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    The Targum from the Beginnings and Facebook timeline

    Frank Dominic Samaritano


    UFO david sereda nasa ufos FLYING SAUCER DISC SHAPE CRAFT shape shifting day time BEST ON VIDEO UNUSUAL PLANE LIGHTS OR UFO imposters LOOK CLOSE phoenix ariz


      • Antoinette Toni Monty This is one of the most interesting video's on the subject I have seen yet. What are the flashes going on all around?

        May 22 at 9:02pm


        Frank Dominic Samaritano Great points Dennis! @ Antoiinette, there are usually well over they say, that 100 lightning bolts are hitting the Earth every second. Because its a needed grounding effect. And yes, David Sereda is up there on his research & his explanations & findings.

        May 22 at 9:39pm



    David Sereda at the Ancient of Days 2004 Conference in Roswell, New Mexico. David talks about the incredible video footage taken by the Mexican military, whi


      • Sevens8 No, I haven't but the story of David Serada is typical of so many authors that ripped off by charlatans of nothingness.

        May 22 at 9:34pm


        Frank Dominic Samaritano ‎:((

        May 22 at 9:42pm



    The conclusions presented here will shock and amaze you! Boldly going where no scientists have gone before The Debate! The Conclusions! The Wonder! Schola


      • Sevens8 Looking at the video speaking about Mars and its closest approach to the earth in 60,000 years, 2003 was the year that Discovery of Atlantis Book Manifested from 1st Eden.

        May 22 at 7:02pm


        Frank Dominic Samaritano Wow, very interesting Dennis.

        May 22 at 9:22pm


    Atma Ananda teaches ‘Self-Being Strategy’ based on main principles of development using traditional techniques. Her own 20 years spiritual experience can be described in two parts. First 10 years, she got background in Western culture getting Master degree in philosophy, working in universities and publishing houses, practicing Christian and Occult methods. Next 10 years she spent in 10 Asian countries studying and working with above 50 original masters, getting many initiations and certificates, and writing 25 books printed in total run of 110 000 copies (available in 5 languages in 35 countries). Her unique path was described in her ‘Out of Biography’. Her teaching is based on her holistic spiritual experience (check the author’s web-site for details).

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      • Sevens8 hey no worries Maria, I pray all success with your book, everyone needs a personal spiritual strategy and plan in this world.

        May 22 at 1:36pm

    earthquake in New Zealand 6.1 Mag


    USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards


      • Sevens8 ‎19:43 time in New York
        19:43, therefore 1+9+4+3=17, 17-=14561)

        Confirmation of something related to the 14561, maybe the posts about the Garden and recognisable Jesus in true light.

        May 22 at 9:49am ·


        Pamela Ruffin Interesting.

        May 22 at 11:43am

    Ok continuing on the Judgment saga it will be interesting what Ra-EL who claims he is Jesus has to say in the matter!!! He is in charge of a huge Templer army of some sort, one of many many armies of this planet, not very original.

      • Sevens8 How about an Army of just simply Gardners, truth Gardners of a Garden.

        May 22 at 9:18am


        Sevens8 Ok here is a video and note the spirit, is that beholden of Jesus as we know him and know ourselves with people.

        I think he had Shakespearian acting lessons. I don't think he is the man.


        May 22 at 9:30am


        Sevens8 I agree with the Love thing for sure, I thought the audio was cool, well expressed.

        May 22 at 9:38am ·

    An example of where the world loves kick something when its down in its condemnation with Mock and what defence is there in this scenario really.

    May 22 at 8:57am


      • Sevens8

        I come into your house and impose doctrine and dogma with judgment and damnation with Universe destruction prophecy call dates. Isn't that really a weapon of fear being used against the very people that Jesus was loving to, in understanding with the truth of the Universe??.

        Is that what the Father in Heaven and Jesus was all about to general mankind, ruthless full of judgment and damnation even upon his own house?? No way! Come on that is not Jesus that we know.

        Do you think Jesus wants to be received in this manner of spirit??? Nup.

        I wouldn't want to be received in such an awful manner either. Thats is not the message of a coming Sovereign of a Universe

        May 22 at 9:07am ·


        Sevens8 I know what message would be beholden of an approaching Sovereign and it comes from the Garden, your garden with the Universal Garden of Old, Eden!

        But from Eden I'm not saying 2nd coming of Jesus either.

        I just say lets read, see and realise that brings recognition.

        May 22 at 9:09am

    So while the world is carrying on post failed prophecy date call, I/we have tabled a solution, a plan for Eden in the Greater Message of Jesus that would emanate from the Garden by the people of the Garden.

    A message of discovery and realisation with recognition.

    May 22 at 7:47am


      • Sevens8 I would love it too but it was supposed to happen in New Zealand first according to his words. There are no signs of his words and ideas coming to pass but I believe there are signs that make up the vacum but no one will see it all, whilst in there own preconceived ideas that was told to them point blank.

        If no one sees the underlying sign then it will be a rocky road in spiritual waywardness.

        May 22 at 8:36am


        Sevens8 aah everything will work out.

        May 22 at 8:47am

    He is silent but we are not.


    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - With no sign his forecast of Judgment Day arriving on Saturday has come true, the 89-year-old California evangelical broadcaster and former civil engineer behind the pronouncement


      • Jason Evans

        Denis i must agree. It is easier than humans make it. . Potential is there but it is not used. I belive there is a a tecniuqe of terestrial escape there is also some sort of universal noninterferiance law. they want things as natural as possible .freewill. It is humans must make a decided choice for or against survival. . This time varies in its cycles and attainments takein longer and shorter with each individual. . .Perhaps Jesus not return until a little while after dispansation. . OR THEY ARE SYMONTANIOUS as high beings are concernd with cycles of time, but we see and feel long spaces of varied events. . .so who are humans to put a singular time on such encompasing events. . .To the celestials, time is such that say the trial is about over or is and the jururs and concerned beings are making ready to carry out various duties. . . etc. . I would like to see how much better things are without quarentine!

        May 23 at 2:12pm


        Jason Evans Im more interested in the mass of links shifting strong towards e.t.s here. . AND the other infuences that are accuring and the intrest there of. Not so far, yet. THOUGH IT MAY SEEM. . .personaly, Dennis, im thinkin Eden is just around the cornor. I wonder what a fine artists job would be there, while bringin in all that would enter. . Just thinkin. . .

        May 23 at 2:28pm

    interesting orb action in the Volcano eruption.


    BELIEVE IN WHAT EVER YOU LIKE. Russia believes we are getting invaded by aliens. Must read the report. Also I read a report stating that all these earthquake

    What if we all for a walk to day in our gardens that we love to walk and express what we feel is the answer to the end time prophecy in our own way when we get back. It could be an exercise, in light of current disappointment that can take us onto more positive fields of thought and side step all the outside of the garden stuff.

    May 22 at 4:52am


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        Sevens8 Anyone Christian or Muslim can write and speak about this Garden of Eden and start there own ministry in there own way about the Garden and its People and invite the people to the Garden and draw from it and its bank of sources.

        May 22 at 6:13am


        Sevens8 It doesnt matter what religion, no one is required to abandon there religion but only to seek a higher realisation and understanding. This is not a revolution but revelational/evolutional/t​ransitional/transformation​al spiritual experience in the truth of the matter that is relevant to all of us.

        May 22 at 6:16am

    From what I can see its past 6pm in all paces and its normal, its was a failed prophecy, a complete failure but for me there was some consolation truth prizes. It made me study the matter where I learnt some thing as you know about the last message.

    May 22 at 3:47am

    My facebook experience is so rich with spirituality and friends who value the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of ManI want to thank you all for so many warm and loving thoughts everyday..it's so amazing and brings so much love into my life!!

    May 22 at 2:39am



    Perry Stone teaches in Israel.

    connected to the 3rd post down, here is a clue to the Messiahs Message regarding recognition in his coming.

      • Sevens8 Isaiah saw the Sevenfold Splendour end construct, he saw in fragments the whole reality.

        May 21 at 10:42pm


        Sevens8 the post I referred could a few more down, its part of a string of thoughts.

        May 21 at 10:58pm



    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Featuring Oli Silk (Keyboards), Mark Jaimes (Guitar), Andrew Small (Drums), Joe Becket (Percussion) & Julian C

    Source of the Cult of the Tree of Life 38,000 years ago and beyond.
    About the lingering tree cult traditions that still perpetuates today.

    The Patagonians still worship trees, as did the early Semites. Long after the Hebrews ceased tree worship, they continued to venerate their various deities in the groves. Except in China, there once existed a universal cult of the tree of life.


      • Sevens8 ‎(946.1) 85:2.5 The belief that water or precious metals beneath the earth’s surface can be detected by >a wooden divining rod is a relic of the ancient tree cults.<

        >>>The Maypole, the Christmas tree, and the superstitious practice of rapping on wood perpetuate certain of the ancient customs of tree worship and the later-day tree cults.<<<

        May 21 at 10:16pm


        Sevens8 ‎"Except in China, there once existed a universal cult of the tree of life"

        May 21 at 10:16pm


        Sevens8 I know where the source of the Tree Cult came from.

