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    The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

    For end time interpretation using the Urantia Book blending with other books of religion including the Dead Sea Scrolls I would research this link. I respect Ernest Moyers and his work.


    These papers are intended to assist others in their understanding of the grave decisions facing all of us today.
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      • Sevens8
        Right ona fragment

        "Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankind,
        And hidden Thy teaching within me, >>until it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph is come."<<

        This statement shows that the individual waited for indications of God's proper time.

        Many of the Psalms are designed to express the feelings of this servant.

        "They purposed to trammel my spirit, to wear down all my strength,
        >>With blasphemous mystic lore, converting the works of God into that which they guiltily imagined."<<

        This again shows the degraded spiritual environment in which the individual lives and works.

        Other statements tell much of the personality and attitudes of the servant.

        "Thou knowest also the nature of this, Thy servant, how I have not relied upon the things of the world lifting my heart in pride and vaunting my strength."

        "The soul of this, Thy servant, abhors all wealth and gain; in abundance of worldly delights his heart has no pleasure. Nay, in Thy covenant does my heart rejoice, and Thy truth it is that regales my soul.
        February 1 at 8:32am


        ‎"The autobiographical remarks show knowledge of intimate personal relationships and physical conditions of the servant. Concern for God's people, and the responsibility of executing this service, weigh heavily on the servant. Irregular sleeping hours reflect that mental and spiritual tension.

        Failure of the eyes could be from strain in a younger person; they could be from the deteriorations of age. The latter is intended."

        February 1 at 8:41am

    Wow man something is really happening here regarding all the prophecies and ots all connected to Solomon temple, its the signal, the beacon on the Hill, the signal not to have war! but be prepared for the entry and revealing of the Kingdom of Heaven.


    Watch Spirit23's video about Jerusalem ufo documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Sevens8 Un Salavable means no faith and Atheism or hatred to God or purpose killing in Gods name.
        February 1 at 9:10am


        Sevens8 I note the Rock of Dome Hovering, there are many Rocks on the journey to 1st Eden, Black Rock, the Great Rock of the Wurundjei, the Djurt Djurt roicks and The Submerged Rock of 1st Eden (the acropolis Hill), the Rock of Dalamatia City and finally the Rock of our Salvation Jesus. The Greatest Rock!
        February 1 at 9:23am



    Mohamed Ghanem, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, calls Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare the Egyptian army for a war with
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      • Sevens8 Because the Urantia Book is going to be the Saviour of things, this includes all the Kingdom of Heaven with the Paradise Trinity and Paradise Son.
        February 1 at 7:52am


        Diane Denison Egyptian people want a Caring Government not a radical self centered Muslim Brothers. They will win.. They are tired of being poor and abused Pray for them!!!
        February 2 at 6:27pm

    Its a mess, the financial postiton of the planet thanks to Wall street and there greed where these people have to pick up the pieces of the wall street wrought. Every man on this planet is simply a victim of Wall Street, universaly illegal and they know it when it comes to Universal Law.


    The world's expected economic growth will have to be supported by an extra $100 trillion (£63 trillion) in credit over the next decade, according to the World Economic Forum.
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      • Sevens8 It really needs a clean out of the shit in that company.
        February 1 at 7:09am


        Diane Denison I know some elders that had money and lost their money, over these wall street crooks. Thieves break bread with thieves and only keep sharing the wealth between them not caring who they hurt. But it will catch up with them. They will pay the price of their self centered evil actions.. They are the foolish men with No conception of Truth and Universal laws..
        February 2 at 7:16pm

    I was just contemplating to myself and it just occurred to me the reason for this visit?? Could it be that they are travelling of the coast of Lebanon to explore 1st Eden for themselves???? Because they can do it and willing to do it???


    News: Fleet of ships may soon enter waters very close to Israeli coast as part of drill, says admiral
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        SunSista me toohahaha! we are asleep!
        January 31 at 11:49pm


        Sevens8 regarding this thread who knows at the end of the day.
        February 1 at 6:42am

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        SunSista He is fun to watch in personI thoroughly enjoyed him one summer at an outdoor concert for great food and great music at an annual event called A Taste of Colorado in downtown Denver,he is totally in the zone and sweeps you away with him.
        January 31 at 11:26pm


    George Benson Exotica (Songs And Stories)
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      • SunSista I have some good Paul Hardcastle on my wall if you care to visithe's one of my favorites.
        January 31 at 11:08pm


        Sevens8 for sure.
        January 31 at 11:14pm

    Its acknowledged that the rate of UFO sightings have increased in the last year.

    Note the time on this one 7:15-7:30 mmm

      • Sevens8 Good for Iran Near Van Highland Capital the latter Arattian Kingdom where the Secondary Midwayers come from.
        January 31 at 11:01pm

    ‎4. The urge for security and power. Communism was finally destroyed by the deceptive practices of progressive and successful individuals who resorted to diverse subterfuges in an effort to escape enslavement to the shiftless idlers of their tribes. But at first all hoarding was secret; primitive insecurity prevented the outward accumulation of capital.

    January 31 at 9:28pm

      • Sevens8 And even at a later time it was most dangerous to amass too much wealth; the king would be sure to trump up some charge for confiscating a rich man’s property, and when a wealthy man died, the funeral was held up until the family donated a large sum to public welfare or to the king, an inheritance tax.
        January 31 at 9:28pm



        With the passing of communism, women were held individually, and the father gradually assumed domestic control. Thus the home had its beginning, and the prevailing polygamous customs were gradually displaced by monogamy. (Polygamy is the survival of the female-slavery element in marriage. Monogamy is the slave-free ideal of the matchless association of one man and one woman in the exquisite enterprise of home building, offspring rearing, mutual culture, and self-improvement.)

        January 31 at 9:30pm

    I thought this was interesting information worth looking into, I thought it was funny seeing God Given money system hahaha imposed. I think they make some interesting points but Im not into the rejection of God.

      • Sevens8
        This is very important.

        (781.5) 69:9.11 Sleeping space was one of man’s earliest properties. Later, homesites were assigned by the tribal chiefs, who held all real estate in trust for the group. Presently a fire site conferred ownership; and still later, a well constituted title to the adjacent land.

        (781.6) 69:9.12 Water holes and wells were among the first private possessions. The whole fetish practice was utilized to guard water holes, wells, trees, crops, and honey. Following the loss of faith in the fetish, laws were evolved to protect private belongings. But game laws, the right to hunt, long preceded land laws. The American red man never understood private ownership of land; he could not comprehend the white man’s view.

        (781.7) 69:9.13 Private property was early marked by family insignia, and this is the early origin of family crests. Real estate could also be put under the watchcare of spirits. The priests would “consecrate” a piece of land, and it would then rest under the protection of the magic taboos erected thereon. Owners thereof were said to have a “priest’s title.” The Hebrews had great respect for these family landmarks: “Cursed be he who removes his neighbor’s landmark.” These stone markers bore the priest’s initials. Even trees, when initialed, became private property.

        (782.1) 69:9.14 In early days only the crops were private, but successive crops conferred title; agriculture was thus the genesis of the private ownership of land. Individuals were first given only a life tenureship; at death land reverted to the tribe. The very first land titles granted by tribes to individuals were graves — family burying grounds. In later times land belonged to those who fenced it. But the cities always reserved certain lands for public pasturage and for use in case of siege; >>these “commons” represent the survival of the earlier form of collective ownership.<<

        (782.2) 69:9.15 Eventually the state assigned property to the individual, reserving the right of taxation. Having made secure their titles, landlords could collect rents, and land became a source of income — capital. Finally land became truly negotiable, with sales, transfers, mortgages, and foreclosures.

        (782.3) 69:9.16 Private ownership brought increased liberty and enhanced stability; >>>but private ownership of land was given social sanction only after communal control and direction had failed,<<< and it was soon followed by a succession of slaves, serfs, and landless classes. But improved machinery is gradually setting men free from slavish toil.

        January 31 at 8:40pm


        here is another fragment

        "(782.4) 69:9.17 The right to property is not absolute; it is purely social. But all government, law, order, civil rights, social liberties, conventions, peace, and happiness, as they are enjoyed by modern peoples, have grown up around the private ownership of property.

