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The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

Sevens8 The Land of Sinim, Australia

Land of Sinim from the Bible. Like the suckling child in Sinim amoungst the mountains and connected to Zion Jerusem, Local system capital of this Universe of Jesus the Sovereign.
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    • Sevens8The land of Ra, Sinim Australia.
      September 17 at 10:22pm


      he will CAUSE to INHERIT the DESOLATE HERITAGES..the beginning citieshe will cause it to happen!!!

      Clear confirmation from th Land of Sinim, Land of Ra, as in the Aten Ra. A reflection of the Father in Heaven of Ikhnanton. The plac
      e where the Sun Rises! Sinim, the Land of Ra!

      Praise the Lord, that did happen with 1stEden confirmed and Dalamatia City yet to be physicaly confirmed
      September 17 at 10:27pm


      Sevens8The journey to and fropm the Desolate Heritages comes out of the Land of Sinim. The Father in Heaven caused it to happen.
      September 17 at 10:28pm



      They shall not "niether hunger or thirst" for he that hath mercy on them shall LEAD them even by "the SPRINGS of WATER" he shall GUIDE them.

      "Springs of Water" = Vale of the Springs , SpringVale next to Westall 66.

      Seems like a match and all about guidance and being lead along the Vale of the Springs, in the journey from the desolate Heritages of the Ages from the Land of Sinim
      September 17 at 10:34pm


      I thought Daniel mentioned Sinim but its Isaiah

      The Restoration of Zion Promised

      8 Thus saith the Lord, In an acceptable time have I heard thee, and in a day of salvation have I helped thee: and I will preserve thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people,>>> to establish [3] the earth, to cause to inherit the desolate heritages;<<<

      9 That thou mayest say to the prisoners, >>>Go forth; to them that are in darkness, Shew yourselves. They shall feed in the ways, and their pastures shall be in all high places.<<<(me.The Truth sets you free truly)

      10 They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, >>>>even by the springs of water<<>> shall he guide them.<<

      >>>>>11 And I will make all my mountains a way, and my highways shall be exalted. >>12 Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim.<<<<<

      September 17 at 10:38pm



      Isaiah 49(77) interesting!
      September 17 at 10:39pm ·


      Israel the LORD's Servant

      >>>Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The Lord hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.

      2 And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me;

      3 And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.

      >>4 Then I said, I have laboured in vain, I have spent my strength for nought, and in vain: yet surely my judgment is with the Lord, and my work [1] with my God.<<

      5 And now, saith the Lord that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength.

      6 And he said, It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayest be my salvation unto the end of the earth.

      The isles? Australia, Sinim from afar at the ends of the world. The Lord calls from the beginnings of ancient times, the womb. Might seem in Vain but continues because he formed the Servant from the beginning. His servant glorifies the Father from the beginning with all the paths. His journey will be a light for all the Gentiles in the end time. The light of the Path that leads to the Urantia Book and the cities of immortality from Sinim
      September 17 at 10:49pm


      ‎>>15 Can a woman forget her sucking child,<<>> that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?<<<>> yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.<<<

      Yes, Father in Heaven and within.

      >>>>16 Behold, I have >>graven thee upon
      the palms of my hands;<<(writing) thy walls(the walls of the city dalamatia citypraise the Lord!) are continually before me.<<<<

      17 Thy children shall make haste; thy destroyers and they that made thee waste shall go forth of thee
      September 17 at 10:54pm



      Judges 1:15

      And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs.

      Very strong metaphor to the current reality.

      for thou hast given me >>a south land; give me also >springs of water<< Sinim, Vale of Springs, SpringVale, Westall 6
      September 17 at 11:02pm


      All Clues that in my mind have TRIANGULATION to the same spot and related to the same thing looking forward to an Event, a journey from the Desolate Heritage of the Ages of Immortality and its cities and events.

      Isaiah 35:7
      And >>>the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water:<<<>>> in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.<<<
      (Australia and reflecting current rainfall, Land of the DragonGoanna, Land of the Lizard/Dragon.)

      Isaiah 41:18
      I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.
      (Opening truth in High Places like good rainfall over the country in Sinim Australia, reflecting the conditions of the time in the Land of the Lizard/Dragon.Sinim!! Land of the South, Land of Ra!)

      Isaiah 49:10
      They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, >>even by the springs of water shall he guide them.<<

      All reflective of everyting in the Journey as walk along side togetherthe Springs of Water, Water of Truth from High Places
      September 17 at 11:11pm


      The Vale of Springs Eh!, Springs of Water, SpringVale and Westall 66 just amazing. All guided and led from ancient times from High Places along the Springs of Truth Water.

      Hence the Springs of Water in the Background Image.

      September 17 at 11:18pm



      Sevens8The Dragons/Lizards of the Land of the Dragon/Sinim, Australia are flat out drinking water at this time by the Springs of Water.
      September 17 at 11:27pm


      Sevens8The Wilderness is becoming a Pool of Water in the Land of the Dragon, Sinim, the Land of Ra!
      September 17 at 11:29pm


      Sevens8‎"all flesh shall know that I the Lord am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.
      September 17 at 11:32pm


      Sevens8That Jesus the Sovereign! our redeemer!
      September 17 at 11:32pm


      Sevens8Anyway Kick Goals from Sinim. Goals for the Father in Heaven in this small little Sevenfold sackcloth outpost in the Land of the Dragon/Lizard Sinim.

      The land of the No Worries Mate! so to speak!! hahaha Sinim!
      September 17 at 11:37pm


      Judges 1:15

      And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and >>the nether springs.<<

      Incidently Australia, Sinim was called NEW HOLLAND, Holland is known as the NetherLands, I see Metaphor in that"the nether springs", the Springs of Water in the NETHER LANDS of the South, Sinim. The Nether Springs of the Sinim/South in the Nether Lands of New Holland Australia, the Land of South. The Springs of the Water.

      Isaiah 35:7
      And >>>the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water:<<<>>> in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.<<<


      New Holland is a historic name for the island continent of Australia. The name was first applied to Australia in 1644 by the Dutch seafarer Abel Tasman as Nova Hollandia, naming it after the Dutch province of Holland, and remained in use for 180 years.

      Incidently my Family came from the NetherLands to the Most Sinim Land of the Land of Sinim, Tasmania. Where the journey began from the Isle of the South of the Vast land of Sinim
      September 17 at 11:56pm


      ‎12 Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from >>>>the north and from the west;<< and these from the land of Sinim.

      coming from the North And West means it triangulates in the opposite to the South and East, the isles, Tasmania
      , the Sinim Island, South of the Land of Sinim.

      The Triangle Isle of Tasmania to the South and East even Melbourne is South East of Sinim where the Message and Journey emanates.

      "Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far;
      September 18 at 12:06am


      Is there some link to Jacob Israel and Seventh"

      >>Gad was Jacob's seventh son,<< the first son of Zilpah, Leah's handmaid. The tribe of Gad occupied the central area of Transjordan (Joshua 13:24-28).

      Gad means CROWNS.

      "And the men of GAD had dwelt in the land of Ataroth from of old"

      and "Ataroth" means

      I was interested in this

      3.“Ataroth, the house of Joab” (1 Chr. 2:54), a town of Judah inhabited by the descendants of Caleb.

      and its relation to this

      Judges 1:15

      And she said unto him, Give me a blessing: for thou hast given me a south land; give me also springs of water. >>>And Caleb gave her the upper springs and >>the nether springs.<<

      map of GAD
      September 18 at 12:42am


      Its interesting how Jacob had to tend the flocks for 14 years and then another 6 years and Love was a motivating factor.

      At the close of >>the fourteen years of service,<< Jacob desired to return to his parents, but at the entreaty of Laban
      he tarried yet>> six years with him<<, tending his flocks (31:41).

      20 years
      September 18 at 12:54am


      Sevens8The land of the Crowns, the Nether Springs of Water.

      September 18 at 12:59am


      Sevens8The Mesha Stele apparently mentions the House of David.
      September 18 at 1:02am


      interesting from the Mesha Stele

      20.I took from Moab two hundred men, all his captains. And I brought them to Yahaz, And I seized it. order to add (it) to Dibon. I (myself) have built the 'citadel', 'the wall(s) of the forest' and the

      22.of the 'acropolis'. And I built its gates; And I built its towers.

      Interesting seeing it from another perspective.

      Interesting reference to 200 hundred men and the Acropolis, the city and the gates of Dibon
      September 18 at 1:15am


      Sevens8Map of Ataroth

      I note the Ad reflection in the name Ataroth-Addar, reflective of the Ad related to the ancient Andites.
      September 18 at 1:21am



      There might be some clues here.


       or Ataroth {at-aw-roth'}; plural of '`atarah' (5850); Ataroth, the name (thus simply) of two places in Palestine:--Ataroth.

      `Atrowth 'Addar
      at-roth' ad-dawr'
      from the same as '`Atarowth' (5852) and ''Addar' (146); >>crowns of Addar;<<< Atroth-Addar, a place in Palestine: --Ataroth-adar(-addar).

      `Atrowth beyth Yow'ab
      at-roth' bayth yo-awb'
      from the same as '`Atarowth' (5852) and 'bayith' (1004) and 'Yow'ab' (3097); >>>crowns of the house of Joab;<<< Atroth-beth-Joab, a place in Palestine:--Ataroth the house of Joab.

      `Atrowth Showphan
      at-roth' sho-fawn'
      from the same as '`Atarowth' (5852) and a name otherwise unused (being from the same as 'saphan' (8226)) >>>>meaning hidden; crowns of Shophan;<<<< Atroth-Shophan, a place in Palestine:--Atroth, Shophan (as if two places).
      September 18 at 1:29am


      Atroth-shophan = "crowns of their rapine"

      1) a town in the territory of Gad

      note the reference number signature, 5855 `Atrowth Showphan at-roth' sho-fawn' 555 and 8

      Now looking from the Loser of Battles point of view the opposite view in the Mesha Tablet. However, it could reflect another battle with another town with a similiar name.

      In any case we see embitterment. "crowns of their rapine"


      1.The violent seizure and carrying off of property; open plunder by armed or superior force, as in war or by invasion or raid.
      2.Violence; force; ravishment.
      3.Synonyms Plunder, spoliation, robbery, depredation. See pillage.
      4.To plunder violently or by superior force
      September 18 at 1:49am


      Ajay Hooda Dear Dennis, there's a TV series named supernatural and sometime I feel that you could definitely write much better script. Love your inquisitive mind :)
      September 18 at 4:32am


      Sevens8One way to prove it is right is to verify Dalamatia City.
      September 18 at 7:40am


      Sevens8A total and complete Supernatural experience that spans the Universe and its sentient inhabitance.
      September 18 at 7:41am


      Sevens8This is way beyond moving tables and silly things, this is Earth/Universe moving stuff involving Universe Government and Sovereignty of matters not yet finished stemming from the Beginning.
      September 18 at 7:43am


      Hi Ajay,

      it will be interesting where it leads to at the end of the day.

      These tracks only one offs in a series of things. I find the tracks of thought interesting and compelling, just cruising away to words and instinct leading me in the f
      ocalisation of the desolate Heritages, the inheritance.

      The Hidden Crowns beside the Nether Springs of Water and throughout the Land of the South in the Land of Ra, the Land of the Dragons, the Wilderness land of Sinim, The Isles from far away in the Nether Lands of the Nether Springs of Water
      September 18 at 7:48am


      Sevens8I think the Father in Heaven takes great pleasure in all of this in things incomplete from ancient itmes.
      September 18 at 8:25am


      Ajay, speaking asbout scripts, this whole journey if it pans out right in verification is huge man. BIIIIG MOVIE man with so many paths and trails with connections here and there along a timeline.

      Just say we verify the 40ft Walls of petrif
      ied Brick and the Whole thing with artifacts like the Seven command slabs. Then it was right from the beginning and would be an endorsement from ancient times. From our Spiritual Heritage a voice in verification, a voice from the past! resonating today leading the way!! to a new revelation, the Urantia Book in verification!!!
      September 18 at 8:45am


      Sevens8What an End construct to ignorance entering into the Elysium Fields of Light and Truth. Brother
      September 18 at 8:46am


      Sevens8From the Cities of Immortality! The Tree of Life!
      September 18 at 8:46am


      Sevens8At the end of the day I believe this is the elixir for the Nations, Healing of the Nations of the Truth of the Tree of Life and its all connected to Jesus the Sovereign, the creator of all life in this Universe being a Paradise Son.
      September 18 at 8:49am

Sevens8 An ancient finds in Australia that identifies Australia as the land of Sinim.

There exists an ironstone slab found by a man out from ***** years ago which bears a Phoenecian inscription - >>>"The Eye of Ra the sun rules Sinim."<<<<

Sinim was the ancient Hebrew name for a mysterious southern continent, mentioned in the
Old Testament.

The Phoenician name for it was Ophir, a "great south land of gold" where gold was obtained to build Soloman’s temple. The Egyptians called it "the land of Punt."


Following is a list of Australian Archaeological Anomalies I have compiled over many years. Please feel free to contact Tristan via email or snail mail regarding any of these sites listed. Exact place names are know by Awareness Quest researchers and will be reserved for the serious preservers of ou
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    • Sevens8I always knew Australia was the Land of Sinim and confirmed written about in Ancient times in Australia by the early Egyptians/Phoenecians.
      September 17 at 8:52pm


      mmmm interesting

      ">>An aboriginal tradition of the Tweed River (QLD) Tribes tells of strange men in stone garments attempting to mine the Mount Warning<<< area many generations before the British."

      Mt Warning comes up with record of outside
      September 17 at 8:55pm


      Sevens8mmmm more interesting stuff.


      Skin-divers claimed years ago to have retreived a number of 16th-century Spanish coins and other relics from the remains of an old wooden shipwreck off Tweed Heads (NSW).
      September 17 at 8:56pm
  • Sevens8 Isaiah Speaks of the Land of Sinim in the End time prophecy.
    September 18 at 12:13am


    More record of Eroupean influence in early times and with connection to TABULAM, on the Clarence River.


    Skin-divers claimed years ago to have retreived a number of 16th-century Spanish coins and other relics from the remains of an old wooden shipwreck off Tweed Heads (NSW).


    From a shipwreck at Suffolk Park about 5km south of Byron Bay, two wooden pegs were recently dated (1993) at between 1437 and 1651 (or 1450-1500). The shipwreck uncovered by sandmining in 1965 but now buried under 4m to 10m of sand. In the 1950s people could still recall the remains of three masts protruding 3m from the sand at an angle of 45 degrees. Sandmining opperations later buldozed the masts out of the way. Much earlier residents could recall portions of the hull protruding above the sand. In 1965 workmen unearthed a long wooden rudder. Sandminers involved in the discovery of the rudder in 1965, say it the ship was 4.2 m (14 feet) in length, while others say it was 12.2m (40 feet). To some experts, the size of the rudder suggests it could have been 51 and 75 metres (170 to 250 feet) long.

    >>>It is suspected to be Portuguese. Aboriginal legends tell of a massacre of sailors in revenge for rapes.<<


    A shipwreck found in 1965 at Suffolk Park just south of Byron Bay (or is it north of Brunswick Heads, like Ocean Shores?). The rudder had been plated with metal.