        The Van highland Capital

        May 21 at 10:20pm



    The video is kinda slow because I recorded it off Windows Media Player, Enjoy and remember there will be more to come! Artist: Tim Bowman Album: Tim Bowman T

    “The Lord has said to me, ‘You are my Son; this day have I begotten you. Ask of me, and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron; you shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.’”


      • Sevens8 Living truth consistently.

        "the truth-co-ordinated life."

        May 21 at 10:11pm


        Sevens8 What are we attempting in the journey of the Tree of Life in 1st Eden "truth-co-ordinated"

        May 21 at 10:13pm

    Charlie sent me this, Inspiring.
    34:7.8 Having started out on the way of life everlasting, having accepted the assignment and received your orders to advance, do not fear the dangers of human forgetfulness and mortal inconstancy,

    May 21 at 9:45pm



      • Angelic Readings I love this Dennis, can I place it on my wall? TY xoxo

        May 22 at 1:38am


        Sevens8 No worries.

        May 22 at 3:40am ·

    Saturday, 21 May 2011 at 5:34:00 AM EDT.


    Find out current local time in New York – New York – U.S.A.. Get New York's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore New York's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset.



    My name is Beth Kearney and have lived in the Holmes Point area of Kirkland for 30 plus years. On Tuesday morning May 10th, 2011, my husband & I witnessed the most unusual events unfold on the North end of Lake Washington, unlike anything we've ever seen before.



    Harold Camping's 'end of the world' May 21st Doomsday is less than 5 hours away.

    Articles coming out on Google News regarding Harold Campings 21st May 201 Judgment day>> by the its 6:05 and everything is normal.


    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Featuring Chuck Loeb (Guitar), Oli Silk (Keyboards), Andrew Small (Drums) & Frank Felix (Bass). For details of

    Objects in space that have complete 14-15 reflectivity, a recognisable pattern in the coordinates reflected in this journey.


      • Sevens8 Maybe your experience Jude is a sign of things coming?? they don't those things for nothing. Cold be part of ur conversation in general about things going on.

        May 21 at 4:38pm


        Sevens8 ‎14x15=210
        456 or 555

        May 21 at 4:52pm

    more crapture stuff


    One Big money making scam to me. Also it is to bring in new Followers of Jesus as quickly as possible. Mother of Two Daughters atempts to Murder her children

    More articles Salivating for the embarrassment they think, but we are not there here yet. 6 pm remember?

    Oh well there will be lessons to be learnt in this and it will be hard for someone. But I dont know who yet, we have to see!! But I can see the Judgment has begun and the atheist is just rubbing his hands not to mention loss of Faith.


    While the followers of radical evangelist Harold Camping prepare to meet their maker, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg took a more relaxed attitude.


      • Sevens8 another fault in truth and judgment.

        May 21 at 2:04pm


        Sevens8 We are told not to judge others personally as an individual, maybe the acts of a person but how can he can they judge anything and why would God respect THERE wishes. Why I ask?

        May 21 at 2:06pm

    hahaha I had a great laugh at this and maybe its reflective to this scenario, what a sense of humour. hahaha!
    Apparently he has gone straight to the top in this day


    A very rare video of Macho Man Randy Savage being interviewed i found on an old VHS tape. Its hilarity is undescribable! lmao!!


      • Sevens8 Yes I am a member, I think I saw him once on TV and a post reminded me of him plus I was interested in what he said about here after.

        May 21 at 12:19pm


        Forgotten Muse whats your screen name there

        May 21 at 12:21pm

    Here is some research on another prediction.


    Watch Shaggietrip's video about niburu 2012 myan planets stars documentary on Disclose.tv


      • Sevens8 But it will be about Jesus chances are it will come from and be linked to the Urantia Book.

        May 21 at 11:16am


        Sevens8 If the greater John the Baptist thing is right then Harold Campings thoughts will not work out.

        May 21 at 11:17am


    Hmmmmmm. Atmosphere above epicentre of deadly Japan earthquake heated up 'rapidly' in days before disaster The atmosphere directly above the fault zone which produced Japan's

    ♥ Endless Blessing from Esoteric Temple!!! ♥



      • Sevens8 No worries all the best to you in all things everything seems rather normal I must say except for a lousy nights sleep, so far.

        May 21 at 7:05am ·


        Sevens8 III remember last night.

        May 21 at 7:06am

    Dennis: I really like your viewpoints they are thought out and to the point. If you would please take a look at my last two posts and see if you agree that I just might have a point. Take care and who knows we maybe meeting somewhere else soon haha

    May 21 at 3:05am


      • Sevens8 Only Paradise on down to the midwayers working all together can do this type of time synchroniasation in things. They are the time Lords of this planet and can alter time and synchronise time working also with the thought adjuster of the person which is the link to the Father in Heaven in Paradise within a person.

        May 21 at 12:10pm


        Sevens8 Somehow Tony, as small and teeny weeny as it seems, I believe the described time synchronisation to the 6 period of the Seventh time line, hitting the 6666 mark on the hit counter on the prophesied day on 21st May 2011, all coming together was a time synchronisation event for sure.

        There is evidence of it and the experience, all documented. Part of the record of the great stone tablet in Heaven.

        May 21 at 12:17pm



    There's something special about Bonnybridge, Scotland. Since 1992, the small town has been the sight of an unusually high number of UFO sightings. In fact, Bonnybridge lies in what UFO believers call

    Chill or be Chilled in that half an hour that we might be in.


    Recorded at Sky.fm Smooth Jazz Week at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. For details on more gigs visit http://www.sky.fm/smoothjazz/e​vents Featuring Jaared (Saxo

    Ok 11:59 and know 12:00 Midnight we enter the New Spring Day lets wait for 30 minutes in reflection from within ourselves.

    May 21 at 12:01am

    ‎11:55 5 minutes to go until May 21st 2011.
    Revelation 8:1
    And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.


    Bible search for silence in King James Version (English)



        Sevens8 Ok it might take an half an hour more to reach the 6666 signature of the 4 Angels of Six Wings of the broadcast circuits.

        Right up to gates eh

        I feel hot in anticipation. eh!

        May 20 at 11:58pm



    Norman Brown - Soul Dance. Smooth jazz guitar



    Another great track from the excellent cd "Foreign Exchange" from Paul Brown and Marc Antoine. This cut is entitled 'French Connection". Enjoy!

    time 11:22pm May 20th 2011

    May 20 at 11:22pm

    In an ark approaches travel lite.


    Live Concert at " PIZZA EXPRESS JAZZ CLUB " in LONDON. SAX: Rocco Ventrella DRUMS: Greg Grangier BASS: Frank Felix GUITAR: Matt Park

    ok hit counter 6628 hits at 11:00pm
    667777 at 11

    May 20 at 11:02pm

    time 10:35
    If nothing happens then we are both wrong even thought we know the truth about date calling. If a planetary destroying wave earthquake occurs then Harold Camping is right. However, If something beautiful happens that we can witness with our own eyes then I am right. If we are still here then we must know we must go to 1st Eden and check out all the places straight away.

    May 20 at 10:38pm


      • Sevens8 I'm at your service Linda, no worries at all, hey thanks mate! Matey hahaha

        May 20 at 11:06pm


        Linda Hodge Grouse! Tops.

        May 20 at 11:07pm



    From the new album entitled South Beach. This has a similar sound to "Whatcha Gonna Do": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v​=vfp6leoad2w and that's not a ba



    The great band Fourplay's 'Fourplay X" had this nice tune called 'Cinnamon Sugar" Enjoy!

    time 9:55
    approaching the end of the last day if Harold Camping prophecy works out. I hope Eden lent some gravity and depth at the same time. Rather than destroying Planets with wave earthquakes and destruction of Universes. Instead I pray for something positive, like a beautiful revealing of the Kingdom of Heaven something nice that everyone can witness.

    May 20 at 9:58pm


      • Sevens8 In any case, I want the Victory to be the Lords for his Name Sake in my view for tomorrow. Either way come what in May!!

        May 20 at 10:12pm ·



        for his name sake eh like I remember in Sunday school right from the beginning through Church and in Bible College and onto the Urantia Book concerning Eden and many other things, in the blend but in the same allegiance and loyalty as I remember in my origins of spiritual heritage.

        The Church is good stuff and is good for civilisation in the complete truth of everything, it really lays a good foundation that can be built upon

        May 20 at 10:31pm

    We catch the Morning dance tomorrow.


    Spyro Gyra performing at the 1991 JVC Newport Jazz Festival. From my private collection. Enjoy (circa: 1991) All TV promos, news clips, airchecks, music r

    and we catch the Sun with love and warmth in our hearts expressing itself from withion.

      • Lilijana Tomažin yes, worries thrown into wind.I don worry, I have not worries

        May 20 at 10:00pm


        Sevens8 thats great.