        (782.5) 69:9.18 >>>>>The present social order is not necessarily right — not divine or sacred — but mankind will do well to move slowly in making changes.<<<<<

        >>>>> That which you have is vastly better than any system known to your ancestors.<<<<<

        >>> Make certain that when you change the social order you change for the better. >>>>>Do not be persuaded to experiment with the discarded formulas of your forefathers.<<<<

        >>>>> Go forward, not backward! Let evolution proceed! Do not take a backward step.
        January 31 at 8:44pm


    Watch Ghost32's video about NBC News Doctor Morse Life After Death Experiments

    I think this is good video to watch, I think its important to explore things, thats why I think physical evidence is important like in the case of 1st Eden and Dalamatia City. Unbreakable evidence in my view keeps things realistic and further proves the Urantia Book.


    Since the Age of Enlightenment, the gap between the known and the unknown has shrunk considerably. We have mapped every corner of our planet and explored our universe, but despite this countless phenomena still remain unexplained. The Unexplained is a breathtaking new series from The History Channel

    Interesting video and says much about logos and its ancient origins. The Primary Midwayers were born in Dalamatia City submerged. They came out of the Sea.


    This episode was filmed in Bath and Bristol, England featuring special guests such as Michael Tsarion, Neil Hague, Ralph Ellis, Leo Rutherford, Neil Kramer, Dan Tatman and Peter Taylor. We also interview a priest, university students, teachers and of course a couple random pub interviews. We begin t
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      • Sevens8
        ‎"(834.7) 74:6.5 The bodies of Adam and Eve gave forth a shimmer of light, but they always wore clothing in conformity with the custom of their associates. Though wearing very little during the day, at eventide they donned night wraps.

        >>>The origin of the traditional halo encircling the heads of supposed pious and holy men dates back to the days of Adam and Eve. <<<<<

        >>Since the light emanations of their bodies were so largely obscured by clothing, only the radiating glow from their heads was discernible.<<<

        The descendants of Adamson always thus portrayed their >concept of individuals believed to be extraordinary in spiritual development."
        January 31 at 2:51pm


        I like this further piece from the Urantia Book link.

        >the younger being taught by the elder.<

        "(835.1) 74:6.7 The Adamic children attended their own schools until they were sixteen, >>>>>the younger being taught by the elder.<<<<<<<

        The little folks changed activities every thirty minutes, the older every hour. And it was certainly a new sight on Urantia to observe these children of Adam and Eve at play, joyous and exhilarating activity just for the sheer fun of it. The play and humor of the present-day races are largely derived from the Adamic stock. The Adamites all had a great appreciation of music as well as a keen sense of humor.
        January 31 at 2:52pm

    I wonder if this is true? If it was to stressful just sell out.


    this blog is all about latest happening in space,science,

      • Sharon Sadler Having all that money! Is the stressful part, in reality LOL
        January 31 at 8:51am


        Sevens8 maybe he should sell the business rather than pulling the plug and just relax.
        January 31 at 8:56am

    how cool


    Things look bad for the mom until the brave baby races to her rescue!

    Interesting developments.


    The story goes that an Israeli army chief of general staff once came to his headquarters and announced that he had some good news and some bad news. The bad news was that

    Ok this happened on Jan 28th 2011, for me its the day that 8th triangle cycle finished beginning the 9th Cycle in the Seventh/Shabbes timeline.


    Watch Scooby01ukuk's video about Aliens & UFOs documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Sevens8 you see if there is an evacuation of the 144,000 in real terms who could define the number of people maybe the 144,000 represent the people of the 144 weeks of the Seventh maybe! This could be any amount of people within the Ark of the End, at the end of the Age of Ignorance.
        January 30 at 11:49pm ·


        Sevens8 Just look at the Metaphor of the Hatch open and closing in a Space station with outside help. Craft, door opens and closes, space there are doors that are spoken off that opens and closes.
        January 31 at 7:17am

    Here is another prediction but how would you gauge this increase.


    Last year large numbers of people gathered in the Conscious Convergence event on July 17-18, 2010, setting an intention to manifest unity consciousness as the Ninth, and highest, of the Mayan waves brings the universe to its highest state of existence. This event served as a base camp for intention

    This interview is from 2008, lets see what has transpired since 2008.


    Watch Dmtshaman's video about UFO Video Pheonix Irvin Baxter George Noory Bible prophecy Revelation National ID-Act Temp documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Sevens8 The Journey to 1st Eden is a catalyst for restoration and renewal, a Phoenix and the Young Man.
        January 30 at 10:33pm


        Lily Fraser I stopped listening to George Noory when he started ranting against Hispanics and immigration issues. He needs to go back to talking about UFO's and such instead of being a racist bastard.
        January 31 at 4:02am



    Watch Goldy's video about Temple Jerusalem Mount Doomsday documentary on Disclose.tv

    Hey this totally Cool I hope its very recent like NOW! I hope this is not CGI but authentic.


    Watch Adamflownemo's video about UFO Over Temple Mount Jerusalem documentary on Disclose.tv
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      • Sevens8 I reckon that is right. it one of the best calculations ever on the run, I'm really happy with that and has all the matching metaphor! Purely on the run.
        January 30 at 8:08pm


        Terry Loconsolo That one seems real and what a strange one. The people recording it seem genuinely surprised. That was cool!
        January 30 at 8:42pm

    Looks like there many changes happening in Egypt. Looks like its beginning of a wave of scrutiny by the people of these nations, lile a spreading wave. This will be interesting what the changes occurs. I wonder if this is the beginning of prophecy towards Israel where everyone gangs up on it through these changes in its destruction attitude.

    January 30 at 6:52pm

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      • Sevens8 Could it be a reflection seen in the Dead Sea Scrolls!!
        January 30 at 6:52pm ;


        Sevens8 Just looking at the News tonight, what a disaster, there are many of the nations especially with war and homelessness that are in complete crisis.
        January 30 at 7:18pm

    Here is another presentation.


    Watch Captchaos's video about end time prophecy profeti hopi indian 2012
      • SunSista Interesting how the dying grandmother in video 5 said make a safe place in the mountains, more confirmation.
        January 30 at 5:47pm


        Sevens8 I thought the video series was interesting but it was some time ago but I feel there is a reality arising concerning the beginning where the end of ignorance comes from and connected to the truth of Universe....God.
        January 30 at 7:24pm

    I respect the Hopi and there prophecies, I think they are right! I think its is true what is happening but I feel there is a path of safety and its Faith in the Father of Heaven in a personal relationship in alignment and in friendship working and walking together in truth, beauty and goodness. In personal righteousness in uprightness with the Father of Heaven. Friendship and learning.


    Watch Pindz's video about HOPI ELDER SPEAKS documentary on Disclose.tv
      • Sevens8
        I think what he says right and true but I think we have extra widened information in the blend of things, on track and in focus of the truth demonstrated, in my view from the beginnings. But we have to see how things pan out in the whole scheme of things but I feel a quiet confidence and I feel a more underlying solid feeling within myself, a more solid feeling about what's happening. I feel we are the right side of Hopi Indian prophecy in Spirit and in Truth with all friendship sharing.

        It also occurred to me that if you blend all the prophecies of the Indian Nations, all the tribes, you will get the full image of the end reality in the End of the Age of Ignorance.

        The same can be said for the Australian Aboriginal Prophecies of this Country, all of them. If you blend all things of the Ancients, I am sure you come to the same image as we perceive today as developing on the run where we are observers seeing it come to pass before our eyes. I'm hoping for that to be honest, a final conclusion that resets the future in the truth way.

        I know the representatives of the races sit on the Judgement seat of the 24 elders, they come for there people from the ancient prophecies that I believe we can blend with the Bible and the Urantia Book including other books of religion. A complete package in the manifestation of the truth as we see and read drawing from the ancients and the recent today accompanied by a new Revelation to make the match, the key that unlocks the door.