    Aboriginal tales of apparent Spanish visitors still exist in the Grafton->>>Clarence River district (NSW). For Generations they have believed that a huge canoe with sails ventured up the river from the coast bearing many white skinned ‘culture-heroes’ in garments of stone.(armour?)<<<
    September 18 at 4:12pm
  • Sevens8 Mt Warning of the Bandjalang People

    Bundjalung Aboriginals


        The Bundjalung people (aka Bunjalung, Badjalang & Bandjalang) are those Australian Aborigines who are the original custodians of northern coastal areas of New South Wales (Australia),
        >>554 km<< northeast of Sydney: an area that includes t
        he Bundjalung National Park and Mount Warning (known to the Bundjalung people as Wollumbin.[6])

        1 kilometer out from the 555
        554 k
        September 17 at 4:51pm


        Norman Tindale 's (1974) Catalogue of Australian Aboriginal tribes identifies the identifying Baryulgal dialect (Badjalang) country as follows[4]:

        "From northern bank of Clarence River to Richmond River; at Ballina; inland to Tabulam
        and Baryugil."

        Religious Beliefs
        >>>People believe the spirits of wounded warriors are present within the mountains, their injuries having manifested themselves as scars on the mountainside, and thunder storms in the mountains recall the sounds of those warriors' battles.[6]<<<

        >>Wollumbin itself is the site at which one of the chief warriors lies, and it is said his face can still be seen in the mountain's rocks when viewed from the north.[6]<<

        Much of the Bundjalung peoples culture and heritage continues to be celebrated..[7]

        And people, these days, now gather annually in the Bundjalung national park as a community to celebrate as a Bundjalung People's Gathering[7].
        September 17 at 4:57pm



        Mt Warning

        Mount Warning (also known as Wollumbin [1]) is a mountain >>14<<(77 sevens) kilometres (9 mi) west-south-west of Murwillumbah, near the border with Queensland on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

        [1] Due to Mount Warning's proximity to Cape Byron, the Australian continent's easternmost point, (note) >>>> it is the first place on mainland Australia to receive the sun's rays each day.[2]<<<<

        It was on >>16 May 1770 that Lieutenant James Cook<<<, seeing the mountain from the sea, named it Mount Warning.<<<<

        16 May, 2 days after the 14th May
        September 17 at 5:06pm


        ‎"it is the first place on mainland Australia to receive the sun's rays each day."

        Its the FIRST place to recieve the rays from the Father in Heaven on this vast land, the W triangle configuration on top of the Mount Warning is the first p
        lace to recieve lightfrom East where Sun Rises like the City of the Rising Sun!! But the City of Immortality looking to the beginnings.

        The Land of Ra where the Sun sets looking from the Sphinx. The W triangle Symbol on top of Mt Warning in the Land of Ra is the first place to recieve the rays of the Sun in the Land of Ra, the land of the Rising Sun. Australia hahaha. The City of the Rising Sun is the Beginning in truth.
        September 17 at 5:14pm


        Captian James Cooks words.

        Next morning Cook recorded:

        “…We now saw the breakers [reefs] again within us which we past at the distance of 1 League, they lay in the Lat de of 38°..8' [later changed to >>28°..8'<<] & stretch off East two Leagu
        es from a point under which is a small Island. There situation may always be found by the peaked mountain before mentioned which bears SWBW from them this and on this account I have named Mount Warning it lies 7 or 8 Leagues inland in the latitude of >>28°..22" S°<<

        the land is high and hilly about it but it is conspicuous enough to be distinguished from everything else.[3] The point off which these shoals lay I have named>> Point Danger to the northward of it the land<< which is low trends NWBN but we soon found that it did not keep that direction long before it turnd again to the northward.” [3]

        interesting cordinates. 28°..22"
        September 17 at 5:23pm



        Mt Warning being part of the Great Dividing Ranges of the East Coast is also connected to the Blue Dandenongs, the Acropolis of Melbourne!

        "The Dandenong Ranges, originally known as Corhanwarrabul,[1] (commonly just the Dandenongs) a
        re a set of low mountain ranges, rising to >>>633 (12 or 66) metres at Mount Dandenong,<<<< approximately 35 km east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia."

        A place that formed in the DEVONIAN Period.

        Of or belonging to the geologic time, system of rocks, or sedimentary deposits of the fourth period of the Paleozoic Era, characterized by the development of >>lobe-finned fishes, the appearance of amphibians and insects, and the first forests.<<<<

        The Devonian Period or its system of deposits.
        September 17 at 5:44pm


        The "AGE OF FISHES" The Urantia Book.

        "(678.5) 59:4.4 270,000,000 years ago the continents were all above water. In
        millions upon millions of years not so much land had been above water at one time; it was one of the greatest land-emergence epochs in all world history.

        (678.6) 59:4.5 >>Five million years later the land areas of North and South America, Europe, Africa, northern Asia, and Australia<<< were briefly inundated, in North America the submergence at one time or another being almost complete; and the resulting limestone layers run from 500 to 5,000 feet in thickness. These various Devonian seas extended first in one direction and then in another so that the immense arctic North American inland sea found an outlet to the Pacific Ocean through northern California.
        September 17 at 5:49pm


        article concerning age of the Devonian

        "between 418 and 362 million years before present based on radiometric data.

        the UB age of Devonian age, the Age of the Fishes!!, 400,000,000

        Urantia book
        (673.1) 59:1.1 By the dawn of this period of relative quiet on the earth’s surface, life is confined to the various inland seas and the oceanic shore line; as yet no form of land organism has evolved. Primitive marine animals are well established and are prepared for the next evolutionary development. Amebas are typical survivors of this initial stage of animal life, having made their appearance toward the close of the preceding transition period. *

        (673.2) 59:1.2 >>>>400,000,000 years ago<<<< marine life, both vegetable and animal, is fairly well distributed over the whole world. The world climate grows slightly warmer and becomes more equable. There is a general inundation of the seashores of the various continents, particularly of North and South America. New oceans appear, and the older bodies of water are greatly enlarged.

        Like the age of the ground of the Acropolis of the Dandenongs
        400,000,000 years ago from the Age of the Fishes
        September 17 at 5:58pm
  • Sevens8 Highest point Mount Dandenong
    - elevation 633 m (2,077 ft) note the 2 and 77 aspect
    September 17 at 6:08pm


    interesting coordinates of Mt Warning recorded by James Cook..
    28°(7777)..22"(1111), where the first rays of light hits Australia, Sinim. The first Rays that htis the W Symbol in the outline of the Sleeping Warrior facing the Heavens.Mt
    September 18 at 9:19am
  • Sevens8 Whilst I was in Queensland, on the Saturday night just leaving the factory driving home, I noticed in the sky how bright Venus was and how close it was to the Crescent moon.

    I said to my self jokingly, when the planet finds alignment with the Crescent Moon, thats when the process of the second coming begins. I though
    what a long shot but Oh well and just ran with the thought, then I thought could you imagine based on a thought in the right condition and away it goes, the catalyst in activation

    Manila Bulletin Online aims to deliver breaking news from the Philippines and across the globe with the top information on the latest stories in business, current Philippine events, entertainment, environment, sports and news breaking headlines. Follow us as we bring to you the latest news via spec
      • Sevens8
        Driving home as I was approaching Melbourne it was dark and soon enough, I turned to my right and I noticed the Same Bright Planet following me with the Crescent Moon further down towards the Horizon and yet in close alignment.

        Ah I thought
        its following me!! as I thought this I felt warmth and love contemplating the Kingdom of Heaven and the journey looking at the Bright planet following me near the crescent moon, like in some reassurance, not in the physical but in the spirit of the metaphor of it. I even saw the Venus light filter through the vale of clouds in beautiful luminosity.

        Like a light with Heat luminosity
        September 17 at 1:18pm


        Sevens8Sun light being reflected of a planet(Venus) where we recieve light without Heat so to speak.

        Maybe like the worlds of Jerusem where they are powered by light without Heat.
        September 17 at 1:19pm


        Anyway, I get back to Melbourne only to find the article about Venus and the Crescent moon as it was on my mind.

        and I noticed the following fragment that to me h
        ad relevance in the way I see things hahaha, cant help myself.

        Skywatchers will view a stellar show this month as >>>>Mars and Venus will appear so close to each other above the crescent moon on September 11.<<<<<<

        Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) officer-in-charge Dr. Graciano Yumul Jr. said Mars and Venus and the crescent moon will be found close to each other at around >>>>>6:41 p.m. on September 11,<<<< while Saturn will be found low in the western horizon.
        (6:41 p.m.6=4+1=11), Eleven, 11
        when I noticed this planetary/Moon configuration it was September 11th 2010

        Furthermore, Mercury will lie low in the eastern horizon before sunrise throughout the month and will be located 10(55) degrees above the eastern horizon in the middle of the month.

        “At around 7 p.m. on September 23(2+3=5), Jupiter will be 0.9(333) degree (..him>>almost twice the width of the moon) to the south of Uranus,” Yumul said.

        “Both planet will be found at 18(666) degrees above the eastern horizon and will be glowing at magnitude -2.8(10 or 55) and +5.7(12 or 66), respectively,” he added.


        Jupiter and Uranus will lie among the background stars of the constellation Pisces, the Fish.

        Jesus was born when Jupiter and Saturn was inconjunction 3 times in 7BC with Pisces in the background!!

        and remembertoday in this time, in the background of Pisces we have these interesting numbers attached to alignments of planets and a crescent Moon.

        “Both planet will be found at 18(666) degrees above the eastern horizon and will be glowing at magnitude -2.8(10 or 55) and +5.7(12 or 66), respectively,” he added.
        September 17 at 1:42pm


        note that Mars and venus will close to the Crescent Moon

        and What about Mars and Venus? or maybe about Man and Women? and lets say in relationship with God, lets say the Cresecent Moon, the Father in Heaven if we use the moon as a symbol
        of him in this demonstration.
        September 17 at 1:54pm



        Anyway in 5 days time in a seperate event to that of the Mars, Venus and the crescent Moon configuration this, connected to the Longest day:

        “At around 7(7) p.m. on September 23(2+3=5), Jupiter will be 0.9(333) degree (..him>>almo
        st twice the width of the moon) to the south of Uranus,” Yumul said.

        “Both planet will be found at 18(666) degrees above the eastern horizon and will be glowing at magnitude -2.8(10 or 55) and +5.7(12 or 66), respectively,” he added
        September 17 at 2:02pm



        At the northern solstice the subsolar point reaches to 23.44° north, known as the Tropic of Cancer. Likewise at the southern solstice the same thing happens for latitude 23.44°(5 and 8) south, known as the Tropic of Capricorn. The
        sub-solar point will cross every latitude between these two extremes exactly twice per year.

        Also during the northern solstice, places situated at latitude 66.56° north, known as the Arctic Circle will see the Sun just on the horizon during midnight, and all places north of it will see the Sun above horizon for 24 hours.

        >>>>>>That is >>the midnight sun or midsummer-night sun<< or polar day. On the other hand, places at latitude >66.56°<(12 and 11) south, known as the Antarctic Circle will see the Sun just on the horizon during midday, and all places south of it will not see the Sun above horizon at any time of the day.<<<<<

        That is the polar night. During the southern solstice the effects on both hemispheres are just the opposite.
        September 17 at 2:12pm


        Mars mythology, see if there are any clues

        Mars (Latin: Mārs) was the Roman god of war, the son of Juno and Jupiter, husband of Bellona, and >>>the lover of Venus.<<< He was the most prominent of
        the military gods that were worshipped by the Roman legions. >>>The martial Romans considered him second in importance only to Jupiter (their main god).<<< His festivals were held in March (named for him) and October. Mars is considered as the equivalent of the Greek god Ares.

        The word Mārs (genitive Mārtis), which in Old Latin is spelled Māvors (Māvortis), is cognate with Oscan Māmers (Māmertos) and may be related to >>>Sanskrit māruta, a kind of storm deity.<<<[1][2] The Old Latin form is believed to derive from an Italic *Māworts, a god whose function is unclear.

        >>>Initially Mars was a Roman god of fertility and vegetation and a protector of cattle, fields and boundaries and farmers.<<<<

        protector of the farmers eh
        September 17 at 3:05pm


        Now for Venus

        >>Venus was commonly associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite<<<
        and the Etruscan deity Turan, borrowing aspects from each. As with most other gods and goddesses in Roman mythology, the literary concept of Venus is mantled
        in whole-cloth borrowings from the literary Greek mythology of her equivalent counterpart, Aphrodite. >>>>The early, Etruscan or Latin goddess of vegetation and gardens became deliberately associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.<<<<(a perpetuation of Eve from Eden)

        [6] In some Latin mythology Eros was the son of Venus and Mars, the god of war. In other times, Venus was understood to be the >>>consort of Vulcan.(star trek Spock! hahaha)<<< Virgil, in compliment to his patron Augustus and the gens Julia, made Venus, whom >>>Julius Caesar had adopted as his protectress, the ancestor of the Roman people by way of its legendary founder Aeneas and his son Iulus.<<<<


        Her cult began in Ardea and Lavinium, Latium. On August 15(555), 293(2+9+3=14, 77) BC, her oldest known temple was dedicated, and August 18(666) became a festival called the Vinalia Rustica.

        Incidently Jesus' birthdate is 21st August 7BC

        August 15(555), 6 days before Jesus birthdate.
        August 18(666), 3 days before Jesus birthdate
        September 17 at 3:17pm


        Ajay Hooda
        Mars is called commander (in assembly of 9 planets) in Vedic Astrology and it's day is tuesday. In Hindi it's called mangal and thus tuesday is called mangalvar.

        It is also personified as the god of war. Is a warrior by nature - bile-domina
        ted in temperament. He rules over courage, bravery, patience, self-confidence and leadership abilities.

        Mars makes its natives short-tempered; argumentative; lovers of weapons, commanders, generals, soldiers and policemen. It also gives them great technical and mechanical abilities.

        Mars is fond of law and order and arrangement. It gives energy, drive, determination, a strong sense of purpose, great administrative ability and independent spirit. The gemstone of Mars is Coral.
        Mars rules number 9 in indian numerology
        September 18 at 4:48am


        Ajay Hooda
        Venus, known as Shukra in Hindu mythology, is the son of the great seer Bhrigu. Bhrigu was an astrologer and taught his son all of the spiritual sciences and scriptures. Because of Shukra's enmity toward Brahaspati (Jupiter), he (Shukra) agreed to be the teacher of the asuras (antigods). When Shukra became the preceptor of the antigods, in order to protect them against the gods and subgods he worshiped Shiva and learned from him the method by which he could bring them back to life even after they were killed in battle.
        An embodiment of love, he is a benefic planet and governs the refined attributes, romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, comforts, luxuries, jewelry, wealth, art, music, dance, season of spring, rains and the bed-room.
        Venus is also important because of its association with the science of mantras and Ayurvedic medicine, Tantra, the casting of spells, hypnotism, mesmerism, and alchemy.
        Its metal is silver, its gemstone diamond, the day is Friday(shukravar - shukra means venus) and the direction is southeast. Venus rules number 6 in indian numerology
        September 18 at 4:51am
  • Sevens8 That is really Fascinating Ajay, I always found Jesus equivalent to Shiva in there Trinity and interesting parallels like you mentioned. Interesting about Friday, Venus, and the number 6.

    Hey Im glad its Saturday hahaha
    September 18 at 8:05am


    Sevens8 I reckon the submerged truth in Hindu is to arise in new expanded light.
    September 18 at 8:06am
  • Sevens8 I wonder if there is a metaphor or Seven8 message in the 14 Space Rocks about Neptune, the eighth.

    about 4 posts down

    A cache of 14 large space rocks beyond Neptune was recently discovered by astronomers searching through the archives of the Hubble Space Telescope. These are called trans-Neptunian objects.

    Sevens8 Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010..

    However, only the Father in Heaven knows the time of revealing so it will be interesting to see what occurs on the 13th October 2010. if anything!!

    A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from
      • Sevens8
        I just really suspect when they speak of I channelled this and that.

