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Oh well here some private study, it is the rejected message as we know now.

Ive done a search on Google regarding prophecies of Aquila since Im expecting a Magnetar close to the Aquila position in the next Magnetar.

So lets have a look at the future "prophecies of Aquila"

Here is a good book links which equates Aquila in type for a renewal of the Church but in this case a Complete Planetary renewal.

Here is a link that link Aquila with prophecy in someone's analysis

Its all happens in the same locations as the Magnetars

Our Universe Capital is in the dust cloud of Sagittarius and our local system capital Jerusem is very close to Aquila  If a magnetar were to occur there, the symbol would complete including the journey to a degree and would be regarded as a sign from heaven.  All the action is happening near our Local Capital Headquarters.


and look at this Metaphor of today of Aquila in the times of the Greeks

The story behind the name: In the ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, the constellation Aquila is seen as the shape of a flying bird. The pattern contains three prominent stars that can be seen to outline the wings of a bird, but are also the focus of quite different myths in eastern and far eastern cultures. In Indian mythology the three stars are said to be the footprints of Vishnu, the god who preserves the universe. In the mythologies of China, Japan and Korea, Altair, Aquila's brightest star, is part of a myth related to another bright star, Vega, in the configuration known as the Summer Triangle. Altair represents a royal herdsman and Vega represents the Sun king. The herdsman falls in love with the king's daughter and marries her, but they are banished to opposite sides of a "river" (the Milky Way) for being so in love that they neglect their duties. They are said to be able to reunite when birds span the river. The birds associated with the myth are magpies, but may have been inspired by the two bird-shaped constellations, Aquila and Cygnus, that appear in this area of the Milky Way. This love story is still celebrated by a Japanese festival.

In Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, the constellation Aquila has been identified with a bird since the first millennium B.C.E. The Arabic and Persian names for the constellation and its main stars refer to an eagle and its parts (wings, tail, etc.). The eagle was seen by many ancient cultures as a bird with royal associations and this link carried over into Greek mythology. The eagle is sometimes identified as a servant of Zeus, king of the Greek gods. An eagle was keeper of the the thunderbolts which were Zeus's signature weapon. There are legends of Zeus using the disguise of an eagle, in one seducing Aegina, daughter of the river-god Asopus, in another carrying off the beautiful youth Ganymede, son of King Tros (of Troy), to serve as cupbearer to the gods. Possibly as a reward for its services, possibly as a symbol of his own royalty, Zeus is said to have placed the image of an eagle in the sky.

How reflective of this journey and the outcome and where we are following the adventures of Magnetar.


Here is a Uranographia, how interesting is that.


Aquila   The Eagle
This is a bird who has the power to bring rain and is the keeper of Zeus' lightning bolts.

The ancient places are the lightening bolts

and more

THE AETOS DIOS was a giant, golden eagle which served as Zeus' personal messenger and animal companion. According to some, the eagle was once a mortal king named Periphas, whose virtuous rule was so celebrated that he was came to be honoured like a god. Zeus, in anger, would have smote him with a thunderbolt, but Apollon intervened and, transforming the king into an eagle, set him beside the throne of Zeus. In other accounts, Zeus adopted the eagle as his bird when it first appeared to him before the Titan War as a sign of good omen. The eagle was later sent by Zeus to carry the handsome youth Ganymedes up to heaven to become the cupbearer of the gods.

Like in this journey to the ancient places with all the tools of change for the Destiny of the Planet.

The bird received a place amongst the stars as the constellation Aquila. Its consort was Lyra, the heavenly vulture.

Zeus abducts Ganymedes to heaven, sweeping him up in the form of a giant eagle. The young Trojan prince holds a staff, and wears a Phrygian cap.

GANYMEDES was a handsome, young Trojan prince who was carried off to heaven by Zeus, or his eagle, to be the god's lover and cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymedes also received a place amongst the stars as the constellation Aquarius, his ambrosial mixing cup became the Krater, and the eagle Aquila. Ganymedes was frequently represented as the god of homosexual love, and as such appears as a playmate of the love-gods Eros (Love) and Hymenaios (Marital Love). (Well I dont know about the homosexual thing in this but we can see beyond this) Obviously this is downgrade of the spiritual relationship between GanyMedes and Zeus.

Ganymedes was depicted in Greek vase painting as a handsome boy. In the abduction scene his attributes were usually a rooster (a lover's gift), a hoop (a boy's toy), or a lyre. When portrayed as the cup-bearer of the gods he is shown pouring nectar from a jug. In sculpture and mosaic art, on the other hand, Ganymedes usually appears with shepherd's crock and a Phrygian cap.

The boy's name was derived from the Greek words ganumai "gladdening" and mêdon or medeôn, "prince" or "genitals." The name may have been formed to contain a deliberate double-meaning.


and look what its related to The House of Dionysus and my name means the Servant of Dionysus


Museum Collection: Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, Kato Paphos, Cyprus
Catalogue Number: TBA
Type: Floor Mosaic
Context: Paphos, House of Dionysos
Date: C3rd AD
Period: Imperial Roma
Context: Paphos, House of Dionysos
Date: C3rd AD
Period: Imperial Romann

Paphos, House of Dionysos

Having a chuckle!

and this, some points

The Eagle. It is said in the old Greek myths that during the ten-year war between the followers of Zeus and the giant Titans, a magnificent eagle, known to us as Aquila, was ever by the side of Zeus waiting to carry his thunderbolts down to kill the monstrous Titans.  It was for his loyalty that the eagle was given a position among the stars as the constellation Aquila.

(Like a metaphor for today precisely, it as a rapture before the great Event that we are in now!)

At least as early as 1200 B.C. this constellation was known as the Eagle.  Stone carvings of that age showing the constellation have been found.  The constellation also has been called the Bird of Zeus and the King of Birds

The Arabs have called Aquila the Flying Eagle, also the Crow or Raven.

The Persians called Aquila the Falcon and the Flying Vulture while the Turks called it the Hunting Eagle.

The Chinese have a story about a weaving Princess and her cowherd lover.  Chih Nu (Vega) was the daughter of the Sun-God. She was a most clever and deft weaving and spinning artist and could make the most exquisite tapestries. One sunny summer day she happened to look out of the palace window and saw her father's herdsman driving the flock of the King along the banks of the Milky Way. As so often happens in love stories, their glances met and both knew that this was love at first sight. The King who had been worried about his daughter's future was delighted when he heard about their romance, especially as the herdsman Ch'ien Niu (Altair) was a very conscientious worker who had always looked after the royal flock with the utmost care

and the Wikipedia

Aquila (constellation)

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List of stars in Aquila






the Eagle

Right ascension:

20 h




652 sq. deg. (22nd)

Main stars:




Stars with
known planets:


Bright stars:


Nearby stars:


Brightest star:

Altair (α Aql) (0.77m)

Nearest star:

Altair (α Aql) (16.72 ly)

Messier objects:


Meteor showers:

June Aquilids
Epsilon Aquilids


Serpens Cauda

Visible at latitudes between +85° and −75°
Best visible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) during the month of August


Aquila (pronounced /ˈækwɨlə/ or /əˈkwɪlə/) is a constellation. Its name is Latin for 'eagle' and it is commonly represented as such. It lies roughly at the celestial equator. The alpha star, Altair, is a vertex of the Summer Triangle asterism.


Named Stars

Bayer designation







the bird




the (peregrine) falcon




the beam of the scale


Deneb el Okab


the tail of the falcon


Deneb el Okab


the tail of the falcon






Tseen Foo


the heavenly raft(er)


Al Thalimain


the two ostriches


Al Thalimain


the two ostriches

Everything has metaphor to this journey.

Everything fits and matches to the scenario,


The Summer Triangle

The Summer Triangle

The Summer Triangle ~ Transformation Gateway
Additional information, from's Night Sky

The group of stars in the heavens known as the Summer Triangle is visible all winter long, as well as high in the sky throughout the summer. Go out just after sunset, face southwest, and look straight up into the indigo sky. You will see three bright stars forming an isosceles triangle. This triangle consists of the constellations Lyra, the Harp, with Vega as its most prominent star; Aquila, the Eagle, Altair being its first magnitude star, and Cygnus, the Swan, Deneb its brightest star. Altair is the apex of this isosceles triangle, with Deneb and Vega forming the base.

DENEB: From the name of a star in the constellation Cygnus, from Arabic dhanab, meaning "tail."

Altair / Aquila

Aquila represents an eagle, the thunderbird of the Greeks. In Greek and Roman mythology the eagle was the bird of Zeus, carrying and returning thunderbolts the wrathful god hurled at his enemies. Yet the eagle was involved in love as well as war.

The constellations of the Eagle and the Swan are linked in an account from Hyginus. Zeus fell in love with the goddess Nemesis but when she resisted his advances, he turned himself into a swan and had Aphrodite pretend to pursue him in the form of an eagle. Nemesis gave refuge to the escaping swan, only to find herself in the embrace of Zeus. To commemorate this successful trick, Zeus placed the images of swan and eagle in the sky.

Originally called in Latin Vultur Volans the Flying Vulture, or in England the Flying Grype, Aquila represents the eagle, thought to be Jupiter himself. The constellation's brightest star Altair itself derives from Al Nasr al Tair, translating to the Flying Eagle.

According to one story, Aquila is the eagle that snatched up the beautiful Trojan boy Ganymede, son of King Tros, to become the cup bearer of the gods. Ovid says Zeus turned himself into an eagle, guarding the arrow of Eros that made Zeus love-struck.

For the Hindus, with Aquila’s beta (Alshain) and gamma (Tarazed) stars, and its brightest Altair, this constellation constituted the twenty-first Hindu nakshatra Sravana, the Ear, and probably was at first so drawn Although also known as Crona, which means Lame, or as Acvattha, the Sacred Fig Tree — as Vishnu was regent of the asterism, these stars represent the Three Footsteps with which that god strode through the heavens.

In astrology Altair was a mischief-maker and portended danger from reptiles. And according to Ptolemy, Aquila’s influence is similar to that of Mars and Jupiter — it is said to indicate great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research.

There are two birds to be seen in the heavens close to Sagittariusone, Aquila the Eagle flying straight into the face of the sun; the bird out of time and space, the symbol of immortality, the symbol of that secret hidden thing that lies back of our souls. We are told that matter or form is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul, and soul on a higher turn of the spiral is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are a Trinity unified by the life that pervades them all


Deneb / Cygnus

The other constellation is Cygnus, symbol of Soul. The aspirant looks to the left and to the right: to the right seeing Aquila and says to them self, "I am spirit flying straight for my home." And looking to the other side, seeing Cygnus, the Swan, with its four stars in the form of a cross, the disciple says, "I am the soul crucified in matter from which I shall release myself."

Combining the constellation Aquila — the eagle in the U.S. standard — with the arrows of the constellation Sagittarius, together with the cross of Cygnus — the Red Cross — tells us what the United States stands for.

and about Lyra

The Occultation of Orion

... with its celestial keys,
Its chords of air, its frets of fire,
The Samian's great Aeolian lyre,
Rising through all its sevenfold bars,
From Earth unto the fixed stars ...

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

GANYMEDES A handsome Trojan prince. He was seized and carried off to heaven by an eagle sent down by Zeus, to become the cup-bearer of the gods. The eagle and boy were subsequently placed amongst the stars as the constellations Aquila and Aquarius. (Hyginus 2.16 and 2.29)


DEUCALION An early Greek king who managed to survive the great Deluge that was sent by Zeus to destroy mankind. Because so much rain fell during his reign he was represented amongst the stars as the Water-Pourer. (Hyginus 2.29 on Hegesianax)


Another link

This first Quicktime movie shows the path of Comet McNaught in January 2007. The stimulating dynamics of Comet McNaught add to the Jan 18, 2007

Runs through all the interesting space places.

He was also known as Bacchus[2] and the frenzy he induces, bakkheia. He is the patron deity of agriculture and the theatre. He was also known as the Liberator

(Eleutherios), freeing one from one's normal self, by madness, ecstasy, or wine.[3] The divine mission of Dionysus was to mingle the music of the aulos and to bring an end to care and worry.

Dionysus is equated with both Bacchus and Liber (also Liber Pater). Liber ("the free one") was a god of fertility, wine, and growth, married to Libera. His festival was the Liberalia, celebrated on March 17, but in some myths the festival was also held on March 5.


Sculpture of Dionysus, commissioned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Qingdao Beer. Qingdao Beer Museum, Qingdao, Shandong province, China.

Dionysus sometimes has the epithet Acratophorus, by which he was designated as the giver of unmixed wine, and worshipped at Phigaleia in Arcadia.  In Sicyon he was worshiped by the name Acroreites.[14] As Bacchus, he carried the Latin epithet Adoneus, "Ruler".[15] Aegobolus, "goat killer", was the name under which he was worshiped at Potniae in Boeotia.[16] As Aesymnetes ("ruler" or "lord") he was worshipped at Aroë and Patrae in Achaea. Another epithet was Bromios, "the thunderer" or "he of the loud shout". As Dendrites, "he of the trees", he is a powerful fertility god. Dithyrambos is sometimes used to refer to him or to solemn songs sung to him at festivals; the name refers to his premature birth. Eleutherios ("the liberator") was an epithet for both Dionysus and Eros. Other forms of the god as that of fertility include the epithet in Samos and Lesbos Enorches ("with balls"[17] or perhaps "in the testicles" in reference to Zeus' sewing the babe Dionysus into his thigh, i.e., his testicles).[18] Evius is an epithet of his used prominently in Euripides' play, The Bacchae. Iacchus, possibly an epithet of Dionysus, is associated with the Eleusinian Mysteries; in Eleusis, he is known as a son of Zeus and Demeter. The name "Iacchus" may come from the Ιακχος (Iakchos), a hymn sung in honor of Dionysus. With the epithet Liknites ("he of the winnowing fan") he is a fertility god connected with the mystery religions. A winnowing fan was similar to a shovel and was used to separate the chaff from the grain. In addition, Dionysus is known as Lyaeus ("he who unties") as a god of relaxation and freedom from worry, and as Oeneus he is the god of the wine press.

In the Greek pantheon, Dionysus (along with Zeus) absorbs the role of Sabazios, a Thracian/Phrygian deity. In the Roman pantheon, Sabazius became an alternate name for Bacchus.[19]

As Dendrites, "he of the trees"

Another epithet is Dendrites; as Dionysus Dendrites ("he of the trees"), he is a powerful fertility god.

Dennis = Dionysus,

Dionysus Dendrites = he of the trees.

Like in the Trees of Eden seen by Nostradamus, Dennis seems like the man.

Dionysus is also referred to "Iacchus" Iacchus = Jesus

Jesus in his life experience was also like a Dionysus who was killed on a cross and was resurrected,  Dionysus was a young God in Greek myth.'s_Crusade

Dionysus was the last deity to join the 12 Gods  of Olympus

Hestia gave up her position as an Olympian to Dionysus


I just watched a documentary of Steven from France who led a group of children and other followers to the New Jerusalem but were betrayed.  Well I hope this path leads to the new Jerusalem in fulfillment of Stevens quest.

Steven of the Children's Crusade

The Children's Crusade is a mysterious event that took place around 1212, when, according to scattered comments in chronicles, thousands of children undertook to free the Holy Land. Actually, according to the reports, there were two separate crusades each led by a shepherd boy, Stephen in France and Nicholas in Germany, who, independent of each other, marched to points in Italy where the movements dissipated.



The Constellation  

The Greeks may have inherited Delphinus from India, where is was also identified with a dolphin or porpoise. According to one Greek myth, the musician named Arion was the greatest singer who ever existed.  He was the court musician for the King of Corinth, Periander.  The  Dolphin.

So great was Arion's fame that he made a tour of Sicily.

The Arabs called the constellation Al Ka'ud, "the Riding Camel.

"The early Christians saw Delphinus as the Cross of Jesus.

and check this out Delphinus

Correction on positioning A Further Realisation A Further Realisation New Magnetar Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. Delphimuis Connection to the Early Christian recognition as the sign of the Cross Magnetar Magnetar Jan22nd Google Ancient places New Magnetar Local System Headquaters The World of the Cross..The Urantia Book


Icon 1 posted 01-30-2009 02:48 AM

Just been doing some private research access by a link in the above.

I just found this.. Wow!

"The early Christians saw Delphinus as the Cross of Jesus.

And look at the Symbol, the World of the Cross found through the adventures of Magnetar at Delphinus. yea!!!


This goes back to the Early Christians, they must of foresaw this, I didn't know this. According to the above Delphinus is very significant with the cross. Certainly gives today's experience confirmation.


Some Links

Delphinus was one of Ptolemy's original constellations from around 1200BC. The Greeks may have inherited the dolphin idea from India where it was known as a dolphin even earlier. The Arabs called the constellation Al Ka'ud, "the Riding Camel." Early Christians referred to the four main stars as Job's coffin.

and this

Job’s Coffin
The name given to a small but well-defined rhombus of stars in the constellation Delphinus. The four stars making up the Coffin are Sualocin, Rotanev, Delta and Gamma Delphini.


The messenger who succeeded in this task was the dolphin Delphinus. Amphitrite was so beguiled by Delphinus' pleadings she relented and returned to Poseidon and became the Queen of the Sea. They had many children.

Delphinus was later put in the heavens as a constellation by a grateful Poseidon.

The asterism is rather curious, for its four main stars form a rectangle called "Job's Coffin". This is probably a hang-over from the time Delphinus was interpreted as a whale, as in Chapter 41 of Job where God challenged Job: "Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook?" However there is no reference to Job being swallowed by a whale, as happened with Jonah, so the name Job's Coffin remains a bit of a mystery.

and this Delphinus*.html

In Greece it also was Ἵερος Ἰχθύς, the Sacred Fish, the creature being of as much religious significance there as a fish afterwards became among the early Christians; and it was the sky emblem of philanthropy, not only from the classical stories connected with its prototype, but also from the latter's devotion to its young. It should be remembered that our stellar Dolphin is figured as the Common cetacean, Delphinus delphis, of Atlantic and Mediterranean waters, not the tropical Coryphaena that Dorado represents.


The Arabs knew the constellation as a camel, and named it Al Ka'ud or "the Riding Camel", while the Hebrews knew it as Jonah's big fish. Early Christians saw it as the Cross of Jesus, and the Hindu as Zizumara, a porpoise. To the Greek it was the Sacred Fish, and has been the sky emblem of philanthropy

Interesting book fragment.




Catholic View , ah yeah no mention of Delphinus and yet the fish comes from Delphinus, the sign of the Cross and found today.



(Latin delphinus).

The use of the dolphin as a Christian symbol is connected with the general ideas underlying the more general use of the fish. The particular idea is that of swiftness and celerity symbolizing the desire with which Christians, who are thus represented as being sharers in the nature of Christ the true Fish, should seek after the knowledge of Christ. Hence the representation is generally of two dolphins tending towards the sacred monogram or some other emblem of Christ. In other cases the particular idea is that of love and tenderness. Aringhi (Roma Subterr., II, 327) gives an example of a dolphin with a heart, and other instances have some such motto as PIGNUS AMORIS HABES (i.e. thou hast a pledge of love). It is sometimes used as an emblem of merely conjugal love on funeral monuments. With an anchor the dolphin occurs frequently on early Christian rings, representing the attachment of the Christian to Christ crucified. Speaking generally, the dolphin is the symbol of the individual Christian, rather than of Christ Himself, though in some instances the dolphin with the anchor seems to be intended as a representation of Christ upon the Cross


Mars Rover Team Diagnosing Unexpected Behavior

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Early Tuesday, Spirit reported that it had tried to follow the commands, but had not located the sun."

"Among other possible causes, the team is considering a hypothesis of transitory effects from cosmic rays hitting electronics. On Tuesday, Spirit apparently used its non-volatile memory properly."


Here is a presentation of the roots of evolutionary religion adopted in much of our Doctrine and Doctrine.  Christianity needs a new slogan to depart from this evolutionary path to the revelatory path of Jesus found in the book written by the Kingdom of Heaven, The Urantia Book..  It is necessary for Christianity and all religions to go through a correction.  However there is a path open and that is through the Urantia Book and I believe the connection to the ancient places is also part of it in the demonstration.



What stars which constellation?

