world’s people are becoming involved in activities to help those displaced by the floods.

    “If you would share the Master's joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service. Such an experience of love does not create a new world, but it does make the old world new.”

    Susan Apollon Such a pleasure to meet you Dennis thank you for your friendship!

    October 25 at 2:15am


    Watch Ghost32's video about UFOTV Presents Tunguska The UFO Russian Roswell documentary on

    Seven8 and this interesting Metaphor

    The outer >>22o< circumscribed halo is caused by moonlight shining through >>six-sided pencil-shaped ice crystals in the air<<. This is a familiar sight to backyard sky watchers. Less familiar is the 9o inner ring. >>It is caused by ice crystals with a strange pyramidal shape.<<>> The 9o r
    ing is the innermost of many possible >>"odd-radius" halos caused by pyramidal ice crystals.<< Atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley notes that >>"pyramidal crystals<< [might not be as] rare as previously thought" and he urges sky watchers to "search carefully for their halos whenever the skies look favourable."



      • Seven8 In the way I see things the Numbers are embedded in the Double Halo of the Moon.
        October 24 at 9:32pm


        ‎9 = 3 squared, like 3 triangles in perfection where 3 represents a triangle. Trinity! and Pyramidal shaped crystals and also 6 sided crystals in the same Halo. All within the 3 squared aspect.

        Really reflects the whole patterning of the journey and the number patterns in the Halo is, to me perfection.
        October 24 at 9:40pm


        Seven8 Triangles reflect the design of the Dalamatia City, Dilmun/Babel and Van Highland Capital. 1st Eden is more circular but it does have the Triangle Great Mound which was artificially built up and has a circle in the Apex of the Triangle Mound.
        October 24 at 9:43pm


    Seven8 GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING: NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of severe geomagnetic storms around the poles on >Oct. 25th.< The forecast is prompted by a possible double whammy: both a solar wind stream and a CME could hit Earth's magnetic field on that date. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.
    ON SALE NOW: The David H. Levy Comet Hunter -- offering the clearest views of Comet Hartley 2.

    Seven8 Another interesting article.

    Have you noticed this?
      • Seven8 Interesting that even the path of the Sun and Moon are changing, is that a SIGN??

        Is that written about in the beforehand?? Would this be reflected in the Bible??
        October 24 at 9:35pm


        Linda Hodge Yes, I have noticed this and was talking about it just 2 days ago to my daughter. The moon and sun both seem to rise and set in different places, randomly. The moon will rise at 5pm one day and 8pm the next. Very strange.
        October 24 at 11:10pm


        Seven8 If there is truly a Gag order on this, then you know its true. Just the fact its kept away from man is just so typical.
        October 25 at 6:23am


        Seven8 I have noticed anything because Im indoors much of time doing this.
        October 25 at 6:27am


        Sharon Sadler No change around here! The sun rises outside my kitchen window every morning in the same place. The moon has always appeared between the east and west of here. Interesting news if it is true!
        October 25 at 5:57pm

        Linda Hodge This has been a recurring topic on the Abundant Hope website. They are into the Urantia Book.
        October 25 at 6:47pm


        Seven8 If something like was happening it would be the buzz, surely News would break out knowing man.
        October 26 at 12:43am



    Minnie Souris You're welcome Dennis ! ♥ n ☼

    October 24 at 9:14pm


    Seven8 Interesting

    "The eyewitness, Tim, experienced this incident in Montrose, California, Los Angeles County, just north of the Glendale/Burbank area, between 2:30 and 3:00 pm on October 15, 2010, which was a partly cloudy-partly sunny day."

    Cryptomundo » LA Quake Prediction: Are Giant Butterfly Sightings Mothman-Like Precursors?
    • Sasha Tams likes this.


      • Seven8
        just some patterns I noticed.

        14(77):30 and 15(555):00 pm on October 15(555), 2010.


        "As Lawrence points out, one of the objects reported in the early morning hours of February 25(555), 1942(6x7, 67), looked like a “giant butterfly,” a slow moving object, bigger than a Zeppelin that travelled from Santa Monica to Long Beach.
        October 24 at 9:06pm


        Cher Poe I predict California will be next to have a earthquake.. Watch the weather changes hot to cold.. I am I worried.. NO.
        October 27 at 9:16am


    Angel Feather I honor your friendship Dennis
    In Lak'ech Ala K'in ♥

      • Seven8 I honour youre friendship to.
        October 24 at 6:27am


        Seven8 Thank you Angel, I honour your friendship to, thank you.
        October 24 at 8:37pm


        Seven8 I feel positive about where things are going a positivity that we can all share and experience in our own way, personal and individual.
        October 24 at 8:43pm



    Doreen Hoskin Hello Dennis nice to meet you, thankyou for your friendship request, im looking forward to have a chat with you real soon.,,Namaste xxx

    October 23 at 11:13pm

    • Diane Denison likes this.
        Seven8 Hey for sure, thanks Doreen in your post.  good how things are working out in the way I see things. I feel positive that the journey will continue into places where we have not gone before, in faith and full trust in the Sovereign Jesus of this Universe and the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe there is personal connection and synchronisation going on.
        October 24 at 8:46pm


    Seven8 There shoud be movie called "The Monopolization."

    Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong
      • Diane Denison ‎"The Monopololization" would be a great movie. Secrecy is the US politicians Games the last 15 years it seems. We the people are tired of it. If we knew the entire truth of all the BS that they keep secrets the White House would be stormed by the people throwing their lying NARCISSISTIC butts out of office.
        October 24 at 4:58pm


        Diane Denison Furthermore, secrets always seem to surface, The truth is always revealed.
        October 24 at 5:00pm


        Seven8 isnt that so true Diane, eventually the truth comes out.
        October 24 at 8:36pm


        Somonai UrAnid The facts are out about a lot of things that are horrible, e.g. the fact that aspartame is very poisonous, and that politicians systematically deceive the public that has voted them into governance. The facts are just too horrid for most to incorporate into 'happiness'.
        October 24 at 9:47pm


        Diane Denison
        Somonai, to Poison your citizens is EVIL and Horrid. We the people just need to clean out the HORNET'S NEST!!! When a Train is coming you don't stand on the tracks and get run over, you ACT by getting off the railroad tracks fast. We CAN NOT throw up our arms and have the attitude that there is " Nothing we can do". We fight for the Safety and Rights of people on this planet. We can't let a couple rotten apples spoil the rest of the GOOD apples. We can stay in the Happiness realm by fighting and Trying to stop Selfish Ignorance that hurts others!!!!
        October 25 at 2:28am


        Somonai UrAnid
        Yes Diane, the way I go about it mostly is by having conversations with various people that I meet in my workplace. A lot of people have figured out that there is a lot of bad happenings and are not surprised when something else such as the toxicity of aspartame and sodium fluoride is brought to their attention. Bad habits are hard to break though, and though there is a fair bit of head nodding going on, the same person will still buy diet Coke. It takes a lot of repetitive suffering before the average mind makes changes.

        A case in point is dangers of tobacco smoking: Eventually civil authority took it up in legislation. But when it comes to high government ubiquitous corruption and military secrecy, there is going to have to be something huge to bring on correction
        October 25 at 11:40am


        Julie Ritchey this is the time of the apocalypse the revelation.let there be light! amen! <may the sheeple wake up! wake up! wake up!>
        October 25 at 4:56pm

        Diane Denison
        Somonai, when we know certain foods and habits are bad for us and still do it, we ourselves are to blame. But when Governments gets in bed with Lobbyist knowing it causes illness, cancer or death and keep it hush hush then that is Evil. They could put out the warnings to people but they don't. Governments or shall I say the US government is becoming nothing but White Collar thieves stuffing money in their back pockets. Shame on them, they only honour themselves.

        I have a saying, "Be a Manipulating, Greedy Rich Prick for your 5 minuets here on earth, this planet, but the joke is on you. Your next job off this planet will be working at the garbage dump. So enjoy your 5 minuet Greed." I know they have low IQ'S..

        High level Secrecy, that sends chills down my spine
        October 25 at 7:29pm


        Somonai UrAnid
        I know Diane, and it makes my life sad that so many otherwise decent people are doing such despicable things. But there is something really weird about the ability of a human being to rationalise anything that he or she wants to do for selfish gain, and that is how hurters can deceive without feeling guilty. They just remove morality from their thought processes and plunge into wickedness.

        Concerning self inflicted suffering, well, my experience is that I am quite stupid and need to learn the same lesson quite a few times before I am convinced that I am really adding things up properly :
        October 25 at 11:05pm


    Seven8 Imagine, alot of this comes from Abydos, and emantes from the Abyss from the Abbes, coming out of the the Sea and connected to the Magnetar flashing Stars from the realms of time and space in the past, to the present. Making the Triangle Symbol in completion.

    October 23 at 10:30pm

    Seven8 Horus

    (Sometimes Heru, or in compounds Hor-, Har-, Her-) Among the most ubiquitous of Egyptian Gods, Horus embodies kingship, victory, righteousness, and civilization. Horus is depicted either as a hawk-headed man or as a hawk, probably a peregrine falcon, except when he is depicted as a child (Harpocrates) in which ca
    se he is depicted anthropomorphically.

    >>>>>From the earliest period, the king of Egypt was identified to some degree with Horus, and each pharaoh bore a ‘Horus name’ to which was later added a >>>‘Golden Horus name’. The Eye of Horus, known as the ‘Sound Eye’ or wedjat, from the word >w-dj-< (cf. Wadjet),<<<>>> meaning healthy, flourishing, or prosperous,<<>> or, as a verb, to proceed or attain, ranks as one of the most important and recognizable symbols in Egyptian religion. The typical consort of Horus is the Goddess Hathor, whose name means >>‘House of Horus’.<< (In magical contexts, however, Tabithet and/or similar Goddesses may be his consort.)

