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The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

  • A friend sent me this, I feel really blessed and I thought that very beautiful in the gesture and Metaphor.

    May 14 at 7:02pm


      • Sevens8 I thought that was very nice to Jude, that was deep and filled with goodness to think such a thing.

        May 14 at 7:08pm


        Jude Anson I see trees, particularly the ancient giant trees, as holding wisdom and histories of their regions and peoples. And I believe they share their wisdom to those who have the patience to be still and listen. Dennis, I suspect that might be you.

        May 14 at 7:50pm

    Happy,Laughter-filled Birthday Dennis!!

    May 14 at 6:50pm


      • Diane Denison Ha ha okay here we are on face book, Where is the romance it puts you in that whelm. Romance.. Most of us are out work on our face book.

        May 14 at 6:51pm


        Sevens8 aah its just nice music, i'm sure people can relate to this kind of music.

        May 14 at 6:52pm

    This is amazing along with the Triangle symbol including the timeline which is perfect.
    Happy birthday Dennis, hope you have a truely great one with lots of loving friends and family to surround you in joy.

    May 14 at 6:09pm

    Happy Birthday, Dennis :)


    Dennis, I don't know your time zone in Melbourne, or whether your birthday has come and gone, so I'll wish days and days of love and laughter! Happy Birthday!

    May 14 at 5:57pm


      • Sevens8 Hi Jude, hey thanks for your nice post, its 6:00 precisely in the early evening, 14th May, I'm just sitting here.

        May 14 at 6:01pm


        Sevens8 Basking in love and Warmth.

        May 14 at 6:01pm


        Sevens8 of the Heart and Soul.

        May 14 at 6:01pm

    I hope you have a Wonderful and Blessed "Happy Birthday," Dennis. =)

    If you enjoyed this Retweet to your friends: more at orange aliens singing happy birthday

    Wish You a Happy Birthday! : )

    May 14 at 5:26pm

    Happy Birthday Dennis!

    May 14 at 5:23pm

    Note the commonality of the "Voice in the ear in a dream" that was the same comment that Perry Stone made.

    Watch Mrsamjackass's video about top secret bases obama us-goverment military missile ufo uso alien aliens california unexp documentary on


      • Sevens8​-Message-from-Perry-Stone/​the-dream-of-bin-laden.htm​l

        You will have to discern that one for yourself.

        I just wanted you to know but I'm not sure if lady is right, Im not sure if Get the witness of truth. I have to see some evidence of her statement or some kind of connection in research and study on the spiritual level understanding what we know and we just don't believe anyone we have to see some demonstration.

        Perry Stone heard a reality of the future, in a dream and it came to pass, that must be the truth but I'm NOT necessarily sure in the ladies case. It has to be more than words and I believe there has to be some recognisable pattern that is recognisable and consistant with what we know

        May 14 at 5:34pm

    Happy Birthday !!! Have a wonder-full day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 14 at 5:17pm

    ♫♪♥♥[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̅​̲̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̅​̲][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅​ Y̲̅]♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.ΈΈ♥ ΈΈ.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.ΈΈ♥ ΈΈ.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Friend♪♫•*¨*•.ΈΈ♥ ΈΈ.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.ΈΈ♥

    May 14 at 5:10pm

    happy birthday

    May 14 at 5:10pm

    Happy Birthday! ♥

    May 14 at 5:05pm

    Hey everyone check this out, this is a real reflection of what going on.

    Free mp3 download of Pato Banton: Words of Christ: Sermon On The Kingdom


      • Sevens8 Complete reflectivity in the dynamics of reality.

        May 14 at 5:04pm


        Sevens8 Listen, really carefully to the words and the reflectivity to the realities of the garden and its journey.

        Choice selection!

        May 14 at 5:06pm ·

    Many Many Happy returns to You Dennis

    May 14 at 4:57pm

    Hey Dennis, Happy Birthday! Many Happy Returns

    May 14 at 4:48pm

    Happy B Day! ~

    May 14 at 4:18pm


      • Sevens8 thanks Carol, great blessings eh in absolutely everything eh!

        May 15 at 1:33pm

    Happy Birthday Dennis!

    May 14 at 4:12pm

    Happy Birthday !

    May 14 at 4:10pm

    Many happy returns of the day bro!!!. Have a Great one :)

    May 14 at 4:10pm


      • Sevens8 thanks bro all the best eh!

        May 15 at 1:33pm

    We can do this now, all we have to do is connect a device to harness the energy. This is one way of many for the future, this is what we should beginning now for the planet and it must represented in Parliament or in Congress. We all have to bit the bullet on this one.

    Share your videos with friends, family, and the world

    Jappie Byrthdaie tu U. Have a wonderful weekend.

    May 14 at 4:05pm


      • Sevens8 thanks Lars, great blessings eh!

        May 15 at 1:34pm

    Man I cant keep with the birthday replies hahaha Great blessings to everyone in everything. III try and reply to all but I'm tracking along into things. Great Blessings everyone no worries at all, it only inspires me to find more for us. Not for me but for us all no matter who!

    May 14 at 4:02pm

    Many Happy Returns of the Day Dennis .

    May 14 at 3:58pm


      • Sevens8 great blessings Arora and with a POKE hahaha

        May 15 at 1:34pm

    Where are the Leaders that are truly Loved by the People?????