Sagittarius, Lyra, Aquila, Sagitta

Capricorn, Cygnus, Delphinus, Pisces Australis

Aquarius, Equuleus, Pegasus, Cetus

No Im looking at the Mazzaroth in Job and thinking about the Plaides

The Pleiades (/ˈplaɪədiːz/, also /ˈpliːədiːz/), (in Greek, Πλειάδες /pleiˈades/, Modern /pliˈaðes/), companions of Artemis, were the seven daughters of the titan Atlas and the sea-nymph Pleione born on Mount Cyllene. They are the sisters of Calypso, Hyas, the Hyades, and the Hesperides. The Pleiades were nymphs in the train of Artemis, and together with the seven Hyades were called the Atlantides, Dodonides, or Nysiades, nursemaids and teachers to the infant Bacchus.

Know Bacchus was Dionysus and Dionysus means Dennis or Servant of Dionysus (Name Dennis comes from Dionysus the Greek god of wine.)

So what Im getting at is that I was born May 14th 1961, I am a Taurus, my mother is an Aquarian and my Father is a Capricorn.  It happens that Aquarius and Capricorn are very close to Delphinus and Magnetar Activity.

My name is Dennis ..The thing is the cross as discovered in the images is between Aquarius and Capricorn and Im a Taurus...maybe there is something in it who knows.

Another thing about this journey is that the full name have all meanings and reflections in prophecy that range from Christianity to Islam and even Zoroastrianism.  Everything is reflected.  Here is another example.

Dennis = Sevens.

I used Sevens as a nickname purely because of the index,  At the time it was Sevenfoldbooks, so I used Sevens as the author,  I had no knowledge of anything like this, including my name and how it relates to Sevens in the natural run of things.

Look at this interpretation of Dennis and how it relates to Sevens.

Another number addressing this is 49, which is Karen's number and is 7 x 7. While it's synonymous with Pentecost: the descending of the Holy Ghost, which occurs 49 days or 7 weeks after Easter, and means the 50th day. And so signifies the name Dennis: as portrayed by the Greek letter delta, which means the fourth, and the word ennis, which in Greek means the ninth. Thus you have "D" (4) + "ennis" (9) or, Dennis (49).

And 49 is 7x7....Sevens

or even

if you take 9 - 4=5
that is the 5th month May, Taurus, in my case.

So in Taurus is the Pleides or maybe The Pleiades.

From Job we read; "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleides,
or loose the bands of Orion?

I just wonder if the above is related to this journey somehow, in reflection and is the loosing the bands of Orion like loosening the Mystery in this case?  Could the loosening of bands be related to the opening of the broadcast circuits?  Loosening the bands that restrict the broadcast circuits from delivering its messages of the local system, thus the quarantine!.  Could the Sons of Acturus be some how related to the operations of the broadcast circuits?  Could the local system headquarters be related to the Mazzaroth?  Is the Mazzoroth, the local system headquarters?  The sweet influences of Pleiades could be the spiritual influences that emanate from the local system headquarters that provide reassurance and has a nice spiritual influence.  I believe the broadcast systems work through the Magnetars through directionalised light and related to flashes that are purposely sent to convey a message in symbolic numbers that relates to our symbols, like the crop circles. What we are seeing with the Magnetars are only very elementary operations in directionalised light broadcasts.

In the following, its like the Universe and man in guidance, together.  Like what we have in this situation with the Magnetar or Mazzaroth for that matter.  I expected it and it came and lead to some fantastic discoveries today.  I expect another Magnetar soon and maybe in Aquila.  If that occurred that would like the Job verse.

"canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?"

Canst thou bring forth Mazzoroth in his
season? or  Job 38: 31,32

In other words can the heaven respond to man or a man.  Will the heavens respond to a individual?  Like in this journey.  I awaited a Magnetar and it came and through the interpretation of it great symbols were realized which relates to our past and future.

From Job we read; "Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleides,
or loose the bands of Orion? Canst thou bring forth Mazzoroth in his
season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?" Job 38: 31,32

Also in the book of Job there is reference to Cetus, the sea
monster, and to Draco, the great dragon. In Job 38:32 "Canst thou
bring forth Mazzaroth in his season?" Mazzaroth is a Hebrew word
which means "The constellations of the zodiac." In what may be the
oldest book in all of human history, we find that the constellations
of the zodiac were already clearly known and understood.

Interesting fragment

Zec 6:12-13 (KJV)  12: And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts, saying, Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH; and he shall grow up out of his place, and he shall build the temple of the LORD:  13: Even he shall build the temple of the LORD; and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne: and the counsel of peace shall be between them both.

and I think the following has complete reflection to the journey "10 He does great things
past finding out"

Job 9:7-10  He commands the sun, and it does not rise; He seals off the stars;
8  He alone spreads out the heavens, And treads on the waves of the sea;
9  He made the
Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades , And the chambers of the south;

10 He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number. NKJV


Think about this, the branch is an extension of the main branch or trunk.  Why couldn't this journey be an extension of the ministry of Jesus in the resurrection of truth?  In name it seems perfect, the individuals name fits to all characters as foreseen. What are we talking about, the ancient places.

Ok this stage Im looking into specific prophecies about Dionysus that may direct connection to this journey.  Here is a fragment from search of the prophecies of Dionysus.

What is the reason for this tremendous excitement, this deep trance? The world man knows, in which he has settled himself so securely that world is no more. The turbulence has swept it away. Everything has been transformed. The primeval world has stepped into the foreground, the depths of reality have been opened, the elemental forms of everything that is creative, everything that is destructive, have arisen, bringing with them infinite rapture and infinite terror. The innocent picture of a well- ordered routine world has been shattered by their coming, and they bring with them no illusions or fantasies but truth - a truth that brings on madness.

The above appears to be related to change where the truth appears, reveals itself of itself.  Shattering everything.  There appears to be coming which is no doubt related of the coming of Jesus to Judge the age.  The truth is brought forth and all allusions and error just disappear.  A new world.  Dionysus or Dennis is the individual involved in this great change through truth and it appears to be involved in the prophecies of Dionysus.  From what I can see and from my experience.

Rocks split open, and streams of water gush forth. Everything that has been locked up is released. The alien and the hostile unite in miraculous harmony. Age-old laws have suddenly lost their power, and even the dimensions of time and space are no longer valid.

That's right the rock of truth splits open all the truth is revealed and not hidden any more with one foot in the sea and on foot on the land with a little book in his hand.  Old age looses it power which may reflect the tree of life in the future for the elect from this time.

And look at this piece

The same miracle which calls forth nourishing streams from the hard and the rigid also bursts chains asunder, causes walls to fall in ruins. Dionysus is the "liberator" In the Bacchae of Euripides, the maenads who have been thrown into prison at the king's command are suddenly free again. The chains dropped from their feet of their own accord, and the locked doors swung open untouched by any hand. To open that which has been locked away is also to reveal the invisible and the future. Dionysus, himself, is a prophet, and the bacchic revel is filled with the spirit of prophecy.

A two in one miracle which brings forth change.  I mean to say this piece is completely reflective of this specific journey and the individual involved down to the name.  Also the name of his mother was foreseen in the Quran.  Amina or Ina is the key.  I cant help to see this, I find it fascinating.  Everything that I see in Dionysus is reflect in this personal private journey to the ancient places for sure.  Im becoming more convinced everyday.  We are dealing with the invisible being revealed, we are speaking about prophecy and blending them from all sources that point to this journey.  We are unlocking truth that will bring liberty to the captives.  Im sure Jesus new this time and somehow his life reflected Dionysus of the past in fulfillment but also assisted the Dionysus in name of the end times reflecting the individual in type at the end by living out the life of Dionysus used as a marker.

However,  I dont think this Dionysus in the end times dies on a cross as reflected in the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Dionysus of the past which includes the life, death and resurrection has been lived out in fulfilled by the Sovereign Jesus or Iaesus.   The Dionysus of this time or the Dennis is in the resurrection phase with Jesus.  The Dionysus of this day is born for the journey of  the ancient places and deals with the resurrection phase of the truth of our past which includes multiple discoveries and realizations of the ancient places of past epochs which has all to do with change and uplift.  This Dionysus of the End times resurrects the truth from Ancient times with Jesus together as one unit walking with Jesus.  The Sovereign guiding the boat with Dionysus of today who demonstrates this revealing of the Hidden in his witness whose basis of the research is the Urantia Book the small new book written by the hand of the Father with the human counterpart, Dionysus researching and discovering ancient things with one foot in the Sea and the other foot on dry land talking away and finding the links which points to the ancient places being both on land and water.

I dont want to upset anyone but I believe I am reflected in all the books of religion and which does include Islam and connected to the revealing of the hidden by Jesus.    Further I am also reflected through the story of Dionysus not in the complete life but in the resurrection phase of the Young to speak fro ancient times.  My complete name and birth is all reflected in this journey even to my nickname Sevens and that is reflected in my name to.   Dennis = 49 7x7 Sevens  By Jesus living out the life of Dionysus, he was pointing the end time human counterpart and did everything for him and prepared the way for him in self identification, Jesus fulfilled his life in the good types of Dionysus thus also pointing to the end time human counterpart called Dionysus who will deliver the end time message for mankind in his witness of the journey to the ancient places.  Jesus was a laying path to the end times through his life and through the life of Dionysius pointing to end time human counterpart in name which includes the journey of the ancient places, revealing the hidden which would only be about the past.  This Dionysus is accompanied in his journey by a new book that will demonstrate itself and which it is has already!

In saying all this about Dionysus, Jesus didn't live out all the life of Dionysus as some of the life of Dionysus as depicted wouldn't arise to the standards of a Son of God only the essence the higher essences of Dionysus life  that Jesus could use for the future purpose of mankind, in his presentation which is part of the presentation of the resurrection of the past for the future...

The resurrection of the truth, in truth and through demonstration. I believe this journey is only thing happening in religion, there is nothing like this and it is perfect in all aspects and it will produce change except for the English and grammar....ahahaha oh well.  Man can choose to ignore this but there is an appointed time and I always felt when this Dionysus reveals himself through his own discoveries of himself in the books of prophecy the time of the end draws close.


The again I could be totally wrong, Eh! We can test these things by going to the ancient places.

But then again if I am right and people continue to avoid this truth coming to pass and if judgment does actually comes and because of this fulfillment It could be severe for everyone especially for neglecting the purposes of God.

To test this out, we all have to go exploring the truth to see if this is right or wrong.  One way of doing this is by verifying the ancient places.  Like in an expedition to the ancient places....simple!  Failing that, judgment will probably come and this is witnessed by the fact that in the Dead Sea Scrolls. God does ask "Why did you not listen to my last Servant?  I dont think a man can reverse his decision in this case.  Jesus does confirm judgment and he will come to judge the age!  One way is through illumination and enlightenment of our origins and spirituality but we neglect the Heritage of the Ages then we are in serious trouble!

Verification is required so that man knows were he comes from and where his going!  People of the world that make this happen have to put their hand up and become part of the quest.  There is no finer moment than now in the path of the ancient places in the turning of the Destiny of our World into a better place to live.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God

Some fragment I copied from this Blog.

"From a world standpoint, overpopulation has never been a serious problem in the past, but if war is lessened and science increasingly controls human diseases, it may become a serious problem in the near future. At such a time the great test of the wisdom of world leadership will present itself." -- UB

"A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world societyat the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standardof living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible."- United Nations (Global Biodiversity Assessment)

"The complete secularization of science, education, industry, and society can lead only to disaster." -- UB

"The greatest hope for the Earth lies in religionists and scientists uniting to awaken the world to its near fatal predicamentand then leading mankind out of the bewildering maze of international crises into the future Utopia of humanist hope."- Club of Rome (Goals for Mankind)

"...the spiritual brotherhood of man will forever insure good will among all men. And there is no other way whereby peace on earth and good will among men can be realized." -- UB

"The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man."- Club of Rome (Mankind at the Turning Point)

"When the provisions of endless mercy and nameless patience have been exhausted in an effort to win the loyalty and devotion of the will creatures of the realms, justice and righteousness will prevail. That which mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will eventually annihilate...

The wages of sin is death."
-- UB

From here


A Black hole feeding in a Galaxy close to us.

What these scientist are finding is all written in the Urantia Book.  They are confirming what is already given to us through the UB.



Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:56 am

When Nostradamus speaks of the "Trees of Eden" I think he speaks of the Men from Eden in the last days.


Direct Link To This Post Posted: Today at 19:32 1stFeb 09

It really could be in a number of places, the whole valley was home to a high level civilization.  I'm sure are anomalies located throughout this great Valley.

Actually the whole valley is like one big anomaly as 4 major civilizations emanated out of this place.  Was it in Anushirvan or ShirVan where the Great Koros was born?  I think it was Zoroaster who accompanied the great Koros in the battle field.

That valley including Shirvan and Zavarom are the most fascinating places steeped in mystery.  I'm not sure whether the people who currently live in ShirVan realize how big this is for area.

Well for me its big news for Shirvan and the valley.  Its just incredible that the world was affected by those in that small narrow fertile belt who came out of there.

I also have genetic evidence that Adamson/Ratta came out of that area 37,000 years ago throughout the whole central Asian area through their progeny on through to Europe.  The evidence proves an up step of man in the increase of his Adelle capacity in the brain and its on the record proven.  Its means smarter with a same sized brain.  It also proves that man was up stepped in the rarest way infused by better genes.  Remember, Adamson's was the first Son of Adam and Ratta was the last of the progeny of the original Sons of God, there progeny up stepped the humans in the area.

by the way the 11,10,11 calculation, focusing on the 11:11 is a marker for the invisible Iranian heroes of the ages who are progeny of the original Arattian empire. who are helping us in the Kingdom of Heaven.  The 10 signifies the decimal signature of our planet.  There are no species like us in the whole universe we are unique but affected by rebellion which I believe is coming to a rapid close or shutdown.  Its interesting that by adding the coordinates of the latest Magnetar calculates this range of numbers and to me it represents the support of the Kingdom of Heaven of the invisibles that Zoroaster speaks of.  The broadcasters of these broadcast circuits communicate in symbols that are in symbolism.  Symbolism we understand.  The Metaphor I see is the Angels Side by Side with Man...together working together as a unit! Infers guidance and protection.

I believe another Magnetar event will occur with another pattern of symbolism for us to interpret which will be related to current events.  Even in far reaching places like where these Magnetars come from they know precisely what's happening here on this planet and in synchronicity to events.

Anyway it was good to hear from you Cyrus my friend and fellow discoverer.  Like the Persian Prince who released the captives.  All in type and reflection! in these times! from the smallest little Sevenfold outpost, the smallest but the greatest of them all! ahahahahaha!  What a laugh!!!!!


New Post: Direct Link To This Post Posted: Today at 20:48


Regarding the Magnetars!

Its is quite possible that over time other Magnetars will show themselves from the same area.  As they directionalise light towards us I believe the locations will match the symbolism found in this journey thus confirming this journey!  In the interpretation of the last Magnetar a very big symbol was found at the intersect location of Delphinus which was recognized for the exact same symbol "recognized" in the very early times after 2000 years ago, in that exact area.  I never knew this until of this realization of this Magnetar and when I research the constellations of which the line intersected.   It led to many other discoveries and realizations.

That will be the confirmation of this journey from Heaven.  The eventual Magnetar Symbol pattern could match those of the first Magnetar Sevenfold Stargate and its surrounding spheres as written about and matched with "Light without Heat"

Its a wait and see situation.

Stargate Sevenfold Houston..... roger! ahahahah this is funny and grand at the same time!  Just being led like a child.


Direct Link To This Post Posted: Today at 22:15

I was thinking, Zoroaster rode with the great Korus who was born in ShirVan and ShirVan being linked and focused upon in this Sevenfold journey finds connection with Zoroaster and his truth of the Sevenfold through the Great Korus birth place connection in ShirVan.
Therefore in this Sevenfold journey to the ancient places in Iran from out of ShirVan, The Great Korus and Zoroaster ride again, together, united as friends never divided in the great Sevenfold journey of truth in the end times.
A thought!
Praise the Lord!

Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:20 am The Jane Lead Doodle of the End times .

Ive been thinking about this Jane Lead, end time prophetess in the 15th century. I was looking for clues of identification in her End time doodle relating to I believe to this time. I worked the numbers adding the numbers, subtracting and dividing. This is the Christian prophetess who foresaw the opening of the office of the Messiah and many and many other reflections of the end time scenario. I found information and this symbol soon after I actually opened the office after reading the Zadokite document where I simply got inspired.

This is the most amazing set of numbers I have seen and I feel they are relevant to this time now.

The great harmony of 5 and 1 Jane Lead Doodle Number Calculation New Magnetar

The above calculation may connect the Birthdate of the discoverer of the last construct including identifying the great Sign from Heaven also the 2nd Magnetar date, the symbol of the triangle Symbol which may be completed by the 3rd Magnetar in space, the design of the Local System Headquarters (1st "Light without Heat" Magnetar June 2007) and its attendant spheres from where all direction comes from.

It maybe wrapped up in this symbol alone that has all the symbols!

Look how perfect the numbers are!!

Hey Man, I think Jane Lead knew me in her dreams and visions. I think she saw me and knew about me.

I think she loves me and we appear to be a team.

Im in love with my partner prophetess Jane Lead! Its my partner in the end times.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sun Feb 01, 2009 10:49 pm


Now that I feel very close to Jane Lead in the end times here are a few posts I made about my discovery of her soon after the Office of the Messiah opened and even then I felt there was strong reflections to this actual journey to the ancient places including an on the run book extracting from any source where I feel truth emantes from concerning this journey.



is indeed a Sign of the near Approach of the Overthrowing of the Kingdom of this Anitchristian Beast, may very well be hop’d: yea there can be no manner of doubt made hereof by them, who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages, or who have but an Ear open to hear and receive what by Truth’s Infallible Oracle it self deliver’
fragment from a string of posts

The best thing to do when on the page is do a browser search on Jane Lead. I believe there are many specific fragments to this journey.


to draw out his Heart more to thee, till he shall make known his great Secrets unto thee. I well know this is the only precious thing, no one can ever privy here unto be made, till Wisdom be the Bride-Garment upon their Eternal Man, then ravished with thy Beauty, and with a pleasant Aspect will Emmanuel look towards thee, and give thee to read within the seven sealed Book:

There is the interpretation of all in the History, as from whence I give thee to understand the Mystery of the Nazarite’s seven Locks, they answer to the seven Seals of this Book of Life, which only is to be opened by the Virgin, completed in the seven number of Spirits, which are the seven All-seeing Eyes that only can read in this Book, which is the true Ground-work of all those wrestling working Properties, which moved are by me, as thou dost in thy self feel, a new Frame and Model for great and precious substance to be taken into: therefore take heed now, and for no common use let thy inward part any more be; for these Throne-Powers which have visited thee, will admit no mixture of company: all of one sort in pure Harmony will meet in this Love-paved Sanctuary, where thy all desirable fellowship will there in the free Liberty dwell, and where opportunity thou wilt have in Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search, till thou findest out what lieth hid within the Breast of thy worthy Nazarite, who now hath received his full Dowry: the Father hath invested him with all Power, to a full and perfect state of Glory he is now instated; then doubt not but he hath wherewith abundantly to gratifie thee: a higher and greater Match I could not contrive for my self in thee; consider hereof well, and carry it according to my Counsel, then shalt thou his Heart still draw down, the Tabernacle of witness in thy Heaven, the Rainbow in the Cloud, which thou hast seen, as the Mark or Seal of the Covenant betwixt God and thee, according as it is written in the Prophets, He shall be given for a Covenant:


yet it is the true Day-star that will give its own light and witness: Therefore let the Wonderers, Despisers and Contemners take heed of making a Mock of that which the Alpha and Omega will own and stand by, as his express Mind, who prohibited the publisher hereof from altering the way and manner of the revealing of these great and deep things. Therefore

you have them unpolished, in their own naked Simplicity as they were every day revealed & given forth, not in the dress of human Wisdom; no, they are of another descent, and the spiritual Ones in God will feel, know and taste from what Treasure-House they proceed:

Interesting research and how it reflects to this time in the journey.

"Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search" Eh! Eh! EH!

"who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages," Eh! Eh! EH!

What are we and Christianity waiting for, the cows to come home or something Eh!

There are "the orders" from the 1700s and we have everything to work with including the prophets on this side of 2000 years ago.

Interesting research and how it reflects to this time in the journey.

"Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search" Eh! Eh! EH!

"who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages," Eh! Eh! EH!

What are we and Christianity waiting for, the cows to come home or something Eh!

