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The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

  • It just came to mind, The Rock of all ages.

    The Rock upon which the Tree of Life is plant, the beginnings.

    January 12 at 9:52am ·

    Enter the 12(66) gates of Eden in the great virtual Epic of Mankind.

    January 12 at 7:16am


      • Diane Denison Monks across this world stay in constant prayer because they are so high in the soul and they love the feeling of Christ with in them. Same goes for all people who fall deeper in love with Our Father. Stay high in Christ it is a beautiful journey

        January 12 at 4:36pm


        SunSista I'm taking a break from the wall while I listen to this paper on Truthbook for a while..Dennis is having his own adventures in the Pyramidsahaha! he's in Egypt while I seek Michael in here!! Watch out for that scorpion, Dennis!

        January 12 at 4:39pm

    ‎(1035.1) 94:7.1 Contemporary with Lao-tse and Confucius in China, another great teacher of truth arose in India. Gautama Siddhartha was born in the sixth century before Christ in the north Indian province of Nepal. His followers later made it appear that he was the son of a fabulously wealthy ruler,

      • Sevens8

        but, in truth, he was the heir apparent to the throne of a petty chieftain who ruled by sufferance over a small and secluded mountain valley in the southern Himalayas.

        No wonder he went looking for the truth being the Son of a thief in the witness of injustice.

        January 11 at 11:03pm

    Amazing Orb fleet, I note the triangle configuration including the diamond shape. I noticed the time 10(55):21(777)

      • Sevens8

        In one time frame it was estimated time of arrival 6:54, you rearrange that to the 456 signature.


        The diamond configuration occurred South of the island

        Tsushima Subprefecture
        Tsushima Subprefecture (対馬支庁 Tsushima-shichō) is an administrative subdivision of >>Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.<< This subprefecture is the administrative body for the Tsushima Island which lie between Kyūshū and the Korean Peninsula. The only municipality in

        Tsushima Subprefecture is Tsushima City, which itself is the composite of a recent town merger of >>six smaller towns on the island.<

        January 11 at 9:36pm



        There is also another Fleet in the background configuration in the Triangle . Sevens Orbs I count in the total fleet!

        Seven Orbs eh reflecting the Diamond Symbol and the Triangle with the circle being the orb its self.

        The one place that comes to mind is Dalamatia City which does have the Diamond shapes(Ten, 10(55) within a triangle, in the background with the Circular Temple of the Tree of life in the centre being the Orb, the shining Orb of Light from the Kingdom of Heaven.

        Also the plane came fro Seoul, metaphor for Soul. From the Heart and Soul

        January 11 at 9:46pm

    ‎555 eh!

    ‎"Buckle your seatbelts. A major life change is upon you. This change
    should not be viewed as being "positive" or "negative," since all
    change is but a natural part of life's flow. Perhaps this change is an
    answer to your prayers, so continue seeing and feeling yourself being
    at peace." ~Doreen Virtue


    Oh well Yes I can understand that but when you make war in attitude against the USA the more prices will go up. The more the other one God religion make war on the USA the more they will suffer in rising prices and an Islamic Government is not going to look after the people as we have seen in demonstration. There all practically failed states ruling by the gun and fear in the final analysis.

    Fresh rioting breaks out in Algerian capital Algiers The riots are widely seen as drawing on deep frustrations with the ruling elite and a lack

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        Sevens8 All those guys speaking religious self vain glory sophistry in the name of God all contribute to the hardship of man by the attitude of death and destruction to the other and yet they are only interested in one thing and that is power and thats all. The whole bloody thing is all deception deceiving the other, all corrupt across the whole range.

        January 11 at 3:48pm



        Its just like in this attitude. Whats the story here how can the world ever find peace with beligerence and its not of the Father to be like this in religion upon any man.

        He is not even living to his spiritual obligation to the Father in Heaven by the continual speak of death and destruction. I really get sick of peoples crafty devices over the other. All crafty devices of people particulary the selfish ones in how they craft realities to suit themselves.

        Attacks on US forces still an option, says Muqtada al-Sadr upon return to Iraq

        Up yours mate with all the death & destruction in religious self vain glory rubbish that is not even heard in the Kingdom of Heaven

        January 11 at 3:54pm


        Diane Denison I like that saying,"Up yours mate with all the death and destruction." You got that right Dennis, it is nothing but rubbish

        January 11 at 6:59pm

    this is like Deluge conditions.

    BREAKING NEWS Queensland Smashed Over Night MASSIVE Never Seen Before Floods

    Length: ‎1:39

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      • Sevens8

        connection to Meclhizedek

        1014.5) 93:1.3 And it was in consequence of having been thrown so completely on their own resources that Machiventa Melchizedek, one of the twelve planetary receivers, volunteered to do that which had been done only six times in all the history of Nebadon: to personalize on earth as a temporary man of the realm, to bestow himself as an emergency Son of world ministry. Permission was granted for this adventure by the Salvington authorities, and the actual incarnation of Machiventa Melchizedek was consummated near what was to become the city of Salem, in Palestine. The entire transaction of the materialization of this Melchizedek Son was completed by the planetary receivers with the co-operation of the Life Carriers, >>>certain of the Master Physical Controllers,<<< and other celestial personalities resident on Urantia."


        January 11 at 9:08am



        ‎"(710.5) 62:7.6 These messages from Salvington, Edentia, and Jerusem formally marked the termination of the Life Carriers’ agelong supervision of the planet. For ages we had been on duty, assisted only by the seven adjutant mind-spirits and the Master Physical Controllers. And now, will, the power of choosing to worship and to ascend, having appeared in the evolutionary creatures of the planet, we realized that our work was finished, and our group prepared to depart.

        >>>Urantia being a life-modification world, permission was granted to leave behind >>two senior Life Carriers with twelve assistants,<< and I was chosen as one of this group and have ever since been on Urantia.<<

        >>>(710.6) 62:7.7 It is just 993,408 years ago (from the year A.D. 1934) that Urantia was formally recognized as a planet of human habitation in the universe of Nebadon. Biologic evolution had once again achieved the human levels of will dignity; man had arrived on planet 606 of Satania."<<

        January 11 at 9:18am

    You would think its planet but then it comes back.

      • Sevens8

        in my heart when I see this reflectivity, I feel they are giving approval in the revealing within a very confirmation timeline.

        Im seeing if I can find connection in the Shabbes/Seventh timeline, we are in the eighth Pyramid.

        I see a Seven8 connection, the 8th Pyramid of the Seventh Journey and the Eighth ends in a Sevens Date sequence. 28th(7777) Jan 2011

        January 11 at 8:02am ·


        Sevens8 its all fits in perfect precision.

        January 11 at 8:02am

      • SunSista WOW! I hope she is safethe guns are coming out nowI feel! It is going to get very hostile with the American people to be duped like thisthis is where the FMNA camps are going to come in handy.

        January 11 at 7:59am


    Police fire tear gas as thousands rally in capital, Dhaka, to vent their anger at record 9.25 per cent plunge in stocks.


    The first Wikileaks U.S. diplomatic cable that mentions UFOs has just been released. It is based on comments by Yuriy Zhadobin, chairman of the intelligen

    Ive never seen so much rain in Australia, it reminds me of Noahs Ark in the 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

    Flood waters have cut the southeastern Queensland city of Gympie in two, with about a dozen businesses already under water. According to the Courier Mail, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned the

    As I watching the last video I was reminded about the Phoenician who travelled to the end of the world to find the purple die shell fish. I thought i would try and find a link to Gympie where some Phoenician script was found and see if they have shell fish there as that would of been the desired cargo of the Phoenician sailors.
    e dye shell fish at around that time. A Royal colour.

    ‎"Today, I was witness to a great tragedy. I observed from my point of standing on the beach sands, three families on their way to the island with a dead relative. They had been presumptuous of their skills in crossing the waters which had assumed the position of the ebb some short


      • Sevens8

        and look at this Metaphor in the Seven places of communion with the River.

        "The river journey begins at the source. I am safe to mention there are seven places where one communes with the river. Each sacred place has reference to creatures of the water where life began. Each has a special song, dance, body decoration and other sacred signs. The river journey is essential for the union of one's soul with the land and must be performed alone following rituals and instructions by the Na'tjas (teachers). It is the journey of life and survival."

        "seven places where one communes with the river" Like the Seven connection in the ancient River of Truth of the Tree of Life where the branches have there own decoration and beauty

        January 10 at 11:26pm



        wow continuing . check out the metaphor in relation to this journey for the Tree of Life to 1st Eden.

