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November 22nd 2009


I'm following up on a conversation I had with a friend of mine who mentioned that the great Pyramid builder came from Malta.


I had a look in the Urantia Book.


Here are some fragment which could support this


Presently Greece and the Aegean Islands region succeeded Mesopotamia and Egypt as the Occidental center of trade, art, and culture. But as it was in Egypt, so again practically all of the art and science of the Aegean world was derived from Mesopotamia except for the culture of the Adamsonite forerunners of the Greeks. All the art and genius of these latter people is a direct legacy of the posterity of Adamson, the first son of Adam and Eve, and his extraordinary second wife, a daughter descended in an unbroken line from the pure Nodite staff of Prince Caligastia. No wonder the Greeks had mythological traditions that they were directly descended from gods and superhuman beings.

The Aegean region passed through five distinct cultural stages, each less spiritual than the preceding, and erelong the last glorious era of art perished beneath the weight of the rapidly multiplying mediocre descendants of the Danubian slaves who had been imported by the later generations of Greeks.

It was during this age in Crete that the mother cult of the descendants of Cain attained its greatest vogue. This cult glorified Eve in the worship of the "great mother." Images of Eve were everywhere. Thousands of public shrines were erected throughout Crete and Asia Minor. And this mother cult persisted on down to the times of Christ, becoming later incorporated in the early Christian religion under the guise of the glorification and worship of Mary the earth mother of Jesus.

By about 6500 B.C. there had occurred a great decline in the spiritual heritage of the Andites. The descendants of Adam were widespreadly dispersed and had been virtually swallowed up in the older and more numerous human races. And this decadence of Andite civilization, together with the disappearance of

Page 896

their religious standards, left the spiritually impoverished races of the world in a deplorable condition.

By 5000 B.C. the three purest strains of Adam's descendants were in Sumeria, northern Europe, and Greece. The whole of Mesopotamia was being slowly deteriorated by the stream of mixed and darker races which filtered in from Arabia. And the coming of these inferior peoples contributed further to the scattering abroad of the biologic and cultural residue of the Andites. From all over the fertile crescent the more adventurous peoples poured westward to the islands. These migrants cultivated both grain and vegetables, and they brought domesticated animals with them.

About 5000 B.C. a mighty host of progressive Mesopotamians moved out of the Euphrates valley and settled upon the island of Cyprus; this civilization was wiped out about two thousand years subsequently by the barbarian hordes from the north.

Another great colony settled on the Mediterranean near the later site of Carthage. And from north Africa large numbers of Andites entered Spain and later mingled in Switzerland with their brethren who had earlier come to Italy from the Aegean Islands.

When Egypt followed Mesopotamia in cultural decline, many of the more able and advanced families fled to Crete, thus greatly augmenting this already advanced civilization. And when the arrival of inferior groups from Egypt later threatened the civilization of Crete, the more cultured families moved on west to Greece.

The Greeks were not only great teachers and artists, they were also the world's greatest traders and colonizers. Before succumbing to the flood of inferiority which eventually engulfed their art and commerce, they succeeded in planting so many outposts of culture to the west that a great many of the advances in early Greek civilization persisted in the later peoples of southern Europe, and many of the mixed descendants of these Adamsonites became incorporated in the tribes of the adjacent mainlands.

Malta would of been a stop off or a midway point in the travel's of the Andites and perhaps the linage of Imhotep?


line 106: The Egyptians very early assembled their municipal deities into an elaborate national system of gods. They developed an extensive theology and had an equally extensive but burdensome priesthood. Several different leaders sought to revive the remnants of the early religious teachings of the Sethites, but these endeavors were short-lived. The Andites built the first stone structures in Egypt. The first and most exquisite of the stone pyramids was erected by Imhotep, an Andite architectural genius, while serving as prime minister. Previous buildings had been constructed of brick, and while many stone structures had been erected in different parts of the world, this was the first in Egypt. But the art of building steadily declined from the days of this great architect.


What circumstantial evidence could be present to support this thought.


In the history of Malta there is evidence of great structures that cannot be explained and many of these structures are under water which indicates a time of lower sea levels and a civilisation attempting to save there culture perhaps with the encroachment of the sea.



But before I do this here is a link to an experience a young man had with Jesus in Malta.

Here is Malta search link.



          The first stop on the way to Italy was at the island of Malta. Here Jesus had a long talk with a downhearted and discouraged young man named Claudus. This fellow had contemplated taking his life, but when he had finished talking with the scribe of Damascus, he said: "I will face life like a man; I am through playing the coward. I will go back to my people and begin all over again." Shortly he became an enthusiastic preacher of the Cynics, and still later on he joined hands with Peter in proclaiming Christianity in Rome and Naples, and after the death of Peter he went on to Spain preaching the gospel. But he never knew that the man who inspired him in Malta was the Jesus whom he subsequently proclaimed the world's Deliverer.


"The first stop on the way to Italy was at the island of Malta." proves that Malta was a stop over point to Italy from north Africa and has been the case for at least 38,000 after the Rock of Gibraltar dam broke.



Incidentally many people think Thomas went to India and perhaps did but met his death in Malta.


line 210: Thomas had a trying time during the days of the trial and crucifixion. He was for a season in the depths of despair, but he rallied his courage, stuck to the apostles, and was present with them to welcome Jesus on the Sea of Galilee. For a while he succumbed to his doubting depression but eventually rallied his faith and courage. He gave wise counsel to the apostles after Pentecost and, when persecution scattered the believers, went to Cyprus, Crete, the North African coast, and Sicily, preaching the glad tidings of the kingdom and baptizing believers. And Thomas continued preaching and baptizing until he was apprehended by the agents of the Roman government and was put to death in Malta. Just a few weeks before his death he had begun the writing of the life and teachings of Jesus.


No wonder there is very little written material of Thomas, he also respected the end from the beginning and was a very logical person.


And here some more about Thomas who had a scientific mind like a scientist has today.

Thomas is the great example of a human being who has doubts, faces them, and wins. He had a great mind; he was no carping critic. He was a logical thinker; he was the acid test of Jesus and his fellow apostles. If Jesus and his work had not been genuine, it could not have held a man like Thomas from the start to the finish. He had a keen and sure sense of fact. At the first appearance of fraud or deception Thomas would have forsaken them all. Scientists may not

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fully understand all about Jesus and his work on earth, but there lived and worked with the Master and his human associates a man whose mind was that of a true scientist--Thomas Didymus--and he believed in Jesus of Nazareth.


Here is a Google video link on Maltese ruins


Here is link to evidence of these ancient Andite ruins.

and some information on the underwater structures of perhaps the Maltese Andites.


I just want to say that Malta is not Atlantis but the earlier home of the roving Andites.  The real Atlantis, where the tree of Life existed was further to the East, Eastward of the island Cyprus, once connected to the mainland by an isthmus which is now submerged one mile under the sea.




In his presentation Dr. Hubert Zeitlmair revealed that the temple sits on an underwater ridge about 900 x 500 meters long. The highest point, a plateau, is 19 meters below sea level, the basic diameter is about 450 meters. The temple itself will be found about 8 meters below sea level.

The structure itself shows the same characteristics as the other above ground temples in Malta. Gigantic stone blocks aligned with astronomical significance thought to be used as a calendar. The basic diameter of the interior rooms are 6 - 7 meters and some of the highest walls that are still standing are 4 - 5 meters high.

There is an avenue that goes up the center of the structure, crossing the kidney-like formed rooms indicating an orientation to an easterly direction, which would coincide with the rising sun ( equinoxes and the winter solstices ). The main difference is --- this structure is underwater.

Destroyed by Noah`s Flood ??


The greatest inundation ever to occur in the history of mankind was the filling of the Mediterranean Basin 34,000 years ago which took 8 months to fill.  This was the greatest catastrophe ever to be witnesses by mankind.


Here is a word search within the Urantia Book.



Here are some relevant search results

  • line 979:           Flooding of the Mediterranean

  • line 999:      7. The Andites of the Mediterranean Isles

  2. Climatic and Geologic Changes
          Flooding of the Mediterranean

As suspected there were climate changes that did occur during and after the filling of the Mediterranean.



The early expansion of the violet race into Europe was cut short by certain rather sudden climatic and geologic changes. With the retreat of the northern ice fields the water-laden winds from the west shifted to the north, gradually turning the great open pasture regions of Sahara into a barren desert. This drought dispersed the smaller-statured brunets, dark-eyed but long-headed dwellers of the great Sahara plateau.

The purer indigo elements moved southward to the forests of central Africa, where they have ever since remained. The more mixed groups spread out in three directions: The superior tribes to the west migrated to Spain and thence to adjacent parts of Europe, forming the nucleus of the later Mediterranean long-headed brunet races. The least progressive division to the east of the Sahara plateau migrated to Arabia and thence through northern Mesopotamia and India to faraway Ceylon. The central group moved north and east to the Nile valley and into Palestine.

It is this secondary Sangik substratum that suggests a certain degree of kinship among the modern peoples scattered from the Deccan through Iran, Mesopotamia, and along both shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

About the time of these climatic changes in Africa, England separated from the continent, and Denmark arose from the sea, while the isthmus of Gibraltar, protecting the western basin of the Mediterranean, gave way as the result of an earthquake, quickly raising this inland lake to the level of the Atlantic Ocean.

Page 891

Presently the Sicilian land bridge submerged, creating one sea of the Mediterranean and connecting it with the Atlantic Ocean. This cataclysm of nature flooded scores of human settlements and occasioned the greatest loss of life by flood in all the world's history.

This engulfment of the Mediterranean basin immediately curtailed the westward movements of the Adamites, while the great influx of Saharans led them to seek outlets for their increasing numbers to the north and east of Eden. As the descendants of Adam journeyed northward from the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, they encountered mountainous barriers and the then expanded Caspian Sea. And for many generations the Adamites hunted, herded, and tilled the soil around their settlements scattered throughout Turkestan. Slowly this magnificent people extended their territory into Europe. But now the Adamites enter Europe from the east and find the culture of the blue man thousands of years behind that of Asia since this region has been almost entirely out of touch with Mesopotamia.

and more about climatic changes in Africa

line 33: It was the great climatic and geologic changes in northern Africa and western Asia that terminated the early migrations of the Adamites, barring them from Europe by the expanded Mediterranean and diverting the stream of migration north and east into Turkestan. By the time of the completion of these land elevations and associated climatic changes, about 15,000 B.C., civilization had settled down to a world-wide stalemate except for the cultural ferments and biologic reserves of the Andites still confined by mountains to the east in Asia and by the expanding forests in Europe to the west.


line 76: These racial distributions, associated with extensive climatic changes, set the world stage for the inauguration of the Andite era of Urantia civilization. These early migrations extended over a period of ten thousand years, from 25,000 to 15,000 B.C. The later or Andite migrations extended from about 15,000 to 6000 B.C.

It took so long for the earlier waves of Adamites to pass over Eurasia that their culture was largely lost in transit. Only the later Andites moved with sufficient speed to retain the Edenic culture at any great distance from Mesopotamia.

I wonder if the Woolly Mammoths can provide some evidence of a great and sudden climate change in our recent history.


It was generally assumed that the last woolly mammoths vanished from Europe and Southern Siberia about 10,000 BC, but new findings show that some were still present there about 8,000 BC. Only slightly later the woolly mammoths also disappeared from continental Northern Siberia.[5] Woolly mammoths as well as Columbian mammoths disappeared also from the North American continent at the end of the last ice age. A small population of woolly mammoths survived on St. Paul Island, Alaska, up until 3,750 BC,[6][7][8] while another remained on Wrangel Island, located in the Arctic Ocean, up until 1700 BC. Possibly due to their limited food supply, these animals were a dwarf variety, thus much smaller than the original Pleistocene woolly mammoth.[9] However, the Wrangel Island mammoths should not be confused with the Channel Islands Pygmy Mammoth, Mammuthus exilis, which was a different species.

Most woolly mammoths died out at the end of the Pleistocene, as a result of climate change and/or human hunting pressure. In 2008 a study conducted by the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales in Spain determined that warming temperatures had reduced mammoth habitat considerably, putting the woolly mammoth population in sharp decline, before the appearance of humans in their territory.[10] Glacial retreat shrank mammoth habitat from 7,700,000 km2 (2,970,000 sq mi) 42,000 years ago to 800,000 km2 (310,000 sq mi) 6,000 years ago. Although a similarly drastic loss of habitat occurred at the end of the Saale glaciation 125,000 years ago, human pressure during the later warming period was sufficient to push the mammoth over the brink.[11] The study employed the use of climate models and fossil remains to make these determinations.[10]

However, considering that the longest surviving populations were island populations with relatively tiny ranges, range size is unlikely to have been the most critical parameter affecting extinction. The fact that all the other proboscids of the Americas (other mammoths, gomphotheres, and the American mastodon), some of which inhabited temperate or tropical ecoregions, also went extinct at the end of the Pleistocene (as part of a mass extinction of megafauna) suggests that the woolly mammoth would have suffered the same fate even if its range had not been reduced.[12][13]


Perhaps the Mediterranean flood 34,000 years ago accelerated climate change and reduced the grazing lands of the Woolly Mammoths .

Glacial retreat shrank mammoth habitat from 7,700,000 km2 (2,970,000 sq mi) 42,000 years ago to 800,000 km2 (310,000 sq mi) 6,000 years ago.

Could it be that a sudden climatic change could of occurred as a result of an ripple effect killed many woolly Mammoths due to exposure at around the time of the Mediterranean filling?  Noting that the Woolly Mammoths have been found submerged of the coast of Holland and remember there was a major submergence of the land between France and England which would of drowned many Mammoths living in the area with no chance of escape of the rising waters.  There is definitely evidence of the submergence in the area and the North Sea and note the emergence of Denmark at around the time of the Gibraltar Dam break.


In essence was a major tectonic movement which also added to climate change at the time.


Skull of a woolly mammoth discovered in May 1999 in the North Sea at the coast of the Netherlands.


Here are some link concerning the submergence of the North Sea area.

and this article.


North Sea Helgoland Germany Submerged Archaic Underwater Seafloor Continental Shelf Stone Block Walls Ruins Time Magazine Online Article June 16 (2008) Reports Lutheran Pastor Jurgen Spanuth Port Husum Offshore Schleeswig-Holstein Coast Bronze Age Stone Temple Pilots Scientists Perplexed Have No Answers Dilemma about Flooded End of Ice Age Kingdoms Timeline

Time Magazine Online, today, June 16, 2008, reports the ruins of an ancient stone wall which formed a huge oval enclosure, 3,000 feet by 1,000 feet in area, submerged 5 miles east of the island of Helgoland, which is 28 miles north from the german

and this link



and here is a link about information about the Bering land sea bridge

Glaciers & Sea Levels

In glacial ages more of the earth's water was locked in polar and mountain ice caps, lowering sea levels. The lower sea levels exposed additional land area along the coasts of the present continents. This coastal land, now below the surface of the ocean, were home to populations of plants and animals, and in the normal course of their lives they came to be distributed over wide areas, some of which, when the waters rose again, were bodies of land that are separated by water today.

The Bering Strait is today a relatively shallow body of water between Russia and Alaska. It partially dried up in some of these periods, producing a vast stretch of land that united northeast Asia with the Americas. The region was home to a wide range of cold-adapted animals and, at some periods, human beings. 

This body of land is referred to as Beringia. (Link: At times of lowest seas, it was about a thousand miles from north to south (roughly the distance between San Diego and Seattle or between Ottawa and Winnipeg).

Because this land lay across the modern divide between Eurasia and the Americas, it is also called the "Bering Straits Land Bridge." Some of the plants and animals living there (including people) are said to have "migrated to the Americas from Siberia" by this "route," even though they themselves probably had no sense that they were doing anything more than minding their own business and foraging on the landscape where they lived.



and here is a Urantia Book search on the Bering sea bridge.

line 28: During this Cenozoic age the world's landscape presented an attractive appearance--rolling hills, broad valleys, wide rivers, and great forests. Twice during this sector of time the Panama Isthmus went up and down; three times Bering Strait land bridge did the same. The animal types were both many and varied. The trees swarmed with birds, and the whole world was an animal paradise, notwithstanding the incessant struggle of the evolving animal species for supremacy.


line 103: One hundred thousand years ago the decimated tribes of the red race were fighting with their backs to the retreating ice of the last glacier, and when the land passage to the east, over the Bering isthmus, became passable, these tribes.


and another link


However, the date of 34000 B.P. must not be ruled out entirely because, as will be stated ... six post-Miocene episodes of submergence and six ..... OF SEA LEVEL. YEARS B. P. X 103 .--. NORTH AMERICA (largely otter


However many Mammoths in Siberia died in the following way.

Preserved frozen remains of woolly mammoths, with much soft tissue remaining, have been found in the northern parts of Siberia. This is a rare occurrence, essentially requiring the animal to have been buried rapidly in liquid or semi-solids such as silt, mud and icy water which then froze. This may have occurred in a number of ways. Mammoths may have been trapped in bogs or quicksands and either died of starvation or exposure, or drowning if they sank under the surface. The evidence of undigested food in the stomach and seed pods still in the mouth of many of the specimens suggests that neither starvation nor exposure are likely. The maturity of this ingested vegetation places the time period in autumn rather than in spring when flowers would be expected.[19] The animals may have fallen through ice into small ponds or potholes, entombing them. Many are certainly known to have been killed in rivers, perhaps through being swept away by river floods. In one location, by the Berelekh River in Yakutia in Siberia, more than 9,000 bones from at least 156 individual mammoths have been found in a single spot, apparently having been swept there by the current.[20][21]


From the above blue highlight.  What even could of killed many of these Mammoths in Siberia?  Could it be an event that occurred 38,000 years ago where there was a ripple effect of a huge catastrophe like the breaking of the Gibraltar Dam created many floods world wide?