    Where are they??? Is there any Loved leadership of a nation???? Where the people really love the leader.

    May 14 at 3:56pm



        Sevens8 Its a big job running a country where some systems are faulty and need further evolution into a wider view knowing where the path upon ahead.

        May 14 at 8:54pm


        Sevens8 I think k with more information and great connection things can evolve into the better paths in Government.

        May 14 at 8:55pm

    Happy Birthday Dennis!! Have a Great Day!!

    May 14 at 3:33pm

    happy birthday young man!,'The truth hath set us free'

    May 14 at 3:29pm

    Happy Birthday, Dennis. May it be fabulous, memorable, and just perfect!

    May 14 at 3:27pm

    How about True Light energy in 5 years after protection for Free energy researchers is guaranteed by Government?? Otherwise, they loose there life and are also subdued with evil threats. The world needs God Given energy not false light profit motivation energy.

    ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Governments approved on Monday a U.N. report projecting that renewable energies such as solar, wind or hydropower could leap to supply almost 80 percent of the world's demand by 2050, with the right policies.

    Mucha luz y bendiciones felicidades!

    May 14 at 3:19pm


      • Sevens8 Thank you Beatriz, great Blessings in all things, I pray good things to come very soon for us all.

        May 14 at 6:04pm

    Happy B/day buddy long time no see.
    catch up soon

    May 14 at 3:15pm


      • Sevens8 Hey for sure brother. Great blessings mate in everything eh! No worries.

        May 14 at 6:03pm

    Happy Birthday!
    May all your wishes & dreams come true

    May your Smile change the World,
    but don't let the World change your Smile.
    Believe in the Beauty of Dreams.

    Happy birthday Dennis, enjoy your special day :)

    May 14 at 3:08pm

    Happy Birthday :)

    May 14 at 2:54pm


      • Mojgan Imani Thank YOU dear Dennis . The honor is surely mine. Hope you have a wonderful year ♥ God bless your heart

        May 15 at 2:24pm


        Sevens8 thank you and great blessings in everything, in all things, thank you again.

        May 15 at 2:26pm

    Happy Birthday Dennis (((♥)))

    May 14 at 2:42pm


      • Sevens8 Hey Shasha thank you for your blessings and thanks for your frienndship over the time eh!

        May 15 at 1:36pm


    May 14 at 2:40pm

    happy b_d

    May 14 at 2:24pm

    Dennis ~ May all the days of your future, exceed the Best day of your past! Happy Anniversary of your birth ! Enjoy your journey around the Sun. Salute

    May 14 at 2:10pm

    Have an awesome Birthday Dennis. Love & Light & many Blessings to you.

    May 14 at 2:05pm


    May 14 at 1:22pm



      • Sevens8 Thank you Sujoya I feel really blessed, Im very happy that I know you and you are my friend. All blessings in everything.

        May 18 at 6:18am


        Sujoya Bose ‎:)..

        May 18 at 1:59pm

    Dennis Happy Birthdayenjoy!!!

    May 14 at 1:05pm


    May 14 at 12:08pm

    Happy birthday brother.

    May 14 at 11:42am

    ╔♫╗────────╔═╦╗─♫╗╔╗─╔╗─♥─ ║╩╠═╦═╦═╦╦╗║╚╠╬╦╣╚╣╚╦╝╠═╦╦╗ ║╦║╬║╬║╬║║║║╔║║╔╣╔╣║║╬║╬║║║ ╚╩╩╩╣╔╣╔╬╗║♫═╩╩╝╚═╩╩╩═╩╩╬╗║  ────♫╝╚╝╚═╝─────────────╚═♥

    May 14 at 11:26am ·

    many more happy returns of the day. wishing you a great birthday and year ahead

    May 14 at 11:25am

    Happy Birthday :)

    May 14 at 10:31am

    Happy Birthday, Dennis, have a precious day.

    May 14 at 10:17am


      • Sevens8 unto Paradise in a great adventure. I love you to.

        May 14 at 10:49am


        Diane Denison let's skip the Universe journey and dance right into paradise

        May 14 at 10:55am

    Happy birthday Dennis! Much love and light to you ♥ Have an awesome one :-)

    May 14 at 10:00am


    Hi There Dennnis ,wishing you the best of Birthdays ,have a nice day

    May 14 at 9:56am · · · See Friendship


    • You like this.


      • Sevens8 Heeeyy Jojo, hey thanks Joj many great blessings for the day eh! All good things everyday, you look great.

        May 14 at 10:01am

    I was scrolling through some of the Targum looking at Westall 66 and I noticed this image and reflected on the April 11th 2010 associated with the weather ring and triangulated to Solomon. Same date one year later Tsunami/Fukushima Genetic despoiling occurred on April 11th 2011

      • Sevens8 Inger if you see this I thought of your image taken on April 11th, wasnt it April 11th?

        May 14 at 10:05am

    Susanne sent me this experience of her in 1966, I was really impressed by her experience> I noticed Route Rt. 68 which 6+8=14(77). I saw commonality with Westall 66 experience in the route numbers displaying the 77 aspect.

    May 14 at 8:45am


      • Sevens8 I like to try flying one of those cigar ships. I reckon they would run on warmth and Love.