        "On completion of the journey, the initiate is joined with the sacred men >>>who perform the test of the waters.<<<

        If one has been successful in his journey, his path of destiny and spiritual class is revealed. Should destiny signs indicate he take the right hand male pathway, then he must follow the animal and bird totems. This is the common path that most are designated.


        Should the left female path be that destiny then he is special.

        >>He must follow the fish and tree spiritual totemic path.<<< This ceremonial path of destiny commands respect from all others. I must make it clear that family marriage totemic structures are indeed separate from these initiation classes."


        The Fish and the Tree metaphor.

        ">>He must follow the fish and tree spiritual totemic path.<<<"

        The Fish being the flying Fisherman of Fish then following the Tree of Life in journey to the ancient places, the Heritages of the Ages, the Fish and the Tree experience.

        Fish and the Tree reflection and the Grub in the Tree(djeri) writing the vertical Pillar(djeri) beside the Djurt Djurt Rocks, the Star Rocks!!! The Starman Rocks

        January 10 at 11:32pm ·

    Again here is a presentation in truth about the Nomadic Andites, note how the common design and construction takes the Pacific route through the islands on to Japan and probably back to India and Egypt. A home of the Andites, Imhotep the builder of the Great Pyramid was an Andite which connects the Andites to Egypt.

    Watch Senzalamundi's video about senzalamundi lost cities south america pacific documentary on

    I believe these videos are saying the same thing as all the others, its about consciousness but where is the creator of Consciousness. Its about consciousness but No God. Just religion under guise without God. State of being without God, only consciousness. Seems a little random, consciousness only and what of it.
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      • Sevens8

        I think the path is like and eye of a needle and it has to be defined within oneself. Everyone has to prove there truth and see how it stacks up to the demonstrated truth.

        There is only one truth not many truths that cannot be demonstrated and are half baked, not providing the full story of all of his creation in the demonstration.

        January 10 at 10:50pm


        SunSista It's all so personal, isn't it? Allowance is Golden

        January 10 at 10:52pm


    An Icelandic MP says US officials have subpoenaed personal details from Twitter relating to her activities with the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

    Gee almost looks designed in the U.S.

    uSfkiktDekA l3Qgu6u8CGw LOS ANGELES. The brand-new Chinese combat aircraft, the United States to tremble. Stealth Planet J-20 is said to be at least as good


      • Sevens8

        I wonder where they got the base design?? I wonder where and consider the hunt for wikileaks and consider the amount of hacking in government systems by other countries and yet its all quite on that front. Its seems like a double standard.

        January 9 at 6:27am



        Isnt it getting all a little ridiculous looking and knowing the truth but seeing the reality of man in leadership in all nations.

        Like children in class being disobedient to the rules of the time/space class set down by the Sevenfold Universe Government of God.

        January 9 at 8:23am


        Diane Denison Your so right, Dennis It is all nothing but little white lies..

        January 9 at 7:05pm

    I believe we about to Enter the SEVENTH Stage in a time to come.

    "(627.1) 55:4.3 This is merely the first of the successive administrative adjustments which attend the unfolding of the >>successive ages of increasingly brilliant attainment on the inhabited worlds<< as they pass from the first to the seventh stage of settled existence."

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 55The Spheres of Light and Life (621.1) 55:0.1 THE age of light and life is the final evolutionary attainment of a world of time and space.

    ‎1. The Morontia Transit

    (2020.4) 189:1.1 At two forty-five Sunday morning, the Paradise incarnation commission, consisting of seven unidentified Paradise personalities, arrived on the scene and immediately deployed themselves about the tomb.


    ‎[swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 189The Resurrection (2020.1) 189:0.1 SOON after the burial of Jesus on Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels of Nebadon, then present on Urantia, summoned his council of the resurrection of sleeping will crea

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      • Sevens8

        ‎498.9) 44:0.18 There is also here with me a Mighty Messenger from Uversa, an ascendant Adjuster-fused, onetime mortal being, and he perceives you as you are, and at the same time he visualizes the Solitary Messenger, the supernaphim, and other celestial beings present. Never in your long ascendancy will you lose the power to recognize your associates of former existences. Always, as you ascend inward in the scale of life, will you retain the ability to recognize and fraternize with the fellow beings of your previous and lower levels of experience. Each new translation or resurrection will add one more group of spirit beings to your vision range without in the least depriving you of the ability to recognize your friends and fellows of former estates.

        (498.10) 44:0.19 All this is made possible in the experience of ascending mortals by the action of the indwelling Thought Adjusters. Through their retention of the duplicates of your entire life’s experiences, you are assured of never losing any true attribute you once had; and these Adjusters are going through with you, as a part of you, in reality, as you

        January 8 at 10:05pm



        and this most excellent piece regarding our future.

        "(626.1) 55:3.12>>>> Each of these successive ages represents advancing achievements in all phases of planetary attainment. In >>the initial age of light the revelation of truth was enlarged to embrace the workings of the universe of universes,<<<>>> while the Deity study of the second age is the attempt to master the protean concept of the nature, mission, ministry, associations, origin, and >>>>destiny of the Creator Sons, the first level of God the Sevenfold.<<<<(the Sevenfold)

        (626.2) 55:3.13 A planet the size of Urantia, >>when fairly well settled,<< would have about one hundred subadministrative centers. These subordinate centers would be presided over by one of the following groups of qualified administrators:

        (You see, this I believe is a glimpse of the future for us)

        >>>(626.3) 55:3.14 1. Young Material Sons and Daughters brought from the system headquarters to act as assistants to the ruling Adam and Eve.<<<
        (626.4) 55:3.15 2. The progeny of the semimortal staff of the Planetary Prince who were procreated on certain worlds for this and other similar responsibilities.
        (626.5) 55:3.16 3. >>>The direct planetary progeny of Adam and Eve.<<<<
        (626.6) 55:3.17 4. >>>Materialized and humanized midway creatures.<<<
        (626.7) 55:3.18 5. Mortals of Adjuster-fusion status who, upon their own petition, are >>>temporarily exempted from translation by the order of the Personalized Adjuster of universe chieftainship in order that they may continue on the planet in certain important administrative posts.<<<<
        (626.8) 55:3.19 6. Specially trained mortals of the planetary schools of administration who have >>also received the order of supreme service of the morontia temple.<<
        (626.9) 55:3.20 7. Certain elective commissions of >>>three properly qualified citizens who are sometimes chosen by the citizenry by direction of the Planetary Sovereign in accordance with their special ability to accomplish some definite task which is needful in that particular planetary sector.<<<

        (626.10) 55:3.21 The great handicap confronting Urantia in the matter of attaining the high planetary destiny of light and life is embraced in the problems of disease, degeneracy, war, multicolored races, and multilingualism.

        (626.11) 55:3.22 No evolutionary world can hope to progress beyond the first stage of settledness in light until it has achieved one language, one religion, and one philosophy. Being of one race greatly facilitates such achievement, but the many peoples of Urantia do not preclude the attainment of higher stages."

        I believe a glimpse of the future for this planet

        January 8 at 10:40pm

    ‎(1143.5) 104:1.2 >>The second presentation of the Trinity was made by Adam and Eve in the first and second gardens.<< These teachings had not been wholly obliterated even in the times of Machiventa Melchizedek about thirty-five thousand years later,


    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 104Growth of the Trinity Concept (1143.1) 104:0.1 THE Trinity concept of revealed religion must not be confused with the triad beliefs of evolutionary religions.


      • Sevens8 continued.
        for the >>Trinity concept of the Sethites persisted in both Mesopotamia and Egypt<< but more especially in India, >>where it was long perpetuated in Agni, the Vedic three-headed fire god.<<

        January 8 at 3:53pm



        very interesting

        (1143.6) 104:1.3 The third presentation of the Trinity was made by Machiventa Melchizedek, and this doctrine was symbolized by the three concentric circles which the sage of Salem wore on his breast plate. But Machiventa found it very difficult to teach the Palestinian Bedouins about the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. Most of his disciples thought that the Trinity consisted of the three Most Highs of Norlatiadek; a few conceived of the Trinity as the System Sovereign, the Constellation Father, and the local universe Creator Deity; still fewer even remotely grasped the idea of the Paradise association of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

        (1144.1) 104:1.4 Through the activities of the Salem missionaries the Melchizedek teachings of the Trinity gradually spread throughout much of Eurasia and northern Africa. It is often difficult to distinguish between the triads and the trinities in the later Andite and the post-Melchizedek ages, when both concepts to a certain extent intermingled and coalesced.