        ..>>>>>>>For more than a decade, through the services of a world renowned channeler, the author has communicated with an ethereal group of entities known as the Tran
        scendors -- 43,000 very old souls who combine their vast experience and knowledge through eons of incarnations, providing advice and information to humans in search of basic realities of mankind’s existence.<<<<<<<

        The book Challenges of Change reports on the author’s years of communication with the Transcendors in a question and answer format intended to inform and challenge. The Transcendors reveal through the author crucial information about urgent global challenges facing mankind such as earth changes, international terrorism, worldwide financial collapse and the environmental crisis. One revelation is al Qaeda has a dirty nuclear bomb and WMD, but faces a moral quandary over “containment of collateral damages.”.

        I know the 38,0000 year old secondary midwayers dont use channelling and trances and so forth to communicate a message to Man. The only entity who uses the trance/channell in this day process is Caligastia
        September 17 at 2:35am


        Sevens8Caligastia can appear in the presence of people if he is summoned which infers he is the one behind it all.

        This includes all things like Ouiga boards and all things related like ghost summoning like you see on TV.
        September 17 at 2:36am


        All those people on the haunted shows and things only unsuspectingly or suspectingly do the bidding of Caligastia for great effect, he demonstrates himself worldwide.

        In Islam, he would be indentified a Bad Jinn, the last remaining Fallen Jinn. This is the false God of Light today of fallen Dalamatia City his beginning, decieving the vulnerable nations in death and destruction through war in wayward religion. Caligastia works all sides of the fence in his deception.

        The way to oppose Caligastia is through the breast plate of FAITH but its not through war and death but through truth and love for one another amoungst all man in the religion of the Father in Paradise or the Father in the Kingdom of Heaven in simple faith of a child.

        This includes tolerance with all varying brothers of the Father in Heaven
        September 17 at 2:54am


        Sevens8All the Bad Jinn were taken away to Universal Jail at Pentecost with only one remaining and he has no power in the great scheme of things. No one respects Fallen Caligastia in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore has no influence at all on anything except only what man gives him in his self deception.
        September 17 at 2:58am


        Sevens8The successful path is very narrow but safe through faith and prayer in friendship with the Father in Heaven in your heart!, the breast plate of faith and truth.
        September 17 at 2:59am


        War is not good but sometimes it is the LAST RESORT against the factions beguilded by Caligastia in there self deception in worship of the False God of Light, the fallen Jinn.

        When government talk of pulling out confronting the agents of de
        ath and destruction through wayward religion they only strengthen Caligastia and enbolden.

        When nations speak of deserting the USA in its fight against terrorism they only stregthen Caligastia in his decpetion which will only spread.

        When atheists in Parliament speak of pulling out they also walk in the hands of Caligastia. Atheist do not understand the real spiritual reality and the determination of the Caligastia agents which can include the atheist himself even in good light but decieved by false light
        September 17 at 3:13am


        This book is good for both Christianity and Islam and its for there healing. The book comes direct from the Kingdom of Heaven for us all.

        The book is good for all the Himalyan religions as it would strengthen its truth in a wider way with definition so man would know where he comes from and where he goes to with surety and yet in the proper paths of faith and truth.

        No rote, no ritual no nothing, no speacial techniques, no nothing but faith! You and my good Father in heaven within myself attached to the thought adjuster, the fragment of the Father attached to personality of the individual.

        A good loving faith environment being yourself is the way forward for the personalty of the individual in growth which leads to happiness within oneself being yourself utterly no physical requirements, just the witness of yourself in your true self as you knew yourself when a child.

        The physical outwork is in your attitude, faith loving and sharing attitude. Your witness of yourself to others truly in natural positive fruits
        September 17 at 3:26am


        Sevens8The world cannot be held to ransom through religious guided nuclear blackmail in my view we cannot loose our freedonm to Caligastia in Nuclear blackmail through the decieved.
        September 17 at 3:29am


        Sevens8In all these things there must be A LINE IN THE SAND drawn somewhere. A standard of behavour amoungst all based on the Universal Law of Father in Heaven or in Paradise.
        September 17 at 3:38am


        Sharon Sadler I agree that this is just another case of someone thinking they have some inside information, when in fact they are merely repeating what the media has already reported. There are so many of these "wolf in sheeps clothing" people around the planet. Always suspicious when one person makes claims. Real truth must resonate.
        September 17 at 4:53am


        ‎"Real truth must resonate" and I reckon by the spirit through purposeful demonstration in the recognition and apprecition leading to worship in the Seventh Circle. I reckon that would be the catalyst to create the physical environment for the Spirit to respond but who could put a time on that being linked realisation and as it requires time.

        Only the Father would know that time of the specific realisation
        September 17 at 10:01am


        Sevens8There is really heaps of those wittingly and unwittingly!!

        "wolf in sheeps clothing"
        September 17 at 11:22am


        Krista Soots-Marchildon Do you think that the Teaching Mission is inspired by Caligastia?
        September 19 at 8:00pm
  • Sevens8 I dont think so, it could be mans mind only.
    September 19 at 8:50pm

    Krista Soots-Marchildon But you think that those channelings where the identity of the source is identified as a group of entities, without reference to think that is from Caligastia?

    September 20 at 1:21am
  • Sevens8 I have a feeling this will be the las crop circle for the year.

    Avebury Manor, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 27th August.
    It seems to match the date of the end of the Seventh timeline, 27th August

    Here are a couple of pictures that I took today whilst walking around Avebury Henge. I'm not sure if it's a circle or just a baldy spot, but it maybe worth further investigation by somebody local. I would have had a look myself, but given how muddy the field may have been after a

    Sevens8 UFO seen in the Gulf 14.09.2010

    UFO seen in the Gulf 14.09.2010  ofile=1075  ofile=1075 Marco artist Anthony Dallmann-Jones posted this blog about the UFO seen in the

    Sevens8 UFO sighting in the Pacific makes news in Australia.

    A UFO video that was filmed (see video below) by an Australian cruise passenger while in New Caledonia in the Pacific is making news in Australia at the moment. A retired businessman, Mr Nick Brent, happened to see two unusual drones hovering over a body of water. T
    e two black UFOs can be seen moving over the water before vanishing. UFO researchers in Australia have been contacted regarding the footage but no answers have been forthcoming.


    A UFO video that was filmed (see video below) by an Australian cruise passenger while in New Caledonia in the Pacific is making news in Australia at the moment.

    Sevens8 ‎14 Big Space Rocks Discovered Beyond Neptune
    By Staff

    posted: 13 September 2010
    03:01 pm


    Astronomers have discovered a cache of >>14 large space rocks<< beyond the orbit of >>Neptune<< while sifting through archival observations from the Hubble Space Telescope.

    Icy rocks like the newfound objects are known as trans-Neptunian objects because they typically reside outside Neptune's orbit. These objects include the former planet Pluto, now classified as a dwarf planet, as well as comets like the famed Halley's comet.

    The newfound objects range from >>25 to 60<< miles across (40 to 100 kilometers), said the researchers.


      • Sevens8Try this link if the above does not get you to the story.
        September 16 at 8:39am


        Interesting how Neptune is the 8th planet and a trident is associated with it in symbol. Poseidon is also associated with the Neptune.

        A trident a threefold symbol associated with the eighth planet wit
        h the 14 (77) Rocks nearby.

        A trident (pronounced /ˈtraɪdənt/), also called a leister or gig, is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and was also a military weapon. Tridents are featured widely in mythical, historical and modern culture. The sea god Poseidon or Neptune is classically depicted bearing a trident.

        Note that a trident is not a pitchfork.

        September 17 at 12:17pm


        Symbolic use
        Parallel to its fishing origins, .>>>>>the trident is associated with Poseidon, the god of the sea in Greek mythology, the Roman god Neptune, and Shiva, a Hindu God who holds a trident in his hand.<<<<<

        In Greek myth
        , Poseidon used his trident to create water sources in Greece and the horse (from sea foam in a contest for the name of Athens).

        >>>>>Poseidon, as well as being god of the sea, was also known as the "Earth Shaker" because when he struck the earth in anger he caused mighty earthquakes and he used his trident to stir up tidal waves, tsunamis and sea storms.<<<<<<(prophecy?????)

        In Roman myth, Neptune also used a trident to create new bodies of water and cause earthquakes. A good example can be seen in Gian Bernini's Neptune and Triton.
        September 17 at 12:20pm


        regarding the Hindu Paradise Trinity (Dayus Pitar) Shiva would be the equivalent to Jesus.

        Jesus comes with the Trident, to adjudge the Age???

        It reminds me when I was drving over the Great Dividing Range where I saw a sign elevation near Tr
        enterfield in Northern New South Wales. saying Great Dividing Range, 888 metres. I wondered about that and now I can see a similiar 8th wonder here.

        This event seems to have a metaphor in what it represents perhaps!!!!
        September 17 at 12:27pm


        Jesus is the eighth of the Sevenfold the key of the next evolution beyond the Sevenfold. He is the eighth of the Seventh and he is and his works is good fruits everlasting.

        And his 14(77) ROCKS are around him near the EIGHTH, the TRIDENT o
        f truth that shakes things up a BIT?!?!?!?!!
        September 17 at 12:33pm


        September 17 at 12:48pm


        Sevens8I think this post can be linked to this future realisation in the experience.!/Sevens8?v=wall&story_fbid=160813580602597&ref=notif&notif_t=like
        September 17 at 1:46pm


        Interesting metaphor in the Sign 888 meters on top of the Great Dividing Range, 888 metres. Like parting of the ways going to the West along one narrow winding road through the great Mountainous divide, the path of safety amoungst the Mountains on to the West of All. We trek along the same Road that once led to Gold in past times, where in this day, this same road leads to the everlasting Fruits and Riches of the Vale of Springs along the Narrow path of safety to the otherside of the divide in safety and intact.

        Glory be eh!

        Along the Route 44(2222) on the way to Trenterfield from Casino, the old Gold and Pioneering Road and today on track to the Elysium fields of truth and realisation looking forward to the Golden fields of a bright and everlasting future
        September 17 at 2:31pm


        Sevens8Driving up a down the great Triangle of the Great Dividing Range.
        September 17 at 2:32pm


        The road to Trenterfield travelling from Casino you will come across Tabulum a small rural town where it meets with the river Clarence. Tabulum, tike a tablet or tabular.

        Here is some history of Tabulum.


        The name Tabulam is derived from Bundjalung Dahbalam.[7].

        Originally, Tabulam and the surrounding farm and bushland was inhabited by Bundjalung Aboriginals. The land was first settled by Europeans in 1839.

        It was the birthplace of Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel of the famous Australian Light Horse.[8]

        Bundjalung Aboriginals

        The local Aboriginals held this Moutnain sacred, the mountain is called Mt Warning.

        Look at the Shape of the top of Mt Warning

        Wollumbin is the mountain range to the north of Mt warning, and it is said his face and form can be seen in the ranges profile, when viewed from the north, near Chinderah.

        A familiar shape found seen on the top of Mt Warning!!!

        The W triangle timeline shape, like in the Shabbes timeline
        September 17 at 4:29pm



        Sevens8Anyway, more on Tabulum along Route 44
        September 17 at 6:21pm


        Sevens8The Tabulam Races are held at the local racetrack, located approximately 1km south of the township, on the bank of the Clarence River. >>>The >5< race carnival culminates with the Tabulam Cup, a >2220m< race<<<
        September 17 at 6:26pm


        Sevens8Bundjalung Dahbalam or Tabulam sounds like Dah Balam..sound familiar to distant Baalim in "DahBalam", reminded of the ancient script on stones giving worship to Baal and Ra, found in this country.
        September 17 at 6:29pm


        Sevens8The stones wouldnt be far from here and perhaps ancient Egyptians and Phoenecian explorers did land here and wrote in there religion and thoughts in stone related to Baal and Ra depending on Heritage.
        September 17 at 6:32pm



        ‎..One of the inscribed stones, an ironstone slab measuring 2.5m length by 1.7m width and 40cm thick lay a gainst the summit terrace of the west face of the pyramid. It was later translated to read:

        “The mines in the mountain
        s, watched over by Ra’s Eye, the Sun, as he rises over the ocean to shine even in winter. He cares for the land with his light.

        Ta-na, our King, the dark-haired, arrived here by the ‘Ship of the Royal Banner’. He officiates at the pyramid ceremonies and rules over the mines of shining gold and copper”.

        The second inscribed stone lay at the north-west corner of the base terrace. Engraved in the same mixed script, it read:

        “The pyramid of stone has been built upright and the land cultivated.
        Ra’s eye brings light to cultivate the land. 100 ships of Ra have been carried here by his breath the wind under the protection of his rays of light. Fleets of gold ships of Ra depart for Dan. Gather for him at the temple. Burn incense to Ra.”
        September 17 at 6:35pm


        Sevens8Solomons Mines eh! in the Land of Ra!
        September 17 at 6:36pm


        and for the BAAL script

        The rock, projecting from the ground at an angle, measured 1.19m length by 50cm wide.

        To one side of it we discovered a 76cm length by 46cm width and 18cm thick basalt libation altar with a 12.5cm by 5cm wide and 6cm deep hollow for pouring libations.

        Yet the inscriptions revealed much, for when I later translated it I found it was one more relic of another chapter in the unknown colonisation of Australia lately beginning to emerge. The inscription stated:

        “This section of the temple of Baal the Sun has been built by the settlers of the ships of Hiram and Solomon for giving thanks. To this colony built on the flat land ships sail, to this land of black people to work, mine and grow grain for all. Bana your ruler declares”.
        September 17 at 6:38pm


        another curious link

        “My name is Shem of Lud”.
        The other two specimens were ‘votive offering’ inscriptions, surely from a nearby long-vanished temple to Ra.

        Lud, son of Shem,_son_of_Shem

        Lud (לוּד) was a son of Shem and grandson of Noah, according to Genesis 10 (the "Table of Nations"). Lud should not be confused with the Ludim, said there to be descended from Mizraim
        September 17 at 6:46pm



        It has been conjectured by others[1] that Lud's descendants spread to areas of the far-east beyond Elam, or that they were identified with the Lullubi. Some scholars have also associated the Bib
        lical Lud with the Lubdu of Assyrian sources, who inhabited certain parts of western Media and Atropatene[2].

        The Muslim historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition that the wife of Lud was named Shakbah, daughter of Japheth, and that she bore him "Faris, Jurjan, and the races of Faris". He further asserts that Lud was the progenitor of not only >>>>>the Persians, but also the Amalekites and Canaanites, and all the peoples of the East, Oman, Hejaz, Syria, Egypt, and Bahrein.<<<<<
        September 17 at 6:50pm



        Note the 2000BC in the uRantyia Book and the movements of the Andite Nomads in the Pacific.

        c The Nerites constituted the final eruption of the Caspian group of the Mesopotamian descendants of the blended Andonite and Andite races. What the
        barbarians failed to do to effect the ruination of Mesopotamia, subsequent climatic changes succeeded in accomplishing.

        (877.3) 78:8.12 And this is the story of the violet race after the days of Adam and of the fate of their homeland between the Tigris and Euphrates. Their ancient civilization finally fell due to the emigration of superior peoples and the immigration of their inferior neighbors. But long before the barbarian cavalrymen conquered the valley, much of the Garden culture had spread to Asia, Africa, and Europe, there to produce the ferments which have resulted in the twentieth-century civilization of Urantia.