        May 14 at 9:06am ·


        Diane Denison Maybe someday we'll be flying one of them monitoring Earth.. You never know

        May 14 at 10:46am ·

    Happy birthday xx

    May 14 at 8:33am ·


      • Sevens8 Hi Wolf, thanks for your birthday cheer, all the best and big blessings along the way for everyone.

        May 14 at 9:16am

    Happy Birthday :)

    May 14 at 8:28am


      • Sevens8 Hey thanks Miriam all the best eh! with everything major blessings eh no worries! I know everything will work out fine.

        May 14 at 9:18am


        Sevens8 There is nothing but Good News for the Soul underlying all of this.

        May 14 at 9:19am

    Happy Birthday! ♥

    May 14 at 8:20am


      • Sevens8 Thank you Yvonne for your wonderful blessing, I feel Love and warmth in my heart and wish many great blessings for you and your family and friends. 100%

        May 14 at 8:22am


        Sevens8 May us all experience many great things on this planet looking forward because we are set free with truth.

        May 14 at 8:24am


        Yvonne Elb ♥♥

        May 14 at 8:24am

    Happy Birthday!

    May 14 at 8:16am


      • Sevens8 Hey no worries Ravi, thank you for that, I feel very blessed and inspired, I want to discover more things for us in this in the rest with peace and love and warmth from the heart and Soul that we share in brotherhood of each other in truelight of Love from the Father in heaven within us.

        May 14 at 8:20am


        Sevens8 thanks again and great blessings for allyour family and friends.

        May 14 at 8:20am ·

    Happy birthday to you have a nice day

    May 14 at 8:12am


      • Sevens8 Thank you Lil-Ann for your birthday cheer, many great blessings in reflection in everything. absolutely. I pray many good things to come for us all from the Garden of the Tree of Life.

        May 14 at 9:39am

    Happy Blessing Birthday Dennis! All the Best :)

    May 14 at 7:21am


      • Sevens8 Hey thanks Stella, thanks for your blessing, you have a great day and huge and massive blessings in everything eh!. The sky is no limit to the blessings because we go beyond the sky throughout the Uiverse in truth.

        May 14 at 7:34am


        Sevens8 all the best blessings eh 100%

        May 14 at 7:35am


        Stella Zotou Everything of the Best Dennis and always beyond limits! ♥

        May 14 at 8:01am

    Happy birthday ! Herlichen Glόckwunsch zum Geburstag ! Joyeux anniversaire ! Buon compleanno ! Parabιns ! iyidi dogdun ! ‘Feliz cumpleaρos !

    You see don΄t exist enough languages and enough nice words for my special and dear and brother . Well let that my heart speaks .Thank you very much for all .


    Well I copied that ,because if I talk from my bottom of heart ,I never finish .My warmest HUGS from your sister .GOD BLESS YOU ! again and again and LOVE more and more . That is the most important thing in this world although many people don΄t want understand or don΄t want give it .OK Bye for now .MARCIA

    May 14 at 7:12am


      • Sevens8 Wow Marcia thanks for your wonderful birthday blessing and cheer, From my heart I reflect love and warmth from the heart and soul and great blessing this planet can behold in your life for everlasting, forever unto Paradise.

        We will always be friends right through our great adventure beginning here. we will always know each other, we all will know each other forever.

        May 14 at 7:20am


        Sevens8 Because we supp of the everlasting springs of Eden that's what we do and the Father comes into out lives with Love because we are the people of the Garden of Jesus the 2nd Adam. Jesus Sovereign is truly our friend and he is helping us personally through all this.

        May 14 at 7:27am


        Marcia Peters Peρa Thanks .That is true and very beautiful .

        May 14 at 7:29am ·

    Hope you have a delicious birthday, Dennis. Stay Sweet! XOXOXOX

    May 14 at 6:55am


      • Sevens8 Hey no worries Allana, all the best and great blessings with all things. Thanks again for the birthday cheer. 100% no worries!

        May 14 at 7:16am

    Happy Birthday,Dennis!!

    May 14 at 6:05am


      • Sevens8 Same with you Inger all the best

        May 14 at 7:14am ·

        Inger Groven Thanks! Take care! :))

        May 14 at 7:15am


      • Sevens8 Thank you Annemarie for your kind blessing, I reflect full 100% huge blessings in your life and for your family and for all your friends wherever they maybe. No worries at all.

        May 14 at 7:29am

    Here is a video Teresa led me to, another perspective and note another date mentioned. Im just not sure about formal dates. But anyway one must explore these things. I thank God I have Jesus as a friend of the heart and Soul who will protect us from anything.

    An advance warning of the next global event of desolation, an Evil Alien Invasion, to begin on September 9, 2011. We can change the outcome. And we should.




        Sevens8 This is exactly I believe the brotherhood that Jesus was speaking about. All varied in background but friends upon the rock the major commonality.

        May 14 at 3:44pm


        Sevens8 Praise the Lord! that what's I think, where no words that can really explain the Love I have for God and to be in his service for mankind in my own way I suppose where I can function.

        May 14 at 3:45pm


    May 14 at 3:48am



        Sevens8 Thanks you Janneke, I reflect love all good things in all for you all your family and friends and everyone. Thank again for posting your blessing and goodness to me, thanks again no worries.