There are "the orders" from the 1700s and we have everything to work with including the prophets on this side of 2000 years ago.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:01 am

You're wrong you are heavily stepped in Doctrines and Dogmas that came from earlier myths and legends that is utterly proven and seen. Everyone can see that! I can see that and I have to be realistic about what is demonstrated and there is very little for Christianity can do about it. However there is this little comes on the earth attached to the Sea and the land and someone demonstrating it. You know that in revelation! Tell me what that book is buddy? Eh!

That's why Christianity have to depart from that evolutionary crap because that's where it weakness is.

Im mean it is demonstrated, this why its futile to resist correction or else Christianity becomes a laughing stock, unappealing, dead without the power of all the truth of everything!!!! I dont want that to happen and Im not going to listen to you. Beside the true religion of Jesus is love for one another and not judgment and fear that emantes from the evolutionary religions.

Lets see what happens and widen your capacity rather than all this fear laden rubbish of which you play in the hands of the last rebel.

One way to find the truth is to go out there man, get off the back side and do it. Find out the truth! See for yourself in a demonstration or is it that we fear like a rabbit running to hills filled with pride and prejudice and in all this doctrine, man made doctrine!

Satan is utterly defeated and the last rebel that remains on this planet! You have the Victory when he obtained his Sovereignty through that murderess unnecessary death. It was only through closed minds of selfishness and division that he died.

Jane Lead


"Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search" Eh! Eh! EH!

"who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages," Eh! Eh! EH!

What are we and Christianity waiting for, the cows to come home or something Eh!

There is going to be a big problem for Christianity in its theology. Whilst Paul did many good things he did open a can worms when he compromised and let the Mithra in the Gospel of Jesus, he only did that to turn the Mithra temple in Rome at the time to Christianity. Abner was in objection to it and I agree with him. Anyway, in the last days I believe it becomes a blinding factor which does represent the complete truth of Jesus his Gospel not this fear laden Mithra influence mixed in the Gospel of Jesus.

Im sorry if this is devastating and makes you angry but the truth has to come out and that can be demonstrated. I want Christianity to be successful but it has to be in absolute truth of Jesus not a compromised version full of fear in one hand and love in other including other false and wrong evolutionary notions.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:43 am

This is how stupid it all is. Because you dont research and just laze around on your **snip** you dont research anything other than the one book theory and nothing else. You can even research something that has been demonstrated already in 2 expeditions.

Your so limited man where all you can say is just non relevance. This proves that you have much to do instead of idle talk crap.

You haven't even demonstrated not one thing where I would say Yes, he has point!!! Nothing going on mate! Just a void filled with fear and prejudice and very narrow in your views.

You're way behind man in your judgment and pride, prejudice and stupidity in your words.

Just the same ole crap with out anything worthy.

I already demonstrated free energy for you specifically and you couldn't even reply in your arrogance.

Actually I use the bible more than what I have seen from you.

Who are you anyway? coming on like this without anything to show.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:55 am
There is heaps of proof mate found in the Bible and with all the other books religion. You're just blinded to go beyond you're one book policy doctrine.

By the way this lovely capitalist society is going to pass buddy, its destined to pass with new challenges for man but if you are so attached and in love to this system of wars and lack of and life time debt, then you will go the way of this lovely capitalist system. You know, living of the backs of others, layer upon layer in a man made dependence to the system to further his selfish shallow ambitions.

It all going to go mate. Bye bye Capitalist system, already you can see the signs of it crumbling like chaff whilst under a year ago everyone was smiling making money and all that stuff! The capitalist system of loosing your **snip** homeless for many as you can see in the USA all deceived by your capitalist mates, eh!

And what was that prosperity doctrine of blessings in material wealth if you did this or that you get that. ahahahahah I laugh at that!...The Bribery of God in many cases! I even wrote in the beforehand that the system will come crashing! I even warned to get your money out of Wall street a year before it happened.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:06 am


Capitalism isn't about killing people, it's about economically improving a nation or state and thus improving one's life!

I agree it should be about nation building. So where are we at in the how many years we've had capitalism and still we find ourselves in total bondage to ones that have power. We are all captives of the capitalist system.

I wonder why Jesus threw out the money changes or the Monopoly of the Federal Reserve of the Temple before his crucifixion. I wonder why he did that? because of the spiritual ugliness of Selfishness that he recognized in his holy place related to politics and commerce in Gods House.

With the Urantia, The Father and all parts of the Universal Administration all helped into to providing the Urantia Book for the benefit of mankind in these perilous Capitalist end times.

It will not be brother capitalizing on the Brother back for his own selfish desires but brother serving brother for his family in the new world and Jesus will be the head of this.

And by the way if you want to test the Urantia book instead of all this moaning about it. Do this!

Jane Lead
"Love’s Sanctuary, to dive and search"  Eh! Eh! EH!

"who are wise to search into the Calendar of former ages," Eh! Eh! EH!

What are we and Christianity waiting for, the cows to come home or something Eh!


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:22 am

The System doesn't work properly you still have wars, civil wars against the system, no housing, nothing for the poor people of poor countries, no water, no food. Everything has a compound interest factor which does not work properly. Many are steeped in selfishness without any regard to God or anything else because everyone is to busy making money. Also lifetime debt at the most ridiculous compound formula.

Man the moneychangers is the money exchange because of the shekel being the only temple currency, people had to change there money and buy birds and sacrifices of which the priests made a mint out of by using the word of God and making money at the same time....Sounds familiar doesn't it, already happening in the houses of God in may ways. Using doctrine (adopted Mithra concepts) as a tool and weapon of fear and making money out of it at the same time in self styled ego.

No wonder the Jewish people were heading for disaster because of the CAPITALIST SYSTEM in the temple. Man, given the tools he is a selfish little bugger within himself and cannot be restrained from within himself because he loves the experience of money and power over others in his pride and prejudice that he creates and justifies for himself

Im sure they had gambling there to.

Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:31 am

This is where you screw up.

It got nothing to do with race. It was the principle of what happened in the temple. Like with this research, its got nothing with race but the principle. That's your thoughts prejudice. Jews are cool people to. Both my families housed them during the German holocaust because they thought they were the chosen ones as taught by Christianity.

My family have employed many Jews coming from Israel in there way of avoiding conscription in the army to. Fair enough who wants go in a death destruction army, that's means all armies of the world.

But then because of my path and research, I like Iranians to, the ones I have met online. I think they, the people not the politics are cool people to. There some good guys there to who want good things for everyone to. They have to be helped like any brother in any family. Its just pride and prejudice that divides us all.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 1:46 am

Yes Abraham and his seed was blessed no doubt about that. I suppose that means his family Seed I suppose!

Does that mean all his family like including Ishmael. They have families like you, there fellow brothers to of the seed of Abraham. If they showed kindness would you reject because of your pride and! Like in the Samaritan story. EH!

Was it the Jewish mandate to help all mankind or just there own?

The world is a mess, when you say chosen people what does that mean? Does that mean I should respect a guy even if he is selfish because he is of a chosen race? Forget it mate!

You know and I know God is no respecter of person at the end of the day, even if he is of a so called chosen race. A person is judged on the life he lives which is all to do with his motives, inner motives and desires and how prosecutes his purpose in relation to his fellow man.

Nothing to do with a chosen race. You will be judged according how you live your life! No doctrine can protect any man from that! I suppose we have to look at the witness of everything in the motive of everything Chosen or not!

By the Way, if the Jews are so smart, why is it that the last messenger is a GENTILE???? as seen in the DSC and he comes from Sinim, he is also mentioned in the Quran that he is a non Jew?? Because the temple priests of the Jewish religion in those days were stupid unto themselves, they lost themselves to there CAPITALIST system in the monopoly of the Shekel. What happened to the CAPITALIST system of the Shekel in the temple????....utterly destroyed in 70AD, a type for today.

The resources of the world is not to be a free for all in the path of profit motivation. This is because there will nothing left for future generations. The Father will NOT have the future generations deprived of resources for the selfishness of a few in a few short generations. That's for sure.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:16 am


Speak to you's one A.M here in Britain!

Above all I say have good night sleep and good day on the morrow.

For sure! why not eh! ahahahahahaha.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:28 am

Well I think much prophecy will NOT come to pass because of this compromise being related to evolutionary religion mixed in with the true Gospel of Jesus.

This is what I think is going to happen.

We are going to search for truth of everything and find it. I doesn't mean expeditions because we no one is going to do anything.

At the appointed time Jesus will make a move....That's it. When Jesus is fully satisfied that end message is rejected as prophesied and nothing more can be done on the levels of faith research, study and exploration........Judgment comes! No mucking around!

The big Antichrist guy everyone is looking for will not happen. The Antichrist figure in this world is the last rebel and he is responsible for all the violence through ignorance and division amongst all mankind and religions.

However, there are many Antichrists roaming around on all levels of society and even in religions there are Antichrists.

Anyone that associates Paradise with death and destruction is an Antichrist. Simple as that! The Father of the Antichrists around today is the Last rebel himself and his children, the little Antichrists, will go down with the Last Rebel.

Sure, if people want a demonstration without faith in as far as as a shallow outward miracle is concerned, the Father will make that happen but are you willing to bare the consequences for asking in presumption without walking the path of Faith in the beforehand. The truth is already wiping out the Antichrists through a change of heart in light of truth than no one can compare nor demolish in debate. There is nothing as powerful as this corrective path truth coming to bare for man in the Arena of Man and God and the truth of everything.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 4:41 am

I was happy to see that there was no violence in Baghdad during the elections, that was promising and encouraging news and the right step to a better future of the people of the people of Iraq!

All the best for them! and for those upholding law and order to. There must be peace to make progress for all families and even the families of different religions or different aspects of the same religion. There has to be peace!


The International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL) has been able to perform high-energy observations which have revealed that the Anomalous X-ray Pulsar (AXP) 1E 1547.0-5408 had entered what is known as outburst mode. This particular Pulsar is one of only nine that have been confirmed thus far. These types of Pulsars are young neutron stars that have abnormally strong magnetic fields. Together with "Soft Gamma Repeaters"(emits large bursts of both Gamma and X-rays at different intervals), they make up a class of objects called Magnetars. 1E was first detected by the Einstein X-ray observatory, and observations that followed by scopes like Chandra and Swift revealed it to in fact be an AXP. Over the past few years a small number of outbursts were reported, however they were much weaker and fewer in number than the ones reported more recently (nearly 200 compared to just a few per day). The more recent burst of activity started last Thursday when the Swift Burst Alert Telescope and Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor both recorded "hard X-ray triggers" originating from 1E. The bursts were also some of the brightest yet recorded in INTEGRAL's 6 years; they varied in length from 50 milliseconds to 8 seconds.

All painting a similar picture as we get closer to the truth of everything these Magnetars become more intense in synchronicity.


Post Re: The return of the Inquisition. Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:18 am


Re: The return of the Inquisition.

yeah go em! ahahahahahahaha

Give me a break, I wrote directly to heads of the Catholic Church in this country and about my research and I see no inquisition. I suggested strongly they review the Urantia and sponsor a mission of verification to see if its true!!

I even sent them emails of symbols and what I think and all things that would get a church person in trouble.

Well I got a friendly reply. Thanks but no thanks in essence.

It shows the absolute failure of the message before change and its related to the beginnings of everything, voice from the past! Actually there is nothing coming from no where! Its complete devastation in my view for an end time message prepared for thousands of years and all it gets is the shoe. It not even worth an inquisition into it ahahahahahahahahah! what a joke! but it probably isn't a joke. Then people question why judgment is so severe! I wonder why der!

It shows the absolute failure of the message before change and its related to the beginnings of everything, voice from the past!

Oh well who cares! but believe me its only the true religionists of Jesus that's going to save this planet with Jesus hand in hand as the head.

Actually, it just occurred to me that its the inquisition that maybe fearful of this book and the many facts it pertains which can be demonstrated. That is not unlike anything I see today where people want to be ignorant and who avoids the truth when it arises. So they go in mock form.


Post Re: The return of the Inquisition. Mon Feb 02, 2009 8:49 am

Actually its them that is under the inquisition of Paradise in real truth and all the main stream religions including all the derivative religions that claim the religion about Jesus. Not the personal religion of Jesus, there is marked difference. Its a big difference actually a vast gulf.

The Paradise inquisition is on the Catholic heads and all the other heads who claim Jesus.

The first thing that will roll is faulty doctrine and Dogma and misperceptions brought about by the adopted evolutionary aspects of religions down through the ages looking through fear that Paul compromised with. The thing that has driven man since he was a frog ahahahaha! has been Fear. Fear has always driven man from the early ages and making sacrifices was one way of appeasing a fear God. Doesn't mean to say that is truthful and religions have again adopted this fear perception of God and Hell and demons and victory and then no know and all that and do use it against people.

Im glad God evolved to Love and confirmed by Jesus but Christianity has to move on from the evolutionary aspects adopted from former religions that are simply of target to the truth of Jesus, the religion of Jesus.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 9:23 am

Jane Lead

It was thus laid before me, That the Jerusalem from above hath been these many Ages traveling to bring forth her first and free-born, according to that divine Likeness, whose Descent is not to be found within the verge of Time. For here the Gate of Gods deep hath been opened to let us in to see the wonderful Mystery that was fore-ordained to work through all the Vicissitudes of Time since the first Creation. Now then let us consider what the first Plant of Paradise was, from whence we are all sprung; it was but a flower from the Earth; for out of the Dust of the Earth the Lord God created man, and breathed into his Nostrils the Breath of Life, and man became a living Soul; which was pure, as immediately proceeding from the most Holy. But how soon did this Glory fade and return to Earth again; whereas if he had kept his first Estate,


All which Design for a limited time was overturned, but the Foundation of God’s Election stood so firm in the Essentiality of the out-breathed Word (which was the Light of Adam’s Life in the Center of Immortality) that the same Word will restore all again, according to the first gracious Intent of the wise Creator, whose purposed Grace shall renew the face of all things that have been marred in the first Adamical Image. But though so desperate a Fall hath overtaken the whole Creation,


Disobedience all are made subject to Death and the Curse, (which is the bruising of the Heel) yet the Head-Life remains, which will recover, raise and make all sound again; for in this promised seed the faded Life will be quickened, according to the Election of Him, who will hereby more Eminently make known the Riches of his Grace and Glory, in his Vessels prepared thereunto. For though there be in all men an holy seed remaining whereby they are in a possibility of recovery; yet because all have not an Heart to improve this Talent, it continues an unprofitable dead Seed to many, notwithstanding all are called, To take of the Water of Life freely, that by its quickening Virtue the buried Seed may be raised to a new Life, in a Body of its own kind, which Seed through many Deaths does renew its never fading Flower of Life for a higher degree of Glory in the New Jerusalem state of fixation

Now from what hath been said, we are informed, that there is an Elect Number which is to make up the New Jerusalem-Bride, here upon Earth, who shall finish the Mystery of the Seventh Seal, and be all instated in that Kingdom which the Alpha and Omega hath designed for his Virgin-Bride, before Paradise or this World were: And that I might know that this design and unchangeable purpose of God is still going on, there was shewed me a clear White Stone, in which were engraven numberless Names, all ordained to make up the Glory of the City of God which shall be the Praise and Admiration of the Heavens, and a dread and amazement to the Earth; for the Revelation of it will bring a Wo upon them, who have no part in it. This the Lord himself did signifie, saying, Henceforth know your Free-Birth, Name and Place in this City, and be not fearful or unbelieving, but travel on in the assured Hope, that shall not be made ashamed; for the everlasting Father hath prepared for you this City, of which I am the Builder in you.

(This where many people are at right NOW!)

But here an Objection may arise, and question this revealed Grace and proclaimed Liberty to the Children of the Captivity, who are now called to sit upon this heavenly Building, which is this; That the time is not yet, and that the last Seal is not so near breaking open; and who is it that can give a Sign for a Testimony that this Decree is already gone forth?

To all which the Spirit of truth gives this Answer, (who best knows what he hath wrought, in order hereunto, in the Central Deep of some elect Vessels, who are not to make any out-cry until the Mystery be fully finished in them) know that the time is at hand; wherefore let none look afar off, or run out from themselves, and neglect their own Vintage at home, but regard how near the Grape is to ripeness, which contains the Wine that is to be drunk at the Marriage-Supper of the Lamb, who charges it as a great over-sight upon those that are Regenerate, that they have put this Day afar off, not discerning the Lord’s Body, who is quickened from the dead in them, who are passed from Death with him, and so are put in Subordinate Commission with the Lamb to break open all those Seals, which shall make way for the descent of the Holy City. For what in John’s Revelation is mentioned concerning these things, is very obscure and mystical, and there is no fathoming of it to the utmost, until the Lord himself come with the Plummet-Line of the Holy Spirit to measure out the meaning. Though there are some who have been favoured with this Light of Revelation, by means of which they understand what lies hid under those Allegorical Expressions, and through the opening of the Seals have discovered those rich Jewels, which were concealed under that dark Covert; the opening of which Seals I shall set down in order, according as it was acted in my own particular, through my Soul’s waiting with the Lamb’s-rising Power, in a particular experience of my own in the divine Mystery.

At the opening of the first Seal, the Spirit of Faith came forth to encounter with the fearful and unbelieving Spirits, that set before me an Impossibility of ever reaching to a Paradisiacal Purity and Mount-Zion-Dignity, and was kept under a great Fear and Perplexity, under the dominion of Unbelief, until this first Seal was broke open; for thereupon the strong Lyon of the Tribe of Judah set me free to run the Race of Faith unto the end, giving in this Caution, to take care to be well mounted on this Horse of the Spirit of Faith, and to hold fast to him who rides on it, who hath the conquering Bow in his Hand, to shoot his Arrows into those unbelieving Spirits, that would still keep us in Doubts and Perplexity.

and this fragment

God was ministered to, and worshipped in a dark formal, mixed manner, going up and down in a moveable Tabernacle, till Solomon’s day where the Typical Temple, which was to be filled with the Glory, was built, even so since the time of the Son of Man's offering up himself, the holy One hath walked in Clouds, and hath been worshipped after an imperfect rate, and therefore he hath prepared a burning flaming Day for all his Vessels to pass through, to know whether they be Sanctuary proof or no: For the Lord is carrying on a pure Jerusalem-Worship in truth, and substantiality: Rejoyce all ye, who shall stand the tryal of this sixth Seal, in order to i

Sounds like perplexity of whether there is proof or not of the Sanctuary which I believe are the ancient cities all of them.

and the Seventh Seal fragment


Now follows another great Mystery, which I was called upon to look into, concerning the seventh Seal, wherein lies hid the Reward and rich Prize, which though not yet given in Possession, [color=#0000FF]yet the Holy One hath seen it expedient to reveal it,[/color] by breathing forth this Word in me, saying, Come thou apart, and sanctifie a Fast, touching nothing of the Leaven which is found in the House of fallen Nature; abstain from any other Cup, but what I the Anointed shall fill unto thee, from the burning Sea of Glass, which will be a Lamp to give Light, and perfect Knowledge in the most hidden things that everlasting Wisdom hath hitherto sealed up.

Obviously the Seventh Mystery is something from our past which is hidden and all to do with the hidden cities which is the Seventh Mystery. The above is a description of this journey.

In bible terms, the first creation is all about the times before Noah, the epochs about this time where there is still unfinished business. The Seventh Mystery could only be about the past and certain key events in the cities of God of the past. The Father wants to reveal this time before mankind!

But no one is listening because its to challenging. Man running away.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God


Therefore put on your Life-Armour day by day, and continue in the Fight for joy of that which is now revealed, as your Reward;
taking all care to abstain from the Leaven of Imaginations, which may stop the Sluice of Revelation in its Purity. The empty Bowl with light burning Oyl began to come in, and became a rising Spring, which did give light to the dark Socket of my Understanding within; and the first thing that was shewed me, was an open Book, written within, and every one of the seven Seals broken; and it was in the Hand of the God-head-man, who said, Come and read what the seven Wonders, which my faithful Witness did declare of in his day of Revelation, which were then to be sealed up, because the Day of their fulfilling was so far off. But now in this present time, there hath been such a fervent heat of flaming Intercession, which hath made all these Seals to melt away, that the Secrets contained in the Book might be opened and made known.

and more

Henceforth bless the Lord on High,
Its he that hath unsealed Treasures richly.
What can them hide from the Spirit’s Eye,
That pierced have into the Heart of the Deity
Tribute-Offerings pay to our God and King,
Who hath revealed Wonderful Things.

Oh what Seraphick Sounds do I hear!
Are they not the Thunders of the Celestial Sphere?
Calling for an attentive Ear Spirit to hear o’re,
Which as the Doors be to the Golden Ore,
Where vast Treasures laid up are in store;

But found are only by Spirits Pure.