        (877.2) 78:8.11 From >>>>2500 to 2000 B.C.<<<< the nomads were on a rampage from the Atlantic to the Pacific

        this can include Eastern Australia.

        from the article

        ..The Gilroys believe the ‘Gosford Colony’ dates from the period of the Egyptian Old Kingdom >>[2780-2100 BC]<<<, the age of the Kariong Egyptian hieroglyphic site, according to overseas Egyptologists who support its authenticity..
        September 17 at 8:30pm ·
    Toowoomba: A group of seventeen granite stones were found with Phoenecian inscriptians. One had been translated to read >>"Guard the shrine of Yahweh’s message" and "Gods of Gods".<<<

    Another inscription reads, "This is a place of worship or
    Ra" and "Assemble here to worship the sun." (Ra was the Egyptian sun god)

    I was not far from Towoomba over the week end in Harrietville
    September 17 at 8:42pm


    The Turanians

    The Turanians from the Urantia Book

    (873.1) 78:5.5 The Andites not only migrated to Europe but to northern China and India, while many groups penetrated to the ends of the earth as missionaries, teachers, and traders. They contributed considerably to the northern groups of the Saharan Sangik peoples. But only a few teachers and traders ever penetrated farther south in Africa than the headwaters of the Nile. Later on, mixed Andites and Egyptians followed down both the east and west coasts of Africa well below the equator, but they did not reach Madagascar.

    (873.2) 78:5.6 >>>>These Andites were the so-called Dravidian and later Aryan conquerors of India; and their presence in central Asia greatly upstepped the ancestors of the Turanians.<<<<<

    Many of this race journeyed to China by way of both Sinkiang and Tibet and added desirable qualities to the later Chinese stocks. From time to time small groups made their way into Japan, Formosa, the East Indies, and southern China, though very few entered southern China by the coastal route
    September 17 at 9:53pm
  • Sevens8 Anyway, all the best everyone speak to you in Seven days. I wonder what interesting events will behold on this trip??

    September 8 at 8:52am

    Sevens8 How cool is this, spirals in space.
    The space telescope has imaged a dying star's pre-planetary nebula pinwheel spiral. Although a rare and beautiful sight, there are others out there.

    Sevens8 cool

    You guys might just like this one! Titled 'Ufos are here' Australian doco from the 1977, running time 84 mins. I'm in the middle of

    Sevens8 I more interesting underlying patterns in the ChristChurch earthquake. About 6 posts down. It seems like a total match.

    September 7 at 11:25pm


    Lisa Bennett
    thought of you and sent you a Guardian Angel!

    Sevens8 The SKYLAB III UFO Encounter - The Evidence

    I was interested in the lift off date 14th May 1973(hahaha) and I was interested in the 55th day in what happened there.

    I note the variation of light brightness every 10(55) seconds.

    Watch Pindz's video about The SKYLAB III UFO Encounter Evidence Contradictions documentary on
      • Sevens8
        ‎1973, add all = 20(5555)

        date14 May 1973


        therefore, 555555

        We are a "skylab" being a decimal experimental species no one like us in the Universe we are very unique throughout the whole
        September 7 at 5:28am


        Sevens8BTW Skylab crashed on Australia in its re entry.
        September 7 at 5:29am


        Sevens8All these things would of been purposely staged for recognition in the future attached to a Universal relevant matter.
        September 7 at 5:31am


        Sevens8I also a see a similar pattern in this, Sevens birthdate 14561 and day 171 days in space for Saturn Booster, I see signatures between the ones. The 456 in between the ones = 15(555) and the sevens between the ones.


        INT 21(777)
        September 7 at 5:38am


        Sevens8even If I add all 14561=17, one & Seven, one Seven. similar to the 171 days in space for Saturn Booster, One Seven.
        September 7 at 5:42am


        Its like a future story in the event, dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, the timelords of the Stage and Event pointing to a future event through the commonality of the time stamps in the staged Event of the Kingdom of Heaven looking forward.

        Red is Jesus' colour associated
        September 7 at 5:49am
  • Sevens8 NASA dont realise that the Father in Heaven works through them in the higher process of there decisions through the thought adjuster in decision and action that seem normal without them really knowing. Accordiong to them they were normal events but there was higher process going on, I believe.
    September 7 at 5:49am


    Sevens8 To me that mission had a underlying futuristic story of Events to come.
    September 7 at 5:50am
  • Sevens8 Breaking: "Giant fireball" crashes to earth in Columbia.

    I was interested in the timestamp of the event 3:15(555)pm

    Sevens8 Avebury Manor, nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 27th August.

    Sevens8 Babarbarism
    ninemsn news

    Sevens8 What going on here with the Sun. It must connected to the Kingdom of Heaven and its various operations related to the Universe and its matters.

    uploaded by a nature videographer. good quality, too bad the sun is so far away! disregard the theatrical orchestra in the background XHxKGL4saUg i doubt

    Sevens8 Check this out concerning the recent earthquake in Christ Church, New Zealand.

    Note the "11"" feet and consider the calculation in a previous post.

    Earth's surface >>>'lurches 11ft to the right'<<< as New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line

    Read more:


    The quake was caused by the continuing collision between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates, said Prof Quigley, who is leading a team trying to pin down the temblor's source.
      • Sevens8
        Note the 11 signature in addition to the Sevens and Fives in the timestamp. All underlying pattern by simply adding results, simple arithmetic.

        This time a whole plate moved. What does Jesus speak regarding earthquakes, earthquakes that sp
        eak in my view at the end time because there is a pattern discovered in relation to a journey from 1stEden, his place.

        Jesus speaks of Rumours of Wars but not war itself??? we are in that moment
        September 6 at 6:22pm


        Om Mon and Gaia Speaksso close to home and no Sunami thank you
        September 6 at 9:42pm


        Sevens8Another tectonic plate moved in 34,000 years ago which was near England and in a short time after the English land bridge sunk and also created the Gibraltar break that caused the destruction of 1stEden.
        September 7 at 7:55am


        Sevens8According to the NEWS tonight a new faultime of 22km was created in ChristChurch.

        22 is a very common number pattern in the journey from the ancient cities of the tree of life.
        September 7 at 11:06pm


        New faultline comes as big surprise to scientists

        OK check out the number patterns in the epicenter.

        GNS Science staff yesterday found signs of the quake's epicentre, 14km south of Darfield, which lies 50km west of Christchurch.

        Aerial surveys revealed a dark, 24km-long scar across paddocks and roads where the shallow tremor offset the land.

        The faultline cut roads 4m apart, dug up mounds of earth, and in some places formed a waist-high step in the land.

        The news says 22km but the article says 24km??

        Note the epicentre.

        "14km south of Darfield, which lies 50km west of Christchurch."

        Note the 14km(77) and 50Km again the 5 aspect or 10x5=50, 5555555555

        and note this pattern in this fragment:
        ""There is no evidence at this site for previous rupture. We don't think it has ruptured often, or at all, in the last >>18,000 years.<<"

        Note" 18,000, take the 18 only = 3x6=18, 666 feature. That pattern is a signature of the Magnetar Angels of the Broadcast Circuits, the Angels of the 6 wings. Through which comes the call of Judgement of the Last Rebel Caligastia
        September 7 at 11:13pm


        I was curious about the depth and I had a feeling I would find a pattern there as well.

        So I check and this what I found.

        MAP 7.0 2010/09/03 16:35:47 -43.530 172.120 5.0 SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND

        i found the depth at 5km

        All part of the common pattern of the earth that speaks to us.
        September 7 at 11:23pm


        Sevens8Something from the past is arising, like in the metaphor unknown fault line from 18,000 years ago in Christ Church.

        Arising from the past.
        September 7 at 11:29pm


        Sevens8That 18,000 or 18 signature is very interesting again it could be a response from the Kingdom of Heaven in relation to conversations of his children.
        September 7 at 11:30p


        Here are the cordinates looks see what pattern I calculate.

        S43.530 and 172.120

        If I times all S43.530, 4x3x5x3=18(666) Sixers

        If I times all 172.120, 1x7x2x1x2= 28(7777) Sevens

        If I add all S43.530, 4+3+5+3=15 (555) Fivers

        If I add all 172.120, 1+7+2+1+2=13, leave that up to yo
        September 7 at 11:42pm


        Sevens8Everything seems consistant with all patterns underlying coming out of ChristChurch.
        September 7 at 11:43pm


        Sevens8SOUTH means SINIM.
        September 7 at 11:45pm


        The Land of Sinim is found in the Book of Job and is all reflective.

        Here is Isaiah and look at the number patterns in the chapter and Verse.

        Book of Isaiah 49(77, times):12(66):

        "Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim."[1]

        It was probably from Isaiah 2, Wow
        September 7 at 11:48pm


        Sevens8In my view The Land of Sinim is Australia! but this can apply to New Zealand but perhaps as an illustration.

        September 7 at 11:50pm


        Magnitude 7

        Date 20(5555)10(55)/09(333)/03

        Patterns, all underlying in every aspect.

        If I add the underlying pattern out, add all 5555553333=42 and 6x7=42 again the 6 and 7 or seperate result 42, 4+2=6 and 4x2=8 combine results 6+8=14(77) Sevens.

        Maybe the Magnitude 7 fills the 42 result to make 49(77) sevens, completion in the Sevens
        September 8 at 12:01am


        If I times all underlying pattern 5555553333=1265625, 1 26562 5

        If add all the result 1265625 = 27, and 2x7=14(77) or 27=3x9, 999 seems to reflect the date

        Date 20(5555)10(55)/09(333)/03, a circle.

        In this result 1 26562 5, if I seperate the 1 and 5 and add them I get 6
        1 26562 5
        26562 1+5=6
        then combine to see the pattern.
        265626, an equal pattern
        then seperate in 2 numbers
        26 56 26 then, add all seperated numbers, results 8 11 8, an equal pattern, then add all 8 11 8 =27,

        27 again, 2x7=14(77) or 27=3x9, 999 seems to reflect the date again!!

        If I breakdown the number pattern again,
        26 56 26, 252 and 666 an equal pattern.

        If I add all each component 252 and 666, I get 9 and 18,
        interesting pattern
        September 8 at 12:45am


        Sevens8‎9 and 18,
        3x3 and 3x6
        If I add 3+3=6 and 6+3=9, then combine results 6+9=15(555)
        September 8 at 12:48am


        Ajay Hooda What I've to say is this that decimal point system has 10 digits, hexagon has 16, binary has 2 and so on so I feel that the interesting pattern outlined by you perhaps will be changed for each point system
        September 8 at 4:02am


        I just find the patterns interesting, I started seeing commonalty in all these patterns ages ago just in the numbers but extended the thought into calculating things in such a way because I felt I could see something emerging. Like consistancy and order underlying, thats why I was fascinated.

        Maybe there is something much greater underlying and maybe we are touching it. In my mind for such a calculation to occur it would of been thought about in Great detail for the numbers to fall in place through simple maths.

        See man cant fake earthquakes like with everything else. Its so easy to create a dot add a glow and just insert in a timeline. Its like with crop circles there is much confusion as to authentcity. Its just when Man does these things or claims to do so, I feel he corrupt things and adds to the confusion. I come along see a manmade crop circle and mislead people in what I think in calculating something manmade.

        I personally think that most of the crop circles 2010 where good apart from a few.

        With earthquakes man cant fake them so thats why I calculate them in such a way. There absolutely real like a Magnetar.

        With earthquakes you have depth, breadth, length, strength and time, all things needed for an event and it has dimensionality and Universality.

        I thought you're ideas was pretty interesting to Ajay
        September 8 at 6:42am


        Then again with the crop circles that are manmade, the Father in Heaven can project a thought in a the higher process through the thought adjuster that could be consistent to an overall message.

        In that sense man thinks its himself only bu
        t its the Father and him in the higher process of the thought adjuster, in some things of importance since the motive and intent is there with purpose. Why couldn't the thought adjuster project an image in the super Consciousness, the hidden Conscious of man, the realm of the thought adjuster for it to come out in the conscious, like in the drafting of a pattern in the crop circle.
        September 8 at 8:30am


        Ajay Hooda ok! nice buddy carry on :)
        September 8 at 10:58am

  • Sevens8 hahaha
    September 8 at 11:27am


    Ajay Hooda ‎:P
    September 8 at 11:31am
  • Sevens8 Dutch breakthrough in the biofuel production
      • Sevens8thats cool
        September 6 at 6:06am


        Lala Zally They are genious in many things are you Dutch ?
        September 6 at 6:09am


        Sevens8Yeah, first generation Australian after the war, both parents Dutch. I must say they are quite creative when they are focussed and inspired, that is the key thing for Dutch they have to be inspired with something. They can get carried away with themselves though, they have to check themselves constantly but they are a people of great faith in truth and in what they do, when inspired they are determined and single minded.
        September 6 at 6:17am


        Lala Zally I love the way they have conquered the sea, both as sailors and as architects. But I don't like the bluntness of their speech and what to me is like a neo-nazi attitude towards different creeds and races nowadays.
        September 6 at 6:18am


        Sevens8I know that can be a real problem is there arrogance and narrowmindedness in some things, they have watch themselves because they carried away with themselves. Money and riches can be a problem for them in there attitude. Some times they have to grow up in there attitude of themselves. Sometiomes they can be blunt and straight to the point and have to watch also there selfishness which can be rampant in some successfull fmailies on the material.
        September 6 at 6:22am


        Sevens8Oh well at the end of the day we are family, a global family and we all learn from each other.
        September 6 at 6:23am


        Sevens8Lala are you in Mexico?
        September 6 at 6:24am
        Lala Zally You're right, I say I hate prejudice (spelling) and here I am ranting about others, so sorry, delete my post , hehehe
        September 6 at 6:24am


        Sevens8 Ahhh its alright, dont worry about it, they were all good points and maybe a nation of people can look at themselves and other things and learn more about themselves and the world we live in. Youre right!
        September 6 at 6:26am

    Lala Zally Thanks Dennis, it's always inspiring to know we are not alone in the Universe, and that makes my love for the Supreme Creator even greater!

    September 5 at 7:26pm


    Sevens8 This is weird.

    Watch Remanuelli's video about alien grey demon documentary on
    • Charlotte Yancik
      likes this.
      • Charlotte Yancik Looks like a Fairy to me.
        September 6 at 3:01am


        SunSista That was cool! Too bad they were frightened and ran off.
        September 6 at 4:01am


        Sevens8strange, thats all I can say.
        September 6 at 5:55am


        SunSista What? You didn't like the long skinny legs?
        September 6 at 6:06am


        SunSista He/she looked like it was going to hang around a bit. It looked somewhat friendly to me.
        September 6 at 6:07am


        Sevens8Ive heard of fairies but never seen one, there is so many mysteries on this planet. I thought it was friendly but quite surprising, just sitting there in a comfortable spot observing things.

        Nice family though, in a nice environment.
        September 6 at 6:11am


        Sevens8His legs are like my legs Long hahaha.
        September 6 at 6:12am


        Haha, that's funny. For some reason I pictured you to be around 6ft tall.

        A mutual firend of ours, Brigitte Mars is really into fairies. I'll send this clip to her and see what she says. She has pictures of little people like creatures in
        the rocks when she went to New Zealand. I guess these sightings are common among the locals.

        The UB says there is an order of beings between humans and midwayers that live on the planet. Maybe that was the one they are talking about? Life is so real
        September 6 at 6:39am


        That is an amazing post Cydney, Ive never had the opportunity of seeing a fairy I would be interested in seeing your friends clip. Its probably all part of the Higher world life I suppose. I think its fascinating.

        I reckon when I was walki
        ng around the hills for many years there were fairies around but I couldnt see them. I remember one occasion I would whistle to the native birds and they would respond and would follow me on the walk singing away. That was fun.
        September 6 at 7:28am


        Sevens8BTW Im 6ft 4 inches.
        September 6 at 7:29am


        SunSista So, it sounds like you lived with the Aborigines in the outback? What were you doing walking around the hills? What did you eat? Tell me some of the things you did.
        September 6 at 7:33am


        No I grew up for many years in the Dandenong Ranges situated on the northern Flank of Melbourne. When I younger I walk the track for may years mainly jogging. In this journey i lived again in the Dandenong where again I would walk the tracks but this time in fellowship with the Father ion Heaven discussing all kinds of things within my heart but many praising him for the many little discoveries along the way.