        May 14 at 4:17am

    happy birthday :-**

    May 14 at 3:03am


      • Sevens8 Thanks ati, many great blessings hey, thanks for your birthday blessings for me, I really appreciate it. All the blessing only inspires me and encourages me to find more for all of us. Thats I want to do is find premium information for all of us all.

        May 14 at 4:23am


        Sevens8 thanks again

        May 14 at 4:23am


        Sevens8 I pray very good things to come

        May 14 at 4:42am

    ‎~♥~ You're the kind of friend that only heaven could have sentWishing you all the best for your Birthday ~♥~



      • SunSista Heyeasy does it! that was a two week supply! ahahhaa! Did you see the Urantia circles on the wrapper of the Divine one?

        May 14 at 4:29am


        SunSista So I guess they didn't melt and make a big messkinda an after thought.I was crossing my fingersglad you are enjoying my favorite treat :)))

        May 14 at 4:30am

    Hear is Harold Camping the predictor for May 21st 2011.

      • Sevens8 He makes reference in his talk to 555, I thought that was an interesting commonality.

        May 14 at 4:14am

    Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but He revealeth his secret unto His servants the prophets.

    May 13 at 9:16pm



      • Sevens8

        This could be a reflection fo the Sevenfold Journey from the Beginnings.

        " For yet seven days,"'

        within the Sevenfold journey was the disaster.

        and this

        "And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the Flood were upon the earth."

        It looks like the Seven Days of the Sevenfold Mission was evacuated then the problem became worldwide by the looks of it with a few more things to think about

        May 13 at 10:18pm


        Sevens8 The flood of the truth in the revealing already revealed but I believe evacuation first.

        May 13 at 10:19pm ·

    I thought this was interesting! I never knew this. mmmm Oh well lets check it out.

    The Royal Wedding: Everyone watched it Few understood it Some interesting weirdness to look at:


      • Sevens8 We can do this because we know the truth and we can inspire mankind from soul to soul in the truth.

        May 14 at 7:59am


        Nicholas D. Cashmore We need 5% to pray on a global level.

        May 14 at 8:46am

    Wow, May 11th 2011 eh, the day, the War to Love 2 conjunctions timeline ended.​ef456.htm


      • Sevens8 If this occurs, it will demonstrate that I was right the whole time and I did my best to warn man in the written word.

        Everything, all grouped together is my Witness and Targum from the Beginning left behind for the rest. Left behind so they know what was going on in the beforehand for there edification and correction.

        May 13 at 7:42pm ·



        Concerning the link below.

        That is as far as I got in the Wildman writing for the Father ion the Run since 2005 with more further back, all expansions are on Facebook and you have to back in time on the wall to find out more.

        If any occurs, III see you in Heaven.

        However, it could be a regular day I don't know but I am preparing for departure via the Rapture and Evacuation of Jesus Christ Sovereign Lord.


        May 13 at 7:49pm

    Here is the latest, it was quite interesting.


    It seems like a an acceleration of time reality regarding audio of a future event. Only a team of Angels and other personalities on an array of levels can do this including an ArchAngel perhaps Gabriel, the personal ArchAngel of Jesus.

    Voice of Evangelism, Perry Stone Ministries, Manna Fest


      • Sevens8 ‎"However, it is a sign of the last days when God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh, and “Old man will dream dreams and young men shall see visions” (Joel 2:28-29)"

        May 13 at 5:09pm


        Sevens8 Have you thought the old man represents the old books of religion having there unique experience and the young men is attached to the new revelation blended with the old for uplift and who do see Visions with Scope which are comprehend-able in the I read and See.

        May 13 at 5:17pm


        Sevens8 The Joel verse in the above post I think is a reflection of the end time experience in the reality, we recognise it whilst in the reality of the end times. It becomes a landmark, another stage act playing out on the stage of the End Times play, the play of spiritual experience in the timeline of the physical.

        May 13 at 5:23pm

    Apparently these are transformers blowing up due to lightning but I have never seen anything quite like this before. I also noticed to Lights above with no navigation lights another piece to the puzzle. Interesting display I wonder if the above lights were responsible??
    It always perpetuates, money speaks maintaining the hidden from the revealing.

    Bank of America Corp. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. , along with three other U.S. mortgage servicers, proposed paying $5 billion to settle a probe of their foreclosure practices by state and federal officials, two people familiar with the matter said.


      • Sevens8 Nothing to do with right or wrong, just we will buy our way out of a scenario. No justice nor truth there.

        May 13 at 4:26pm

    I had an encounter with gross selfishness today without going into it, I really pray Rapture/Evacuation comes real soon. I'm just sick of gross selfishness and cold heartedness, the symptom of Dilmun/Babel in this day.

    May 13 at 4:03pm



        May 13 at 7:33pm ·


        Margo Mills keep that Love Vibration going Dennisit will change the world.

        May 14 at 1:19am

    Thank you for the add! Take a look through some of my notes, videos and photo albums for some truly uplifting and unorthodox material. I can use all the insight I can get.

      • Sevens8 start anew right from the beginning to Light and Life. To make what as a default into a successful mission forever with allot of help along the way.

        May 14 at 8:14am ·


        Sevens8 If there is an evacuation based on faith I invite to come only to come back where we can fulfil all your dreams in truelight energy with sincerity and love.