Here is another interesting link.


Mammoth distribution

Mammoths are commonly found in surficial sediments from western Europe eastward through northern and eastern Asia, Alaska and the Yukon (Figure 2).3,4 Mammoth remains are also found on some of the islands in the Bering Sea5,6 and are dredged from the shallow continental shelves surrounding Beringia.7,8 Enormous numbers of ice age mammals, most commonly mammoths, are dredged up from the unconsolidated sediments of the North Sea by trawlers.9 Woolly mammoths are found in abundance south of the North American ice sheet. They are rare in formerly glaciated areas. Mammoth and mastodon teeth have been dredged from 40 sites along the continental shelf off the eastern US in water up to 120 m deep.10

In Siberia, the woolly mammoth inhabited the whole area from the Ural Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. Their east-west distribution is generally uniform, except that they are especially abundant in northeast Siberia.11 Their numbers increase farther north.12,13 Mammoth remains are amazingly abundant on the Lyakhov Islands14 and the other islands of the New Siberian Islands, 230 km north of the Arctic coast.12,15 Frozen mammoth carcasses are usually found eroding out of river banks and along the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Here is the evidence that there was rapid submergence at some stage which also created the North Sea where the Woolly mammoths had no time to escape the inundation of the Sea.


Enormous numbers of ice age mammals, most commonly mammoths, are dredged up from the unconsolidated sediments of the North Sea by trawlers.9

Rapid Land Submergence in the North is consistent with the the Gibraltar Dam break event.


Here is further information of what killed the woolly Mammoths suddenly.


Mammoth uniformitarian problems

How millions of mammoths became entombed in Siberian permafrost really taxes the uniformitarian principle. Why would multitudes of mammoths, plus the many other animals, even want to live in Siberia with its fierce winters and summer bogs? What would these large beasts eat? Siberia today supports only a very few large animals, and these are especially adapted to boggy vegetation and often migrate to escape the full force of winter. Most perplexing of all, how did the woolly mammoths die in Siberia? Was it a quick freeze? Was man the hunter responsible for the demise of the mammoths?

Today, Siberia is well known for its bitterly cold winters. The lowest temperature in the Northern Hemisphere is -68°C at Verkhoyansk.43 Large mammals can usually tolerate a fair amount of cold. But could the mammoths, horses, bison, and other animals tolerate 6 to 9 months of bitter cold with even colder wind-chill temperatures in blizzards? Vereshchagin and Baryshnikov44 state: There would be no place for mammoths in the present arctic tundra of Eurasia with its dense snow driven by the winds.’

Could the animals have lived in Siberia today during the relatively warm summer, perhaps migrating there from the south? The temperature likely would have been pleasant for them, but the environment deadly. Siberia today is in the permafrost zone where up to a metre of the surface melts in the summer. Water pools on the surface forming massive bogs and muskegs, making summer travel difficult, if not impossible, for man and beast.44,45 Tolmachoff 46 states that a few inches of this sticky mud makes the substrate practically impassable for a man, and that a foot or more would probably trap a mammoth.

Siberia may be lush with vegetation in the summer, but it is the wrong type. Although there are patches of grass, bog and muskeg vegetation predominates, and these are low in nutrition for grazers.47 The taiga forest vegetation south of the current tundra is also poorly digestible for grazers.48 Comparing living elephants to mammoths, the daily requirement for a woolly mammoth would have been about 200 to 300 kg of succulent vegetation49 and 130–190 litres of water! Vereshchagin50 flatly declares: Neither mammoth nor bison could exist in the sort of tundra that exists there [in Siberia] today.’

The problem is even more paradoxical in a uniformitarian ice age climate. Ice age climate simulations are of variable quality, depending upon the initial conditions, the approximations employed for complex variables, the particular physics, the number of variables, whether the simulation is a general circulation model, etc. Nevertheless, the better general circulation models demonstrate that the glacial climate of Siberia (assuming uniformitarianism) would have been colder (about 10–20°C) than today: ‘During glacial and stadial stages, the climate of Siberia was much colder than at present.’ 51 This deepens the mystery of why the lowlands of Siberia and Alaska were never glaciated!

Except possibly on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean,52–54 the woolly mammoth died out in Siberia at the end of the ice age. Furthermore, the woolly mammoth and many of the other large mammals, including 33 genera from North America, disappeared on whole continents or went extinct. There are two main hypotheses to account for all this extinction at the end of the ice age: either they were killed by man in a great blitzkrieg slaughter, or they died because of climate change.55 Uniformitarian scientists do not know the answer to this, but it has been extraordinarily controversial for more than 200 years. At a recent mammoth conference, Alroy expressed his frustration:

‘After many decades of debate, the North American end-Pleistocene megafaunal mass extinction remains a lightning rod of controversy. The extraordinarily divergent opinions expressed in this volume show that no resolution is in sight. 56

However, perhaps the reason the mass extinction at the end of the ice age could of been due to the sudden climate change as a result from the Gibraltar Dam breaking which affected worldwide climate suddenly and created a mass extinction of species that where most vulnerable.

the woolly mammoth died out in Siberia at the end of the ice age. Furthermore, the woolly mammoth and many of the other large mammals, including 33 genera from North America, disappeared on whole continents or went extinct. There are two main hypotheses to account for all this extinction at the end of the ice age: either they were killed by man in a great blitzkrieg slaughter, or they died because of climate change.55 Uniformitarian scientists do not know the answer to this,

and this fragment from the Urantia Book about the last ice age.



100,000 years ago, during the retreat of the last glacier, the vast polar ice sheets began to form, and the center of ice accumulation moved considerably northward. And as long as the polar regions continue to be covered with ice, it is hardly possible for another glacial age to occur, regardless of future land elevations or modification of ocean currents.

This last glacier was one hundred thousand years advancing, and it required a like span of time to complete its northern retreat. The temperate regions have been free from the ice for a little over fifty thousand years.

The rigorous glacial period destroyed many species and radically changed numerous others. Many were sorely sifted by the to-and-fro migration which was made necessary by the advancing and retreating ice. Those animals which followed the glaciers back and forth over the land were the bear, bison, reindeer, musk ox, mammoth, and mastodon.

The mammoth sought the open prairies, but the mastodon preferred the sheltered fringes of the forest regions. The mammoth, until a late date, ranged from Mexico to Canada; the Siberian variety became wool covered. The mastodon persisted in North America until exterminated by the red man much as the white man later killed off the bison.

In North America, during the last glaciation, the horse, tapir, llama, and saber-toothed tiger became extinct. In their places sloths, armadillos, and water hogs came up from South America.

The enforced migration of life before the advancing ice led to an extraordinary commingling of plants and of animals, and with the retreat of the final ice invasion, many arctic species of both plants and animals were left stranded high upon certain mountain peaks, whither they had journeyed to escape destruction by the glacier. And so, today, these dislocated plants and animals may be found high up on the Alps of Europe and even on the Appalachian Mountains of North America.

The ice age is the last completed geologic period, the so-called Pleistocene, over two million years in length.

35,000 years ago marks the termination of the great ice age excepting in the polar regions of the planet. This date is also significant in that it approximates the arrival of a Material Son and Daughter and the beginning of the Adamic dispensation, roughly corresponding to the beginning of the Holocene or postglacial period.

This narrative, extending from the rise of mammalian life to the retreat of the ice and on down to historic times, covers a span of almost fifty million years. This is the last--the current--geologic period and is known to your researchers as the Cenozoic or recent-times era.

and the conclusion from this link which seems to support death by sudden climatic change which could of been the result of the Gibraltar break.



Carcasses and bones of woolly mammoths in Siberia, Alaska, and the Yukon have been difficult to explain. The mammoth remains are abundant over the mid and high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, except in formerly glaciated areas. There are probably millions of them buried in the permafrost of Siberia alone. A wide variety of other mammals, large and small, accompanied the mammoth. Many of these animals are grazers, implying that the paleoenvironment of Beringia was a grassland with a wide diversity of plants. This diversity of plants and animals points to a longer growing season with milder winters and very little permafrost.

This paleoenvironment is contrary to what is observed in Beringia today, with its very cold winters and boggy substrate in summer. Scientists constrained by uniformitarian thinking seem to face conundrum after conundrum in regard to the life and death of the woolly mammoth in Beringia, as well as by the ice age itself. A uniformitarian ice age climate would have been even colder still. It is difficult to conceive that the woolly mammoth and all the other animals could have lived in Siberia under these conditions. It is obvious the uniformitarian assumption does not apply. Thus, many hypotheses, both creationist and non-creationist, have been proposed. Creationists have been divided on whether the woolly mammoth perished in the Flood or afterwards. A number of creationist hypotheses involve a quick freeze, because it was thought that the state of preservation of the carcasses with only half-decayed vegetation in their stomachs demanded it.

Reasonable explanations for all these mysteries are available within the context of a unique post-Flood ice age. Astral catastrophies, pole shifts and other such exotic hypotheses are not needed. A quick freeze is also not necessary, and besides, there is much data against the hypothesis. There is strong evidence that the woolly mammoth died after the Flood during the ice age. There was enough time for the population of the mammoths to have grown to millions by the end of the ice age. Furthermore, this unique ice age was characterised by colder summers and warmer winters, resulting in a more favourable habitat for the animals in the non-glaciated lowlands of Beringia. The animals became extinct at the end of the ice age because the climate changed to a more continental climate, with colder winters and warmer summers, and drier conditions. There is copious data against the hypothesis of a quick freeze. The state of preservation of the stomach contents are better explained by the post-gastric digestive system of elephants in which the stomach is mainly a holding pouch for vegetation.

The question of how the mammoths died in Beringia can be answered by analysing the sediments surrounding the mammoths and other animals. They are mostly entombed in yedomas in Siberia and muck in Alaska. These are mostly loess and reworked loess. It is postulated that the animals were buried by dust storms, whether they met their demise directly by wind-blown silt or not. The carcasses and other perplexing data associated with the carcasses, such as death by suffocation, entombment while in a standing position, and broken bones, can be explained by death during gigantic dust storms and post-mortem shifting of the permafrost.


In the below fragment from the Urantia Book what even caused the change of direction of the outflow of the great lakes?  Was more than geological or was it due to a great climatic event enough to change the course of lake outflow?  I believe rapid climate change at that time.


150,000 years ago the sixth and last glacier reached its farthest points of southern extension, the western ice sheet crossing just over the Canadian border; the central coming down into Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois; the eastern sheet advancing south and covering the greater portion of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

This is the glacier that sent forth the many tongues, or ice lobes, which carved out the present-day lakes, great and small. During its retreat the North American system of Great Lakes was produced. And Urantian geologists have very accurately deduced the various stages of this development and have correctly surmised that these bodies of water did, at different times, empty first into the Mississippi valley, then eastward into the Hudson valley, and finally by a northern route into the St. Lawrence. It is thirty-seven thousand years since the connected Great Lakes system began to empty out over the present Niagara route.


and this fragment.


200,000 years ago, during the advance of the last glacier, there occurred an episode which had much to do with the march of events on Urantia--the Lucifer rebellion.


This had all to do with Dalamatia City


However the time of the Gibraltar break was 34,000 years ago, 32,000BC


After the first garden was vacated by Adam, it was occupied variously by the Nodites, Cutites, and the Suntites. It later became the dwelling place of the northern Nodites who opposed co-operation with the Adamites. The peninsula had been overrun by these lower-grade Nodites for almost four thousand years after Adam left the Garden when, in connection with the violent activity of the surrounding volcanoes and the submergence of the Sicilian land bridge to Africa, the eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea sank, carrying down beneath the waters the whole of the Edenic peninsula. Concomitant with this vast submergence the coast line of the eastern Mediterranean was greatly elevated. And this

Page 827

was the end of the most beautiful natural creation that Urantia has ever harbored. The sinking was not sudden, several hundred years being required completely to submerge the entire peninsula.


Adam arrived 38,000 years and the 1stEden was destroyed 34,000 years ago.


Can God be responsible for such geological events?


We cannot regard this disappearance of the Garden as being in any way a result of the miscarriage of the divine plans or as a result of the mistakes of Adam and Eve. We do not regard the submergence of Eden as anything but a natural occurrence, but it does seem to us that the sinking of the Garden was timed to occur at just about the date of the accumulation of the reserves of the violet race for undertaking the work of rehabilitating the world peoples.

The author of the paper tends to leave the question open.  They don't think so but do leave the possibility open in my view.


the same can be said for Dalamatia City.


One hundred and sixty-two years after the rebellion a tidal wave swept up over Dalamatia, and the planetary headquarters sank beneath the waters of the sea, and this land did not again emerge until almost every vestige of the noble culture of those splendid ages had been obliterated.

When the first capital of the world was engulfed, it harbored only the lowest types of the Sangik races of Urantia, renegades who had already converted the Father's temple into a shrine dedicated to Nog, the false god of light and fire.


I must admit I got diverted from the original question but it was interesting!




The Destiny of the Christian Church.


  • line 165: Mistake not! there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal nature which will not permit them forever to remain unfruitful in the hearts of thinking men. The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth; for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development. Thus does the so-called Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development.



The Kingdom of Heaven and a few hard truths that must be faced.


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  • line 28: This Sabbath afternoon the Master sought to clarify the teaching about the kingdom of heaven; he discussed the subject from every viewpoint and endeavored to make clear the many different senses in which the term had been used. In this narrative we will amplify the address by adding numerous statements made by Jesus on previous occasions and by including some remarks made only to the apostles during the evening discussions of this same day. We will also make certain comments dealing with the subsequent outworking of the kingdom idea as it is related to the later Christian church.

  • line 43: The kingdom of heaven, as it has been understood and misunderstood down through the centuries of the Christian era, embraced four distinct groups of ideas:

  • line 88: But he could not escape the use of the kingdom idea. It was more than fifty years later, not until after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies, that this concept of the kingdom began to change into the cult of eternal life as its social and institutional aspects were taken over by the rapidly expanding and crystallizing Christian church.

  • line 138: Throughout the first centuries of the Christian propaganda, the idea of the kingdom of heaven was tremendously influenced by the then rapidly spreading notions of Greek idealism, the idea of the natural as the shadow of the spiritual--the temporal as the time shadow of the eternal.

  • line 144: But doubt not, this same kingdom of heaven which the Master taught exists within the heart of the believer, will yet be proclaimed to this Christian church, even as to all other religions, races, and nations on earth--even to every individual.

  • line 151: The kingdom, to the Jews, was the Israelite community; to the gentiles it became the Christian church. To Jesus the kingdom was the sum of those individuals who had confessed their faith in the fatherhood of God, thereby declaring their wholehearted dedication to the doing of the will of God, thus becoming members of the spiritual brotherhood of man.

  • line 154: When Jesus' immediate followers recognized their partial failure to realize his ideal of the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of men by the spirit's domination and guidance of the individual believer, they set about to save his teaching from being wholly lost by substituting for the Master's ideal of the kingdom the gradual creation of a visible social organization, the Christian church. And when they had accomplished this program of substitution, in order to maintain consistency and to provide for the recognition of the Master's teaching regarding the fact of the kingdom, they proceeded to set the kingdom off into the future. The church, just as soon as it was well established, began to teach that the kingdom was in reality to appear at the culmination of the Christian age, at the second coming of Christ.

  • line 157: The concept of Jesus is still alive in the advanced religions of the world. Paul's Christian church is the socialized and humanized shadow of what Jesus intended the kingdom of heaven to be--and what it most certainly will yet become. Paul and his successors partly transferred the issues of eternal life from the individual to the church. Christ thus became the head of the church rather than the elder brother of each individual believer in the Father's family of the kingdom. Paul and his contemporaries applied all of Jesus' spiritual implications regarding himself and the individual believer to the church as a group of believers; and in doing this, they struck a deathblow to Jesus' concept of the divine kingdom in the heart of the individual believer.

  • line 162: And so, for centuries, the Christian church has labored under great embarrassment because it dared to lay claim to those mysterious powers and privileges of the kingdom, powers and privileges which can be exercised and experienced only between Jesus and his spiritual believer brothers. And thus it becomes apparent that membership in the church does not necessarily mean fellowship in the kingdom; one is spiritual, the other mainly social.

  • line 164: It is just because the gospel of Jesus was so many-sided that within a few centuries students of the records of his teachings became divided up into so many cults and sects. This pitiful subdivision of Christian believers results from failure to discern in the Master's manifold teachings the divine oneness of his matchless life. But someday the true believers in Jesus will not be thus spiritually divided in their attitude before unbelievers. Always we may have diversity of intellectual comprehension and interpretation, even varying degrees of socialization, but lack of spiritual brotherhood is both inexcusable and reprehensible.

  • line 165: Mistake not! there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal nature which will not permit them forever to remain unfruitful in the hearts of thinking men. The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth; for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development. Thus does the so-called Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development.

Here is a fragment about Jesus' ideas of the Kingdom of Heaven which might change the current views and ideas that Christianity has including Islam......substantially!  Maybe a second coming might not happen in the way Christianity and Islam thinks where Judgment could happen only in the spiritual realm and there will be no event that we all expect.


If there is a revealing it could purely on a personal spiritual level.  It could be a more spiritual experience rather than physical??  I must it puts a damper on things as I am influenced by other previous religions which are deficient in some ways for our day.  That's why we need the Urantia Book.  The Second coming expectation is based on the ideas of Mithra that found its way into the bible from the Mithra ideas but Jesus was quite the opposite to this expectation.   Maybe this Mithra idea is not the way Jesus would prefer to reveal himself.   It maybe a purely spiritual revealment and not one where Jesus comes and rules with a Rod which he never did anyway and ruling with a Rod implies Dictatorship which is not Jesus' way.