        It was only recently that a friend of mine gave me little history about the place through a friend of his whose family lived in these parts from the beginning. In the early days it was all logging and clearing the place and much got destroyed.

        Apparently there is a family story that tells of the 5 Creek conjunction with a quartz stone in the centre that was situated close by to the great rock. This rock apparently was a regarded by the Aboriginals of the local area and could of been a place of Birth. According to my friend as he was told, the Rock was a lot more exposed in those days had a small Cave system, apparently some local Aboriginals got killed and there remains where thrown into the cave and the Rock was partially covered up.

        Of course I was curious about the whole story since I walked by the Rock for many years. Then off course one thing leads to another where I would find ancient 40,000 year old myth and legend of the local area and another rock landmark of the Aboriginals close by. Then I think Rocks where important to ancient man which beheld the Gods as it were in those days. Close by are the Djurt Djurt Rocks (Star rocks) a meeting place of the tribes. Star rocks, inferring gateway to Heaven of some sort, metaphor pointing the Gods of Space in there perception.

        Its interesting physically walking the tracks of ancient man yesterday where today I walk the tracks of truth concerning his myth and legend of the local area connected to the beginnings
        September 6 at 8:22am
  • SunSista
    What a great way to connect to those who have gone before you. I love the history of different cultures, particularly their spiritual views and rituals. I bet you could tell me some really cool stories about the Aboriginal culture.

    I feel deeply connected with my ancestors on my mother's side. My great-great grandfather was one of the Wetherill brothers who discovered Mesa Verde - a huge area in southwest Colorado that is now a national park. When my ancestors where herding cattle on horseback across the plains, my great-great uncle's hat blew off and caught on a branch in the middle of a blizzard. He found the hat and when he bent down to get it, he saw the main cliff dwelling. The family of 5 son's dedicated the rest of their days to discovering a system of cliff dwellings dating back to the 1600's and some dwellings on land that date back to the 900-1200's. They gave tours to all sort of travelers from around the world and shared their ranch as a boarding house.

    I did a big research project of the history of Mesa Verde a few years ago and learned how my cowboy ancestors who were Quakers and would act as mediators between the native Indians and the U.S. Army. It's quite an interesting history. The Quakers believed in the spark of God that resided in all of us, much like the thought adjuster. I will be doing more research as time allows and I have a bunch of pictures to post from when I created a PowerPoint that I presented to my daughter's school. To be continued
    September 6 at 10:19am


    That was an incredible story you posted Cydney. I personally have no contact with any Aboriginals because the races that Im speaking about don't exist anymore, they got wiped out as usual. In those days the white man was a narrow Barbarian and was completely dishonest to the Aboriginals and scammed them. What's new with the Babel system of imposition.

    Then again it was a matter of survival but still, we could off behaved much better. However, I am grateful that there record of there myths was recorded by a kind person to the Aboriginals. Thank the Lord for that and fragments of there spiritual culture still exist today and do have reflections of the first place Dalamatia City.

    I believe the modern aboriginal of Australia is related to the Dravidian Indian from a long long time ago.

    BTW I am so impressed with your experience reaching back into the past, what a beautiful journey that would of been to discover of ancient culture like that.

    Praise the Lord that's all I can say
    September 6 at 4:34pm
  • Sevens8 If you look at this image of the trajectory of the UFO you will notice highway A6 and E231 ( add all E231, 2+3+1=6) 6 and A6= 66

    Mysterious Object (UFO) Videotaped at Gooimeer, Nederlands Here is a shortened, edited version of a google translation of the original Dutch to English: On June

    Sevens8 I reckon there is more rain to come as I view the national images.

    If you have disabled scripting in your browser then you may wish to enable it so that the radar loop can run.

    Sevens8 ‎2. The Strange Preacher(1764.3) 159:2.1 Jesus went over to Gamala to visit John and those who worked with him at that place. That evening, after the session of questions and answers, John said to Jesus: “Master, yesterday I went over to Ashtaroth to see a man who was teaching in your name and even claiming to be able to cast out devils. Now this fellow had never been with us, neither does he follow after us; therefore I forbade him to do such things.” Then said Jesus: >>>“Forbid him not. Do you not perceive that this gospel of the kingdom shall presently be proclaimed in all the world? How can you expect that all who will believe the gospel shall be subject to your direction? Rejoice that already our teaching has begun to manifest itself beyond the bounds of our personal influence.<<<

    >>Do you not see, John, that those who profess to do great works in my name must eventually support our cause?<<< They certainly will not be quick to speak evil of me. My son, in matters of this sort it would be better for you to reckon that he who is not against us is for us. >>>>In the generations to come many who are not wholly worthy will >>>do many strange things in my name<<<, but I will not forbid them.<<<

    >>> I tell you that, even when a cup of cold water is given to a thirsty soul, the Father’s messengers shall ever make record of such a service of love.”<<<<


    [swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 159The Decapolis Tour (1762.1) 159:0.1 WHEN Jesus and the twelve arrived at Magadan Park, they found awaiting them a group of almost one hundred evangelists and disciples, including the women’s corps, and they were r
      • Sevens8I wonder what the strange things are in his name??

        >>>>In the generations to come many who are not wholly worthy will >>>do many strange things in my name<<<, but I will not forbid them.<<<
        September 5 at 4:58pm


        ‎(1764.4) 159:2.2 This instruction greatly perplexed John. Had he not heard the Master say, “He who is not with me is against me”?

        >>>And he did not perceive that in this case Jesus was referring to man’s personal relation to the spiritual
        teachings of the kingdom,<<<<

        while in the other case reference was made to the outward and far-flung social relations of believers regarding the questions of administrative control and the jurisdiction of one group of believers over the work of other groups >>which would eventually compose the forthcoming world-wide brotherhood.<
        September 5 at 4:59pm


        John Stevens ‎"Do you not see, John, that those who profess to do great works in my name must eventually support our cause?" I very much like this post Dennis. I also like how you also posted the distinction that Jesus again makes between the spiritual, inner relationship with God, and the outward, social relations of believers.
        September 6 at 5:27pm


        Sevens8inward and outward, what is within expresses without. The witness of our personal relationship with the Father is naturaly expressed without in the action with a good mindset in the Father.
        September 6 at 5:34pm


        Sevens8I reckon that fragment is a great one.

        "Do you not see, John, that those who profess to do great works in my name must eventually support our cause?"

        especialy in this day.
        September 6 at 5:36pm


        John Stevens I find it interesting that it is the evangelical Christians that are still reverently using the name of Jesus, because they still believe in His transforming power in their lives and others. Will this childlike faith be recognized by our Universe Sovereign?
        September 6 at 5:49pm


        Sevens8I reckon they will be recognised if there ultimate motive is true with the Lord. Honest and not for the money and power over others!!

        They only know within the limits of there teaching and awareness.
        September 6 at 5:51pm
    Sevens8 If there motives are wrong and underlying debased they are in trouble.
    September 6 at 5:52pm


    Sevens8 But only the Ancients of Days knows this, the Judges!
    September 6 at 5:53pm


  • Sevens8 This is what we read today

    5. The Planetary Government(1254.1) 114:5.1 The actual administration of Urantia is indeed difficult to describe. There exists no formal government along the lines of universe organization, such as separate legislative, executive, and judicial departments. The twenty-four counselors come the
    nearest to being the legislative branch of the planetary government. The governor general is a provisional and advisory chief executive with the veto power resident in the Most High observer. And there are no absolutely authoritative judicial powers operative on the planet — only the conciliating commissions.(1254.2) 114:5.2 A majority of the problems involving seraphim and midwayers are, by mutual consent, decided by the governor general. But except when voicing the mandates of the twenty-four counselors, his rulings are all subject to appeal to conciliating commissions, to local authorities constituted for planetary function, or even to the System Sovereign of Satania.(1254.3) 114:5.3 The absence of the corporeal staff of a Planetary Prince and the material regime of an Adamic Son and Daughter is partially compensated by the special ministry of seraphim and by the unusual services of the midway creatures. The absence of the Planetary Prince is effectively compensated by the triune presence of the archangels, the Most High observer, and the governor general.(1254.4) 114:5.4 This rather loosely organized and somewhat personally administered planetary government is more than expectedly effective because of the timesaving assistance of the archangels and their ever-ready circuit, which is so frequently utilized in planetary emergencies and administrative difficulties. Technically, the planet is still spiritually isolated in the Norlatiadek circuits, but in an emergency this handicap can now be circumvented through utilization of the archangels’ circuit. Planetary isolation is, of course, of little concern to individual mortals since the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh nineteen hundred years ago.(1254.5) 114:5.5 Each administrative day on Urantia begins with a consultative conference, which is attended by the governor general, the planetary chief of archangels, the Most High observer, the supervising supernaphim, the chief of resident Life Carriers, and invited guests from among the high Sons of the universe or from among certain of the student visitors who may chance to be sojourning on the planet.

    (1254.6) 114:5.6 The direct administrative cabinet of the governor general consists of twelve seraphim, the acting chiefs of the twelve groups of special angels functioning as the immediate superhuman directors of planetary progress and stability.6. The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision

    (1254.7) 114:6.1 When the first governor general arrived on Urantia, concurrent with the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth, he was accompanied by twelve corps of special seraphim, Seraphington graduates, >>>>who were immediately assigned to certain special planetary services. These exalted angels are known as the master seraphim of planetary supervision and are, aside from the overcontrol of the planetary Most High observer, under the immediate direction of the resident governor general.<<<<<


    [swf file=""]The Urantia Book Paper 114Seraphic Planetary Government (1250.1) 114:0.1 THE Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.
      • Sevens8
        and this part

        (1256.8) 114:6.18 None of these angelic groups exercise direct or arbitrary control over the domains of their assignment. They cannot fully control the affairs of their respective realms of action,
        >>>>>but they can and do so
        manipulate planetary conditions and so associate circumstances as favorably to influence the spheres of human activity to which they are attached.<<<<


        I believe this can be on a wide range of things physical and spiritual as recently discussed.

        >>>>>but they can and do so manipulate planetary conditions and so associate circumstances as favorably to influence the spheres of human activity to which they are attached.<<<
        September 5 at 4:11pm


        and I believe this aray of things that the Midwayers operate on can related to this

        (48.3) 3:2.11 The divine omnipotence is perfectly co-ordinated with the other attributes of the personality of God. >>>>>The power of God is, ordinarily, o
        nly limited in its >universe spiritual manifestation< by three conditions or situations:<<<<<<

        >>>>>>>(48.4) 3:2.12 1. By the nature of God, especially by his infinite love, by truth, beauty, and goodness.
        (48.5) 3:2.13 2. By the will of God, by his mercy ministry and fatherly relationship with the personalities of the universe.
        (48.6) 3:2.14 3. By the law of God, by the righteousness and justice of the eternal Paradise Trinity.<<<<<<<<

        >>>>>(48.6) 3:2.15 God is unlimited in power, divine in nature, final in will, infinite in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in reality.<<<<

        from this and more
        September 5 at 4:26pm


        And what Jesus said about the Rebel Midwayers regarding impersonations. I sense that Caligastia remaining can still do this if people desire his wicked and decietful presence.

        7. At Endor

        (1646.2) 146:7.1 At Endor Jesus escaped for a few da
        ys from the clamoring multitudes in quest of physical healing. During their sojourn at this place the Master recounted for the instruction of the apostles the story of King Saul and the witch of Endor.
        >>>>>>Jesus plainly told his apostles that the stray and rebellious midwayers who had oftentimes impersonated the supposed spirits of the dead would soon be brought under control so that they could no more do these strange things. He told his followers that, after he returned to the Father, and after they had poured out their spirit upon all flesh, no more could such semispirit beings — so-called unclean spirits — possess the feeble- and evil-minded among mortals.<<<<<

        (1646.3) 146:7.2 >>>>Jesus further explained to his apostles that the spirits of departed human beings do not come back to the world of their origin to communicate with their living fellows.<<<<

        >>>>> Only after the passing of a dispensational age would it be possible for the advancing spirit of mortal man to return to earth and then only in exceptional cases and as a part of the spiritual administration of the planet.<<<<<<<

        from this
        September 5 at 4:31pm


        David Fabe
        Technically, the planet is still spiritually isolated in the Norlatiadek circuits, but in an emergency this handicap can now be circumvented through utilization of the archangels’ circuit. Planetary isolation is, of course, of little concern to individual mortals since the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh nineteen hundred years ago.

        wow thats awesom
        September 5 at 4:34pm


        Sevens8isnt it awesome alright, I think its great.
        September 5 at 4:35pm


        David Fabe helps put things in perspective looking at global corruption in the governments of men
        September 5 at 4:39pm


        For sure David

        and this Gem from here.

        (1777.1) 160:2.10 I repeat, such inspiring and ennobling association finds its ideal possibilities in the human marriage relation. True, much is attained out of marriage, and many, many marriages utterly fail to produce these moral and spiritual fruits. Too many times marriage is entered by those who seek other values which are lower than these superior accompaniments of human maturity. Ideal marriage must be founded on something more stable than the fluctuations of sentiment and the fickleness of mere sex attraction; it must be based on genuine and mutual personal devotion.

        >>>>And thus, if you can build up such trustworthy and effective small units of human association, when these are assembled in the aggregate, the world will behold a great and glorified social structure, the civilization of mortal maturity. Such a race might begin to realize something of your Master’s ideal of “peace on earth and good will among men.” While such a society would not be perfect or entirely free from evil, it would at least approach the stabilization of maturity.<<<<

        "approach the stabilization of maturity.<<<<" thats what we need
        September 5 at 4:51pm


        John Stevens David, are you back in Ohio? Great to meet you earlier this summer. David and Dennis: Next week, the Perfecting Horizons UB study group will be starting Paper 112 in our sequential reading/discussion. That means Paper 114 isn't far away:) But wait, how about Paper 113: The Seraphic Guardians of Destiny: 3rd circle'ers & Destiny Reservists, both classes are humans. When do you think Jesus attained 3rd circle? Or, what period of his life made this attainment most apparent?
        September 6 at 5:41pm
  • David Fabe Hey John, Yes I am in Cincinnati. I enjoyed meeting and talking with you also. I regret flaking out on those study groups. Hopefully our paths cross again.
    September 6 at 6:00pm

    ulod be good, 113 & 114 spot on and good timing I certainly look forward to the videos. See how it finds commonality n this journey.

    September 6 at 6:06pm
  • Sevens8 Looks like Im going on another road trip this week coming.

    September 5 at 10:49am

      • Melvis NotElvis burnin that gasoline
        September 5 at 12:19pm


        Sevens8 for sure, looking at one green field after another with the hum of the engine in the background. mmmmmmmmmm!
        September 5 at 3:15pm

    Sevens8 Here is more thoughts on the Christchurch, New Zealand from the link. Apparently it could be linked to a Solar Flare.

      • Sevens8
        I thought this fragment was interesting. I was interested in the timestamp. 21:55 UT on Sept. 1st

        For the second day in a row, NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft has detected a strong solar flare on the far side of the sun. The flash of extreme UV
        radiation, which peaked at 21:55 UT on Sept. 1st. The blast also hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) over the sun's southwestern limb.

        21(777):55 UT on Sept. 1s
        September 5 at 1:06am


        Sevens8I thought this video in the link was fascinating in how the Sun effects the planet simultaneously.

        Mystery Surrounds Solar Flare Event
        September 5 at 1:11am


        I thought I would look into the meaning of the name New Zealand being a Dutch word.

        Other maps appearing as early as 1645 carried the name “Zeelandia Nova” (meaning “new sea land”).