        May 14 at 8:16am

    ‎360,000,000 years ago the land was still rising. North and South America were well up. Western Europe and the British Isles were emerging, except parts of Wales, which were deeply submerged. There were no great ice sheets during these ages.

      • Sevens8 hahaha

        May 13 at 9:20am


        Jude Anson Hi Dennis. I have a question about New South Wales.. Was it settled by Welsh people from the British Isles?

        May 13 at 9:20am

    I found admiral Byrds footage very interesting. I hope its the real deal.
    You see its all in the timing and I hope this video is true and very recent.

    If true mmmmm and tomorrow is the 14th May, 7 days before the 21st May 2011 mmmm interesting. The speak is about rapture evacuation!!!!

      • Sevens8 and look at the timing of revealing Wow! makes you wonder in my mind. I wonder if it occurred on the 11th May?

        May 13 at 7:36am ·


        Chris Yandall they look quasi dimensional!

        May 13 at 8:47am




    Elizabeth~HopesB4u2~"The Garden OF Eden"​php?gid=2814490786




        Sevens8 A capital from the beginnings that still speaks today and is respected by the Kingdom of Heaven and the Father in Paradise. The isle of perfection.

        May 13 at 6:30am ·


        Sevens8 Anyway thank Elizabeth for the Birthday blessing its just fantastic and just full of love, I receive much love, encouragement and I am inspired and feel warmth and love.

        I cant wait to go to Eden in a 3rd expedition, for us all eh! with the 2nd Adam of 1st Eden of the Garden with us today.

        May 13 at 6:46am


      • Sevens8 Light and Life.

        May 13 at 6:59am


        Lily Fraser Just gotta keep popping those kelp tabs!

        May 13 at 9:17am

    i was watching the footage and noticed something flying that looks sort of like a giant black fish up the middle of the screen at

    Watch Greyhunter1983's video about STRANGE CREATURES NIGHT CRAWLERS ETs 2011 documentary on

    October 25,2007 London Peter White(g) Jaared (sax/vocals) Oli Silk (keyboards) Frank Felix (bass) Marc Parnell (drums)

    I went to the Grange where the Westall 66 incident took place, I took this shot I wondered at the time. Why is this cloud alone, its only now I wonder..I wonder!! if its was monitoring thingy looking like a cloud???? aaah never know. mmmmmmmm!!!??? hahaha

      • Sevens8 here is an close up it kind of look like 2 rounded capsules connected sorry for the res, it was a mobile phone.


        May 12 at 6:31pm


        Sevens8 There was not a cloud in the sky except for that one, that I noticed and i found that intriguing.

        May 12 at 8:24pm


        Sevens8 That you can witness in the other images.

        May 12 at 8:25pm

    I was going through this link and noticed this verse.

    Below is a fragment

    Official Bible Guaranteed Approval Seal!! The hour is almost at hand! Beg for absolution and forgiveness!! Or burn in the hellfires of eternal damnation!!! HALLELULAH!!!


      • Sevens8 so true Susanne.

        May 12 at 6:28pm


        Sevens8 thats what I say to. that is right. I don't understand whats happening there as it is written!

        May 12 at 6:29pm

    Watch the latest on-air news and political coverage, as well as in-depth feature stories from the Sun News Network.



      • Sevens8 I don't mind knowing his name, I think that is great that a person from the Islam heritage is on board. Come on board, more Islam people have a look, I really encourage it, not to change a persons religion but to uplift in truth demonstrated.

        May 13 at 6:37am


        Daniel E. Foster Much agreed, Dennis. Crystalization is the fundamentalist's pitching hole. I believe in that knowing said man is important. I should know him by name. When tendered correctly yes, fringe elements help to build the CosmicMind. Islam and The Ubook is very much the same.

        May 13 at 12:18pm

    i feel the might of the Kingdom of Heaven is wrapped in the power of Love and its spiritual transformation one experiences.

    May 12 at 2:28pm

    Maybe be the Planetary event has much to do with the Love in your heart and its resonance. The increase of the approach of the Father in revealing also increases the resonance in your love Soul and heart?? That would the Mark of the Father within you the Love of your Heart and Soul. You feel it within you and its very strong.

    May 12 at 1:39pm



        Peter Blake Some of the other results were interesting also. One was on thinking. It was found that when we think or try to create some past experience then the cells shrink and close up.
        I coined the phrase from this that thinking is bad for your health.LOL

        May 12 at 4:23pm


        Sevens8 That makes sense Peter, I liked the Kahuna information. It reminded me when I lived in Hawaii for a short time and visited a cemetery and in my heart I was giving respect to the people of the past of Hawaii, I remember walking some trails on the top of the cliffs near track leading to waterfall giving Praise to God and taking images of birds thinking of God looking out to the sea on tiop of the cliffs.

        May 12 at 4:29pm

    I'm feeling all this warmth and love in my heart, I want to feel love all the time. I cant help writing, exploring the warmth and love within me expressed outwardly for all of us. Its a beautiful feeling this is what I want and long for all my life more than anything. This goes way beyond material, material cannot create this warmth and love within me.

    May 12 at 12:42pm

    The answer is here already and what are we doing?