        May 20 at 10:05pm

    The End Time construct is like Sugar and Spice, a little here and a little there to give it flavour that man can savour.

      • Sevens8 Sugar and Spice of the Lunch Box.

        May 20 at 9:37pm


        Sevens8 about the Rock.

        May 20 at 9:37pm

    One thing for sure there is Good News and it comes from "the Bright spot" from 1st Eden for the planet.


    Smooth Jazz pioneers Fattburger with one of their best tunes. 'Good News". Enjoy!


      • Sevens8 A poem of exquisite ladscape and GLORY! for the planet today.

        May 20 at 9:28pm ·


        Sevens8 the material symbol of the Father at the Beginning of the Sabbath, the Seventh day, the day of rest from the beginning.

        May 20 at 9:29pm


        Sevens8 In the Sevenfold in the truth that set us free.

        May 20 at 9:29pm

    Right or Wrong, Come what in May, keep the faith eh! no worries.


    Smokin' track from the fine guitarist known as U-Nam. It's ' Back from the 80's" with the tune "Keep the Fath". Enjoy!



    Some great guitar work from U-Nam on a tune called 'Breezin M.A.' from his 'Back from the 80's" CD. Enjoy!

    Just a kiss goodbye.


    U-Nam performs @ Catalina Jazz Trax Festival in Avalon ,CA on 10/21/2007 Song : Just A Kiss & Goodbye Band : Gorden Campbell : Drums Melvin Davis : Bass Dio

    We have been speaking about Libya with all its problems and also Harold Camping is expecting a massive earthquake to surround the planet!!! on May 21st 2011 at 6pm Planetary ongoing

    Have a look at this!


    ‎8.4 Earthquake Hits Near Cost of Libya! 8.4 earthquake hit near cost of Libya today afternoon.


      • Sevens8 ooh what a scenario jun, that sounds devastating, it could be hoax at the end of the day. Why hide an earthquake?? Most of the signs from what I can tell it looks to be an hoax. Apparently Anonymous hacker has revealed of being associated with the May 22nd Hoax.

        it could be that, then you have Ra-El thinking he is Jesus who will make an announcement on May 22nd Sunday.

        May 20 at 10:25pm


        Sevens8 Im sure there will be a lesson somewhere for many eh!

        May 20 at 10:26pm

    im just looking at my click counter and it registers 6606 hits, seen at 8:21-8:22pm. Just noting for the record.

    May 20 at 8:25pm ·


      • Sevens8 on the last day where we begin to learn lessons.

        May 20 at 8:45pm


        Sevens8 Ok its 6616 hits and the time 9:17, 17=14561 where 9 is Paradise.

        May 20 at 9:18pm


    Smooth Jazz saxophonist Euge Groove releases his sixth solo CD, Sunday Morning. He calls it an expansion of his last CD, Born 2 Groove, which features the cu


      • Sevens8 get ready either way for lessons in truth regarding May 21st 2011

        May 20 at 8:04pm


        Sevens8 true of false.

        May 20 at 8:04pm


        Sevens8 Lessons that will lead us in the right path to the Garden of the Golden apples.

        May 20 at 8:05pm

    In any event lets stay together, it our love within us that will make us brand new. No dates but the love within us for a fellow mankind.
    this prank is linked to 21t May 2011 just say if the prank backfires, what would you say then???? hahaha


    Anonymous is in the midst of planning a world wide prank, this time, targeting UFO enthusiasts and wellalmost everyone else. If you aren't familiar with

    Apparently, the Russians know about tomorrows 21st May 2011 predicted Judgment day.


    The campaign to inform the public about the date of the rapture and the end of time, as predicted by American Christian radio network’s Harold Camping, appears to have come to Russia.


      • Sevens8 I think you get new raiment with Son tan lotion..

        May 20 at 8:31pm


        Sevens8 thing is its "Light without Heat" no need eh!

        May 20 at 8:32pm

    Revelation Chapter 17:17
    >>For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.<<

    >>18 And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.<<

    Could that be Dalamatia City and Eden ??


    Revelation 17 in King James Version (English Bible).



        Sevens8 Man there is a mystery in that chapter to be unveiled. Its not as bad as it reflects if you really read the words and compare the reality in the journey of 1st Eden including all the previous beginnings of the Tree of Life concerning the Rebel Caligastia of Fallen Dalamatia City and the Lucifer rebellion.

        May 20 at 3:44pm

    here is another article about May 21st 2011 with some other additional calculation.


    Judgment Day is coming this Saturday, May 21, beginning at 6 p.m., according to Harold Camping, the president of the Christian broadcaster Family Radio. Could he be wrong? He wouldn't be the first. Here are five failed Judgment Day predictions.

    Here is another article with Harold Camping Calculation.


    Judgment Day May 21: Harold Camping, the head of the Family Radio broadcasting network, has calculated that the apocalypse will begin on May 21. Do his numbers add up for a judgment day this weekend?


    May 18, 2011: The battle for Earth will start in Tokyo.That’s what some people must have been thinking as they witnessed a countless number of UFOs appear above

    We enter Paradise Rest as we engage the material symbol of the Sabbath from 1st Eden, we are set free in truth, in the journey of the Tree of Life of the Seventh, Mystery of the Seventh Bestowal planet of our Sovereign Jesus with all his people.

    May 20 at 9:27am

    Just thinking about the queen in her speech yesterday, I was thinking about Westall 66 and the Sevens Ellen triangulation. Look at the names of the surrounding streets and look at the reality of 1st Eden with its journey.

      • SunSistaTo have your rapture I guessahahaha! What a beautiful place for a day of rapture!! Have lots of fun!!

        May 20 at 10:06am


        Sevens8 for sure

        May 20 at 11:20am ·

    I feel so much warmth and love in your heartyou are truly blessed and you live as one with the Fatherthank you for your friendship, DennisLove & Light I send to you for your journey ♥

    May 20 at 3:25am


      • Sevens8 I love to be at your service and in your service, its a great pleasure for me, 100% filled with blessings and inspiration that we share eh! No worries at all.

        May 20 at 8:35am


        Angel Light Likewise ♥

        May 20 at 8:36am

    ‎1st May 2011 interesting

      • Sevens8 Hey Jude, can you remember the timeline, date and was it near a major road, if so what was the route number? Great blessings eh!

        May 20 at 12:43pm


        Jude Anson I will have to check the route and road name. It was in eastern Oregon. I'll get that info to you tomorrow.

        May 20 at 1:12pm

    There was a crop circle on the 7th May 2011 and 10(55) days later another crop circle occurred on the 17th May 2011 as reported.

      • Sevens8

        I thought this was cool, back to the beginning.

        Echoes of the early 90’s
        This is quite a startling discovery in very young Barley. It certainly takes me back to over twenty years ago, from the 1990 days in Wiltshire. This is what we were all very used to seeing back then, very simple designs, with a sense of excitement of what they could become. It’s a great indication, that the earlier designs are very much part of what’s occurring today. The precursor of what was to be an evolutionary road in geometry and complexity.

        >>>Perhaps the phenomenon is telling us not to ignore the purity of what was occurring at the very beginning."<<<

        May 20 at 1:08am ·


        Sevens8 Its like the Ozone layer surrounding the planet or perhaps something else, maybe hidden Glory to be revealed in full light!!!!

        May 20 at 1:10am ·


        Sevens8 A ring and a solid circle, Like the Ring of the Boy God Nehza who Slays the Dragon with his Ring around the world.

        May 20 at 7:50am

    ‎12(66)th May 2011

      • Sevens8 ‎3 co planar circles , 3 locations of the Tree of Life.

        Dalamatia City, Van Highland home and the Temple of the Father in 1st Eden.

        May 20 at 12:46am


        Sevens8 All connected in a prime pattern of the Trinity/Triune/Paradise pattern and Symbol. The Triangle as seen in the design of Dalamatia City, Vans Highland Capital, Dilmun/Babel 1& 2 and the Great Mound of 1st Eden.

        All connecting features of the Journey of the Tree of Life from the beginnings that connects to all religions of today.

        May 20 at 12:49am

    mmmm 17th May eh!
    14561=17, mmmm

      • Sevens8 ‎10:00pm=22:00

        May 20 at 12:39am


        Sevens8 Fly me to the Moon!

        May 20 at 12:40am

    If I do a calculation and rearrangement of the Magnetar dates of flashing, in the triangle of the Magnetar Panorama, I can achieve the 14561 on the Magnetar dates connecting to the DEF-456 Elysian Fields Triangle in Space, the place of the Golden Apples, apples of Immortality.

      • Sevens8 the 22 after the 21 represents the New Day with Jesus after his birthdate. So it should 20, 21, 22, His psalms on the cross I believe is reflective in his dying thoughts for the new day.

        May 20 at 12:27am


        Sevens8 In the morning, Im going to do a calculation of the days in between the magnetars in the 456 arrangement and see what the common number pattern is, there should synchronisation in a pattern we recognise.

        May 20 at 12:30am ·

    Seven seems to be a feature in the TajMahal, I noted 22 rooms and 10(55) directions. Quite an interesting video.