        Maybe a 3rd to 1st Eden with wide approach with the Kingdom of Heaven in mind is the way to activate these things
        January 30 at 2:37pm ·


        Sevens8 Im not up to the 4th Video yet.
        January 30 at 2:37pm

    Ive seen this before in this country it reminds of the movie "The Birds" Maybe its some mating thing at a particular time of year or maybe the Crow Olympics.
      • Anna Horton Wow! What is that all about?
        January 30 at 1:46pm


        Sasha Tams Same is happening here, i have seen them do this before but much more lately,and seagulls are coming much further inland than normally do
        January 30 at 2:02pm

    ╔═══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ═══════════════╗
    ∯ If you have wonderful FB friends, put this on their Wall ∯
    ∯ Thank you, for Being YOU!! Peace☮ Love & Happiness☺ ∯
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    I just worked 16 hours at the Chinese Festival in Box Hill running a big Jurrasic park attraction. I just want to wish the Chinese people and familles a very happy New Year. I had a delightful day yesterday, I enjoyed relating to the Chinese people, they are nice families and there children are well behaved and responsive which made my job quite pleasant. Good on them. No worries mate!

    January 30 at 9:20am

      • SunSista You're heart is so sweethence the meaning of sweetheart!
        January 30 at 9:31am


        Sevens8 that was a noce things to say Cydney hey thanks no worries, have to go now but all the best for the day. Have a good one.
        January 30 at 9:48am

        Somonai UrAnid I wish I could speak Chinese Dennis. I have some Chinese friends and would really love to be able to give them the pleasure of communing with me, even a little bit, in their own language.
        January 30 at 10:09am ·

    Here is some more videos.


    Christian teaching on what is coming in 2012 and soon following. This site isn't so much about digging out secret conspiracies and symbols, or delving into theories of new scientific methods to predict what will happen to our planet. This site is more about what will happen to you.

    Here is some research to Wormwood which could connected to 2012 as we pass through the great rift. Maybe! Interesting thought though.


    Would you like to better understand the Wormwood prophecy of Revelation 8:7-12? In an interview with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM on November 10, 2008, Brent Miller explains how the prophecy is exactly what his scientific team discovered in their modeling the events that would hit the earth dur

    This is interesting, apparently we will enter into the Last day, November 3rd 2010 till 28th October 2011


    Carl Johan Calleman, author of "Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our time : The Mayan Calendar", "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" and "The Purposeful Universe: How Quantum Theory and Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life". We discuss Carl's work on the e
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      • Sevens8
        Who else are the elect, the one who God on there minds and in there hearts in there witness naturally in life towards one another. Who else can God rely on? The ones who accept him as their friend and desires assistance as a friend from the heart. God cannot have confidence in those who reject him and especially his Son Jesus Sovereign and the Kingdom of Heaven.

        That's it, that's the line in the Sand. Its all very simple, the truth is rather simple and very good at the same time and very stimulating
        January 28 at 10:26pm


        Linda Hodge Love it when you're stimulated.
        January 28 at 11:00pm

    Hi to all the people I poked, hahaha

    January 28 at 4:07pm

    Wayne have been talking about the newly discovered and confirmed red brown dwarf close to us. We seem to think that its this Nemsis, in its close approach to the Solar system that is upsetting the Sun and having effects on this planet. I think it makes all sense. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

      • Sevens8 I ws looking at the Sumerian Image on the Seal in the video. I believe the arrow Chris refers to as he described the Sumerian Relief with the very outer planet close by with royalty and priesthood sitting and standing next to in my mind is the Tree of Life. Maybe the Tree of Life could be related to the very outer planet and has direct connections to Dalamatia City and 1st Eden including Vans Highland Kingdom in the Kopet Daugh, Iran.
        January 28 at 7:10pm


        Sevens8 I was looking at the Sumerian Image on the Seal in the video. I believe the arrow Chris refers to as he described the Sumerian Relief with the very outer planet close by with royalty and priesthood sitting and standing next to in my mind is the Tree of Life. Maybe the Tree of Life could be related to the very outer planet and has direct connections to Dalamatia City and 1st Eden including Vans Highland Kingdom in the Kopet Daugh, Iran.
        January 28 at 7:13pm ·

    Celebrating the beauty of mankind. Doesn't Janet and Michael Jackson look alike, when I see Janet it reminds me of Michael. All the best to the whole Jackson family.

    What a great contribution the Jackson family has had on this planet in beauty and personal art.


    Music video by Janet Jackson performing Come Back To Me. (C) 1990 A&M Records

    I thought this was very interesting, apparently the Universe is digital ( we are decimal species) and there are boundaries in Space as we know already. 10(55) to the power of 15(555). mmm the maximun and minimum.


    The Creation And Gap Theory Stretch Factor documentary on Disclose.tv
      • Sevens8 i thoroughly enjoyed that presentation.
        January 27 at 8:32pm ·


        Sevens8 I can see the 5 pattern aspect in the my calcuation of the calculations makes me think if the 5 pattern points to all of creation/Universe in its limits. Seems pefect conditions for Time/Space life to evolve.
        January 28 at 9:09am


        SunSista I am starting to notice the 55 pattern too, Dennisyesterday I noticed paper 55 is in the middle of the UB. If you subtract the pentateuch papers which are the first 5 of the Father in section 1, and last 5 of the Mother at the end of section 3, paper 55 is directly in the middle.The Spheres of Light and LifeI thought that was very cool.
        January 28 at 12:49pm


    Watch Scooby01ukuk's video about Aliens & UFOs documentary on Disclose.tv
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        January 28 at 6:24am

    I thought George Carlin made some interesting points. I am white, a Non US citizen and poor but I really feel for the young Black man and particulary those in the Highways and Hedges doing there best for the Most High in there understanding even though I have a few varying ideas.


    Watch Gloomylunatic's video about George Carlin documentary on Disclose.tv
      • Sevens8 However, I wish this research and the outcome to 1st Eden will inspire the young Black Man to the Green Pastures beside still waters where he find peace and spiritual stabilisation in truth and understanding.
        January 27 at 6:19pm

    Problems eh!


    Anti-government activists in Egypt prepare to hold a "day of revolt" inspired by recent political upheaval in Tunisia.

    I thoiught this Rod was interesting and film I dont think has interlace problems at high speed. I also noted and like the triangle formation made by the lights.


    Watch Scooby01ukuk's video about Aliens & UFOs documentary on Disclose.tv
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      • SunSista These rods remind me of the earlier work of Trevor Constable and his amoeba UFO theories.
        January 27 at 3:11pm

    John 19:41
    Now in the place where he was crucified there was a garden; and in the garden a new sepulchre, wherein was never man yet laid.

    January 26 at 11:25pm


    Peter White feat. Boney James - What's Going On Album: "Promenade" (1993)

    hey Wayne sent me this link

    Have you considered that the the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the truth revealed alongside the journey of the Tree of Life.
    Genesis 2:9
    And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.


    Bible search for "the garden" in King James Version (English)

    research during the day on the Urantia thread.

    (842.6) 75:4.4 Every time the Garden pair had partaken of the fruit of the tree of life, they had been warned by the archangel custodian >>>to refrain from yielding to >the suggestions of Caligastia to combine good and evil.<<<< They had been thus admonished:


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U75.mp3"] The Urantia Book Paper 75The Default of Adam and Eve (839.1) 75:0.1 AFTER more than one hundred years of effort on Urantia, Adam was able to see very little progress outside the Garden; the world at large did not seem to be improving much.

      • Sevens8
        But this one leads to a massive scripture for the future in my view.

        "Deuteronomy 28:32
        Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand."

        Here is the positive benefits of Obedience, there is also a section of disobedience but we know happens in rebellion. No point going through that I wanted this post to be more of encouragement.

        "The Blessings of Obedience
        28And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

        2 And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. 3 Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. 4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. 5 Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. [1] 6 Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.

        7 The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways. 8 The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, [2] and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

        9 The Lord shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways. 10 And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee.

        11 And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, [3] in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee.

        >>>>12 The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.<<<<<

        13 And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; >>>if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:<<>> 14 And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them."<<<

        January 26 at 9:47pm


        here is the UB about precious stones and metals in the Garden of Eden.

        "(823.5) 73:3.5 The mountains surrounding the Garden abounded in precious stones and metals,<<< though these received very little attention. The dominant idea was to be the glorification of horticulture and the exaltation of agriculture."

        January 26 at 10:15pm

    some interesting footage.


    Watch Pindz's video about UFO LANDS THE MOON 100% PROOF documentary on Disclose.tv


    Watch Ghost32's video about RAF Lightning Disappeared Chasing UFO 1970 documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Sevens8 I thought the Moustache was rather cool I thought, I was noticing that to.
        January 27 at 6:02pm


        SunSista Well, whatever happened to the left side of this guys mustache is as much a mystery as the pilot flying the Lightningthey are both missing! hahaha! Maybe the razor decided to take a jump, too!
        January 27 at 10:46pm

    I have posted something similar to this before but I thought it was interesting where Noah means Rest and Comfort. Like the comfort of the his Rod and Staff.