    (Sometimes Heru, or in compounds Hor-, Har-, Her-) Among the most ubiquitous of Egyptian Gods, Horus embodies kingship, victory, righteousness, and civilization. Horus is depicted either as a hawk-headed man or as a hawk, probably a peregrine falcon, except when he is depicted as a child (Harpocrate
      • Seven8 All has metaphor in the Sevenfold Mystery in the End game of the truth, planetary Truth, Like in the Birthing of a child, the Planet pains in birth in expanded and revelatory light, in the revealing as the Truth verified.
        October 23 at 9:02pm ·


        Seven8 ‎"The House of the Sevenfold" representative of the Universal Government of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
        October 23 at 9:03pm


        Seven8 ‎"Horus embodies kingship, victory, righteousness, and civilization." and not only that, Jesus Sovereign represents all that and more linked directly to Paradise and the Realm of the Father of all the Seven Super Universes and the perfect Worlds of Havona.
        October 23 at 9:15pm


    Seven8 The Wurundjeri People around the fire.

    Seven8 The more I contemplate this image of the Tree of Life in actiavtion being activated by the Sovereign of this Universe and his friend Servant and his thought adjuster, the more inspired I become. I see the image as real story of the End of Ignorance for the planet and its linked to the Tree of Life by Pharoah Den, in type linked to the RA-DEF or the DEF-456 of the Elysian fields of the Tree of Life, the 1st Eden of the Planet in todays times of Sevens Sevenfold quest.


    October 23 at 5:33pm
  • Seven8 and that servant is a dj-def-456 to by birth and name.
    October 23 at 5:37pm


    Seven8 Many things seems to be connected and typed with the 1st Dynasty of Egypt from the dj linage and especially the RA-Dj-DEF and his grand son dje-Seb who died in Gympie, Queensland.
    October 23 at 5:46pm


    Seven8 I think by memory Ra-dj-Def was connected to the great pyramid? I have to check.
    October 23 at 5:48pm


    "Tragic Saga
    The rock walls chronicle a tragic saga of ancient explorers shipwrecked in a strange and hostile land, and the untimely death of their royal leader, "Lord Djes-eb".

    >>>A group of three cartouches (framed clusters of glyp
    hs) record the name of >"RA-JEDEF"< as reigning King of the Upper and Lower Nile, and >son of "KHUFU"< who, in turn, is son of the King "SNEFERU".This dates the expedition just after the reign of King Khufu (him=known in the Greek as "Cheops" reputed builder of the Great Pyramid) somewhere between 1779 and 2748 BC.

    >>>Lord Djes-eb may have actually been one of the sons of the >Pharaoh Ra Djedef,< who reigned after Khufu.<<<

    The hieroglyphic text was apparently written under the instruction of a ship’s captain or similar, with the corner glyph on the wall displaying the title of a high official or chief priest. The scribe is "speaking for his Highness, the Prince, from this wretched place where we were carried by ship." The expedition’s leader, as mentioned before is described in the inscriptions as >the King’s son, "Lord Djes-eb",< who came to grief a long way from home. The hieroglyphics sketch his journey and his tragic demise:"For two seasons he made his way westward, weary, but strong to the end. Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects. He, the servant of God, said God brought the insects…Have gone around hills and deserts, in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand…

    He was killed while carrying the Golden Falcon Standard up front in a foreign land, crossing mountains, desert and water along the way. "……."He, who died before, is here laid to rest. May he have life everlasting. He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer."…MER meaning "love". There was a moat around the pyramid called the "waters of Mer" .The second facing wall, which was much more seriously eroded, details the tragedy further. This wall begins with the badly eroded glyph of a snake (Heft), with a glyph of jaws (to bite) and the symbol for "twice"……"The snake bit twice.

    >>Those followers of the diving Lord "KHUFU"<<, mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, not all shall return. We must go forward and not look back. All the creek and river beds are dry. Our boat is damaged and tied up with rope. Death was caused by snake.

    >>We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest and prayed to AMEN, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice." Burial rituals, prayers and preparations are described… >>>"We walled in the side entrance to the chamber with stones from all around. We aligned the chamber with >the Western Heavens."<<< (Like in Westall 66, West being common)

    >>>The three(3) doors of eternity<> were connected to the rear end of the royal tomb and sealed in.<> We placed beside it a vessel, the holy offering, should he awaken from the tomb. Separated from home is the Royal body and all others. <<<<

    "…. >>>The extraordinary 5,000 year-old story of the death and burial of "Lord Djes-eb" one of the sons of the Pharaoh Ra Djedef."<<<
    October 23 at 5:56pm


    Khufu is related to the Great Pyramid, the theme of the Triangle Cities of the Tree of Life and one of the predominate symbols of this journey, the Triangle/Circle Chevron. Representative of the Design of the Dalamatia City, Van Highland Capital in Kopet Daugh, Iran and Dilmun/Babel submerged in the North Eastern Persian Gulf has the same triangle of circle design as that of Dalamatia City. Dilmun/Babel is the original home of the early Egyptians thus the Andites of old.

    Khufu (pronounced /ˈkuːfuː/ koo-foo in English), also known in as Cheops (pronounced /ˈkiːɒps/ kee-ops; Greek: Χέοψ, Kheops) or, in Manetho, Suphis (pronounced /suːfɨs/ soo-fis; Greek: Σοῦφις, Souphis), was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom. He reigned from around 2589 to 2566 B.C. Khufu was the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty. >>>He is generally accepted as being the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.<<<

    Khufu's full name was "Khnum-Khufu" which means >>"the god Khnum protects me."<<[6]

    Note the Sphinx points to Dilmun/Babel

    Check it out!