        (1144.2) 104:1.5 >>>>Among the Hindus the trinitarian concept took root as Being, Intelligence, and Joy. (A later Indian conception was Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu.) While the earlier Trinity portrayals were brought to India by the Sethite priests, the later ideas of the Trinity were imported by the Salem missionaries and were developed by the native intellects of India through a compounding of these doctrines with the evolutionary triad conceptions.<<<<

        (1144.3) 104:1.6 >>>The Buddhist faith developed two doctrines of a trinitarian nature: The earlier was Teacher, Law, and Brotherhood; that was the presentation made by Gautama Siddhartha.<<<>>> The later idea, developing among the northern branch of the followers of Buddha, embraced Supreme Lord, Holy Spirit, and Incarnate Savior.<<<<

        (1144.4) 104:1.7 >>>>And these ideas of the Hindus and Buddhists were real trinitarian postulates, that is, the idea of a threefold manifestation of a monotheistic God.<<<>>> A true trinity conception is not just a grouping together of three separate gods.<<<


        January 8 at 3:56pm


        Sevens8 We are not all that far away from each other when it comes to the Trinity ideas in the One God of religion, reflects everywhere throughout the world.

        January 8 at 3:57pm


    Here is a presentation on Vortex Mathematics. Amazing!

    Randy Powell explains vortex math and the ABHA Torus from the beginning. Expanding on the work of Marko Rodin. Contact Randy directly at or visit his website at


      • Sevens8 Personaly, I am inspired by it and I saw great beauty in the whole experience. I really like that there was a spiritual foundation, there was honour on that level.

        January 8 at 5:11pm


        Sevens8 I think it cxould be part of a curriculum.

        January 8 at 5:13pm

    Absolutely right on and I was amazed at the Symbols of this new mathematical formula, I note the Triangle and the circle, a point of connection in the middle, a replication of the Design of Dalamatia City, Vans highland Capital and the Dilmun/Babel transmitted to Egypt.

    reposted from: danielofd0ria - MAKE THIS VIRAL AND REPOST!!!! DIRECTIONS BELOW! Just a thought: I believe that the alchemical process of turning lead into gold in the process of ascension Here is how to REPOST THIS VIDEO (directions): 1. Download Youtube Downloader here:


      • Sevens8 The Triangle/Circle the symbol of this Unknown energy. I also note the w aspect of the other symbol with a common contact connection in the middle of the 2 symbols

        January 8 at 9:42am


        Sevens8 Excellent video and very exciting and good fellows in there quest with the right intentions.

        January 8 at 9:43am


        Sevens8 reminds me of this

        January 8 at 9:46am


    STRANGE ENERGY CAUGHT IN RADAR ( ARKANSAS THE NIGHT BIRDS DIED ) the author,s explanation in tha intro i do not share btw NgM03D61ujY feature

    I was trying to find a connection of Eden and the second coming, I found this link. Even though I other thoughts on somet hings but I was interested in the 1st Eden connection.

    Edgar Cayce (pronounced "Kay-see") was a simple Sunday School teacher who, over the span of his lifetime (1877-1945), had more near-death experiences than anyone ever documented. Cayce learned at a young age that when he was hypnotized, he could leave his body and journey into the afterlife realms.

    Just think this is potentially within our grasp.

    January 7 at 10:02pm

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      • Sevens8

        ‎"(587.1) 51:6.3 >>>>>>Think what it would mean on your world if somewhere in the Levant there were a world center of civilization, a great planetary university of culture, which had functioned uninterruptedly for 37,000 years.<<<<>>>> And again, pause to consider how the moral authority of even such an ancient center would be reinforced were there situated not far-distant still another and older headquarters of celestial ministry whose traditions would exert a cumulative force of 500,000 years of integrated evolutionary influence. It is custom which eventually spreads the ideals of Eden to a whole world.<<<<

        (and think of the Journey of the Tree of life and its cities in its revealing!!!)

        (587.2) 51:6.4 The schools of the Planetary Prince are primarily concerned with philosophy, religion, morals, and the higher intellectual and artistic achievements. The garden schools of Adam and Eve are usually devoted to practical arts, fundamental intellectual training, social culture, economic development, trade relations, physical efficiency, and civil government. Eventually these world centers amalgamate, but this actual affiliation sometimes does not occur until the times of the first Magisterial Son.

        (587.3) 51:6.5 The continuing existence of the Planetary Adam and Eve, together with the pure-line nucleus of the violet race, imparts that stability of growth to Edenic culture by virtue of which it comes to act upon the civilization of a world with the compelling force of tradition. In these immortal Material Sons and Daughters we encounter the last and the indispensable link connecting God with man, bridging the almost infinite gulf between the eternal Creator and the lowest finite personalities of time. Here is a being of high origin who is physical, material, even a sex creature like Urantia mortals, one who can see and comprehend the invisible Planetary Prince and interpret him to the mortal creatures of the realm, for the Material Sons and Daughters are able to see all of the lower orders of spirit beings; they visualize the Planetary Prince and his entire staff, visible and invisible."

        January 7 at 10:02pm



        And consider in parallelism in the amalgamation of both cutlures in this on the run journey of discovery. The cultures of 1st Eden and Dalamatia City in the revealing. Type and shadow and connected to Magesterial Son or Jesus in our case who adjudges the Age.

        "Eventually these world centers amalgamate, but this actual affiliation sometimes does not occur until the times of the first Magisterial Son.

        January 7 at 10:06pm


        Sevens8 ‎(588.3) 51:7.4 The Planetary Prince and his staff still foster the spiritual and philosophic domains of activity. Adam and Eve pay particular attention to the physical, scientific, and economic status of the realm. Both groups equally devote their energies to the promotion of the arts, social relations, and intellectual achievements.

        January 7 at 10:18pm

    Ive been using the term "people of the Garden" and I just discovered it in the Urantia Book.
    (583.2) 51:3.3 A Planetary Adam and Eve are, in potential, the full gift of physical grace to the mortal races. The chief business of such an imported pair is to multiply and to uplift the children of time. But there is no immediate interbreed
    ing between "the people of the garden" and those of the world;

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 51The Planetary Adams (580.1) 51:0.1 DURING the dispensation of a Planetary Prince, primitive man reaches the limit of natural evolutionary development, and this biologic attainment signals the System Sovereign to di


      • Sevens8

        And note this clue about Successfull Adamic Mission, the kind of thing that could be attached to 1st Eden and the coming of Adam and Eve with Jesus and the Family after Judgement.

        "(584.2) 51:3.9 Your world has been visited by four orders of sonship: Caligastia, the Planetary Prince; Adam and Eve of the Material Sons of God; Machiventa Melchizedek, the “sage of Salem” in the days of Abraham; and Christ Michael, who came as the Paradise bestowal Son. How much more effective and beautiful it would have been had Michael, the supreme ruler of the universe of Nebadon, been welcomed to your world by a loyal and efficient Planetary Prince and a devoted and successful Material Son, both of whom could have done so much to enhance the lifework and mission of the bestowal Son! But not all worlds have been so unfortunate as Urantia, neither has the mission of the Planetary Adams always been so difficult or so hazardous.

        (The clue, perhaps a second chance for Adam and Eve?? with the people of the Garden already present on track to 1st Eden)

        ">When they are successful, they contribute to the development of a great people,<<>> continuing as the visible heads of planetary affairs even far into the age when such a world is settled in light and life."<<

        January 7 at 9:25pm



        Is there a subtle clue to a clean sweep of the planet, judgement mof the age?

        "(585.4) 51:4.8 These six evolutionary races are destined to be blended and exalted by amalgamation with the progeny of the Adamic uplifters.

        >>But before these peoples are blended, the inferior and unfit are largely eliminated.<<
        The Planetary Prince and the Material Son, with other suitable planetary authorities, pass upon the fitness of the reproducing strains.

        >>The difficulty of executing such a radical program on Urantia consists in the absence of competent judges to pass upon the biologic fitness or unfitness of the individuals of your world races.<<

        Notwithstanding this obstacle, it seems that you ought to be able to agree upon the biologic disfellowshiping of your more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks.

        January 7 at 9:31pm ·

    ‎(1915.2) 176:2.5 “But the times of the reappearing of the Son of Man are known only in the councils of Paradise; not even the angels of heaven know when this will occur.