    Watch Adamflownemo's video about hidden message bible god jesus christ lord adam noah Genealogy documentary on Disclose.tv

    I thought this was interesting to following the Sevens frequency.


    Watch Adamflownemo's video about Hidden Message bible Torah Code god jesus christ lord grace documentary on Disclose.tv

    I posted this before but there is more footage of the lines.


    Watch Caino's video about Caino UFOs Nazca documentary on Disclose.tv

    Worth checking out.


    Watch Ghost32's video about Bill Ryan Elites Plan Against PoleShift PlanetX documentary on Disclose.tv



    Watch Ghost32's video about Lloyd Pye The Starchild Skull And PlanetX Nibiru documentary on Disclose.tv
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  • Sevens8

    I really respect these guys in the hedges and highways speaking with the bible but I'm a little confused what type of group are they. Like do they believe in Jesus. I think they feel they are true Jews, fair enough but I wonder how and through what they make the connection?


    January 26 at 6:08pm · · · Share
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  • Sevens8

    I thought this was cool for our Indonesian brothers next door.


    The emergence of Indonesia’s first documented crop circle has left locals wondering whether or not aliens it's evidence of alien life.
    January 26 at 5:33pm · · · Share

    i reckon a simple I read and see experience in a 3rd expedition would work out well. For example if approached people of the street and said to them. Hey man you want to go to 1st Eden in a I read and see Show and tell journey?, most people would say off the cuff, Oh yeah no worries that sounds cool lets do it.

    January 26 at 8:40am

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      • Somonai UrAnid All teachers etc would have to have worldly experience Dennis, yes. Anyone born in such a place and educated as a child there would have to leave for a period before being qualified to return as a teacher. And people such as you and i and Cydney already have plenty of world under our skin, eh? My dreaming has been based around the Garden concept for years Dennis, years and years it feels like, but I will not despair, even if i only end up carrying the dream to pass on.
        January 26 at 12:38pm


        Sevens8 The good thing is Somomai is that we can talk about as if we are there and we all have fellow understanding of the place where great mystery surrounds in my view and no one is left out nor forgotten in there dreams in this place.
        January 26 at 5:17pm

    I think this interesting research


    Watch Pindz's video about Alert The Star That From Heaven Fell documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Sevens8 and do some movies and expeditions. Things people will respect because they can see and touch in a way and its simple.
        January 26 at 7:13am

        Sevens8 Things a bloke in the street can understand and capture.

        January 26 at 7:14am

    Nnless they lived on the outskirts of our Solar System like near the Kiuper belt.


    A leading astronomer has concluded there probably aren’t any aliens out there – meaning we are entirely alone in the universe.

    Full on!
      • Sevens8 note its old footage.
        January 25 at 11:07pm

    Ok here is My Australia Day celebration that acknowledges GOD, the Father in Heaven and his Paradise Son, Jesus the Sovereign.

    Welcome to the Australia Day celebration on behalf of the Sevenfold Mission of this country and for all nations through the beginnings where the end of ignorance occurs through the Fruit of the Tree of Life, 1st Eden bound


    Call On Jesus Lyrics Artist(Band):Nicole C. Mullen Verse 1: I'm so very ordinary, nothing special on my own. Oh, I have never walked on water, And I have never calmed a storm. Sometimes I'm hiding away from the madness around me Like a child who's afraid of the dark Chorus: But when I

      • Sevens8 The Urantia movement needs more Soul and Spirit. I reckon more boldness. But I do feel there are many deep thinkers there which is good but needs more for people to look into the book. Perhaps something simple like an experience with the book that can introduce a persona easily regardless of any stage. Like the I read and see method, show and tell like in School.
        January 26 at 7:10am


        Sevens8 Jesus was all about simplifying things regarding the heart and soul of man walking with God.
        January 26 at 7:11am

    There celebrating Australia Day on TV tonight with cool people but where is God and acknowledgement in what he has done for this country and this people? Where is the acknowledgement there to God???? or the Father in Heaven where is religion!! in this celebration that I see on TV or have we divorced God all of sudden.

    January 25 at 9:25pm

      • Somonai UrAnid You guys have an advantage over me in being able to appreciate these things of which you speak. But the Australia that I recall from my early days is something that is far less free today. Mainly to do with overmuch government and paranoia. Gotta lock your doors these days, and a smart-arse comment in jest is easily taken as an insult by the younger generation. Times generally are more grim.
        January 27 at 12:39am


        Mira Mikulic I agree with you Somonai and still recall the days when we didn't lock our houses, had security doors/windows. Political correctness has gone quite far these days. However, having travelled extensively and observed how other people live, this is still a very lucky country and I am certainly very grateful for the opportunity to be able to live here♥
        January 27 at 10:46am




    The Doobie Brothers, Rockin' Down The Highway Show Live. with Michael McDonald. Excellent performance of "Takin' It To The Streets"! From 1996. Black Water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqZ95a249p0


    The project, a man-made archipelago designed to resemble a map of the planet, is facing disaster as its islands have begun sinking, a tribunal heard this week.

    I must say there are a few black patches around. Just look at the news, drought, sickness, floods, religious murders, atheism that offers nothing, no money, homelessness due to disaster. You name we have it right!

    January 25 at 7:04pm

    So the Leader of Hezbollah is indicted by the UN, So Hezbollah makes an attempt to avoid facing the indictment by making a power grab. The leader has blood on his hands he is on the run already from Justice of this planet that all nations agree with. You cannot escape the Law of this planet.


    BEIRUT - The Shiite armed movement Hezbollah cobbled together enough support Monday to appoint Lebanon's next prime minister, effectively ending nearly six years of rule by Western-backed leaders and prompting the United States to warn it could cut off aid to this key Arab nation.
      • Sevens8 Can you see how its all shaping up. I can see a future war happening with this bloke and his backers, who is on the run from Justice which includes Universal Justice of the Sevenfold Ancients of Days.
        January 25 at 6:52pm


        No matter what they say, they have blood on the hands and the Ancients of Days are reigning them in step by step, as they are exposed by there own witness in the action to avoid the planetary law agreed by all nations of this planet. He is not even man enough to face the truth in uprightness, he runs like a criminal, like all of them he just has more tools, typical boarding house attitude reaction in dishonour.

        No different despite who they think they are
        January 25 at 6:55pm

    I just saw this on the News, unbelievable, I wonder who is responsible!! I wonder who the cowards are. No entry in the Kingdom of Heaven for them, not at all.. You don't enter if you do this or even teach this. Killers like this only lead people to the path of death including there own personality extinction.


    A deadly bomb attack on one of Moscows main airports has killed at least 35 people and injured more than 100 others Investigators believe it was detonated by a suicide bomber No group has claime

      • Sevens8 I know Al I understand exactly what you say, oh well maybe these type of things are necessary to activate people. I believe 1st Eden is a good focus to activate people in reply to all the black patches that we see around us.
        January 25 at 8:27pm

        Sevens8 Aah no worries I hope the link helps in all things for sure. Its good to have you as a friend with understanding and with a good heart. No worries at all.

        January 25 at 8:29pm

    Here is another very interesting discovery that goes back 11,000 years ago near the Southern part of the Caspian Sea near the Kopet Daugh where Vans Highland Capital was situated. Near the Arattian Kingdom.


    Jiroft Lived on Developed Agriculture 5000 Years Ago, Iran Archeological studies carried out on the tools unearthed in Jiroft have shown that 5000 years ago as towns started to shape up, the residents of the Jiroft enjoyed a developed ag

      • Sevens8
        Here is more information that places habitation in Iran way back to 75,000 years

        Mazandaran is a major producer of farmed fish,[10] and aquaculture provides an important economic addition to traditional dominance of agriculture.[11] Another important contributor to the economy is the tourism industry, as people from all of Iran enjoy visiting the area.[12] Mazandaran is also a fast-growing centre for biotechnology [6] and civil engineering.

