Adamson/Van Civilisation vestiges of the Adamson/Van Civilisation and the link to Babel and the great Egyptian Pyramid

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The Targum from the Beginnings

The Targum on the run thoughts fron various Forums research replies
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Google earth journey to the ancient places
Some background information about the Admason/Van from the Urantia Book.
  • line 110: Having delineated the Nodite antecedents of the ancestry of the secondary midwayers, this narrative should now give consideration to the Adamic half of their ancestry, for the secondary midwayers are also the grandchildren of Adamson, the first-born of the violet race of Urantia.

  • line 111: Adamson was among that group of the children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother. Now this eldest son of Adam had often heard from Van and Amadon the story of their highland home in the north, and sometime after the establishment of the second garden he determined to go in search of this land of his youthful dreams.

  • line 112: Adamson was 120 years old at this time and had been the father of thirty-two pure-line children of the first garden. He wanted to remain with his parents and assist them in upbuilding the second garden, but he was greatly disturbed by the loss of his mate and their children, who had all elected to go to Edentia along with those other Adamic children who chose to become wards of the Most Highs.

  • line 113: Adamson would not desert his parents on Urantia, he was disinclined to flee from hardship or danger, but he found the associations of the second garden far from satisfying. He did much to forward the early activities of defense and construction but decided to leave for the north at the earliest opportunity. And though his departure was wholly pleasant, Adam and Eve were much grieved to lose their eldest son, to have him go out into a strange and hostile world, as they feared, never to return.

  • line 114: A company of twenty-seven followed Adamson northward in quest of these people of his childhood fantasies. In a little over three years Adamson's party actually found the object of their adventure, and among these people he discovered a wonderful and beautiful woman, twenty years old, who claimed to be the last pure-line descendant of the Prince's staff. This woman, Ratta, said that her ancestors were all descendants of two of the fallen staff of the Prince. She was the last of her race, having no living brothers or sisters. She had about decided not to mate, had about made up her mind to die without issue, but she lost her heart to the majestic Adamson. And when she heard the story of Eden, how the predictions of Van and Amadon had really come to pass, and as she listened to the recital of the Garden default, she was encompassed with but a single thought--to marry this son and heir of Adam. And quickly the idea grew upon Adamson. In a little more than three months they were married


    line 123: This center of civilization was situated in the region east of the southern end of the Caspian Sea, near the Kopet Dagh. A short way up in the foothills of Turkestan are the vestiges of what was onetime the Adamsonite headquarters of the violet race. In these highland sites, situated in a narrow and ancient fertile belt lying in the lower foothills of the Kopet range, there successively arose at various periods four diverse cultures respectively fostered by four different groups of Adamson's descendants. It was the second of these groups which migrated westward to Greece and the islands of the Mediterranean. The residue of Adamson's descendants migrated north and west to enter Europe with the blended stock of the last Andite wave coming out of Mesopotamia, and they were also numbered among the Andite-Aryan invaders of India.









line 111: Adamson was among that group of the children of Adam and Eve who elected to remain on earth with their father and mother. Now this eldest son of Adam had often heard from Van and Amadon the story of their highland home in the north, and sometime after the establishment of the second garden he determined to go in search of this land of his youthful dreams


In the following is what I believe the Vestiges of the Adamson/Van headquarters and civilisation.

Note: In the following images notice the 3 co-planar circles, the triangle temple area with a circular temple in the middle and general layout of the highland triangle valley.  Also note the great circular feature/anomaly in the lower valley area. A marker or Symbol of the entry to the highland retreat of Van and Adamson.

Some images of the vestiges of the Adamson civilisation.


Possible vestige of a highland retreat of the a component of the Adamson civilisation.

A circle in a triangle land formation and other similar formations from the Adamson area.

A wider view of the area with peculiar anomalies

another view of the same area under a different filter.

Note: the Circle and the triangle and unusual land anomalies.


another view of circles and triangle as formations under a different filter and other built up areas that seem unusual and in close proximity to each other.

A remnant of a possible city or temple of Van, the third temple of the tree of life.
Another view of the anomalies in a different filter.

An overview of the possible diamond shaped plateau headquarters of Van
A view of perhaps the location third temple of the tree of life. Vans highland headquarters.  Perhaps a city within a triangle! Hidden.