    ‎[swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 176Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet (1912.1) 176:0.1 THIS Tuesday afternoon, as Jesus and the apostles passed out of the temple on their way to the Gethsemane camp, Matthew, calling attention to the temple construction

    Mesopotamia had it first and the noise is the rebellion.
    The Councils of Heaven and how they relate to us being part of the Reserve Corp of Destiny for this planet.
    (1258.3) 114:7.11 On Urantia the reserve corps of destiny, though having no permanent head, does have its own permanent councils which constitute its governing organization. These embrace the judiciary council, the historicity c
    ouncil, the council on political sovereignty, and many others.

    ‎[swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 114Seraphic Planetary Government (1250.1) 114:0.1 THE Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.

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      • Sevens8

        and many others. From time to time, in accordance with the corps organization, titular (mortal) heads of the whole reserve corps have been commissioned by these permanent councils for specific function. >>The tenure of such reservist chiefs is usually a matter of a few hours’ duration, being limited to the accomplishment of some specific task at hand.<<<

        (1258.4) 114:7.12 The Urantia reserve corps had its largest membership in the days of the Adamites and Andites, steadily declining with >>>the dilution of the violet blood and reaching its low point around the time of Pentecost, since which time reserve corps membership has steadily increased.<<<<

        (1258.5) 114:7.13 >>>(The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over one thousand mortals<<>>> whose insight of cosmic citizenship far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode,<<<>>> but I am forbidden to reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group of living human beings.)<<<
        (becasue there is something big installed for the destiny reserve)

        (1258.6) 114:7.14 Urantia mortals should not allow the comparative spiritual isolation of their world from certain of the local universe circuits to produce a feeling of cosmic desertion or planetary orphanage. >>>There is operative on the planet a very definite and effective superhuman supervision of world affairs and human destinies.<<<<
        (absolutely with big plans for this planet that will be ideal)

        >>>>(1258.7) 114:7.15 But it is true that you can have, at best, only a meager idea of an ideal planetary government.<<

        Since the early times of the Planetary Prince, Urantia has suffered from the miscarriage of the divine plan of world growth and racial development. The loyal inhabited worlds of Satania are not governed as is Urantia. Nevertheless, compared with the other isolated worlds, your planetary governments have not been so inferior; only one or two worlds may be said to be worse, and a few may be slightly better, but the majority are on a plane of equality with you.

        January 7 at 3:33pm



        Compare what 1st Eden means in these departments.

        "These embrace the judiciary council, the historicity council, the council on political sovereignty"

        the judiciary council=Judgement
        the historicity council=revealing all our origins, the beginnings of the re of Life
        the council on political sovereignty= New World to come with the spiritual trash taken out. A new Beginning I believe with Adam and Eve and thier progeny including Melchizedek and Jesus the Sovereign.

        Jesus is restoring Adam and Eve where they will complete their mission successfully and we will help them in uplifting the Violet Gene.

        Jesus will make good for Adam and Eve and us

        January 7 at 3:43pm


        Sevens8 Dala-Matia, Door and Justice!!

        The door of Justice from the door of Hidden good.

        January 7 at 3:54pm

    Every religion will have its own dilemma in truth with challenge in the revealing of Jesus the Sovereign.

    January 7 at 9:15am

    How could Consciousness get you through this??

    God is sending His judgment tool. The same one He sent at the flood and at Exodus. This thing, not a comet, not a planet, will kill over four and one half billion people, and the rest will spend their time searching g for food and water. It is a

    the catch cry for all these researchers is Consciousness but no God. I believe all good things worthwhile are retained by the evolving Supreme but I feel personality repersonalisation is lost in just sheer denial of God himself.

      • Sevens8 if any one like to comment on anything, we stick to the subject and not go on tangents.

        January 7 at 7:45am


        Sevens8 Like I say there will be very few in the last stand of truth before the judgement comes and will not do a thing about it including all his religions. They are so behind its unbelievable.

        January 7 at 4:10pm

    Apparently, it could be New Years Fireworks? But when I walked on the beach 6 weeks ago with dead birds everywhere there were no celebrations of any type.

    Experts believe a loud noise or event was behind the mass death of as many as 5,000 red-winged blackbirds and starlings in Arkansas on New Year's Eve, when they all flew into buildings at night, veterinarian Dr. John Fischer said Wednesday.

    I thought this was interesting.

    Watch Talks2dead's video about global warming ancient civilization documentary on

    ‎(556.11) 48:7.11 9. Action achieves strength; moderation eventuates in charm.

    (556.12) 48:7.12 10. Righteousness strikes the harmony chords of truth, and the melody vibrates throughout the cosmos, even to the recognition of the Infinite.


    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 48The Morontia Life (541.1) 48:0.1 THE Gods cannot — at least they do not — transform a creature of gross animal nature into a perfected spirit by some mysterious act of creative magic.

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      • Sevens8

        and what about number 7.

        (556.9) 48:7.9 7. Blind and unforeseen accidents do not occur in the cosmos. >>Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower being who refuses to act upon his light of truth.<<<(wow mmmm)

        (556.10) 48:7.10 8. Effort does not always produce joy, >but there is no happiness without intelligent effort.<<

        January 6 at 10:37pm


        Diane Denison Harmony is life and the Universe. Eventually it all comes together.

        January 6 at 10:40pm

    ‎(553.6) 48:6.25 It is the task of the mind planners to study the nature, experience, and status of the Adjuster souls in transit through the mansion worlds and to facilitate their grouping for assignment and advancement. But these mind planners do not scheme, manipulate, or otherwise take advantage of the ignorance or other limitations of mansion world students.

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 48The Morontia Life (541.1) 48:0.1 THE Gods cannot — at least they do not — transform a creature of gross animal nature into a perfected spirit by some mysterious act of creative magic.

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      • Sevens8

        "They are wholly fair and eminently just. They respect your newborn morontia will; they regard you as independent volitional beings, and they seek to encourage your speedy development and advancement. >>>>Here you are face to face with >>true friends and understanding counselors, angels<< who are really able to help you “to see yourself as others see you” and “to know yourself as angels know you.”<<<

        (553.7) 48:6.26 >>>>>Even on Urantia, these seraphim teach the everlasting truth: If your own mind does not serve you well, you can exchange it for the mind of Jesus of Nazareth, who always serves you well."<<<

        Wow sounds grea

        January 6 at 10:34pm

    ‎(439.1) 39:5.15 While planetary space reports are received at noon at the meridian of the designated spiritual headquarters, the transporters are dispatched from this same place at midnight. That is the most favourable time for departure and is the standard hour when not otherwise specified.


    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 39The Seraphic Hosts (426.1) 39:0.1 AS FAR as we are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, intends to produce uniformly perfect seraphim, but for some unknown reason thes


      • Sevens8 I believe in those fragment in the above link are clues to the new world to come, all little clues here and there.

        January 6 at 9:59pm



        Does this mean the ones translated?? which I believe is a high possibility.

        "These seraphim do function in connection with the ascendant-mortal career but minister almost exclusively to those mortals who survive by some one of the modified orders of ascension."

        January 6 at 10:00pm

    ‎(437.2) 39:5.3 1. >>>The Voices of the Garden.<<< When the planetary course of human evolution is attaining its highest biologic level, there always appear the Material Sons and Daughters, the Adams and Eves, to augment the further evolution of the races by an actual contribution of their superior life plasm.

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 39The Seraphic Hosts (426.1) 39:0.1 AS FAR as we are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, intends to produce uniformly perfect seraphim, but for some unknown reason thes

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      • Sevens8 maybe its the intensity feeling about an idea and following the tracks to make it fit where you piece it together. maybe! Maybe the idea happens and others like the Midwayers help network the idea?? An idea that you have and they work with it maybe perhaps.

        January 6 at 10:28pm



        Yesthe intensity and passion is like a rise in this rare energy within the person to create all this driveI can go hours without eating and sleeping when I have thisI have to force myself to retreat and eat because I know I need to.

        But this is what caught my attention:

        ">>>They help the mortal philosophers to realize.<<<<

        To me this is a mind thing. How would they act as environmental or social manipulators to achieve this? It tells me they use the thoughts already manifest as physical forms in the human mind.hmmmm, very interesting, Dennis

        January 6 at 10:35pm

    Its full on rain in this country and since the circles to.

    Colin Andrews Report: Australia have suffered record floods following a year of unexplained radar circles on Australia Bureau of Meteorology system.