Jane Lead is spot on in these fragments and she saw this journey of the hidden being revealed for the first time. I would not underestimate what she saw. It play all little different but she is right about the hidden mysteries and what it is being revealed and how its revealed.

And look at this fragment here



What is it but the fiery piercing Eye,
That can the unsealed Book untye?
Wherein the perfect Number Seven lie
Blessed is that Power from on High,
That hath struck the Crystal Rock,
From whence the Thunders did fly.

But also the above points a Seven, Crystal Rock being the broadcast circuits, thunders operate through them. I believe the broadcast circuits are opening.

Almost identifies the person and the Sevenfold book, the on the run book that Isaiah speaks of. That little book in the hand of the angel with one foot in the sea (hint hint) and on foot on dry land sounds like the on the run dynamic book to which heaven responds to and even from Space ahahahahahah.

The book tastes nice but its bitter,  like its a challenge by God for Man and yet to enhance.

The Crystal rock eh! related to the Most High eh! a double metaphor for both Heaven and on Earth concerning cities of past Epochs.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:46 am

And more from Jane Lead from this link

In thy Light, sweet Sophia we are come to a discovery,
Where long have lain our lost forgotten Dowry.
Those Celestial Gates, which now open stand
Hath given us a view into the wealthy Land,
Where all things in the divine Magia stand; Like in Iran home of most of the ancient places
In that place there is no working with Tool or Hand,
For all in Spirit there do act from that Power,
Which nought of the Earthly Craft can Severe.

Joy we then now in sight of this blessed Day,
Wherein Wisdom’s Wonders so richly display
But it may be asked, When shall this be?
And who amongst the now Living shall see?
I tell thee for surety, some there are in Corporiety,
To whom she will with her golden Key in Soveraignity,
Thus shall unlock the precious stoney Rock fully,
Where the Ocean-Treasury of her Deity lies hiddenly
. Eh! what about that one, tells you the mystery is in the ocean waters Eh! All related to Sovereignty with the key. "Ocean-Treasury of her Deity lies hiddenly" of which the "golden Key in Soveraignity" is connected to.

Oh! hear Virgin-Wisdom’s call and cry,
Who skill’d would be in her Mystery:
A new Way of Manifactory stands open, I see
Such Treasures as the World’s Wonder be;
A Ship laden within, that God himself again
[b]Will enter in to seize upon those heav’nly Gems
Ah, blessed sale for such rich Goods imbark’d here,
For what less than
the acting stone will appear? (The Seven commands that are still down to be resurrected, The acting Stone, the Seven commands. Commands written on a stone, is a stone that influences the action of a man, the acting stone. She is foreseeing the lifting of the stone slabs with the Seven commands inscribed from one or both of the cities in different time wow!.

Be there Merchants as are not Transitory,
That understand Wisdom’s Manufactory?
Who hiddenly have increased their Store
And do study these Sciences yet more and more, Yes, need more people studying this)
[b]That so they might to those eternal Gems reach,
Or else Redemption will not be compleat,

For putting an end to the Toyl, Care and Sweat, (thats for sure)
By passing through all of Wisdom’s twelve Gates.
(Just like the 12 Gates of Eden on the isthmus separating Eden from the mainland of Syria!
Or it could reflect the current gates that lead to the submerged cities on the website.)

Come then away, holy Souls, and separate Separate from false things and non relevance and get into the real action of the purpose the Father.
From all drossy Things that do captivate; (dross, ahaha just crap! aahaha)
And you will find such a Pearly price,
That will make you flourish as in Paradise;
The golden River there-from will flow,
That all the essential Goodness ye will know:
For in Wisdom’s Principle there doth lie
That which will make the worldly Craft to flye

The Crystal Rock, I believe is a metaphor to the Broadcast circuits, they do deliver and receive broadcasts and the Seven Thunders operate through them especially quicker understanding.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God

and this

Moreover, Lead saw herself as part of a redeemable community, not merely the few who could be saved in a re-enactment of Noah’s story.  Indeed, in Lead’s vision the flood was not a tragedy which involved the destruction of the world’s inhabitants; rather the Ark, a vehicle of faith and as a means of transportation imbued with supernatural powers, was capable of conveying all humanity to God.  Although Lead drew from the story of Noah as a warning to humanity, she concentrated on the way  the Ark was a haven and did not envision the destruction of the flood.   Instead, she predicted an imminent new ‘Gospel Ministration, (which is all Love, Grace, Mercy and Peace)’. Lead represented God as love, offering redemption to everyone, not as a destroyer of life.  Thus, her vision of a second Noah’s Ark  was of a vehicle for the faithful, who could then be transported to the ‘New Paradisiacal Earth’  Her attempt to elucidate the ‘Secret and Hidden Divine Life,’ by  providing a sense of a secret unfolding and a renewed and refreshed vision reaffirmed the Christian message of redemption.

from this link.


There was One known by Name, that should have of the same Spirit of Faith to concur, and build with me, and so we should mutually be made able to strengthen one anothers Hands, to carry on this great Work, as Male and Female in one Person, or Spirit, to enter first this Golden Ark of the Presence’.

like me in this journey building upon some her personal realizations of this time.

Remember this ahahahaha


The great harmony of 5 and 1 Jane Lead Doodle Number Calculation New Magnetar

Finding the commonalities in her work and finding personal reflection in the journey and its tone. I think she saw elements in the end journey in that doodle of hers and it relates to many different things coming to oneness and related to an Magnetar that I expected being a literal sign from heaven and where the numbers seem to fit with perfection.

I just looked at the clock and it was
123 ahahahahah

She was looking to the future for that person especially in the doodle in order to fulfill her vision of the end and it does involve a large ark from the Kingdom of Heaven as she saw. The message is all about the truth with sincerity in peace! It would be an honour to lend a hand and help her fully to fulfill her personal, God experienced vision in the will of the Father.

No worries at all mate! We will complete the job together, hand in hand! You and me Jane and Jesus and the Father and all of the Kingdom of Heaven!


Icon 1 posted 02-02-2009 01:08 PM

Hey Brig Im so happy

Looks like there is movement in the first step to reach Dalamatia City.

I have to confirm today by from the message there has been a major breakthrough in getting there to verify.

I just praise the Lord Father in the Kingdom of Heaven for being utterly faithful to his servants.

Only the Father in Heaven could do this through the goodness of the benevolent one and through the faith steps of the Faith Sons.

I praise the Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven and I thank him for all his helpers. The Lord is real and utterly faithful to the letter.

all the best

Sevens yea!!!! Victory is at hand in the evidence. Praise the Lord absolutely!! Yea! for the Kingdom of Heaven! Another goal for Heaven! The Father wants this expedition to occur and truth to arise for all man for all religions.


Icon 1 posted 02-02-2009 01:23 PM

I praise the Lord in the Kingdom of Heaven for the Victory is close at hand.

There has been great movement by the God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

I just praise the Lord that all what has been written is manifesting of itself through the friends of the Universal Administration.

Now is the time the Lord to Arise throughout this planet and the Sovereign Jesus, the King of this Universe and Master of this Planet.

The father is good in all his ways and he helped and guided us through all kinds of tribulation but kept us strong throughout the whole journey by his truth!

I praise your name Lord God Father! Number one in the Kingdom Heaven and of this Earth!

Sevens...praise the Lord! who looks after his faith sons.


Direct Link To This Post Posted: Today at 21:03

My brother Cyrus and friend!

Looks like there has been some big movement in Paradise that will enable the physical side of this project.

A project that will involve all the people of the whole area of the Persian Gulf in a great expedition and discovery of truth.  The first city ever on this planet, the city that was built by the Sons of God before rebellion.

The Ahura Mazda is faithful and truly good and who helps the faith Sons manifest this great experience and journey that will be the test of things and bring many benefits for all in the world and it will come out of Iran to the world in truth and demonstration and in righteousness.

I praise The Father in Paradise and the Kingdom of Heaven for his support in all through the tribulations but has kept us strong in his truth as I lived it and we ventured forth in faith hand in hand with the Lord of all.  He blesses us with his true goodness and bounty of truth.


Icon 1 posted 02-02-2009 05:17 PM


Any lost city can add to our knowledge of the past.


No it cant not like this one AHAHAHAHA. Why should I think like you. Have you got something to show.  No! NOTHING!

This place is the one of two and the first place predates anything you can offer on the table which is nothing.

Actually, you haven't demonstrated not one thing in your research. Only speculation city with nothing to show and you think Im going to believe you or let you attempt to great cynicism and doubt.

Forget it mate!

The rest of that post was just utter trash! and have a few more!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Cynical!!!


Post Re: The return of the Inquisition. Tue Feb 03, 2009 12:34 am

Its nice what you say but there is more to the truth than you realize and it will come out.

I realize the 10 commands and you can see that in the demonstration in wholehearted faith and being bold in proclaiming the truth.

Regarding the inquisition, Its on but in a reverse way where the Kingdom of Heaven is in examination of all the religions, all of them are under the spot light and that includes Christianity with its witness in the end days. Speaking about commands. Im trying to locate and lift the Seven commands of old before the Hebrews, the Enochian seven commands, so to speak in the Persian Gulf...... you know....The Acting Stone.

It seems obvious to me and especially in the discovery of the Acting Stone, the fundamental basis of human high spiritual thought underpinning civilisation brought down from the ages. What else could the Seventh Mystery be, a voice from the past with purpose that strikes at the heart of human behaviour. A metaphor for a correction and a pathway to an expansion of truth in the demonstration...proven! Also in the metaphor I see judgment as that is related to correction and related to the Seven commands being an acting stone. A stone that corrects motivation and therefore behaviour towards one another. This whole construct of demonstration is peaceful and non violent and that why I know this could only be a construct from Heaven.


This wonderful image is from the Jewish Cervera Bible.
Spain circa 1299.

Has much metaphor


Icon 1 posted 02-03-2009 02:05 PM

All that has to happen is the picture to be filled.


With Active Links

All the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

The Stage is Set!

Our Sevenfold Houston Map is ready for plotting the next Magnetar from Space Headquarters Jerusem through the Magnetars.

We are all system go ready for mapping the white horse.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Wed Feb 04, 2009 12:08 am

Dont know man, just going on hunches and the calculation. You could say it like a time clock but no one knows the time. Im thinking if a Magnetar appears on the MAP that matches our symbolism to me it would be a confirmation, it might be the time? who knows, I have no idea there are so many things happening at the moment. Its like an acceleration at least to the ancient places. It could be Sevenfold reality coming from different places making a oneness.


Here is the latest video on Nibiru

Im not sure if its authentic as there has been similar videos but its interesting at the same time.

Here is another video about Nibiru.


Icon 1 posted 02-04-2009 03:04 PM

Hey Smiley

I reckon that is totally cool. Im my case all I was trying to do is to see if there was connection to my Birthdate to things in the journey. Doesnt mean its right for anyone else. Its uncharted waters for me. Im heading in areas and thoughts to see where the journey leads me.

I dont know what I will find that has commonality and what has been arranged for the benefit of this journey by Paradise in support. But it has to be based on faith and what I calculated might just be specific for this journey and mighten apply to anyone else.

This lead I was following, in curiosity was in order to try and find the commonality. Remember Im linking about 4 things in the commonality of 555 and a few others numbers in the calculation with the Jane Lead symbol with its own numbers. Maybe that is a specific code of the judgment day of the guy that brings it in unto truth. I dont know! Im not sure. If its this journey. Why not! lets go forward. Its a good time to do it, while we can.

And we have the plotting map!

III never know if that is correct until things happen. Ive always been curious about my Birthdate to see if there is a reflection or tie in to journey.

I know the connection with Jane Lead seems a bit wild but I like her just doodle and write on the run.

All her works are only thoughts and realizations on the run. She saw many things about this journey in her daily contemplations and it appears she was looking for a similar partner in the future that would unlock the Seventh Mystery.

Well, I just put up my hand to see if I could help her manifest the reality.

Give a go, you know! See if I could do something for a Christian Prophetess. I like her, she was a very nice lady.

John Gill is another guy that is spot on to, I dont mind helping him either fulfill his cherished dreams and visions.

I reckon if there is another Magnetar that completes the Symbol....then its on and confirmed as we see today!

This writing on the run things going places. I remember I was on a Mexican tuna boat fishing, the MV Tucapan, a boat ran by Mexican company and captained by Joe Luis, manned by Mexican fishermen, the nicest fishermen ever, they were very generous and kind! Luis and Mario Changa where the guys I remember most, the nicest and the most friendliest guys I ever met. The Captain was a great guy to, the only guy who could speak English and we operated out of Marzatlan where I met the nicest people there and had a great time.

In those quite moments on the Tucapan, I would write on the run, my inner thoughts and what I felt about things.

It was a little disjointed running from one thought to another. I never knew why I wrote all that maybe it was a reflection of things to come and again I was on my own. I only did one trip on the boat when on the next voyage the MV Tucapan ran aground on a large sand Bar. That was first and only trip on that boat as the Helicopter was sold.

Anyway, Im so glad I found the Urantia Book on the next boat, the MV Adriatic Sea with Joe Romalo, Mad bad tempered, Crazy Joe ahahahahahahah and the good man Dickie, the Navigator...great guys and the good ole chiefs both of them where good blokes actually all the fishermen I ever worked with bar two where good blokes and great men, the fishermen are underpaid for sure ahahaha! My first trip ever was on the MV Lady Marion but I will never talk about that trip. Lets say that was a complete disaster and at the end the truth found its place over time as I realised later whilst on the Adriatic Sea with Joe. However, the fisherman where good, always good! The best and nicest men you could work with in a family type environment, away from home for many months in real blood sweat and tears.

Whilst I was reading the Urantia Book we caught one Jag, 400 tons , the biggest on the planet. It was on the boat MV Adriatic Sea in that year that I re discovered The Urantia Book and read it properly and then came the desire to find Eden.

Look where we or I are now.

Virtually on the edge to go to Dalamatia City which came out of the M.V. Adriatic Sea where a Dalmatia province lays. What a reflection and type to this reality in a life time. A helicopter flying of boat especially laying on a log with both pontoons traveling vertically with the waves whilst simultaneously the Captain shoots a spear in the log attached to a beacon of which cuts loose from the Helicopter. This Scenario is precisely on foot on dry land and and one foot on the sea. The little book is book of the testimony of the journey in Harmony with a new Book written directly by the finger of God, in type like the 10 commandments

The man from the waves who lives with hunters and fishermen. Pilot of the Sea! One foot in the sea and one foot on dry land, with a little book in hand...all reflections in this journey that I realised later along the way!

Actually, the guy who survived the Korean Jumbo crash in Guam was an Helicopter Pilot that flew on the Adriatic Sea, 2 pilots before me I think. But this was going back way before I flew with Joe when the Zuanich family operated the Adriatic Sea.

You know its the same principle today in this journey to the ancient places as it is flying over the Sea in an Helicopter looking for schools of Tuna, using the gut feeling and following the signs in the Sea. The sea in that reality living with the fishermen and fish was the training ground of my skill in following the signs senses today in this path to the ancient places and Space.

That is exactly what Im doing today in what Im finding. Its like following the signs looking for the schools of fish but in this case the truth of everything. I remember one day I was following the most distant black spot signs you could barely see in the horizon, following one sign after another, 60 Nautical miles from the boat flying above a silvery sea in the Western Pacific when we came across a log that bared a 400 ton Jag. The biggest ever by any boat! in a record year.

II remember circling the boat looking at the captured 400 ton jag thinking and saying to myself  "today a fisherman of fish and tomorrow a fisherman of men" ahahahah. This is where the Urantia Book led me and I am happy for that in amongst all the trial and tribulation.

I suppose the Urantia Book, then and still reading it properly brought my previous experience in religion through various churches I visited along the way and bible colleges into a oneness on truth. Me being highly acute in the following the signs senses through fishing and through previous religious insight experiences made me realize that I had a jewel of truth in my hand leading me into beautiful daily experiences of truth in the reality following the same 7 senses. All the Seven thunders like in the Bible. 

But even going back way further at around 9. I would read about Solomon and the proverbs in the bible on my own accord and desired then as a kid to be like Solomon, the wisest in the world. Gee how about that eh! even back then ahahahahaha I gotta laugh.

As these broadcast circuits from space open the Seven senses or Seven thunders become highly acute in the path way of quicker understanding.

I desired to go out to find Eden then but I never knew it would lead me to the actual journey that I witnessed fully, physically at a distance from start to end.

Hey! but wait a minute the end not over yet!! there is still a third.

They all knew I read the book ahahahahahahahah! and me reading about Eden and here we are, out of the Adriatic Sea, about to look for Dalamatia City in the verification.

Ahh May 12th was a good vintage! ahahahahah!

See 1+2=3 and May=5 5th month so (3,5s... 555) ahahahahahah! or 3x5= 15 you were meant to be here! and in 54 5+4=9 (3,3s) ahahahahahaha! 123 555 333 9 15

I could go further.

Ah I was just playing with numbers to see if there was connection. No big deal.

All the best

Icon 1 posted 02-04-2009 07:25 PM

Yet this journey went further back when I left Australia looking for direction and found myself in Hawaii living with an middle aged couple who had just came from Denver Colorado. Frank and Edie in their Brown sun damaged 1980s Mustang coupe, the most uncomfortable car in the back ever ahahahaha. Frank and Edie were a really nice couple and they were in Hawaii for a spiritual quest and little did they know and little did I know.

Actually they were led to Hawaii on a spiritual quest but didn't know quite what it was and I was looking for direction at the time just being a few years from the bible college experiences. It was a spiritual time where I go on walks to local mountains and waterfalls and look at birds, lay a stone at a traditional Hawaiian cemetery and feel close to God on the adventure. I was meeting really nice families and people along the way walking in faith of where to go and what to do in purposes of the Father and myself at the time.

However, it was always troubling me. What was my destiny? and I was running out of money and required a direction, then it came and I walked in faith.

Some how I was led into helicopter flying and thus led me to Oregon for training where I met a Canadian David Willis, a brother and friend always, a really top bloke and a good man and Tim, Taimoor and Sandi and therefore Dain, all my brothers and sisters along the way and from there I was led on the Tuna boats. In all, it was 5 years of various movements and paths in traveling, meeting and learning about people along the way. I often wondered what happened to those those wonderful friends I met along the way. Im sure they are doing well and pray so! Actually my heart goes out to all the people I ever met in all the journey with great love and with deep feelings as I write this.

In the whole time I was given direction and protection by the Angels who led me to where I am now. I cant say it was perfect and I mis directed myself many times in every detail and in many cases but I got there eventually with more to go and a bit wiser and the Father was in the back of my mind in those times.

Now we are on the cusp of a great verification of the first city and with signs in space through the Magnetar system broadcast circuits. I thank Jesus and the Universe and the Father in Heaven for leading me here.

I praise the Lord for this wonderful journey in truth.


The Atheist Site 5 Feb 09

Maybe this might wake you up.

Another Magnetar has been detected and which led to a discovery of an old symbol.

With active links

Time to wake up eh! or time to go mad!

Dont think you guys are that smart, actually in reality you're quite stupid!



Here is an interesting on a code found in the Quran as presented by this researcher
Witness A Miracle - World News Bulletin, by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

19 eh!.........1 and 9 mmmmm just thinking about this

The 1s and 9s are in common maybe it could relate to the signs in heaven at this time?

He says chapter 42 (4+2=6)and 50 (5+0=5) then both answers (6+5=11) have the same number of Qs 57, 57 Qs in each chapter 19x3=57, 5+7=12, 1+2=3, then both answers all you have numbers 114Qs in both chapters therefore considering all calculations you have the numbers in code 11456....rearranged 14561 or 14/5/61.

Q means Quran there are 114 chapters in the Quran.

note: he mentions 114 and notice 114 numerals and commonality in the Birthdate you have the numeral 114 with 5 and 6 left over 5+6=11 .  Also the number calculations of 133 Ns in the video or 1s and 3s, 1+3+3=7 Also 114, 1+1+4=6

19x7=133 and  1+3+3=7

In chapters 36 (3+6=9, 6-1=5 and then both answers 9+5=14) he gives the the reoccurrence of 285 y which is 19x15 and look at 15, in the calculation in the above. 285 ...2+8+5=15

so recapping we have the letters QNY

Apparently 19 means 1 in the Arabic meaning 19=1 is that the one? and 1 and the numerical value of 1 in Arabic language is   4,8,1,6 which =19

now look at this for common numbers.

The great harmony of 5 and 1 Jane Lead Doodle Number Calculation New Magnetar

The News Bulletin well Im not sure about at all!