    In the pattern of things in many reflection we seem to be in the the Stream of the Universal Circuits in thought and mind reaching down in the Soul, fully inspired with the Spirit of Truth leading the way quitely saying to us within, over here and over there, this is the way.

    Right on Spirit of Truth make your light shine upon the path of truth
    October 23 at 6:13pm


    Note "Lord Djes-eb", he was shipwrecked! where was he headed to?

    Down South to the Wurundjeri territory, near Melbourne?? considering there are many types that reflect Egyptian influence in my opinion. Even in the Legends of 40,000 years a
    go reflect in mind the th first place of thier origins and the Migration pattern and how they were taught by a person who could fly even reflections and even reflections of the future of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven in type.

    From the area where this record is written, in the same lands as the footsteps of these ancient people who were influenced by Dalamatia City and even 1stEden to an extent perhaps from many generations ago
    October 23 at 6:53pm


    Seven8 The Coming of Bunjil, Fella!
    October 23 at 7:01pm


    Seven8 From the Duat, under the Water!
    October 23 at 7:01pm


    Seven8 the Djurt Djurt rocks, the Star rocks! the coming of the Star God, Bunjil and none other than the Sovereign of this Universe, Jesus, Paradise Son, Sovereign on High!
    October 23 at 7:01pm


    Seven8 All in the same Lands of the Ancients, near the 5 Creek Conjunction with the Quartz stone in the Centre, Close to the Great Rock, the Birthing Rock near Monbollican and its Healing Waters where this record representative of all the generations that walk the streets in truth of the world where the dead are resurrected in truth, in the revealing, in the verification of the truth from the cities of the Tree of Life throughout the world.
    October 23 at 7:25pm


    Seven8 Divine Splendour and Spiritual power, praise the Lord for that One!
    October 23 at 7:25pm


    Seven8 The place where the Vertical Written Pillar, the Obelisk of the Djeri, for the world is written, from the lands of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Alliance around the bays and inland that surrounds the city of Melbourne, of the Great Land of Sinim. The Great Southern Land where the Epic witness of the World is written down where the Judgement is written down from the beginnings.
    October 23 at 7:25pm


    Wurundjeri people spoke the Woiwurrung language. The term Wurundjeri is paired with the term Woiwurrung in that both refer to the same region.

    >>>Wurundjeri refers to the people who occupy the territory, while Woiwurrung refers to the lang
    uage group shared by the clans within the territory.<<<<

    The Wurundjeri peoples territory extended from north of the Great Dividing Range, east to Mount Baw Baw, south to Mordialloc Creek and west to Werribee River.<<<

    Their lands bordered the Gunai/Kurnai people to the east in Gippsland, the Bunurong people to the south on the Mornington Peninsula, and the >>Dja Dja<< Wurrung and Taungurong to the north.

    Wurundjeri people take their name from the word wurun meaning Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) which is common along the Birrarung, and >>djeri, a grub found in the tree.[2]<<<

    >>djeri, a grub found in the tree.[2]<<<

    and "djeri" in Egyptian means vertical written Pillar, Obelisk!

    from the aspect for the journey from the ancient places consider the connection in the oneness!

    Grub in a Tree, Tree of Life, supping of the Tree of Life in a vertical written Pillar expressed as you read right now the Vertical Written Pillar and its tablets. All vertically written like an obelisk of 7500 pages all sided, each day writing and reaching the Apex
    October 23 at 7:35pm
      • Seven8
        Wurundjeri people spoke the Woiwurrung language. The term Wurundjeri is paired with the term Woiwurrung in that both refer to the same region.

        >>>Wurundjeri refers to the people who occupy the territory, while Woiwurrung refers to the language group shared by the clans within the territory.<<<<

        The Wurundjeri peoples territory extended from north of the Great Dividing Range, east to Mount Baw Baw, south to Mordialloc Creek and west to Werribee River.<<<

        Their lands bordered the Gunai/Kurnai people to the east in Gippsland, the Bunurong people to the south on the Mornington Peninsula, and the >>Dja Dja<< Wurrung and Taungurong to the north.

        Wurundjeri people take their name from the word wurun meaning Manna Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) which is common along the Birrarung, and >>djeri, a grub found in the tree.[2]<<<

        >>djeri, a grub found in the tree.[2]<<<

        and "djeri" in Egyptian means vertical written Pillar, Obelisk!

        from the aspect for the journey from the ancient places consider the connection in the oneness!

        Grub in a Tree, Tree of Life, supping of the Tree of Life in a vertical written Pillar expressed as you read right now the Vertical Written Pillar and its tablets. All vertically written like an obelisk of 7500 pages all sided, each day writing and reaching the Apex
        October 23 at 7:35pm


    Seven8 Here is an interesting sight nothing new under or into the Sun.

    "SUNDIVING COMET: The solar system now has one less comet. Earlier today, a sundiving comet discovered on Oct. 19th by Chinese amateur astronomer Bo Zhou passed too close to the sun and apparently evaporated. A coronagraph onboard the Solar and Heliospheri
    c Observatory (SOHO) recorded the death plunge


    Seven8 Here is the same formation of the 3 orbs with an occasional 4th appearing, this sighting occurred 8 days from the NYC buzz from the 13th October 2010.