      • Sevens8 The loss of crop and many other things is a real bummer.

        January 6 at 6:36pm


        Diane Denison I saw this on the news. Thank God this flooding did not hit a heavily populated area They are worried about snakes and the little beasties. But u got slammed in Australia with this night mare weather pounding this earth.

        January 6 at 7:17pm

    Pretty bad and could never stand, what a scam. I 'm just happy I know what I know, learning more where I can be and express myself and make progress.

    ‎1995 - Hidden cameras go inside the London Scientology Org.

    look like there are many things dying around the world.


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      • Sevens8

        I visited London Bridge about 6 weeks ago as Ive always been fascinated with this structure.

        As I was approaching this place called London Bridge, I noticed all these dead black sea birds on the beach all strewn around the place. I was bewildered as to why they died, When I got back I saw no report on this mass bird death on the beach.

        Here are some really low res images of the area I visited.

        I plan to go there again with a video camera

        January 6 at 5:35pm


        Sevens8 I agree, Im sure its scripture somewhere. There seems to be no real answer.

        January 6 at 6:52pm

    looks like a triangle, that occurred last night.
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      • Diane Denison Ther also was an Earth quake in Chili the other day

        January 6 at 4:35pm


        SunSista Naaah..the Mothership is going to be MUCH bigger and more impressive than thatyou'll see :)

        January 6 at 5:03pm

    Im sure this will upset a few people, there seems to be a real push for this, i wonder what is stimulating this?

      • Sevens8 I always thought the temple was the body of man. But anyway!

        January 6 at 3:59pm ·

    Here is another prediction for the End of Days 21st May 2011, No worries but for me I dont know dates just looking for signs of the times in the way I view things but lets have a look., 21st=777 & 5, 5th month, its seven days past my birthdate.

    The Blaze is a news, information and opinion site brought to you by Glenn Beck and a dedicated team of writers, journalists & video producers. Our goal is to post, report and analyze stories of interest on a wide range of topics from politics and culture to faith and family.

    How true, very true.

    Watch Zaff4444's video about truth nwo sheeples documentary on


        Diane Denison Lower Intelligence, No, I do not think so. Try NUMB or Me Syndrome Mode.. Or too involved in the WORLDS chaos of the rat race. No time to think

        January 6 at 5:03pm


        Diane Denison Furthermore we are getting brainwashed not to think.

        January 6 at 5:08pm


    Trying to prevent more WikiLeaks embarrassments, the Obama administration is telling federal agencies to take aggressive steps, NBC News has learned.

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      • SunSista YesI'm looking forward to that as well think there is so much more than we know, and the revealing is very bigthey will start landing soon, I'm sure. I think there has been many negotiations with Greys and Pleiadeans, perhaps. I still don't know about those reptiles.

        January 6 at 6:05am


        SunSista I wonder who is on that planet XIt's such a big mystery to me! The who, what , why, when is driving me crazyand NASA is at the heart of it we know they know what's going on this is maybe something in the Wikileaks docs to explore.

        January 6 at 6:06am

    Ok here is some Wikileaks juicy stuff about recent UFO experiences. Note the Triangle/Circle Symbol, like in the Shabbes Seventh timeline still in operation, the common triangle/Circle symbol in reflectivity.

    A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for President Medvedev by Russian Space Forces (VKS) 45th Division of Space Control says that an

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      • Sevens8 Hard to say I feel. Maybe trying to make metaphor out of the 13 skulls. I was surprised with article and what it touched.

        January 6 at 6:09am


        Sevens8 Hey Cydney that UFO Southern base is very close to me.

        January 6 at 6:10am

    I have no doubt in the word of Thomas, an apostle of Jesus about the Beginning where the End comes from.

    January 5 at 9:24pm


      • Sevens8 No doubting Thomas.

        GThom 1
        And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

        January 5 at 9:43pm


        SunSista Dennis these are good findings and I know what Jesus is talking about. It's all lining up perfectly. I want time to think about it more before I say anything, though.

        January 6 at 2:32am

    I believe when Adam and Eve comes including Jesus and the whole family, this I believe begins "the healing of the nations" begins in earnest. I believe the Healing of the Nations is associated with Adam and Eve and the tree of Life for at least a thousand years of Genetic uplift before the translation temple comes.

    January 5 at 8:06pm


      • Sevens8

        This is Universal Spiritual Planet cleaning, house keeping of a Universe! and it begins in the spirit and Genes and the key is faith and truth.

        All I say and express is backed up in the Urantia Book and the Bible. All we had to do was piece it together.

        Personally, I feel a little excitement as I write this because the Healing of the Nations after Judgement is going to be FANTASTIC! and non of this degraded BS we live in currently. The problem is infected Genes and the path to safety is simply faith and friendship with the Father in Heaven that's all, that flicker of Faith.

        The decision is up to man with pressure from above in truth as it approaches, designed to give man the heads up in the beforehand like with any friend

        January 5 at 8:42pm


        Sevens8 I don't think it will be Mad Max nor a WaterWorld situation where we are back to nothing and living of junk. Even though the planet is filled with Junk products today that don't even last 2 months, all with purpose and design. Just a little example of the scam we live in and what we go in debt for, Junk.

        January 5 at 8:43pm

    The problem is the imposition of religion without free will and the degradation of women. All this takes civilisation backward for a thousand years like we see with the witness of the Taliban in power.

      • Sevens8 I thought this was good statement.

        '" when people stop having a heartfelt spiritual practice, they resort to outward religious rituals."

        January 6 at 6:03am


        Sevens8 I agree it all comes within ourselves, the individual where many people socialise that experience which is OK but them some get carried away. Then even some religions loose there sight on God and deny him and therefore more confusion abounds.

        January 6 at 6:06am

    MMM this is interesting, the thing is we already live in a Police State, what's new with all the state run innuendo on TV, all conditioning of Police and state via threat with cameras everywhere, words like, well will get you, you have no chance, we do this well do that. Thats all I see of Police and state thereat advertising, if you do this we will do that all robotic where you have to run the gauntlet on everything

    Australia is entering into a new police state.

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      • Sevens8

        Anyway I cant do much except for some simple speaking videos in my attempt to interest people about 1st Eden but that's all I can do in this state of flux that I live, where I go each day and deal with crafty devices in selfishness a contrast to this journey.

        For me this journey to 1st Eden is my refuge to the darkness I see each day

        January 5 at 6:24am


        Diane Denison Dennis this world is becoming more Police State, it is only evil trying to control.. But Hahahaha they will lose and we know it. Sit back and watch Evil get check mate..

        January 6 at 5:12pm

    Like what did they do to be so defensive?? Just another thing over mankind obviously judging by the reaction. Bit worried are we?? I wonder why?

    In a burst of wikipanic, Bank of America has dived into full-on counterespionage mode.

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      • Sevens8 What's new in the world of Banking. No point uttering a word on this. We know man was scammed somewhere along the line taken by selfishness.

        January 5 at 6:12am


        Diane Denison I had Bank of America, UGLY bank.. I could not balance my books.. They kept charging bank charges.. I dumped them FAST.

        January 6 at 5:14pm

    From here on in this journey its about deep religion if any one that wants to jump ship you can, no worries right now, you can leave thios place. I prefer no baggage or attitude.

    January 4 at 9:44pm


      • Sevens8 its 11:44 here

        January 4 at 11:44pm


        SunSista My time was two angels and your time was Midwayer and GOD action.

        January 5 at 1:43am

    In my numerous contemplation I believe there will be a Judgement meaning a clean sweep of the Planet of the spiritual darkness but before that occurs the elect and faithful will be preserved and will return after the Judgement. In my thoughts I believe Adam and Eve and there progeny will come back and uplift what is left in faith is, only the faithful who KNOW Jesus as a friend and not as a stranger will be preserved.

    January 4 at 8:49pm

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      • Sevens8

        Could imagine this world being an absonite world in time/space a mixture of both as we walk towards the translation temple, a taste of the future new Super Supers Universes to come in our next evolution.

        All we have to do is enjoy the ride in faith and look around and share.

        1st Eden can do this for us in the highest expanded thought knowing the Urantia Book and the books of religion. But this can heal all nations and peoples in such a interesting way

        January 4 at 9:33pm



        You see if i am in the abyss, I see this and becasue I project the thought in how such a thing could occur in the beforehand in faith, its earned knowledge of the future in its potential, thereby it can manifest if its the will of the Father in Heaven.