    Watch Nikk83's video about Taj Mahal Vedic Hindu Shiva Temple documentary on Disclose.tv



        Sevens8 The Seventh Level and its 22 rooms with its doors opening to the the Holy River of the Ganges. A metaphor for the Everlasting River leading Eternal Life i which we dip into each day in the physical and spiritual journey each day.

        May 19 at 11:50pm


        Vishnu Chand hey plz remove this already india has lot of religion problems
        dont initiate an another babri mosque incident
        we need peace not fight

        May 20 at 3:11am

    Here is another person that claims he is Jesus. I'm not going to judge him but do you understand what he saying? and do you find it complicated? does it resonant that simplicity? to hard to think and feel, technical but I don't feel the love in spirit somehow. Not wide enough to encapsulate a full experience, like in a journey on an array of things following hunches daily in a focalisation of truth demonstrated.

      • Sevens8 Yes, I do to, in a way can recognise him I suppose in all things.

        May 20 at 12:34am


        Margo Mills another crazy full of himself person

        May 20 at 4:11pm

    Man O man

      • Sevens8

        I don't know what to say! Oh well see how everything goes in this day, for me its been a fantastic experience and yet a struggle to keep the flame of 1st Eden alive to the world, in my own way I suppose.

        It has been all worth it, finding this.

        Really, at the end of the day I'm glad I embarked on the Faith Journey to know the Father in Heaven more and especially via the journey of 1st Eden.

        One day I hope to look back and say, Wow that was an amazing experience and it was really worth everything to go through that spiritual experience in light of hardship

        May 19 at 8:58pm


        Sevens8 By the way Jesus in Brazil doesnt remember his past lives because these was none, this is one time experience on this planet embarking on the journey of the Universe unto Paradise, the final destination and there will be many modifications of your vessel along the way to the centre of the Universe.

        That is something to look forward to for all mankind. Truly for everyone.

        May 19 at 9:01pm


        Sevens8 To find daily inspiration in things everyday and be inspired to write in full sincerity for hours on end every day for years and to see progress is a very beautiful experience and soul building.

        May 19 at 9:22pm

    I was very inspired by this speech of the Queen the Sovereign. Completely inspired and this the truth. I witness great truth and sincerity in her speech.


    On the second day of her historic visit to Ireland the Queen has delivered a speech at a state banquet in her honor at Dublin Castle.

    This is why the Urantia Book came in to protect the bible with understanding and the truth about the bible which we know and to elevate where these people cannot get around. The Urantia Book diffuses the denigration of religion in ways that man cannot combat., 1st Eden is a good example in the I read and See.


    Nearly half of the New Testament is a forgery, according to a provocative new book which charges that the Apostle Paul authored only a fraction



      • Sevens8

        anyway I thought this was a good point.

        ""The book is more provocative than insightful," writes the Catholic Herald.

        Conceding that "some New Testament books probably were not written by the people traditionally assigned as authors," the Catholic website remarks that Ehrman "barely mentions the concept of oral tradition."

        "So even if a specific letter was not done by Peter or Paul, it could well have been written by someone drawing from the oral tradition passed down by one or the other," wrote the Catholic website.

        May 19 at 6:31pm


        Diane Denison I agree.

        May 19 at 6:39pm ·

    So now I go to work and sweat a bt and think about all this in anticipation for the weekend in prophecy by Harold Camping and his friends. All the best and good wishes in prophecy and fulfillment to family church from 1st Eden.

    May 19 at 8:56am



      • SunSista

        Honestly Margothe rapture is no one fell swoop. It is the Christ love opening up in the mortal hearts, one person at a time. Some call it "the Awakening", others call it "Collective Consciousness", or "Christ Consciousness". It goes by many namesbut that is what the rapture isand right now it is building up like a snowballit is the snowball effect because that is how love worksit is contagious, like a virusthe virus of LOVEthe language of our Universeof our Lord and Master. That is what is meant by "Rapture" and it can't be pinned down to one date.

        May 20 at 3:57am



        The Urantia Book explains how dispensations work and how they are connected to the process of judgement, or as the Bible calls it Judgement Day. The book confirms that we are at the beginning of a new dispensationnow. This is the judgement of the people who have already died and must make a decision to choose God or not. This is the other piece of the Raptureit is just the period of time when a new dispensation is occurringa resurrection of the ones who have graduated since Pentecost.

        May 20 at 4:01am

    Well tomorrow is D Day according Harold Camping of Family Church, a testing day of the truth and from what I read in th Urantia Book the message isnt completely right and its not coming from the right source as according to the Urantia Book.
    I mean, I really wish it would happened Im on board no worries but I have do have doubts from what I read.

    May 19 at 8:27am

    • Robin King likes this.


      • Sevens8 Sorry Saturday is D Day, tomorrow is the last day before the prophesied event by Harold Camping.

        May 19 at 6:05pm


        Sevens8 everything I said in this post just shift to tomorrow.

        May 19 at 6:33pm

    Scientists have unintentionally precipitated mankind into a materialistic panic; they have started an unthinking run on the moral bank of the ages, but this bank of human experience has vast spiritual resources; it can stand the demands being made upon it.


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-medi​a/ub-mp3/U195.mp3"]The Urantia Book Paper 195After Pentecost (2069.1) 195:0.1 THE results of Peter’s preaching on the day of Pentecost were such as to decide the future policies, and to determine the plans, of the majority of the apostles in their efforts to


      • Sevens8 The Shining!, the Shining of the Sevenfold Universe, the Sevens Universe, so to speak.

        May 19 at 8:16am ·


        Sevens8 Sevenfold Splendour!

        May 19 at 8:16am ·

    So there is an underlying Motive behind all the rhetoric. So its just part of the scam to secure things right!!! So there was a greater motive other than peace and liberty eh! Just a sham all of a sudden. Just another replacing another in an underlying Motive.


    WASHINGTON — In 2006, three years after the Russian government had charged Mikhail Khodorkovsky — then the country's wealthiest businessman — with fraud and moved to break up his Yukos oil company, U.S. diplomats had had enough.



        Sevens8 another things the western world is at war with Al Queda and yet we support the members in Libya. Now I'm all confused. Seems a bit like a Kangaroo standard, wavering in compromise in what seem convenient!!!.

        May 19 at 8:02am


        Sevens8 I don't think there is going to be a quick solution and there will be heaps more killing in the Black Patch world and thank God there is a White Background and help is on the way.

        May 19 at 8:04am ·

    I saw a post from Maya about these exploding transformers, could be the Sun eh! Just another little sign.


    ‎"Transformers", transformers, who knows WTF they are really up to something is up! Nothing is as it seems to be trying to be.. Me-to-the-oW?!!?!


      • Sevens8 A sign of Son ship in Metaphor where things light up.

        May 19 at 6:22pm


        Sevens8 The Light of Truth.

        May 19 at 6:23pm

        Sevens8 Thank you Peggy, I really appreciate your gifts, thank you and great blessings, no worries!

        May 19 at 5:32am

    This is cool.


    Oli Silk performs on the Jimi King Show. Sky.fm Smooth Jazz. December 2009.

    I still this one.


    Recorded at Sky.fm Smooth Jazz Week at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. For details on more gigs visit http://www.sky.fm/smoothjazz/e​vents Featuring Jaared (Saxo

    I reckon if 21st May doesnt work go for Eden full bore, forget about dates, the key may lay in Eden. The first steps are being made praise and glory be.

    May 18 at 10:34pm



        Sevens8 but that is not going to happen in any time quick being full of pride and prejudice in mass judging by there posts in there end time forum plus I've always felt they lack depth in there message, not enough research.

        You can tell in the Harold Camping information, just a few scriptures some experience but hardly enough depth, breadth and width to even impress the Kingdom of Heaven.

        May 19 at 5:48am ·


        Sevens8 However, I highly respect and admire them in there whole heartedness, truly that is the spirit of the Lord to go out there in faith like this and proclaim if there is couple of errors.

        Still that is a noble spirit to do such a thing where people think your this that and the other thing. right!!

        May 19 at 5:49am ·

    You know why this planet doesnt make it because of the views like this in no demonstration at all. Lifeless nothingness!


    I kind of agree with him on this one A belief that heaven or an afterlife awaits us is a fairy story for people afraid


      • Sevens8 This stuff makes it in the world where people seek justification to avoid spiritual truth and law of the Universe even when they claim to know the Universe which they don't.

        May 18 at 10:28pm


        Linda Hodge Totally agree. For the first time I feel pity for Stephen Hawking. Sold out big time.

        May 18 at 10:39pm


    Recorded at Sky.fm Smooth Jazz Week at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. For details on upcoming gigs visit http://www.sky.fm/smoothjazz/e​vents Featuring Renato F

    That would be right wouldn't it with all the money in the world, its the debt that kills this planet the compound interest factor. Countries have reached ceiling debt levels and are in more trouble that ever before because of plain simple selfishness being blinded to the material level with all that comes with it.