        Human habitation in the area dates back at least 75,000 years.[13][14] Recent excavations in Goher Tippe provide proof that the area has been urbanized for more than 5,000 years, and the area is considered one of the most important historical sites of Iran.[15] It has played an important role in cultural and urban development of the region.[16]

        Indigenous peoples of the region include the ethnic Mazanderanis [17] speaking an Iranian language which most resembles Gilaki and Sangiseri.[citation needed]


        that more like it. Dilmun/Babel would of been in operation then doing its commercial thing
        January 25 at 5:59pm


        I'Id say Van hoighland Capital is located in the "
        Greater Khorasan " area 40 miles South West as the crow flys from ShirVan.

        Greater Khorasan (Persian: خراسان باستان یا خراسان بزرگ) (also written Khurasan) is a historical region spanning northeastern Iran, northern Afghanistan, and the southern parts of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.[1][2] The name "Khorasan" is derived from Middle Persian khor "sun" + asa "literally, like or akin to, but usually meaning >>>arising from", hence meaning "land where the sun rises"<<<<. The Persian word Khāvar-zamīn (Persian: خاور زمین), meaning "the eastern land", has also been used as an equivalent term.


        In relation to the journey to the ancient places and the theme of Dilmun/Babel noted as the "City of the Rising Sun", note this similarity in the Metaphor found in the meaning of Khorasan.

        >>>arising from", hence meaning "land where the sun rises"<<<<.

        The Land where the Sun Rises
        Like Dilmun/Babel "the City where the Sun Rises." or City of the Rising Sun. The Sphinx(the remembrance) points to Dilmun/Babel.

        January 25 at 6:08pm

    Here is an interesting video on the Seven faces of Iran.


    Beyond the gate of time lies a civilization with seven thousand years of celebrated heritage. A cradle of civilization a tolerant world empire a crossroad of civilizations a world of artistic forms and shapes a kaleidoscope of architectural marvels recreated for the first time: IRAN Seven f
      • Sevens8 Celebrating there Nodite Heritage which was very advanced.
        January 25 at 5:07pm


        Sevens8 Susa, fascinating place, Jesus spent some there in Susa and Ur probably thinking about the future to come and how things will be revealed from the hidden at some point in the future.
        January 25 at 5:10pm


        Sevens8 What a very rich culture in its illustrious Heritage.
        January 25 at 5:31pm

    This really good but originaly Iranian Archaeologist said that Jiroft was 11,000 years, this crew warp the timeline by saying its 3000BC. I like to see there evidence before I accept there timeline. The script of Jiroft I think probably relates to the Dilmunite script which was more Aryan which makes sense.


    Jiroft civilization (Persian تمدن جيرفت) is a postulated early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC) archaeological culture, located in what is now Iran's Sistan and Kermān Provinces. The hypothesis is based on a collection of artifacts that were confiscated in Iran and accepted by many to have derive

      • Sevens8 The triangle/circle symbol in the Jiroft script is probably meaning Dilmun/Babel, the circle being Babel or significant for the land of Bablod.
        January 25 at 4:52pm


        Sevens8 Nodite artwork representing there heritage including motifs of major characters in there heritage.
        January 25 at 5:01pm

    From St Ephraim Seven Pearls.
    "In the mysteries whose type thou art, Women are clothed with Light in Eden."

    January 25 at 8:29am

    Bright Spark , St Ephraim Eastern Christian Church 300AD. I always believed this has something to do with 1st Eden. I feel there is a connection with "Bright Spot" in UB describing 1st Eden of the past and "Bright Spark" in St Ephraim in the revealing, today on journey to 1st Eden.


    On a certain day a pearl did I take up, my brethren; I saw in it mysteries pertaining to the Kingdom; Semblances and types of the Majesty; It became a fountain, and I drank out of it mysteries of the Son.

      • Sevens8 The Seven Pearls could be the story of 1st Eden, in reflection of the revealing in many aspects.
        January 25 at 8:16am


        You see in my mind 1st Eden is the Theme.

        Thou dost not hide thyself in thy bareness, O pearl!
        With the love of thee is the merchant ravished also,
        For he strips off his garments;
        Not to cover thee --
        (thy clothing is thy light, thy garment is thy brightness,
        O thou that art bared!)

        Thou art like Eve who was clothed with nakedness.
        Cursed be he that deceived her and stripped her and left her.
        The serpent cannot strip off thy glory.
        >>>>In the mysteries whose type thou art,
        Women are clothed with Light in Eden.<<<
        January 25 at 8:28am

    This appears interesting. I wonder if they got the report from the Chinese President direct.


    Hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens remain stunned today after China’s official government television news station Xinhua made their unprecedented
      • Sevens8
        Off course I believe 1st Eden is the physical Salvation of the non aligned or halfhearted. Its the physical symbol of the Father in heaven that Adam points and I point to with all the scriptures of the prophets in support.

        1st Eden of Cyprus today is the only BRIGHT SPOT on this planet where the BRIGHT SPARK lives.

        Well study the Bright Spark in the next post
        January 25 at 7:26am


        Lauren Zimmerman From what I understand .. yes .. in answer to your question.
        January 25 at 9:51am

    Interesting development!!


    Less than 24 hours after the breakdown of its nuclear dialogue with the six world powers in Istanbul, Iran announced plans Sunday, Jan. 23, to senda fleet of warships, including a home-made destroyer, on operational and intelligence-gathering missions to the Red Sea and on to the Mediterranean throu


    Watch Scooby01ukuk's video about Aliens & UFOs documentary on Disclose.tv

    Here is Perry Stone latest video
    Pentecost to Trumpets Where We are Headed in Prophecy


    Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministries, Manna Fest

      • Sevens8
        Mind you in this calculation Tishiri is the SEVENTH Month where the New Year Begins. ending in the 78 and begins on the 9.

        The Feast of Tabernacles, also called Booths, comes on the >>fifteenth of Tishri<< (September-October), >>the seventh month<< according to the Jewish (biblical) calendar. This was the third feast that required a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to worship in the Temple and offer sacrifices and offering to the Lord.


        Perry Stone calculated Jesus birth at around the Feast of Tabernacles which is very close 23 days difference actually from the Urantia Book birth of Jesus.

        The Urantia Book

        Paper 122!!!!
        Birth and Infancy of Jesus

        January 24 at 11:29pm


        ‎"Perry Stone calculated Jesus birth at around the Feast of Tabernacles which is very close, 23 days difference actually from the Urantia Book birth of Jesus."

        If you go August 22nd its 22 days difference. I thought that was an interesting match in the 22. which is like the 1111 for me.
        January 25 at 7:15am

    Hey here is a crop circle coming from Indonesia.

    Here is the blog link.
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      • Margo Mills what are your ideas on what the crop circles purpose? I think its very multi level multi dimensional. Maybe a part of the whole vibrational/frequency connection with all the sacred sites in forming a new consciouness grid that is part of the current ascension program we seem to be in and experiencing. Maybe they also are triggering an awakening of the masses while also revealing things to come, giving us a map so to speak. They are doing something profound and its no wonder our media ignores them.
        January 26 at 3:35am


        Sevens8 I think youre right and are part of the whole panorama.
        January 26 at 7:01am

    Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two, earth changes?


    The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor -- and that water will ultimately cover

      • SunSista No the Angels donot the book says only on rare occasions. I think like when Gabrielle came to Mary and Elizabeth..it better be damn important.
        January 24 at 9:19am


        Sevens8 i agree with that Cydney something of the highest level.
        January 24 at 9:23am


    Watch Terrahuman's video about Alien Interview documentary on Disclose.tv
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      • Jason Evans
        i'm sure your right somonai, i like to take things from the horses mouth myself. .. i've learned to limit my faith in our 'altered' news casts. the more i look into what would be a non-breather and the horses mouth info i've found via others and personaly, hmmmm. .. .how do i say? it all makes perfect sense. .. maybe a little scary, but i have that faith that extingishes and parinoiya on this matter, i'm just a little more thirsty for more non hypicritical answers. and it never fails!: " knock and it shall be open unto you." also i havn't accepted human trading because if a non-breath has our same spirit, that trading process would be primative, and so i can only presieve them to be working with our governments the best 'they' can, and not 'we' can. . .as they would have little use for us in our present condition spiritualy, you know, don't breath, don't eat' probably done use paper money,. .. metals and material on the other hand. . . not sure how to give a satisfactery comment but this is just one perspective from someone who hasn't truly contemplated the existance of such a creature because i've always seen it too improbable for any material (with out celestal help) biped-being to find it that valuable to come to earth from light years away, and i still do. but saturn's rings do seem tale tale of something. . .and the UB seem impenaturable of contradiction and useless statments. . .
        January 25 at 5:56am


        Somonai UrAnid Jason, Steven Greer has won my ears when it comes to info on ETs. There are various types, all of them multidimensional inside their ships at least, and some of them outside their ships as well (like midwayers). I doubt that any of them are our nonbreather neighbours.
        January 25 at 6:24am

    If you do search on 1st eden of Ellen White prophecies you will see that are fulfilling prophecy on track to 1st Eden as I just realised further

    here is the link if it doesnt work

    I'm not sure what's going on here?