        So I think all these things and being harmonised in the scriptures I feel comfortable to widen my scope. Seeing in a wide view scope with all its potential on track to 1st Eden many things can occur that could be unimaginable like meeting Jesus and others all documented and seen would be the verification.

        The Beginning Seen at the End, the Alpha and Omega! and we are seated at the beginning and do not taste death which infers a translation event

        January 4 at 9:38pm

    I am so honored to be your friend. Peace, love, oneness, joy, prosperity and light now and always

    January 4 at 12:01pm


      • Sevens8 hey no worries Lori its good to be your friend, its an honour to be your friend.

        January 4 at 7:42pm


        Lori Boatman Thanks, Dennis ♥

        January 5 at 4:08am

    interesting reflectivity.

    Watch Pazuzu11's video about Ufo alien orb documentary on

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        Here is some of Wayne's research to put your mind at easebut just remember who your true Savior isJesus.nothing of value is ever lost.

        1. To the degree that one is able, take yourself to a relatively safe place at least by the time the rotation of the Earth occurs. The timing of this will not take you by surprise, as the inbound planet will be seen in the sky, unaided by telescope, for 7 weeks prior to the shift. The day of rotation stoppage is also not a surprise, as clocks and watches will be increasingly poky, and rotation takes a day to stop. Even if in the wrong place at that time, in that most of the population will be in shock but functioning, one could most likely travel on roads or even rails. Get going to your safe location, if not there already.

        2. During the week of rotation stoppage, preparations not already made for the hour of the shift can be addressed, with rehearsals. On the long-day side of the Earth, it will seems like the worst mid-summer days, and on the long-night, colder than expected and one must deal with the dark, so anticipate these situations, depending upon where your location is. High winds are avoided by being at ground level, in a trench or under an overhang, or the like. Downpour, deluges, and flooding might occur, depending upon your location, so wherever you are riding out the shift should not be where you will be flooded or drown. Existing structures are best avoided, so do not plan on being in or under any existing structure. The least structure around you, the better, during quakes. Plan on being prone, not upright, so roll along the ground rather than being dashed

        3. Having established what you will do when the hour arrives, the next issue is to watch for the hour. Assign, among your group, at least one individual at all times to watch the skies and for signs. The tail of the passing planet will curve toward the earth, due to gravity attraction, so some red dusting will occur almost as soon as rotation stoppage occurs. But when approaching the hour of the shift, the tail lashing will get extreme, with not only red dust but gravel and hail falling. This is a sign that the shift is very close, within hours, and all should seek shelter under the sod or metal roofs they have constructed over trenches, or under overhangs. It is not necessary for all to be prone, for hours, if watching the skies is ongoing and by competent individuals. Children, in particular, should be allowed to release their energy in play, but keep them close and within voice call. The separating of the crust from the core is unmistakable, in that jiggling can be felt, and the stars or the Sun or whatever visible in the sky will move. It is at this point that preparations for the shift itself should be made.

        4. Lie down, keeping children firmly in hand so they cannot panic and run out into the wind or lashing tail. Singing loudly in a group sing or some other engrossing activity will help in this regard, and keep the adults from panic also. Jolting and cracking of nearby trees will be felt and heard, and all should be ignored if the site has been well selected. At the end of the hour, it will be apparent that it is safe to emerge, as jolting will have stopped. A test can be done against the sky. Have the stars or the Sun stopped moving? Then the shift is past

        January 4 at 11:31pm


        Mira Mikulic Thanks Cydney, I agree with you. Many beings out there helping us, including Jesus♥

        January 5 at 12:00pm

    Totaly cool, a bell shaped UFO like in Westall 66.
    Here is some early thoughts about the Mesopotamian influence of the Inca and throughout the Americas through the migration of the Nomadic Andites.

    Below are links to various websites and pictures that paint a picture of the birth of the Inca knowledge through Sumerian and Indian knowledge that was transported by boats along the massive Pacific Island land bridge that extended from Japan through Polynesia across to the coast of South Ame

    Gee, I want to get on a boat now and go to 1st Eden with a high potential of meeting Jesus the Sign at 1st Eden of Cyprus.

    January 3 at 5:47pm ·

    Another great Sign of 1stEden and the Judgement of Mankind found in the Book of Jubilees.

    23 testified against (them) all. And he was taken from amongst the children of men, and we conducted him into the Garden of Eden in majesty and honour, and behold there he writes down the condemnation.

    Book of Jubilee extract reveals new approach to interpretation extracts out of the book Jubilees. Physical discovery Sign Future Judgment Book of Enoch spiritual Books


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        Sevens8 Im into REVELATORY religion not Evolutionary, entirely a different. What I am talking about is a major activation of the kingdom of heaven and there will be a clean sweep of the planet and there will be only one path of safety.

        January 4 at 7:55pm


        Anna Vis but that is pure nwo luciferian thought!!!!

        January 4 at 10:38pm

    I just bumped into some early research trying to make connection then. Boy for me, its gone a long way since those days. So defined in this day.

    Does the book of the Gates which depict mans journey to heaven as he passes through the 12 hours or the 12 gates also a literal depiction of the 12 gates of Eden as expressed in the Urantia Book?


      • Sevens8 Zion can = People of the Garden in this day in the witness!! The testament dedicated to Adam and Eve of the faith Sons of God in this day on track to1st Eden.

        January 3 at 4:35pm


        Sevens8 Kick goals mate!

        January 3 at 4:41pm


    River waters are still on the rise in northeastern Australia, where flooding has affected some 200,000 people. In eastern Queensland, the Fitzroy river is threatening to submerge half of the city of Rockhampton. And in the west of the state, the floods have claimed their first life - a woman h

    Amazing the rain we are getting and Wayne sent me this Bathurst, NSW Breaking News Cinema audience trapped in roof collapse MASSIVE RAIN FALL.

    A flood that has consumed much of northeastern Australia and been described as reaching "biblical proportions" is now also a killer, after a woman drowned while trying to cross a flooded causeway this weekend.

    I can relate and I know who I can rely on.

    I wonder how you're feeling There's ringing in my ears And no one to relate to 'cept the sea Who can I believe in I'm kneeling on the floor There has to be a force who do I phone The stars are out and shining, but all I really want to know Oh won't you show me the way I want you


      • SunSista The classic was when he made his guitar talk to you love him!! Ya, I was ready to marry him hahahahaha!

        January 3 at 3:58pm


        SunSista Gotta have this again I'm looking for something on your walI enjoy the music as I go :)

        January 7 at 9:09am ·

    Whatever it is, totaly cool.

    Une webcam, des choses ΰ dire ? L’antenne est ΰ vous !

    another clue
    "(1026.1) 93:10.11 This is the story of Machiventa Melchizedek, one of the most unique of all characters ever to become connected with the history of Urantia and >>>>a personality >who may be destined to play an important role in the future experience< of your irregular and unusual world."<<<<

    mmmmmm intertesting!!

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 93Machiventa Melchizedek (1014.1) 93:0.1 THE Melchizedeks are widely known as emergency Sons, for they engage in an amazing range of activities on the worlds of a local universe.


      • Sevens8 I just dont get the same with anything else like TM, no god religion or anything except this with Jesus and thats it for me.

        January 3 at 3:32pm



        ‎""I think the gates gates opened upon the realisation of 1st Eden right from the beginning, inception! Today they are more exposed, the open gates."

        I see in the UB that it says Adam and Eve were cut off and they felt so alone in isolation..they could not access their supervisorsthat's why they had such an impatient journey.

        January 3 at 4:08pm

    I also promise that I will sometime return to this world, where I have lived this life in the flesh and achieved the experience of simultaneously revealing God to man and leading man to God. Very soon must I leave you and take up the work the Father has intrusted to my hands, but be of good courage, for I will sometime return. In the meantime, >>my Spirit of the Truth of a universe shall comfort and guide you.<<< (an

    ‎[swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 176Tuesday Evening on Mount Olivet (1912.1) 176:0.1 THIS Tuesday afternoon, as Jesus and the apostles passed out of the temple on their way to the Gethsemane camp, Matthew, calling attention to the temple constructio

    I'm told this is the episode with the Whale..It is like the whale floating in space maybeI'm just beginning to watch it now Interesting how it starts with everybody dead on a frozen destitute planetand it's called The Naked TimeI call this the Age of Transparency with Wikileaks, the Internet, Michael Moore, Oprah, Obama's transparency laws with the interests, etc.they are naked! We know who you are!