    In case you haven't noticed, the world is on the verge of a horrific global food crisis. At some point, this crisis will affect you and your family. It may


      • Linda Hodge Did you hear that story about China having free energy technology and giving it to all the countries in the world in a package that was to be opened on a certain date? I will try and find info on that. I have been half expecting the US to start a war to suppress it.

        May 18 at 10:52pm


        Sevens8 I dont think that happened, it could of been another scam.

        May 19 at 5:35am


    For more info - http://www.eagle-rock.com/arti​st/339AB2/Marvin+Gaye Marvin Gaye is an American legend. He was signed to the fledgling Motown label in 1961 by


      • Sevens8 hahaha that was funny.

        May 19 at 5:36am


        Sevens8 yeah whats going on???? eh!

        May 19 at 5:36am

    The one great and truest sign of the last message in the whole journey is that it meet rejection and it is Guaranteed to be a failure. Ok!

    Jesus answered: >>>>>“Elijah indeed comes first to prepare the way for the Son of Man, >who must suffer many things and finally be rejected.<<<

    May 18 at 9:44pm


      • Sevens8 Who cares anyway, failure is also a common thing on this sin filled planet, still. However I lay my Treasures in Heaven, I know there will no assistance really speaking. hahaha who cares!

        I'm so used to failure in failed things its a common thing and don't give me the Success BS speak either. Sophistry to make money in cross marketing exercises, really being about self at the end of the day for a price exacted.

        May 18 at 9:50pm ·


        Sevens8 Its just more than that.

        May 18 at 9:51pm

    from the last post, fragment from Enoch

    There shall be the great eternal judgement,
    In which He will execute vengeance amongst the angels.
    16 And the first heaven shall depart and pass away,
    And a new heaven shall appear,
    >>And all the powers of the heavens shall give >sevenfold light.<<

    May 18 at 9:01pm


      • Sevens8

        and further


        And one portion of them shall look on the other,
        And they shall be terrified,
        And they shall be downcast of countenance,
        And pain shall seize them,
        When they see that Son of Man Sitting on the throne of his glory.

        (and hidden and beginning, 1st Eden and Dalamatia City including he journey of the Tree of Life, in my view)

        >>6 And the kings and the mighty and all who possess the earth shall bless and glorify and extol him who rules over all, who was hidden.<<

        >>>7 For from the beginning the Son of Man was hidden,
        And the Most High preserved him in the presence of His might,
        And >revealed him to the elect.<<<
        (the end time message revealing from the Hidden and the beginning)

        >>8 And the congregation of the elect and holy shall be sown,
        And all the elect shall stand before him on that day.
        9 And all the kings and the mighty and the exalted and those who rule the earth
        Shall fall down before him on their faces,
        And worship and set their hope upon that Son of Man,
        >>And petition him and supplicate >for mercy at his hands. <

        May 18 at 9:38pm


        Jason Evans

        ah, Dennis . I clearly see abundant parallels with this from enoch and the shepherds rod movment of the 1930s+ : when i first spoke with you. . .IT was these connections that make me believe that our dispansational time should be a series of events. . AND not simply one event on one particular earth day. . . Ezekil and Isaiah speak much about a mountain that would exist before Jesus return or our presieved judgment. . THAT Gods true people would be drawn to/ . . .I thought maybe it could be some sorta space vessil but now it seams more likely it to be Eden related. .? . .Interesting

        May 19 at 12:51am ·

    Today Elijah, Enoch and John the Baptist came to mind in relation to the End times of Ignorance. I was wondering if there any connections that maybe relevant to any event? First, I wanted to see if I could find clues in the urantia Book.


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-medi​a/ub-mp3/U170.mp3"]The Urantia Book Paper 170The Kingdom of Heaven (1858.1) 170:0.1 SATURDAY afternoon, March 11, Jesus preached his last sermon at Pella. This was among the notable addresses of his public ministry, embracing a full and complete discussion o


    He is very, very sure that the world will end on May 21.

    this is whats all about eh!


    Engines are overrated. The Gamera human-powered helicopter managed its first flight with a record-setting attempt at the University of Maryland. Read this blog post by Amanda Kooser on Crave.

    I was thinking of dates and its call on things, contemplating that Elijah was given a date in his departure where he had time to prepare to give his things away even double the power of his staff he had given to Elisha.

    So there is evidence of a date call concerning a translation. Ahh no worries there is a precedent.

    May 18 at 6:30am


      • View all 29 comments

        Kevin Dunning What about those left behind?

        May 18 at 9:51am



        If something like a rapture occurs, what about the left behind? Personally, I think there would be another opportunity knowing Jesus.

        With the left behind are you speaking about the people who rejected the call and where they mocked either way or are you speaking are about those in wayward religion murdering everything under the sun including there own people in faulty ideology in the name God?? Im a little confused?

        May 18 at 5:32pm

    I think the next name given to a new highway should be called the Happiness Highway in honour of all our destination along the happiness Highway then off course you have the happy trails and paths that branch off to good things from the Happiness Highway like a Tree of Life. That should be the Metaphor.

    May 18 at 6:25am


      • Sevens8 when you drive and think God can assist in your happiness.

        May 18 at 6:25am

    We all kick goals in our own way in faith walking with God within us, radiating love and warmth because we are set free in truth and we can fly high. No limits.

    May 17 at 11:38pm


      • Sevens8 Hi Sunsista
        I feel inspired to day these these things from the heart.

        I love you to Cydney and I feel we are the brink of very good things. I have all faith and trust in my friend Jesus in the guidance.

        May 18 at 6:13am


        Sevens8 ‎100%

        May 18 at 6:14am

    For ever all of us unto eternity and that is guaranteed in simple faith.


    one of the best acid jazz bands from the 90s I love this songnight and sexy ..yeah


      • Sevens8 Forever eh!

        May 17 at 11:31pm


        Sevens8 Brand New Heavy truth people.

        May 17 at 11:32pm ·

    The adventure never stop unto Paradise.
    where dreams do come true.


    http:/www.deliciousvinyl.com from their 1994 Delicious Vinyl album "Brother Sister".


    http://www.deliciousvinyl.com/ For a time The Heavies were a six piece including Lascelles Gordon, and Jim Wellman. The band's first video ever. Filmed late 1


      • Sevens8 Our dreams come true right!

        May 17 at 11:02pm


    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club. Featuring Jeff Golub (Guitar), Andy Newmark (Drums) & Paul Turner (Bass). For details of upcoming gigs at Pizza Express

    We are High Flyin, you better believe it.


    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club. Featuring Dave Koz (Saxophone), Brian Simpson (Keyboards), Tony Mason (Drums) & Frank Felix (Bass). For details of upcom

    Just the way you are eh! No worries at all eh! Just the way you in all things with Love and warm in your Soul and Spirit, the source of life within you, the thing that makes this world and Universe run, the life the spirit of the Father within you expressing itself as you. As like no else on this planet or even Universe. You are Unique!


    Recorded at Sky.fm Smooth Jazz Week at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Greg Grainger (Drums), Matt Park (Guitar) and Frank Felix (Bass, out of view).


      • Sevens8 ‎"JUST THE WAY YOU ARE" Jeannie Snow

        May 17 at 10:48pm


        Lilijana Tomažin yes, we are Unique, but I steel ask myself, what to do, that I ll be happy

        May 17 at 10:50pm



        just by talking and sharing and finding things of realisation and being in a network of like minded people can begin happy paths of new and expanded thoughts that will reinvigorate your heart and soul. Just being yourself is good a friend is a great beginning to happiness in truth, in self discovery and exploration upon realisation on an array of things never explored before.

        And we are right there at the beginning in the beginning where the word is looking forward to destiny and fulfilment within all of us. The highest and greatest thing

        May 17 at 11:49pm

    I still like this one.
    Chilling at the club for a bit.


    Recorded at Sky.fm Smooth Jazz Week at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Greg Grainger (Drums), Matt Park (Guitar) and Frank Felix (Bass, out of view).

    I came across this last night, he also is attaching to May 21st 2011. Apparently he has an announcement to make in the 21st May 2011. See what happens eh! Looks like this person is throwing himself in the date.



    CHRIST HAS RETURNED!!! uK-Yh220Bbo Who is this? and would Christ wear the cross of Malta???


      • Sevens8 Regardless of anything your future destiny is assured right up to Paradise.

        May 17 at 10:28pm


        Angel Light

        May 18 at 4:12pm

    In this circle you have the 5 circle aspect and the 8 pronged circle. I know in this journey the is the 5 aspect and the 8 pointed star of the Sevenfold Stargate of the Light without Heat(Spiritual Luminosity of the Deities) Magnetar in Vulpecula.


    Protected Zone for Wisdomer Will Have Energy Supply Provided by UFO from May 2012


      • Adrianne del Sol Has He returned? That is for seeing :-)

        May 17 at 11:30pm


        Sevens8 yes, that is absolutely true but I feel he wants to be seen on the spiritual realm in men's hearts as a friend so that man recognise him as part of mans personal journey as a team.