The Master made it clear that the kingdom of heaven must begin with, and be centered in, the dual concept of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the correlated fact of the brotherhood of man. The acceptance of such a teaching, Jesus declared, would liberate man from the age-long bondage of animal fear and at the same time enrich human living with the following endowments of the new life of spiritual liberty:

1. The possession of new courage and augmented spiritual power. The gospel of the kingdom was to set man free and inspire him to dare to hope for eternal life.

2. The gospel carried a message of new confidence and true consolation for all men, even for the poor.

3. It was in itself a new standard of moral values, a new ethical yardstick wherewith to measure human conduct. It portrayed the ideal of a resultant new order of human society.

4. It taught the pre-eminence of the spiritual compared with the material; it glorified spiritual realities and exalted superhuman ideals.

Page 1860

5. This new gospel held up spiritual attainment as the true goal of living. Human life received a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity.

6. Jesus taught that eternal realities were the result (reward) of righteous earthly striving. Man's mortal sojourn on earth acquired new meanings consequent upon the recognition of a noble destiny.

7. The new gospel affirmed that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged sons of God.

These teachings cover the expanded idea of the kingdom which was taught by Jesus. This great concept was hardly embraced in the elementary and confused kingdom teachings of John the Baptist.

The apostles were unable to grasp the real meaning of the Master's utterances regarding the kingdom. The subsequent distortion of Jesus' teachings, as they are recorded in the New Testament, is because the concept of the gospel writers was colored by the belief that Jesus was then absent from the world for only a short time; that he would soon return to establish the kingdom in power and glory--just such an idea as they held while he was with them in the flesh. But Jesus did not connect the establishment of the kingdom with the idea of his return to this world. That centuries have passed with no signs of the appearance of the "New Age" is in no way out of harmony with Jesus' teaching.

The great effort embodied in this sermon was the attempt to translate the concept of the kingdom of heaven into the ideal of the idea of doing the will of God. Long had the Master taught his followers to pray: "Your kingdom come; your will be done"; and at this time he earnestly sought to induce them to abandon the use of the term kingdom of God in favor of the more practical equivalent, the will of God. But he did not succeed.

Jesus desired to substitute for the idea of the kingdom, king, and subjects, the concept of the heavenly family, the heavenly Father, and the liberated sons of God engaged in joyful and voluntary service for their fellow men and in the sublime and intelligent worship of God the Father.

Up to this time the apostles had acquired a double viewpoint of the kingdom; they regarded it as:

1. A matter of personal experience then present in the hearts of true believers, and

2. A question of racial or world phenomena; that the kingdom was in the future, something to look forward to.

They looked upon the coming of the kingdom in the hearts of men as a gradual development, like the leaven in the dough or like the growing of the mustard seed. They believed that the coming of the kingdom in the racial or world sense would be both sudden and spectacular. Jesus never tired of telling them that the kingdom of heaven was their personal experience of realizing the higher qualities of spiritual living; that these realities of the spirit experience are progressively translated to new and higher levels of divine certainty and eternal grandeur.

On this afternoon the Master distinctly taught a new concept of the double nature of the kingdom in that he portrayed the following two phases:

"First. The kingdom of God in this world, the supreme desire to do the will of God, the unselfish love of man which yields the good fruits of improved ethical and moral conduct.

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"Second. The kingdom of God in heaven, the goal of mortal believers, the estate wherein the love for God is perfected, and wherein the will of God is done more divinely."

Jesus taught that, by faith, the believer enters the kingdom now. In the various discourses he taught that two things are essential to faith-entrance into the kingdom:

1. Faith, sincerity. To come as a little child, to receive the bestowal of sonship as a gift; to submit to the doing of the Father's will without questioning and in the full confidence and genuine trustfulness of the Father's wisdom; to come into the kingdom free from prejudice and preconception; to be open-minded and teachable like an unspoiled child.

2. Truth hunger. The thirst for righteousness, a change of mind, the acquirement of the motive to be like God and to find God.

Jesus taught that sin is not the child of a defective nature but rather the offspring of a knowing mind dominated by an unsubmissive will. Regarding sin, he taught that God has forgiven; that we make such forgiveness personally available by the act of forgiving our fellows. When you forgive your brother in the flesh, you thereby create the capacity in your own soul for the reception of the reality of God's forgiveness of your own misdeeds.

By the time the Apostle John began to write the story of Jesus' life and teachings, the early Christians had experienced so much trouble with the kingdom-of-God idea as a breeder of persecution that they had largely abandoned the use of the term. John talks much about the "eternal life." Jesus often spoke of it as the "kingdom of life." He also frequently referred to "the kingdom of God within you." He once spoke of such an experience as "family fellowship with God the Father." Jesus sought to substitute many terms for the kingdom but always without success. Among others, he used: the family of God, the Father's will, the friends of God, the fellowship of believers, the brotherhood of man, the Father's fold, the children of God, the fellowship of the faithful, the Father's service, and the liberated sons of God.

But he could not escape the use of the kingdom idea. It was more than fifty years later, not until after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman armies, that this concept of the kingdom began to change into the cult of eternal life as its social and institutional aspects were taken over by the rapidly expanding and crystallizing Christian church.


Ok here is a book search on the second coming according to the new revelation.  Lets see what it reveals.


For your own study.






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  • line 2248:      2. The Master's Second Coming


  • line 154: The Sons of the next order to arrive on the average evolutionary world are the Trinity Teacher Sons, the divine Sons of the Paradise Trinity. Again we find Urantia out of step with its sister spheres in that your Jesus has promised to return. That promise he will certainly fulfill, but no one knows whether his second coming will precede or follow the appearances of Magisterial or Teacher Sons on Urantia.

(Perhaps Jesus second coming is more spiritual in nature but there appears to be a magisterial Son from Paradise representative of the Father and no doubt associated with the Ancients of Days the judges of personality and perhaps the second coming of Jesus.  This gathering of the Ancients of Days and the Magisterial sons represents a judgment of the last rebel and a Change of age entering a new dispensational Epoch. The arrival of the Magisterial Son from Paradise could be visible along with the accompanying Melchizedeks, 12 in all.)


  • line 128: world to finish the work he began. Thus the message of the early believers had to do with preaching about the facts of his first coming and with teaching the hope of his second coming, an event which they deemed to be very near at hand.



  • line 50: On several occasions Jesus had made statements which led his hearers to infer that, while he intended presently to leave this world, he would most certainly return to consummate the work of the heavenly kingdom. As the conviction grew on his followers that he was going to leave them, and after he had departed from this world, it was only natural for all believers to lay fast hold upon these promises to return. The doctrine of the second coming of Christ thus became early incorporated into the teachings of the Christians, and almost every subsequent generation of disciples has devoutly believed this truth and has confidently looked forward to his sometime coming.

(Well I personally hope he comes with the Magisterial Son)

  • line 51: If they were to part with their Master and Teacher, how much more did these first disciples and the apostles grasp at this promise to return, and they lost no time in associating the predicted destruction of Jerusalem with this promised second coming. And they continued thus to interpret his words notwithstanding that, throughout this evening of instruction on Mount Olivet, the Master took particular pains to prevent just such a mistake.

  • line 61: Of all the discourses which the Master gave his apostles, none ever became so confused in their minds as this one, given this Tuesday evening on the Mount of Olives, regarding the twofold subject of the destruction of Jerusalem and his own second coming. There was, therefore, little agreement between the subsequent written accounts based on the memories of what the Master said on this extraordinary occasion. Consequently, when the records were left blank concerning much that was said that Tuesday evening, there grew up many traditions; and very early in the second century a Jewish apocalyptic about the Messiah written by one Selta, who was attached to the court of the Emperor Caligula, was bodily copied into the Matthew Gospel and subsequently added (in part) to the Mark and Luke records. It was in these writings of Selta that the parable of the ten virgins appeared. No part of the gospel record ever suffered such confusing misconstruction as this evening's teaching. But the Apostle John never became thus confused.

    (John may have a better perspective of the Second coming, might be an idea to focus on John)

  • line 93: Jesus did, on numerous occasions and to many individuals, declare his intention of returning to this world. As his followers awakened to the fact that their Master was not going to function as a temporal deliverer, and as they listened to his predictions of the overthrow of Jerusalem and the downfall of the Jewish nation, they most naturally began to associate his promised return with these catastrophic events. But when the Roman armies leveled the walls of Jerusalem, destroyed the temple, and dispersed the Judean Jews, and still the Master did not reveal himself in power and glory, his followers began the formulation of that belief which eventually associated the second coming of Christ with the end of the age, even with the end of the world.

    (It may eventuate in something totally different to the expectation)


  • line 129: His apostles and disciples most certainly linked these two teachings together. When the kingdom failed to materialize as they had expected, recalling the Master's teaching concerning a future kingdom and remembering his promise to come again, they jumped to the conclusion that these promises referred to an identical event; and therefore they lived in hope of his immediate second coming to establish the kingdom in its fullness and with power and glory. And so have

    (However, Jesus will come back again but it maybe more spiritual in nature  and perhaps in association with the Paradise Magisterial Son and the Ancients of Days who would come to judge the last Rebel)

  • line 154: When Jesus' immediate followers recognized their partial failure to realize his ideal of the establishment of the kingdom in the hearts of men by the spirit's domination and guidance of the individual believer, they set about to save his teaching from being wholly lost by substituting for the Master's ideal of the kingdom the gradual creation of a visible social organization, the Christian church. And when they had accomplished this program of substitution, in order to maintain consistency and to provide for the recognition of the Master's teaching regarding the fact of the kingdom, they proceeded to set the kingdom off into the future. The church, just as soon as it was well established, began to teach that the kingdom was in reality to appear at the culmination of the Christian age, at the second coming of Christ.

  • line 163: Sooner or later another and greater John the Baptist is due to arise proclaiming "the kingdom of God is at hand"--meaning a return to the high spiritual concept of Jesus, who proclaimed that the kingdom is the will of his heavenly Father dominant and transcendent in the heart of the believer--and doing all this without in any way referring either to the visible church on earth or to the anticipated second coming of Christ. There must come a revival of the actual teachings of Jesus, such a restatement as will undo the work of his early followers who went about to create a sociophilosophical system of belief regarding the fact of Michael's sojourn on earth. In a short time the teaching of this story about Jesus nearly supplanted the preaching of Jesus' gospel of the kingdom. In this way a historical religion displaced that teaching in which Jesus had blended man's highest moral ideas and spiritual ideals with man's most sublime hope for the future--eternal life. And that was the gospel of the kingdom.




It appears that the Second coming maybe associated with the coming of the ancients of Days and the Magisterial Paradise Son.


This implies there will be a judgment of at least the Last Rebel, that is for sure.  How physical that will be in time/space I have no idea Here is a word search on judgment and lets see what the new revelation reveals to us.


Here is a word search on Judgment.


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  • line 436:      6. The Stationary Sons of the Trinity          Justice, evidence, and judgment


  • line 104: The adherents of this cult worshiped in caves and other secret places, chanting hymns, mumbling magic, eating the flesh of the sacrificial animals, and drinking the blood. Three times a day they worshiped, with special weekly ceremonials on the day of the sun-god and with the most elaborate observance of all on the annual festival of Mithras, December twenty-fifth. It was believed that the partaking of the sacrament ensured eternal life, the immediate passing, after death, to the bosom of Mithras, there to tarry in bliss until the judgment day. On the judgment day the Mithraic keys of heaven would unlock the gates of Paradise for the reception of the faithful; whereupon all the unbaptized of the living and the dead would be annihilated upon the return of Mithras to earth. It was taught that, when a man died, he went before Mithras for judgment, and that at the end of the world Mithras would summon all the dead from their graves to face the last judgment. The wicked would be destroyed by fire, and the righteous would reign with Mithras forever.

(in the above is refl3ecting the Mithra influence in Revelation, there is truth of the change but its in fragmentary form.  The above is all Christian teaching from Mithra tainted doctrine and that's a fact)


  • line 78: Hosea followed Amos and his doctrine of a universal God of justice by the resurrection of the Mosaic concept of a God of love. Hosea preached forgiveness through repentance, not by sacrifice. He proclaimed a gospel of loving-kindness and divine mercy, saying: "I will betroth you to me forever; yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness and judgment and in loving-kindness and in mercies. I will even betroth you to me in faithfulness." "I will love them freely, for my anger is turned away."

    (there appears to be an affectionate expression)

  • line 85: Isaiah went on to preach the eternal nature of God, his infinite wisdom, his unchanging perfection of reliability. He represented the God of Israel as saying: "Judgment also will I lay to the line and righteousness to the plummet." "The Lord will give you rest from your sorrow and from your fear and from the hard bondage wherein man has been made to serve." "And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, `this is the way, walk in it.'" "Behold God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid, for the Lord is my strength and my song." "`Come now and let us reason together,' says the Lord, `though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like the crimson, they shall be as wool.'"

(There appears a level of reasoning)


  • line 65: When Melchizedek appeared in the flesh, the Egyptians had a religion far above that of the surrounding peoples. They believed that a disembodied soul, if properly armed with magic formulas, could evade the intervening evil spirits and make its way to the judgment hall of Osiris, where, if innocent of "murder, robbery, falsehood, adultery, theft, and selfishness," it would be admitted to the realms of bliss. If this soul were weighed in the balances and found wanting, it would be consigned to hell, to the Devouress. And this was, relatively, an advanced concept of a future life in comparison with the beliefs of many surrounding peoples.

  • line 66: The concept of judgment in the hereafter for the sins of one's life in the flesh on earth was carried over into Hebrew theology from Egypt. The word judgment appears only once in the entire Book of Hebrew Psalms, and that particular psalm was written by an Egyptian.

  • line 114: The teaching of immortality for all men was too advanced for the Egyptians. Only kings and the rich were promised a resurrection; therefore did they so carefully embalm and preserve their bodies in tombs against the day of judgment. But the democracy of salvation and resurrection as taught by Ikhnaton eventually prevailed, even to the extent that the Egyptians later believed in the survival of dumb animals.

  • line 129: The Jewish traditions of heaven and hell and the doctrine of devils as recorded in the Hebrew scriptures, while founded on the lingering traditions of Lucifer and Caligastia, were principally derived from the Zoroastrians during the times when the Jews were under the political and cultural dominance of the Persians. Zoroaster, like the Egyptians, taught the "day of judgment," but he connected this event with the end of the world.


  • line 141: It is also unfortunate that certain groups of mortals have conceived of marriage as being consummated by divine action. Such beliefs lead directly to the concept of the indissolubility of the marital state regardless of the circumstances or wishes of the contracting parties. But the very fact of marriage dissolution itself indicates that Deity is not a conjoining party to such unions. If God has once joined any two things or persons together, they will remain thus joined until such a time as the divine will decrees their separation. But, regarding marriage, which is a human institution, who shall presume to sit in judgment, to say which marriages are unions that might be approved by the universe supervisors in contrast with those which are purely human in nature and origin?


  • line 121: Desperately Joshua sought to hold the concept of a supreme Yahweh in the minds of the tribesmen, causing it to be proclaimed: "As I was with Moses, so will I be with you; I will not fail you nor forsake you." Joshua found it necessary to preach a stern gospel to his disbelieving people, people all too willing to believe their old and native religion but unwilling to go forward in the religion of faith and righteousness. The burden of Joshua's teaching became: "Yahweh is a holy God; he is a jealous God; he will not forgive your transgressions nor your sins." The highest concept of this age pictured Yahweh as a "God of power, judgment, and justice."


  • line 216: personality; they have minds embracing memory, reason, judgment, creative


  • line 72: The insignia of priestly and kingly office were eventually regarded as fetishes, and the fetish of the state supreme has passed through many stages of development, from clans to tribes, from suzerainty to sovereignty, from totems to flags. Fetish kings have ruled by "divine right," and many other forms of government have obtained. Men have also made a fetish of democracy, the exaltation and adoration of the common man's ideas when collectively called "public opinion." One man's opinion, when taken by itself, is not regarded as worth much, but when many men are collectively functioning as a democracy, this same mediocre judgment is held to be the arbiter of justice and the standard of righteousness.


  • line 62: Throughout the seven crucial years of the Caligastia rebellion, Van was wholly devoted to the work of ministry to his loyal army of men, midwayers, and angels. The spiritual insight and moral steadfastness which enabled Van to maintain such an unshakable attitude of loyalty to the universe government was the product of clear thinking, wise reasoning, logical judgment, sincere motivation, unselfish purpose, intelligent loyalty, experiential memory, disciplined character, and the unquestioning dedication of his personality to the doing of the will of the Father in Paradise.

PAPER 74 - ADAM AND EVE, Oct 19 2000

  • line 55:           Then was heard the archangels' proclamation, and the broadcast voice of Gabriel decreed the second judgment roll call of Urantia and the resurrection of the sleeping survivors of the second dispensation of grace and mercy on 606 of Satania. The dispensation of the Prince has passed, the age of Adam, the third planetary epoch, opens amidst scenes of simple grandeur; and the new rulers of Urantia start their reign under seemingly favorable conditions, notwithstanding the world-wide confusion occasioned by lack of the co-operation of their predecessor in authority on the planet.

  • line 178:           The "golden age" is a myth, but Eden was a fact, and the Garden civilization was actually overthrown. Adam and Eve carried on in the Garden for one hundred and seventeen years when, through the impatience of Eve and the errors of judgment of Adam, they presumed to turn aside from the ordained way, speedily bringing disaster upon themselves and ruinous retardation upon the developmental progression of all Urantia.