    • Seven8 this sighting is near Diane's neck of the woods.
      October 23 at 4:09pm


      Geoffrey Haefele Increasing in frequency as the paradigm shifts forward. Learn of them and the conspiracy friends
      October 23 at 8:02pm


    Seven8 Wayne Sent sent me these UFO links

    thanks Wayne brother.

    Follow UFOHunter1690 On Twitter Mystery UFO Over Richmond CBS6 2010.10.19

    Seven8 I remember in the Urantia Book, it spoke of the Moon having an atmosphere which the Earth Robbed. To me that infers there would of been water on the Moon and therefore there is in the article below. Another Urantia Book confirmation in a round about way.

    Watch Ghost32's video about Nasa Discover Billions Gallons Water Moon documentary on
      • Seven8 I think that is so cool.
        October 23 at 1:04pm


        Louis Bartolomeo
        ‎"1,500,000,000 years ago the earth was two thirds its present size, while the moon was nearing its present mass. Earth's rapid gain over the moon in size enabled it to begin the slow robbery of the little atmosphere which its satellite originally had."
        TUB 57.0
        October 23 at 1:19pm


        Robin King Hey, a clean source of water! Cool.
        October 23 at 10:47pm


        SunSista I don't think we better mess with the water supply, Robin. Take a look at this link:
        October 24 at 9:29am


        Diane Denison H2O is everywhere.
        October 24 at 5:05pm


        Robin King Hi Cydney my comment was 'tongue in cheek' on the cool water on the moon. As for the alien moon base; I recall seeing 'classified' photo's of the other side of the moon, showing a large scale mining operations just after the first moon walk. UB readers all know that we have another world of Gods children living nearby; so we can be assured that they are friendlies. Peace on the trail to our friendly 'space travellers'.
        October 24 at 10:28pm


        SunSista Hi Robin, Yeah, I totally got your humour before. I was thinking how the aliens would react to a possible takeover of their water and how our government is likely to try and acquire the water up there as if it were our resources. I hope the aliens are why they haven't gone to the moon since. I wasn't aware of the mining operations. What do you think they are mining and why?
        October 24 at 11:36pm

        Robin King What ever it is that they are mining, it must be in short supply back home. 1st.come, first served! Good luck to our friendly 'space travellers'. Peace on the trail!
        October 25 at 10:39pm


        Seven8 hey Robin"a clean source of water! Cool."

        very cool hahaha
        October 25 at 11:06pm


    Seven8 Sounds like simple Pilot Error to me.

    'World's most advanced' nuke sub towed free

    Aah anyone can run aground.


    October 23 at 12:19pm

    Seven8 I was attracted to this post since the title mentioned Djedi

    Djedi penis warriors of Osiris?

    In the journey from the beginning there is a strong influence in the dj markers and connects to the Hierglyphs in Gympie, Queensland being the tomb of Dje-Seb, Grand Son of RA DJ-DEF, the dj aspect has a strong signature in the
    wording in Aboriginal language in names and places.

    In this post, I'm interested in the Image of the Phallus which to me looks like the Tree of Life of Immortality. Immortality from the Phallus. The everlasting Seed, the Seed that lives forever, out of the Phallus, which to me is, Jesus the Sovereign and the Tree of Life. The 2nd Adam connected to the 1st Eden in this day of revealing of the Cities of the Tree of Life.


    I've been, researching star wars some more, its not looking good: the term Djedi comes from Egypt, the Djedi were the magi of Djed. This
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      • Seven8 The Cities of immortality connected to immortality today and in the future everlasting. Thats what its all about to know this and to live it. Assured in Faith. Its done already.
        October 23 at 12:06pm


        Seven8 One day the tree of Life may come down again! that would be a fine gift for the nations from its leaves.
        October 23 at 12:10pm


        Not in the Phallus of Horus there are about 50-53 small divisions in the tree with Circle at the end of the bottom Apex. If folded outward would reflect the Timeline of the Seventh/Shabbes.

        and the Shabbes through the symbol of commonality.
        October 23 at 4:37pm


        In the middle section of the phallus I see 8 divisions x 3 of the 2nd stage of the phallus underneath the platforms.

        in the circle it would be 16 divisions x 3 = 48, 48/6=8.

        I count in the image 8 8 8 divisions between 4 platforms one side.

        48/12= 4 divisions or platforms

        3x8=24, 24/6=4, 4 platforms could also represent the 6 in the 8 to.
        October 23 at 4:51pm


        with 50 or so spaced divisions on the upper levels of the phallus you see as one sided, if you view the image in a full circle and extend the division extensions from the core, like on a "Chair O Plane" you would have 4 triangles/Pyramids in a timeline with a circle at the end of the Apex. Like in the Seventh Timeline

        and the Shabbes
        October 23 at 4:53pm


        in the 3rd section count the divsions around the Cachet and including the 3 division under the section section of the phallus.

        I count 7(Seven) divisions with the Servant carrying 2 rods (a curse and a blessing) and the second person I believe is the Ka, or the thought adjuster.