        May 18 at 6:06am

    Hey a crop Circle for the friends in Indonesia, How cool!

      • Sevens8 Approach and arrival of a Paradise Son?? connected to the Crowns of this Planet?? Paradise in the middle orchestrating the Stage Event.

        The Long shape to me is a reflection of the Acropolis Hll in Eden, same shape, the Symbol Adam pointed to.

        May 17 at 9:05pm


        Sevens8 What other thing in history has that shape beside a Jewell attached to a Crown other than Acropolis Hill or Temple of the Father in Heaven??? on Earth in the Days of Adam, in this day of the 2nd Adam from Eden.

        May 17 at 9:07pm

    I also found the day after May 22nd interesting, if I parallel the date May 21st 30 AD, in the Urantia Book.


    this Hoax is already a failure and if it is actually carried out it will be reported as such to MUFON, NUFORC, AboveTopSecret.com, GodLikeProductions.com and anywhere else that it turns up.. seriously. UFO hoaxes are uncool usually they SUCK and just reinforce the ideas of all of the non-belivers an




        For us I feel it should make no difference as we just cruise along in our own normal lives with our faith, knowledge and truth.

        If anything we should be prepared for lessons in this experience. What type of Lesson I don't know either way.

        I know in my heart there are a couple of problems with his calculation but perhaps by the injection of creative imagination along with this journey it might give the expected event some Gravity with a widened tone with the associated connection to Eden.

        May 17 at 8:35pm

    I think this is good news.


    A 45-year-old man now living in the Bay Area may be the first person ever cured of the deadly disease AIDS, the result of the discovery of an apparent HIV immunity gene.

    The tone of the journey in the last couple of days looks very appealing where I don't even think abut Judgement. I think this is the tone that the Father could respond to, coming from the Edenic Garden in Love with love.

    May 17 at 7:51am



        Sevens8 Glory be, that's all I can say Jason and Abubakar.

        Just see how things pan out, I'm sure if I or we are on track in the thought, things will pan out ok, that I believe.

        May 17 at 4:56pm


        Sevens8 Anyway, I thought this post beheld a great thought and idea. Also I think its great that we can explore ideas and thoughts and I find nothing wrong with it as I trust my/our guidance in truth.

        May 17 at 4:58pm

    Perhaps my friend was right, maybe there might be a rapturous event of Love sweeping the planet?? I can see that feeling what I feel right now.

    May 17 at 6:23am

    I think there is an increase measure of Love going around, I'm feel Love and warmth and radiance in my heart expressing itself. Is this just me???

    May 17 at 5:49am

    Have a Blessed new week My Dear Soul Bro.Dennis! Be happy and Be Blessed!
    Love & Light~ Jane



      • Sevens8 I really thank the Father in heaven from my Soul and heart with Love and warmth.

        May 17 at 5:35am ·


        Jane Calpe Valencia I am so grateful for our divine connection my Soul Brother Dennis..

        May 17 at 9:01am

    you can tell the difference in spirit and life in the real reality going on from the hidden in revealing.

    Atheist Water from the Lifeless springs, wouldn't even get onto a ducks back let alone water of a ducks back mate!


    In an exclusive interview with the Guardian the cosmologist shares his thoughts on death, M-theory, human purpose and our chance existence

    following on from the last post
    At the end of the day you have this May 21st coming together from 3 points in a parallel singularity regarding common things in thought and proclamation relating to prophecy and end times.

    May 16 at 10:23pm


    But what about the next day on the 22nd May 30 AD Sunday? the day after the 21st May 30AD?


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-medi​a/ub-mp3/U154.mp3"]The Urantia Book Paper 154Last Days at Capernaum (1717.1) 154:0.1 ON THE eventful Saturday night of April 30, as Jesus was speaking words of comfort and courage to his downcast and bewildered disciples, at Tiberias a council was being held


      • Sevens8

        I love this piece and rings so loud in truth in the end of the Age of Ignorance with the Sevenfold messenger service of today of the planet.
        Jesus consented to David Zebedee’s continuing his countrywide messenger service, and in bidding the Master farewell presently, David said: “Go forth to your work, Master. Don’t let the bigots catch you, >and never doubt that the messengers will follow after you.<

        >My men will never lose contact with you, and through them you shall know of the kingdom in other parts, and by them we will all know about you.<<

        >> Nothing that might happen to me will interfere with this service, for I have appointed first and second leaders, even a third. I am neither a teacher nor a preacher, but it is in my heart to do this, and none can stop me.”<<
        "and never doubt that the messengers will follow after you"

        this part says it all for today to.

        ">My men will never lose contact with you, and through them you shall know of the kingdom in other parts, and by them we will all know about you."

        May 16 at 10:14pm


        Sevens8 and this

        I am neither a teacher nor a preacher, but it is in my heart to do this, and none can stop me.

        May 16 at 10:14pm



        and this from Jesus

        “Say to my mother and my brothers that they should have no fear for me. The Father who sent me into the world will not forsake me; neither shall any harm come upon my family. Bid them be of good courage and put their trust in the Father of the kingdom. But, after all, who is my mother and who are my brothers?”

        And stretching forth his hands toward all of his disciples assembled in the room, he said: “I have no mother; I have no brothers.

        >>>Behold my mother and behold my brethren! >>>For whosoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven, the same is my mother, my brother, and my sister.”<<<


        May 16 at 10:35pm

    Is there a clue in the Urantia Book about May 21st in the times of Jesus.???? that may have some embedded relevance or Metaphor to this reality today concerning the Kingdom of heaven and this planet today in the reality of prophecy coming to pass relating to Judgement??


    ‎[swf file="http://www.urantia.org/ub-medi​a/ub-mp3/U154.mp3"]The Urantia Book Paper 154Last Days at Capernaum (1717.1) 154:0.1 ON THE eventful Saturday night of April 30, as Jesus was speaking words of comfort and courage to his downcast and bewildered disciples, at Tiberias a council was being held


      • Jason Evans Agreed. Heh.

        May 17 at 10:37am


        Sevens8 In court it will go quick because there is no defence really.

        May 17 at 4:52pm

    Based on my last post May 21st 2011 could be a strong possibility according to my realisation linked to May 21st 2008 of Nehza the Boy God who slays the Dragon.

    May 16 at 7:59pm


      • Sevens8

        here is his evidence


        fairly scant need to see some more and some demonstration of the truth that is recognisable. I know in a last link he is speaking of military, haven't we got enough military.

        I'm not sure if he the guy either.

        there has to be a witness

        May 16 at 9:23pm


        Sevens8 Oh well see what happens on that one. I'm just glad I know what I know! Im just happy of that and I feel very confident about it from what I've been seeing and realising in my focalisation to the beginning, 1st Eden and Dalamatia City, the Crowns of the Ages.

        May 16 at 9:26pm ·

    There appears to be real commitment to this date. I mean yes but what happens if there is no event? Thats what I'm concerned about.


    May 21, 2011. The Rapture, Armageddon, the End of the World. That is what is being publicized on billboards now all over the United States.


      • Sevens8

        Is Nehza representing this journey, the Targum where the Father within me expresses himself in truth using scriptures and interpreting things in my focalisation to 1st Eden using all the books including the Urantia Book, the new revelation??

        Is the real focus of the Kingdom of Heaven on Nehza the Boy God (inferring young lad) in metaphor off the Nehza of the End times who slays the Dragon of the end times brings in the Judgement of the rebellion??

        Because I discovered Nehza, the boy God on the May 21st 2008 might actually tie in to May 21st 2011 in the realisation of all the Metaphors coming into a singularity in truth

        May 16 at 7:57pm ·


        Sevens8 in this day Im hitting the limits with thoughts, just going for it.

        May 16 at 10:03pm

    Job 38
    14 It is turned as clay to the seal; and they stand as a garment.
    15 And from the wicked their light is withholden, and the high arm shall be broken.

    May 16 at 9:19am


      • Sevens8 ‎16 Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth? (eh Eh!)

        Have we looked further into the depths of the sea for the answers in religion? No not yet completely.

        May 16 at 9:21am


        Sevens8 and

        17 Have the gates of death been opened unto thee? or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?

        1st Eden is the Valley of the Shadow of Death or was but in this we illuminate the pace with light in the hidden revealing as Jesus aid he would.

        May 16 at 9:22am

    A little intrigue for the day


    ‎13th crystal skull found in Germany belonging to hitlers Right hand man Himler on the roof of a shanty town house for years.

    I mean this is a really big call based on one calculation!! I don't think the tone is sublime and supernal enough to attract anything worthwhile and what depth, breadth and width is there really. A little fear driven, doesnt attract but repels, I'm not sure if Jesus pertains that same attitude of fear upon man in underlying threat.



    We are the HIDDEN NEW DAY SPRING for the new day of this planet and we are set free in truth and its good news. we are the good news for the planet, there is no other bright Spot good news of the bright sparks of the planet. We are the bright sparks in truth with the Father in heaven.