And we are still here.

It was quite funny interesting actually!  But I think Im more convinced where we are going with this


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Thu Feb 05, 2009 10:29 am

Here is an funny and interesting Video about a code found in the Quran.

I attempted to calculate the code in accordance to my recent experience with the Jane Lead Symbol using the same method. There was some interesting results that I felt had commonality to the journey in the common numbers seen previously revealed in the code.


The Video was a laugh! ahahahah


Here is an interesting abstract out of the Quran

"...He  (God) is fully aware of what they have. He has counted the numbers of all things." [72:28]

"We will show them our proofs in the horizons, and within themselves, until they realize that this is the truth. Is your Lord not sufficient as a witness of all things?" [41:53]

"Indeed the book of the righteous will be in 'Elleyyeen. Do you know what 'Elleyyeen is? A NUMERICALLY STRUCTURED BOOK To be witnessed BY THOSE CLOSE TO ME. The righteous have deserved bliss." [83: 18-22]

"Absolutely, (I swear) by the moon. And the night as it passes. And the morning as it shines. "  "This is one of the great miracles."[74:32-35]

from here

here are some interesting information on the last chapter 110 with interesting numbers


Ok compare this

Chapter 110

The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346. This includes 112 unnumbered Basmalahs which occur at the beginning of the suras. (Note that the first sura has a numbered Basmalah). Without the unnumbered Basmalahs, the number of verses in the Quran is 6234. The mathematical structure of the Quran based on the number 19 makes this number an undeniable fact, and confirms that Sura 9 always had 127, and not 129 as has been disputed historically.

Here is some of the known facts:

(1) The total number of the verses in the Quran, i.e. 6346 is a multiple of 19 : 6346= 19 X 334

(2) The digits of 6346 add up to 19: 6+3+4+6= 19

(3) When we add the numbers of all suras, plus the number of verses in every sura, plus the sum of verse numbers, the grand total for the whole Quran comes to 346199 or 19X 18221

(4) Adding up the digits of the Quran's suras and verses produces a total of 1881, or 19 X 99.

(5)The last sura revealed to Prophet Muhammed was Sura Al-Nassr (Triumph). The number of this sura in the Quran is 110, and it has three verses. We already know that this sura consists of 19 Arabic words and the first verse consists of 19 Arabic letters.

(6) Studying Sura Al-Nassr showed that the gematrical (Numerical) value of its verses are as follows :
Verse 1 has 1638 Gematrical value.
Verse 2 has 1771 and verse 3 has 2715, the total gematrical values of the three verses come to 6124, knowing this was the last sura revealed to the Prophet, if you add this number 6124 to the number of the sura in the Quran, i.e.110 we get: 110+6124= 6234 which is the total number of the (numbered) verses in the Quran.

A quick observation is that Sura 110 has 3 numbered verses and one unnumbered verse, this make the total 110+3+1 =114 which is the total number of the Suras in the Quran.

So in the last revelation to the Prophet Muhammad ,God put his code to confirm the total number of both the verses and the suras in the Quran.


Yeah but maybe Muhammad was looking to the future at the completion that would be consistent to the common numbers in other harmonised calculations making a oneness....1

Look at this calculation and the above recent one in my own way on the Quran.

 and now look for the common number commonality in numbers.

Jane Lead 14561 connection

The great harmony of 5 and 1 Jane Lead Doodle Number Calculation New Magnetar

and this fragment from here


Applying the abjad numerical system (or gematrical values of the letters) to the word wahid gives it the numerical value of 19:

Arabic Letters
of Wahid

Numerical Value











The word wahid occurs 25 times in the total number of Quranic verses. Of these, one verse refers to one kind of food. Two verses use the word to refer to persons involved in inheritance shares. One verse refers to a gate. One refers to watering, and another one refers to each of a pair of adulterers. These account for six verses. The bal-ance of 19 verses refer to God’s qual-ity (sifat) as being ONE. Table 1 lists all the verses in which the word wahid (ONE) is mentioned.

Thus there are 19 and only 19 Quranic verses which use the word wahid as exclusively referring to God’s Oneness. That this word also has the numerical value of 19 is significant. This fact in the light of other consid-erations, like the researches of Dr. Rashad Khalifa, cannot be another accident or coincidence. Indeed, it is another instance of general pattern in the Quran.

here is another interesting table from the same link and I see commonality.

New Findings

Sister Katerina Kullman from Sweden made the following discovery by God’s will and grace:


Table 2. The four words of Basmalah and their number of occurrences in the Quran

Word No.



No. of

Factor of 19





19x 1   1+9=10, 1





19x 142, 1+4+2=7



Most Gracious


19x 3



Most Merciful


19x 6




Factor Total


The occurrence of four words of the Basmalah in the entire Quran happens to be in exactly 1919 verses. In order to get this number, look at each (numbered) verse of the Quran, and count the verse as one verse if it contains any of the four words of the Basmalah. For example, Verse 1:1 contains the words of "Allah," "Al-Rahman," and "Al-Raheem", but it is counted only once, not three times. Also, many verses contain multiple oc-currences of these words. They are still counted as one verse. If this procedure is carried out for the entire Quran to see how many verses contain any of the four words of the Basmalah, the result is 1919. In other words, there are 1919 verses in the Quran which contains at least one of the four words of the Basmalah. This is the design of God, the Most Wise. Be He glorified.

and another link

(5)The Quran was described in sura "Q" as "Majid" (Glorious), the word Majid has a gematrical (numerical) value of 57,=19x3 (M=40, J=3, I=10, & D=4).




Sura 20 Verse 15 informs us that the end of the world will be revealed by God before the end of the world:

"The Hour (End of the World) is surely coming, I will keep it almost hidden. For each soul must be paid for its works." 20:15

Verse 87 in Sura 15, gives the time for that event:

"We have given you the seven pairs and the Great Quran" 15:87

The seven pairs are the 14 Quranic initials. The total gematrical value of these profound pillars of the Quranic's miracle (1709) pinpoints the year of the end of the world.

The gematrical value of all the 14 sets (seven pairs) of initials of the suras of the Quran is 1709. This number corresponds to 1709 years after the revelation of the Quran and to the end of the world.

20:15, where God informs us that the end of the world will not remain hidden, has a very important number. Of all the 6346 verses in the Quran God chose verse 20:15 to give us this information.   The number 2015 is a composite number . The index of the composite number 2015 is 1709. As you can see the year of the end of the world is pointed to in 20:15 indirectly from the moment the Quran was revealed. It is very interesting to note that Dr. Khalifa, did not know about this relationship of 20:15 and 1709 when he wrote his translation of the Quran and pointed to the end of the world in appendix 25 his translation. And some people wonder what does AUTHORIZED translation mean,

It is interesting to know that the sum of all the composite numbers between the first prime number 2 and the 19th prime 67 is 1709. 1709 itself is a prime number and is the 267th prime.

and more of my own thoughts in the track. what is the 267 day

267th Day-23rd Year

22nd Day of the 9th Month


Today is Monday, Sept. 24, the 267th day of 2007 with 98 to follow 2+6+7=15

anyway that was an interesting study looking for commonalties


Also I lived in an Ellen str

The girl's name Ellen \e(l)-len\ is pronounced EL-en. It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "sun ray, shining light". Variant of Helen.

6th Feb 09


Atheist site

.Just like what thread title says. I have a way to prove God and it seems to be working in synchronicity with the journey to the ancient places.

The Magnater system are the broadcast circuits that are reopening, the magnetar flash in numbers related to symbolism that only religion recognize.

It is through these magnetar circuits when in full operation that the Justice broadcast will come and it will come first.

This is a sign of Justice to come.

I addition, the Atheist cannot say oh that's wrong for he has nothing to work with and this is where the atheist is cut down in his BS because he has nothing to say. He is not sure whether this is true or not, he cannot say.  He cannot prove a thing!  He only has a few generation of knowledge he is stupid if he thinks he is smart.

When the Justice broadcast comes there is no turning back, that's when the Atheist goes mad and turns upon his Fathers of Atheism for leading them down the wrong path. But it will to late by then.

Remember this thread will prove God and when is does 100% the justice broadcast is on the way and works in synchronicity to the last presentation of the Ancient Places.

The Atheist "Wilt thou will" or whatever has not got a hope at all, "do what you want" will go down in to destruction in its arrogance.

The thing is, its all true and you have nothing to say except mock.

This is the only demonstration of the Atheist in his perilous times displaying himself in complete ignorance.

He is just a stupid asshole.

Completely dumb


Actually I wrote in previous post on this thread regarding the awaiting of the next Magnetar and it arrived with a message.

I wrote it and it came to pass.

It shows you how serious the Kingdom of Heaven is to the change of an age and the Atheist will have no part in the new world to come and it wont this NWO we hear about either, all those guys will be missing from there places.

Just wont be around like the atheist, it really comes down to personality extinction, not hell and all that man made stuff but extinction as if you not born or never where. This is the effect of the taking out of the Last Rebel who is the Father of Atheism.


Icon 1 posted 02-05-2009 04:26 PM

Maybe you're taking the wrong tablets and being frivolous.

"I am not allowed to help you" that's right because you have to find the truth yourself in precisely this time. Within the realms of faith Angels cannot do any more that has not already been done.

They cant help you because its a journey of faith rather all this stuff that goes no where.

It sounds like you are asking things they cannot help you with. Find out for yourself since your so smart. Cant even work out the operations of your house.

They cant help you because they are restricted and disallowed because judgment comes. Angels cannot interfere in the operations of Judgment by whispering in peoples ear.

All the soothsayer operations are shutdown. They were never right in the first place. They are all wrong.

"I am not allowed to help you" so they shouldn't, you find out for yourself through all the books!

The Angelic admin on this planet is in lock down because the signs are appearing.

Man in a way is on his own regarding Judgment, the only path is Jesus and his teachings and living it rather than all this running for ghosts and stuff.

Nothing will help man in Judgment except Jesus and that's it, no ghosts. It is a journey of FAITH! nothing else but faith! No doctrine nor dogma will save man from this just the truth of his life and how he lives it and is it truthful and is the truth seen in his behaviour and motive.

It sounds like you run after Ghosts rather than investigating everything which Jesus prepared. I thought you are a Christian man.

In other words the Angels are saying to you... dont brother them! with your utter trivialities.

What unreasonable demands are you asking of them?

This all means there is a restriction of midwayer or Angel services because Judgment comes and now is the examination of Paradise into the hearts of man. Midwayers and Angels cannot interfere nor help man. Its man and his faith, that's it!

Man and his truth are on his own now! in light of the signs of Heaven.

have a few more !!!!!!!!! because everyone will need it.

"I am not allowed to help you" restricted in operations by the Melchizedeks.

Its decision time before judgment! Parting of the ways, the time before the great winnowing.

The only reason why Midwayers gather at Brig house is because purely of this website which is a viechle of communication, they got the message through Brig OK, But cannot do anything for man in this time!

His Judgment comes and we have the signs in Heaven already from where the Justice broadcast will come.

Its a man on his own project now.

In the meanwhile we will attempt the verification of Dalamatia City to help him in his decisions the demonstration and with harmony. This is the only thing that can be done. The Midwayers in planetary admin will continue to help this one and only project to verify in the demonstration. This is the only thing that can and will be done for man in truth!


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:59 pm

I feel because the signs in the heavens of Judgment are here the Spiritual Admin of this planet are in lock down leaving essential spiritual services open.

The whole admin is on red Alert.

Nothing is happening anywhere until judgment. Man is on his own with only his truth. Living the true life of Jesus in attitude and in sincerity is the only thing that will be successful during judgment.

The whole admin are in expectation of the Next broadcast through the Magnetar system.

There is this guy on another forum who looks into ghosts in his house. An audible message was conveyed to this person
"I am not allowed to help you"

That means there is a restriction of midwayer or Angel services because Judgment comes and now is the examination of Paradise into the hearts of man and Midwayers and Angels can not interfere or help man.

Now we will see the truth of man and what is in his heart.


Atheist site 6 Feb 09

As these Magnetars occur the truth of the Atheist will be pulled apart sentence by sentence.

The Atheist untruth is being demolished as we speak. Just by the demonstration of the Signs from Heaven.


Atheist site Feb 6 09

Were is your demonstration fool.

Where is your evidence of a single thing.

Your untruth will be decimated and is being destroyed as we speak. Like I said!

As truth arises from the Heavens you will left on your own holding untruth and all those gathered will just run to the hills like the cowards they are!


Atheist site Feb 6 09

Mate just look into heavens and educate yourself with pertinent books to the current situation.

You're way behind the 8 ball.

I wrote and it come to pass in the Heavens, that's my demonstration fool!

What happens up there is synchronized to what happens here and its related to journey to the ancient places that you know nothing of.


Atheist site Feb 6 09

I had words with him and no big deal man.

Cal is probably smart enough to see sense.

By the way where is your demonstration on anything, you haven't even demonstrated a single thing and yet you talk in complete ignorance that you willingly choose.

By the way where is your hard evidence that God doesn't exist eh! Where is your answer to that question when I badgered you. Off course you ran to the hills because you have nothing and never had and just a coward.

Even the Richard Dawkins cannot even demonstrate and neither can the fool following he has.  Meanwhile a bloke from the bush can and already has demonstrated many things that God does exist.  You will find that out in judgment when you go mad because there is no where to hide.


No you prove your truth in front everyone.

Lets see how you piece it together and what's your rationale.

Come on, lets see it buddy. Your great BS truth of untruth.

The Atheist in a few generations is supposed to know everything. Where is it then buddy???

Show me why I should believe you?


No that doesn't wash

Where is your truth that demonstrates God doesn't exist.

You show me your hard evidence.

You have no evidence of anything. You know why? because you are an idiot unto yourself and happy to remain there essentially!

Evolution does exist and also in the spiritual. If man doesn't evolve then he gets wiped in this oncoming scenario.

Nothing unlike the metaphor in "the day the word stood still" but worse.  because there will be no going back or doing a deal on past decisions.


Atheist site,   such an awful site but they have to know the truth.

See, no demonstration and unable to because of no capacity.

Cant even prove himself except in the form of Mock, the ultimate demonstration of an idiot.

This is why you are a complete and utter fool Choobus and you will go absolutely no where. When the time comes you will crying a little baby and all that could of been avoided. That will be your greatest regret and it will eat you up man knowing there is not a scrap of future for you and maybe your family being of your seed. Thats what I mean, this judgment includes the leader of a family, his seed and those who carry the seed of the last rebel which displays itself in attitude!

Its like the Speed dealer or the Mafia dude, all there empires and families are all set for destruction.  There will be no seed of the rebel left.


Icon 1 posted 02-05-2009 08:18 PM


I feel "I am not allowed to help you" was meant not for you only but for all others.

Your house could be a gathering point in there operations.

I thought "I am not allowed to help you" was a something a midwayer or Angel would say he is under the jurisdiction of the Admin..

Its all based on faith.

It probably comes down to that you and your wife a simply sensitive to these things where it doesn't bother you that they operate out of your house and can also communicate to the world.

What I said about the Christian thing ah dont worry about it. I take that back.


Icon 1 posted 02-05-2009 08:18 PM


I feel "I am not allowed to help you" was meant not for you only but for all others.

Your house could be a gathering point in there operations.

I thought "I am not allowed to help you" was a something a midwayer or Angel would say he is under the jurisdiction of the Admin. Obviously they are constrained to a major degree.

Its all based on faith.

It probably comes down to that you and your wife a simply sensitive to these things where it doesn't bother you that they operate out of your house and can also communicate to the world.

What I said about the Christian thing ah dont worry about it. I take that back.

When they call out your name, ahhh there just having fun. Like in any army they have fun to. Im sure of that while Brigs running around trying to make or tail of it. ahahahahahahahah

With the voices they could be having a gathering or meeting where they allow you to hear them.

Ive noticed that activity has increased dramatically in your house and I believe it could be part of the signs that the end of an age comes close.

This message "I am not allowed to help you" really applies to everyone and may point to decision time.

You should speak to them like I speak to you and say Hi. Speak with them in terms of the great planetary operation underway now and pray with them to God, be International and global rather than petty things. There around you by the looks of it.


Post Re: There definitely is a GOD! Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:44 am

Note the word "probably" which infers they cannot rule God out precisely.

It just reflects the same crap I experience on these Atheist sites, they cannot prove God does not exist, they cannot prove it. While as we go down the track we can prove God easily. No worries at all, they can even argue against. They really hate me with a vengeance because as we go down the track the atheists untruth is being pulled in front of their eyes piece by piece. They can argue against either except Mock and as you know they realize they have lost the argument. Already! Especially with these Magnetars they are stumped and cannot counter argue because I wrote about it before it happened. I told them in there face that I was expecting another magnetar that will represent a symbol that we will recognize thus Delphinus!

Have a look at the crap if you want.

This is the level of the atheist in his defense. Oh there is a few swear words dont worry about it, Im speaking on there level that they understand.

Its all crap that comes out of the mouth of the Atheist. He hasn't got a leg to stand on and he is totally naked and bare.

These Magnetars alone will destroy the Atheist untruth, ugliness and deception. ... to=newpost

I praise the Lord that he exists and he is a personal friend.

One thing I have noticed they are dropping off like flies. Less and less are opposing and the ones left a just a few ignorant ones.

I believe quite a few atheists are reviewing there information and they are abandoning Richard Dawkins untruth as in the demonstration where they can see harmony and are beginning to rethink. The smarter Atheist I mean, the majority of them are stupid and real dumb.

Richard Dawkins had no choice but to ban me because he could see I had a point and resistance is futile. ahahahahahaha


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:24 am

Im seeing 11:11 or the ones everywhere.

I cant help recognize it.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:28 am March3rd

Im on the Magnetar track from Jan 22 09, 200 flashes

Im working the Burach Prophecy and its forty days.

I calculate that March 3rd 09 is 40 days after the 2nd Magnetar Jan22 09.

After calculating that I went to the Wikipedia to find out which day was March 3rd

This is what I found



March 3 is the 62nd day of the year (63rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 303 days remaining until the end of the year.

March 3rd in numerals 3/3/09 in this case.

The I thought I do a search for Prophecies March 3rd.

I ran across this article.

Chalk Up Another False Prophecy By Benny Hinn
by Sandy Simpson, 3/7/03

Far enough, that one mans opinion. However I looked into the article a little further then I found this fragment.


Wednesday, the Wednesday before the 20th would be the 19th, correct, no the 18th of December at 2 am I awakened to a prophecy ringing in my heart. I was hearing myself prophesy. ... I will tell you this, Satan is ready to unleash horror and terror on this earth as never before. But I heard the Lord say, literally I heard Him speak those words, He said, "Dark days are ahead for the world, and bright days for my people." (Applause) I was prophesying it. "Those who know me and those who walk with me will know light and beauty, says the Lord." God began to speak these words. ... March 3rd. I just heard March 3rd in my ears. What's March 3rd? What day is that? We don't know. I don't know what March 3rd what day it would be? I'm not sure what I would be, I don't know what crusade or service or maybe I'm not anywhere. But I'm hearing the Lord say that to me. (Benny Hinn, TBN "Praise The Lord", 12/30/02)

Then the rest of the article goes about to bag him.

But maybe Benny Hinns was seeing something in years to come. Im just seeing if there a conjunction of prophecy and this calculation understanding we dont know the time.

And yet I came up with the same calculation March 3rd based on the 40 days after the 2nd Magnetar Jan 22nd 09 following Burachs 40 days.

Here is Burachs end time prophecy I was working with.


The Magnetar Broadcast system Jane lead and numbers Jane lead and numbers All about Jerusem in the Urantia Book The Point of Discovery A diagram of the timeline in the Magnetar journey upon realisation Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. Over it is Ninteen Over it is Ninteen Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. Over it is Ninteen 19 found in the Quran Burach, Benny Hinns,  March 3rd, Jan22nd 09 Magnetar,  prophecy March 3rd 09 New Magnetar More Prophecies on Burach of the End times. The Centre of the Universe thoughts The Adbentures of Magnetar, The Time of Realisation Magnetar Swift Light without heat world

With links


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:58 pm

In the final Analysis of yesterdays day of calculation was an excellent experience for me. It was an 18 hr day of contemplation and working through the numbers. Essentially, I was attempting to find an harmony between all the sources from diverse areas into oneness where I felt it related to symbolism we have seen before in the journey to the ancient places and means something.