    Star Trek: The Original Series - The Naked Time on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more


      • SunSista OK this was not the one with the whaleit had some kind of love virus. it was good anywaythe hump back whales are in the 4th movieI'll watch that next time. Tired nowgood night!

        January 3 at 3:52pm


        Sevens8 Have a good night sleep, all the great blessings eh!

        January 3 at 3:56pm

    An interesting observation is that Google search does not recognise the word Dalamatia or dalamatia city anymore from what i can tell, only unless you group the words and add the .com

    January 3 at 1:14am ·


      • SunSista

        Dennisplay nice! Wayne likes to poison himself and he has every right to be comforted by his friends.

        Next time you want to drink, Wayne, take a high potency B-complex vitamin before bed, maybe some magnesium/calcium depending on how deplete you areyou'll wake like nothing happened the next morning. Never take over the counter pain killers when you drink! Your liver will suffer badly!!

        January 3 at 5:53am


        Sevens8 oooh poor wayne, aah just joking. happy new year wayne.

        January 3 at 7:46am

    Great research and studies for anyone.

    Free file hosting. 20GB of free space. Upload and share files. File sharing and software cloud storage. Simple free file hosting service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files and images with others.


      • Sevens8 I think all this is top of the range information.

        January 3 at 7:47am

    mmmm interesting!!

    wtf guys Wikileaks nailed it for real now..I found this on imgur wtf. Happy New Year everybody.. Much of luck and happiness to all of

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        SunSista Hi WayneI agree. He can be set up with charges regarding all sorts of thingswhen I have those thoughts, I remember Assange saying if anything happens to him, he will release a "Poison Pill"..WOW! That could get exciting!!

        January 3 at 1:00am


        Sevens8 mmmmmmmm

        January 3 at 4:02pm

    ‎(871.5) 78:3.9 These racial distributions, associated with extensive climatic (871.5) For the Incas to be given and reflect the Noah Story due to the roving Andites they would of touched down in Sth America at least within the thousand years from 5000BC, 7000 years ago.

      • Sevens8

        I would say that the Pacific Island began inhabitation or were inhabited at around 10,000 years ago, 8000 B.C.

        "(878.4) 79:1.3>>>>> By 8000 B.C.<<<< the slowly increasing aridity of the highland regions of central Asia began to drive the Andites to the river bottoms and the seashores. This increasing drought not only drove them to the valleys of the Nile, Euphrates, Indus, and Yellow rivers, but it produced a new development in Andite civilization. A new class of men, the traders, began to appear in large numbers.

        (879.1) 79:1.4 When climatic conditions made hunting unprofitable for the migrating Andites, they did not follow the evolutionary course of the older races by becoming herders. Commerce and urban life made their appearance. >>>From Egypt through Mesopotamia and Turkestan to the rivers of China and India, the more highly civilized tribes began to assemble in cities devoted to manufacture and trade.<<

        Adonia became the central Asian commercial metropolis, being located near the present city of Ashkhabad. Commerce in stone, metal, wood, and pottery was accelerated on both land and water.

        (879.2) 79:1.5 But ever-increasing drought gradually brought about the great Andite exodus from the lands south and east of the Caspian Sea. The tide of migration began to veer from northward to southward, and the Babylonian cavalrymen began to push into Mesopotamia.

        (879.3) 79:1.6 Increasing aridity in central Asia further operated to reduce population and to render these people less warlike; and when the diminishing rainfall to the north forced the nomadic Andonites southward, there was a tremendous exodus of Andites from Turkestan.

        This is the terminal movement of the so-called Aryans into the Levant and India. It culminated that long dispersal of the mixed >>descendants of Adam<< during which every Asiatic >>>>and most of the island peoples of the Pacific were to some extent improved by these superior races."<<<<

        January 2 at 11:47pm



        You see at 10,000 years ago the sea levels where 40 metres(
        40 meters = 131.233596 feet) less and as we know from the Urantia Book, the islands of the pacific were larger and more numerous in them times. I believe the Pacific islands were beginning to be inhabited in ancient times 8000 B.C. or 10,000 years ago.

        At perhaps 8,000 years ago, 6,000 years the Andites in transit came through the islands bound for South America. The indicator for this is by virtue of the perpetuation of the Noah Story and its variants in the Americas. It would of taken a little time for the Inca civilisation to flourish with infused Andite blood who spread stories about Mesopotamia as in the Noah Flood including legends of Adam and Eve and the Tree.

        6000 BC years ago the sea levels were
        20 meters = 65.6167979 feet less

        However, I know there appears to be a Sumerian Bowl including script that appears to be around 2,500 B.C., 4500-5000 years ago I'd say.

        January 3 at 1:03am


    For your consideration.. THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: a new Project Avalon video interview _nLgHnC6BdE Havent seen it all myself, just though Id provide it


      • Sevens8 I'm not exactly sure what this guy is involved in.

        January 2 at 10:36pm


        Sevens8 It appears his corporations involved in Genetic food engage his services.

        January 2 at 11:33pm

    Dear Dennis! Very Happy New Year to you and to your family! Peace, prosperity and good health in 2011! I am Nadia Gill, a Urantia Book Reader from Pakistan. Nadia Gill-Urantia Book Study Group Pakistan

    January 2 at 7:03pm


      • Sevens8

        The Government and the People all together in faith and upright in righteousness in truth, beauty and goodness the new motto of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Sevenfold Trans-Universal Government of the Sevenfold Super Govenment of God of the Seven Super UniversesArising! Arises!

        Truly the "City of the Sun" arising in a New Age where the Family of the universe comes to our assistance upon the mandate of Faith, the only mandate that works in the Kingdom of Heaven

        January 3 at 3:54pm


        Nadia Gill

        Many Thanks & Blessings my friend!

        We are very grateful to our Urantia Community who supported the Flood Victims. Requesting for your kindness & support for the Flood Victims of my country!!!

        The New Year 2011 is a good time to start thinking about helping other people. This includes providing food, clothing and toys for families to enable them to experience the joy of the New Year Giving warmth, love and hope.

        A time to share our good fortune with our neighbours in need across the world. We are pleased to provide you our website to visit:

        Here is the link to the slideshow.

        Here is the link to donate

        If you would share our Creator's joy, you must share his love. And to share his love means that you have shared his service. Such an experience of love does not create a new world, but it does make the old world new.”

        I chose Help save the people! Pakistan in the aftermath of the worst natural calamity in current history because "Whoso stops his ears to the cry of the poor, he also shall some day cry for help, and no one will hear him."

        Please consider giving to my Holiday Wish, and together we can make the world a better place. If you can't afford to donate, I'd really appreciate if you'd share this page with your friends.

        Thanks so much,


        January 5 at 6:34am


    We just finished ringing in the new year in Ontario (Oshawa, about 50km outside of toronto) and went outside for a smoke. 6 of us were outside and observed a red/pink orb flying north over our houses. Each orb was followed by another and there was a string of about 10 of them. Each one moved fairly


      • Chris Yandall

        so many people with digital cameras. i dont go anywhere without mine in hopes to catch any kind of action.

        the activity seems to have picked up all over the world. cosmic citizenship should help people realize that the huge number of sitings might wake them up to start believing more. i think the ET's know they can't mess with us but have you heard of the farmers in the midwest getting pissed off over missing cattle and they are blaming ET's.

        January 2 at 7:11pm

    mmm interesting I wonder what they are?
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      • Sevens8 on the run

        January 2 at 4:43pm


        SunSista Even the video link number is cool6+3+5+7= 21(777) 7-fold x 3 or is it the 3-fold actuality?

        January 2 at 7:21pm

    January 2 at 10:00am

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      • SunSista

        Just for fun:

        MUFON REPORT NY USA 12/28/2010
        12= pair of angels
        28= 10/1 New Beginnings for the Individual
        2010= 3 The most playful of all numbers.

        "My husband and I were driving in our car from East Hampton to Watermill on Long Island, NY. We were travelling on Route 27 heading west. We were driving at approximately 45 miles per hour. There are no street lights on this part of the road (at the corner of scuttle hole Road."

        Route 27= 9 Jesus' numbermost humanitarian of numbers
        45 miles per hour= 9 more Jesus action

        Is this silly or real in some fascinating way??

        January 2 at 10:28am


        Sevens8 interesting Cydney, amazing those 9s from 2 directions coming into a conjunction.