      • Sevens8 A voice out of the drops of the ocean as per image in post. The individual voice of personality and creativity for the world in 0 point energy for the world from the Father of Love and Personality giving.

        May 12 at 9:14am

    The short Ma1st -May11th from war love conjunction timeline is over and there is much love from heart and soul abounding. I feel great warmth in my heart just speaking with my friends. Its really beautiful and I'm very inspired by the warmth of Love in the heart radiating and receiving.

    May 12 at 8:07am


      • SunSista ahahaha! The ONLY virus worth catching :)))

        May 12 at 9:27am


        Sevens8 for sure mate!

        May 12 at 12:34pm

    The Father in Heaven gave us water for fuel including Universal energy to lighten our live. The Father in Heaven wants this for us freely. This I believe is the will of the Father in Heaven for this planet.

    May 12 at 6:07am



        Sevens8 Jesus by his Spirit will show us the right way.

        May 12 at 6:45am


        Moon Surreal You are so right and so very smart

        May 14 at 12:42pm


    HOW YOU ARE SPECIAL! AND REMEMBER  YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY FRIEND! Throughout my life, many people passed me by,


      • Jena Di Dio Juvenywhat a nice note to come home toyes friends for lifexoxo

        May 12 at 2:04pm


        Hinton Harrison Thx Juveny for blessing me with your facebook presence. OXOXO

        May 12 at 10:33pm ·

    Part 2_ 5 - 5 Horse Engine running on HHO Gas 6-20-2008

    HHO Flashback Arrestor's For Sale on E-Bay​-Technology-LLC Part 2_ 5 - 5 Horse Engine running on HHO Gas 6-20-2008 **30 Days Sa


      • Sevens8 I mean, really what do we live in and who is feeding us lies??? as in the demonstration in all the suppression and lies over the years and now perpetuated in Carbon Tax without any consideration for this technology. False reports with planned limitation all sweetened for the public to swallow, hook line and sinker in the Atheist way in my view.

        May 11 at 10:14pm


        Sevens8 and the public just don't have clue how there being deceived with all this energy profit motivation in alliance with Government in a rort upon falsity a shallow foundation.

        May 11 at 10:16pm

    Instead they want to give us Carbon Tax rather than this.

    How to Make Any Car Run on Water: Lots of people are interested in browns gas since the story started. An inventor named brown figur

    I found this article about Mister X May 4th 2011 revealing, it seems that that presentation never lived up to expectations I reckon the promotions guy never did him any favours either speaking about others the way he did.

    On May 4th, 2011 "Mister X" appeared on the "Late Night in the Midlands" radio program. But no plans were divulged as had been promised; neither has anyone that we know of yet been able to replicate the effect first displayed on YouTube last August. Recently, Glenn Canady of the "Late Night in the M



        Teresa M Daniel-Evans me 2

        May 11 at 10:31pm


        Sevens8 I know Teresa, isnt it just ridiculous what we live and we are told and not to mention all the positive technology that has been is suppressed by Evil people and where technology is dumb downed purely for power and profit motivation. And the government bail these people out? But you, you can go broke and live in a room up yours!

        May 12 at 5:52am

    Times of The End are among us, as May 21 2011 is just weeks away. Philosophers and religious types have predicted the coming of End Times since the beginning of the world, but not until now has their been proof of the second coming of Jesus Christ. There are countless articles and websites on the



        Sevens8 I agree but I still like to explore these areas. I feel very drawn to prohecy and finding out more about them in realisation.

        May 12 at 9:16am

    Apparently, people have big expectations on May 21st2011, meanwhile cruise along with what you know.

    A Kennewick, WA, witness reports watching and following a large and silent triangle UFO on April 26, 2011, that landed near "the blue bridge", according to test

    Watch Kanaeta's video about silver gold economic collapse recession depression dollar wall street main job china trade documentary on


      • Sevens8 Well, I certainly don't want a world run by Taliban from what I see. They are not fictitious. Its easy to deny certainly realities for other more popular ones. Terrorism does exist and the Taliban is the result of wayward religion.

        May 11 at 10:27am


        Sevens8 Terrorism will not go away by denying the war of terrorism, its a true thing that must be faced with truth demonstrated. War and guns comes after the denial of truth.

        May 11 at 10:29am


        Sevens8 Terrorism will not go away by denying the war of terrorism, its a true thing that must be faced with truth demonstrated. War, guns and faulty promulgation comes after the denial of truth

        May 11 at 10:30am


    A group of Pacific, MO, witnesses report watching what looked like aircraft "shooting at" a group of about 20 UFOs moving overhead at 11 p.m. on May 7, 2011, ac

    More on the Bird.

    ‎72616 Body of Flying Dinosaurs found from smugglers in Iran by Agaahi on May 9, 2011 The remained of the body of a Flying Dinosaurs

    I saw the news report of the Taliban killing women who go to school even bombing targeting. An example of the Self assertion and a deception Liberty that actually represent bondage upon all mankind. The bondage of false light following there leader Caligastia of False Light of fallen Dalamatia City.

    May 11 at 5:08am



        Sevens8 How about the path of love rather than subjection of no love just fear nothingness.

        May 11 at 9:52am


        Teresa M Daniel-Evans ‎{{{{{{{{{{LOVE }}}}}}}}}TY

        May 11 at 10:59pm

    Think about the earthquake and the Fukushima radiation disaster including the flashes of life and a number of sighting apparently.