  • line 92: The children of Adam sought to comfort their distracted mother while their father wandered in solitude for thirty days. At the end of that time judgment asserted itself, and Adam returned to his home and began to plan for their future course of action.

  • line 115: It was while the Edenic caravan was halted that Adam and Eve were informed of the nature of their transgressions and advised concerning their fate. Gabriel appeared to pronounce judgment. And this was the verdict: The Planetary Adam and Eve of Urantia are adjudged in default; they have violated the covenant of their trusteeship as the rulers of this inhabited world.


  • line 244: was wholly disregarded; judgment was rendered in accordance with the injury done.


  • line 95: doomed to suffer the fate of the mortals of their world, they should certainly become eligible for admission to the ranks of the sleeping survivors of Urantia. They fully believed this gospel of resurrection and rehabilitation which the Melchizedeks so touchingly proclaimed to them. Their transgression had been an error of judgment and not the sin of conscious and deliberate rebellion.


  • line 101: 5. The epoch of philosophy and brotherhood. When mortals learn to think and begin to profit by experience, they become philosophical--they start out to reason within themselves and to exercise discriminative judgment. The society of this age becomes ethical, and the mortals of such an era are truly becoming moral beings. Wise moral beings are capable of establishing human brotherhood on such a progressing world. Ethical and moral beings can learn how to live in accordance with the golden rule.


  • line 33: Lucifer was a magnificent being, a brilliant personality; he stood next to the Most High Fathers of the constellations in the direct line of universe authority. Notwithstanding Lucifer's transgression, subordinate intelligences refrained from showing him disrespect and disdain prior to Michael's bestowal on Urantia. Even the archangel of Michael, at the time of Moses' resurrection, "did not bring against him an accusing judgment but simply said, `the Judge rebuke you.'" Judgment in such matters belongs to the Ancients of Days, the rulers of the superuniverse.

  • line 40: The dragon eventually became the symbolic representation of all these evil personages. Upon the triumph of Michael, "Gabriel came down from Salvington and bound the dragon (all the rebel leaders) for an age." Of the Jerusem seraphic rebels it is written: "And the angels who kept not their first estate but left their own habitation, he has reserved in sure chains of darkness to the judgment of the great day."

  • line 144: Caligastia was recognized by the Son of Man as the technical Prince of Urantia up to near the time of his death. Said Jesus: "Now is the judgment of this world; now shall the prince of this world be cast down." And then still nearer the completion of his lifework he announced, "The prince of this world is judged." And it is this same dethroned and discredited Prince who was once termed "God of Urantia."


  • line 95: When a Planetary Adam and Eve arrive on an inhabited world, they have been fully instructed by their superiors as to the best way to effect the improvement of the existing races of intelligent beings. The plan of procedure is not uniform; much is left to the judgment of the ministering pair, and mistakes are not infrequent, especially on disordered, insurrectionary worlds, such as Urantia.


  • line 76: Supreme justice can act instantly when not restrained by divine mercy. But the ministry of mercy to the children of time and space always provides for this time lag, this saving interval between seedtime and harvest. If the seed sowing is good, this interval provides for the testing and upbuilding of character; if the seed sowing is evil, this merciful delay provides time for repentance and rectification. This time delay in the adjudication and execution of evildoers is inherent in the mercy ministry of the seven superuniverses. This restraint of justice by mercy proves that God is love, and that such a God of love dominates the universes and in mercy controls the fate and judgment of all his creatures.


  • line 48: Man's acquirement of ethical judgment, moral will, is usually coincident with the appearance of early language. Upon attaining the human level, after this emergence of mortal will, these beings become receptive to the temporary indwelling of the divine Adjusters, and upon death many are duly elected as survivors and sealed by the archangels for subsequent resurrection and Spirit fusion. The archangels always accompany the Planetary Princes, and a dispensational adjudication of the realm is simultaneous with the prince's arrival.

  • line 165: From time to time throughout their dispensation, Teacher Sons continue to come to these peaceful worlds. They do not leave a world until they observe that the evolutionary plan, as it concerns that planet, is working smoothly. A Magisterial Son of judgment usually accompanies the Teacher Sons on their successive missions, while another such Son functions at the time of their departure, and these judicial actions continue from age to age throughout the duration of the mortal regime of time and space.

It appears to be a few personalties from Paradise that have certain roles in Judgement.


  • line 56: The constellations are the autonomous units of a local universe, each constellation being administered according to its own legislative enactments. When the courts of Nebadon sit in judgment on universe affairs, all internal matters are adjudicated in accordance with the laws prevailing in the constellation concerned. These judicial decrees of Salvington, together with the legislative enactments of the constellations, are executed by the administrators of the local systems.


  • line 170: The group guardians of assignment to the sleeping survivors always function with the judgment Sons on their world advents. "He shall send his angels,

  • line 178: Throughout the earlier ages of an evolutionary world, few mortals go to judgment on the third day. But as the ages pass, more and more the personal guardians of destiny are assigned to the advancing mortals, and thus increasing numbers of these evolving creatures are repersonalized on the first mansion world on the third day after natural death. On such occasions the return of the Adjuster signalizes the awakening of the human soul, and this is the repersonalization of the dead just as literally as when the en masse roll is called at the end of a dispensation on the evolutionary worlds.


  • line 77: Two senior archangels are always assigned as the personal aids of a Paradise Avonal on all planetary missions, whether involving judicial actions, magisterial missions, or bestowal incarnations. When this Paradise Son has finished the judgment of a realm and the dead are called to record (the so-called resurrection), it is literally true that the seraphic guardians of the slumbering personalities respond to "the voice of the archangel." The roll call of a dispensation termination is promulgated by an attendant archangel. This is the archangel of the resurrection, sometimes referred to as the "archangel of Michael."


  • line 137: The union of the evolving immortal soul with the eternal and divine Adjuster is signalized by the seraphic summoning of the supervising superangel for resurrected survivors and of the archangel of record for those going to judgment on the third day; and then, in the presence of such a survivor's morontia associates, these messengers of confirmation speak: "This is a beloved son in whom I am well pleased." This simple ceremony marks the entrance of an ascending mortal upon the eternal career of Paradise service.


  • line 47: Angels are superior to you in spiritual status, but they are not your judges or accusers. No matter what your faults, "the angels, although greater in power and might, bring no accusation against you." Angels do not sit in judgment on mankind, neither should individual mortals prejudge their fellow creatures.


  • line 98: At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory council, the four and twenty counselors. John the Revelator called them the four and twenty elders: "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment." The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania. This judgment seat has always been on Jerusem, but the twenty-four surrounding seats were placed in position no more than nineteen hundred years ago, soon after Christ Michael was elevated to the full sovereignty of Nebadon. These four and twenty counselors are his personal agents on Jerusem, and they have authority to represent the Master Son in all matters concerning the roll calls of Satania and in many other phases of the scheme of mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. They are the designated agents for executing the special requests of Gabriel and the unusual mandates of Michael.

  • line 146: On the seven mansion worlds ascending mortals are afforded ample opportunities for compensating any and all experiential deprivations suffered on their worlds of origin, whether due to inheritance, environment, or unfortunate premature termination of the career in the flesh. This is in every sense true except in the mortal sex life and its attendant adjustments. Thousands of mortals reach the mansion worlds without having benefited particularly from the disciplines derived from fairly average sex relations on their native spheres. The mansion world experience can provide little opportunity for compensating these very personal deprivations. Sex experience in a physical sense is past for these ascenders, but in close association with the Material Sons and Daughters, both individually and as members of their families, these sex-deficient mortals are enabled to compensate the social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their deficiency. Thus are all those humans whom circumstances or bad judgment deprived of the benefits of advantageous sex association on the evolutionary worlds, here on the system capitals afforded full opportunity to acquire these essential mortal experiences in close and loving association with the supernal Adamic sex creatures of permanent residence on the system capitals.


  • line 65:           The Universal Father is not a transient force, a shifting power, or a fluctuating energy. The power and wisdom of the Father are wholly adequate to cope with any and all universe exigencies. As the emergencies of human experience arise, he has foreseen them all, and therefore he does not react to the affairs of the universe in a detached way but rather in accordance with the dictates of eternal wisdom and in consonance with the mandates of infinite judgment. Regardless of appearances, the power of God is not functioning in the universe as a blind force.

  • line 130:           Throughout the universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the whole. Survival of the part is dependent on co-operation with the plan and purpose of the whole, the wholehearted desire and perfect willingness to do the Father's divine will. The only evolutionary world without error (the possibility of unwise judgment) would be a world without free intelligence. In the Havona universe there are a billion perfect worlds with their perfect inhabitants, but evolving man must be fallible if he is to be free. Free and inexperienced intelligence cannot possibly at first be uniformly wise. The possibility of mistaken judgment (evil) becomes sin only when the human will consciously endorses and knowingly embraces a deliberate immoral judgment.

In all of this Jesus will come top adjudge the Age.



  • line 58: "But the times of the reappearing of the Son of Man are known only in the councils of Paradise; not even the angels of heaven know when this will occur. However, you should understand that, when this gospel of the kingdom shall have been proclaimed to all the world for the salvation of all peoples, and when the fullness of the age has come to pass, the Father will send you another dispensational bestowal, or else the Son of Man will return to adjudge the age.




  • line 120: Of the planetary angelic helpers, those assigned to the Material Sons, about one third were deceived, and almost ten per cent of the transition ministers were ensnared. In symbol John saw this when he wrote of the great red dragon, saying: "And his tail drew a third part of the stars of heaven and cast them down in darkness."




23 Nov 2009

Footse 12:01pm: 5,340.12  Up 72.42 (1.37%)............. rearranged 5,340.12= 012345, and 1.37 =1+3+7=11 or 1.37, 3x7=21, therefore 121
Dow Jones
20 Nov: 10,318.16  Down 14.28 (0.14%) Sevens

24 Nov 2009

3.7 magnitude earthquake hits California's Big Bear Lake area, followed by sharp aftershock,0,1357188.story

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A magnitude 3.7 earthquake has rattled Southern California's Big Bear Lake area, followed by a sharp aftershock.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the first quake struck at 7:55 a.m. Sunday, about
seven miles north of Big Bear City.

The same area was rocked by a 2.4 magnitude aftershock two-and-a-half minutes later. (2.

A San Bernardino County Sheriff's dispatcher says there have been no reports of damage or injury.

Big Bear Lake is in the San Bernardino National Forest about
80 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.



Last updated 13:04  23/11/2009


5.9 earthquake near Kermadecs


A large undersea earthquake centred off the Kermadec Islands shook the east coast of the North Island shortly before noon today.

The 5.9-magnitude earthquake, at a depth of 418km, occurred 150km (15, 555) west of L'Esperance Rock in the Kermadecs, 735km (7+3+5=15, 555) north-east of Auckland, the US National Geological Survey reported.

The quake took place at 11.47am (4+7=11, therefore 11:11 or 22) Monday (NZT) and there are no reports of damage or casualties and no tsunami warning was issued.

In 2006 Upper Hutt conservationist Mark Kearney was killed in an eruption on remote Raoul Island in the Kermadecs, during a short eruption in the Green Lake area which raised the lake by four metres.

At the time, he was monitoring volcanic activity for GNS, who had asked DOC to step up monitoring after a swarm of earthquakes in the area.



Using new technique, scientists find 11 times more aftershocks for 2004 quake



Facebook comment


Hey Jess Brother, that was absolutely fascinating.

Its amazing how we have had our own personal experience with things that we cant quite explain and are out of the ordinary. I wonder if the outer ordinary experiences like these so called ufo and crop circles is linked to our personal faith and personality.

I've been following the crop circles this year trying to work them out and many times I wonder if that is the work of the Secondary midwayers our cousins.... Read More

Since our cousins are out of our range of sight, I wonder if they have vehicles also made out of materials outside our line of sight where this material can be altered to become invisible?? or visible.

So many questions Jess!!! The more I look into everything the more questions I have.

Even Judgment seems to be different to what people expect, considering the amount of Mithra doctrine that is laced in Revelation and one that major religious Christian organisations follow without realising it.

Im even wondering if Judgment is purely a spiritual phoenomena rather than physical!! But surely there would have to be physical component where all eyes will witness to get the point.

But I get the impression that judgment is more kinder towards the man that what is written in the bible according the Urantia Book.

One thing I know, Jesus does not come to rule with a Iron bar like a religious dictator and is not ruthless but a friend where his attitude would be that of a friend. I'm sure that is part of his compassion and mercy for unsuspecting people who are deceived in the current perception that appears to rule the planet.

I was interested in what you thought!




I mean, I have all these timelines with heaps of conjecture brought about by my journey in the scriptures and then at the end only to realise the many areas where I have drawn upon are Mithra laced. I'm thinking that perhaps Christianity are far to distracted with the Mithra and could be led up the Garden path where some expectations will not come to pass.

The areas in revelation which I believe are Mithra/Persian/Babylonian information is the The white Horse, the Rider, The crowns, the Multiple heads of the things/beings that come out of the Sea, the four horses, The locusts and Jesus with blood on his hands and raiment.

I believe all of the above is Mithra not Jesus in truth. Gog and Magog. I reckon is something else to from Mithra.... Read More

However, in metaphor, I believe its more straightforward. Like the ancient cities represents the message that is proclaimed being revealed which is pointing to the new revelation of the Sovereign. In truth that would be the crown coming from the beginning and from the Sea connected to a new revelation for mankind. I don't see any blood on anyone's hands in the scenario of the cities as its based on discovery and recognition and can become revelatory for many. That would fit Jesus' personality.

I believe the cities is attached to some witnesses whose job, in there own way is to proclaim and prophecy about these places and what its attached to. That seems reasonable and again there is no blood on anyone's hands as it involves peaceful truth in the verification of the cities and which has been accomplished with 1stEden.

There is no reason that the witness of the ancient places of the beginnings should go to Jerusalem and be killed as there hearts are already in the real Jerusem in spirit and does connect to what John saw in his revelation the Local system capital and I have proclaimed Jerusem as best as I could through the adventures of Magnetar through the Light without Heat connection that connects to deity spiritual luminosity.

The Seven thunders in revelation are a reflection of the Seven Master Spirits and the broadcast system which I believe is Magnetar is related to the 6 and 7th master spirit and therefore intuition is quickened by the receiver. That is consistent to what John described in the Urantia Book understanding.

In real truth in the right focus of John Revelation in truth I wonder if we are on track and that is consistent to the Urantia Book thoughts regarding Judgment?? One thing I know the judgment of the last rebel comes from through the Broadcast system that I believe is part of the Magnetar system.

Its like the 4 beasts who are directly related to broadcast system and are quite beautiful are associated with the Seven Master Spirits, notably 6th and 7th. Then I think that this journey is completely consistent with the many fragments in revelation and true in the actual reality of the journey from the ancient places even connecting to outer pace through good ole Magnetar.

The I look at the Seven emphasis of this journey from the ancient cities of the beginning and it makes sense that it would be connected to the Seven triangles associated with the Judgment seat where all the components of this journey and proclamation does link with Johns Revelation in the actual outwork, all in faith going by the 6th and 7th Master Spirit connected to the Broadcast system hailing from Jerusem as in the diagrams with calculation.

To me it just all fits now.

At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory council, the four and twenty counselors. John the Revelator called them the four and twenty elders: "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment." The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania.

All the best eh! No worries Jess we are victorious already.



According to the ABC News, the Australian Stock market is up an overall of 22% from the same time last year.


Its amazing how the 22 have been appearing in the news quite regularly.



25 Nov 2009

Scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) have been reported to be in touch with extraterrestrial beings.

The Bulgarian Novinar Daily has reported that the Bulgarian scientists are currently working on deciphering pictograms which are said to have come in the form of the so called “crop circles” with which the aliens answered 30 questions posed by the BAS researchers.

“They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them. They are ready to help us but we don’t know what to request from them in case of contact,” said Lachezar Filipov, Deputy Director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as quoted by the Novinar Daily.


Its interesting I have had many hits from Bulgaria.  I wish the Government of Bulgaria all the best in there research. Actually I think they are absolutely right.  I think its is good that a country from the East of Europe have considered the time to look into all these crop circles. 


I believe they are absolutely sending a message to us.



Earthquakes felt in East, South Trinidad



Two earthquakes were recorded a mere 43 (4+3=7)minutes apart on land in Trinidad by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Seismic Unit on Sunday.

The earthquakes, which were reportedly felt in Sangre Grande and Penal, occurred at 6.51 p.m. (6+5+1=12) and at 7.34 (3+4+7=14 therefore 7+7 sevens) p.m. respectively.

The first earthquake was located at 10.40°N 61.10°W. The magnitude was 4.8 (4+8=12) and the depth was 31 km.

The second earthquake was located at 10.36°N 61.11°W. The magnitude was 4.8 (4+8=12) (12+12=24) and the depth was 33 km.

No injuries or damage to property was reported. 


Adding Richter scale 4.8+4.8=9.6, multiple of 3

add Northern Latitude 10.40°N + 10.36°N  10+40+10+36=96
add longitude  61.10°W 61.11°W..............61.10+61.11=122.21







Actually man what I've just recently realised, is that much of revelation is distorted and abridged where much of it will not come to pass. Also the impression I get is that Judgment maybe something you wont see as it concerns the last rebel.

I think I mentioned that in the Targum. To be honest I've had to review all my thoughts on Judgment through the Urantia Book information . Judgment from what I can tell has a different complexion all together. Its more based on realisation rather than some religious dictator ruling with a Rod landing on planet with guns blazing.