When I thought of giving up a soft voice from within and in my mind and would guide me along, when I thought I saw an error and was in jeopardy I would have to find the thread of harmony again and at times I had my doubts but at the same time I would speak to the Father from within and I felt within myself, a direct response and guidance along the way. Like an answer to myself from within me as I went through the numbers all in the back of mind whilst simultaneously calculating away. I was asking the Father for guidance as I calculated and it was great and I felt satisfied when I went to bed.

The spiritual metaphor is not unlike the end times where everything is broken down to its least common numbers/number/symbol where all you have let is truth. Similar to a refining of numbers to a common denomination will be like the refining of man and his truth. Everything will be refined until all is left is the truth. It will be like the above where things are broken down or calculated down to all you have left is truth of all things and error along the way will vanish.



Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:56 pm

petra wrote:


Ignore it- ask God to help you know what is right! Then look into it deeper!

I do everyday and he, the Father leads me into the deepest places, I know a few deep places that need verification.

Wanna come along and see before your eyes, the deep things or is that to deep for you?

Its pretty 1111 ahahahahahaha

Then we are talking about the synchronization of Space Headquarters (Kingdom of Heaven) with the journey to the deep things and you want to go deeper, I dont think I can get deeper.

Unless you have something deeper or comparable witness, I dont think I can get deeper especially into uncharters waters where pride and prejudice prevents man from exploring and demonstrating.

I must say you tend to speak of some authority but I dont see it in the witness. You say ignore 11:11 and yet you dont know a thing about it because of a closed mind, already filled with doctrine that dont allow you to seek the deep things of God that can help the planet with the truth of everything and shaft ignorance and or a holy thou attitude with no demonstration.

Isn't that the case.









Editorial addition to appx 1

HM initialed suras, a great miracle within the miracle.



Freq (HH)

Freq. (M)

Sum of numbers

Sum of digits











































Numbers in yellow add up to 19 x 59 and the sum of the digits for these numbers is also 59

Numbers in green add up to 19 x 54 and sum of the digits for these numbers is also 54

Numbers in red add up to 19 x 55 and the sum of the digits for these numbers is also 55

Numbers in silver add up to 19 x 58 and the sum of the digits for these numbers is also 58

Because the commonality 324+353+368 = 1045/19= 55 have the commonality of 55  like in the above Jane Lead calculation here is the Chapter 42 in the Quran with some highlights.

When I get a back we will have a look at chapter 43 and see what clues it bares seeing 368 as a common number.

some links

Here is the Chapter 43 of the Quran that I believe has metaphor clues

After reading Chapter verse 43 I did find some direct clues that relates to Eden and perhaps related to judgement.

I also note that Ibn Abbes was involved in the Surah.  I did find Metaphor in reflection to this journey.

"Ornaments of Gold"


   In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

"43.1":    Ha Mim.

"43.2":    I swear by the Book that makes things clear:

"43.3":    Surely We have made it an Arabic Quran that you may understand.

"43.4":    And surely it is in the original of the Book with Us, truly elevated, full of wisdom.

"43.5":    What! shall We then turn away the reminder from you altogether because you are an extravagant people?

"43.6":    And how many a prophet have We sent among the ancients.

"43.7":    And there came not to them a prophet but they mocked at him.

"43.8":    Then We destroyed those who were stronger than these in prowess, and the case of the ancients has gone before,

"43.9":    And if you should ask them, Who created the heavens and the earth? they would most certainly say: The Mighty, the Knowing One, has created them;

"43.10":    He Who made the earth a resting-place for you, and made in it ways for you that you may go aright;

"43.11":    And He Who sends down water from the cloud according to a measure, then We raise to life thereby a dead country, even thus shall you be brought forth;

"43.12":    And He Who created pairs of all things, and made for you of the ships and the cattle what you ride on,

"43.13":    That you may firmly sit on their backs, then remember the favor of your Lord when you are firmly seated thereon, and say: Glory be to Him Who made this subservient to us and we were not able to do it

"43.14":    And surely to our Lord we must return.

"43.15":    And they assign to Him a part of His servants; man, to be sure, is clearly ungrateful.

"43.16":    What! has He taken daughters to Himself of what He Himself creates and chosen you to have sons?

"43.17":    And when one of them is given news of that of which he sets up as a likeness for the Beneficent God, his face becomes black and he is full of rage.

"43.18":    What! that which is made in ornaments and which in contention is unable to make plain speech!

"43.19":    And they make the angels -- them who are the servants of the Beneficent God -- female (divinities). What! did they witness their creation? Their evidence shall be written down and they shall be questioned.

"43.20":    And they say: If the Beneficent God had pleased, we should never have worshiped them. They have no knowledge of this; they only lie.

"43.21":    Or have We given them a book before it so that they hold fast to it?

"43.22":    Nay! they say: We found our fathers on a course, and surely we are guided by their footsteps.

"43.23":    And thus, We did not send before you any warner in a town, but those who led easy lives in it said: Surely we found our fathers on a course, and surely we are followers of their footsteps.

"43.24":    (The warner) said: What! even if I bring to you a better guide than that on which you found your fathers? They said: Surely we are unbelievers in that with which you are sent.

"43.25":    So We inflicted retribution on them, then see how was the end of the rejecters.

"43.26":    And when Ibrahim said to his father and his people: Surely I am clear of what you worship,

"43.27":    Save Him Who created me, for surely He will guide me.

"43.28":    And he made it a word to continue in his posterity that they may return.

"43.29":    Nay! I gave them and their fathers to enjoy until there came to them the truth and an Apostle making manifest (the truth).

"43.30":    And when there came to them the truth they said: This is magic, and surely we are disbelievers in it.

"43.31":    And they say: Why was not this Quran revealed to a man of importance in the two towns?

"43.32":    Will they distribute the mercy of your Lord? We distribute among them their livelihood in the life of this world, and We have exalted some of them above others in degrees, that some of them may take others in subjection; and the mercy of your Lord is better than what they amass.

"43.33":    And were it not that all people had been a single nation, We would certainly have assigned to those who disbelieve in the Beneficent God (to make) of silver the roofs of their houses and the stairs by which they ascend.

"43.34":    And the doors of their houses and the couches on which they recline,

"43.35":    And (other) embellishments of gold; and all this is naught but provision of this world's life, and the hereafter is with your Lord only for those who guard (against evil).

"43.36":    And whoever turns himself away from the remembrance of the Beneficent God, We appoint for him a Shaitan, so he becomes his associate.

"43.37":    And most surely they turn them away from the path, and they think that they are guided aright:

"43.38":    Until when he comes to Us, he says: O would that between me and you there were the distance of the East and the West; so evil is the associate!

"43.39":    And since you were unjust, it will not profit you this day that you are sharers in the chastisement.

"43.40":    What! can you then make the deaf to hear or guide the blind and him who is in clear error?

"43.41":    But if We should take you away, still We shall inflict retribution on them;

"43.42":    Rather We will certainly show you that which We have promised them; for surely We are the possessors of full power over them.

"43.43":    Therefore hold fast to that which has been revealed to you; surely you are on the right path.

"43.44":    And most surely it is a reminder for you and your people, and you shall soon be questioned.

"43.45":    And ask those of Our apostles whom We sent before you: Did We ever appoint gods to be worshiped besides the Beneficent God?

"43.46":    And certainly We sent Musa with Our communications to Firon and his chiefs, so he said: Surely I am the apostle of the Lord of the worlds.

"43.47":    But when he came to them with Our signs, lo! they laughed at them.

"43.48":    And We did not show them a sign but it was greater than its like, and We overtook them with chastisement that they may turn.

"43.49":    And they said: O magician! call on your Lord for our sake, as He has made the covenant with you; we shall surely be the followers of the right way.

"43.50":    But when We removed from them the chastisement, lo! they broke the pledge.

"43.51":    And Firon proclaimed amongst his people: O my people! is not the kingdom of Egypt mine? And these rivers flow beneath me; do you not then see?

"43.52":    Nay! I am better than this fellow, who is contemptible, and who can hardly speak distinctly:

"43.53":    But why have not bracelets of gold been put upon him, or why have there not come with him angels as companions?

"43.54":    So he incited his people to levity and they obeyed him: surely they were a transgressing people.

"43.55":    Then when they displeased Us, We inflicted a retribution on them, so We drowned them all together,

"43.56":    And We made them a precedent and example to the later generations.

"43.57":    And when a description of the son of Marium is given, lo! your people raise a clamor thereat.

"43.58":    And they say: Are our gods better, or is he? They do not set it forth to you save by way of disputation; nay, they are a contentious people.

"43.59":    He was naught but a servant on whom We bestowed favor, and We made him an example for the children of Israel.

"43.60":    And if We please, We could make among you angels to be successors in the land.

"43.61":    And most surely it is a knowledge of the hour, therefore have no doubt about it and follow me: this is the right path.

"43.62":    And let not the Shaitan prevent you; surely he is your open enemy.

"43.63":    And when Isa came with clear arguments he said: I have come to you indeed with wisdom, and that I may make clear to you part of what you differ in; so be careful of (your duty to) Allah and obey me:

"43.64":    Surely Allah is my Lord and your Lord, therefore serve Him; this is the right path:

"43.65":    But parties from among them differed, so woe to those who were unjust because of the chastisement of a painful day.

"43.66":    Do they wait for aught but the hour, that it should come ! upon them all of a sudden while they do not perceive?

"43.67":    The friends shall on that day be enemies one to another, except those who guard (against evil).

"43.68":    O My servants! there is no fear for you this day, nor shall you grieve.

"43.69":    Those who believed in Our communications and were submissive:

"43.70":    Enter the garden, you and your wives; you shall be made happy.

"43.71":    There shall be sent round to them golden bowls and drinking-cups and therein shall be what their souls yearn after and (wherein) the eyes shall delight, and you shall abide therein.

"43.72":    And this is the garden which you are given as an inheritance on account of what you did.

"43.73":    For you therein are many fruits of which you shall eat.

"43.74":    Surely the guilty shall abide in the chastisement of hell.

"43.75":    It shall not be abated from them and they shall therein be despairing.

"43.76":    And We are not unjust to them, but they themselves were unjust.

"43.77":    And they shall call out: O Malik! let your Lord make an end of us. He shall say: Surely you shall tarry.

"43.78":    Certainly We have brought you the truth, but most of you are averse to the truth.

"43.79":    Or have they settled an affair? Then surely We are the settlers.

"43.80":    Or do they think that We do not hear what they conceal and their secret discourses? Aye! and Our messengers with them write down.

"43.81":    Say: If the Beneficent God has a son, I am the foremost of those who serve.

"43.82":    Glory to the Lord of the heavens and the earth, the Lord of power, from what they describe.

"43.83":    So leave them plunging into false discourses and sporting until they meet their day which they are threatened with.

"43.84":    And He it is Who is God in the heavens and God in the earth; and He is the Wise, the Knowing.

"43.85":    And blessed is He Whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and with Him is the knowledge of the hour, and to Him shall you be brought back.

"43.86":    And those whom they call upon besides Him have no authority for intercession, but he who bears witness of the truth and they know (him).

"43.87":    And if you should ask them who created them, they would certainly say: Allah. Whence are they then turned back?

"43.88":    Consider his cry: O my Lord! surely they are a people who do not believe.

"43.89":    So turn away from them and say, Peace, for they shall soon come to know

Here is a commentary of the last chapter

The Last verse in chapter (43) of the Noble Quran says that: Then bear with them (the disbelievers) O Muhammad, pardon them and turn away from them and say: Peace; they will come to know at the Day of Judgment!

I note that the last verse of Chapter 43 is related to Judgment.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:51 am

I been researching the Quran code of nineteen to see if I could find other common numbers.

I found one and followed that to see where it would lead to and to see if there is a clue there. I was led to chapter 43. A Surah revealed by non other than by Ibn Abbes.

Here is a fragment that I believe has strong metaphor to this specific journey.



"43.68":    O My servants! there is no fear for you this day, nor shall you grieve.
"43.69":    Those who believed in Our communications and were submissive:
"43.70":    Enter the garden, you and your wives; you shall be made happy.[/b]
"43.71":    There shall be sent round to them golden bowls and drinking-cups and therein shall be what their souls yearn after and (wherein) the eyes shall delight, and you shall abide therein.
"43.72":    [b]And this is the garden which you are given as an inheritance on account of what you did.

"43.73":    For you therein are many fruits of which you shall eat.
"43.74": Surely the guilty shall abide in the chastisement of hell.

further down the Surah is speaks of Judgment and I feel the Garden in this journey is related.

I also believe the truth of the End Times is spread throughout all the books of the One God religion so when the time comes we can bring all the relevant fragment to a oneness in truth and demonstration from each other book that does led somewhere.

In the above is the Garden of refuge from Judgment and that's we have today, literally about Eden and the Dalamatia City. Its the Metaphor of judgment but in the physical.

Anyway its people choice but this what Im finding.


"43.69": Those who believed in Our communications and were submissive:

and what communications would that be today?? in this time in this journey?? Looking up in the Heavens. Hint Hint Hint Magnetar!!!! with a book of revelation blended with all the other books and a demonstration to the lost cities to prove? Communications?



"43.70": Enter the garden, you and your wives; you shall be made happy.

What Garden would that be?

this Garden is all about inheritance, like we have today.


"43.72": And this is the garden which you are given as an inheritance on account of what you did.

And have you noticed a steady decline in suicide terrorism? Because somehow the truth is getting out whether people like it or not.


"43.85": And blessed is He Whose is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and what is between them, and with Him is the knowledge of the hour, and to Him shall you be brought back.

"43.86": And those whom they call upon besides Him have no authority for intercession, but he who bears witness of the truth and they know (him).

No different to the ideals of Christianity in this case, it is consistent in the thought of Christianity on the last posted fragments.

Even the Essene record of the Sevenfold Sermon by Jesus speaks about entering the Garden a place of safety.



10:7-9 When Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they cried a bitter cry; and Adam entreated God to let him return into the garden, and look at it a second time. 8 But God said to Adam, "I have made you a promise; when that promise is fulfilled,I will bring you back into the garden , you and your righteous descendants." 9 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

14:2 But God the Lord said to Adam, "Indeed I say to you, this darkness will pass from you, every day I have determined for you, until the fulfillment of My covenant ; when I will save you and bring you back again into the garden, into the house of light you long for, in which there is no darkness*. I will bring you to it -- in the kingdom of heaven."

What Garden would that be today?



Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:00 am

I finding out more things that can be demonstrated in the other stuff, than I see in the work of others here and in there interpretations.

I dont now why I dont join in other discussions, Im just to busy with what's happening.

Any you guys know much more about doctrine than I do.

All I see is argument rather than consistency that's why I'd rather do what what Im doing and see if something is truly manifesting in the current world reality in relation to the journey to unknown Epochs but referred to in the Bible, you know, the times before Noah.


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:05 am

sissco wrote:



it's not deep Sevens- it's a delusion!

well said, I couldn't have put this better to Sevens, myself! You tell him, Girl PDT_002


Can you prove to me where I can say he has a point? and who are you to judge? I have never seen any demonstration from neither of you except, judge way like an Holy than thou arsehole without a reference to anything.

Just a judgment people who puts up nothing but non worthy opinions with no back up. You guys call yourself the great Christianity but I dont see it at all. Not in the witness anyway.

You guys dont extend yourself only if there is some self capitalization in it just like all the other crowd that speak and do nothing who think there smart but put nothing on the table.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God

This could be important!!!! I just realized this looking at the calculation.

Red alert possibility

The time between Dec 3rd 08 realisation of Magnetar 1 to March 3rd 09 calculation based on Burachs 40 days is 90 days. When the Jan 22 09 Magnetar occurred it was precisely 45 days or halfway to the March 3rd 09 calculation. prepared for anything!

90 days 45 days

Interesting realisation.

Interesting realisation.

If I remember correctly, I had a calculation from Dec 3rd 08 after realising Magnetar 1 Local Headquarters based on Burachs 40 days, it was Jan12th 09. The 2nd Magnetar leading to the old cross symbol of Jesus in Delphinus occurred Jan22nd 10 days later after my calculation Jan12th 09. In this case the timeline is March 3rd 09

Calculation done feb 7/8th 09 7,8,9 789
remember it was 200 flashes on the 22nd 222.

This calculation and the tie in to events that occurred is perfect! Its a oneness! in the timeline! and what is occurring and the numbers are perfect. Everything appears to be equally divided.

Look at the dates

     Dec 3rd  Month 337 day 08(realized Magnetar 1 )

      Jan Month1  12day  09 (Burach Expectation)
     Jan Month 1  22day  09 (2nd Magnetar)
March Month 3   3day (62 day) 09 (3rd Expectation) (almost like a 123 day like in Jane Leads end time doodle.)


Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. A diagram of the Magnetar timeline Infallible proofs Bible Search 3 days Could have Metaphor for todays times Seventy, Five, Ninety more clues Bible Search Bible Search 45 days Bible Search on 200 for clues Leviticus 23:16 The chain of command of the Sevenfold Mission. Panorama of the Universe, Nebadon Space Segment Local System Headquaters Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness.



Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:24 am

The Anit Centre of the Galaxy Sagittarius, centre of our Universe The World of the Cross..The Urantia Book History of Urantia The Magnetar Broadcast system Magnetar Aug 22nd 2009 Sinbad info Sinbad information in position Movie of SGR J1550-5418  -- Pulsar Low res of the Magnetar broadcast circuit New Magnetar Local System Headquaters Next Realisation Tablet The Point of Discovery The Egyptian Connection Google Ancient places SlideShow of the Ancient places following the path of symbols 1stEden of Cyprus Van/Amadon/Adamson/Ratta Highland Valley Capital Dalamatia City 1stEden of Cyprus Van/Amadon/Adamson/Ratta Highland Valley Capital Dalamatia City The Point of Discovery Search on out local systems headquarters Our Major Capital of the Universe Nebadon, home of Jesus



The chain of command of this Sevenfold mission through the United Midwayers, the 11 group!

Just thinking about this fragment and thinking about the 456 in Sevens Birthdate (14/5/61) and in relation to the journey.

It occurred to me that the registration the secondary Midwayers assisting in this adventure is

 DEF 456 part of the 1111 secondary Midwayers, the invisible ones that where born in the  Old Arattian Kingdom 38,000 years ago.

It could be that there are 3 midwayers of the secondary order directly involved in this project directly. who liaise with the Primary Midwayer 4-5-6 the first.

 Also note: the home of the Primary Midwayers home was Dalamatia City, a city we are rediscovering today.

It could be that I work with the 3 secondary midwayers
def 4-5-6
in the journey to the ancient places

"def the first, second, and so on"

in regards to the Primary Midwayers

Secondary's def 4-5-6 most likely liaise with Primary 4-5-6 the first, who liaises with Primary 1-2-3 the first, He serves at present on Jerusem as a member of the twenty-four counselors

the ub
"The members of the older or primary order
are generally known by numerals; they are often given names such as 1-2-3 the first, 4-5-6 the first, and so on. On Urantia the Adamic midwayers are designated alphabetically in order to distinguish them from the numerical designation of the primary midwayers."

There is the clue in a very roundabout way to this journey locked in the Birthdate part of the 11 group.  I knew it was all in the Birthdate.  For years I would look at that.


While the primary midwayers had a well-nigh superhuman origin, the secondary order are the offspring of the pure Adamic stock united with a humanized descendant of ancestors common to the parentage of the senior corps.

Among the children of Adamson there were just sixteen of the peculiar progenitors of the secondary midwayers. These unique children were equally divided as regards sex, and each couple was capable of producing a secondary midwayer every seventy days by a combined technique of sex and nonsex liaison. And such a phenomenon was never possible on earth before that time, nor has it ever occurred since.

These sixteen children lived and died (except for their peculiarities) as mortals of the realm, but their electrically energized offspring live on and on, not being subject to the limitations of mortal flesh.

Each of the eight couples eventually produced 248 midwayers, and thus did the original secondary corps--1,984 in number--come into existence. There are eight subgroups of secondary midwayers. They are designated as a-b-c the first, second, third, and so on. And then there are def the first, second, and so on.

After the default of Adam the primary midwayers returned to the service of the Melchizedek receivers, while the secondary group were attached to the Adamson center until his death. Thirty-three of these secondary midwayers, the chiefs of their organization at the death of Adamson, endeavored to swing the whole order over to the service of the Melchizedeks, thus effecting a liaison with the primary corps. But failing to accomplish this, they deserted their companions and went over in a body to the service of the planetary receivers.