        Then I think about event in Christchurch

        Christ church new sea land

        Is that the Message for the Children of Jesus Christ the Sovereign in his new Church of Sea and Land. Praise the Lord.

        Consider the 7 signature in the magnitude and no one got hurt. The Sevens Church or just looking into the things of the matter to find connection in the "Christ church of new sea and land
        September 5 at 8:47am


        I feel very sentimental to know that there were some fellow Dutch explorers that explored this place from very early on back in the centuries.

        Some historians suggest the land was named after the one of the Dutch provinces, Zeelandt, which
        was separated from the province of Holland by the sea (thus “Sea-land”).

        Australia was given the name Hollandia Nova (New Holland) and so Zeelandia Nova (New Zeeland), separated by an expanse of ocean, makes sense.

        Other historians suggest that Zeeland was the name of the second most important chamber of the Dutch East India Company. Thus, they suggest the island was named after this chamber.

        Here is some more History.

        The first Europeans believed to have visited New Zealand were led by Abel Janszoon Tasman from the Netherlands. In 1633, Tasman was hired by the Dutch East India Company to sail the trading routes between Europe and Batavia (what is today known as Jakarta, Indonesia).

        >>>In 1642, on a 10-year contract with the Company, Tasman was instructed to find the elusive and wealthy Southern Continent that supposedly stretched across the Pacific. Tasman set sail on Aug. 13, 1642, in command of two ships — the Zeehaen and the Heemskerck.<<<

        Four months later, Tasman and his crew spotted the coast of a new land that Tasman described as “a large land, uplifted high.” He named it “Staten Landt,” in reference to the Land of the Dutch States-General.

        Although there are no clear records of precisely how New Zealand got its modern name, its first usage is attributed to Dutch Captain Willem Jansz. In 1620, Jansz sailed his ship, the Duyfken, southeastward in search of gold and riches. During his voyage, Jansz observed an island off the coast of New Guinea, which he named “Nieu Zelandt.” Subsequently, many maps recorded the name “Nieu Zelandt” as recently as the late 1700s. Other maps appearing as early as 1645 carried the name “Zeelandia Nova” (meaning “new sea land”)

        Im not sure if Jansz found gold and riches but I know another Explorer of truth whose genes are from Holland, in a distant generation will find the gold of the Planet from this great Southern land, the Gold of Truth and I believe the Kulin people of this area had foresight and the truth reflected in there legends and myth of which this dutch explorer of today will recognise and appreciate from the land of Sinim from the End of the Earth to the East.

        Its interesting that Zeeland of Holland is dyked with a wall creating new seas and lands in the same metaphor is the "Christ church of new Sea and Land" in truth, in the journey from the foundations of the world, the beginning. Praise the Lord!

        A wall of truth that is built and new lands for the Christ Church. Truth deepened and widened with breadth
        September 5 at 8:50am


        Sevens8‎1642 seems an important date.
        September 5 at 8:55am



        Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn finishes his painting "The Night Watch".
        September 5 at 8:56am



        November 24 – Abel Tasman becomes the first European to discover the island Van Diemen's Land (later renamed Tasmania).

        aah good ole Tassy. That was my parents first place of landing and residence, Tasmania, tha land of the Ancient Jav
        a man and Andonite.

        December 13 – Abel Tasman is the first recorded European to sight New Zealand. "new Sea and Land"

        Note the, VAN in Van diemens landreflective of Van himself and the Tree of Life, the everlasting, the ever young, the young means de Jong of the cities of the Tree of Life. Like the JaVa
        September 5 at 9:06am


        Sevens8The Nightwatch by Rembrandt.jpg
        September 5 at 9:52am



        Rembrandt painted The Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq between 1640 and 1642.

        This picture was called >>>the Nachtwacht by the Dutch and the Night Watch by Sir Joshua Reynolds<<<<

        because, upon> its discovery<, the picture was so dimmed and defaced by time that it was almost indistinguishable and it looked quite like a night scene. After it was cleaned, it was discovered to represent broad day—a party of musketeers stepping from a gloomy courtyard into the blinding sunlight.<<<<

        The piece was commissioned for the new hall of the Kloveniersdoelen, the musketeer branch of the civic militia. Rembrandt departed from convention, which ordered that such genre pieces should be stately and formal, rather a line-up than >>>an action scene<<<.

        Instead he showed the militia readying themselves to embark on a mission (>>what kind of mission<<, an ordinary patrol or >>>some special event<<<<(hahaha!!!), is a matter of debate). Contrary to years of speculation, the work was hailed as >>>>a success from the beginning.<<<<(hahaha!!!)

        Parts of the canvas were cut off (approximately 20% from the left hand side was removed) to make the painting fit on the designated wall when it was moved to Amsterdam town hall in >1715<*. However, the Rijksmuseum contains a smaller reproduction of the work in what is understood to be its original form; the four, foremost figures occupy the painting's center. The painting now hangs in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, where it occupies the entire rear wall of a gallery.[57]

        *>1715<, calculation = one_7 & 555 and 1+7+1+5=14(77) and 1X4X1X5=20 thus 5555
        September 5 at 10:05am


        I like this part.

        Rembrandt departed from convention, which ordered that such genre pieces should be stately and formal, rather a line-up than >>>an action scene<<<. hahaha!

        and this part,

        Contrary to years of speculation, the work was hailed as >>>>a success from the beginning.<<<<(hahaha!!!)

        and this part,

        Instead he showed the militia readying themselves to embark on a mission (>>what kind of mission<<, an ordinary patrol or >>>some special event<<<<(hahaha!!!
        September 5 at 10:11am


        Sevens8A special Action Event hahaha! in todays reality.
        September 5 at 10:13am


        Sevens8On the ready with the musketeers of the truth. "The Night Watchman" of the Truth, the truth from 1st Eden and the journey from it, the home of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Life, the Tree of Immortality!!
  • Sevens8 The Tree of Edentia from a far reaching capital above our local universe system, a gift of immortality from Edentia.

    The Tree from Edentia!
    September 5 at 10:45am


    Diane Denison A lot of damage!!! This is sad
    September 5 at 5:03pm


  • Sevens8 UFO Sighting In Zhejiang, China On August 31, 2010 For 3 hours

    Sevens8 I know the Urantia Book has something to say about that.
    September 3, 2010 by Alex Filed under Eugenics & Depopulation, Health & Environment, Intel Hub Featured Articles, International news, New World Order, U.S. News
      • Sevens8would unfit include murders, killers and rapists and things. I reckon that is a touchy subject.
        September 5 at 12:42am



        Yes, Dennis, this is one of, if not THE most controversial part of the UB. This is part of the plan if we are to enter into the first stages of Light and Life. So, does this mean it is God's will for us?

        The problem is how do we establish
        guidelines for deciding who gets sterilized or not? On the neighboring planet, they allow the lower class to have only one offspring, while the higher class is encouraged to have more. I wonder how they decided who was in the lower class. I'll have to read that part and see if they give us any clues.

        Leaving it up to an organization to decide, whether it would be governement officials, religious leaders, or the medical elite, will not work. It has to be a group that has no ties or interests to protect. I don't think people are spiritually evolved enough to make those kinds of decisions right now. I think this is where the big trouble begins. It's definiely got the spark to start a world war III

        I do think it is interesting that people are endorsing the idea. I wonder what is driving them to have those thoughts. Are they subjective and selfish, or objective and for the better good of the whole?
        September 5 at 4:43am


        I know what you mean, I dread the thought of approaching this subject I like to avoid it but it has to be worked because this subject keeps arising so it has to met in the future.

        All I knoiw our survival rests in the quality of mankind and
        he has the best genes operating, it could be a sink or swim scenario because our genes have been comprmised by the corrupoter of genes Caligastia. The Human race has to rehabiltate the gene quality because it means survival of the Human race and we have to be spiritualy sensitive and able to overcome corruption within through strength of will and I believe related to Genes Strength of quality Genes and yet sensitive to the Lord especialy in self correction in truth.

        The path to the new civilisation.

        Sterilisation with purpose seems like a characteristic Im not into but I tell in a modern civilisation there are lot that should nt be here in my view because they where effected buy bad qulity genes that refuse sensitivity, like low life following there lusts leading to terrible things and loew level life style and who do suck of the government and civlisation with purpose because they have decided to be a suck on everyone. The contrinbute nothing to know one, Perhaps they shouldnt been born only to await for a better family that. Iin other worlds they would have never been considered. Im speaking extreme cases as a result extreme stupid actions.

        We have create the best scenario for family with quality.

        September 5 at 7:31am


        Sevens8You know Cydney does this subject lead to the subject of abortion. I dread that subject to. Is that part of it in particular circumstances?
        September 5 at 7:34am


        Is it better to stave of having a child knowing where he is born into and circumstance? For example drug babies from Speed addicts knowing that the baby is a drug addict and his brain is damaged already and highly likely will be dysfunctional in civilisation.

        For soul of that baby is it better the soul rests with the father for a better circumstances. Get the environment right or normal in preparation for the Baby?
        September 5 at 7:38am


        Sevens8where do you draw the line?
        September 5 at 7:39am


        Then there are some individuals who come out good gene homes and who become derelicts and get themselves into all kinds of trouble leading to the extreme. So if this guy becomes a rapists and murderer should he be sterilised? Does he loose the right to seed a baby, to have a family because those actions are not tolerated and looking into the future.

        I dont know, is that a deterance? seems harsh living in the world we live in but it is for the survival of the race. What about terrorists and mass killers, in addition to isolation should they be sterilised because of there seed of feeble mindedness of simply becoming a killer of many men, women, kids and babies because of some deceptive manipulation in error by the false God of Light. Caligastia, the corrupter of Genes.

        Leave it to the experts
        September 5 at 7:51am


        The problem is more and more people are having mental health problems becasue of all kinds of things and rooming house business is booming full of people, some of sincere about life but many are simply not because there brain at some stage got fried and rehab seems to be a revolving door that is growing so large that civilisation cannot keep up. Because there are the walking zombies who are desperate and make no positive solutions they are made incapable. There life is the liofe of dishonour, continual dishonour always on welfare with purpose many of them scam, real low level. I see it every day in my work personaly because I am at that level where I see it everyday writing the targum.

        Welfare groups cannot keep up at it becomes commercial for them to involving religion but the affected hear no message just secular athesit thoughts and people needing income whih is a necessary jobs but Im not sure of the long term results. There has to be a spiritual change and the will to do so for the person.

        Maybe conscription for a deoomnstrated true welfare bludger is the way, go in the army and learn about working together contributing. Become readjusted in attitude.

        That area of society is alive and growing.

        Touchy subject and the professor is brave to bring it up
        September 5 at 8:03am


        The problem is, more and more people are having mental health problems becasue of all kinds of things and the rooming house business is booming full of people, some of sincere about life but many are simply not because there brain at some stage got fried and rehab seems to be a revolving door that is growing so large that civilisation cannot keep up.

        There are the walking zombies who are desperate and make no positive solutions, they are made incapable. There life is the life of dishonour, continual dishonour always on welfare with purpose, many of them scam, real low level akways thinking of scaming rather than obligation. I see it every day in my work personaly because I am at that level where I see it everyday writing the targum.

        Welfare groups cannot keep up at it becomes commercial for them and it involves religion but the affected hear no message just secular athesit thoughts and people needing income which is a necessary but Im not sure of the long term results. There has to be a spiritual change and the will to do so from the person.

        Maybe conscription for a deomonstrated true welfare bludger is the way, go in the army and learn about working together contributing. Become readjusted in attitude.

        That area of society is alive and growing.

        Touchy subject and the professor is brave to bring it up
        September 5 at 8:06am ·


        Dennis, you brought up so many good and valid variables to consider. People will take such offense if their choice to bear children is controlled by law. It's viewed as a "right" and not a "privilege" in our society. If a thinning of the inferior masses takes place through evaluation, sterilization, or laws, people will be force to make better choices and do better for themselves and their nation. If they want their genetics to survive they have to do the work: get educated, eat natural non-adulterated food, master lower emotions, help others instead of helping themselves all the time, seek the kingdom, become an ambassador for God, etc, etc, etc.

        The good news is that some of the nutritional and environmental damage to genes can be corrected. Gene expression has everything to do with the quality and amount of nutrients we put in our bodies and the toxins that we absorb from the environment. But the body has incredible mechanisms to repair damaged genes and ways to adapt when it is given to right amount of quality nutrients.

        I know from my research in the field of nutrition and disease that the processed food industry plays a HUGE role in causing wide-spread deficiencies leading to all the modern day diseases we have, especial mental wellness. Almost anything that ails our population can be corrected with the right food, clean water, and quality supplements. This is just the tip of the iceberg - too much to go into now, but by having better regulation over manufacturing, we can improve the gene pool to a certain degree.

        So my point is, when people become more aware, they can make an informed choices. People can either choose to eat food that was intended to heal and repair the body, or they can extinct themselves with their bad choices and indulgences.

        I think what we put into our body is a great place to's survival of the fittest! Game on!!

        September 5 at 9:00am


        One part is know where you come from and where you go to and that can be demonstrated and this could highlight issues about our future survival because the truth was demonstrated in the physical and we know the truth as we can read and see. No excuses for mankind about the demonstrated truth and for him to know where he goes to but in what spiritual condition connected to Genes.

        In simple terms, what does evolution do to the runt of the litter?
        September 5 at 9:22am


        Sevens8It makes sense what you say, I feel there should be a panel on this to discuss these things because the subject will come up, some where along the line.
        September 5 at 9:24am


        Sevens8If there was referendum on steralisation in the mode that we speak based on the truth of where we go to and we look about with all the maniacs invloved in horrid crimes and running around the place leaving there genes in unworthy environments only perpetuate the effect. How would the people vote? Currently??
        September 5 at 9:28am


        Sevens8The steralisation of the genes/seed connected ot horrid crimes against civilisation/the people is a thing for the people and should be administered by the people themselves, not by one person.
        September 5 at 9:30am


        The steralisation of the genes/seed connected ot horrid crimes against civilisation/the people is a thing for the people and should be administered by the people themselves, not by one person. No way can it expand to a Hitler situation. That was very bad that was anti civilisation in truth, that was not guided by the people but of the fallen ones guided by the fallen Caligastia in spirit.

        Gee how possible is that for that to happen!!! And particulary oif there is a misguided one in power??? There has to be all checks and balances. But with careful direction and direction agreed by the people it is possible that the quality of genes in civilisation would be uplifted where results would be achieved.

        It would have to be a behavoural thing I suppose, it cant be adjudged on where you come from as in the Hitler years, that was overboard with spiritual intent.

        What about unborn babies with severe handicaps knowing in the beforehand? Is it better to pass the baby on the Father knowing that that soul will be born in another family in good condition in order to give the unborn Soul the best possible chance in the future in another family.

        Is it bad to think that way in terms of spiritual future and the potential based on results we know in the beforehand about the condition of the body that will hamper his future potential
        September 5 at 9:40am


        I think we are on a pretty good path of sterilization right now if you think about it. We have a fertility clinic opening up at every medical center in the last 15 years and more and more all the time. Why?

        Young women and men of child-bea
        ring age are having trouble reproducing because the food, air, and water quality is so poor; contaminated. We have so many pseudo-estrogens from plastics, man-made chemicals in everything we buy, carbon emissions, and pesticides, to name a few. All this gets into our bodies and creates chaos effecting the endocrine system in so many young adults. These chemicals interfere with receptor sites and the entire hormonal system becomes unbalanced in numerous ways, hence the need for fertility clinics.