The Crowns... See More
The Multiple head beings
The Harlot
The Seven (Babylonian)
The White Horse
The Rider
The Locusts
The Angels with Vials and Plagues

The above List is all Mithra religion that was simply taken over by Christianity and where the Mithra doctrines still continue even to this day.

Here is the fragment I'm drawing from

line 120: When in temporary exile on Patmos, John wrote the Book of Revelation, which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form. This Book of Revelation contains the surviving fragments of a great revelation, large portions of which were lost, other portions of which were removed, subsequent to John's writing. It is preserved in only fragmentary and adulterated form.

Here are some more fragments. Mithra came from Persia.

line 102: The cult of Mithras arose in Iran and long persisted in its homeland despite the militant opposition of the followers of Zoroaster. But by the time Mithraism reached Rome, it had become greatly improved by the absorption of many of Zoroaster's teachings. It was chiefly through the Mithraic cult that Zoroaster's religion exerted an influence upon later appearing Christianity.

line 103: The Mithraic cult portrayed a militant god taking origin in a great rock, engaging in valiant exploits, and causing water to gush forth from a rock struck with his arrows. There was a flood from which one man escaped in a specially built boat and a last supper which Mithras celebrated with the sun-god before he ascended into the heavens. This sun-god, or Sol Invictus, was a degeneration of the Ahura-Mazda deity concept of Zoroastrianism. Mithras was conceived as the surviving champion of the sun-god in his struggle with the god of darkness. And in recognition of his slaying the mythical sacred bull, Mithras was made immortal, being exalted to the station of intercessor for the human race among the gods on high.

Alll the best eh!


Regarding Rapture or Evacuation I base my stand on this.



line 55: While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. **********If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, *******and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.********* The evolution of a human race, once initiated on a world of space, must proceed quite independently of the physical survival of that planet, but during the evolutionary ages it is not otherwise intended that a Planetary Adam or Eve shall leave their chosen world. ... See More

I'd say we are close to a planetary catastrophe as we are losing all the lower kingdom rapidly and with many other things that are askew and wayward.



Notice line 55: in the above fragment???? in Paper 51



In the metaphor of this journey the 555 number pattern is the metaphor for evacuation and to me its a confirmation that something is afoot!





And another report on Magnetar

More is revealed about Magnetar Jan 22nd 09 that comes to light but don't know the dates of the other 2 outbursts.


Are they blinking at us?


In brackets are some calculation to see if I can see commonality in reflection to what I see in the journey.

Abstract: SGR 1550-5418 (previously known as AXP 1E 1547.0-5408) went into three active bursting episodes in 2008 October and in 2009 January and March, emitting hundreds of typical Soft Gamma Repeater (SGR) bursts in soft gamma rays. The second episode was especially intense, and our untriggered burst search on Fermi/GBM data (8-1000 keV) revealed ~450 bursts emitted over 24 hours during the peak of this activity. Using the GBM data, we identified a ~150-s-long enhanced persistent emission during 2009 January 22 that exhibited intriguing timing and spectral properties: (i) clear pulsations up to ~110 keV at the spin period of the neutron star (P ~2.07 s, the fastest of all magnetars), (ii) an additional (to a power-law) blackbody component required for the enhanced emission spectra with kT ~17 keV, (iii) pulsed fraction that is strongly energy dependent and highest in the 50-74 keV energy band. A total isotropic-equivalent energy emitted during this enhanced emission is estimated to be 4.3 x 10^{40} ergs.(4+3=7) We conclude that the enhanced emission detected in the persistent flux of SGR 1550-5418 may be a transitional event between an intermediate burst and a giant SGR flare. The estimated area of the blackbody emitting region ~0.044 km^2 (roughly a few x 10^{-5} of the neutron star area) is the smallest "hot spot" ever measured for a magnetar and most likely corresponds to the size of magnetically-confined plasma near the neutron star surface.

Submission history

From: Yuki Kaneko [view email]
[v1] Tue, 24 Nov 2009 14:42:11 GMT (79kb) rearranged 111 22 444



SGR 1550-5418, rearranged 555 leaving 1418, add 1+4+1+8=14, 7+7=14, Sevens associated with 555

~0.044 km^2, the 44 is like 2222.

(roughly a few x 10^{-5}, th 10 is like 55 and the 5, combined = 555 and remember this is a measurement of a hot spot on the star., 2222 and 555 the hot spot!

4.3 x 10^{40} ergs.(4+3=7) and 10^{40} 10+40=50, 5x10, 55555 55555

In regards to the following, I'm looking at the flash cycles.

The second episode was especially intense, and our untriggered burst search on Fermi/GBM data (8-1000 keV) revealed ~450 bursts emitted over 24 hours during the peak of this activity. Using the GBM data, we identified a ~150-s-long enhanced persistent emission during  January 22 2009

Now I look upon the alphabet below that I made up along the journey. In correlating the 450 flashes peaking on Jan 22nd 2009 i came up with this.

450 flashes


24 hours , 2+4=6,  222


The 3, Secondary elder brothers DEF-456 and to Elder Brother Primary def-456

From paper 77, sevens

line 130: Each of the eight couples eventually produced 248 midwayers, and thus did the original secondary corps--1,984 in number--come into existence. There are eight subgroups of secondary midwayers. They are designated as a-b-c the first, second, third, and so on. And then there are d-e-f the first, second, and so on.

Also,  de, sounds like D or it could be part of a name Dennis the Young masked to the real name but with the same meaning but you have to work it out (N=14 and J=10 O=15, G=7 I=9 S=19 and note S= 19, 1 to 9 like in the S long waves of the magnetar and the 123456789 in the time/space vortex with the S crop circle, the end, the last crop circle for the year 2009) and 45 = the amount of days  Seventh part of the Shabbes timeline which is based on the This January 22 2009 magnetar event where the 45 days I have based on the Seventh part on Daniels and Enochs end time prophecy where the midwayer point is 22.5 days.  The Shabbes timeline began March 12th 2009, see all the Shabbes. 45 could also refer to secondary midwayers DEF-456 and and also primary 4-5-6 the Second here on earth, then there would be 7-8-9 the third.   But there is another physical DEF-456 where the 14561 is in the birth! and the numbers of physical DEF-456 and according to the Magnetar Flash/Alphabet would correspond to aDEFa and DEF-456.

0 or Zero =27, 2 and 7,  2+7=14, 2x7=14,  Sevens 77


~150-s-long = is see 555 in the 1 and 5


over 24 hours, 2 and 4, 222,    6

and note 11 days later another event occurred from this same Magnetar, 11 is significant! The 3rd episode occurred on the 2nd February 2009


(i) clear pulsations up to ~110 keV at the spin period of the neutron star (P ~2.07 s, the fastest of all magnetars),

110, 11 and 1+1= 2 and you have the 2 and 7,  2x7=14, sevens 77

Magnetar Alphabet Enlargement

Bible Bible A Post of realisations about Jiroft American Mythology The Egyptian Connection Van/Amadon/Adamson/Ratta Highland Valley Capital Dalamatia City Jesus Family Tomb Chevron Shabbes, Sabbath Seventh 100 day calculation. Local System Headquaters The chain of command of the Sevenfold Mission. Local System Headquaters Leviticus 23:16 A diagram of the 50 day Magnetar timeline

Note the S long interpretation and the S shaped crop circle in the image below.

 ~150-s-long = is see 555 in the 1 and 5 in addition 450 flashes/ ~150-s-long= 3 s-long waves per Flash.

150 consist of 15 which = 555 3x5=15 or 3x50=150 and 450 consist of 45 which=555555555, 9x5s or 9x50=450.  All consistent to the 555s.  All this happened in 24 hrs in a oneness day.

and note the S long crop circle and the association of the 555 in the crop circle.

and note the circle with the 2 and 7 inside and flanked by the 555 which is related to 15th at either end in the Seventh part of the Shabbes timeline below.

Also the 9 cycles are 50 days each, 450 days. However in reality some legs are based on 49 days and there has been adjustment in the shortening of the Seventh part by 4 days to match Daniels 45 days length.  Originally the Seventh part had a 49 day length.

The revealing of Magnetar June 8th 2007 Tree studies Jane lead 555 connection Times Times and an Half Times Times and an Half Times Times and an Half Magnetar Adventure beginning The beginning of the Magnetar adventure Dec3rd 09 Secrets of Jesus video release. Jerusem Local System Headquarters

~110 keV at the spin period of the neutron star (P ~2.07 s)....reflects the 7, 22 within the 555 and 1 in the time/circle vortex of the above image.

And 110/5=22, and 110/11=10


and note the 456 in the middle of Jane Leads triangle doodle.

The Primary 1-2-3 the first sits on one of the seats that surround the Judgment seat and could be referred to in the symbol.

Here is information of th Judgment Seat and note the Paper number 45


  • line 98: At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory council, the four and twenty counselors. John the Revelator called them the four and twenty elders: "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment." The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania. This judgment seat has always been on Jerusem, but the twenty-four surrounding seats were placed in position no more than nineteen hundred years ago, soon after Christ Michael was elevated to the full sovereignty of Nebadon. These four and twenty counselors are his personal agents on Jerusem, and they have authority to represent the Master Son in all matters concerning the roll calls of Satania and in many other phases of the scheme of mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. They are the designated agents for executing the special requests of Gabriel and the unusual mandates of Michael.

here is what happened to Primary 1-2-3 the first?

Although their ability to traverse the energy circuits makes planetary departure feasible to any midwayer, they have individually pledged themselves not to leave the planet prior to their sometime release by the universe authorities. Midwayers are anchored on a planet until the ages of settled light and life. With the exception of 1-2-3 the first, no loyal midway creatures have ever departed from Urantia.

1-2-3 the first, the eldest of the primary order, was released from immediate planetary duties shortly after Pentecost

time 11:11pm

The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things." These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.



At the last adjudication of this world, when Michael removed the slumbering survivors of time, the midway creatures were left behind, left to assist in the spiritual and semispiritual work on the planet. They now function as a single corps, embracing both orders and numbering 10,992. The United Midwayers of Urantia are at present governed alternately by the senior member of each order. This regime has obtained since their amalgamation into one group shortly after Pentecost.

Where Primary 1-2-3 the First sits is on the Judgment seat

Here is a list of those who sit on the the Judgment Seat and note Primary 1-2-3, the first

16. 1-2-3 the First, the leader of the loyal midway creatures in the service of Gabriel at the time of the Caligastia betrayal, elevated to this position by Michael soon after his entrance upon unconditioned sovereignty.

and where did the betrayal occur in Dalamatia City!!!!  This is why its revealed in this day because the end comes from the beginning and this is where the rebellion began and this is where it precisely finishes.  Therefore I believe a  Judgment draws near of the Last Rebel who still remains on this planet.


These twenty-four counselors have been recruited from the eight Urantia races, and the last of this group were assembled at the time of the resurrection roll call of Michael, nineteen hundred years ago. This Urantia advisory council is made up of the following members:

1. Onagar, the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince age, who directed his fellows in the worship of "The Breath Giver."

2. Mansant, the great teacher of the post-Planetary Prince age on Urantia, who pointed his fellows to the veneration of "The Great Light."

3. Onamonalonton, a far-distant leader of the red man and the one who directed this race from the worship of many gods to the veneration of "The Great Spirit."

4. Orlandof, a prince of the blue men and their leader in the recognition of the divinity of "The Supreme Chief."

5. Porshunta, the oracle of the extinct orange race and the leader of this people in the worship of "The Great Teacher."

6. Singlangton, the first of the yellow men to teach and lead his people in the worship of "One Truth" instead of many. Thousands of years ago the yellow man knew of the one God.

7. Fantad, the deliverer of the green men from darkness and their leader in the worship of "The One Source of Life."

8. Orvonon, the enlightener of the indigo races and their leader in the onetime service of "The God of Gods."

Page 514

9. Adam, the discredited but rehabilitated planetary father of Urantia, a Material Son of God who was relegated to the likeness of mortal flesh, but who survived and was subsequently elevated to this position by the decree of Michael.


10. Eve, the mother of the violet race of Urantia, who suffered the penalty of default with her mate and was also rehabilitated with him and assigned to serve with this group of mortal survivors.

11. Enoch, the first of the mortals of Urantia to fuse with the Thought Adjuster during the mortal life in the flesh.

12. Moses, the emancipator of a remnant of the submerged violet race and the instigator of the revival of the worship of the Universal Father under the name of "The God of Israel."

13. Elijah, a translated soul of brilliant spiritual achievement during the post-Material Son age.

14. Machiventa Melchizedek, the only Son of this order to bestow himself upon the Urantia races. While still numbered as a Melchizedek, he has become "forever a minister of the Most Highs," eternally assuming the assignment of service as a mortal ascender, having sojourned on Urantia in the likeness of mortal flesh at Salem in the days of Abraham. This Melchizedek has latterly been proclaimed vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia with headquarters on Jerusem and authority to act in behalf of Michael, who is actually the Planetary Prince of the world whereon he experienced his terminal bestowal in human form. Notwithstanding this, Urantia is still supervised by successive resident governors general, members of the four and twenty counselors.

15. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Michael's mission on Urantia and, in the flesh, distant cousin of the Son of Man.

16. 1-2-3 the First, the leader of the loyal midway creatures in the service of Gabriel at the time of the Caligastia betrayal, elevated to this position by Michael soon after his entrance upon unconditioned sovereignty.

These selected personalities are exempt from the ascension regime for the time being, on Gabriel's request, and we have no idea how long they may serve in this capacity.

Seats numbers 17, 18, 19, and 20 are not permanently occupied. They are temporarily filled by the unanimous consent of the sixteen permanent members, being kept open for later assignment to ascending mortals from the present postbestowal Son age on Urantia.

Numbers 21, 22, 23, and 24 are likewise temporarily filled while being held in reserve for the great teachers of other and subsequent ages which undoubtedly will follow the present age. Eras of the Magisterial Sons and Teacher Sons and the ages of light and life are to be anticipated on Urantia, regardless of unexpected visitations of divine Sons which may or may not occur.

Another view of Magnetar Sevenfold Google Ancient places Next Tablet Slideshow of the Universe Capital including other spheres. Other Spheres within the Grid PAPER 93 - MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK Van the Steadfast SlideShow of the Ancient places following the path of symbols Centre of the Universe A sevenfold Universal Paradise Operation The System of Satania Urantia book search The design of the cities of the tree of life and the Sevenfold Stargate Four and Twenty seats The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania. This arrangement of the system activities into circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles is common to all the system capitals of Nebadon 1stEden of Cyprus Van/Amadon/Adamson/Ratta Highland Valley Capital Dalamatia City The Three Day search Search for 40 days in the Urantia Book Broadcast Search from the Urantia Book The Jerusem Broadcasts The Jerusem Triangles and related information. The Discovery of the Sevenfold Stargate The Seal of Solomon and the similiarity to the System Headquarters Magnetar Swift Light without heat world A sevenfold Universal Paradise Operation Magnetar J1810-197 (1993)  Heat Magnetar Every 48 years The Door of Hidden Good A series of posts following Symbols in culture in the timeline leading to the Door of Hidden Good. Search the Urantia Book System Government search Urantia Book Light without Heat world in the Urantia Book The Adventures of Magnetar, The Time of Realisation The Adbentures of Magnetar, The Time of Realisation Light without heat world Magnetar Swift Light without heat world Light without Heat Sevenfold Magnetar

Magnetar SGR 1550-5418 which flashed us on the Jan22nd 2009 has a real story to tell in my view. 

Its just a perfect match!, the flash of the Magnetar is this timeline.

I believe there is a spiritual message with real purpose in the measurements of the Magnetar purposely flashed to us.

Note the crop circle connection and the emphasis on the August 7th 2009 date and 6th date related to the Lunar eclipses flanking the Solar eclipse on the 22nd July  09. August 7th 2009,  2 Seven day period 14 days before Jesus' birthdate. 21st August 7BC.


Time clock Time clock Trinagle circle coinfirmation

and note the time 1234567890 on August 7th 2009, the 7, 22 aspect

A note the same 1234567890 in the Time/Space vortex.

The Seven Paths through and to the infinite garden Melchizedek Paradise Symbol The 222 connection to the doorway of escape. Eye of the Needle A sevenfold Universal Paradise Operation Dalamatia City All the Shabbes Timeline 7 shabbes in 8 timeline sections The Seventh Part of the Shabbes Magnetar Significants All about Jerusem in the Urantia Book Jane lead 555 connection Jane Lead script

According to the Magnetar Alphabet 22=44=VV



November 24, 2009


Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:35am EST


(Adds details, background) (,.....) are my calculations.

SINGAPORE, Nov 24(note 24(4=22) therefore 222) (Reuters) - A powerful earthquake of magnitude
6.8 (6+8=14) struck northeast of the South Pacific island nation of Tonga on Tuesday, the United States Geological Survey said, but a destructive tsunami was not expected.

The quake's epicentre was recorded 195 km (120 miles) (1+9+5=15, therefore 555) east-northeast of the Tongan capital Nuku'Alofa at a depth of 61 km  (38.5 miles), (6+1=7, and 3+8=11 and the .5, five , 11+5=16, 1+6=7) it said.

There were no immediate tsunami warnings issued, according to websites for the USGS ( and the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) (

"Based on all available data, a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami is not expected and there is no tsunami threat to Hawaii," the PTWC said in a statement.

There were also no reports of damage or injury about half an hour after the quake was recorded at 1247 GMT, or about
2.47a.m. on Wednesday local time.


In the time you have 2.47 (4+7=11, 2 and 11) within it the 2 and 7, a familiar pattern 2 and 7....4+7=11, thus 2 and the 11. and 11 is 2, thus 22 or 7-2=5


1247 GMT= 1+2+4+7=14, 2x7, 77 Sevens


The Above earthquake seems to contain the numbers in the time, depth and distance and in calculation and rearrangement. (N=14 and J=10 O=15, G=7 I=9 D=4 E=5 S=19 even birthdate.