    May 16 at 6:12am



      • Sevens8 Crowns of the Ages. The Epochal Crowns of the past in the discovery and recognition.

        May 16 at 6:42am


        Sevens8 That is the way of the Father in Heaven walking with man.

        May 16 at 6:42am ·

    A voice told a friend that there is going to be rapturous Love event rather than physical rapture. We have to what occurs no worries I'm keen for any major good event in truth. For me I'm focused on 1st Eden, I'm not thinking about date calling on any day. Full of peril.

    May 16 at 5:24am


      • Sevens8 Anything like that in date calling cannot held against you at all. If you dont believe the date thats OK, youre not meant to date call in the end times only stay alert and know the truth.

        May 16 at 5:39am


        Sevens8 which is easy as pie, easier and less stressful than date calling.

        May 16 at 5:40am

    This is Franks Link, pretty interesting, I'm going to Bed but it sparks of some thoughts for tomorrow.


    HDTV version update pt2 - Dec 09 - Image shows Vatican viewed from above - St Peter's Key - Masonic star map! Wayne Herschel's narrated full version followin

    The soul of just men perceive in the Son a Medicine of life; and so it felt desires that He might come in its own days, and then would it taste His sweetness. Enoch was longing for Him,

    May 15 at 10:54pm


      • Sevens8 Enoch incidentally sits on the Judgement Seat along with John the Baptist and a few others.

        May 16 at 6:46am


        Sevens8 Enoch is the SEVENTH from Adam, a clue! Seventh! mmmmm

        May 16 at 6:47am

    The tower that the many builded, in mystery looked for One, who coming down would build on earth a tower that lifts up to Heaven.

    May 15 at 10:52pm


      • Sevens8 Like Jacob(Israel(Spiritual Zion), the Rock and the Stairway to Heaven. Jacobs Ladder, the end time scenario of the planet, the end times of this Age of ignorance.

        May 15 at 10:53pm


        Sevens8 and its in Mystery eh! No worries at all!

        May 15 at 10:53pm

    he, through faith most throughly cleansed, mounted up in heaven to see Him. Moses saw Him and Elijah; the meek man from the depth ascended, the zealous from on high descended, and in the midst beheld the Son. They figured the mystery of His Advent:

    May 15 at 10:46pm


      • Sevens8 Moses was a type of the dead, and Elijah a type of the living, that fly to meet Him at His coming. For the dead that have tasted death, them He makes to be first: and the rest that are not buried, are last caught up to meet Him.

        mm interesting

        May 15 at 10:46pm


        Sevens8 rapture it looks like!!

        May 15 at 10:49pm

    Hymn V. St Ephraim 7 Pearls

    1. O gift that camest up without price with the diver! Thou laidest hold upon this visible light, that without price rises for the children of men: a parable of the hidden One that without price gives the hidden Dayspring!

    Look out for the Day Spring

    May 15 at 10:29pm


      • Sevens8 We are the people of the Garden and we part of the new Day Spring , the Hidden Day Spring of 1st Eden.

        May 15 at 10:31pm


        Sevens8 ‎1st Eden and all the ancient places including the Journey of the Tree of Life is connected to the NEW HIDDEN DAY SPRING.

        May 15 at 10:32pm



        Job 38 Day Spring and thought from Friday, 24 June 2005 8:20 PM

        >>12 Hast thou commanded the morning since thy days;<< and >>caused the dayspring to know his place;<<
        (Held in memory and preserved in our writings in different cultures by the collaboration of both man and angels for this purpose.)

        13 That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, that the wicked might be shaken out of it?
        (Used for future time in connection to a judgment day, its the connection, the realization of a distant event connected for a future event thats related to the destiny of mankind and its related of the coast of Cyprus.)

        Friday, 24(6666) June(6month) 2005 8:20 PM

        May 15 at 10:39pm

    About Stones
    >>Thy stone flees from a comparison with the Stone [which is] the Son.<< >For >thy own generation is from the midst of the deep,< that of the Son of thy Creator is from the highest height; He is not like thee, in that He is like His Father.<<

    May 15 at 10:23pm

    The pearl itself is full, for its light is full; neither is there any cunning worker who can steal from it; for its wall is its own beauty, yea, its guard also! It lacks not, since it is entirely perfect.

    May 15 at 10:14pm


      • Sevens8

        Some Keywords
        Lacks not
        and beauty which implies truth and goodness

        May 15 at 10:16pm


        Sevens8 yea, its guard also, its a stronghold, a protectorate for the Meek where the Truth guards them along with there heart and Soul through Love not Fear. It also offers Ancients of Days protection through the Sovereign.

        May 15 at 10:19pm


    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club. Featuring Marc Antoine (Guitar), Paul Brown (Guitar), Andy Whitmore (Keyboards) Otto Williams (Bass) & Tony Mason (Drums


    Recorded at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Featuring Peter white (Guitar), Dave Koz (Saxophone), Randy Jacobs (Guitar), Brian Simpson (Keyboards), Fr



    Recorded at the Pizza Express Jazz Club. Featuring Jaared (saxophone), Oli Silk (Piano/Keyboards), Marc Parnell (Drums) and Frank Felix (Bass).

    A song written by John Mark eh! mmm hahaha


    Recorded at Pizza Express Jazz Club. Featuring Marc Antoine (Guitar), Jessy J (Saxophone), Andy Whitmore (Keyboards), Otto Williams (Bass) & Tony Mason (Drum

    BRIAN CULBERTSON-one more day

      • Sevens8 Another day eh! in the journey.

        May 15 at 9:51pm

    Having a short break at the club, chilling out.


    Peter White performing "My Prayer" at Pizza Express Jazz Club in London - November 2008. With Oli Silk (kybds), Frank Felix (bass), Marc Parnell (drums).

    ‎3. Not as the moon does thy light fill or wane; the Sun whose light is greater than all, lo! of Him it is that a type is shadowed out in thy little compass. O type of the Son, one spark of Whom is greater than the sun!-

    May 15 at 9:32pm


      • Sevens8 About the Bright Spark and the Bright Spot Eden playing out the act on the stage of realities concerning the Kingdom of heaven and man in this day.

        May 15 at 9:33pm

    ‎5. Who would give a pearl to the daughter of the poor? For when it hangs on her, it becomes her not. >Gain without price that faith,< all of which becomes all the limbs of men. >>But for no gold would a lady exchange her pearl.<<

    May 15 at 8:50pm


      • Sevens8 The ">In the pearl of time<" is the Sevenfold Pearls of the Ages encapsulating the journey of the Tree of Life and all the Beginnings.

        The Seven Pearls of St Ephraim is the End Time reality intimate.

        May 15 at 8:55pm



        The first post might be related to the queen and attitude. The attitude never fit the level of the reality, lack of understanding, loose and thin foundations controlled by fear, lack of faith, couldn't see the shining of illumination. What was light became Dark, abandoned ship gave the pearl away for NOUGHT at the end, self deceived, not enough knowledge and spirit of truth thinking it was nothing. That was the darkness and caused the falling away of the bright spark with severe spiritual internal results leading to depression. where 1st Eden was the life raft and gave me life where the "Bright Spark" in the "Bright Spot" continued shining illuminating the place. 1st Eden!

        But there was something and the bright spark always knew it by faith and lingered on and eventually illuminated the place with perhaps Light Photons, like a 3d photographic mosaic of the Eden.

        I lingered on 1st Eden because there was no where for me to go, all depressed and self disappointed in self judgement severe,

        I was stranded in a sense on the 1st garden of Eden but I found a heap of stuff while there stranded on the island with nothing but writing to do, exploring the greater Eden within our Books of religion with much embedded metaphor and literal.

        I was not restricted to one book by order but I found Eden in many books including the purpose along with the prime book the Urantia Book

        May 15 at 9:28pm

    Hymn 1V from St Ephraim 7 pearls
    1. The thief gained the faith which gained him, and >brought him up and placed him in paradise.<> He saw in the Cross a tree of life; that was the fruit<>, he was the eater in Adam's stead.<

    May 15 at 8:45pm


      • Sevens8 keywords would be
        Tree of Life
        Cross associated with 2nd Adam Jesus.
        Fruit of the Tree.
        Adam related and connected= 1st Eden of Cyprus.

        May 15 at 8:46pm ·

    from Hymn 3 st Ephraim 7 pearls.
    >>Thou art like Eve who was clothed with nakedness. Cursed be he that deceived her and stripped her and left her.<> The serpent cannot strip off thy glory. >>In the mysteries whose type thou art, >>women are clothed with Light in Eden.<<<

    May 15 at 8:40pm


      • Sevens8 Note: >>women are clothed with Light in Eden.<<<

        May 15 at 8:40pm


        Sevens8 its about us today being the people of the garden.

        May 15 at 8:41pm


        Sevens8 its about us today being the people of the garden, the Light of Eden is what we must experiencing with the Love and Warmth in our Heart and Soul.

        Increased measure of Love in the End Days, the Light of Eden in which the Woman are clothed in.