    I was staring at the last page of the Dresden codex the other month and suddenly it hit me. Now, this is not fact, it's

    I found this very interesting.

    The comet Elenin, first discovered last fall, will be making a visit to the inner solar system and near Earth soon as it moves toward perihelion, its closet approach to the sun.

    I see 4 trinities

    I was out walking with my wife during the late morning near Hannington (Wilts) and there is almost certainly a crop marking immediately to the north of Ashmead Brake woodland and the footpath that passes it. I have found a map reference on Streetmap: More exact co-ordina


      • Sevens8 I think I can see a circle in the centre of the Triangle in the centre, complete parallel in symbol to the journey of the Tree of Life.

        May 10 at 6:44pm


        Teresa M Daniel-Evans yes Dennis Radial wings

        May 11 at 11:21pm

    I think this song is really appropriate to the times.

    One of my alltime favo Aussie tracks which was a #1 hit for weeks in 1972. This clip from "Hey Hey It's Saturday" (reunion). Enjoy!.



        Sevens8 not so much the antic in the video. hahaha

        May 10 at 6:10pm

    Meanwhile, while we're looking out, we can cruise and relax to the grooves of the "No Worries Station" the only submerged station emanating from the beginnings, from the Abyss.​DalamatiaRadio.htm
    Its the last week of my 7x7(49) jubilee year in this journey of the Tree of life, all I can say is that its been a great with many realisations along the way, on the 50th year. Oh no hahaha!!!

    May 10 at 9:00am


      • Sevens8 Just go about life, confident in the knowledge in that sublime solid peace that if anything is to happen, you are on board 100% because of that flicker of faith. That simple like childlike faith, in friendship with the Father in Heaven and the whole family.

        May 10 at 5:28pm


        Sevens8 and we are all friends drawing and sharing ourselves eh!

        May 10 at 5:29pm

    Since May 1st 2011 even in the beforehand there has been a major shift and change.

    May 10 at 7:35am


    oh well see what happens, I know we have the 21st May prediction coming but I have no idea but from what I can see we are in a very very interesting period, a period to be on high alert. I feel my research into the matter of many things is looking good for it or even before but I really cant yes for sure as I have been through all this before.

    May 10 at 7:06am



        Sevens8 No worries eh! I'm encourage and inspired by your response.

        May 10 at 7:12am


        Sevens8 Amen.

        May 10 at 7:12am

    I updated this post from last Saturday, I wanted to bring it forward to me it highlights, design in faith beginning Dec 3rd 2008 to get a result like this.​8/posts/121894584555877?notif_​t=like

      • Sevens8

        The dates with embeds in the Apexs before the 6 period is

        3rd Sept..3, trinity/triune attached Paradise(right on Father in Heaven)

        22 October 201022, God of Action attached
        10th Dec 201055, Midwayer attached
        28th Jan 20117777, Sevenfold attached


        18th March666
        6th May.6
        24th June.6666
        12 August.66



        May 10 at 6:49am


        Sevens8 there is more in the main post link I wrote and the 6 dude as I was working through it.

        May 10 at 6:52am

    Amazing and right where I live.

    Imagine the yachts of Mornington harbour locked up in meters of thick ice.

    Hi Dennis How are you ? I hope that you have a nice week! I see you have many friends ,but you have time for me too.I aprecciate so much your friendschip dear friend .I send you my warmest hugs and How you say .Light and warmth from my soul and from bottom of my heart .See you soon .Bye for now.MARCIA from Chili.

    May 10 at 1:09am

    Im thinking this has reflections of the end time reality.

    Isaiah 33 in King James Version (English Bible).



        Sevens8 hahaha

        May 10 at 4:36am


        Marcia Peters Peρa Ok I listened the song .Yes Day by day ,we must pray and sing to our Lord .I sing too but I can΄t sing with a microphone ,because I sing so louder so my brothers and sisters hide to me . Ok my dear brother too .the point is that my soul and my heart belong to our good Father and for that reason I love you too.He taught love eachother . Right? SOON

        May 10 at 5:32am

    Lights behind Elenin
    A sign of the future? they will all stand trial, in fact everyone stands trial in front of the Ancients of Days where only Jesus is the advocate and Saviour of man's soul at that time. I feel they are falling into a snare I don't believe a Christian would do such a thing especially in Pakistan.

    A mob attacks homes and places of worship. The Christian minority is forced to flee fearful of more violence. The discovery of a burnt copy of the Qur‘an in a Christian cemetery sparks a reaction among Muslims. Restrictions are imposed on the right to assembly. Paul Bhatti meets victims, urging ever


      • Sevens8 Looks like another similar incident occurred in Egypt. Another planned set up with a lame excuse without any evidence what so ever. A kangaroo court style, I'm afraid it will get worse but there could be an impending event that might change things.

        May 9 at 6:48pm


        Sevens8 we just have see what happens in the future.

        May 9 at 6:49pm

    I'm curious where this location was??
    Shortly after Satan’s inspection and when the planetary administration was on the eve of the realization of great things on Urantia, one day, >>midwinter of the northern continents,<< Caligastia held a prolonged conference with his associate, Daligastia, after which the latter called the ten councils of Urantia in session extraordinary.