Today I was helping some one out at a house whose number, written on the letterbox was 27 formerly 25   I immediately recognised 2 and 7 and 2 and 5, 25=55555 and 25+27=52 and 5+2=7 plus 52 rearranged is 25! and therefore 2+5=7


As I was driving there I saw this phone number on this huge sign on top of a building 9762 5555, I just laughed recognizing the 5555.


I was in the truck towing a rope, sweating so much and I just glanced at the clock an saw 1:11, that instant! no joke.  I just laughed.  The other day I did a job at 21, I recognised the commonality straightaway.  You know there all guide posts of encouragement using the commonality of numbers that I see everywhere.


Also the direction of the earthquake was east-northeast of the Tongan capital Nuku'Alofa and remember the Kingdom of Tonga is the oldest Sovereignty that still exists on the planet and do recognise the Lord Jesus Christ as Sovereign and Lord of all.  One of the Last Bastion the Jesus within Sovereignty on the planet.


In the metaphor, could that direction represent the 1111 hour?  The 1111 hour perhaps




Tomorrow is the 27 November 2009. a 2 and 7 day on the 11th month in 9, in 2009 and it begins the 3rd Shabbes in the 6th part. Its a Zero day, a day of oneness linking Magnetar, the midwayers, the character, a way of communicating through the flash and its various measurement including time, dates and positioning of the Magnetar and not to mention some vehicle of communication with the planet in earthquake measurements and with a magnetar alphabet and where it has links to old Jiroft tablets related to the Nodites at least 2000 years from Dilmun (12,000 years) when it was above water in the North Eastern Persian Gulf!!  We know through the Urantia Book there are tablets in Babel in Dilmun and stone slabs in Dalamatia City and it would reflect a similar alphabet.


In the Universe They know what's happening here, I'm sure of that.


This alphabet might be one that Jerusem responds to, through the Magnetar broadcast system. There is a real commonality throughout every aspect and level of this journey and the whole range of numbers that link up everything in repetition.  I think the alphabet and the theme of the journey linking all sectors through number commonality is a good candidate at this time fulfilling prophecy in the truth fragments relevant to the journey of consummation into a singularity of truth and demonstration with purpose.



27 November 2009

Small earthquake rattles Amherst, Nelson residents  (....) my calculations and thoughts

Many Amherst and Nelson County residents experienced tremors from a small earthquake Wednesday evening, though no one was reported injured by the activity.

Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory director Martin Chapman said the earthquake started at 5:25 (55 and 2)p.m. and was measured between 2.7 and 2.8 (2.7+2.8=5.5, 55 and 7+8=15, 555 and 2+2=4, 22 or 1111, 2 and 55 like in the time  5:25 rearranged, 2 and 55) in magnitude. Its epicenter was near Gladstone on U.S. 60, about 10 miles east of Amherst. (1 in 60 rule)

(You have this singularity in time and in Richter event that have the same commonality in the numbers 2 and 55. and happening on a 27th of the 11th 09 and one earthquake was a 2.7)

(Is the Earth speaking to us in the commonality of numbers through earthquakes??????)

(Glad stone)

Based on its measurements, the earthquake was relatively small, Chapman said.

The Amherst County 911 Center received several phone calls around 5:30 p.m. from residents in northern Amherst County who experienced the ground and their houses shaking, said Amherst County’s public safety director, Gary Roakes.

Roakes said that some residents reported pictures falling from the walls and one man reported the gutter on his roof had fallen during the tremors. No incidents of personal injury or major damage resulted from the earthquake, he said.

Is the earth speaking to us?




28th November 2009


Quake of 5.6 magnitude shakes Venezuela, no deaths

published  Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:37am EST


Here is another significant earthquake in my mind in the way I see things.


CARACAS (Reuters) - An earthquake of 5.6 magnitude shook western Venezuela early on Friday, panicking residents and damaging some buildings, officials said.

There was no loss of life or damage reported to any oil installations in the OPEC member South American country.

Local seismological center Funvisis said the earthquake struck at 3:45 a.m. (0815 GMT) and its epicenter was in the locality of Churuguara in Lara state.

"There were no injuries or loss of life reported, just some structural damage," Funvisis official Theyler Vasquez said.

Authorities said frightened residents ran into the streets, and some walls of buildings were cracked.

State oil company PDVSA said it was unaffected. "There is no impact on our installations," a spokesman said.

Funvisis said the earthquake had a depth of 3 miles, and there were 10 smaller after-shocks. The U.S. Geological Survey had reported the magnitude at 5.5.

It was the latest in a series of non-lethal earthquakes in Venezuela in recent months, the worst being a 6.4 magnitude tremor in mid-September.



Note the order of the timing

3:45 and 0815 GMT (15,thus 555 and also 8+1+5=14, 77, Sevens.  Note also the The U.S. Geological Survey report. 5.5, thus the 55s also in the 5.6 record, 5+6=11 or 5x6=30, like the 3 miles and 10 smaller after-shocks. 3x10=30



and an Earth quake in San Salvador.


Lets see what this earthquake reveals in the numbers.

Powerful Earthquake Rocks El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR – A magnitude-6 earthquake rocked El Salvador on Thursday, but no injuries or damage have been reported, the National Territorial Studies Service, or SNET, said.

The earthquake, which hit at 1:08 p.m., caused panic in several sections of the capital.

The temblor occurred 60 kilometers (37 miles) off the country’s southern coast between the border of Guatemala and El Salvador, a SNET spokesman told Efe.

The quake lasted for 25 seconds in San Salvador, the Central American country’s capital, the SNET spokesman said.

The earthquake’s epicenter was located at a depth of 19 kilometers (12 miles).

The temblor was caused by a shift in the Cocos and Caribbean plates, SNET said.

Officials are “monitoring the 14 provinces,” but there have not been any reports of injuries or incidents related to the quake, a national emergency management office spokesman told Efe.

The earthquake was felt strongly in central and western El Salvador, but it was barely felt in the eastern region, Radio El Salvador reported.
















and here is another earthquake.

Posted: Nov 28, 2009 4:44 AM or 222222

 Nov 28, 2009 4:44 AM, 222222, (Nov 28 = 22222)

by Heartland News

RIDGELY, Tn (KFVS) - Did you feeling it this morning?  Two earthquakes hit along the New Madrid fault zone this Thanksgiving weekend.

The first one happened around 11:30p.m (1 1:3 0). Thursday night.  The 1.3 quake hit about 5 miles south of Ridgely, TN and about 10 miles east of Caruthersville, MO.  There was no damage and no one was hurt in the quake.

(10 miles x 1.3 quake = 11.30 and the 10 miles commonality is 55 and 5 miles, 555)

The second one happened around 6:10a.m. (6+1=7) Friday morning.  The 2.5 quake was about 3 miles southeast of Ridgely, TN  and about 10 miles south southeast of Tiptonville, TN.

There was no real damage in that quake either


and here is another report from Vietnam.


Northern Vietnam experiences mild earthquake


Friday ,Nov 27,2009, Posted at: 15:24(GMT+7)....(time 15:24 5+2=6 : 2+4=6 and + 7 = 11)

An earthquake measuring 4.1 (4+1=5)  on the Richter scale rocked Bac Yen District in the northern province of Son La at 11:47 am (11:4+7=11) on November 26, the Institute of Geophysics’ Seismic Observation Station reported.



The Son La hydropower plant which is under construction was not affected by an earthquake 37 (3+7=10, 3 and 7 also) kilometers away November 26 that measured 4.1 (4+1=5, also 4=22, thus 221) on the Richter scale


The epicenter was at a depth of 10-15 kilometers. The aftershocks were weak and the quake did not affect the Son La hydroelectric plant which is under construction 37 kilometers away, the station said .
The plant is likely to be affected by earthquakes measuring 6 and above.
People working in some office buildings in Hanoi
300 kilometers away felt the tremors.
Dr. Le Huy Minh, director of the Earthquake and Tsunami Warning Center, told the media that the earthquake was a minor one.
Information from the station shows that the Son La fault zone occasionally experiences tremors of below 3 on the Richter scale. 
However, the center warned that construction projects in the area need to use earthquake-resistant techniques because of the latent threat of tremors.
Dr. Nguyen Quoc Cuong of the Geology Institute said studies just completed on the Son La fault zone by Vietnamese and Polish scientists reveal slight shifts in the tectonic plates in the area


and this

Earthquakes up in central Oklahoma

Associated Press - November 27, 2009 4:15 PM ET  (4+1=5, and 5, 55 and 4+1+5=10 and 4 is also 22, )

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The Oklahoma Geological Survey says the number of earthquakes in Oklahoma County that have been strong enough to be felt is above average this year.

More than twice as many earthquakes were felt in the county this year than are normally felt in all of Oklahoma.

The biggest quake in Oklahoma this year measured 3.7 (3+7=11) on the Richter scale and struck Aug. 28 (4x7=28 and 2+8=10) in eastern Oklahoma County, near where three temblors have been recorded this month.

That quake is far in intensity from the last deadly earthquake in the United States, which killed two people in December 2003. The U.S. Geological Survey says that quake measured 6.6 and was centered near Paso Robles, Calif.

Scientists aren't sure what's causing the increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma.



Quite honestly, I am thinking is the Father in Heaven speaking to us through the commonalties after the calculations in the earthquake measurements covering most aspects?



Here is an interesting Christian report about the recent Earthquake in Virginia. Note the time of the report  2:02 AM the 22 or even 4 and Nov 28, 4 sevens the day after 27(2 and 7) and note the verse cited...Luke 21:11 the midwayer signature and 11 is assigned to Enoch, member of the Judgment seat in Jerusem!!!

Virginia earthquake, prophetic?

November 28, 2:02 AMRichmond Evangelical ExaminerJames Leasure

Luke 21:11 "And great earthquakes shall be in diverse places

What are we to think when Central Virginia reports an Earthquake? We just had one this past Wednesday. A 2.7 on the Richter scale is not very significant. Virginia will remember it as one of two earthquakes that are felt each year by Virginians and surrounding states.

Virginia has had an average of 1 earthquake per month since 1977.

The largest earthquake in the past 200 years was in Giles County in 1897. That measured at an estimated 5.8 magnitude and was felt in 12 states. Seismic activity in Virginia is strongest in and around Giles County.

Since earthquakes in Virginia are not as rare as Virginians may believe they are, we may dismiss any idea of Luke 21:11. Not so fast.

Taking in consideration the entire world’s geological activity, we have seen a huge leap in the number of major earthquakes since 1990. Since 1990, that number is totaled by counting 18 major earthquakes (7.0-7.9) and 1 great earthquake (8.0-or-greater) that have hit somewhere on the world scene. That is an average of one per year. Prior to that, there was not a major earthquake or higher since 1985. The number of recorded major earthquakes or higher is fewer as we backtrack through history beginning at 1985, 1978, 1976, and 1960. That is a dramatic leap in frequency of occurrence from 1960 to the present day. (the year of the birth of Sevens)

879,225 human beings have died from earthquakes in the last 48 years.
Virginia may see its share of earthquakes, annually.  To the rest of the world, there is an annoying occurrence happening all too often in the form of major earthquakes.  Is this what Jesus was referring to? 

I really encourage Christian Brothers to look into this,  I believe we are into the signs for real and I think there is a way communication based on discovery, recognition.


I think its imperative the congregation are familiar with what's happening!!!



I was looking the Dd commonality in the symbols and not the double triangle.


Dalamatia City is a Daleth, another door of hidden good.


The Door of Hidden Good


The Adamson's Highland Capital


Jesus Family Tomb Chevron Enoch Chapter 25 Enoch Chapter 24


The door, the Daleth.


The Door of Hidden Good Is the earth speaking to us?







30 November 2009


I was working today and went to 3 properties, opposite 2 of them was the property numbers 23-25, interesting coincidence.  At the end of the day we did a quote.  The owners car was 555.  I just laughed when I recognised the numbers.


Very interesting number pattern occurrences.




1st December 2009

Here is some more information about some Magnetars.  Now note in following the article says that in October 3rd 2008 there was a eruption of SGR J1550-5418.


Note this prophecy of Nopstradamus but I feel it has some spiritual metaphor of the judgment of the last rebel.


At the great battle of Armageddon
Shall join the crusade through rows totally attached
The pertanious army of God against the army of the evil Serpent
The Dragon shall be loosened on October third

This date was a date that was significant 3rd October 2008 in my timeline and a date that I actually looking at in my forecasts along the timeline. Here is some evidence of that from a Nostradamus page.  Here is a red alert I expressed on Aug 03, 2008 1:16 pm Red Alert and October 3rd was a significant date .  Its amazing that on that date Magnetar flashed and here are more expression in the past where I had no idea of Magnetar and yet Magnetar was already responding to the Journey of change.  And here is more recent comments of October 3rd.  Here is a comments about October 3rd....15 Tishiri/October 3rd 09, Feast of Tabernacles. The eighth day! from hereNow on Tablet 22 here is a mention of October 3rd and its relevance in my earlier speculation posted on Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:29 am before Magnetar SGR J1550-5418 responded without my knowledge of Magnetars as I realised what a Magnetar was on Dec 3rd 2008 which was an important date I was shooting for but came across Magnetar instead.

Note the 15, and the feast and Magnetar responded



Gamma-Ray Fireworks Now Erupting from Rare Stellar Object — Eberly ...
Gamma-ray flares from SGR J1550-5418 may arise when the magnetar's surface ... Astronomers think soft gamma-ray repeaters are magnetars -- neutron stars ...


10 February 2009—Astronomers using NASA's Swift satellite and the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope are seeing frequent blasts from an object that is 30,000 light-years from Earth. The high-energy fireworks are X-ray and gamma-ray flares coming from a rapidly-spinning and super-magnetic remnant of an exploded star -- an unusual type of stellar cinder called a soft-gamma-ray repeater.

"We have observed periods when this remarkable object has erupted with dozens -- even more than a hundred -- flares in as little as 20 minutes," saysLoredana Vetere, a postdoctoral scholar at Penn State University, who is coordinating the Swift observations. "The most intense flares emitted more total energy in less than half a second than our Sun does in 20 years."

The source began a series of modest eruptions on 3 October 2008, but appeared to settle down. Then, on 22 January 2009, it roared back to life with a more intense round of flares. "As a result of its recent activity, this object has been classified as a soft-gamma-ray repeater. It it is only the sixth soft-gamma-ray repeater discovered so far," Vetere said. The object is continuing to erupt and the scientists are continuing to observe it.

Swift's X-Ray Telescope captured the first "light echoes" ever seen from a soft-gamma-ray repeater during the latest flaring episode. The Swift satellite is controlled by Penn State University from its Mission Operations Center at University Park, and Penn State led in the development and assembly of two Swift's three telescopes, including the X-Ray Telescope. The X-ray data from Swift have begun to show what appear to be expanding halos around the object.

"X rays from the brightest bursts scatter off of dust clouds between us and the star," said team member Jules Halpern, of Columbia University, who acquired the images with Swift. Multiple rings form as the X rays interact with dust clouds at different distances, with closer clouds producing larger rings. "We don't really know the distance to this object as well as we would like," Halpern added. "These images will help us nail that down -- and also will help us determine the distance to the dust clouds." Both the rings and their apparent expansion are an illusion caused by the finite speed of light and the longer path the scattered light must travel.

Click on image to view Quicktime video, or click here for high-resolution file.
Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

Gamma-ray flares from SGR J1550-5418 may arise when the magnetar's surface suddenly cracks, releasing energy stored within its powerful magnetic field.

Click here for video

 "Swift's extremely agile and rapid ability to respond to new events is absolutely crucial to making discoveries like this," said John Nousek, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State and Swift's mission operations director. "I am extremely proud of our dedicated team of scientists and engineers at Penn State's Mission Operations Center, which controls the Swift observatory. This team responds quickly every day or night to make these observations possible."

The Fermi space telescope's Gamma-ray Burst Monitor recorded 68 outbursts from the object in the last week of January 2009. The astronomy team is using the resulting images of the structure within these flares to better understand how such objects can unleash so much energy.

Flares from SGR J1550-5418 also have been detected by NASA's Wind satellite, the joint NASA-Japan Suzaku mission, and the European Space Agency's INTEGRAL satellite. NASA's Einstein X-ray Observatory first detected the object in 1980 in the southern constellation Norma. Then, astronomers cataloged it as 1E 1547.0-5408, and most reports today use this name, but the object now is cataloged as SGR J1550-5418 as a result of its recent confirmation as a soft gamma-ray repeater.

During the past two years, astronomers have identified radio and X-ray pulses from the object. These signals reveal the source to be a spinning neutron star -- the superdense, city-sized remains of an exploded star. Although only about 12 miles across, a neutron star contains more mass than the Sun. While neutron stars typically possess intense magnetic fields, a subgroup has fields 1,000 times stronger. These so-called magnetars have the strongest magnetic fields of any known object in the universe. SGR J1550-5418, which rotates once every 2.07 seconds, holds the record for the fastest-spinning magnetar. Astronomers think magnetars power their flares by tapping into the tremendous energy of their magnetic fields. In 2004, a giant flare from another magnetar, SGR 1806-20, was so intense it measurably affected Earth's upper atmosphere from 50,000 light-years away.


Unusual glitch activity in the RRAT J1819-1458: an exhausted magnetar?
Glitches of this magnitude are a phenomenon displayed by both radio pulsars and magnetars. However, the behaviour of J1819-1458 following these glitches is ...