        January 2 at 4:42pm


        SunSista Two humanitarians coming together for the greater good? When GOD's thoughts are our only thoughts.contemplative prayer becomes contemplative worshipuniting in harmony with the cosmos"take to the light and cultivate''letting yourself go higher and higher till you feel your sublime peace in the cosmosa new resting place for recharge and anchoringits all so nice in the humanitarian mind. Let's go to Eden!

        January 2 at 7:28pm

    •°*”˜˜”*°•.Έ☆ ★ ☆Έ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.Έ☆
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆Έ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.Έ☆
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ NEW YEAR ☆ 2011!!
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆

    January 2 at 10:00am


      • Sevens8 yeah!! Happy New Year brother from 1st Eden.

        January 2 at 10:03am


        Sevens8 Brother from the Garden of immortality.

        January 2 at 10:04am

    Prophetic Secrets Revealed in Moses Tabernacle

    Here is the latest and a few more clues from the perspective of the Sanctuary, Just reminds me of the shape of the Cube near our Sun. Squares!

    Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministries, Manna Fest


      • Sevens8 Note Adam came alive out of the dust, like in this on track to1st Eden.

        January 2 at 8:11am


        Sevens8 When he speaks of Revelation being inspired, true it was a great revelation but it has been marred by man himself.

        January 2 at 8:13am

    A nation in fear, however I believe at the end of the day that if man new more about the ultimate truth that can be demonstrated he would feel better in all aspects of himself with immortality assured. In this truth he can arise all the fear where he is more loving based where the abuse is lessened as man spiritually evolves in the revelatory experience of God with knowledge in demonstration making it the Truth.

    Jesse Venture went looking for who was tracking him when he was governor and was incensed by when he found. Chips, rocks packed with equipment, multinational companies working with the FBI spying on us all - State of freedom in 2011. Colin Andrews report

    In the last few seconds of this video he mentions the ark and its shape like a Cube which reminds me of the cube that was photographed around the Sun. Could the Ark story, a local event of Noahs family and his animals story, expanded worldwide be a real metaphor for an evac/rapture? Look at his life reading the Signs of Flooding, ever increasing each year where he creates an Ark of safety, perhaps like in this day??

    Watch Uforeportlive's video about Aliens Evidence NASA Conspiracy Proof Government Cover-up Visitations From Other Planets U documentary on


      • Sevens8 Here is a Urantia Book search on Noah.

        January 1 at 7:03pm



        Here is a snipet, I like the tie in.

        (860.6) 77:4.11 Some of the early associates of Van subsequently settled about the shores of the lake which still bears his name, and their traditions grew up about this locality. Ararat became their sacred mountain, having much the same meaning to later-day Vanites that Sinai had to the Hebrews.

        >>Ten thousand years ago the Vanite ancestors of the Assyrians taught that their >>>moral law of seven commandments<<< had been given to Van by the Gods upon Mount Ararat.<<<>>> They firmly believed >>>that Van and his associate Amadon were taken alive from the planet while they were up on the mountain engaged in worship.<<<

        >>>(860.7) 77:4.12 Mount Ararat was the sacred mountain of northern Mesopotamia, and since much of your tradition of these ancient times was acquired in connection with the Babylonian story of the flood, it is not surprising that Mount Ararat and its region were woven into the later Jewish story of Noah and the universal flood.<<<

        (860.8) 77:4.13 About 35,000 B.C. Adamson visited one of the easternmost of the old Vanite settlements to found his center of civilization.


        I love the Metaphor to this Journey concerning the Seven Commands and perhaps a translation event!!!! Maybe a meeting Jesus event as foreseen in the Bible.

        I believe in the Journey of the Tree of Life Eden bound and including Dalamatia City and Van highland Captial, >the Easternmost of the Vanite Kingdom,< the cities of the Tree of Life does have paralleism in the reality in this day, today.

        ">>Ten thousand years ago the Vanite ancestors of the Assyrians taught that their >>>moral law of seven commandments<<< had been given to Van by the Gods upon Mount Ararat.<<<>>> They firmly believed >>>that Van and his associate Amadon were taken alive from the planet while they were up on the mountain engaged in worship.<<<"

        10,000 years today, we are on the journey of the Tree of Life and speaking of translation events in a Noah based reality in the parallelism to the reality of the Tree of Immortality. A possible Sevenfold Evac Rapture/Evac Rescue Mission!!

        note: there is a Mountain involved where you do not loose your dreams, they come with you, right! in the Big Country on the Mountain of God

        January 1 at 7:09pm



        ‎"(862.3) 77:5.9 The Adamsonites maintained a >>high culture for almost >seven thousand years< from the times of Adamson and Ratta.<< Later on they became admixed with the neighboring Nodites and Andonites and were also included among the >>“mighty men of old.”<<

        And >>some of the advances of that age persisted to become a latent part of the cultural potential which later blossomed into European civilization."<<

        For Seven thousand years eh

        January 1 at 7:25pm

    I thought this was quite realistic.
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      • Somonai UrAnid He seems to have no clue how he is being used as a propaganda device.

        January 1 at 10:32pm


        Vishnu Chand

        hi dont think this is end its a beginning another revolution..
        coz wen ever man man has deadly trouble revolution begins..

        eg: industrial revolution..
        hey even after world war we learn about quality management
        even those things taught us about the gamma radiation from space,

        so i believe sure there re-evolution better man kind

        January 5 at 2:36am

    I thought this was an interesting video that encapsulates the symbol of the Triangle for the Common man according to the Egyptians and note how the Word according this Egyptians made the Pyramid, the Triangle Symbol. Block by Block and precept upon precept, line upon line and I was interested to see how the Ultimation is making itself known to researchers.
    I believe all this information in terms of cultural stories are all related to Nomadic Andites throughout the world, spreading essentialy the stories about themselves in Myth , Legend encapsulated in their History, reflective of there truth that we can identify due to the Urantia Book.
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      • SunSista It's 11:00 on 1.1.11 ;) Heeeeello, midwayers!!

        January 2 at 5:07am


        Sevens8 yes its 5:14am upon reading this.

        January 2 at 5:15am

    Here some real UFO ORB action on 4th July, independance day. To me it has a real message in the Metaphor.
    Happy New Year 2011,Dennis!

    December 31, 2010 at 8:54pm


      • Sevens8 Hi Inger happy new year Ive been working the whole time and felt ill in the whole time, its only now I have some rest. All the best and great blessings for the new year yeeeah!

        January 1 at 12:35pm

    May you're New Year be ripe with new discoveries and cosmic ideals.Blessings upon you in GREAT abundance are yet to come!!

    Love and Light,


    Discoveries Search, The Urantia Book
    (1109.2) 101:4.1 >>>Because your world is generally ignorant of origins, even of physical origins,<<<>>> it has appeared to be wise from time to time to provide instruction in cosmology. And always has this made trouble for the future. The laws of revelation hamper us greatly by their proscription
    of the impartation of unearned or premature knowledge.

    ‎[swf file=""] The Urantia Book Paper 101The Real Nature of Religion (1104.1) 101:0.1 RELIGION, as a human experience, ranges from the primitive fear slavery of the evolving savage up to the sublime and magnificent faith liberty of those civilized morta


      • Sevens8 hey for sure no worries. A++++++ good start to the new year eh!

        January 1 at 12:50pm


        SunSista It's the seven fold A+++++++ for the seven8 in my life!! :)

        January 1 at 7:47pm

    Oh well, what can you do, fear driving more fear and that is the level. Who can do anything about this?

    China is preparing for conflict 'in every direction', the defence minister said on Wednesday in remarks that threaten to overshadow a visit to Beijing by his US counterpart next month.

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      • Diane Denison I have a lot to say about this. I am disappointed in the USA for helping China get powerful. The Nafta agreement. But as you say what can we do about this. Not much but pray for Peace in this world

        December 31, 2010 at 7:33pm

    Here is a video series about the 7 Seals, I have'nt seen it yet so let see if there are some parallels in the research to our journey Tree of Life Eden bound. Many videos I watch like this I see many extra things that does compliment the track.

    These are brilliant videos connecting the book of Revelation with historical fact, and that it has been unfolding on time since it was written. Refuting

    In my view, there appears to be approval from on high regarding disclosure. There appears to be a real UFO buzz happening in New Zealand.

    Could New Zealand be a vacation spot for UFOs?


    I can never get enough of these googley hypnotic eyed sumerian artefacts, but the differing opinions in this video appear to suggest this was more