    The key is simply know who you are, stay in honour and stand your ground peacefully. I was in "court" because I parked mine or my wife's conveyance on my Sovereign land (i.e.) lawn. No ticket, straight to a court summons issued on a fictitious entity. On and for the record this file was filled with
    • Diane Denison likes this.

      •  Sevens8 I think the judge left out of absurdity to be honest because he did not understand where the guy was coming from. I think the guy before the judge should of explained himself more fully.
        January 23 at 2:37pm


        Sevens8 But then again maybe the judge left as he knew there was vulnerability and did not want to be drawn on that level..
        January 23 at 2:37pm


        Somonai UrAnid The court system is only partly based on actual law. It is also a club of professional heckling, clever deceit, humiliation, threat and biased decision by the magistrate. When someone just holds to the law without entering into the antics of the court they really annoy the monkeys holding the court.
        January 24 at 11:17am

    The problem is there is faulty information here, in truth the truth is given out wth without secrecy and initates of sorts. All that is evolutionary religion under the guise of sin and scarafice a false notion from the beginning regarding the relationship with God.


    Watch Gloomylunatic's video about Where Helena Got The Secret Doctrine documentary on Disclose.tv
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      •  Sevens8
        Its not the truth but a rehashed version of faulty information that seems to offer peace of sorts but still under the bondage of man kind information in all his go no where ritual and rote that is needless and means nothing. Not a scrap of revelatory information and misses the vital information of the ultimate truth as we can demonstrate today, right now.

        In all there sophistry they cant demonstrate a thing, not one thing in truth and reincarnation does not occur.

        Having no recognition of the truth of God and his Son Jesus gets you nowhere either. No recognition in the truth of th Sovereign Jesus and the Father in Heaven, out of the harbour.

        Line in the Sand. hop along
        January 23 at 9:19am


        Sevens8 All this nice guy stuff leads to the "Drop in the ocean" of non identity which means no repersonalisation.
        January 23 at 9:20am

    Its this verse that just says it all.
    (1065.6) 97:4.3 Said Amos: “He who formed >the mountains< and created the wind, seek him who formed >the seven stars< and Orion, who >turns the shadow of death into the morning< and >makes the day dark as night.”
    the journey to the beginnings!

    January 23 at 8:18am


      • Sevens8 yeah, oh well it seems to be a common characteristic throughout the ages.
        January 23 at 8:34am


        SunSista Yeah..people don't like when the light shines on them ahahaha! They should take the mind of Jesus.
        January 23 at 8:35am

    I suppose at the end of the day God is no respector of persons.
    (1065.5) 97:4.2 Amos was not merely a restorer or reformer; he was a discoverer of new concepts of Deity. He proclaimed much about God that had been announced by his predecessors and courageously attacked the belief in a Divine Being who would countenance sin among his so-called chosen people.


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U97.mp3"] The Urantia Book Paper 97Evolution of the God Concept among the Hebrews (1062.1) 97:0.1 THE spiritual leaders of the Hebrews did what no others before them had ever succeeded in doing — they deanthropomorphized their God concept without co

      • Sevens8
        and this clue

        "(1066.3) 97:4.6 Hosea faithfully continued the moral warnings of Amos, saying of God, “It is my desire that I chastise them.” But the Israelites regarded it as cruelty bordering on treason when he said: “I will say to those who were not my people, ‘you are my people’; and they will say, ‘you are our God.’” He continued to preach repentance and forgiveness, saying, “I will heal their backsliding; I will love them freely, for my anger is turned away.” Always Hosea proclaimed hope and forgiveness. The burden of his message ever was: >>>>“I will have mercy upon my people. They shall know no God but me, for there is no savior beside me.”"<<<<<

        ( Yes Father, I know that, I see that in the journey to the ancient places I see your divine wisdom and your spiritual glory.
        January 23 at 8:14am


        Jason Evans
        the love of Jesus' words were began many time whith rebuke, but immeateatly he would follow with corresponding words of direction and hope. i just requiers a lil spiritual salve to see for yourself what these words relate in ones present condition.
        i glad things spiritual remain true and consistant in any time. . .truly amazing
        January 24 at 12:51pm


    Physicist and author of "Physics of the Future" Michio Kaku warned world citizens this morning on Good Morning America about the pending threat o

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      • Diane Denison Horns are cool
        January 23 at 6:38pm


        SunSista It feels like he took me under his saxophone wing..lol!
        January 27 at 9:13am


    Goin All Out" the title track from sax man Eric Darius. Enjoy!
      • Sevens8 very cool
        January 22 at 10:07pm

    mmm interesting, i wonder if its Andite legacy??


    The oldest temple of the Sun has been discovered in northwest Bulgaria, near the town of Vratsa, estimated to be more than 8000 years old. By The Sofia Echo staff, published 15/12/2010 13:35:00.

    anyone notice the same?


    There has already been threads about the position of the moon and many eagle eyed astro-types soon perked up and said that the moon IS
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      • Sevens8 so what, that does nor bother me at all. What do you represent?
        January 23 at 6:45am


        Sevens8 some posts were removed by the author all you see in the latter is my responses so they might be out of context in the flow of the posts.
        January 23 at 3:36pm

    More information about the results of the Jan 14(77)th 2011 Cold Fusion experiment.


    New Energy Times and LENR-CANR.org weigh in with optimistic statements about Andrea Rossi's revolutionary claim of a hydrogen-nickel fusion device capable of producing 10 kilowatts of heat
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      •  SunSista Thx, DennisI forwarded it to the energy guru of our household
        January 22 at 5:59am


        Sevens8 hahaha what a buzz.
        January 23 at 6:09am


    Watch Dish4's video about lake titicaca temple ancient documentary on Disclose.tv


    One of the things that came up in the many comments appended to the article on Bob's painting of extinct Maltese animals was the famous Egyptian tomb painting of the 'pygmy mammoth'. You're likely already familiar with this (now
    • Jason Evans likes this.

      •  Sevens8
        The Urantia Book
        "(721.5) 64:4.7 Mammalian life had been little changed by the great glacier. These animals persisted in that narrow belt of land lying between the ice and the Alps and, upon the retreat of the glacier, again rapidly spread out over all Europe. >>There arrived from Africa, over the Sicilian land bridge, straight-tusked elephants,<< broad-nosed rhinoceroses, hyenas, and African lions, and these new animals virtually exterminated the saber-toothed tigers and the hippopotamuses."

        January 21 at 4:49pm



        "(697.1) 61:3.6 The huge elephants of this and subsequent periods possessed large brains as well as large bodies, and they soon overran the entire world except Australia. For once the world was dominated by a huge animal with a brain sufficiently large to enable it to carry on. >>>Confronted by the highly intelligent life of these ages, no animal the size of an elephant could have survived unless it had possessed a brain of large size and superior quality.<<< In intelligence and adaptation the elephant is approached only by the horse and is surpassed only by man himself.>> Even so, of the >>fifty species<< of elephants in existence at the opening of this period, only two have survived."<<

        January 21 at 4:52pm



        "(560.5) 49:1.6 The early stages of life evolution are not altogether in conformity with your present-day views. Mortal man is not an evolutionary accident. There is a precise system, a universal law, which determines the unfolding of the planetary life plan on the spheres of space. Time and the production of large numbers of a species are not the controlling influences. Mice reproduce much more rapidly than elephants, yet elephants evolve more rapidly than mice.