We present an analysis of regular timing observations of the high magnetic field Rotating Radio Transient (RRAT) J1819-1458 obtained using the 64-m Parkes and 76-m Lovell radio telescopes over the past 5 years. During this time, the RRAT has suffered two significant glitches with fractional frequency changes of 0.6 × 10-6 and 0.1 × 10-6. Glitches of this magnitude are a phenomenon displayed by both radio pulsars and magnetars. However, the behaviour of J1819-1458 following these glitches is quite different to that which follows glitches in other neutron stars, since the glitch activity resulted in a significant long-term net decrease in the slow-down rate. If such glitches occur every 30 years, the spin-down rate, and by inference the magnetic dipole moment, will drop to zero on a time-scale of a few thousand years. There are also significant increases in the rate of pulse detection and in the radio pulse energy immediately following the glitches.



and just in


On 2009 June 5, the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) onboard the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope triggered on two short, and relatively dim bursts with spectral properties similar to Soft Gamma Repeater (SGR) bursts. Independent localizations of the bursts by triangulation with the Konus-RF and with the Swift satellite, confirmed their origin from the same, previously unknown, source. The subsequent discovery of X-ray pulsations with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE), confirmed the magnetar nature of the new source, SGR J0418+5729. We describe here the Fermi/GBM observations, the discovery and the localization of this new SGR, and our infrared and Chandra X-ray observations. We also present a detailed temporal and spectral study of the two GBM bursts. SGR J0418+5729 is the second source discovered in the same region of the sky in the last year, the other one being SGR J0501+4516. Both sources lie in the direction of the galactic anti-center and presumably at the nearby distance of ~2 kpc (assuming they reside in the Perseus arm of our galaxy). The near-threshold GBM detection of bursts from SGR J0418+5729 suggests that there may be more such dim SGRs throughout our galaxy, possibly exceeding the population of bright SGRs. Finally, using sample statistics, we conclude that the implications of the new SGR discovery on the number of observable active magnetars in our galaxy at any given time is <10, in agreement with our earlier estimates.



Magnetar Observations in the Fermi Era

Who:  Chryssa Kouveliotou - (NASA\'a MSFC)
Where:  PRB 4138
When:  Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 12:30
Type:  CCAPP Seminar

Description: Magnetars are magnetically powered rotating neutron stars with extreme magnetic fields (over 1014 Gauss). They are discovered and emit predominantly in the X- and gamma-rays. Very few sources (roughly 15) have been found since their discovery in 1987. NASA's Fermi Observatory was launched June 11, 2008; the Fermi Gamma Ray Burst Monitor (GBM) began normal operations on July 14, about a month after launch, when the trigger algorithms were enabled. In the first year of operations we recorded emission from four magnetar sources; of these, only one was an 'old' magnetar: SGR 1806+20. The other three detections were two brand new sources, SGR J0501+4516, discovered with Swift and extensively monitored with both Swift and GBM, SGR J0418+5729, discovered with GBM and the Interplanetary Network (IPN), and SGR J1550-5418, a source originally classified as an Anomalous X-ray Pulsar (AXP 1E1547.0-5408). In my talk I will give a short review on magnetars and describe the current status of the analyses efforts of the GBM data with our magnetar team.

Here is information from Sinbad about NAME SGR 0418+5729 -- Object of unknown nature

SGR J0501+4516


GRB 080822
05 01 05.0   +45 16 20

On June 5th 2009.

A magnetar occurred at the very end of our universe.  180 degrees and Sagittarius is 0 degrees.

Basic data :
GRB 080822
-- gamma-ray Burst

here is the plot graph note the 45 lat and note the paper 45


And like in the graph halfway in the paper on page Page 514 is the information on the judgment seat.

here is the coordinates of the Gamma Magnetar from the other side of the Universe.
05 01 05.0   +45 16 20  (
14561 where 2 is 1 and 1 and 456 in the middle)

Calculation..05 01 05.0 (5+1+5=11)   +45 16 20 (4+5+7+2=18)

The 555, the 45 like the paper.

Now note this is also the general location of the recent SGR J0418+5729

SGR J0418+5729. We describe here the Fermi/GBM observations, the discovery and the localization of this new SGR, and our infrared and Chandra X-ray observations. We also present a detailed temporal and spectral study of the two GBM bursts. SGR J0418+5729 is the second source discovered in the same region of the sky in the last year, the other one being SGR J0501+4516. Both sources lie in the direction of the galactic anti-center and presumably at the nearby distance of ~2 kpc (assuming they reside in the Perseus arm of our galaxy)

Listed as
Basic data :
 NAME SGR 0418+5729 -- Object of unknown nature

and this Google sky map, the Anti Galactic centre 180 degrees.


I think that has much symbolism.

Anyway, on June 5th 2009 when SGR SGR J0418+5729 flashed this is what I was writing at the time.  The last post on the 4th July was about crop circles pointing to the White Horse.


Apparently, New Soft Gamma Repeater 0501+4516 (GRB 080822) is the same thing.

New Soft Gamma Repeater 0501+4516 (GRB 080822): GLAST Burst Monitor detection

Kienlin et al.

Posted by Andreas von Kienlin

08/08/23 10:01:50 GMT

"At 12:41:59 UT on 2008 Aug 22, the GLAST Burst Monitor (GBM) triggered on the new Soft Gamma Repeater 0501+4516 (GRB 080822) (GBM 080822.529 / trigger 241101720), reported by SWIFT (Holland et al., GCN 8112, Barthelmy et al, GCN 8113 and GCN 8119). ...Full Text

When I insert the coordinates I get this result for Soft Gamma Repeater 0501+4516 (GRB 080822)

456 Midwayer and character PAPER 45 - THE LOCAL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, Oct 19 2000} POST 0501+4516 (GRB 080822

Now I am confused I seem to get different results of this Magnetar. but look at the coordinates 04 14 14.5 +25 45 36 note the 14s...


and here is plot


On August 23-25 Konus-Wind detected in triggered mode four bursts from new SGR 0501+4516 (Holland et al. GCN 8112, Barthelmy et al. GCN 8113)....Full Text





What is the Galactic anticenter

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Depiction of the Auriga constellation.

The galactic anticenter is a theoretical point in the sky that lies directly opposite the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Because this point is relative, it will vary depending on the location of the observer; it is not an actual fixed point in space. Most of the time, this term refers to the anticenter from the point of view of an observer on Earth. By definition, however, it can be found at the point in space such that the observer is placed directly between it and the galactic center. As a result, the distance between the anticenter and the observer is equal to that between the observer and the galactic center. This distance has been calculated to be 7.62±0.32 kpc (~25,000±1,000 ly).

From the perspective of an observer on Earth, the galactic anticenter appears within the constellation Auriga, and Alnath is the closest bright star to this point.

In terms of the galactic coordinate system, the galactic center in Sagittarius corresponds to a longitude of 0°, while the anticenter is located exactly at 180°. In the equatorial coordinate system, the anticenter is found at roughly R.A. 05h 46m, Dec. +28° 56'.[7]


And more earth quakes without damage and some number commonalities.

Minor Earthquakes Shake South of Border

Posted: Nov 30, 2009 04:35 (4+3+5=12)PM

Updated: Nov 30, 2009 04:37 (4+3+7=14) PM News Services

SAN DIEGO - Two earthquakes struck Sunday night east of San Diego, but no damage or injuries were immediately reported, police said.

A magnitude 3.4 (3+4=7) quake struck at 8:47 (4+7=11)p.m. about 114 or (11 and 4 or 14) miles east of Tijuana in Baja California, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Ten minutes later, a magnitude 3.8 (3+8=11)quake struck in the same area.

No injuries or incidents were immediately reported in relation to the quakes, said Sgt. David Jennings of the San Diego Police Department.

"We didn't feel it over here and we haven't had any calls on it yet," he said.

and another

November 30, 2009

After 16 (1+6=7) small earthquakes in the Sun Valley area in two days last week, seismic activity calmed during the weekend.

A 1.3 magnitude temblor was recorded at 4:19 p.m(4+1+9=14). Saturday and a 2.0 temblor at 12:49 p.m. Sunday in the area by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The eight quakes measured Friday ranged from magnitude 0.9 to 2.2 on the Richter scaler and the eight Thursday from 0.8 to 2.0.



2nd December 2009


II'I look into the recent Magnetar coordinates when I get back.  It seems that I have to readjust the position of Magnetar August 22 which appears to be emanating from the anti Galactic centre.  Like a giant spear connecting the 1 degree galactic centre to the Anti Galactic centre 180 degrees in the area of 456 where there seem much Magnetar activity recently including the June 5th 2009 magnetar.

If all is accurate, the Magnetars in the anti galactic centre all confirm the number patterns including 456 which in my mind relate to DEF-456.  The Aug 22nd Mag magnetar SGR 0501+4516 does have the the 456 embedded in the name within the 11...14561 which reflects the whole chain from the the centre and anti centre of this Universe.  The oneness from the outer to the middle with much symbolism.




I agree, we must be coming close to a broadcast that delivers Judgment of the last rebel. People may think I'm crazy but my research tells me so, more so than ever after last nights realisation. The marriage feast must be close and it would have to do with a marriage of earth and space...a connection and contact.




Apparently 16 May 2009 At 03:17:20.17 UT there occurred another Magnetar but again on the other side of the Universe. Note the coordinates


RA = 122.2, DEC = -71.62 (J2000 degrees, equivalent to 08 h 09 m, -71 d 37 '),  and (.......) my calculation.

That's near Volans on the other side of the Anti centre and yet on the other side of the Centre of our Galaxy.

NUMBER: 9413
SUBJECT: GRB 090516B: Fermi GBM detection
DATE: 09/05/20 17:04:52 GMT
FROM: Sheila McBreen at MPE <>

Sheila McBreen (UCD/MPE) reports on behalf of the Fermi GBM Team:

"At 03:17:20.17 UT on 16 May 2009, the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor triggered and located GRB 090516B (trigger 264136642 / 090516137). The on-ground calculated location, using the GBM trigger data, is RA = 122.2, DEC = -71.62 (7+1=8 and 6+2=8) (J2000 degrees, equivalent to 08 h 09 m, -71 d 37 '), with an uncertainty of 2.6 degrees (radius, 1-sigma containment, statistical only; there is additionally a systematic error which is currently estimated to be 2 to 3 degrees). The angle from the Fermi LAT boresight is 45 degrees. The GBM light curve consists of several overlapping peaks from the trigger to about 140 s and possible weak emission out to about 350 s. The time-averaged spectrum from T0 s to T0+138 s is adequately fit by a power law function with an exponential high energy cutoff. The power law index is -1.01 (+/-0.06) and the cutoff energy, parameterized as Epeak, is 327.0 (+/-58.7) keV (chi squared 419 for 359 d.o.f.). The event fluence (8-1000 keV) in this time interval is (3.0 +/- 0.1)E-05 erg/cm^2. The 1-sec peak photon flux measured starting from T0+80 s in the 8-1000 keV band is 4.0 +/- 0.2 ph/s/cm^2. The spectral analysis results presented above are preliminary; final results will be published in the GBM GRB Catalog."


Here is the latest correction based on new details that have emerged.

Here is a thumbnail click for enlargement and links.

and here is more information of  (.....) my comments.



The Swift/X-Ray Telescope (XRT) observed

SGRJ0418 + 5729 starting at 2009 July 8 at 20:52:35, (one day after the 7th July 09, a Magnetar bursted, the eighth day)

UT (when the source came out of Sun constraints for

Swift) in photon counting mode for a total exposure

time of 2.95 ks. A new X-ray source was found at

RA = 04h18m33.70s, Dec = +5732023.700 (J 2000) with

an error circle radius of 3.600. The XRT location is

shown in Figure 1 (bottom panel) and is




We also present a detailed temporal and spectral study of the two GBM bursts.

SGRJ0418 + 5729 is the second source discovered in the same region of the sky in the last year,

the other one being SGR J0501 + 4516. Both sources lie in the direction of the galactic anti-center

and presumably at the nearby distance of  2 kpc (assuming they reside in the Perseus arm of our



but apparently there was an triggering event on June 5th 2009.  Look at the numbers of the times!!

GBM triggered on two SGR-like bursts on 2009

June 5 at 20:40:48.883 UT (all in the multiple of the 2s except for 3) and 21:01:35.059 UT (the 211s the 5s on the 5th and the 9)

(van der Horst et al. 2009). Their final on-ground calculated

locations, RA,Dec (J2000) = 70.0, +55.6 (4h40m,

+55350) and 60.5, +55.4 (4h02m, +55220),


(all the 456s)




surely something is telling us something through the GRB look at all the number occurrences!!

and more

Our search identified only three events from

SGRJ0418 + 5729, all detected on 2009 June 5:

these include one untriggered burst at 20:35:54.703 UT,

and the two triggered events from the source. The untriggered

event took place  5 min before the first GBM

trigger and is relatively weak and soft. It was detected

only at energies . 50 keV, and its location is consistent

at the 1 level with the SGRJ0418 + 5729 location.

We also checked the Swift/BAT data and although the

source was in the BAT field-of-view, we did not see a

rate increase at the event time. No other untriggered

bursts were found during the 8-day span of the search.


SGRJ0418 + 5729...June 5th 2009


SGRJ0418 + 5729 Post Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729 paper Local System Headquarters Vulpecula Local system headquarters Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729 Light without Heat


Jesus timing code 456 Midwayer and character PAPER 45 - THE LOCAL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, Oct 19 2000} POST




Earthquake Center: Boom, tremors not an earthquake

Posted: Dec 02, 2009 4:45 AM
 Dec 02, 2009 4:45 AM

By Live 5 News Staff email

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A sonic boom and tremors felt from Mt. Pleasant to James Island were not an earthquake, according to the South Carolina Earthquake Education and Preparedness center at the College of Charleston.

The reports were concentrated along the coast before 11am Tuesday.

Seismographs indicate no earthquakes in the greater Charleston area at that time, according to a statement from the earthquake center. A sonic boom may be responsible, but has not been confirmed.  

but in Newcastle Australia the same thing happened but yet an unexplained event with mystery around it


Earthquake, sonic boom, meteorite? It was us says RAAF

02 Dec, 2009 11:17 AM

A WILLIAMTOWN RAAF base spokesman has suggested that "supersonic activity" by aircraft taking part in a major defence exercise off the coast was responsible for the shaking felt by Hunter residents last night.

The spokesman said there were aircraft taking part in the East Coast Air Defence Exercise about 10.30 last night when the shaking was felt.

He said that while the aircraft may have been operating some 50 kilometres off the coast, conducive atmospheric conditions may have caused the supersonic soundwave to travel further than would normally be expected.

The spokesman said the aircraft were operating within flight rules and restrictions.

Just weeks before the 20th anniversary of the 1989 Newcastle earthquake, some Newcastle people thought it was happening all over against last night.

Numerous callers to 1233 ABC Newcastle radio this morning reported shaking windows for about a minute at 10.30pm last night.

The callers were from as far afield as Rothbury, Caves Beach and Anna Bay.

another report


Did your windows shake?


Some callers reported that the event was like thunder.

Others said it came in three short bursts during a minute.


Geoscience Australia, in Canberra, did not record any earthquake activity in the region.

A spokesman said one explanation for such an "atmospheric event" could be a meteor exploding high in the sky.


The same thing occurred in Charleston, USA was around the same time period 12 hours apart.

"The reports were concentrated along the coast before 11am Tuesday"


Newcastle, Australia time


"The spokesman said there were aircraft taking part in the East Coast Air Defence Exercise about 10.30 last night when the shaking was felt"  The reports were concentrated along the coast before 11am Tuesday.


It was probably exercises or even long range thunderstorms but I thought the timing was interesting and yet it was impressionable to get into the news and things like this never usually occur.




3rd December 2009




The discovery of SGRJ0418 + 5729 adds a seventh

confirmed member in the SGR subgroup of magnetars.


in the last 30 years. Together with the known

AXPs, the total tally is  15 sources, a very restricted

membership club.


on the 6th month June on the 5th day in 2009

The source was subsequently confirmed as

a magnetar candidate with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer

(RXTE) observations (G¨o˘g¨u¸s et al. 2009a), which

revealed a spin period of 9.0783±0.0001 sec in the persistent (9+7+8+3=27, 2 and 7 and 2x7=14, 77 Sevens

X-ray emission of the source.



Although the source

lies in the direction of the galactic anti-center and presumably

at the nearby distance of  2 kpc (assuming it

resides in the Perseus arm of our galaxy), it was not detected

at any other wavelength (IR, optical and radio).

Interestingly, this is the second source discovered in the

same region of the sky (including SGR J0501 + 4516) in

one year.


SGRJ0418 + 5729 Post Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729 paper Local System Headquarters Vulpecula Local system headquarters Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729 Light without Heat

Here is a plot in relation to the August 22nd Magnetar 2008



SGRJ0418 + 5729 Post 456 Midwayer and character PAPER 45 - THE LOCAL SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION, Oct 19 2000} POST 0501+4516 (GRB 080822 Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729



And here is another plot of the

NEW SOFT GAMMA REPEATER: SGRJ0418 + 5729 note the triple triangles.

I'm not sure if this is the exact spot but it looks interesting.

SGRJ0418 + 5729 Post Magnetar SGRJ0418 + 5729

In that area of the Universe its all triangle stars in a triangular formation with a star in the middle.



Here is a plot of

May 16th 2009 GRB 090516B RA = 122.2, DEC = -71.62,

2 days after 14561 or 90514, 1+1=2


Looking at the coordinate numbers


122.2(1+2+2+2=7, seven), DEC = .........-71.62,(7+1=8 and 6+2=8) 8=8, 88, 8+8=16,6+1=7, Seven



Note how the Magnetar are occurring in triangle constellations usually within a triangle.