After the death of Adamson the remainder of the secondary midwayers became a strange, unorganized, and unattached influence on Urantia. From that time to the days of Machiventa Melchizedek they led an irregular and unorganized existence. They were partially brought under control by this Melchizedek but were still productive of much mischief up to the days of Christ Michael. And during his sojourn on earth they all made final decisions as to their future destiny, the loyal majority then enlisting under the leadership of the primary midwayers.

the role of the United Midwayer

The United Midwayers of Urantia are organized for service with the planetary seraphim in accordance with innate endowments and acquired skills, in the following groups:

1. Midway messengers. This group bear names; they are a small corps and are of great assistance on an evolutionary world in the service of quick and reliable personal communication.

2. Planetary sentinels. Midwayers are the guardians, the sentinels, of the worlds of space. They perform the important duties of observers for all the numerous phenomena and types of communication which are of import to the supernatural beings of the realm. They patrol the invisible spirit realm of the planet.

3. Contact personalities. In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed. They are an essential factor in such liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels.

4. Progress helpers. These are the more spiritual of the midway creatures, and they are distributed as assistants to the various orders of seraphim who function in special groups on the planet.

Midwayers vary greatly in their abilities to make contact with the seraphim above and with their human cousins below. It is exceedingly difficult, for instance, for the primary midwayers to make direct contact with material agencies. They are considerably nearer the angelic type of being and are therefore usually assigned to working with, and ministering to, the spiritual forces resident on the planet. They act as companions and guides for celestial visitors and student sojourners, whereas the secondary creatures are almost exclusively attached to the ministry of the material beings of the realm.

The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things." These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.

and this fragment

Although their ability to traverse the energy circuits makes planetary departure feasible to any midwayer, they have individually pledged themselves not to leave the planet prior to their sometime release by the universe authorities. Midwayers are anchored on a planet until the ages of settled light and life. With the exception of 1-2-3 the first, no loyal midway creatures have ever departed from Urantia.

1-2-3 the first, the eldest of the primary order, was released from immediate planetary duties shortly after Pentecost. This noble midwayer stood steadfast with Van and Amadon during the tragic days of the planetary rebellion, and his fearless leadership was instrumental in reducing the casualties in his order. He serves at present on Jerusem as a member of the twenty-four counselors, having already functioned as governor general of Urantia once since Pentecost.

This would mean that if I am right,  I would be working with the Leader of the Primary group 4-5-6 the first through the liaise of the Secondaries def the 4-5-6

The primary 1-2-3 is sitting on the seat of the one and 24 elders.

The Judgment Seat

At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory council, the four and twenty counselors. John the Revelator called them the four and twenty elders: "And round about the throne were four and twenty seats, and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment." The throne in the center of this group is the judgment seat of the presiding archangel, the throne of the resurrection roll call of mercy and justice for all Satania. This judgment seat has always been on Jerusem, but the twenty-four surrounding seats were placed in position no more than nineteen hundred years ago, soon after Christ Michael was elevated to the full sovereignty of Nebadon. These four and twenty counselors are his personal agents on Jerusem, and they have authority to represent the Master Son in all matters concerning the roll calls of Satania and in many other phases of the scheme of mortal ascension on the isolated worlds of the system. They are the designated agents for executing the special requests of Gabriel and the unusual mandates of Michael.


16. 1-2-3 the First, the leader of the loyal midway creatures in the service of Gabriel at the time of the Caligastia betrayal, elevated to this position by Michael soon after his entrance upon unconditioned sovereignty.

Search on 1-2-3 the First,


  • line 66: The resident governor general has no actual personal authority in the management of world affairs except as the representative of the twenty-four Jerusem counselors. He acts as the co-ordinator of superhuman administration and is the respected head and universally recognized leader of the celestial beings functioning on Urantia. All orders of angelic hosts regard him as their co-ordinating director, while the united midwayers, since the departure of 1-2-3 the first to become one of the twenty-four counselors, really look upon the successive governors general as their planetary fathers.


 if I am right, this would mean I would be working with the Leader of the Primary group 4-5-6 the first, through the liaise of the three Secondaries Midwayers def 4-5-6

The Leader of the Primary group 4,5,6 the first would be working directly with 1-2-3 the First who is an elder of the Judgment Seat  and works directly with Michael or Jesus on the Judgment Seat.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 09, 2009 7:31 am

I believe I understand the chain of command that runs right through to the Judgment Seat located at the Local System Headquarters where the 24 elders reside.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:43 am

This is where the Targum of the end days emanate from according to John Gill preacher 1777



12:4): this will be the time, even in the Philadelphian state, when there will be an open door set, which no man can shut (Rev. 3:8); an opportunity of preaching the gospel every where, and which will be taken and used; a wonderful door of utterance will be given to ministers of the word, who will open their mouth freely, and boldly, and with great success. The doctrines of the gospel are the living waters, so called for their refreshing and quickening nature, both to dead sinners and drooping saints, that at this time shall go out of Jerusalem, the church of God; half of them towards the former sea, or the eastern sea, as the Targum; the Persian sea, which lay east of Jerusalem, and so before it: and half of them towards the hinder sea, or the western sea, as the paraphrase; the Mediterranean sea, which lies to the west of Jerusalem , and so behind it; and both denoting the spread of the gospel in the latter day, east and west, for the conversion of the eastern nations in China, Tartary, Persia, &c., and for the conversion of the western nations in Europe; in summer and in winter shall it be (Zech. 14:8). These waters will be ever flowing, these doctrines will be constantly preaching; nor will the ministry of the word be hindered by any heat of persecution, or by any coldness or indifference to

1stEden and Dalamatia City and Vans highland in Persia has all to do with what John Gill saw in his end time contemplations of the role of the Office of the Messiah in the latter end days.


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:05 am The fulfilment

I was doing 50th day search in the bible to see if I could pick up clues to after the 50th Day which is Jan 22nd 09 in the Magnetar Time Calendar.

Here is a verse is very applicable to the journey in this moment.

Leviticus 23:16


Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord.

It seems to have metaphor to the scenario

Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness. A diagram of the Magnetar timeline Infallible proofs Bible Search 3 days Could have Metaphor for todays times Seventy, Five, Ninety more clues Bible Search Bible Search 45 days Bible Search on 200 for clues Leviticus 23:16 The chain of command of the Sevenfold Mission. Panorama of the Universe, Nebadon Space Segment Local System Headquaters Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness.

Unbelievable complete fulfillment in scripture.

11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baalhamon; he let out the vineyard unto keepers; every one for the fruit thereof was to bring a thousand pieces of silver. 12 My vineyard, which is mine, is before me: thou, O Solomon, must have a thousand, and those that keep the fruit thereof two hundred.

13 Thou that dwellest in the gardens, the companions hearken to thy voice: cause me to hear it. 14 Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a roe or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices.


Mark 6:37   (Read all of Mark 6)

He answered and said unto them, Give ye them to eat. And they say unto him, Shall we go and buy two hundred pennyworth of bread, and give them to eat?

Acts 27:37    Acts 27)

And we were in all in the ship two hundred threescore and sixteen souls.

Revelation 9:16   Revelation 9)

And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them.

Revelation 11:3    Revelation 11)

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.

Revelation 12:6  Revelation 12)

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

with links

This is a clear match and using the Bible eh!


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:23 pm


Ahh no worries!

Well I like to see for myself. I couldn't be bothered arguing I just want to keep going on the research and see where it leads me.

If someone says something is bad why should I believe him. I like to see for myself rather than being told. Seeing for myself, I experience, I know the truth right or wrong! This is why the last servant would be on his own, to be away from the influence and limitation of doctrine which casts itself in opinion and judgment.

Someone else's opinions really do have limitation, upon there own pride, prejudice and capacity plus some one has to demonstrate and prove something whether it is wrong or right.

Petra, Im not against Christians or the Church, I know get upset and say a few things here and there. All I want is for all to be successfull and move on to greater paths concerning Jesus.

Personally, Its like a merry go around concerning the argument of types of Doctrine and Dogma. Its too varied and plus I get concerned of the evolutionary stuff picked up by previous religions departing from the revelation and teachings of Jesus.

Christianity does have some weakness that Atheists capitalize on. That's not good enough for me as that means that Christianity has to strengthen itself by looking at itself in truth.

That's why I feel a greater path has been layed for Christianity by Jesus that leads to the centre of our universe, so Christianity can empower itself coupled with the Universe with Government in full power, in full speed with a complete truth in the demonstration.

At the moment because of the divisions in thoughts within Christianity it is weakened and not attractive with all its rules and regulation.

In my combat against the Atheist I have already demonstrated to many him things and proved much about God and that's why they cant stand against this truth, that is arising and its all about Jesus our friend and Saviour and the Universal Government headed by Jesus and he responds.

This path that I am chartering the Atheist has no defense, he lays bare. All he can do is Mock and yet I know, quite a number of Atheist have responded to the message and are reviewing there position about God.

I feel pleased about that.

Mind you I do carry on a bit with them.

I notice they resist but I know that resistance to this expanded message of Jesus is unbeatable, especially with the cities and the tree of life involved and with the universe responding in Synchronicity they are finished and cannot put up a single argument. They are wiped in there untruth of a no God scenario. This is where a true victory exists right in this field of the Atheist. The DSC where right you know! and the Urantia Book is right and works with the Bible...They are all right books. They all work to strengthen man and I feel its time for fulfillment.

However, I can only do so much like write. At the moment there might be funding for an expedition to prove but I dont know if this source is a scam yet! Meanwhile III keep on going.

Some people have suggested that I run the risk of tempting the spirits. The way I see it, I am a friend of the Father and the Universal Government and I look to them for help in the completion of my presentation in collaboration.

The people who tempt the Universe are the ones through violence and so forth to get closer to the end times thinking they are doing a service for God.

I know I set up platforms for the Jesus Government to respond but least my enquiry is one of truth and understanding and this the right enquiry and through the path I am led to you they are fulfilling my request through the demonstration in the timeline.

The whole Universe is a family like the loving families of the world. Its a Father and Son and Daughter relationship. I, like a Son ask for the Fathers help in the completion of my research in truth. Because of the severe material limitations I have and knowing I can do only so much, he responds by leading me along the good paths because he loves me. Friendly, unconditional and a fantastic journey. The Universe is based upon the Love of Jesus headed by Jesus and like when Jesus was with his disciples he was a friend and brother and Master of truth and helped his fellows like in a family. The Universe Admin is just like that, a friend to man in truth.

And they will continue to respond as we have hit on the right track being led by the Holy Spirit and the Father from within leading to a path and construct where the Universe can respond. All the conditions are right and they have already demonstrated itself to us on this forum in ways that are based on faith and within that mandate.

Even an Atheist cannot argue against it.

For the Atheist Resistance is Futile! ahahahahahahahaha


Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:13 pm

Here is another archaeological find that confirms the authenticity of the Urantia Book in its archaeological record. I find this another addition to the journey of truth made by fellow Urantia researchers into our past.

A discovery made in Israel and demonstrates the Urantia Book. This how vital this truth is for us today and how it has been designed by the Ancient of Days to help us in this time before a change of age.



An archaeological site in Israel has produced strong evidence for the ability to create fire about 800,000 years ago. This pushes the date back for the creation of fire by several hundred thousand years. The site has clusters of charred and uncharred flint and exhibits evidence of human presence that spans about 100,000 years. So, The Urantia Book's description of the methodology used by Andon and Fonta to make fire is supported by the excavations at this site and it is located in the general vicinity Onagar's civilization.

You know what! Onagar's is one of the 24 elders around the Judgment Seat.

This news comes at this time in light of the current posts and conversation.

Another civilisation discovered in Israel.

Its probably in the valley of Armageddon where the battle of truth is foreseen. This find precisely begins a battle of truth of truth itself! in the current climate of the little truth we have.

Here is a link to a search on Onagar.

Some fragments

line 100: 1. Onagar, the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince age, who directed his fellows in the worship of "The Breath Giver."

line 50: During this long period of cultural decadence the Foxhall peoples of England and the Badonan tribes northwest of India continued to hold on to some of the traditions of Andon and
certain remnants of the culture of Onagar

There is a whole piece about Onagar in this link.

You have to scroll to find it

Onagar search ... ery=Onagar



line 98: As the Andonic dispersion extended, the cultural and spiritual status of the clans retrogressed for nearly ten thousand years until the days of Onagar, who assumed the leadership of these tribes, brought peace among them, and for the

line 106: That food was the all-important thing in the lives of these primitive human beings is shown by the prayer taught these simple folks by Onagar, their great teacher. And this prayer was:

line 108: Onagar maintained headquarters on the northern shores of the ancient Mediterranean in the region of the present Caspian Sea at a settlement called Oban, the tarrying place on the westward turning of the travel trail leading up northward from the Mesopotamian southland. From Oban he sent out teachers to the remote settlements to spread his new doctrines of one Deity and his concept of the hereafter, which he called the Great Beyond. These emissaries of Onagar were the world's first missionaries; they were also the first human beings to cook meat, the first regularly to use fire in the preparation of food. They cooked flesh on the ends of sticks and also on hot stones; later on they roasted large pieces in the fire, but their descendants almost entirely reverted to the use of raw flesh.

line 109: Onagar was born 983,323 years ago (from A.D. 1934), and he lived to be sixty-nine years of age. The record of the achievements of this master mind and spiritual leader of the pre-Planetary Prince days is a thrilling recital of the organization of these primitive peoples into a real society. He instituted an efficient tribal government, the like of which was not attained by succeeding generations in many millenniums. Never again, until the arrival of the Planetary Prince, was there such a high spiritual civilization on earth. These simple people

line 114: Although both Andon and Fonta had received Thought Adjusters, as had many of their descendants, it was not until the days of Onagar that the Adjusters and guardian seraphim came in great numbers to Urantia. This was, indeed,
the golden age of primitive man.

Here is the link to the report.

Its a very good report

Oh well, we can find Oban by looking for old cooking stones and flint work.


line 109: There have been hundreds upon hundreds of religious leaders in the million-year human history of Urantia from Onagar to Guru Nanak. During this time there have been many ebbs and flows of the tide of religious truth and spiritual faith, and each renaissance of Urantian religion has, in the past, been identified with the life and teachings of some religious leader. In considering the teachers of recent times, it may prove helpful to group them into the seven major religious epochs of post-Adamic Urantia:

Here are some links to Gesher Benot Ya'aqov

Close to the see of Galilee near where Jesus lived and ministered to the people. Wow!


These twenty-four counselors have been recruited from the eight Urantia races, and the last of this group were assembled at the time of the resurrection roll call of Michael, nineteen hundred years ago. This Urantia advisory council is made up of the following members:

1. Onagar, the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince age, who directed his fellows in the worship of "The Breath Giver."

and ... _benot.htm



Definition: The archaeological site of Gesher Benot Ya'aqov is located in the northern Jordan Valley on the shore of an ancient lake. Paleomagnetic dating of this site makes it a Lower Paleolithic site, dated to approximately 790,000 years ago. It's not clear which species of hominin lived at this site, it could be Homo erectus, Homo ergaster, or perhaps archaic Homo sapiens.

Because Gesher Benot Ya'aqov was waterlogged, it has been discovered to have outstanding preservation of organic matter, particularly for a site of this antiquity, including identifiable bits of wood, bark, fruit and seeds. GBY also has numerous large basalt axes and cleavers.

And about Tycho



Creating Fire


Class Description


Raw Data


Creating Fire Urantia Book First Human Beings Flint

Creating Fire Summary
[Updated 2/9/09]

The Urantia Book, which was first published in 1955, states “From the year A.D. 1934 back to the birth of the first two human beings is just 993,419 years.”  It recounts that these first two human beings were a set of twins, a male and a female and that they were distinctly different, genetically superior mutations in comparison to their pre-human parents. According to The Urantia Book, they chose to separate themselves from their pre-human clan and that “On their northward journey they discovered an exposed flint deposit . . . Andon [the male] discovered their sparking quality and conceived the idea of building fire. . . The Primates ancestors of Andon had often replenished fire which had been kindled by lightning, but never before had the creatures of earth possessed a method of starting fire at will.” These two ancestors of all mankind are said to have achieved this ability.

A 2004 discovery at the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov archaeological site in Israel provides strong evidence that human beings were able to use flint to create fire about 790,000 years ago. Prior to this discovery, the Terra Amata archaeological site in France, though very controversial, provided what was widely considered to be the best evidence for the early ability of human beings to create fire, suggesting that fire was being created sometime between 230,000 and 380,000 years ago. But undisputed evidence for the ability to create fire at will only goes back about 200,000 years. The evidence found at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, with its clusters of burnt flint at different levels, is considerably more definitive than what was found at Terra Amata. This 2004 discovery not only is consistent with The Urantia Book’s assertion that flint was initially used to make fire, but also was found in the general area where the first human beings are said to have lived and, by any analysis, pushes the date closer to what was given in The Urantia Book by hundreds of thousands of years.


Creating Fire: Class B Report
[Updated 2/9/09]

This report focuses on when human beings were first able to create fire. The Urantia Book says that flint was used to make fire nearly 1,000,000 years ago and indicates that this occurred in the region of Mesopotamia. In 2004 excavations at an archaeological site in Israel provided strong evidence that fire was being created with flint around 800,000 years ago, which pushes the date back by hundreds of thousands of years and is in the Mesopotamia region, unlike other sites in Europe and China that only suggest the possibility that human beings were able to create fire about 500,000 years ago. More definitive evidence for the creation of fire exists from 200,000 years ago. By any analysis of when human beings were first able to create fire, this new discovery pushes the date back by hundreds of thousands of years. Because the 2004 discovery supports the time, location, and methodology and substantially pushes the back the date for the creation of fire, this is a Class B report.

Creating Fire Report
Prepared by Josh Carden and Halbert Katzen, J.D. with special thanks to Donna Whelan
[Updated 2/9/09]

Prior to the 2004 excavations at the Gesher Benot Ya’aqov archaeological site in Israel, evidence existed supporting the ability of human beings to create fire that dated back approximately 300,000 to 500,000 years ago. The archaeological sites from this time period were controversial regarding the issue of whether fire was actually being created or only controlled. Definitive evidence for the creation of fire dates back about 200,000 years. The Urantia Book, published in 1955, asserts that nearly one million years ago human beings were able to create fire by using flint and that this occurred in the region of Mesopotamia.

Asserting that the first two human beings, Andon and Fonta, conceived of and successfully discovered ways of making fire, The Urantia Book provides the following account of this remarkable achievement:

From the year A.D. 1934 back to the birth of the first two human beings is just 993,419 years.(1)

While still living with his parents, Andon had fastened a sharp piece of flint on the end of a club, using animal tendons for this purpose, and on no less than a dozen occasions he made good use of such a weapon in saving both his own life and that of his equally adventurous and inquisitive sister, who unfailingly accompanied him on all of his tours of exploration.(2)

When about nine years of age, they [Andon and Fonta] journeyed off down the river one bright day and held a momentous conference. . . On this eventful day they arrived at an understanding to live with and for each other, and this was the first of a series of such agreements which finally culminated in the decision to flee from their inferior animal associates and to journey northward, little knowing that they were thus to found the human race.(3)

They had already prepared a crude treetop retreat some half-day's journey to the north. This was their secret and safe hiding place for the first day away from the home forests. Notwithstanding that the twins shared the Primates' deathly fear of being on the ground at nighttime, they sallied forth shortly before nightfall on their northern trek. While it required unusual courage for them to undertake this night journey, even with a full moon, they correctly concluded that they were less likely to be missed and pursued by their tribesmen and relatives. And they safely made their previously prepared rendezvous shortly after midnight.

On their northward journey they discovered an exposed flint deposit and, finding many stones suitably shaped for various uses, gathered up a supply for the future. In attempting to chip these flints so that they would be better adapted for certain purposes, Andon discovered their sparking quality and conceived the idea of building fire. But the notion did not take firm hold of him at the time as the climate was still salubrious and there was little need of fire.


But the autumn sun was getting lower in the sky, and as they journeyed northward, the nights grew cooler and cooler. Already they had been forced to make use of animal skins for warmth. Before they had been away from home one moon, Andon signified to his mate that he thought he could make fire with the flint. They tried for two months to utilize the flint spark for kindling a fire but only met with failure. Each day this couple would strike the flints and endeavor to ignite the wood. Finally, one evening about the time of the setting of the sun, the secret of the technique was unraveled when it occurred to Fonta to climb a near-by tree to secure an abandoned bird's nest. The nest was dry and highly inflammable and consequently flared right up into a full blaze the moment the spark fell upon it. They were so surprised and startled at their success that they almost lost the fire, but they saved it by the addition of suitable fuel, and then began the first search for firewood by the parents of all mankind.