        So, in a way we have sterilization by uninformed consent happening and only a small percentage of people realize this. Add to it all the refined junk food made with sugar and white flour,then add in the alcohol consumption among the young. This is what 60-70% of the nutrient intake is from. Not optimal by any means! It spells disaster for people who want to have families. Many birth defects are caused by deficiencies and toxins from the parents. We can correct this as a culture if we got ourselves back to a more natural lifestyle and cleaner environment. Getting the medical establishment to first clean up the blood and check nutrient levels would be a major accomplishment in itself.

        The more educated one is, the better the chances of reproduction. You can also guess that the processed foods are government subsidized and the cheapest to buy. Poverty stricken communities live on these foods and contributes to our socioeconomic condition. The rapists, and murderers and other crimes you talk about can also be attributed to poor nutrition and environmental conditions.

        I guess if you take all this into consideration along with mercury fillings, vaccinations, long-term medication therapies, the evening news (fear and stress), it all creates a form of socially acceptable genocide because all these things contribute to a slow but certain death. Do you see how well it is working? In the US, 90% of our death rate each year is due to AVOIDABLE causes; lifestyle choices. People don't see what is before their very eyes because the majority just don't care. This is the main reason the U.S. is the sickest nation in the world and spends more than anyone else on health care that doesn't address the cause! It's such a joke! Don't get me started.too late!

        September 5 at 11:41am


        The bottom line is nothing of significance is going to happen without the 5th epochal revelation becoming widely known and studied. As a society, we really haven't evolved too much in the spiritual sense. Many people today would still nail Jesus to the cross because they would like what he had to say. Chris H. says most people are still pre-humans and are not elevating themselves from their animal tendencies. that's why the UB is an emergency revelation! We need to become more human if we are to take on the weeding out of inferior genetics. We have no business attempting that right now.
        September 5 at 11:49am


        SunSista I meant to say "Many people today would still nail Jesus to the cross because they would NOT like what he had to say." Sorry
        September 5 at 1:05pm


        Sevens8No worries Cydney I agree the 5th eophal revelation is the an emergency book. We are at the parting of the ways in a way of truth as opposed to the path of untruth.
        September 5 at 3:26pm


        SunSista So true!
        September 5 at 4:42pm


        Ajay Hooda
        drawing any line to unfit, or below fit or beyond fit has always been of great dispute. Who'll find the fitment in very first place and then who'd draw the specifications everything static is problematic, all morals are false life need to be dealt with awareness at every single moment
        Life is dynamic and it needs to be responded with unperturbed awareness and then only righteousness happens as a result.. :
        September 5 at 6:44pm


        David Fabe We are not ready to attempt a large scale eugenics program. we should focus on limiting the reproduction of those who are obviously unfit- violent criminals, mentally deficient people, grossly genetically diseased, pedophiles, incurably insane etc.
        September 6 at 11:58am


        I agree with all you say David, eventualy this will come up in world events. I personaly think its the only way to improve the gene quality of the civilisation of mankind. Its seems harsh to how we have been orientated.

        I believe by pass
        ing on a Baby/Soul to a better opportunity in a fit family is the best option. I believe the Father could work with that and attitude and would understand the purpose

        It would be interesting to see what others thought to gauge the thought. I personally dont like speaking about this but it has to be addressed at some stage
        September 6 at 4:41pm


        Diane Denison Man has no right to make that decision about life.. Their has been many children born into horrible sistuation and become succesful in life. Their are many couples who want to adopt children. We can not chose which soul enters this world It is not our right. We are too honor life.
        September 6 at 4:44pm


        The soul is not lost and the Father will redirect the soul to a better family opportunity which I think is our responsibility to the child in his first steps in time/Space.

        I know if I was the product of that descision in that purpose I wou
        ld be gratefull even though I would have no idea.
        September 6 at 4:44pm


        David Fabe
        the UB warns us if we do not take certain basic measures we will suffer dearly for it down the line. they specifically advise us to avoid any grand governmental eugenics scheme; we are not competent to do such a thing and await judges from on High. Adam and Eve would be competent to direct us in such a program.
        I submit: why should a person who is incompetent to raise a child, someone with an IQ of 50 who cannot feed themselves properly, be allowed to have a child? If we allow them to have a child, all that happens is the child gets taken away and put in a home, and most likely that child will be genitically unhealthy as well. I know what im saying may sound monstrous. It is in fact against world regulations to forcibly sterilize someone. It is considered a crime against humanity by the closest thing to a world court we have, and it is understandable because of the many bad things done on this planet in the name of eugenics, but the UB is clear that we ought to take care of the most degenerate genetic strains in our species or pay the price
        September 6 at 4:52pm


        I know what you mean Diane even though they do this all over the Universe. i know there are many scenarios in what you describe but I believe it is far outweighed by the opposite, even today I heard of 3 pathetic stories of man in the scam of things just sucking of everyone and everything.

        How is this planet going to survive when this attitude is on the upswing world wide??? Where civilisation breaks down with people like this, how will society survive in truth if the world is full of scammers because they have no capability of spiritual sensitivity because its not within them. In most cases the goodness within is the first thing that gets fried and when its gone its gone for ever and a child gets born into that??? and we let it! They do it because they can get 4000 dollars from the Government, having babies for selfish purposes. In saying that many of those who lives those were taught by the parents who had fried brains in the first place so therefore it perpetuates.

        Remember, I live and work in a welfare world doing what I do to keep this going and I tell you 70% are pathetic. They know the truth but they defy it in every moment and thats why they are stuck in the mud and many of them will not humble themselves in the truth and do what is right.

        Yeah they talk about rights but what about obligations to your fellow brother including the e.g. RENT which most of them attempt to scam off. That is where civilisation is heading, down the tube if he does not review himself living in a mediocre civilisation, a civilisation with men that sleep all day unable to get off there backside and do. Where men are not challenged by faith to find solutions.

        What about the major speed creators and dealers, they destroy life and yet they want the right to reproduce???? How does that work??

        I tend to agree with Cydney that having a family is a privilege and a right only if you fulfil all obligations to civilisation in the upbringing of a family
        September 6 at 5:03pm


        Diane Denison
        Dennis, sometimes life is not a rose garden. And sometimes and many times it is the trails in life that cultivates Spiritual growth.. The Father could redirect and not let the soul enter into this world. The soul that enters this world has been allowed by the Father. Furthermore many souls have not entered it. Humans can not make that decision ever!!! This world is a learning world and all levels in the Universe is a Spiritual journey of growth.. Some lives end young, some middle life. Souls are entering and leaving this world every second Humans are not in full communion with nor has full knowledge of every Spiritual realm. Our souls are not fully cultivated to make any decision concerning a Soul
        September 6 at 5:05pm


        If we are living in such an advanced society, why are most of the marriages breaking down and affecting children? Are they fit for having a family???

        Why are most relationships like a revolving door not worth a cracker. Why has it all becom
        e a material BS thing all of a sudden. How are we going to survive in maladjusted situations like this, world wide and growing???
        September 6 at 5:17pm


        Sevens8I agree David
        " We are not ready to attempt a large scale eugenics program."

        I dont feel confident in myself regarding this.
        September 6 at 5:18pm


        Diane Denison Many of these problems are due to the soul not being connected Spiritually It all goes back to our Society is Losing Religion and God. When Society becomes a drift from the Lord they become Lovers of themselves. They do not honor our Father which means they will not honor others and marriage. But this is already known by Christ it would happen. There fore their is a plan on turning it around.. We need not worry
        September 6 at 5:25pm


        Sevens8That makes sense to me Diane, its the Father within us that makes many things hang together.
        September 6 at 5:40pm


        If I never had the Father within I know I would be something totaly different and it would be for the worse. Materialy a disaster but spiritualy rich, least I know the truth because I look into it myself but my Christian heritage was off great assistance and the UB experinence has enhanced my Chrisdtianity and my appreciation of the religion.

        Thats because the Truth has set me Free and I love and appreciate more than any other feeling
        September 6 at 5:43pm


        Sevens8I am very happy that I went through Christianity to find the Urantia Book where I appreciate Christianity more than ever and I love the bible very much more than ever before. I also respect all the prophets known and unknown to. I love them very much to.
        September 6 at 5:45pm


        Diane Denison Amen, and it is trails that woke up your soul, Dennis, and took you searching deeper for the truth I have known people whom their lives are full of possessions and it is a easy life. They think they have it all but they don't. They do not have God in their lives. They are Spiritually dead.. So this goes back to the point of so what if a soul enters this world going through many trails. That is growth for the soul. If we want to talk about eliminating life. Why not get rid of the dead souls?
        September 6 at 5:56pm


        But what if a baby has a damaged mind that cant be sensitive to much due to some disaster and brain damage? Would it better to pass on the baby for a fully functional body in some other family to give him the best chance in this tough world of survival?

        All very tough questions and very tough issues
        September 6 at 6:13pm


        Diane Denison I still say, we have No right to take a life.. It is not our call. Besides, life in this world is really a minuet compared to the journey Thou shall not kill means. we are not given Permission to take a life Nor judge and make any decision on what soul enters or leaves this world.
        September 6 at 6:17pm


        Interesting to see what the Urantia Book says on this.

        All I know they do this on our sister sphere and the results have achieved a marked improvement of there civilisation in a short time and there is a reason why we have this informatio

        I know tribal man did this as well and all nature does this as a natural function.

        Why are the Adamic children coming back? maybe its all about Gene upstep and therefore it will be an issue of the future
        September 6 at 6:26pm


        Sevens8Did we claim Right to Life before we were born or Was that a right or a gift. Isnt it mans responsibility to have a suitable place for that gift with functioning body 100% and that we have suitable standards to ensure that the new soul has a suitable environment with a fully functional body?
        September 6 at 6:30pm


        Diane Denison The 10 Commandments are laws written for this world. They were made seen for the entire world The Urantia book has not been seen by the entire world.. So there is a reason all have heard and seen the laws of the 10 Commandments.. It is simple laws set firmly down for the world to follow..
        September 6 at 6:30pm


        When you mean Kill like in the 10 commandments, do you mean Kill with Evil? Like in murder.

        anyway this subject can go from the moon and back, I think the motive behind all actions is important regarding the do not kill commandments.

        You mi
        ght as well condemn and judge all the armies of the world fighting to save civilisation from the limited islam thoughts and what about those guys there done like a dinner already. The whole world might as well be judged on the do not kill without cionsidering the motive behind the action.
        September 6 at 6:37pm


        Diane Denison
        Dennis humans are not robots, bodies are not perfect, minds are not perfects, souls are not 100% in Spiritual communion or at any level of Spiritual purifications. AS our soul enters closers to our Father the more perfect in mind body and soul we will become This is one of the lowest planets there are from what I gather. Nothing is going to be perfect. We are not God or Christ or prophets. Our only job on Earth is to become Spiritually awaken and to honor all. The Urantia book was not given to us, so we can play God. The Urantia book was given to us for the people who wanted to seek and know the truth and know more about our Creator. If God wanted this world to be perfect, it would of been.
        September 6 at 6:43pm


        Sevens8I know youre right. Thats why im out of the subject
        September 6 at 6:46pm


        Diane Denison
        Thou shall not kill means do not kill. Those who kill are breaking the worlds law, peroid. War is wrong.. Killing is wrong.. The death sentence is wrong. Violence is wrong. When you honor others, you do not steal, lie, cheat, kill, etc: If someone is going to kill you, you have to protect yourself. Other wise, NO!!! That is what we are to understand. Love and honoring others is never hurting anyone. People who break God's law they will be in God's hand. We are not to worry about that. Our job is to Spiritually grow and honor our Father and Christ and the Prophets teaching. I haven't read anything with them saying, cheat, lie and kill.
        September 6 at 6:52pm


        Diane Denison Blessings, Dennis!!! I know you just were testing me. Or pushing the envelope, or bored??? I know you understand our Father. Yes, to bad Earth isn't perfect, but we are headed toward it, the journey
        September 6 at 6:56pm


        There seem to be two different conversations going on here: Killing people is much different than sterilizing people. I don't think the motive was to kill the unfit, just make it so the unfit do not procreate. Here's some sections from the UB:

        51:4.8 The difficulty of executing such a radical program on Urantia
        consists in the absence of competent judges to pass upon the biologic
        fitness or unfitness of the individuals of your world races. Notwithstanding this obstacle, it seems that you ought to be able to agree upon the biologic disfellowshiping of your more markedly unfit, defective, degenerate, and antisocial stocks.

        52:2.9 The races are purified and brought up to a high state of physical
        perfection and intellectual strength before the end of this era.
        The early development of a normal world is greatly helped by the plan of promoting the increase of the higher types of mortals with
        proportionate curtailment of the lower. And it is the failure of your early
        peoples to thus discriminate between these types that accounts for the presence of so many defective and degenerate individuals among the present-day Urantia races.

        September 7 at 7:42am


        ‎52:2.10 One of the great achievements of the age of the prince is this
        restriction of the multiplication of mentally defective and socially unfit individuals. Long before the times of the arrival of the second Sons, the Adams, most worlds
        seriously address themselves to the tasks of race purification, something which the Urantia peoples have not even yet seriously undertaken.

        52:2.11 This problem of race improvement is not such an extensive
        undertaking when it is attacked at this early date in human evolution. The preceding period of tribal struggles and rugged competition in race survival has weeded out most of the abnormal and defective strains. An idiot does not have much chance of survival in a primitive and warring tribal social organization. It is the false sentiment of your partially perfected civilizations that fosters, protects, and perpetuates the hopelessly defective strains of evolutionary human stocks.

        September 7 at 7:44am


        ‎52:2.12 It is neither tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile sympathy upon degenerated human beings, unsalvable abnormal and inferior mortals. There exist on even the most normal of the evolutionary worlds sufficient differences between individuals and between numerous social groups to provide for the full exercise of all those noble traits of altruistic sentiment and unselfish mortal ministry without perpetuating the socially unfit and the morally degenerate strains of evolving humanity. There is abundant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in behalf of those unfortunate and needy individuals who have not irretrievably lost their moral heritage and forever destroyed their spiritual birthright.
        September 7 at 7:49am


        ‎70:9.4 What may be regarded as right in one age may not be so regarded in another. The survival of large numbers of defectives and
        degenerates is not because they have any natural right thus to encumber twentieth-century civilization, but
        simply because the
        society of the age, the mores, thus decrees.

        71:3.5 No society has progressed very far when it permits idleness or
        tolerates poverty. But poverty and dependence can never be
        eliminated if the defective and degenerate stocks are freely supported and permitted to reproduce without restraint.

        75:1.1 The Adamic mission on experimental, rebellion-seared, and isolated Urantia was a formidable undertaking. And the Material
        Son and Daughter early became aware of the difficulty and complexity of their planetary assignment. Nevertheless, they courageously set about the task of solving their manifold problems. But when they addressed themselves to the all-important work of eliminating the defectives and degenerates from among the human strains, they were quite dismayed. They could see no way out of the dilemma, and they could not take counsel with their superiors on either Jerusem or Edentia. Here they were, isolated and day by day confronted with some new and complicated tangle, some problem that seemed to be unsolvable. (Note: Even Adam and Eve needed help from their superiors on this matter.)

        September 7 at 7:55am


        Sevens8That was very interesting, Adam and Eve also had problems regarding this issue.
        September 7 at 7:57am


        Sevens8Those sections from the UB where very interesting and expanding.
        September 7 at 7:59am


        I picked up this point.

        The survival of large numbers of defectives and
        degenerates is not because they have any natural right thus to encumber twentieth-century civilization, but simply because the
        society of the age, the mores, thus decrees.
        September 7 at 8:18am


        and this point

        There is abundant opportunity for the exercise of tolerance and the function of altruism in behalf of those unfortunate and needy individuals who have not irretrievably lost their moral heritage and forever destroyed their s
        piritual birthright.
        September 7 at 8:20am


        One of the beauties of choosing God and eternal survival is that "nothing of value is ever lost". The more I think about it, controlling procreation through sterilization as opposed to euthanization is more intelligent and human. The incoming soul would have to choose a female that can procreate, not a sterilized one.