        (560.6) 49:1.7 The process of planetary evolution is orderly and controlled. The development of higher organisms from lower groupings of life is not accidental. >Sometimes evolutionary progress is temporarily delayed by the destruction of certain favorable lines of life plasm carried in a selected species.<<>> It often requires ages upon ages to recoup the damage occasioned by the loss of a single superior strain of human heredity.<<

        >>>>>These selected and superior strains of living protoplasm should be jealously and intelligently guarded when once they make their appearance. And on most of the inhabited worlds these superior potentials of life are valued much more highly than on Urantia."<<<<<


        January 21 at 4:56pm

    I was drawn to the Whale prophecy and the Grey whale located of the Israel Coast a sign of the 3rd redemption.

    America - Israel the Final Redemption Cycle.


    Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministries, Manna Fest

    Looks like our Non breather friends are revealing themselves to us in this country. Im sure about the devil connotation, all religious assumption with no credibility in evidence. anyway I found the video interesting.


    Watch Remanuelli's video about alien gry demon documentary on Disclose.tv

      • Jason Evans well, i sure wasted a few minutes of my time
        January 22 at 5:06pm


        Jason Evans and some space for a 'good' video is gone. although it does make me wish i had night vision capability sometimes. . .
        January 22 at 5:09pm

    Wishing you a great time,Dennis!

    January 20 at 6:55pm

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      •  Sevens8
        I had a great time Inger, I walked the track taking very small shots with a little talk. Very brief just getting a feel for it. I screwed up a few shots so I might have a redo which I don't mind as I love to walk the Garden on top of the hill.

        Its a beautiful theme, the Garden theme with small talks and nice places with views. The sounds of the babbling spring feed Creeks and the birds in the background is very beautiful and spiritual. 200 years ago it was an enchanted forest with 200-300 ft Mountain Ash gum trees
        January 21 at 5:26am


        Sevens8 especially designed for the people of the Garden and man loves Garden and loves what comes out of Garden in all the flowering, even spiritual flowering.
        January 21 at 5:27am



    Funnyman Seth Rogen was left stunned by a recent encounter with his moviemaking hero George Lucas - because the Star Wars director spent 20 minutes telling him the world would end in 2012.

    Betelgeuse is in Taurus i think.


    IT'S the ultimate experience for Star Wars fans - staring forlornly off into the distance as twin suns sink into the horizon.
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        Sevens8 but they say it will happen in a million years.

        January 20 at 10:18am


        Wayne Washere its the same object that has wings in the imaging from SOHO that i ahve ben posting for 2 yrs and following through space its called planet x
        January 22 at 4:05am


        Jason Evans ‎2012?? when it collapses or when we finally see it?
        January 22 at 5:14pm

    Some 400 hungry wolves in the Siberian Republic
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        Somonai UrAnid their days are numbered then. What do wolf pelts bring these days I wonder.

        January 21 at 5:37pm


        Sevens8 ‎300 dollars I think
        January 21 at 5:38pm

    While I'm thinking about Islam where we are still looking for the expected Mahdi. I believe the following is a Type and Shadow of the Mahdi for this day to come. The lover of the Mountain where he could go and walk and speak with God, like Jesus and the Young Man who was afraid or reluctant.


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U130.mp3"]The Urantia Book Paper 130On the Way to Rome (1427.1) 130:0.1 THE tour of the Roman world consumed most of the twenty-eighth and the entire twenty-ninth year of Jesus’ life on earth.
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      • Sevens8
        I went for a walk day before yesterday with the video camera and took shots experimenting getting a feel for it. When I downloaded the video some Video shots where out of sequence but I plan to go back and do something more expanded since I know what I feel whilst doing it.

        It was a warm sunny day and ite birds where whistling in the background it was very beautiful, it would be worthwhile taking audo alone and enhancing it. Babbling creek, birds singing in the background in the Garden with Truth. Knowing truth and the Father being on an exciting spiritual journey makes one more sensitive to the natural beauty of the planet. Even though on a birds level its sheer survival but nature in its continuance expresses much beauty coupled with inner spiritual truth of the Father and being harmonised in love with God with the message of Jesus expresses much goodness.

        I really like the idea of videoing Nature on the level of the Father in Heaven and making that connection with 1st Eden the Garden, the one bright spot surrounded by nature going on walks talking about God and the research
        January 22 at 6:22am


        Sevens8 It just occurred to the Bloke from the Bush in the Garden speaking about God and the research to 1st Eden on different aspects. Alternatively, I could go in the backyard under the fig tree and talk to.
        January 22 at 6:26am

    The futility of it all, the killers DO NOT go to Paradise and niether there teachers. No way! The victims do and are look after but not the perpetrators its personality extinction never to repersonalise and we know much more of the truth then they do, much more. The killers are all totaly decieved by the False God of Light, Caligastia where his judgement come soon.


    For the second time in two days, Iraqi security forces were attacked by a bomber, who blew up an ambulance packed with explosives, killing at least five.

      • Sevens8
        Terrorism cannot stand and will not in the sight of the Lord. The Most High is adamantly against Terrorism. That is the camp of Caligastia! Bin Laden who Ladens the world with evil, he is the walking Dead of personality extinction for spreading such evil on the planet. So much so that it brings a so called One God religion is total destruction.

        That's where Islam is going following the tenants of a killer, a psychopath killer using religion as a weapon. It will destroy Islam and many people because of simple dumbness in blindness listening to fools in error without using your own mind to assess things in truth. By the fruits, by the words.

        Anyway those guys have the Ancients of Days to contend with and the Mahdi will not help them and cannot help them when he arises whenever that is.

        Still looking for the Islam Mahdi, still cant see him. In all this time other things have been arising going forward in truth and discovery leaving all the crap behind.

        all the big talk of Mahdi where is he?? If Islam so connected to the Father in Heaven where is the great Mahdi, its is not Bin Laden he is the opposite to the Mahdi. Bin Laden does not represent the message of the Mahdi for it is false.

        Bin Laden and the Taliban is the DESTROYER of Islam and NATIONS not Christianity, the destruction of Islam comes from within it own ranks guided by Caligastia in absolute untruth and sophistry that cannot be demonstrated.

        The Father in Heaven is going to humble Islam because its is out of step with the Father in Heaven and is not in alignment in truth. Rote, Ritual and Fasting thinking destruction will NOT do a thing because its a matter of the truth, soul and spirit living the 10 and 7 commands. A religion in Sin that is not in alignment with the Father in Heaven. Absolutely not
        January 20 at 6:58am


        By the Way all those Shiite methods of self harm mean nothing to the Father in Heaven for he is interested in the heart and soul of a man being himself and true to him and all man. That's all, there is no need for any intercessor at all because the Angels are beside you. People who are desiring to be the intercessor of others only want power over the other. A power consolidation trick over man throughout the Ages reconstituted using fear and bullshit.

        Just by simple prayer of the heart standing tall before the Lord in faith and friendship to him and to others in learning about the Jesus' life and his message is the way. Nothing to do with doctrines and methods that are not heard nor required in religion, any religion. Just the truth man and his Soul and Spirit between Man and God anywhere, anytime.

        That should be the true Islam
        January 20 at 7:08am

    something I came across. I think Enoch

    as the words of the ancient ones are etched with the hand of god on the holy scrolls so is the law engraved on the hearts of the faithful who do study them. for it was said of old that in the beginning..

    January 19 at 11:27pm

      • Sevens8
        there were giants in the earth and mighty men which were of old men of renown. and the children of light shall guard and preserve their written word lest we become again as beasts and know not the kingdom of the angels.

        >>>know ye too that only through the written word shalt thou find that law which is unwritten as the spring which floweth from the ground hath a hidden source in the secret depths beneath the earth.<<>> the written law is the instrument by which the unwritten law is understood as the mute branch of a tree becomes a singing flute in the hands of the shepherd.

        many there are who would stay in the tranquil valley of ignorance where children play and butterflies dance in the sun for their short hour of life. but none can tarry there long and >>ahead rise the somber mountains of learning.<<>> many there are who fear to cross and many there are who have fallen bruised and bleeding from their steep and rugged slopes.<<>> but faith is the guide over the gaping chasm and perseverance the foothold in the jagged rocks. beyond the icy peaks of struggle lies the >>>peace and beauty of the infinite garden of knowledge where the meaning of the law is made known to the children of light.<<<<
        >>>here in the center of its forest stands the tree of life mystery of mysteries. he who hath found peace with the teachings of the ancients through the light of the mind through the light of nature and through the study of the holy word hath entered the cloud-filled hall of the ancients <<<>>>where dwelleth the holy brotherhood of whom no man may speak know this peace with thy mind desire this peace with thy heart fulfill this peace with thy body.