        The Pharoah in the second image appears to activate the Tree of Life, the Phallus of Horus which in truth and reality is Jesus the Sovereign of this Universe and his end time Age of Ignorance message for mankind, in the beforehand, he is the cause of all of this
        October 23 at 4:59pm

        The activation is the work of the Sovereign of this Universe, Jesus the Sovereign who, with the Servant/Teacher of Righteousness in the reopened of the Office of the Last Days of Ignorance as foreseen by the last teacher of righteousness of the Essenes with his thought Adjuster, Activates the Tree of Life in this day through 1st Eden for the peoples of the Planet Earth in his travels to the Beginning of all spiritual culture in the revealing on the run in his Targum of life in his Sevenfold quest to the Tree of Life.

        Right on Father in Heaven and has all the back up the Kingdom of Heaven of this Universe
        October 23 at 5:26pm


        Seven8 each day on the 1st section of the Tree of Life = one day.
        October 23 at 6:18pm


    Divinely Present how wonderful to share your blessings and see your light shinexx

    October 23 at 5:54am


      • Seven8 Thank you Divinely Present for your blessings, its a beautiful experience, the whole journey in the whole time. all blessings for you to eh!
        October 23 at 11:36am ·


        Divinely Present likewise ♥
        October 23 at 6:01pm


      • Seven8 Thanks Anja
        October 23 at 11:00am


        Seven8 Great Song I remember when it first came out in the Stylus Night club days, a long time ago.
        October 23 at 11:02am

        Anja Bosch ‎:-)
        October 23 at 11:03am


        Debby Miller I love this song. I've been so brainwashed, tho, now I think about that scene from the film "The Devil Wears Prada" where the models are all posing for a shoot in animal outfits!:)
        October 23 at 3:02pm


    Iain Chilli Mack Thanks for the ad Dennis!

    October 23 at 1:00am

      • Seven8 hey no worries and thanks for being a friend. Great blessings eh!
        October 23 at 10:59am


        Debby Miller Hey! it's Mr. Natural, naturelmente! Robert Crumb is awesome. Him, Dali and Peter Max are my faves
        October 23 at 3:04pm


    Seven8 What do you think?

    Watch Isotrop's video about Time Traveller Charlie Chaplin Film Mobile Phone Cellular documentary on
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      • Seven8 In note 1928 where as 28=(7777)
        October 22 at 11:29pm


        SunSista OK Dennis, this is bizzare, cuz I made a comment about time travel 5 hours before this post on another thread. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? hahaha
        October 23 at 12:48am


        Seven8 maybe!!
        October 23 at 1:21am


        SunSista All one mind, all one heart!
        October 23 at 1:24am


        Terry Loconsolo A dude w/the initials C.H. says that time travel isn't possible. The past is past, there can only be a record of it (such as we will see when we get to "up there"). I suppose it could have been spliced into the movie but it doesn't look like it. It seems more like communication with another being from who knows where. Boy Dennis you come up w/great links!
        October 23 at 4:20am


        SunSista To me, this looks like a man. But it doesn't make sense to be dressed up as a woman on a movie set holding a cell phone. Unless back then they had no movie set and they were just somewhere on the street, but wouldn't they have it all blocked off. But it does look like a cell phone and you can see the guy talking into it toward the end. Weird! Maybe I smell something a little fishy!<><
        October 23 at 4:22am


        Hi Terry :) ♥ We all know that the UB doesn't tell all. C.H. is a great mind when it comes to deciphering the UB for us, but we can't go to him for ALL the answers. After all, he is only human and because the UB doesn't disclose the things we have yet to discover, I'll always keep an open mind that anything is possible. I don't have to dismiss it and I don't have to believe it, I can just let it "Be" until further verification appears.

        I think that people who work with digital art know how to create images like this, so maybe but I can't say for sure. I'm just going to let it "Be" for now. And yes Dennis, you know how to add excitement to my morning coffee, don't you
        October 23 at 4:34am


        Terry Loconsolo
        Jeez, Cydney, I don't go to him for all the answers. There is a ton I don't agree with him on, like socially, culturally and politically! But I agree with him on time travel. But maybe it's not time travel and is something more inexplainable that we don't have the right words for and something that the UB Book hasn't told us.

        I want to look for the movie used or in the library and see if that scene is in it. And I've never watched Charlie Chaplin. Now I shall
        October 23 at 4:52am


        SunSista Hahaha, that's funny! I wasn't thinking C.H was your guru. :0 OMG! I'm cracking up! Sorry, can't help it! I'm going to send you another time travel post and see what you think. It's just interesting to consider the possibilities of the Universe. Maybe it is something else, like passing through dimensions unintentionally.
        October 23 at 5:05am


        Hi Cydney and Terry,

        Maybe the director was highly creative and directed the guy to speak as I if he was on hand held or some communication device. Thinking creatively without thinking that direction in the smallest way was given in his creative thoughts, looking to the future without realising it.

        Maybe he received a dream or simply a inspiration at the time
        October 23 at 6:12am ·


        I reckon it is designed for all of us to find the answers that speak to us.. I don't think it is design so everyone can find the answers in there inquiries.

        No matter what people say you have to make the connection yourself and you have to seek or your own answers to know for yourself as best as possible. I really enjoy the presentations and it has help me already in things but still I have my own thoughts, like yourselves.