Adding all the magnetar dates

22+5+16=43, 4+3=7



December 6th 09


Quake rattles Alaska-Canada border

Posted: December 05, 2009, 1:38 PM by Ron Nurwisah

Canwest News Service

CHALKYITSIK, Alaska —An early-morning earthquake Saturday struck a remote area of northern Alaska near the Canadian border, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

There were no immediate reports of damage from the 4.7-(4+7=11)magnitude earthquake, which struck around 12:14 a.m. local time, said Paul Caruso, a geophysicist with the federal agency.

“It is a pretty good sized earthquake. If it occurred where people lived, there would have been lots of reports of it being felt,” he said.

Mr. Caruso said the epicentre of the earthquake was pinpointed about 64 kilometres northeast of Chalkyitsik, Alaska, which sits near the U.S.-Canada border.

Mr. Caruso said the area has a history of earthquakes.




On the 4th December 2009 I worked at a house the number of the house was 21 with on the other side of the street the number of the house 22 with 20 next to it.



22    20


The same happened at another job at a number 21




22      20

Yesterday on the 6th December 2009


I was driving along the freeway from a show when randomly looked to my left when I saw a large clock on the side of the freeway with the temperature and time reading.


 22 degrees and 6:18


I recognized and noted it.





At 20:52:26 UT on June 10, 2007, the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)9 aboard the

Swift Satellite10 triggered on a possible GRB of approximately 5s duration11.

Subsequent observations in the X-rays (by XRT12 and Chandra13) and in the optical

bands have shown a point source compatible with the BAT error-circle. Although a

chance coincidence between the original BAT-trigger and the object discussed here is

possible due to the number of potential sources in the 1.8' (90% confidence level) BAT

error-circle, the 1.0” uncertainty (90% confidence level) of the XRT position is small

enough to exclude a chance coincidence between the X-ray and optical bands.


another interesting fragment


The flares from SWIFT J195509+261406 had durations in the range of tens of seconds to a few

minutes and flux amplitudes of up to 102 with respect to the ``outburst'' baseline flux (or > 104

times the quiescent state). After 13 June, the activity decayed abruptly (Fig. 1) and no further

flares were seen until 22 June 07, when a late-time, lower-brightness flare was detected in the nearinfrared

(NIR) using the 8.2m VLT (+NACO). See Figure 2.



but then in Sinbad it says

2007ATel.1102....1M - The Astronomer's Telegram, 1102, 1 (2007) - 02.07.07 02.07.07

SWIFT J195509.6+261406 / GRB 070610: A potential galactic transient.


Abstract (from ADS): On 06 June 2007 20:52:26 UTC, the Swift BAT instrument detected a transient outburst of gamma-rays (originally designated GRB 070610; Pagani et al. GCN #6489), which may in fact be a galactic X-ray transient. The source, now also designated SWIFT J195509.6+261406, has the potential to be similar to the supergiant fast X-ray transient V4641 Sgr. The gamma-ray light curve had a single "FRED"-like profile, lasting about 8 seconds total, which is common for gamma-ray bursts.

two differing dates and which date is correct??


Abstract (from ADS): On 06 June 2007 20:52:26 UTC, the Swift BAT instrument detected a transient outburst of gamma-rays (originally designated GRB 070610;



At 20:52:26 UT on June 10, 2007, the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)9 aboard the

Swift Satellite10 triggered on a possible GRB of approximately 5s duration11.

Subsequent observations in the X-rays (by XRT12 and Chandra13)


and here is another report from swift that suggests the 7th June 07..

NUMBER:  6489
SUBJECT: GRB 070610: Swift detection of a burst
DATE:    07/06/10 21:03:23 GMT
FROM:    Scott Barthelmy at NASA/GSFC  <>


For myself in this research I will say there has been reported activity starting from the 6th/7th through to the 10th,




December 8th 2009


Planets forming in Pleiades star cluster, astronomers report

and here is an interesting link of a guy called Tan Dory who claims to speak with Mary and speaks of rapture soon.  This is what Mary says to him.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sun will reach Venus on Dec 21, 2012 - crop circles. ET ships ciphers. Climate change of the entire Solar system.

He claims that Mary told him that Jesus says there will be once only rapture.

Jesus: " I am passing by only once." we will only get one chance!!!
The clearest indication of Rapture

Here is full transcript.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jesus said to Dory to tell all the people: " I am passing by only once." we will only get one chance.

Sharing by Dory Tan on October 3rd (interesting parallels) 2009 in Marmora

On this First Saturday at the Tenth Station Dory shared this with us:


Dory said Our Blessed Mother was very sad today when She appeared to her. She is sad because many people are not following what She has asked of us in Her past messages. Dory said Our Blessed Mother was looking at all of us today and blessing us but She did not say much. She only reminded Dory to share with us what Her Son Jesus told her on the third Saturday in September. Jesus said to Dory to tell all the people: " I am passing by only once." Dory said we need to be ready when Jesus passes by because we will only get one chance. Our Blessed Mother has told us everything that we need to do now to be ready when Her Son Jesus passes by.

Dory is reminding us that time is very short. She said to just look around at everything that is happening in this world right now. She used her homeland in the Philippines as an example. Look how many people lost their lives, their homes and all that they had when the Typhoons swept through their country in the last few weeks. Our Blessed Mother told Dory how very blessed we are to be here. We still have time to prepare and to follow the message from Her and Her Son Jesus because we don't know the time that Jesus will pass by for each one of us. Just like the people that were swept away in the flood in the Philippines, in an instant something can happen and if we have not prepared our souls it will be too late.

Our Blessed Mother asked Dory to emphasize to all of us that just because we have our Light it does not mean that we can just sit back and do nothing. Our Blessed Mother wants us to do more, to share this Light with others, to pray for each other and to help all those in need. She has also requested through Dory that in this month of October and always, we all set aside time to say the prayers from the booklet “How to Save Your Soul.” Dory said this is a very serious request from Our Blessed Mother and She would like us to invite others to say these prayers as well. These prayers are very important to save our souls and the souls of everyone in the whole world.

Dory said Our Blessed Mother does not want us to worry. We are to just follow what She has asked us to do and when the time comes we will be with Her and Her Son Jesus in Heaven.

Jesus reminded us and said; "I am passing by only once." Will we be ready when Jesus passes by for us?

Dory ends by saying: “God Bless us all.”


Now some people don't believe him which I understand, I'm in the d\same boat with my speculation.


Claims of Private Revelation: True or False?
An Evaluation of the messages of Dory Tan at Marmora, Canada (

In my humble and pious opinion as a faithful Roman Catholic theologian, the claimed private revelations to Dory Tan and other persons at Greensides' Farm near Marmora, Ontario, Canada are not true private revelations from Heaven. A list of reasons and examples follows.

Websites for reference:

Introduction: Dory Tan claims to have received messages from Heaven since the early 1990's and through to the present year (2006). These messages are generally received at Greensides' Farm, near the town of Marmora, Ontario, Canada. A number of other persons have claimed to have received messages or seen visions at this same site, including the false prophets: Josyp Terelya and John Leary and the so-called Spring Flower (Thérèse Mallette of Montreal, Quebec, Canada).


All I know Mary or any one of us does not come back to this Earth or planet of Nativity.  Note: in the end times you will have many people claiming things which I do.  I believe this is the effect of the Spirit of truth where it affects people in there own perception of things.  The spirit of truth can only work within the capacity of an individual.


Another thing, how do we know that Tan Dory is wrong? There is another who claims himself as the last prophet and that is Benjamin Creme.  There seems to be a general perception of change that others are picking up naturally or emotively but the Ancient of Days are the Judges of things, they now what's true or false.  I leave the judgment to them. 



There is an amazing amount of commonality in the 222 or 22 and in the 5,6,7, in all the Magnetars.


I think its all purpose built.


Way beyond coincidence....better get ready!




Earthquake strikes Middle Georgia

By Josephine Bennett

Updated: 6 hours ago

Mon., December 7, 2009 1:40pm (EST)

DEEPSTEP, Ga. — A minor earthquake shook Middle Georgia on Sunday night. The quake was centered in the tiny town of Deepstep in Washington County. The United States Geological Survey says people there reported shaking and a loud noise. The tremor measured 3.2 on the Richter Scale. It was felt up to 15 (555) miles away in Baldwin County.

Area impacted by the 3.2 (2+3=5 and 3x2=6 and 5+6=11) quake (image courtesy USGS)

Andrew Newnan is a geophysicist at Georgia Tech. He says earthquakes like this occur about once a year in Georgia, and it's hard to predict where they will happen.

"We don't have any well-defined faults that earthquakes generally occur on. They seem to occur over several diffuse regions. We do have the potential for very large earthquakes, but I would say at this point there's no increased potential."

Newnan says a quake of this size translates into an approximately one centimeter shift in the Earth's crust. Three even smaller quakes have occurred in Middle Georgia this year. There were no reports of damage or injury from the quake.

Atlanta is in Georgia....Atlantis, a metaphor?


from the journey from Atlantis/1stEden??


Malawi shaken by new tremors in uranium mine area



BLANTYRE (Reuters) - Earth tremors hit Malawi for a second day on Monday and police said at least six people had been injured, two seriously, and buildings damaged in the uranium-rich northern Karonga district.

Hundreds of people fled their homes when an earthquake first struck on Sunday.

Karonga police spokesman Enock Levason told Reuters a woman and her child had been referred to Mzuzu Central hospital after a wall in their house fell on them. Four other people were being treated at a district hospital.

"The tremors are still occurring. A number of houses and school blocks have been destroyed, but we're still assessing damage in other remote parts of the district," he said.

Director of the Malawi Geological Survey Leonard Kalindekafe said his department had recorded 12 occurrences of tremors and continued to monitor the situation.

The tremors started at 1700 (5.00pm..5)GMT on Sunday and residents in Mzuzu, Malawi's third largest city about 150 km (15=555) (about 95 miles(9+5=14, 77 sevens) south of Karonga, also felt them.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported four earthquakes measuring between 5.1 and 5.8.

In 1989, a 6.6 earthquake killed at least 9 people and injured 100 in central Malawi and left another 50,000 homeless, according to the USGS.

Karonga is the site of uranium mining by Australian firm, Paladin Eenrgy.


All very familiar numbers and rather mild earthquakes.




Here is another Magnetar, Westerlund 1 that flashed us on the 16th and 22 September 2006 but detected in September 2005


A seismic event accompanied by a powerful burst was observed on one such magnetar, Westerlund 1 in September 2005. Located in a star cluster about 15 000 light-years away in the Ara constellation in the southern hemisphere, the magnetar goes by the unwieldy official name CXOU J164710.2-455216. Credits: NASA/Swift/Sonoma State University/A. Simonnet



and to think there is August 22nd 2008, Jan 22nd  2009 Magnetar,  May 16th 2009 Magnetar, a flash on 22 June 07 from June 5th Magnetar 2007and now a flash from 2006 on September 22nd 2006 just realised.


a plot



more Mag SGR1900+14

In June a team of scientists led by Dr. Chryssa Kouveliotou of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL, used NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory to detect a series of about 50 flashes from the star, a type called a Soft Gamma Repeater (SGR), known as "SGR1900+14" in the constellation Aquila. During the flashing episode, Kouveliotou's team, in collaboration with Dr. Tod Strohmayer and his colleagues at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, pointed sensitive X-ray detectors aboard NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer satellite toward the star. They found faint X-rays coming from the star, which pulsed regularly in intensity every 5.16 seconds.

These 5.16-second pulses already had been detected in April, when Dr. Kevin Hurley, University of California, Berkeley, aimed the Japanese/NASA Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (ASCA) at the star. Comparisons of the ASCA and RXTE data showed that the X-ray pulses were gradually slowing down.


Before the NASA team could announce these conclusions, SGR1900+14 emitted the tremendous flare of August 27, which was observed by almost every spacecraft with a high-energy radiation detector in space.

a plot

Another abstract


Abstract   A 6.4 keV emission line was discovered in an unusual burst from the soft gamma repeater SGR 1900+14 with the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). The line was detected in part of a complex multipeak precursor that preceded the unusual burst of 1998 August 29, i.e. two days after the giant flare of August 27 1998 from the source. The origin of the line was not firmly identified and two possible interpretations were equally plausible including (a) Kα fluorescence from a small iron rich material that was ejected to the magnetosphere during the August 27 flare, and (b) proton or α-particle cyclotron resonance. If the iron scenario was correct, we expect to find evidence for the line during the intervening interval between the flare and the August 29 burst, i.e. on August 28. Here we present the results of the August 28 burst observation, taken with RXTE. We detect a total of seven bursts whose individual and joint spectra do not show evidence for spectral lines. We also investigated a sample of nine bursts before and after the August 29 burst (from 1998 June to December) that do not reveal evidence for a spectral line near 6.4 keV or elsewhere. These results disfavor the iron scenario and make the proton/α-particle cyclotron resonance interpretation more plausible. The appearance of the emission line in part of a complex burst and its absence from the studied sample indicate that the line is likely due to a transient phenomenon that may depend on the burst morphology, energetics and the properties of the emission region.


Sinbad information.

SGR 1900+14


and more info


and wikipedia

SGR 1900+14

SGR 1900+14, is located in the constellation of Aquila about 20,000 light-years away. It is an example of an intensely magnetic star, known as a magnetar, which is thought to arise from a fairly recent supernova explosion; only four are known to exist for certain within our Milky Way Galaxy. Could be a possible super-magnetic quark star.

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope detected a mysterious ring around SGR 1900+14 at two narrow infrared frequencies in 2005 and 2007. The 2007 Spitzer image showed no discernible change in the ring after two years. The ring measures seven light-years across. The origin of the ring is currently unknown and is the subject of an article in the May 29, 2008 issue of the journal Nature.

SGR 1900+14



and here is a report of a flash detected on the 21st Dec 04 til Dec 22nd 04?


NUMBER:  2896
SUBJECT: Very high activity of SGR 1806-20
DATE:    04/12/22 16:57:06 GMT
FROM:    Dmitry Frederiks at Ioffe Institute  <>

S. Golenetskii, R.Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks and
T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team, report:

During 21 December more than 30 SGR-like bursts
were detected by Konus-Wind and Helicon-Coronas-F
with peak fluxes varied from 5e-7 to 8e-5 erg /cm2 s.
The time interval between bursts varied from seconds to hours.

The triangulation of several these bursts
indicated that their origin is SGR 1806-20.

This is the second series of bursts from this source.
The previous one was detected on 5 October (GCN 2769).
Now we have the data till
01:28 UT December 22.
The last burst is seen at 00:50:52 s UT in
the Helicon background data.

Details on triangulation and the full list of bursts
with their characteristics will be given later.


and another report


NUMBER:  6775
SUBJECT: Intense burst from SGR 1806-20 detected on
September 7
07/09/10 16:59:15 GMT
FROM:    Valentin Pal'shin at Ioffe Inst  <val at>

S. Golenetskii, R. Aptekar, E. Mazets, V. Pal'shin, D. Frederiks,
and T. Cline on behalf of the Konus-Wind team,

J. Cummings, S. Barthelmy, N. Gehrels, H. Krimm, and D. Palmer
on behalf of the Swift-BAT team,

K. Hurley, A. von Kienlin, G. Lichti, A. Rau, D. Gotz, and
S. Mereghetti, on behalf of the INTEGRAL GRB team,

An intense, short SGR-like event triggered Konus-Wind
at 2007-09-07 T0=60387.314 s UT (16:46:27.314).
It was also detected by Swift-BAT (out FoV) and INTEGRAL-SPI-ACS.
It was not detected by any other IPN spacecraft.

We have triangulated this burst to the Konus-BAT annulus
centered at RA(2000)=330.018 (22h 00m 04s)  Dec(2000)=-7.254 (-7d 15'
14"), whose radius is 57.445 +/- 0.407 deg (3 sigma)
and to the Konus-SPI-ACS annulus
centered at RA(2000)=328.332 (21h 53m 20s)  Dec(2000)=-1.259 (-1d 15'
31"), whose radius is 58.080 +/- 0.653 deg (3 sigma).
The center lines of these annuli pass 0.041 deg from the position of SGR
1806-20 (correspondingly 0.3 and 0.2 sigma). They are inconsistent with
the positions of all other known SGRs. The Konus ecliptic latitude
response indicates that the source of the burst is near the ecliptic
plane. Thus we conclude that this burst originated from SGR 1806-20.

The burst light curve shows a ~30-ms long spike at T-T0 ~-0.240 s
followed by the main pulse with a duration of ~2 s, and
a small hump at T-T0 ~5.9 s with a duration of ~100 ms.
The Earth-crossing time of the first spike was 60384.6 s UT (16:46:24.6).

As observed by Konus-Wind the burst had a fluence of
1.47(-0.05, +0.04)x10^-5 erg/cm2, and a 16-ms peak flux
measured from T0+0.016 s of (1.67 +/- 0.21)x10^-5 erg/cm2
(both in the 20-200 keV range).

The spectrum of the burst (from T0 to T0+8.448) can be fitted
(in the 20-200 keV range) by the OTTB spectral model:
dN/dE ~ E^{-1} exp(-E/kT)
with kT = 20.9 +/- 0.9 keV (chi2 = 36/27 dof).

All the quoted errors are at 90% c.l.

The Konus-Wind light curve of this burst is available

The last burst from SGR 1806-20 to trigger Konus-Wind
was on
July 27, 2007 (Golenetskii et al., GCN 6684).

Additional smaller bursts have been detected by BAT at
2007-09-09 22:45:36 and 2007-09-10 05:31:06 UT


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