This was one of the most joyous moments in their short but eventful lives. All night long they sat up watching their fire burn, vaguely realizing that they had made a discovery which would make it possible for them to defy climate and thus forever to be independent of their animal relatives of the southern lands. After three days' rest and enjoyment of the fire, they journeyed on.

The Primates ancestors of Andon had often replenished fire which had been kindled by lightning, but never before had the creatures of earth possessed a method of starting fire at will. But it was a long time before the twins learned that dry moss and other materials would kindle fire just as well as birds' nests.(4)

Even when an ancient hearth or other ancient burnt artifacts are found, inherent difficulties are involved with using burnt artifacts to establish the ability to create fire because of the difficulty in determining whether the fire was originally created by humans or was of natural origin and then replenished.

What has been widely accepted as the best evidence for the ability of primitive human beings to create fire, before the 2004 discovery at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, is the evidence at the Terra Amata site in France. Additionally, there is the Menez-Dregan site, also in France. Both of these sites are controversial with regard to man’s ability to create fire. These two sites will be used as examples of how the scholarly community has not yet reached a consensus on the issue of when human beings were first able to actually create fire, not just control it.

In 1996 a Discover Magazine article laid out the issues and evidence related to the site at Menez-Dregan which was discovered in 1985:

While evidence for early human occupation mounted in Spain, farther to the north, on the windblown coast of western France, there appeared hints of another surprisingly early European arrival: fire. In a gully in southern Brittany, anthropologist Jean-Laurent Monnier of the University of Rennes found what he believes is an ancient fire pit, tentatively dated as being nearly 500,000 years old, along with some simple stone tools. Conventionally, the first controlled use of fire is thought to have taken place only some 200,000 years ago.

That more recent date at least makes narrative sense: it credits the invention of fireplaces to Homo sapiens, those technological wizards who also came up with sophisticated weapons and tools. But Monnier’s find raises the possibility that fire was tamed not by clever sapiens but by a predecessor, perhaps one closer to Homo erectus, our conservative ancestor who spent millions of years knocking simple flakes off rocks.

[“]There are many fireplaces since 200,000 years ago,” says Monnier. [“]But earlier fireplaces have been less certain.” The difficulty has been to distinguish a fire pit from a natural fire, and charred areas at older sites such as Zhoukoudian in China and V´ertessz¨oll¨os in Hungary could have been either.

Monnier’s site, in a cave called Menez-Dregan, seems a safer bet. It has a deep concentration of charcoal and burned bones, he says, indicating repeated use over a long time. But the dates still have to be nailed down. This past year, Monnier’s team used a technique called electron spin resonance to date burned quartz from Menez-Dregan. The technique relies on the fact that normal radioactivity in the quartz is always knocking electrons out of their normal orbits and allowing some to become trapped within impurities in the crystal. When the quartz is heated, though, the trapped electrons return to their atomic orbits. So by counting the number of trapped electrons that had accumulated, the French researchers could measure how much time had elapsed since the quartz was burned by our early ancestors. The elapsed time they got was some 465,000 years. The team is now trying to confirm this date with other techniques.

But what Monnier would really like to puzzle out [is] the simple tools found at the site. They are cruder than other tools of similar age—they are mainly choppers with irregular cutting edges—leading Monnier to wonder why creatures who may have tamed fire couldn’t refine their industrial methods as well.(5)

The Terra Amata site in France, excavated in 1966, also controversial within the scientific community, gives a date of 230,000 to 380,000 years ago for the creation of fire. Wikipedia provides this general description of the site itself and the problems associated with drawing conclusions about it:

Terra Amata is an archaeology site near the French town of Nice.

Terra Amata was an open site where you can find Acheulean flint tools dating it to the Lower Paleolithic. It was excavated by a team of archaeologists led by Henri de Lumley, who believed the site contained a series of superimposed living floors and who interpreted arrangements of stones at the site as the foundations of huts or windbreaks. This interpretation would make them some of the earliest examples of human habitation ever found.

However, as with other sites of possible human shelters, such as Grotte du Lazaret, the evidence is more conjectural than compelling. It is equally likely [] that the stones were naturally deposited through stream flow, soil creep or some other natural process. Moreover, Paola Villa has demonstrated that stone artifacts from the different proposed living floors can be fitted together, showing that artifacts have moved up and down through the sediment column. Thus, the supposed living floor assemblages are most likely mixtures of artifacts from different time periods that have come to rest at particular levels. There is, therefore, compelling evidence that the site was subjected to relatively invasive post-depositional processes, which may also be responsible for the stone 'arrangements'. In [a] building a[t] Terra Amata, a hole was left in the center for smoke to escape. 20-40 people could congregate in a shelter like this.(6)

Kyle Streich, writing for the University of Minnesota website, states:

Some of these shelters contained hearths and what is believed to be some of the earliest controlled use of fire.(7)

In a recent article, Dr. Dennis O'Neil of the Anthropology Department at Palomar College writes:

The earliest convincing evidence of fire use for cooking appears at the 550,000-300,000 year old late Homo erectus site at Zhoukoudian near Beijing, China and the 400,000 year old presumed archaic human site of Terra Amata near Nice on the French Mediterranean coast.  In both cases the evidence is primarily in the form of food refuse bones that were apparently charred during cooking.  In addition, there is possible evidence of simple fire hearths at Terra Amata. Unfortunately, there still is not sufficient evidence at either site to say conclusively that there was controlled fire in the sense of being able to create it at will.  However, by 100,000 years ago, there is abundant evidence of regular fire use at Neandertal sites.  By that time, they evidently were able to create fires when they wished to, and they used them for multiple purposes.(8)

The discoveries made at Gesher Benot Ya’aqov provide evidence for the creation of fire that is missing from the sites that suggest the creation of fire approximately 500,000 years ago. The Gesher Benot Ya’aqov site offers up the presence of flint in clusters that are both charred and uncharred. Regarding this more recently excavated site, a press release from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem states:

The Gesher Benot Ya’aqov site is located along the Dead Sea rift in the Hula Valley of northern Israel.

Dr. Nira Alperson-Afil, a member of Goren-Inbar’s team, said that further, detailed investigation of burned flint at designated areas in all eight levels of civilization found at the site now shows that “concentrations of burned flint items were found in distinct areas, interpreted as representing the remnants of ancient hearths.” This tells us, she said, that once acquired, this fire-making ability was carried on over a period of many generations. Alperson-Afil’s findings are reported in an article published in the most recent edition of Quaternary Science Reviews.

She said that other studies which have reported on the use of fire only verified the presence of burned archaeological materials, but were unable to penetrate further into the question of whether humans were “fire-makers” from the very early stages of fire-use.

“The new data from Gesher Benot Ya’akov is exceptional as it preserved evidence for fire-use throughout a very long occupational sequence. This continual, habitual, use of fire suggests that these early humans were not compelled to collect that fire from natural conflagrations, rather they were able to make fire at will,'' Alperson-Afil said.(9)

Note that the “burned flint” is consistent with The Urantia Book’s assertion that creating fire was first achieved by the use of flint, not by igniting wood with heat caused from friction.

A BBC News article by Paul Rincon from 2004 states:

Researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan excavated a waterlogged site at Gesher Benot Ya'aqov.

In 34m-thick ground deposits, they found numerous flint implements belonging to the so-called Acheulean tradition of tool manufacture. Some of these were burnt, while other[s] were not.

The team mapped the distribution of the burnt and unburned artifacts and compared them. Although there was some overlap with the unburned artifacts, the burnt ones clustered together at specific spots at the site.

The researchers think the clusters of burnt artifacts, which date to between 790,000 and 690,000 years ago, indicate the sites of ancient campfires, or hearths, made by either Homo erectus or Homo ergaster.

It could have been a primitive form of Homo sapiens, they say, but other researchers consider this improbable.(10)

What shows up as a challenging idea to contemporary scholars, is consistent with The Urantia Book’s depiction of Andon and Fonta as the first human beings, who learned how to create fire and to pass this knowledge on to future generations. The site in Israel is located in the general area where The Urantia Book indicates the first tribes of human beings lived. However, it does not state this specifically. In order to get this understanding one must look at statements in The Urantia Book pertaining to the animals from which human beings evolved and from information about the first great spiritual teacher of humanity, Onagar, who is said to have lived about 10,000 years after Andon and Fonta. Regarding the location of the immediate pre-human animals from which human beings evolved, it states:

When about fourteen years of age, they [also a male and female pair of twins] fled from the tribe, going west to raise their family and establish the new species of Primates. And these new creatures are very properly denominated Primates since they were the direct and immediate animal ancestors of the human family itself.

Thus it was that the Primates came to occupy a region on the west coast of the Mesopotamian peninsula as it then projected into the southern sea, while the less intelligent and closely related tribes lived around the peninsula point and up the eastern shore line.(11)

Regarding the region where Onagar lived, The Urantia Book says:

As the Andonic dispersion extended, the cultural and spiritual status of the clans retrogressed for nearly ten thousand years until the days of Onagar, who assumed the leadership of these tribes, brought peace among them, and for the first time, led all of them in the worship of the "Breath Giver to men and animals."

Andon's philosophy had been most confused; he had barely escaped becoming a fire worshiper because of the great comfort derived from his accidental discovery of fire. Reason, however, directed him from his own discovery to the sun as a superior and more awe-inspiring source of heat and light, but it was too remote, and so he failed to become a sun worshiper.

. . .

That food was the all-important thing in the lives of these primitive human beings is shown by the prayer taught these simple folks by Onagar, their great teacher. And this prayer was:

"O Breath of Life, give us this day our daily food, deliver us from the curse of the ice, save us from our forest enemies, and with mercy receive us into the Great Beyond."

Onagar maintained headquarters on the northern shores of the ancient Mediterranean in the region of the present Caspian Sea at a settlement called Oban, the tarrying place on the westward turning of the travel trail leading up northward from the Mesopotamian southland. From Oban he sent out teachers to the remote settlements to spread his new doctrines of one Deity and his concept of the hereafter, which he called the Great Beyond. These emissaries of Onagar were the world's first missionaries; they were also the first human beings to cook meat, the first regularly to use fire in the preparation of food. They cooked flesh on the ends of sticks and also on hot stones; later on they roasted large pieces in the fire, but their descendants almost entirely reverted to the use of raw flesh.(12)

These selections indicate that the presence of burnt flint at various levels of the site in Israel are altogether consistent with the information presented in The Urantia Book regarding when, where, and how human beings were first able to create fire. And the evidence at the Gesher Benot Ya'aqov  site is distinctly more definitive about this ability than the sites in France and China. In drawing conclusions about the discoveries at the Gesher Benot Ya'aqov  site, the BBC article states:

Professor John Gowlett, of the University of Liverpool, UK, said that the find was "very significant".

. . .

There is always the possibility the fires could have been natural. But the authors say a number of lines of evidence make this unlikely.(13)

A review of the research related to the ability to create fire indicates that undisputed evidence only dates this back to about 200,000 years ago. The Menez-Dregan site in France, discovered thirty years after the 1955 publication of The Urantia Book, suggests that this may have occurred 465,000 years ago, but this site as well as others from this general time period do not provide clear evidence for the creation of fire. When The Urantia Book was published, the notion that human beings were able to create fire about 990,000 years ago was completely inconsistent with the scholarship of that time period. The evidence that does hint at the ability to create fire 500,000 years ago was not found in the area where The Urantia Book says this first occurred.

The discoveries made at the Gesher Benot Ya'aqov in Israel during this millennium provide evidence for the creation of fire with flint about 790,000 years ago, which is consistent with The Urantia Book’s assertion that the creation of fire began by this means and in this general area approximately 990,000 years ago. By any analysis, this site pushes back the ability to create fire by hundreds of thousands of years and, based on a conservative analysis, by approximately 600,000 years.

It is noteworthy that researchers are now at least considering that this might have been a “primitive form of Homo sapiens” even though they consider it improbable at this point in time. It is noteworthy, of course, because this would be consistent with The Urantia Book’s account of human history.


(1) Urantia Book 62:5.1

(2) Urantia Book 63:1.3

(3) Urantia Book 62:5.8

(4) Urantia Book 63:2.3-7







(11) UB 62:4.2

(12) UB 63:6.1




Creating Fire Raw Data brief description of the Terra Amata site general info on primitive culture with some info on flint and Terra Amata comprehensive review of the issues, excellent coverage of the Menez-Dregan evidence,2933,444492,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/archaeology


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:26 am

Hey Petra

What about the Benny Hinns prophecy for the 3rd March eh!

Maybe it could be this March 3rd he saw. eh! No matter how unusual I triangulate I came up with the same date.

March 3rd eh! based on Burach, Jeremiah assistant and the Magnetar timing.

And Jane Lead was a Christian and she loved God and wrote each day her thoughts and explorations as I write today on the forums.

She was a Christian and I think she was being led each day looking at another day at another time.

I really hope Benny Hinns March 3rd prophecy comes to pass and good on him well perhaps not the severity but because Burach, Jane Lead, Nostradamus, John Gill and all the ancient prophets of the past with there input are all involved including the Universe in the same March 3rd, there is a high probability that something might occur, or that we might find something else....I have no idea but what I do know. That we are way behind in understanding the signs. There is a time lag but I feel we are catching up...going on faith off course in what we see in the heavens, in prophecy and what was written including the Metaphor pointing to this time in type and reflection. Layed down before us so we recognize the markers along the way lighting up the paths of ancient times and the truth of everything.

Remember Dec 3rd 08 was a day I was expecting rapture and I was just sitting there and I just happen to come across the Magnetar post of Angelic Enigma and I just happened to look in it following hunches and look where it has led me. To new paths of adventure in harmony with in the books. Glory be!

Like it happens and we dont realize days later where as judgment could be over and we wouldn't know it.

No worries Benny Hinns we'll do it!!!!!. even if no believes us well make it happen a real action event.

For the Atheist Resistance is Futile! its either evolve or desist.



Post Re: Dalamatia, the original home of the Sons of God Tue Feb 10, 2009 3:39 am

Here is more speculation and another view of the timeline of the Magnetars


The birth of the Seven Church of the Seventh Mystery Swine Flu announced and spreading Another Sydney Blackout I found myself in Dyonisus the Young Aliens News release 666 calculation Sydney Blackout Lulins triangle fromation begins in 1st Jan 09 Lulins closest approach Link around March 2nd 09 Earth tremor felt at Sevenfold Headquarters Sinim NewsFlash!!!!!  Comet Streaks By All about Jerusem in the Urantia Book A diagram of the 50 day Magnetar timeline Local System Headquaters A diagram of the timeline in the Magnetar journey upon realisation Panorama of the Universe, Nebadon Space Segment Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness.

With links


Here is the 50 day diagram image

up to date 50 day timeline Newsflash Shabbes, Sabbath Seventh 100 day calculation. Shabbes, Sabbath Seventh 100 day calculation. Shabbes, Sabbath Seventh 100 day calculation. Leviticus 23:16 The Friday Sabbath Wikipedia Leviticus 23:16 Elisha Succeeds Elijah Local System Headquaters A diagram of the Magnetar timeline Panorama of the Universe, Nebadon Space Segment Jane Lead connection to the discoverer and of the Sevens Sevenfold sign. in the oneness.


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean? Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:40 am

ahahaha Your probably right.

I dont know him very well. I was only stirring.

But I was interested in what he saw.

Hopefully it was was genuine.

I suppose guys like that are a dime a dozen. But you just dont know how God moves and maybe saw something that could help us today?? Who knows we just have to see what happens.


Post Re: 11:11 What does it mean?

petra wrote:

I don't know Benny Henns or what he said- so I am afraid what you said was lost on me-??? Don't know Jane Lead either-

Why would you be expecting the rapture to happen on Dec 3rd when the things that have to happen before the FR have not happened yet? - more to come yet before that does happen!

I'm afraid I didn't understand your post very well!

What Benny Hinns Prophesied is in one of the posts in the Dalamatia thread.

Jane Lead was a Christian was part of the Philadelphian movement back in them thar days. She wrote her inner thoughts for many years all in line with the Bible but obviously she extended herself in her walk with God.

Should do a search on Jane Lead from England.

That symbol I think I solved comes from her in her contemplations and drawings. I believe its all to do with the last construct. She also reflects many point things in this journey to the ancient places and Space! ahahahahaha.

I laid a construct in the other thread so we see what occurs because I need completion to my research and Space communications can do it.

Also John Gill English preacher and Theologian from the 1777s also saw the reopening of the Office of the Messiah and also saw the Targums that comes out of the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea.  This Targum!  The on the run Targum of the Seas about the "Trees of Eden" from the pilot of the sea, the man of the waves who lives with fisherman and hunters. ahahahahahahand and we have a date with Space Headquarters.

and we have a date with Space Headquarters to complete the journey.


All empires

The image below is the result of various calculations over the last 4 days.

I dont think I can do anymore on this triangulation.


Its a platform for the demonstration of truth based on past information and speculation to the short term future.


It could be right or it could wrong we shall see.


Here is the 50 day view at the apex's of the timeline of the Magnetars.


This is all to do with Space communication, the Kingdom of Paradise and the Magnetar broadcast circuits.


In the evolution of the image I blended Burach...Jeremiahs assistant, Jane Lead a 16th century Christian who write like me...on the run, The Bible and the Quran regarding its code 19 code.

Also the Arattian brothers of the ages, the invisible hero's helped me to.  You know, the ones Zoroaster speaks about that will lend a hand in the end times or times of change!   Without the help off my Arattian invisible brothers and God all this would not be possible.


I praise the Lord in Paradise with a whole heart for this beautiful gift and adventure!!!


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Here is a possible correction in the positioning of the last Magnetar that Im triangulating with NAME SGR J1550-5418 -- Pulsar.

Makes no difference with the timing. One coordinates 15 50 54.11 -54 18 23.7 give me one position and another coordinates a different position that Im relying on Gal coord: 327.2370 -00.1316? mmm ... 547.0-5408


Active Links

here is a movie of it

or this link

Here is some articles

Gamma-ray Flare Star
Space Daily - Rancho Palos Verdes,CA,USA
This particular neutron star is believed to be a "magnetar," a neutron star with an incredibly intense magnetic field. A popular theory of soft-gamma-ray ...

Rare type of zombie star acting up, spinning like crazy
Scientific American - USA
The so-called magnetar, a hyper dense collapsed star—imagine the sun ... (According to McGill University's magnetar catalogue, only 13 have been confirmed. ...

New repeating gamma-ray source discovered
Symmetry magazine - Batavia,IL,USA
The intense radiation is thought to result from the violent starquakes of a magnetar, a neutron star with a magnetic field so powerful it causes the star’s ...

NASA’s Swift, Fermi Probe Fireworks From a Flaring Gamma-Ray Star
Space Fellowship - UK
Gamma-rays flares from SGR J1550-5418 may arise when the magnetar’s ... Astronomers think soft gamma-ray repeaters are magnetars — neutron stars with a ...



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Theophilus wrote:

I'm sorry, but no one who says the things he does has the HS. He once said God "revealed" to him that the HS has it's own trinity within itself. So, in his words, the Father has a trinity, the Son has a trinity & the HS has a trinity. He teaches along side his buddies Kenneth Copeland and Paul Crouch. They are proponents of the prosperity doctrine. I've heard them say that if you're not rich, you're in sin. Name it and claim it, blab it and grab it. HUCKSTERS.

I know for sure this is false doctrine.


I've heard them say that if you're not rich, you're in sin. Name it and claim it, blab it and grab it.

Richness in the sight of the Father has nothing to do with material wealth but the love a man shares with others and that can be in any form, in truth off course.

However, some of the sermons to me are just plain awful by contrast and dont make sense, there is no science involved or any real teaching nor demonstration in truth that I can see just BLAH BLAH BLAH talking at you almost screaming. Its quite a difference to the knowledge of the Tree of Life and its cities in truth within truth of Jesus. I know the knowledge accrued in this journey would make for the most powerful presentation sermons ever.

But then again its better to have a message of Jesus going out rather than nothing but the journey is much deeper and more interesting than what is being taught.


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God's 11:11 Girl wrote:

Good Day to you all.

May we soon be together in Heaven. PDT_002

I truly hope so. How about one day in Heaven we meet. How about I make a date to meet you in the Heaven coffee shop by the Pearly gates near the Giant Heavenly promenades.

Well have a heaven coffee and we'll just have a good deep laugh at were we are at were we have nothing to worry about.


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