        The key, I suppose is the spirit of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood in the Father/Motherhood in all our varied thoughts which are not that varied in truth
        October 23 at 6:16am


        Seven8 Me personally I see Father and Mother action in the Journey of the Cities of the Tree of Life. All I can say its a beautiful experience. I feel there is definitely Cosmic and Father influence in this journey you can see it in the timeline in my view. But everyone has varied ideas and that is totally cool so long as we are one in truth and spirit.
        October 23 at 6:20am


        Seven8 I can see the Fatherhood/Motherhood in the action in a real motherly loving way and very nurturing filled with Love and Light. A real refreshment for the Spirit. We can enjoy this together.

        No worries at all.
        October 23 at 6:22am


        SunSista Sounds like you've had some good Mothering lately, Dennis. Now you see why I was so excited to share with you. There's more good stuff to come as I get the emails from John. Did you like the last one I sent?
        October 23 at 6:25am


        Seven8 I think knowing and working with Jesus the Sovereign and the Father as friends, is even a greater thing beyond Father and Motherhood but related.
        October 23 at 6:25am


        Seven8 Hey Cydney, yeah I enjoyed the audio that I listened to. I really thank Chris H and his Group, like yourself and Terry for your spiritual service in the Father for us and to me personally.
        October 23 at 6:27am


        Seven8 and John for sure.
        October 23 at 6:28am


        Seven8 I think Friendship is an spiritual evolution beyond Father/Motherhood.
        October 23 at 6:30am


        Seven8 I think in Friendship with the father and Mother there is a platform of equality in a sense, in friendship where speak to the father and Jesus like a friend on a project together. Where I can speak to him as a friend a partner in the project, in a project of mankind and God together as in one in Friendship, loving friendship in truth.
        October 23 at 6:33am


        Seven8 We become good mates as I get to know the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven where the Universe is my Mother and my Friend also working in Synchronisation with my Friend.
        October 23 at 6:35am ·


        Seven8 Maybe Friendship is the response activating mechanism in some ways of the Universe of the Kingdom of Heaven.
        October 23 at 6:39am


        SunSista I think friendship between two people is a unique expression we share with the Fatherit's the three of us having the experience, not just the two of us.
        October 23 at 7:01am


        Terry Loconsolo Fun thread, especially after paying a $200.00 speeding ticket in Lafayette today. Never speed or drive weirdly in Louisville or Lafayette. The court was full of people with the most minor of traffic violations and no one got a break. It's a small town racket!
        October 23 at 7:13am


        SunSista Sorry to hear that Terry. It wasn't just you that got the ticket, it was God too! He was right there with you holding hands. Feel better now?
        October 23 at 7:23am


        Terry Loconsolo I want my $200.00 back, or for God to double it!. Ha, ha
        October 23 at 7:32am


        Terry Loconsolo See you at group tonight!
        October 23 at 7:32am

        SunSista But God has already paid you in spades! I'm sure he will provide for you when you are least expecting itjust keep the good thoughts going! Maybe you'll get a new lead that will be a return on your'll see!
        October 23 at 7:39am


        Terry Loconsolo You're right, thanks!
        October 23 at 8:00am


    October 22 at 10:40pm ·


    Seven8 The playing UFOs in Moscow on October 19 2010 at 20 54

    October 22 at 10:34pm

    Seven8 I could see something that I could recognize in the video within the link. A pattern that I have seen before. I wonder if its connected to the lastest realisation of the Symbol of commonality a couple of days ago and its track from the core, the timeline.

    October 22 at 10:03pm

      • SunSista Thanks, Dennis - had to share that one. A whole new dimension to the crop circles. So many mysteries, so little time!
        October 23 at 1:34am


    Mia Goldsmith Hiya Dennis, welcome to this special conscious virtual facebook family, with lots of love, light, courage, compassion and truthful communication/actions, Mia. x

    October 22 at 9:36pm


    Seven8 Chris halverson Audio

    PH UB 112-5 Survival of Human Self 1.mp3

    October 22 at 8:44pm

      • Seven8

        PH UB 112_5 Survival of Human Self 2.mp3

        thanks Cydney they were great. Great Blessings.
        October 22 at 8:45pm


        SunSista You're welcome!
        October 23 at 12:38am


        Seven8 Thanks Louis for your audio links they are great and informative.
        October 23 at 6:45am


        Louis Bartolomeo Dennis, I got a million of 'em actually, only 1,628.
        October 23 at 6:46am


        Seven8 Anytime you see a UB script go up you're quite welcome to add the audio, if you like. Up top you. I feel it deepens the experience for the individual.
        October 23 at 6:48am


        Louis Bartolomeo Thank you; I'll keep an eye out for them. As it is, it seems I post about 20 per day.
        October 23 at 6:48am


        Seven8 Like you hear and you see where you can read the experience.
        October 23 at 6:48am


        Seven8 no worries
        October 23 at 6:49am


        Louis Bartolomeo Right. Listening while reading allows the information to enter the mind through TWO different sensory inputs. It's a more complete experience. At most study groups, someone reads aloud while others read along silently.
        October 23 at 6:49am


      • Seven8 Yes, I can witness to that Louis in that complete experience in the word, reading listening while reading, extending to visual, audio.
        October 23 at 11:11am


        Seven8 if any one is interesting to explore Chris H website here is the link

        I love the video classes. There is allot of good information there for anyone.
        October 23 at 11:12am


    Seven8 Reminds me of the Magnetar Journey.