        A strong reflection of the journey of the Mountains of God with the deep hidden spring
        January 19 at 11:28pm


        Linda Hodge Yeah. We've gotta suffer the slings and arrows and as we watch the children enjoying the butterflies, be ready to speak the truth and have a band-aid ready for the bruised and bleeding. Life's little first-aid kit seems necessary, even as we teach the children that the honey comes from the bees.. Watch out. They sting.
        January 19 at 11:34pm

    cool man

    Notice in the date 11711 just ones and sevens. 1111 and 7

    started about 5:58 having the 55 aspect entering into the 6.00am

      • Linda Hodge GROUSE! See you there mate!
        January 19 at 10:48pm


        Sevens8 yeah for sure, well meet up in Heaven eh! The first thing we'll say is GROUSE! and then have a laugh.

        January 19 at 10:50pm

    UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact to be discussed at high level meeting in Saudi Arabia. The forum is the only one of its kind to discuss regional and global
    economic and social development.
      • Sevens8 Word must be getting around.
        January 19 at 10:24pm


        In there discussions they should discuss aspects of religion the cities of the Tree of life as being a complete Sevenfold operation of the Most High and Jesus the Sovereign including the Father in Heaven direct from Paradise within the realm of Paradise the New Country, the Hidden revealed.

        I'm surprised the the scientist gather but no one I can see in religion especially of the Sevenfold kind
        January 19 at 10:29pm

    Discoveries Urantia Book

      • Linda Hodge Thanks Dennis, just what I needed to hear right now..
        January 19 at 9:13pm


        Hey no worries.

        (468.1) 42:1.4 Subsequent to even still greater progress and further discoveries, after Urantia has advanced immeasurably in comparison with present knowledge,>>> though you should gain control of the energy revolutions of the electrical units of matter to the extent of modifying their physical manifestations<<< — even after all such possible progress, forever will scientists be powerless to create one atom of matter or to originate one flash of energy or ever to add to matter that which we call life.


        >>> though you should gain control of the energy revolutions of the electrical units of matter to the extent of modifying their physical manifestations<<<

        January 19 at 9:21pm

    VIII. God the Sevenfold


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U0.mp3"]The Urantia Book Foreword (1.1) 0:0.1 IN THE MINDS of the mortals of Urantia — that being the name of your world — there exists great confusion respecting the meaning of such terms as God, divinity, and deity.

      • Sevens8
        ‎(625.6) 55:3.7 The natural resources of this planet were administered as social possessions, community property.

        (625.7) >>>55:3.8 On this world the highest honor conferred upon a citizen was the order of “supreme service,” being the only degree of recognition ever to be granted in the morontia temple. This recognition was bestowed upon those who had long distinguished themselves in some phase of >supermaterial discovery< or >planetary social service.<

        January 19 at 8:57pm


        How true

        (973.1) 88:6.8 Ancient magic was the cocoon of modern science, indispensable in its time but now no longer useful. And so the phantasms of ignorant superstition agitated the primitive minds of men until the concepts of science could be born. Today, Urantia is in the twilight zone of this intellectual evolution. One half the world is grasping eagerly for the light of truth and the facts of scientific discovery, while the other half languishes in the arms of ancient superstition and but thinly disguised magic.

        January 19 at 8:58pm
    ‎7(seven!!). Adjuster Fusion

    (1237.3) 112:7.1 Thought Adjuster fusion imparts >eternal actualities to personality which were previously only potential.<> Among these new endowments may be mentioned: fixation of divinity quality, past-eternity experience and memory, immortality, and a phase of qualified potential absoluteness.<


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U112.mp3"] The Urantia Book Paper 112Personality Survival (1225.1) 112:0.1 THE evolutionary planets are the spheres of human origin, the initial worlds of the ascending mortal career. Urantia is your starting point; here you and your divine Thought
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      • Sevens8
        This is good

        "(1237.7) 112:7.5 Fusion with the Adjuster never occurs until the mandates of the superuniverse have pronounced that the human nature has made a final and irrevocable choice for the eternal career.

        >>>This is the at-onement authorization,<< which, when issued, constitutes the clearance authority for the fused personality eventually to leave the confines of the local universe to proceed sometime to the headquarters of the superuniverse, from which point the pilgrim of time will, in the distant future,<<<>>>> enseconaphim for the long flight to the central universe of Havona and the Deity adventure."

        This must be the witness feeling

        ">>>This is the at-onement authorization,<<
        January 19 at 8:07pm


        ‎(1239.6) 112:7.17 We believe that the mortals of Adjuster fusion, together with their finaliter associates, are destined to function in some manner in the administration of the universes of the first outer space level. We have not the slightest doubt that in due time these enormous galaxies will become inhabited universes. And we are equally convinced that among the administrators thereof will be found the Paradise finaliters whose natures are the cosmic consequence of the blending of creature and Creator.

        (1239.7) 112:7.18 What an adventure! What a romance! A gigantic creation to be administered by the children of the Supreme, these personalized and humanized Adjusters, these Adjusterized and eternalized mortals, these mysterious combinations and eternal associations of the highest known manifestation of the essence of the First Source and Center and the lowest form of intelligent life capable of comprehending and attaining the Universal Father. We conceive that such amalgamated beings, such partnerships of Creator and creature, will become superb rulers, matchless administrators, and understanding and sympathetic directors of any and all forms of intelligent life which may come into existence throughout these future universes of the first outer space level.

        (A clue in the following???)
        (1240.1) 112:7.19 True it is, you mortals are of earthly, animal origin; your frame is indeed dust.

        >>>But if you actually will, if you really desire, surely >>>>the heritage of the ages is yours,<<>>> and you shall someday serve throughout the universes in your true characters<<< — children of the Supreme God of experience and divine sons of the Paradise Father of all personalities.

        the Heritage of the ages is also the Cities of the Tree of Life from the Beginnings 1st Eden, Vans Capital and Dalamatia City. The Tipura.

        >the heritage of the ages is yours,<<

        Yes, they belong to mankind and of God. The Heritage of the Ages is about us all from the beginning revealed
        January 19 at 8:12pm

    The Seventh Circle


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-media/ub-mp3/U110.mp3"] The Urantia Book Paper 110Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals (1203.1) 110:0.1 THE endowment of imperfect beings with freedom entails inevitable tragedy, and it is the nature of the perfect ancestral Deity to universally and affec
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      • Sevens8 no worries, aah see what occurs. I really like these Urantia Book discoveries.
        January 19 at 8:14pm


        Sevens8 Is the Heritage of the Ages, 1st Eden the clue to a worldwide witness of adjuster fusion??
        January 19 at 8:15pm

    when Jesus was on the Cross he recited in his mind Psalms 20,21,22 I've always been intrigued. When I look at the number 20 2 12 2 I do see 2012 pattern in it.

    January 19 at 5:00pm

    I really respect these brothers even though I have a few varying ideas. However, there information is not relevant if man does not listen to the Father as his glory arises. In the Judgement there is an escape path for the faithful in truth to the Father in heaven.

      • Sevens8
        The use of the bible expressing personal bias can be a little weaponry but there is underlying anger and hurt. I can understand why they do what, they do as the Most High is all they have, the Most High is there voice. Its a high state of stress that I see I really feel for them I hope I can assist with my research and rise it to higher fuller plain where people would be interested. mmmm thats different and yet inline with the scriptures that you could reflect easily and literaly. Where it would less war and truth and more love and truth because that is the safe passage however there is a downside to rejection and fobbing off the great event of God at the end.
        January 19 at 9:02am


        Sevens8 In the overall perspective when I see them side by side as as a brotherhood that inspires speaking what they feel about God. Even though I recognise a couple of things that I have varied views on. I believe they are doing it and when they speak of the Most High I find allegience straight away, ready to serve in the army of the Most High in truth, the real truth as we know in track to 1st Eden of Adam and Eve, the beginnings.
        January 19 at 9:08am

    I reckon there will be a cultural learning centre with relics from 1st Eden and Dalamatia City including relics from other places.

    January 18 at 10:31pm ·

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