    May 9 at 5:39pm · · ·



      • Sevens8 Additional
        This assembly was opened with the statement that Prince Caligastia was about to proclaim himself absolute sovereign of Urantia and demanded that all administrative groups abdicate by resigning all of their functions and powers into the hands of Daligastia as trustee, pending the reorganization of the planetary government and the subsequent redistribution of these offices of administrative authority.

        May 9 at 5:40pm


      • Teresa M Daniel-Evans Dennis they are for being a Good Friend and well the Information Help ty

        May 9 at 6:23pm



        hey no worries I really appreciate it, thanks for looking into things. I pray all good things in this time that will elevate us into Green Pastures beside still waters but in an environment of wonder through the Valley of the Shadow of Death going back to the beginnings.

        A valley that we are tracking into and finding fabulous things, like the path to safety in the truth of everything revealed from the hidden as Jesus said he would do and we do it through him and his Spirit of Truth with the assistance from the Kingdom of Heaven family.

        Who happens to be with you off course, no worries at all, in full confidence.

        May 10 at 5:02am

    Well, I'm in the last week of my Seven Seven jubilee year of my life. I wrote like blazes throughout the year, it was great, I hope it all works out. eh! We are in a very interesting time.

    May 9 at 9:20am

    I like his comment 6 "Planetary alignment above the Rising Sun: the Rising Sun having Metaphor to Dilmun going back to ultimately Dalamatia City in truth. I like his calculation of Osamas May 1st death, 66 years from the death of Hitler, interesting observation.
    An image of 1st Eden set in stone by a people whose forefathers built the 1st Garden of Eden for the reception of Adam and Eve, an memory of truth that was set in stone at Gobekli Tepe, 11,000 years ago and beyond. Preserved for the future in the revealing of the Hidden of the journey of the Tree of Life.
    This site is an old Vanite Site connected to Van and Adamson and Ratta. My feel of there questions in the "Why did they bury this site is because it was like a key that would be revealed at a time of great change regarding Universal revealing of God. I reckon the site was dedicated to that by a far seeing Vanite.

    Watch Vulcanic's video about Unexplained Structures Gobekli Tepe documentary on


    Colleen Hewett 'Day by Day' from the musical 'Godspell'. Song produced by Ian 'Molly' Meldrum 1971. With the kind permission of Colleen Hewett herself. Here

    Note the 3:30 mark, I thought they were satellites but something occurs.

    UFO Signals Observer  just a wave to say hello  EYE Report As I watched this video  and listen to this man pour


      • Sevens8 the attitude and sincerity was right.

        May 9 at 8:07am


        Sevens8 I think it was a demonstration of Light without Heat spiritual lumionosity.

        May 9 at 8:11am


    Bonne Fκte! Dennispasse une belle journιe! Francinexx

    May 8 at 7:54pm

    Some UFO triangle action in Fresno.


    Here ia another on the 27th April 2011 interesting date as well.

    New circle White Horse Alton Barnes 5,30am this Wednesday (27th April 2011) morning oil seed rape two circles and maybe a small circle.


      • Mia Goldsmith Wiltshire is a very special place. Here stands Stonehenge. Also it is very well known for its witches, the lay linesyes a very special place.

        May 8 at 1:07pm


    Latest crop circle, the second. 8 spoked wheel symbol. It reminds me the 8 spoked wheel in Magnetar.​niverseCentre8.htm

    Interesting Date 22nd

    Well done to Olivier Morel and Francine Blake's group for photographing this aerial shot of the formation at Innage, nr Chepstow. Gwent. Wales. Reported 22nd April. We know this was a long and expensive flight due to this there was great reluctance by other ph

    APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nu, Sheet 12) 12(66)

    May 8 at 10:17am


      • Sevens8

        fragment and some thoughts 6 years ago.

        Hail, thou God Temu, (habbukak 3) grant thou unto me the sweet breath which dwelleth in thy nostrils! I am the Egg which is in Kenken-ur (the Great Cackler), and I watch and guard that mighty thing (the stone temple) which hath come into being, <>wherewith the god Keb hath opened the earth. <<<

        I live; it liveth; I grow, I live, I snuff the air. I am the god Utcha-aabet, and I go about his egg.

        >>I shine at the moment of the mighty of strength, Suti. Hail, thou who makest sweet the time of the Two Lands! Hail, dweller among the celestial food.<<

        Celestial food "Tree of Life

        May 8 at 10:23am


        Sevens8 and

        "Hail, dweller among the beings of blue ,(the violet race, Adams and Eve progeny) watch ye to protect him that is in his nest,<> the Child who cometh forth to you.

        (another description of Jesus Christ") Praise Jesus Sovereign of this Universe Paradise Son one and only!

        May 8 at 10:23am


        Sevens8 The Sycamore Tree is a type and shadow of the Tree of Life.

        "Hail, thou Sycamore tree of the goddess Nut! Give me of the [water and of the] air which is in thee.

        >>I embrace that throne which is in Unu, and I keep guard over the Egg of Nekek-ur. It flourisheth, and I flourish; it liveth, and I live; it snuffeth the air, and I snuff the air, I the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in [peace]."<<<

        May 8 at 10:26am

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