    New observations of a suspected magnetar suggest that it may have been masquerading as a "normal" pulsar.
      • Seven8
        Hey, have you thought a Ultimaton is like a Magnetar in its spinning characteristics emitting an energy. All electrons are built of Ultimatons as in the Urantia Book description. Perhaps a Magnetar is a type for the Ultimaton having similar characteristics.

        Ultimaton, the Urantia Book.
        October 22 at 6:52pm


        The Magnetar Mystery Deepens

        "What sets >SGR 0418< apart from other magnetars is that careful monitoring over a span of >>490 days(7x7)<< has revealed no detectable decrease in its rotation rate. The lack of rotational slowing implies that the radiation of low frequency waves must be weak, and hence the surface magnetic field must be much weaker than normal. But this raises another question: Where does the energy come from to power bursts and the persistent X-ray emission from the source?>
        October 22 at 6:59pm ·


        Seven8 The neutron star, SGR 0418+5729, was discovered on June 5, 2009
        October 22 at 7:04pm



    Martijn de Graaf ‎'Lo Dennis, thanks for your friend invite

    October 22 at 6:13pm

      • Seven8 For sure, Martijn great blessings to you. Good to be your friend.
        October 22 at 6:34pm


        Martijn de Graaf cool
        as far as I know, UFOs are used by governments to distract the attention of people that would be able to make a real difference in the world.
        October 22 at 6:42pm


        Seven8 There are so many ideas about these things, Im still looking into it.
        October 22 at 6:44pm


        Martijn de Graaf wouldn't you like to make a real difference in the world?
        October 22 at 7:29pm

        Seven8 why not lets have some fun in friendship with the Father and the Cosmos in synchronisation of events. Great positive events for the destiny of Mankind.
        October 23 at 6:43am


        Martijn de Graaf O I see, a long way from reality here, wake up we've got to create a system of equality for all to have fun!
        October 23 at 7:10am


    Seven8 This was spotted above the Hudson Riover of Mahattan NYC What a UFO Buzz!!

    This occurred on the 18th(666) October 2010, 5 days after the UFO Buzz in NYC.

    UFO, Aliens, Angels and Nothing New Under the Sun 10/18/2010


    UFO, Aliens, Angels and Nothing New Under the Sun 10/18/2010 UFO, Aliens, Angels and Nothing New Under the Sun By God's Webmaster Published: 9:45PM EST

    Seven8 This occurred in Washington, 8 days after NYC UFO Buzz.

    UFO over Washington DC October 21 2010 Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 2010 4:44 am




    ooipRDnpO-w description @ Appeared over the river, hung around for about fifteen minutes moving back and forth over the horizon, five flashing bluish lights

    Anna Bäcklund thanks 4 addlol Anna

    October 22 at 5:24pm


      • Seven8 For sure Anna all great blessings in all things eh! No worries, thanks.
        October 22 at 5:41pm


    Seven8 This occurred in El Paso Texas on the 15th(555) October 2010. I note the shape, is a triangle and changes into the 3 co planar shape that matches 1st Eden. This occured 3 days after the NYC UFO Buzz

    October 22 at 4:35pm


    • Sharon Sadler likes this.
      • Seven8 I note the Metaphor in El Paso, the Pass and note the Symbols.

        The Triangle and the 3 co planar circles, 2 symbols and both are very reflective.
        October 22 at 4:36pm


        Seven8 sorry this occurred 2 days after the NYC UFO Buzz.

        They are not balloons
        October 22 at 4:37pm ·


    Seven8 I think the goodwill of people will accelerate things. The more Love and Light that is spread throughout this journey, the closer we come to the Critical mass point. The more that are familiar with the journey of the cities of the Tree of Life the closer we come. All are invited to jump on board the Voyage of the High Seas of Discovery and Adventure in the track of Faith and Verification.


    October 22 at 4:15pm

      • Seven8 I believe this is the kind of thing that has the potential to change the world by the spirit in the revealing and going to where it leads to from within. The fragment of God activated in the tracks of Adventure and discovery each day in the realisation and recognition.
        October 22 at 4:16pm


    Sharon Lyn Shepard Hello Dennis ~ Thank you for reaching out in friendship ~ What a delight to weave together into the sacred harmonic circle of Oneness ~ May the songs of the Universe always fill you with glorious blessings of Love and Joy!•*¨*•♫♪ ♥ ♪♫•*¨*•.

    October 22 at 1:26pm

    Kerrie Guy A friend of ours :)

      • Seven8 Absolutely Kerrie, 100% our friend.
        October 22 at 5:27am


        Seven8 Representative of something very good for Man, all of us. A positive witness.
        October 22 at 5:28am

        Kerrie Guy A Positive Witness and a Powerful Messenger..
        October 22 at 5:33am


        Yes, its definitely written about and its in prophecy, for sure. There is a key shrouded in Mystery.

        I reckon we are unlocking it that will lead to major revealing, a Universal revealing. God responding and revealing to all Man a witness that cannot be denied.
        October 22 at 5:36am

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