        I agree Dennis, that a soul is better off waiting for a better family/environment/body, but I wonder if it has the foresight to make that choice. It seems like the Most Highs would be able to provide guidance, but then again, the Father will NEVER interfere with the will of his creatures.

        Have we been to the moon and back yet
        September 7 at 8:21am


        Sevens8No, hahaha

        But I feel there is way that civilisation can find the right balance in this issue and work with the Father in co operation while we continue to enhance our environment for new born souls.
        September 7 at 8:28am


        No, hahaha

        But I feel there is way that civilisation can find the right balance in this issue and work with the Father in co operation while we continue to enhance our environment for new born souls. I believe the key to a enhanced civilisa
        tion is good genes that have more of a chance of being loving.

        I believe the coming of Adams Children will help us enhance our genes with rapidity over the timeline as we have to prepare for the coming of the translation temple.

        In a todays world sense if one premeditates murder in absolute evil covering a multitude of things like mass killings.. SNIP, you loose the privilidge to procreate.

        Is that harsh or evil what Im saying??? and where do you draw the line? and who draws the line
        September 7 at 8:34am


        Definitely! Do we start by taking all the insane and hard core repeat criminal offenders and sterilize them? Many have already had children or are older and beyond childbearing age. See, this is where it gets dicey. At what age do you identify if they are fit or not? Age 12, 15, 18? Some don't show any signs until they have already had sexual contact. Do you sterilize the child of the mentally unfit person too?

        It's making my brain turn to jello! I'm just glad I'm not on the board of directors for this eugenics committee!! I'd rather talk about fairies and little people!!! Where's your other linkhahahah
        September 7 at 8:41am


        SunSista No you were not harsh or evil - it's gotta be said. The UB is pretty blunt about what has to happen, right?
        September 7 at 8:46am


        Since we are all against war, I thought this was interesting. The UB does talk about it's social value:

        70.2.3 War has had a social value to past civilizations because it: 1. Imposed discipline, enforced co-operation. 2. Put a premium on f
        ortitude and courage. 3. Fostered and solidified nationalism. 4. Destroyed weak and unfit peoples. 5. Dissolved the illusion of primitive equality and selectively stratified society.
        September 7 at 9:36am


        I was listening to the Governemnt on a Neighboring planet today and here's what I found relevant to our discussion here:


        72:10.1 The methods of this people in dealing with crime, insanity, and degeneracy, while in some
        ways pleasing, will, no doubt, in others prove shocking to most Urantians. Ordinary criminals and the defectives are placed, by sexes, in different agricultural colonies and are more than self-supporting. The more serious habitual criminals and the incurably insane are sentenced to death in the lethal gas chambers by the courts. Numerous crimes aside from murder, including betrayal of governmental trust, also carry the death penalty, and the visitation of justice is sure and swift.

        72:10.2 These people are passing out of the negative into the positive era of law. Recently they have gone so far as to attempt the prevention of crime by sentencing those who are believed to be potential murderers and major criminals to life service in the detention colonies. If such convicts subsequently demonstrate that they have become more normal, they may be either paroled or pardoned. The homicide rate on this continent is only one per cent of that among the other nations.

        72:10.3 Efforts to prevent the breeding of criminals and defectives were begun over one hundred years ago and have already yielded gratifying results. There are no prisons or hospitals for the insane. For one reason, there are only about ten per cent as many of these groups as are found on Urantia.

        September 7 at 12:04pm


        Diane Denison
        This is Earth and we were talking about life Cydney. Sterilization in a sense. When you decided who can have children that is playing God. What is a defective human? Where is that line drawn? That sounds so COLD!! Nature takes it coarse with animals and a trees grow the way it grows.. If humans were meant to be perfect then Our Father would of made us perfect.. This makes the Urantia Book sound cold. Hiltler wanted the perfect race. Thank God he is gone. There is not one human who is perfect. So we are all defective in one way or another..
        September 7 at 2:41pm


        Sevens8Does sound cold the whole idea.
        September 7 at 7:39pm


        Sevens8‎"No you were not harsh or evil - it's gotta be said. The UB is pretty blunt about what has to happen, right?"

        Yes I know Cydney, it has to be discussed.
        September 7 at 7:42pm


        Diane, it does sound very cold, but we'll never get to Light and Life when we let everone that is defective or degenerative procreate. When you read the UB and understand that "nothing of value is ever lost" it will make sense why all planets must work to bring their best stocks forward in order to enter into Light and Life. That's why the default of Adam and Eve was such a problem to our planet.

        We are perfecting beings. We must become perfect in order to ascend to paradise. It's all part of God's plan.

        September 8 at 2:21am


        God is loooking for perfection:

        1.0.3. "From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine
        exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin creatures as the human races of Urantia.

        1.0.4 "This magnificent and universal injunction to strive for the attainment of the perfection of divinity is the first duty, and should be the highest ambition, of all the struggling creature creation of the God of perfection. This possibility of the attainment of divine perfection is the final and certain destiny of all man’s eternal spiritual progress."

        Striving for perfection is the "first duty"! It can't be any clearer than that. How well can the degenerates and defectives do this? They can't, so that's why the UB is very clear about uplifting the genetics. Nothing of value is ever lost, those souls will still survive if they choose, just in a different body and maybe on a different world.

        Even if this planet does get a commitee of incompetant judges together and sterilizes the wrong people, the souls that would have been born are not losing out on anything. God's plan is divine and nothing man can do will stop that. There are no worries when you read and undrstand the UB in it's full and beautiful context.

        September 8 at 2:52am


        Diane Denison
        Cydney why didn't God make everything PEFRECT then? If he wanted us perfect we would of all been born into perfection throughout the entire Universe. The long journey home is when we grow Spiritually into being a soul of full love and full Purification of the soul. Whom are you or anyone in the Universe to judge what creation is valued? Our main priority is to grow Spiritually. Not one level in this Universe is a perfect place.. That is why not all is in Paradise YET with the Father. It is a growing process until you are allowed to enter home, Paradise. If our Father whom created everything wanted all Perfect it would of been done. We are to strive along our journey heading toward our Father to be Spiritually in growth until we are Perfect enough to enter into our Father's home. I am starting to get totally turned off with the Urantia book. My God your theory just build a Robots. I don't think you Cydney really understand God and Christ love. "As done in heaven as on earth." It is a growing process. Your version of of thinking is kind of Coldness of the soul. Ice Cold. Hell if it is elemination of one flaw. I guess I am done and so are you!! Let us all just throw in the towel A soul has feelings, love is a enormous light of feeling. What your describing has no feelings. The perfect mind, the perfect body, the perfect soul, toe and smile. Please Who is yor God?
        September 8 at 4:39am


        Your taking this way out of context and making it into something that it is not. God did not make us perfect because it's our journey to become perfect and it started the minute you were born. He lives inside our journey, as our thought adjuster, it's his experience as much as ours. The point of creature creation is to perfect ourselves and all the inhabited world's. We all are to become like God. This is God's plan. Please read the paper on Light and Life and then tell us how we can achieve that when every person is not capable of being on the same page.

        "A soul has feelings, love is a enormous light of feeling." If the soul of a degenerate or a defective had higher feelings of love and yearned to know God, they would not be a degenerate. Right? A defective mind or dysfunctional brain has no way of reaching out to God in love and light.

        I'm sorry you feel hurt by this. I'm only discussing and posting what the UB says and I'm just as perplexed at how our society can work with this issue as everyone on this post. It's very troubling to all of us, even Adam and Eve had their issues with this.

        You're argument isn't with me, you have issues with the truths of the UB. Why don't you accept what the Revelators are saying? Are you preferences too strong to let go of in light of new truths? If you read the UB, you would come to an understanding that spiritual growth can only happen when someone has a functional mind and seeks to be like God. God has to have something to connect with, right?

        September 8 at 5:50am


        Diane Denison I agree with you it is our journey to become perfect.
        September 8 at 12:11pm


        SunSista And I agree with you on the level of feelings. Your friendship is most appreciated!
        September 9 at 12:42am


        Diane Denison And I agree on your last statement, Cydney, blessings!!!
        September 9 at 4:02am


        SunSista Here's to a wonderful cosmic career - may we dance in joy on the Mansion worlds together one day! Peace, love, and lots of blessings to you, too!
        September 9 at 4:10am


        Diane Denison Now that will be a Great day home, in Paradise for us ALL! LOL.. I sure hope our cosmic career is better then Earth's career of a roller coaster
        September 9 at 4:19am


        SunSista Hahaha - The UB says life on this planet will be the worst it gets for us. I bask in the glory of that statement! We have nothing but good things to look forward after we leave here.
        September 9 at 4:23am

    Sevens8 Here are a few various fragments from the UB, the Bible, gospel of Thomas about the beginnings which I believe can be reflected in the first cities of the tree of life.

    Jesus seemed to see the end from the beginning.

    He "declares the end from the beginning"

    The Universal Father sees the end from the beginning

    He who was from the beginning

    He comprehends the end from the beginning.

    The Seven paths is from the Beginning.

    I believe there is spiritual gravity and connection with attached sentiment from the beginnings and it goes right from here to Paradise along the ArchAngels circuit of this planet to Paradise where the Father dwells.


    Journey to the ancient places of our origins that encompasses planetary destiny. Join in the oneness of truth revealing itself before our eyes. The pearl of great price, hidden in a field and discovered.
    The high country and alpine areas remain on high alert, with more heavy rains expected tonight and tomorrow; SES is warning everyone to exercise caution and to prepare now for floodwaters and rivers bursting banks.

      • Sevens8
        These rains remnds of Bobbinary from the local ancient Aboriginal Story of the Kulin people.

        Charmers or Enchanters
        There are characters among the blacks who are supposed to possess powers according to their various qualifications. When a co
        ntinuance of rain is desired, the charmer is applied to, who sings,

        "Won-ner-rer Nger-wein Barm-we-are Won-ner-rer
        Tin-der-buk Koo-de-are Nger-wein Koo-de-are Tin-der-buk

        During the time that this is sung the charmer sits in his mia-mia, and with a piece of thin bark, about a foot or >>eighteen inches long,<< continues throwing hot dust from the fire into the air, alternately mumbling and singing the above song; in fact, all the charmings are in mumbling language, not known to the rest of the blacks.

        >>We have in the Western Port tribe a celebrated charmer-away of rain, old Bobbinary.<<

        I have known this man to be kept singing for hours. The blacks say, when Bobbinary was a child that it had been raining for some days, and "blackfellows all sad their bellies tied up to keep out hunger; >>that the child Bobbinary began to sing, and that sun immediately came out, and no more rain.<< That ever since then he has been able to send rain away."

        The Bobbinary, the man who speaks with the clouds
        September 4 at 8:18pm


        Diane Denison Let's hope no banks burst!!!
        September 4 at 8:20pm


        Sevens8It should lighten up.
        September 4 at 9:14pm


        Diane Denison I am not sensing anything horrid happening with this.. I pray not..
        September 4 at 9:16pm


        Sevens8Earthquakes and storms have been happening for the dawn of man and will continue.
        September 4 at 9:19pm


        Sevens8What horrid??
        September 4 at 9:19pm


        Diane Denison I meant like it bursting., and people drowning. Look at the Tusami that killed over 100,000. That was weird!!!
        September 4 at 9:22pm


        Diane Denison Furthermore, Dennis, yes Earthquakes, huricanes and etc have been happening from the birth of the Earth, but not one after another after after another.
        September 4 at 9:25pm


        Nothing like that, there will be flooding but there will be a good warning system in place. I'd say the storm will be over by tommorrow morning and no one has died or been hurt from what I understand. We do need water for this thirsty country.

        Tommorow morning the Sun come out
        September 4 at 9:27pm


        Sevens8With the Christ Church the event is over but no one was hurt. That was good.
        September 4 at 9:28pm


        Sevens8I just wonder many things Diane about Event, Action and Connection to the overall stage of revealing from and to the Beginnings in the journey.
        September 4 at 9:31pm


        Sevens8Maybe its all training in action on the run, learning on the run in the spiritual personal experience.
        September 4 at 9:32pm


        Diane Denison I know your always thinking that. Because I see you go back to Ancient times..
        September 4 at 9:33pm


        Sevens8Maybe its the Moses effect Diane? Rain and Earth!!!
        September 4 at 9:33pm


        Diane Denison Also keeping tuned in. You think non stop. Your picking up on something Dennis. You have not figured it out yet
        September 4 at 9:36pm


        Sevens8But the Urantia Book does not mention the splitting of the Sea of Moses but maybe that kind of thing is revealed for deomnstration like Moses at the end, like birth pangs. Physical birth pangs, like a journey of self realisation in the birth pangs of a journey.
        September 4 at 9:36pm


        Sevens8‎"Your picking up on something Dennis. You have not figured it out yet"

        It kind of like that Diane, thats what it feels like. Synchronisation of things, thought and event.
        September 4 at 9:37pm


        Diane Denison Does it mention Noels Ark?
        September 4 at 9:38pm


        Sevens8Yes, but a small house boat that grew into a large boat over time. Maybe looking at it in a metaphor sense might reveal something else?? hahaha!!!
        September 4 at 9:40pm


        Diane Denison That is funny!!!They do not want us to understand it all!!
        September 4 at 9:41pm


        Sevens8Maybe the Secondary Midwayers are participating in our facebook discussions and maybe they are responding in the Moses effect in accordance to what we speak about through Earth and Rain. Maybe???? Thats an interesting thought!! Maybe there is a way!
        September 4 at 9:43pm


        Diane Denison They love keep us guessing!! A cat and mouse game. We are entertainment when they are on a break Hahaha Imagine that one..
        September 4 at 9:46pm


        Think about the Metaphor of the Moses story in relation to perhaps this event in the witness in the sharing.

        the Waters Split where a pathway was made!

        Earth and Rain like birth pangs, a part of that which was attached to the witness from th
        e beginnings.perhaps. I'm not sure in this day what splitting the sea would mean in event.

        Splitting water a metaphor for Nuclear event??? The Sevens path of the Essenes, flight in to space, the sea.

        Jesus from the Sevenfold Peace of the Essene papers.
        Thou shalt travel the Seven Paths
        Of the Infinite Garden (Garden of the Tree of Life, in today's world 1st Eden and Dalamatia City)


        Yea, I tell thee truly,
        The paths are seven
        Through the Infinite Garden

        Always bare in mind that if there was a sentient being threatening event there would be an evacuation. A nuclear event is one such thing
        September 4 at 9:55pm


        Maybe the Cities of the Tree of Life splits the Sea in the revealing in which lays the Pathway, the Sevens paths.

        see all these recent events would of led to this conversation, the midwayers created the environment in the physical and the t
        hought adjuster in synchronisation with the Midwayers and yet independent brought the conversation about to find the realisation, the purpose of the event in a demonstration.

        Bringing in all things together in event with the God of Action in the higher planes of Deity unto Paradise??
        September 4 at 10:00pm


        Diane Denison Your right, I agree.. I feel that is going to happen. To many mad men have that nuclear bomb..
        September 4 at 10:02pm


        Just see what happens Diane, lets see if the thought rings true in time. If something like that is destined there is nothing on one can do if it has been foreseen being part of the stage.

        But know that a Sevens path of safety has been esta
        blished for such an event beng the Sevens path, a spiritual faith viechle of safety based on faith of a child coming from the foundations of the World, the Beginning. The Sevens path, the faith safety viechle is the Flash viechle of Jesus the Sovereign who can MAKE IT HAPPEN.