 The Anomalies using google

A view of the possible city in the hidden valley note the rectangular features. It certainly looks like a layout of highland retreat.
There are many rectangular features,  Perhaps the chambers next to the temple was used for water storage? and again surrounded by rivers and water.  This location is definite contender to the one of many vestiges of the Adamson civilisation in North Eastern Iran.

There also appears to be a wall system that surrounds the triangular plateau using the natural features of the surrounding hills.  Perfect for protection and being hidden away guarding the tree of life in this temporary temple.  Also the Vanites, Amadonites and supporting Nodites came from this area over a period of 150,000 years ago. 


A close up of the Triangular enclosure and the circular temple within.

A city and temple with a small surrounding city surrounded by many rivers.

In this image is an overview of anomalies of protection.  Defensive anomalies can be seen at every entry point protecting Vans headquarters.

Here is an image of the Northern co-planar rings protecting the triangular plateau.

Here is a Google Earth file with Place marks
of the Adamson and other discovered ancient civilisations

Google Earth Adamson Civilisation


Other Connections of the 3 co-planar circles

The Sevens Tablet

 A great discovery in symbolism of the triangle and circle chevron

The Triangle and the circle chevron in Van headquarters, the home of the Adamson civilisation where the Javan, the young came from.

The same symbol can be found above the entrance of the family tomb of Jesus.

I wonder if there is supporting myths of Iran that speak of a City of the Rivers or something similar and connected to the tree of life?


Updated 29th October 08  The Confirmation


The tree of life and its Seven branches enclosed within the triangle highland capital of Van where the tree of life was fed by many streams from the surrounding mountains




Note the continuous triangle and circle patterns in the pipe and the eye with the circles similar to the highland capital.




The Map of the locatrion




By 8000 B.C. the slowly increasing aridity of the highland regions of central Asia began to drive the Andites to the river bottoms and the seashores. This increasing drought not only drove them to the valleys of the Nile, Euphrates, Indus, and Yellow rivers, but it produced a new development in Andite civilization. A new class of men, the traders, began to appear in large numbers.

  • line 38: When climatic conditions made hunting unprofitable for the migrating Andites, they did not follow the evolutionary course of the older races by becoming herders. Commerce and urban life made their appearance. From Egypt through Mesopotamia and Turkestan to the rivers of China and India, the more highly civilized tribes began to assemble in cities devoted to manufacture and trade. Adonia became the central Asian commercial metropolis, being located near the present city of Ashkhabad. Commerce in stone, metal, wood, and pottery was accelerated on both land and water.



the confirmation from Vans headquarters.  The Sign of the highland capital of Van as perpetuated in the symbols of the Jet Stone from 5500 years ago found in Anau or Adonia symbolizing the location of the Van capital.  The triangle Valley with the triangle Temple fed by many rivers that surrounds the temple.  The double triangle.


A highland head quarter surrounded by water and tributaries that watered the tree of life.




Now looking at the highland capital it from behind note the 3 trinity prongs in the mountain ridge that are in line with the 3 prongs of the temple.


The central sector of where the 3 prongs or ridges intersect could be where the location of the tree of life was planted.  In the central sector.



It has the Sevenfold branches all feeding the tree of life


Much to consider


more to come!  Praise the Father in Paradise




The Seventh Mountain


Jesus Family Tomb Chevron Enoch Chapter 25 Enoch Chapter 24 (With links)


Jesus Family Tomb triangle Chevron


A post on how this discovery came to pass.


Egyptian connection


http://www, Anau Wikipedia Adonia From the Urantia Book Anau Wikipedia Van Capital Update






Now at this stage of the research go to this link and have a look at the study on the great Pyramid.  Note that in this study you will see the same double triangle containing a circle, actually if you look deeper you will notice the symbol is 2 triangles with circles in them inscribed in the shaft block.,417.0.html


The shaft plug


Now note the the layout of Babel


The circle in the triangle




Here is a search in the Urantia Book of the Adamson Civilisation that began in the North Eastern area of Iran 36,000 years ago and has perpetuated as the Javan peoples who were the pre Greeks.


Now look at the symbolism of the so called Tomb of Jesus, again a double triangle with a circle in it.

Here is a short study on Jesus tomb,402.msg4827.html#msg4827

and recently the same commonality with Dalamatia City

Dalamatia City The Tirangle City

The Great Pyramid mystery in symbolism

and Dalamatia City

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