        May 15 at 8:42pm


    O daughter of the water, who hast left sea, wherein thou wert born, and art gone up to the dry land, wherein thou art beloved: for men have loved and seized and adorned themselves with thee, like as they did that Offspring Whom the Gentiles loved and crowned themselves withal.

    May 15 at 8:37pm




        Sevens8 Seven pearls

        May 16 at 5:37am


        Steven Farr St. Ephraim shall live anew in Florida, as I will use his inpired words when fortune presents the opportunity. Yhank you Dennis.

        May 16 at 11:56am

    The Two

    May 15 at 7:20pm ·


      • Sevens8 They are judged by there own judgement of others, simple as that.

        May 15 at 7:42pm


        Sevens8 Islam better get right on to it or else everyone in Islam will miss out on a great opportunity ever. Im serious, the path is open look into it.

        May 15 at 7:43pm

    I saw therein His trophies, and His victories, and His crowns. I saw His helpful and overflowing graces, and His hidden things with His revealed things.


    St Ephraim The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith - Hymns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 - Fifteen Hymns for the Feast of the Epiphany


      • Sevens8 Apparoaching Judgement during the Message.

        "At these uproars the fish in the sea were moved, and Leviathan also. Have ye then a heart of stone that ye read these things and run into these errors? O great fear that justice also should be so long silent!"

        May 15 at 7:28pm


        Dawn Aguilar Much Thanks, dear Friend Dennis.~>3~

        May 15 at 7:46pm


    ‎"Making it happen" Action, Action of the Ages.

      • Sevens8 The Phoenix eh!

        May 15 at 6:24pm


        Sevens8 making it happen eh!, the Phoenix out of the Ashes in the Anew.

        May 15 at 6:25pm

    Isaiah 2
    10 Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty.

    Enter the Rock eh! the Rock Jesus sits upon and we are about the Rock.
    There is also another Rock, the Acropolis Hill in 1st Eden, Adam has some advise for us today in metaphor about this Rock no different to ancient times.

      • Sevens8 The Rock is a Material Emblem of the Father in Heaven, Lord of all things as in Eden and Jesus is the Rock for us today bringing us back into the Garden.

        and we are the cream of the crop of the planet, the people of the Garden about the Rock.

        May 15 at 5:58pm ·


        Sevens8 The Rock of Ages eh! The Rock of Salvation

        May 15 at 5:59pm


        Sevens8 and the Rock we illuminate.

        May 15 at 6:00pm ·

    but by thy littleness >the crown is made great, like as the Son, by whose littleness Adam was made great.<

    May 15 at 3:45pm


      • Sevens8 You see, I lost the Queen, I lost my Love, it was shattering, I was in trouble but its through 1st Eden I gain my love back.

        May 15 at 4:06pm ·


        Sevens8 Its a love story.

        May 15 at 4:07pm

    I believe the following is about the Cities of the Tree of Life and it could be an additional reflection of the website and the gates to the city.


    Journey to the ancient places of our origins that encompasses planetary destiny. Join in the oneness of truth revealing itself before our eyes. The pearl of great price, hidden in a field and discovered.


      • Sevens8

        But we are in a timeline running out because of Genetic despoiling there might be no time to do 1st Eden but ones left behind might have to do it, to prove the truth in a second round of perhaps Salvation I don't know.

        We have to see what occurs but let me say Heaven doesnt respond to fixed manmade dates, its based on realisation, not sitting on a couple of verses speaking judgement even though that approach maybe necessary for some people. I feel there is a deeper aspect to end times which is sublime and supernal, designed for long lasting spiritual results.

        May 15 at 2:59pm


        Sevens8 I say if nothing comes out of May 21st 2011, lets go for Eden. He have to do it somehow.

        May 15 at 3:01pm

    I thought this was interesting from St Ephraim 300AD eastern Christian Church about Tarshish and the isles.

    May 15 at 1:54pm


      • Sevens8 Its a connecting point of Heaven on Earth.

        May 15 at 1:58pm


        Sevens8 ‎17 His name shall endure for ever: his name shall be continued as long as the sun: and men shall be blessed in him: all nations shall call him blessed.

        May 15 at 3:44pm

    I just want to find the place of love in my heart I want to find the source of what I feel in my heart in life and light today. I want to go to 1st Eden to and go in the Garden of valley of the Shadow of Death and illuminate the place, inferring submerged.

    May 15 at 11:45am


      • Sevens8 what a birthday present hahaha, to go to the Garden of Love!!

        May 15 at 11:48am ·

    Further to the last post concerning 21st May 2011 judgement speculation of family church, if rapture evacuation does not occur I suggest we make tracks to 1st Eden in a 3rd expedition, the answer may lay there in what we find further in theme of the people and the Garden, of the Tree of Life, the glimpse of light and life. The bright spot!, the only spot where the bright sparks come from in truth.

    May 15 at 11:38am


      • Sevens8 I appeal to the Father in Heaven that he opens the door to a 3rd expedition to the 1st Garden of Eden of Cyprus because I want know more about the place, the source of eternal and immortal Love.

        May 15 at 11:47am

    In a world where many countries are going down in Government and things wrapped in faulty ideology, an 3rd expedition can be a "bright spot" for man, it truly is the only bright spot on the planet in amidst a world of turmoil and sheer Barbarism. The people of the Garden are also "Bright Sparks" to, from the Bright Spot" who are set free in truth and with a new Revelation from the Father in Heaven.

    May 15 at 10:43am


      • Sevens8

        and this beautiful reflection of the journey and all its tracks where they were many difficult tracks to engage on so many levels.

        ">>>>The bright spark<< which went down home with that blessed [Queen], held on its shining amid the darkness,<<>> till the new Day-spring came. The bright spark met with this shining, and illumined the place".

        He kept on until the NEW DAY_SPRING CAME. Praise the Lord! Until the event of the Kingdom of heaven on Earth.

        So he was successful and it occurred, we know now that we are succesffull, because he was successfull

        May 15 at 11:32am


        Sevens8 He illumined 1st Eden, Robert Sarmast has done that no worries through atlantis but its the illumination of the place as 1st eden to the world with al its truth that abounds many things.

        I'm thinking this could be a reflection of the 3rd expedition having all this truth and knowledge with realisation. I would encourage a 3rd with all the original crew to complete the journey.

        May 15 at 11:35am

    Just to think we will all know each other in the Heaven at some stage in the future. Not exactly sure on the date though hahaha.

    May 15 at 9:54am


      • Sevens8

        either way it be an actualisation in actual in the future either in an unusual event or in the normal way of life. Either way it will occur and we can do many things in between, come what may.

        Like a 3rd expedition to 1st Eden submerged of Cyprus under the banner of the Sovereign again. That is something we can do, like the spread of TrueLight energy in the political that is something we can do.

        Many things because we have the backing of the Universe family and we are from the Garden, we are the meek in the garden amnd we inherit the earth in original thinking and ideas through the Father in Heaven and all the kingdom of Heaven

        May 15 at 10:26am

    Happy Birthday

    May 15 at 9:44am


      • Sevens8 Thank you Judy, great blessings for you in all things, in anything concerning everything that helps you and all your friends. Thank you so much for your blessings and cheer.

        May 15 at 9:49am


        Judy M. Watts Loving you ♥

        May 15 at 9:49am

    I think this is beautiful when a voice from the past is revealed from the Hidden.
    Everyone I appreciate the Birthday message with great blessings, I really appreciate it, I cant reply to everyone I'm sorry but I'm really praying for many good things for us all in Sevenfold Splendour, that's all I can do really and find things. Great Blessings everyone and may all good things happen for us and our family and friends.

    May 15 at 9:35am


      • Sevens8 I think I underestand a liitle more in spioritual , like in garden, the bride and bridegroom, marriage and consummation, the consummation is this strong LOVE within, love experience within the heart and soul like when two people can experience individual. High vibrational internal experience of Love energy.

        May 15 at 10:34am


        Sevens8 hard to explain.

        May 15 at 10:34am

    Frank Sent me this, I feel the things crossing the sky seem to have animal reaction like us especially if we are being hassled by lasers.


    Join us for our next Skywatch here: http://www.meetup.com/UFO-Skyw​atch/ Each skywatch is limited to 10 people. Ed Grimsley's San Diego Skywatch does it again


      • Sevens8

        I'm not sure about hassling these things with lasers like in a side show really. To me I feel its a form of intimidation especially when there trying to give us a message in faith hitting the limits for us in there mandate of faith like us.

        All we do in side show alley thinking, is shoot them with Lasers, so typical of us to be like that.

        I didn't feel happy about the laser shooting thing maybe we should try to understand these things rather than shooting them

        May 15 at 9:29am


        Sevens8 I'm not interested in the spectacle of man in this with his lazers antics, it feel barbaric in low level thinking in my view.

        Just let it be and enjoy there time with you in revealing.

        May 15 at 9:31am


        Sevens8 I wouldn't be surprised if they were bugs anyway in a higher altitude and nothing to do with fellow sentient brothers.

        May 15 at 9:32am

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